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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 7, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PST

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running down the block because we were worried about something blowing.""there was a big boom and heard a hiss and i went back in and told everybody we had to get out because there was a big fire." "our block on flames on i was freaking out.">( james ) our top story this morning the area around a gas explosion in san francisco's inner richmond district remains closed. the gas line erupted yesterday afternoon at a construction site in the area of geary boulevard and parker avenue.( darya ) this morning we have team coverage with everything you need to know about the fire and the impact it is still having today. good morning i'm darya folsom. ( james ) and i'm james fletcher. we will check in with our crews in just a moment but first we want to get a check of weather and traffic.( darya ) john rang by in the weather center. (darya) good morning i'm
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darya folsom.. (james) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... more sunshine after skies brought plenty of blue to them yesterday as well. temperatures are icy cold outside again to start with daytime highs looking comfortable this afternoon back into the 50's. skies will remain dry today before rainfall pushes in into early friday morning. no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. accident eb 805 at 4th ( darya ) we continue ( darya ) we continue to follow our
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big story in san francisco. the area around a gas explosion in the city's inner richmond district remains closed this morning. this is video of the flames before fire crews arrived on scene yesterday afternoon. and now we have learned the name of the contractor responsible for causing the explosion. ( james ) here's a map to show you exactly where it happened. firefighters issued evacuations to people living within one block of the fire. (áádoubleboxááá) kron4's will tran is live near the scene ... with the latest developments.
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thanks will.
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thanks will. this this morning we have
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dispatch audio from the chaos surrounding the gas explosion. it was very tense for fire dispatchers trying to determine where crews should focus attention. take a listen. ( darya )( darya )( darya ) ( rmine how to attack the fire, while ousafely. they also account for
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their own fire crews to make sure everyone stayed safe while battling the fire. ( darya ) (ááá2 shotááá) geary boulevard is a major street through san francisco. this morning road closures are affecting neighbors who live near the scene.( james ) kron4's sara stinson is live with more on impact this morning.sara. the area around the expe closed throughout the morning. geary boulevard is a main thoroughfare through san francisco. streets around geary inclduing beaumont
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avenue to stanyan street, spruce street to parker avenue ... will be closed.. there are businesses and residential buildings in the area where this happened. we spoke to a resident who arrived to see huge flames near her home. gas so it's is heating by my apartment know and also shower or you cannot because we worry about it
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is heating by gas so it's cold."> thanks sara. ( james ) for more video and interviews on the gas line explosion. download the kron 4 mobile app. its free on the apple app store and android store. you can also get breaking news... weather and traffic sent right to your phone. ( darya ) breaking news from overnight... one woman is
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dead after a mobile home fire on bethel island. the fire broke out on the 35-hundred block of gateway road. five people were inside when the fire started... four of them were able to get out alright. firefighters are still trying to figure out started. ( james ) breaking news this morning --- wells fargo is dealing with a massive system oputage at this hour. customers are unable to use the bank's online services. this is what customers saw when they tried to log on to the bank's website this morning. the san francisco based company has sent out several tweets saying they are still trying to figure out what is causing the outage. ( james )( james ) still ahead on the kron-4 morning news... needles are found in bay area recycling centers... and officials say they're not all from drug users. ( james ) and ... police are on the lookout for a man accused of exposing himself to a woman in the east bay. ( darya ) welcome back.
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let's get a check of the weather this morning... this morning... no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30
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min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101 more sunshine after skies brought plenty of blue to them brought plenty of after skies
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more sunshine more sunshine after skies blue to them yesterday as well. temperatures are icy cold outside again to start with daytime highs looking comfortable this
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afternoon back into the 50's. skies will remain dry today before rainfall pushes in into early friday morning.
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(james) time to talk itwiour financial expert rob black loser: san francisco bay area prices will continue to rise in 2019 . . . blame ipos of slack, lyft and uber fr creating millionaires. for
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residents of the bay area and its surrounding communities, it could get more difficult to find a home at an affordable price. homeowners who live in areas with a higher concentration of workers from companies planning ipos should expect to see those corporate actions affect their home values.
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winner: chipotle returns to growth with drive-thrus and digital orders . . . getting your guac on got easier. but burrito buyer, beware: you can't actually order food at a chipotlane. there's no speaker to give a staffer your order, like you'd find at traditional drive-thrus. at the chipotle version - which is billed as a "mobile order pick-up lane" - you have to mobile-order and then you go to the chipotlane to pick up your food.
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loser: twitter's sales forecast falls short on tepid user growth . . . .daily active users increase to 126 million from 115 million. twitter gave a lackluster first-quarter sales forecast
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and reported tepid user growth, suggesting that changes to improve the social-media platform haven't yet attracted a much wider audience. the social media company also reported a decline in monthly active users, though it began reporting daily active users and showed growth in that metric. twitter has been ramping up efforts to reduce abuse on its platform and root out fake accounts and election malfeasance, issues that have crimped user growth in a competitive digital- advertising market. is world wrestling entertainment (wwe) a good investment?jack
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. ( darya ) happening right
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now... police in hayward are looking for a man accused of exposing himself to a woman at a shopping center. the victim took these pictures of the man. this happened at the plaza center. she said the man also appeared to have a gun in his hand as he approached her. he was also seen driving a dark gray honda with paper plates. ( darya ) still ahead on the kron 4 morning news... one east bay city is seeing an increase in the number of marijuana delivery drivers being robbed... and now police are stepping up efforts to keep them safe. (ácommercialá) (james) welcome back to
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the kron four morning news... lets start the half hour c traffic... hot spot in sf on eb 80 at 4th street. acciden tblocks the two left lanes.traffic backed
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up onto nb 101 from brisbane and nb 280 from ocean. more sunshine after skies brought plenty of blue to them yesterday as well. temperatures are more sunshine brought plenty of blue to them yesterday as well. temperatures are icy cold
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outside again to start with daytime highs looking comfortable this afternoon back into the 50's. skies will remain dry today before rainfall pushes in into early friday morning. ( james ) with the legalization of adult marijuana just over a year old in this state, police in one east bay city are noticing a spike in a the armed robberies cannabis delivery drivers.( darya ) kron4's maureen kelly is taking an indepth look at the crime trend .. and what's being done to try and stop it. the combination of cash and a cash crop seems to be a very tempting target for some theives.....especially when they can have their to commit a robbery they'll go find a victim, liquor store convenience store but now people are using smart phones to order a victim to a location of their choosing and they know that the victim is going to bring marijuana and cash with them.concord pd says
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they've seen as many of 4 armed stick ups of cannabis delivery drivers a month....and they aren't the only law enforcment agency to notice this trend.there's a significant increase and talking with other law-enforcement agencies i know that concord is not alone in that crime trend that it's occurring in other parts of contra costa county as well because cannabis is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government..... california pot sellers are stuck dealing in cash for the most part....which is luring in the criminal element, even more than the a few robberies that we have they've targeted cash and not even touched the marijuanain december a driver showed up for a drop off in the parking lot of the bank of america near the sun valley mall and was robbed by a handgun wielding suspect.....the theif grabbed both the pot and the cash....but police later found this duffle bag stuffed with pot products abandoned by the
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side of 680.concord police believe that it's a crime that under reported....and even in the cases where police are called in, the victims often don't want to cooperate.even though it's legal it seems to be a little bit of an off the grid business it's kind a virgin territory that were in for surefor instance in that armed robbery that happened here near the sun valley mall police have a suspect but they're having a hard time getting the victim to call them back so we can make a positive idone recent hold up happened on this quiet street near newhall park just before 8p.we've seen them in apartment complexes and shopping centers and town as well as other parts of the countywe're mostly concerned it is the public safety issue, these robberies are happening in residential neighborhoods there occurring in strip malls, business parking lots we're concerned for the safety of the drivers who are the victims of these crimes and often times are confronted with armed suspects and also the fact that there could be a shooting in a populated area and uninvolved people could become victims as wellwe have sideview one i've thought each side and in front of you and there's one mounted in the back window that captures all the activity behind the vehicle the owner of ohana gardens cannabis delivery service is showing me some of the 360 degree cameras mounted in his company vehicles........the video is piped back to security service which is constantly monitoring the activity. not only
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that.....their drivers also wear a body camera during their transactions. it's something they tell their customers when they place an if somebody has a bad intention they learn quickly that everything about our transaction is recorded, stream into a backend system made available to local police the whole 9 yardsin addition to that....the cars have safes for the money drops which the driver's can't open...and which are tracked with if anybody tries it funny and walk away with it rest a sure we can track them within a few seconds any particular scenario he believes it's because of his security precautions that none of his drivers have ever been robbed in the 2 and half years since his company, which is liscensed to deliver in many cities throughout california, was launched. meanwhile concord police says they are willing to work with these mobile marijuana help keep them's gotten to the point where concord pd is even considering letting these weed delivery services meet their customers here at the exchange zone which is a local located around the corner from police headquarters. it has video surveillance around the clock and offices or just steps away but it's kind of mind blowing when you think that a similar transaction what a been against the law not that long
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ago.they say....since law has enforcement understands their response has to change with it.maureen kelly kron4 news ( darya )
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( darya )the trade deadline is noon today.. so if anybody's gonna go anywhere it's gotta happen now.. i mean right now.. you're traded, get outta here. that's what just happened to harrison barnes... he's in the middle of playing the game in dallas last night.. when they said, it's time to shove off to sacramento.. seriously.. it's the third quarter.. one minute he's shooting baskets... the next, he's benched.. you're going to sacramento... right now.. get off.. sit down. wa pa grand plan.. ( darya )like back in 2016 when the warriors unloaded barnes and bogut to make way for kevin durant! could k-d once again be at the crux of all of this trading? dallas trades barnes right after they just picked up porzingus.. who the knicks sent packing to make room for a max free agent this summer... hmm.. it's not a crazy question but the reporters who asked it sure i d porzingis. do with me i'm tryin basketball. y'all come in here every day and ask me about free agency. you ask my teammates my coaches... you rile up the fans about it. let us play basketball that's all
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i'm saying. and now when i don't want to talk to you it's a problem with me. grow up. grow up. i try to be the best player i can be every possession. what's the problem? what am i doing to yall?reporter: "you weren't talking to the media."durant so?... who are you? why do i got to talk to you? i just don't trust none of yall. every time i say something it gets twisted up and thrown out in so many publications. try to tear me down with the words that i say, so when i don't say nothing, it's a problam. i just want to play ball. i want to go to the gym and go home, that's all.">( darya )and then he just got up and left. to be fair.. i'm sure it is annoying to have reporters asking you questions you don't like.. but it "is" part of your job, by conract to talk to the media.. so what's an athlete to do? just go beast mode: take a move out of marshawn lynch's play book... watch this kd:there is a new report.. that the 49ers will let the raiders play at levis stadium next seriously.. the 9ers put the ky-bosh on the plan for the raiders to use the giants ballpark in san francisco.. but apparently they're willing to share their stadium in santa clara.. marshawn is it true that you're moving in to levis? see? it
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works for everything.. marshawn: is kevin durant going to leave the warriors this summer? if you give the media a boring short non-answer, "you" won't make news for blowing up and "we" will be left to focus on the game.. oh right the game!!! the warriors were amazing... they beat the spurs by 39 points.. klay thompson had the game high 26.. but durant exploded (in a good way) with some monster dunks.. and had 23 points.. 9 assists and 8 rebounds.. warriors win 141 to 102. see kd? if you didn't blow up in the press conference .. this is all i'd be talkin about. that's my two cents kd, and it's free. and that's the buzz. (ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) ( james ) take a look at
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this ... a couple of elk hitched a helicopter ride to their new homes in san joaquin county. wildlife officials used choppers to relocate the animals. in total, the california department of fish and game relocated 79 tule elk this way. all in an effort to help the animal's population get bigger and stronger.the species is now up to 6000 elk in 22 herds. (á2 shotá) ( james ) a touching moment
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was caught on camera when a stranded sea otter pup was reunited with its mother in morrow bay.( darya moment w mother recognizes her baby. e call about a stranded pup that was only a few days old. and after searchinonly about an hour --- they were finally able to reunite the two. experts say otter pups can get seperated from their mothers when storms or high tides hit the region. along with kayakers or beach ( james )
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experts say otter pups can get seperated from their mothers when storms or high tides hit the region. along with kayakers or beach goers getting too close to a group of otters. ( darya ) take a look at this --- the u-s postal service has issued a new set of stamps for dog lovers. they feature military dogs.( james ) the stamps depict four breeds commonly used in the armed forces: the german shepherd, labrador retriever, belgian malinois and dutch shepherd. dogs have served in the u-s military since world war one. there are currently an estimated 23- hundred working dogs on u-s bases world-wide.a memorial in new jersey honors all served in the military. seven day seven day (darya) that's it for us this morning... our next newscast is at 5 o clock tonight.
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