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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  February 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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(grant) a man killed in a police shooting at a taco bell drive through -- has been identified as a local rapper. and tonight-- friends, family, and community members are paying their respects to the young man. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm grant lodes. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis.. police are now saying the man had a stolen gun that was loaded at the time. kron 4's haaziq madyun has the latest on the investigation. a memorial of candles continues to grow in the parking lot outside of this
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taco bell on admiral callahan lane in vallejo. this is the location of a deadly vallejo police officer shooting over the weekend. friends and family identify the man killed as 21-year-old willie mccoy, also known as willie bo of a local rap group f.b.g. at around 10:30pm saturday vallejo police received a call from a taco bell employee about a man in a silver mercedes parked in the drive through lane who appeared to be slumped over in the driver's seataccording to vallejo police when their uniformed officers approached the vehicle the driver was unresponsive and allegedly had a handgun in his lap. police say the driver, mccoy, suddenly begn to move afte being told to keep his hands where they could see them. police allege that he reached for the gun in his lap. fearing for their lives, officer then fired their guns. willie mccoy was later pronounced dead at the scene. some vallejo residents i spoke to say better training is needed to prevent what they are unnessary police shootings sot
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resident: "these officers ain't trained. a lot of them are military trained. they coming from iraq. they coming from here. coming from who knows where and a lot of bad ones in vallejo">sotvallejo police say their investigation has revealed that mccoy was in possession of a loaded 40- caliber semi-automatic firearm with an extended magazine inserted in the weapon. police say that gun was reported stolen out of the state of vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news (anchor1) taking a live (anchor1) (anchor1) taking a live look outside-- our sutro camera looking at the golden gate bridge. a powerful storm is headed for the bay area... (anchor 2) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.
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lawrence karnow: there were a few left over scattered showers today with partly cloudy skies. more clouds are moving in but the rain will hold off until late tomorrow. on the satellite you can see the storm leaving the hawaiian islands. that moisture is taking aim at the bay area. tomorrow will see plenty of clouds bu stay mostly dry. rain will develop late tomorrow night and become very heavy on wednesday morning. flooding is possible as well as damage from very powerful winds. more rain is likely on thursday before turning to showers on thursday and friday. dry weather is now forecast next weekend. (catherine)(catherine)
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(catherine) don't forget you can stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you'll find full forecasts...and interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay area storms. all with the kron-4 mobile app (grant) the wet weather is also putting the brakes on plans to make repairs on the richmond san rafael bridge. the repairs are needed after large pieces of concrete fell from the upper deck last week. (catherine) kron 4's dan kerman is live at the toll plaza in richmond with the latest....dan? eastbound traffic on the richmond san rafael bridge was moving as normal monday afternoon.... this 4 days after chunks of concrete started falling from the upper
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deck forcing the shutdown of the bridge, which resulted in gridlock. caltrans blamed the incident on the failure of an expansion joint.on friday night caltrans installed an 8 foot metal plate on the upper deck, as a temporary fix... cal trans said the plate would both protect the deck and improve the ride for the public until a permanent fix started on monday. but that this metal plate that westbound drivers can't miss, will be with them a little longer than expected. due to the wet weather forecast, permanet repairs have been delayed until next week. caltrans says they are confident the bridge is safe in the meantime though they will continue to monitor it until the permanent fix is in place. (grant) (grant) a big story tonight...
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police in the east bay are trying to figure out how a driver crashed into a home. these are pictures of the scene. it happened in antioch just after midnight. police say one person is inured after the truck crashed into the two-story home on golden bear drive. you can see the car drove right into the front of the home. nobody inside was injured. (grant) the pilot who died in a plane crash on mount diablo has been identified. 49-year-old chris de bar of granite bay died in the crash friday. the single-engine plane crashed happened about two miles southwest of the peak of mount diablo near summit road. de bar was the only person on the plane. it was flying from hayward executive airport to lincoln in placer county. the plane was found saturday after a family member reported it
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had not landed as scheduled. park rangers say the summit trail will remain closed until the wreckage is removed.. removed.. ( catherine ) developing news... this was the day bipartisan negotiators were supposed to announce a deal to avert another government shutdown at the end of the week. instead, there are no clear answers as to whether that will happen.. kristen holmes has that latest from washington - and the sticking points -- that could lead to another shutdown in just a few days. time is running outdemocrats and republicans scrambling to avoid another government shutdown -- and all optimism once surrounding the negotiations has faded sen. richard shelby/-r - alabama/fonews sunday: i think the talks are stalled right now.the impasse-- over two key issues--the first --how many undocumented immigrants can be held in detention centers used by immigration and customs enforcementa key democratic negotiator saying that a limit on those held would quote
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force the trump administration to prioritize arresting and deporting serious criminals-- not law abiding immigrants. republicans calling the cap a non-starter-- arguing it would force ice officials to make impossible decisions about which immigrants to detain.the second -- how much money should go to a border wall or barrierkey lawmakers set to meet monday afternoon -- hoping to revive talks and make new progress -- in order to hit the friday deadline and keep the government open--the white house not ruling out another shut downmick mulvaney,/acting white house chief of staff: "you asked me a question: is the shutdown entirely off the table? i would say no,"if no deal is reached -- 800 thousand federal workers could find themselves furloughed ...again-- or asked to work without pay.meanwhile president trump is in el paso texas monday for his first political rally of the year -- making his case once against for the border wall.pres donald trump: we need a wall, and all of the other things are nice to have but without a wall it's not going to washington. im kristen holmes
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(grant) and today governor gavin newsom announced he is pulling hundreds of california national guard troops from the u-s mexico border. (catherine) kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashely zavala is live in sacramento... to explain the governor's latest move, and what the troops will be assigned to instead. ashley? ((az))governor gavin newsom planned to make this announcement tomorrow in his state of the state address.. but now, on the same day president trump hosts a campaign rally in south texas.. newsom is ordering the state pull the majority of its personnel from the border. nats-- "now directing our redeployment of our national guard."governor gavin newsom hands his latest executive order to national guard major general david baldwin... directing the state to pull 260 of the 360 troops on the us-mexican border."the crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis, we are not interested in participating in this political theatre, i think it's nothing more than poltical theatre."newsom agreed to keep about 100 troops behind primarily at ports of entry.the others will
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be assigned to help the state's fire prevention efforts along with cracking down on illegal cannabis operations.the troops were initially deployed last spring on the condition they wouldn't participate in immigration enforcement. but, baldwin says some troops doing surveillance at the border ended up having to report any crossings regardless of the person's intent or citizenship status. ((major general doug baldwin)) "because there is a bit of a grey area and because there are other uses our national guard could be engaged in here in state or to prepare to go overseas, it's better to stay away from those areas and focus on those tasks we can directly relate to combatting transnational threats. meanwhile..president trump is beefing up security at the border..ordering the deployment of 3,750 troops while rallying for border wall funding from congress.newsom says he's concerned..."i'm concerned frankly as to what relates to those negotiations and the broader prospect that the president could walk us into another government shutdown or expose california and other states to a declaration of emergency."
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((az))newsom says if trump declares an emergency at the border, the state may have to reallocate disaster relief funding that has already been directed to projects already in progress...newsom says he and the attorney general are reviewing what recourse the state could take if that does happen. tag. (grant) (grant) coming up... the storm we are expecting in the bay area-- is hitting hawaii right now. we'll take a look at the conditions there-- as oahu is dealing with massive waves and flooding. (catherine) from bart trains to busses. we'll
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talk to commuters affected by bart's early morning schedule change. (grant) plus after the break... a family is waiting to hear the fate of their two huskies-- after they went on a rampage and killed several animals at a local school. we'll explain what happened after the break.
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c(grant) the solano county animal shelter is debating whether to euthanize two dogs that attacked several farm animals belonging to a
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vallejo elementary school. (catherine) three alpacas were killed in the attack... kron4's maureen kelly reports that the school had counselors on hand to help students deal with the deaths of the much loved animals.. these are pictures of the two huskies after they were empounded by the solano county animal control....the two dogs got under the fence of the loma vista farm friday night and when on a vicious rampage. three 6 year old alpacas named racer, skyfall and pacheco were found dead by a caretaker....three sheep and two pygmy goats were also attacked....but are recovering from their multiple bite flowers were left tied to the fence of the farm....another bouquet was left with a note that reads "we feel for your loss of the beautiful spirits."the farm is part of the loma vista environmental science academy's campus...and is visited weekly by the students. it's is also a destination for field trips for students from other schools both in and out of the vallejo school district. the farm keeper says the alpacas were loved by the kids who
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e going to be very sad, whenever we have a loss of an animal it affects them very deeply, they just focus on it and it shakes them to their little coors and heartbreaking knowing that these children are also gonna be deeply impacted by this loss she says she's frustrated that the huskies, who had gotten on to the farm once before had not been kept contained. the solano county animal control says the owners have surrendered the dogs....and it has not yet been determined if they will face any charges....or if the dogs have to be put down. meanwhile the injured goats and sheep are being kept inside as they recover. this sign posted on the front gate of the farm is letting visitors know that they will be closed until february 20. they say that will give the injured animals the time and quiet they need to heal, maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) take a look at
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this... an unusually strong storm is hitting hawaii-- and it's generating massive waves. this is video from oahu's north shore-- and you can see the massive 40-foot waves. the islands are also getting hit with strong winds-- and there is a good chance of flooding. officials say people who live on the north shore should be prepared to evacuate. the storm also knocked out power, caused trees to fall, and even brought some snow. (grant) lets check in now with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: there were a few left over scattered showers today with partly cloudy skies. more clouds are moving in but the rain will hold off until late tomorrow. on the satellite you can see the storm leaving the
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hawaiian islands. that moisture is taking aim at the bay area. tomorrow will see plenty of clouds bu stay mostly dry. rain will develop late tomorrow night and become very heavy on wednesday morning. flooding is possible as well as damage from very powerful winds. more rain is likely on thursday before turning to showers on thursday and friday. dry weather is now forecast next weekend.
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(catherine) to the south bay now ...where bad weather and poor visibility apparently played a role in an accident that killed an elderly woman early sunday. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the woman survived a relativelyminor crash only to be hit by two 'other' vehicles as she tried to get off the freeway on foot. the victim, an 83 year woman, was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband when they collided with the concrete wall as they were nearing the end of the transtion ramp from southbound highway 101 to northbound 680
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just after 6 amsunday. neither was seriousy hurt at that point according the chp officer ross lee.ross lee/cho "....he decided he would call a tow truck but his wife, the passenger, decided she did not want to wait for the tow truck and came up with an alternative plan where she would walk off the freeway..." officer lee says the woman had arranged to rendezvous with a famiy member and set off on foot down the transition ramp. it was still dark and raining very hard. visibility was poor says lee.officer ross lee/chp "....due to the impaired vision from the heavy rain and darkness at the time a driver reported seeingan object in the number one lane and swerved to the right and was unable to avoid the pedestrian who was walking in the lane at the time..."a second vehicle also hit the woman. the chp says the case is a reminder thatunless one case safely exit a vehicle following an accident and find shelter behind a nearby wall or fence, it's usally best to stay in the vehicle with your seatbelts on.officer ross lee/chp "....a lot of times people get out of the car after a crash assuming the incoming traffic is going to see the crash and start slowing down and see pedestrians standing in the
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lanes but that is not always the case....we have several fatalities across the bay area every year which might have been avoided had people stayed i n their cars after an accident..."the chp says drugs and alcohol were not factors in this case. no citations have been issued. the victim's name had not been released as of monday evening. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4 news. (catherine) still ahead-- toys r us is hoping for a big comeback... details on how soon we could see their stores popping up again-- and the changes to expect. (grant) plus... virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax fighting for ere remove him from office... but tonight he can breathe a bit easier. we'll explain.
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thrown at fairfax(grant) virginia's álieutenant governor justin fairfax ... accusations of sexual n . and we learned today... an impeachment vote has been delayed.governor ralph northam is also vowing to stay in office.both men are facing calls to resign.
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i have called for an independent investigation and i am still very confident.the second allegation against justin fairfax surfaced on friday, a woman came forward to accuse him of raping her when they were students at duke university 19 years agoa statement from her attorney quotes her as saying that fairfax's assault was premediated and aggressive ... and came after she confided in him that she'd been raped by a basketball player.she says he told her, "i knew that because of what happened to you last year, you'd be afraid to say anything."a stanford university professor has also accused fairfax of forcing her to perform oral sex.he says both encounters took place, but they were consensual. governor ralph northam is also refusing to resign ... despite this racist photo in his med school yearbook ... and his admission of wearing in blackface at a dance contest.i really do believe things happen for a reasonon cbs this morning, northam said he has learned a lot.i will focus on
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race and equity. that is something that for the next three years will be my commitment to virginia and i really think we can make impactful a poll taken last week, virginians were evenly split ... with african americans more inclined to support himhe asked for forgiveness. who are we to judge?both men gambling that time is on their side. "there's a theory of damage control in these kinds of scandals that says if you just weather the storm and disappear for a while you can come out the other end several weeks or months later and people will have cooled down." (grant) the two men may be spared by one historical fact ... no one's been impeached in virginia in anyone's memory. legislators say they aren't sure what constitutes an impeachable offense. (catherine) next on kron4 news at 5... the a's number one draft pick is officially choosing another sport. mark carpenter joins us to talk about kyler murray's decision to play
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football-- and what it means for oakland. (catherine) also -- another big storm is headed for the bay area-- crews are already preparing for flash flooding and mudslides. we'll have the latest after the break.
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tonight at 5:30... more wet weather is on the way... and this next storm has triggered a flash flood warning. (catherine) it could also cause mudslides. kron 4's charles clifford
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has details on what crews are doing to get ready for the heavy rain in contra costa county. well, we are expecting another atmospheric river to arrive around mid week. here in contra costa county, crews are doing what they can to get ready. here along marsh creek road they are removing rocks and dirt that's actually left over from the last storm. it's was partially blocking the road. here's what contra costa public works is doing across the countysotwhat we are doing is checking roads around the county and making sure and making sure any possible mudslides are being put at bay. the last storms created mudslides so we are going around those areas. we are also checking creeks for debris and checking troubles drainage spots in the low lying areas to make sure those drains are clear so that when the atmospheric river comes in it has a place to flow too. public works is also asking for the public's help by helping to prevent flooding.sot what we tell homeowners is that if you have a drainage around your home check it for trash.


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