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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 25, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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tonight -- >> welcome to the kelly clarkson show. >> kelly clarkson ellen's replacement? how kelly is pulling out all the stops to make her talk show a success. then,en, behind the scenes "vanity fair's" hollywood issue. who made the coveted cover? and our 25 year look back. >> i think it's going to be fun. plus, kate hudson's guide to modern parenting. the unique way she's raising rani. >> i'm not going lie. it's a lot. then matthew mcconaughey's first hollywood crush turned his new movie costar. >> i'm dying.
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why star power pays at the super bowl. our sneak peek at the hilarious commercials you'll be talking about it havea of the game [ laughs ] >> we'll see. this is "entertainment tonight." >> kelly clarkson's new daytime gig is building into one of the biggest talk show debuts in years. she has to be feeling the pressure. >> no question, because the stakes are so high. could kelly become the next ellen? she's giving it everything she's got. ♪ >> nbc's next big star is hyping up her talk show big time, from performing multiple hits at a presentation for tv execs. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and a little taller ♪ >> the live streaming practice interview with fans. >> my new year's resolution is to not suck on the talk show i'm going to have. >> while on the road she's selecting people from the crowd
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to interview. the q and as will stream on her facebook live series and show off her skills. >> i grew up watching oprah and ellen as well. i really want to be good at it because i love the opportunities it presents. >> can "the kelly clarkson show" be nbc's next ellen? it will air right before ellen's show in many major cities. that could put her in line to take over. ellen says she's eyeing retirement. >> welcome to "the kelly clarkson show." >> while hosting a hour long show might be a lot while she continues coaching the "voice," they made it easy shooting on or near the same studio lot. >> i hope people like it. >> why bank so highly on kelly? clarkson is 36 and also a modern relatable mom, raising a blended family with hubby brandon
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blackstock's kids from a previous marriage. >> we have four children. we are a band. >> america choses her as her first "idol," so america has a stake in watching her shine. also, kelly has the gift of gab. >> i talk a lot. i nevada shut up. i'm like. >> she's adorable. she's supposedly going sing a lot, too, so that's always a good thing. it starts production in august and memberby brandon is an executive producer. >> kelly, get those kids on the show. last week, "black panther" made history as the first super hero film nominated for best picture. now the "black panther" himself on "vanity fair's" star studded hollywood issue. >> chad boseman and "crazy rich asians's" henry golding are among the celebrities that napped the celebrity cover. >> we have people from all over the world on it. it reflects the society we are
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living in now and certainly reflects what hollywood looks like. >> the magazine is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the issue. >> i'm very excited. i think it's going to be fun. that's what gwyneth paltrow told me to say. >> that was fun and fast and wonderful. >> last year was the infamous photo shop fail where oprah was accidentally given three hands and it appears reese was given three legs. >> how many hands does oprah have? >> the first made news because it featured actresses nicole kidman sandra bullock and sarah jessica parker. >> it was a bit of a controversy because we were wearing lingerie. >> 2014, ben affleck in a bear costume, bradley cooper in a gorilla suit and both in bed with emma stone.
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>> lean back, point, let it rip. >> we have also seen the stars show off hidden talents from j-laws mouth marion yet to cate blanchett's split. >> hahaha! >> anne hathaway first made the issue in 2008. >> it was an exciting time. emily and i bonded on "the devil wears prada" so to be there with one of my favorite people was really special. >> look at baby faced leo and matthew from 1996. >> i look like i'm caught between a smile and swallowing. not your best shot, mcconaughey. yep, that's me. >> all good. right now, keltie joining us from new york. hey, keltie. >> hey, kevin. this famous duo held court at the premier of their new movie
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"serenity." >> look what we get to do. look at this. i felt like working the skirt a little bit tonight. it's so lovely. >> maybe ann was feeling like royalty because it was designed by clare waight keller the woman behind meghan markle's gown. she made it a date night with her husband and you couldn't miss matthew and camila alves. check out that coat. our favorite moment of the night, seeing matthew reunite with his first hollywood crush/costar diane lane. >> i had a crush on her since lonesome dove. then i got to work with her. she looked about the same. >> on the first do i have filming math confessed her crush to diane.
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>> she says she doesn't remember. >> i think i blocked it out. i had like, white out. i couldn't cope. we started the filming together. of course you start with a love scene. hello, nice to meet you finally. let's get to it. >> the first hollywood heartthrob to capture diane lane's heart? >> saturday night fever did it for me. john travolta found out about it and so sweetly sent me an 8 by 10 signed like a quarter of a century later. i was so happy to get it. >> amazing. back to anne for a second. can i throw this out there? her rom com "bride wars" -- remember that? just turned ten this month. i love them together. i'm ready for a reboot of that. >> you love a good wedding. thanks so much. although kate does have her hands full these days, raising three kids, including her newborn rani she's giving us a
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bit of an insight to her family dynamic. here's kate's guide modern parenting. you have a teenager and now you have a baby. >> i do. >> and we were talking about all boys. now a girl. >> things are balancing out, the masculine and the feminine. it's great. >> the quote, gender less approach. that's how kate is raising rani. i will say right now she's incredibly feminine in her energy. she's very different from the boys. >> rani, there's just something kind of magical about her. >> the 39-year-old mama may have been influenced by her own childhood as a tomboy. my middle brother was basically my sister because i put makeup on him and dressed him up and he loved it. what does kate say about getting married again? she reposted this swim suit at new york fashion show.
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she posted and said to her husband danny fujikawa, i'll walk down the runway. >> she's an incredibly supportive partner to me. i feel like i hit the jackpot. >> sound like she might get married. >> she does it all. she's a mogul, a mama and of course an actress. >> she sure does. all right, coming up -- >> i was very surprised. >> robin thicke on the most popular unmasking yet. then, remember this guy? bad chad of "bachelor" fame back in the public eye. we'll show with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints?
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what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. have a skincare routine. but what about a lip care routine? pay your lips some attention. the chapstick total hydration collection. exfoliate nourish naturally enhance your lips. chapstick. put your lips first. minutes away on "e.t." the stars taking over the big game. we've got
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new couple alert. that is former girls next door star kendra wilkinson holding hands with chad johnson, aka "the bachelor's" bad chad. they were on a dinner date and it was not for a reality show. sorry niecy. >> just missed out on that. let's talk about reality tv. the poodle has been revealed on "the masked singer" and robin
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thicke told me only one person was more shocked than he was. >> margaret! >> comedienne extraordinary. margaret cho. >> what was your immediate reaction? >> i was very surprised. she plays dr. ken's sister on the show "dr. ken" and she cannot recognize her voice or her clues. we dug into him for weeks. oh, yeah, he wouldn't get over that. >> poodle's reveal was one of the biggest surprise so far. with four down and eight to go now, robin thicke gave us a few insights into how the secret show operates. like what happens to the contestants once they're unmasked. >> do she stick around and watch future shows. >> no, because they couldn't be seen on set any way because someone would have posted and said, i think this person is one of the contestants.
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>> when somebody is unmasked do they find out? >> i don't think so. only the top producers would know who's under the masks. and the people putting the masks on. >> you know what makes it fun to watch? you all. >> i love you alien! >> calm down. >> the chemistry is great because we are all so silly. dr. ken. i love him. we text almost daily. >> that's the new sitcom, dr. ken and the soul singer. meanwhile, we have a secret we can let out. miley cyrus will perform at the 61st annual grammy award. also red hot chilly peppers. still ahead right here, vampire ben affleck? it's not for a roll. we'll explain. plus, how celine dion stole paris fashion week without even walking the runway. and super bowl commercials. super star pairings -- cardi b
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with steve carell, a sixth backstreet boy, and who's having a rough time? >> no, no, no. closed captioning provided by --
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still so heartbreaking to watch, celine dion saying her final good-byes to her husband rene angelil. this year marks the three year anniversary of his funl ral
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which was broadcast in canada and stateside. currently, celine is in france where a sweet reminder of their love. >> celine wiped away a tear. fans pointed out celine and rene's wedding song is playing in the background. ♪ ♪ if first time ever i saw your face ♪ >> not only did celine record that song on her 2004 album "miracle" she also porped it live many times. on tuesday, the three-year anniversary of rene's funeral, celine arrived in a black trench coat, showcasing a sexy thigh
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high slit. burn her four days in paris, celine has proven herself to be one of most passionate spectators. in 2013 she told "e.t." why the city of love has that effect on her. >> paris is offering so much. it's just to have a good time and play. you know, you're wearing jeans is as the much fun as a long gown. >> wow. >> she looks so good. >> doesn't she? >> beautiful. >> next month, celine will begin the final month of her run of the las vegas. her final show is on june 8th. >> who will win tickets? speaking of celine, she sang god bless america at the super bowl. this year, gladys knight is performing the national anthem. maroon 5 is performing at halftime. if you're in the a fan, there's
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the star studded commercials. cardi b taps a pepsi can, and steve carell chuckles at a script. >> we'll see. >> and guess who's joining the backstreet boys? the band is all dressed up in matching denim when chance the. raer steps in for their. >> social media made it important for advertisers to get out ahead of the super bowl to generate does. >> sarah michelle gellar returns to her scream queen roots in an olay add. >> really interesting this year. seems like olay, bumble, they're going to be featuring more women front and center in their commercials. >> we have the opportunity to take the first step. >> historically, women featured were half naked. >> and the stars are showing
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their fun side. michael buble stars in his first spot for the soft drink bubbly. that's the star on the floor chan changing t changing the "e" so his name. >> it's supposed to sound like this. avocado to mexico. you got hit the high notes. do it better this time. ooh, better. >> they all look so good already. >> so many good ads. we'll have lots of previews. we know ben affleck will be rooting for the patriots. first, it seems ben had some root work done on his teeth. spotted with a mouthful of cotton leaving the dentist. >> that looks awful. so painful. i love this shot of ben earlier in the day while walking with a friend in brentwood. he didn't seem to notice james
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corden was taking a spin as well. >> how do you miss him rocking that gucci sweater? now to marcia gay harden who makes quite the tv transformation in her new lifetime movie inspired by a terrifying story. >> i didn't know any of blanchard's story before i did the role. >> you are a sick girl! >> when i heard the word munchausen by proxy it was the first time i ever heard of it and i had to investigate, what is that? what is that sickness, that mental illness that overtook this mother that she could have subjected her daughter to basically being a house prisoner for so many years? >> your mom is sick. >> in essence she was a monster. the acts were monstrous. >> the true story of dee dee and gypsy rose blanchard.
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in fact, gypsy rose was perfectly healthy. >> mama, i can walk again. >> the daughter, who was kept prisoner, murdered the mom, and that's how the show starts. >> you're my little angel. i'll watch over you. always. >> the lifetime movie, love you to death covered the twisted mother-daughter saga all the way through gypsy rose's sentencing. she's currently serving 10 years for her part in the murder. marcia says she can't imagine being anything like dee dee. >> ask my kids. they might tell you different. my daughter got mad at me because i wouldn't let her go to a house party. mom, i'm not a full human being if i can't go to a house party before college. well. >> she's joining reese
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witherspoon and jen aniston on their series. >> what glenn close did to michael douglas in "fatal attraction". coming up, what's bringing the two together again? watch the rabbit. [sneezing]
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tomorrow on "e.t." we are with chris pratt, his first interview since his engagement to katherine schwarzenegger. then, 25 years of "e.t." at the sag awards. >> i am a mess. i curled my own hair today. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> i'm not going to be ignored. >> michael douglas and glenn close face-to-face again. how could you ever forget that line? how delicious, right? only we can announce the fatal attraction starts will be presenter at the sag awards. hopefully together. >> it has to be together. another presenter we can announce, also hugh grant. take a look at this. we were there as they poured the molten bronze statuettes. make sure you join us tomorrow, we'll be on sight of the show
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