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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 24, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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(robin) welcome back. checking in on your morning forecast getting spoiled this week as nice weather continues. much like yesterday skies will remain sunny and dry and under those inviting skies temperatures will continues to boost for parts of the bay well into the low to mid 60's. temperatures will further rise into the weekend ahead of us.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101. ( robin ) ( robin ) after weeks of
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searching... san francisco police arrested a teenager .... in connection with the brutal beating of an 88-year- old grandmother in visitacion valley. officers are now shedding more light onto what happened... and the other crimes this same suspect is linked to. kron 4's dan kerman has details. police says 18 year old keonte gathron is responsible for the brutal attack on 88 year old grandmother yick oy hong in visitacion valley. and they say that january 8th beating kicked off a series of crimes including a car jacking, robbing a 14 year old girl at
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gunpoint and punching and robbing a 17 year old girlsot bill scott/san francisco police chief 21his action indicate he doesnt value human life very muchat a news conference wednesday, police said they believe gathron attacked the haong, stole her keys and burglarized her home. they linked d.n.a from the crime scene with gathron's dna which was already on file from an arrest when he was a minor. sot cynthia choi /family spokesperson 42speaking with the family they have some relief but they say its an ongoing issue and are pretty overwhelmed by the newsa spokesperson for the family says 88 year old huong remains in critical condition with head trauma and her pronosis remains unclear.sot they know for sure it's going to be a long long road to recovery. police credited the community for their role in helping with the investigation, and community activists took the opportunity to call for a greater police presense in that neighborhoodsotwe do need more police presense theresot norman yee/president, s.f. board of supervisorsi think now with lunar new year coming
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up people are still afraid that this is somethign that could be repeated.the chief says balancing resources is a constant struggle but nothing is off the table.standup dan kerman/sf 142the suspect was arrested for attempted murder kidnapping assault and robbery among other things. formal changes are expected thursday with his arraignment scheduled for thursday afternoon. at police hq in sf, dan kerman kron 4news. ( robin ) a fake p-g&-e website causing a stir... someone created the site and fabricated a story about the company's former c-e-o donating millions to wildfire victims. the site is called - "p-g-and-e california dot- com" .. the fake site was created just three- days ago and falsely reported that former c-e-o geisha williams... was donating her entire 2- and a
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half- million dollar severance pay ... to camp fire victims. williams resigned last week ahead of p-g-&e's announcement that it plans to file for bankruptcy.... the company is facing billions of dollars in liability for its alleged role in california wildfires. ( robin ) now to the peninsula... two men broke into a home in palo alto while the residents were inside, but they never came face-to- face. police say, one of the burglars was armed with a rifle. this happened wednesday january 16th.. police say... after hearing unusual noises... one of the residents checked the security app on his phone... and saw them.. the burglars were inside for a couple of minutes before leaving empty- handed. investigators are looking into whether these two men are connected to a break-in at the same home back... in december. ( robin ) in the east bay... protests in oakland after a proposal to shut down 24 schools. one of them is -roots international academy
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in east oakland. if the board votes to shut it down, it would happen at the end of the school year. kron 4's justine waldman explains. nats shouting!!a school board member tried to address the chanting crowd, but got over powered.and walked away.a large group representing roots international acadmey wanted to take over the school board meeting on wednesday night. on the agenda, the the fate of closing their east oakland school.supporters.. found out over winter break about the proposal to shut down the school at the end of the school year. and are upset they say the board or the district never consulted them. 34 dur "10 jane lee / roots international school "withtout any intensions in engaging in our community in coversation is just an injustice and a slap in the face to democracy." natsroots students lead the chants.... and are anxious to learn where they will go to school next year.:54 dur :05 kenaiya powell / 7th grade student "it is sad to see our school teared apart when that is our family"nats:59 dur :05 merlei cherry / 7th grade student "i can't even imaging going anywhere else, i dont want to go anywhere else."the closure plans, include expanding coliseum prep academy into the space where roots holds classes.and the district says it will work with families to place kids in the the right school..1"14 dur :10 john sasaki / oakland unifed school district "this
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is really about making sure we really have our resources and staff consolidated in a way that it improves student outcomes at all school across the city"the chants so loud in the board meeting.... it almost didn't happen..nats!! officials are taking action to tackle homelessness. more than 7-thousand volunteers took to the streets for the annual homeless count to document how many people in l-a are living without home. the counting will continue through today the data gives city officials information to work with when investing in programs and projects for that population.
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last year, volunteers counted more than 53-thousand homeless people. ( robin ) that count in l-a happened as lawmakers met to hear suggestions from federal, state and local officials on how to tackle the state's housing and homeless issues. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what solutions they're considering. tate lawmakers turned the spotlight on california's growing homelessness problem at an assembly hearing wednesday.((assm. eloise gomez- reyes (d) san bernardino)) "it's the moral crisis of the day."housing experts say within the last five years , the national homelessness rate decreased by 6%, while california's increased by 9%.although the state has more than 18 different homelessness related programs across six different departments, nationalhousing experts say the state needs to develop more coordination among them.((cynthia negandra - national alliance to end homelessness)) "you have a lot of separate programs, some operating very well, some not performing as well, but there
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isn't enough alignment in each community, in terms of getting people identified quickly into shelter quickly out of shelter and into housing."lawmakers say the state also needs to hold local governments accountable to how they're spending state housing funds....local government officials told lawmakers city councils sometimes struggle to pass homeless housing projects because of some community backlash.((assm. sharon quirk-silva (d) fullerton)) "we do have to pay a more deliberate role an if the local government is not going to do their job and address this, then the state, as the governor has said, the state is going to have to look at a more serious way of stepping in."in his 7.7 billion dollar budget toward tackling the housing crisis, governor gavin newsom is proposing taking away gas tax money from local governments that don't meet housing production goals. housing remains a dire need for the state that claims 20% of the country's homeless population. tag.
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(robin) coming up next on the kron 4 morning news ... the oakland a's have to wait a few more years on their new stadium... but plans are already underway for the old oakland-alameda county coliseum site. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the embarcadero.
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(robin) welcome back. checking in on your morning forecast. getting spoiled this week as nice weather continues. much like yesterday skies will remain sunny and dry and under those inviting skies temperatures will continues to boost for parts of the bay well into the low to mid 60's. temperatures will further rise into the weekend ahead of us.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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( robin ) the oakland athletics continue plans to build a new waterfront ballpark in the jack london square neighborhood... and now the team's president shared the organization's new vision for what would happen to the existing coliseum site. here's kron four's philippe
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djegal with the details. (philippe)dave kaval/nats- "we're going to put the best possible people, who care for this city, together, to make sure this comes to reality." oakland athletics team president dave kaval making it clear that the a's not only want to stay in oakland... plans are still set to build a half billion dollar privately- financed stadium at howard terminal in jack london square by the year 20-23... and, they don't intend on just abandoning the existing oakland-alameda county coliseum site. instead, they want to redevelop the 140 acre lot... creating a 50-acre community park and green space, connecting to several east oakland neighborhoods.dave kaval/president- "theres housing, retail. yes, each individual digit, as we call it, which are the developable areas, includes things like housing, affordable housing, grocery stores, locations for small businesses to these different neighborhoods as they will be established will really be the beating heart of this area and it'll be all adjacent to this amazing park." kaval says he is still working with the city of oakland and alameda county, which jointly own the coliseum site... twork out a land
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deal this year, to either purchase or lease the property. oakland vice mayor larry reid has been a part of those talks.larry reid/vice mayor- "whats more important than anything else is that we have franchise, a professional sport franchise that wants to stay here in oakland. and, so it is incumbant upon both the city and the county to do everything that we can to make sure that the a's stay here in the city of oakland." bjarke (be-yahr-kay) ingels with the bjarke ingels group is the architect, leading both the ballpark and revitalization projects. he says oracle arena would not be torn down, but rather repurposed to host community events and concerts. and, rickey henderson field would be made available to the community.bjarke ingels/big- "and, that means that, the sort of the kids that grow up in this neighborhood could actually play, uh, baseball, uh, on the same turf, uh, that the a's were playing at until now." if all goes well, the a's say it's possible they could break ground on the redevelopment project by 20-22. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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( robin ) in your tech news... data breaches are becoming more common and experts say... everyone needs to take extra steps to protect their personal information... especially when it comes to old accounts. mary moloney has the details. when was the last time you logged in to your old myspace account? are you sure you really deleted your livejournal? consumer reports says one easy way to improve data security is to shut down defunct social media accounts. myspace makes it easy -- after you login -- click the gear icon at the bottom left of the page -- select account -- then click delete account. livejournal is a little more complicated. after you login, click your username at the top right. select settings... then account... and under status, click change. check the boxes for 'delete all my comments' and 'delete all community entries' from the drop down menu change the status to deleted and then click submit.
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you'll want to kill this account sooner rather than later -- even after you take these steps your data will live on the platform for another year. were you ever a blogger user? that's an easy one to take care of. after you login, select the drop down menu at the top left. choose the blog you want to delete -- if you had more than one -- and select settings ... then other ... then delete blog. if you don't opt to permanently delete, the platform will keep your info for an additional 90 days. these are far from the only platforms holding on to old data. any social media accounts or other online forum logins you no longer use should be eliminated. for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney. (robin) coming up on the kron four morning news at 5... t-s-a workers in san jose are expected to miss tomorrow's paycheck... but a new ordinance could help. (robin) live look
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outside... at the san francisco international airport.
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tracking the weather this morning. your forecast is right after the break.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze tsf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101. ( robin ) a los angeles rams fan is going to the super bowl and he learned the super bowl ( robin ) a los angeles rams fan is going to the super bowl and he learned about it thanks to a knock on his door from this hall of famer. through a random selection of the n-f-l extra points program... a fan was selected to watch their team play in the super bowl. rams legend eric dickerson got to deliver the good news to the unsuspecting fan.
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government shutdown continues to affect federal workers. ( robin ) and... taxi drivers fight to stop a cab ban when it comes to picking up passengers at the san francisco international airport.
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breaking news we are following ... a woman is killed in a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. kron 4's sara stinson is live this morning with the details. sara. ( sara ) the preliminary investigation revealed the adult female victim was walking in the crosswalk, eastbound e. santa clara st., when she was struck by a white van travelling southbound n. 10th st. the van fled the scene without stopping. the victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. the suspect has not been identified or apprehended.the identity of the victim will be released by the santa clara county coroner's office after they confirm the victim's identity and notify next of kin. this is the city's 4th fatal collision/victim and 3rd vehicle vs pedestrian fatal collision of 2019. thanks sara. ( darya )


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