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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(ken) now at 8. a south bay soccer coach coach arrested on sexual assault charges. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this man -- 24 year old jansen estrada -- was involved in a sexual relationship with a player on the team.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. investigators say , the victim in this case is just 14- years old.kron4's michelle kingston has more tonight from prospect high school. (mk)24 year old jansen estrada is behind bars ...after a 14 year old girl's mother told deputies she believed her daughter may be a victim of sexual assault.estrada was the 14 year old's soccer coach at prospect high school.deputies say he developed an intimate relationship with her.deputy mike low, santa clara county
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sheriffs office"we can say the parents did conduct their own investigation and that is how they alerted us and contacted local law enforcement officials, however, in terms of the details of the relationship between the victim and the suspect, that is still under investigation." estrada also worked as a tutor at moreland middle school and easterbrook discovery school in san jose, according to other victims have come forward, but this is still an active and ongoing investigation.deputy mike low, santa clara county sheriffs office"any time you have a person who has been trusted with a position of authortiy or power or in this case, a coach or a tutor, it's quite disturbing when we have these types of allegations against him and we just ask parents to stay vigilant and be aware of what their teenagers and their children are doig and try to keep track o who they are associating themselves with." michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsdetectives are working closely with the schools and the district to ensure there are no other saratoga michelle kingston kron 4 news
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another big story: bracing for a teachers strike in oakland. tonight, parents have been meeting ... learning as much as they can ... before thursday rolls around. that's the day when teachers in oakland say they will hit the picket lines. our grant lodes is tracking the latest developments and is here to tell us what parents need to know. (grant)(grant) schools will be open... and district leaders say stundets are still required to attend. over the past several weeks... oakland teachers have been campaigning a better contract... here's video from some of those gatherings. tonight's meeting was so parents could prepare themselves, their kids, their families... for a different kind of thursday... and although the district points out that most teacher strikes last just a day or two... labor stopages can last much longer... there was a five week teachers strike in 19-96. tonight, teachers continued to make their case.
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becca rozo, teacher: "1 in 5 teachers leaves oakland. we get paid the least of anyone in the bay area. if we want teachers to stay in oakland we have to earn a living wage." (grant) some three thousand members of the oakland teachers association says they're striking for the future of public education in oakland. they want more money to give them a living wage, they want more student resources and smaller calss sizes. district leaders agree teachers deserve more money, but disagree how much it can afford to pay given budget issues amid the prospect of a couple dozen schools closing to consolidate and create a leaner disctict. school discticts get future funding based on attendance... so that will be a critical element to how this strike plays out. here on we have a section dedicated to the strike... including tips for parents... and what students can expect at lunchtime and beyond.
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crews are working around the clock to repair two major thoroughfares connecting the north and east bays. work is set to begin tonight on the richmond san rafael bridge-- after concrete fell from the upper deck earlier this month.. (pam) and at the same time -- westbound highway- 37 remains closed due to flooding. (pam) crews are rushing to get all lanes of highway- 37 back open before tomorrow mornings commute.(ken) kron 4's dan kerman is in novato with a look at the work being done right now. tuesday afternoon, much of the water that had filled westbound highway 37 was gone... but pools of water still remained throughout this stretch of roadway... meaning westerbound 37 remained closed from atherton avenue to highway 101sot officer andrew barclay/chp :16its not just the amount of water from storm, we also have tides to contend with an all the water sitting in the area that does not have natural drainage other than seeping into the ground which isnt happening
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while little work was done tuesday afternoon, caltrans trucks did try to plow water out of the road and over newly installed concrete barriers. new black top has been layed in lowlying stretches to raise the roadway anywhere from 6-10 inches... but it's not complete.sotwe have unfinished lips of aspahalt that if you were to be driving over 65 mph its not safe so until they have it all smoothed out and striped and everything is good we cant let anyone out.until the water is gone and the new pavement is safely in place, westbound traffic will continue to be diverted off at atherton avenue and forced onto this two lane road to get to highway 101.standup dan kerman /hw 37 1:09now caltrans is hoping to get westbound 37 open by the afternoon commute wednesday maybe as early as noon, but there is still plenty of work to be done so we will have to wait and see. along hw 37, dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) happening tonight... lanes on the richmond san rafael bridge will be closed as caltrans
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works to repair the areas where concrete fell. that mis-hap was a couple weeks ago... but last week's weather prevented crews from making the permanent repair. a metal plate was installed as a temporary fix. now...crews will be fixing an expansion joint that failed on the upper deck. it caused the concrete to fall onto the lower deck where drivers were traveling eastbound... there will only be one lane of traffic open in each direction from 9:00 tonight to 5:00 tomorrow morning. the closures will happen monday through saturday for the next two weeks. in san mateo county -- there is still a lot of ongoing work.... to repair damage from the recent storms. several miles of highway- 35 have been blocked for weeks.... because of a sinkhole that opened up in the roadway several weeks ago.we ha so crews can drive sheets of metal into the road in order to protect the remaining lane. once that is done, cal- trans will set up a signal to allow one way traffic back and
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forth through that one lane. it is not ideal but it will allow highway- 35 to reopen. no word on when that work will be completed. (ken)(ken) turning now to our four zone forecast.(pam) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with when rain will return to the bay area lawrence karnow: it was another cool crisp sunny day around the bay area. but now we are getting ready for a few more raindrops. we are beginning to see a few showers to the north on doppler radar. on the satellite you the storm gulf of alaska. it will be another cold storm but not as wet. tonight will as
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cold with increasing clouds. there is a slight chance of showers after midnight. showers and sunshine will take over tomorrow with chilly temperatures. highs will only be in the upper 40s to the low 50s. another storm could bring more rain later this weekend. the city of san jose will soon be considering a proposal that would require the sale of guns to be recorded on video. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, that is among a sweeping proposal by the mayor to tighten the rules... about how guns are bought and sold in the city. mayor sam liccardo/san jose "....we're introducing an initiative focused on ensuring that fewer guns get into the wrong hands..." conference tuesday mayor sam liccardo said the best way to crackdown on the proliferation of illegal guns is to target so-called "straw purchases," where guns are bought by a third party for someone who cannot legally own a gun, like a convicted felon or a minor. mayor sam liccardo/san jose
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"...a significant percentage of guns entering our community from legal gun shops are being purchased by people other that those who were intended to use and cary those guns...." mayor sam liccardothat there are proposals at the state level to accomplish some of these things but if they do not pass we need a local ordinance that will take this on...."chief eddie garcia/san jose policepastor danny sanchez/mayor's gang prevention task forcerob fladeboe/san jose (pam)
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(pam) a search and rescue team has recovered the body of a man ... who was skiing at a resort at lake tahoe, when he was reported missing on monday. douglas county deputies say, ski patrol members found 62-year-old brett herrick of seaside, california, buried in deep snow today ... at the heavenly ski resort. herrick had last been seen by his girlfriend, in the stagecoach lodge area yesterday morning. his body was buried in a wooded area about 100- feet from the groomed trail, near the california- nevada line where as much as 3 - feet of snow fe or the weekend.apparently
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crashed into very deep snow .. and likely suffocated or died from exposure. an autopsy is pending to determine the exact cause of death. (ken) kron 4 is making a major change in the way we bring you the news.we have launched the bay area's only commercial- free 24-hour streaming news service. it is called 'kron on'. we are on all day and night - bringing you live breaking news, along with exclusive interviews and stories. if you watch our current newscasts on the new app - you will get extra content during the commercial breaks. 'kron on' is available for i- phones, i-pads, apple tv, android devices, and on amazon fire . we are offering a 7- day free trial for new subscribers - visit kron-on- dot-tv to sign up. coming up at eight.. new fears that california could see a rare and powerful storm... with the potential to do more damage than an earthquake plus. president trump pulls funding for the state's high speed rail.... along with a demand that billions be returned. and next. former president obama shares
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barack obama was in oakland today... and along with warriors star steph curry -- he was hosting a town hall. they were promoting the alliance called "my brother's keeper." catherine heenan is live in the newsroom with the story... a lot of star power in that room... they were marking the fifth anniversary of'my brother's
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keeper'..... obama said it was created because of some very painful days that marked his presidency... this was the kick-off this was
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presidency... his that marked painful days that marked his that marked story... a lot of this was the kick-off for severaldays of events. all aimed at supportingyoung men of color. ken and pam? (ken) the wet winter has eased any fears of an ongoing drought.(pam) now government scientists are warning of a new danger from too much rain.what they call "the other big one" .... and
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it could cause far more damage than an earthquake. our grant lodes has the story. nattwo years ago ...the state's highest dam is in danger of collapse .. threatening to send billions of gallons of water downstream. towns along the feather river are evacuated as crews shored up the oriville dam.the crisis, blamed on heavy rainfall and warm temperatures ... keys to a potential disaster that can only be called biblical.nata government report calls it an arkstorm.the a=r for atmospheric river... the k because you might need an ark to's happened before ... in 1862 sacramento's k=street turned into a river.the entire central valley was under water ... thirty feet deep in some places.much of modern day los angeles and orange countiers were submerged in an inland sea.natnow the army corps of engineers is warning we may be due for another arkstorm.a repeat of 18 hclimate change have lowered the odds. 120 inches of rain ... a steady downpour for more than
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a month.the result ... water up to twenty feet deep from red bluff to in the bay area , silicon valley would disappear.los altos, sunnyvale, santa clara and sunnyvale, all gone.a highly detailed anaysis from the army corps of engineers puts the total damage as 300 billion dollars.nearly a quarter million people left homeless.and another one=point=two million forced to evacuate. lawrence karnow: it was another cool crisp sunny day around the bay area. but now we are getting ready for a few more raindrops. we are beginning to see a few showers to the north on doppler radar.
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on the satellite you can see the storm coming down for the gulf of alaska. it will be another cold storm but not as wet. tonight will not be as cold with increasing clouds. there is a slight chance of showers after midnight. showers and sunshine will take over tomorrow with chilly temperatures. highs will only be in the upper 40s to the low 50s. another storm could bring more rain later this weekend.
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still ahead at 8 a bold new idea to speed up the drive between northern and southern california.... where no speed limit lanes could be put into place. and next... the changes an east bay city is considering ... to make housing more
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affordable to renters.
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(ken) in the east bay... tonight, the hayward city council is trying to get a handle on the housing crisis... (pam) the council is considering changes to its 'rent stabilization' ordinance. kron four's philippe djegal explains the ideas now on the table. (philippe) the city of hayward's residential rent stabilization ordinance is outdated... so, the council is reviewing ways to fix it.leah simon- weisberg/attorney- "we've seen a huge increase, i would say
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recently, um, of tenants facing rent increases, um, and attempts by their landlords to evict them." a city staff report recommends implementing a mediation process with binding arbitration between tenants and landlords, in cases where a proposed annual rent increase reaches or exceeds five-percent. leah (lee-uh) simon-weisberg is an attorney who represents tenants at the non-pro fit organization centro legal de la raza. she prefers rent control.leah simon- weisberg/attorney- "i think the most important thing is people need stability and clarity. um, the idea that every tenant, everytime they get a rent increase is going to be forced to do a mediation and then potentially an arbitration, is just a lot of work for everybody involved. where if you just have a rent increase, then it just is and nobody has to worry about it constantly." a city staff report finds that 55-percent of hayward renters pay more than 30-percent of their income on rent... and, there are less than two-thousand rent-controlled units available city-wide.mark salinas/councilmember- "we want to make sure that we have, um, a good rational process, so that, um, you know, rents can increase, but without putting families out." tuesday night's work session focuses on exploring a 5-year continuation of a moratorium on vacancy decontrol. a process that councilmember mark salinas says landlords use to make minor changes to rental units, then turn around and raise the rents to market rate or well
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above.mark salinas/council member- "we want to make sure that we're adopting best practices in both landlords and of course, best practices with tenants." the council is also looking into expanding evictions for cause to all rental units in the city, including single-family homes. right now, evictions for cause applies only to units constructed before 1979. a decision on all of these proposals is still months away from becoming law. in hayward, philippe djegal, news. coming up at eight.. coming up at coming up at eight.. president trump sets the gears
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in motion ... for the u.s. military in space. .... what it will do and how much it could cost. plus. graphic new details about what happened to colorado mother kelsey berreth... what a nurse said she did when the accused killer asked for her help and next. california and the trump administration clashing again. this time over the high speed rail. now the government is asking the state ... to pay back billions. (ken)"if you are watching us on the kron on app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron- on-dot-tv to subscribe." ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. (ken) the federal
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government is pulling a significant amount of money from california's high speed rail project. and wants the state to give back an additional two -point -five billion it has already spent. governor gavin newsom is calling it "political retribution"... over the state's lawsuit against the president's emergency declaration. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what is going on... on the same day the high speed rail authority met for the first time under governor gavin newsom's new direction..... the trump administration announced its canceling funding for the a letter to high speed rail authority c-e-o brian kelly... federal railroad administrators wrote "the fra has determined that chsra has materially failed to
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comply with terms of agreement and failed to make reasonable progress on the project."the fra intends to pull $929 million dollars from the project and make california pay back the $2.5 billion in federal funds its already spent.this comes as california leads a lawsuit against the president over his national emergency declaration for a border a tweet tuesday.. the president wrote "the failed fast train project in california where the cost overruns are becoming world record setting is hundreds of times more expensive than the much needed wall!"new high speed rail authority board chairman lenny mendonca started tuesday..hours before the federal government made the announcement.he would not take questions from reporters... it's unclear if he knew this was happening when we asked him this.."(az) extremely quick question on the president's comments on the high speed rail?!ahh... no, no.."the state will have the opportunity to prove its complying and making the project before the cancellation goes into effect march 5. (ken) the yuba county city of wheatland is pushing back against governor newsom's
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assertion that it's not creating enough affordable housing as required by law. city manager jim goodwin says he was surprised to hear that. he says current housing law doesn't work for his city and that wheatland...with its 35- hundred residents... is not going to be the solution to the state's housing crisis. during newsom's state of the state address the governor called out other cities as well for not meeting state obligations. and last month, newsom announced the state was suing huntington beach for failing to provide enough affordable housing. (pam) graphic new details revealed today... about the fate of kelsey berreth ... the colorado woman who disappeared on thanksgiving day. berreth's fiance patrick frazee is charged with her a hearng today, a nurse named krystal lee kenney. said, she disposed of berreth's phone, kenney also said, frazee told her, he had beaten his fiancee to death with a baseball bat... and she described heliping him clean up the blood from what she called a horrific scene at his home. kenney pleaded guilty to helping thwart the
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investigation into berreth's disappearance, she told police she was in a romantic re. (ken) a new branch of the military is one step closer to becoming a reality.. president trump has signed a directive to begin the process of launching his long-awaited plans to establish a space force. kim hutcherson has the latest. president donald trump: "today i am thrilled to sign a new order. taking the next step to create the united states space force."with the swipe of his pen..president trump put gears into motion to begin creating the sixth branch of the united states military..the space force.president donald trump: "the space force will organize, equip and train the next generation of warriors to deter aggression and defend the nation."the new directive titled space policy directive-4..calls on the secretary of defense to draw-up a legislative plan to submit to congress.. establishing the structure and authority of what the space force will be.the president says he expects congress will support the plan.president donald trump: "space. that's
8:34 pm
the next step and we have to be prepared."there's been debate on whether the space force will fall under air force control..president trump has stood firm that this will be a completely new branch of the military..air force leaders worry a majority of their space-focused airmen will be taken away.gen. david goldfein, chief of staff, u.s. air force: "we've been in a robust debate as you can imagine as to where is the right place to land.. i will have a space force chief and i'll be the air force chief and we'll work for the secretary of the air force." i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (ken) the air force says it could cost about 13-billion dollars to launch the space force.. but the acting secretary of defense, patrick shanahan, says it will cost less than 5-billion. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead
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lawrence karnow: it was another cool crisp sunny day around the bay area. but now we are getting ready for a few more raindrops. we are beginning to see a few showers to the north on doppler radar. on the satellite you can see the storm coming down for the gulf of alaska. it will be another cold storm but not as wet. tonight will not be as cold with increasing clouds. there is a slight chance of showers after midnight. showers and sunshine will take over tomorrow with chilly temperatures. highs will only be in the upper 40s to the low 50s. another storm could bring more rain later this weekend. (pam) take a look at this. two mountain lion cubs .. have created quite a stir on the peninsula. state wildlife officials say, their mom is nowhere to be their mom is officials say, weekend.rain later this bring more rain later this weekend.
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weekend.rain later this weekend. (pam) take a look at this. two mountain lion cubs .. have created quite a stir on the peninsula. state wildlife officials say, their mom is nowhere to be found. they gave the kittens 24- hours to find their way back... but when it was apparent they were on their own... and too young to survive.. they were captured. the two now have temporary housing at the oakland zoo... until a permanent home is found. still ahead at 8 researchers make an alarming discovery about the risk of heart attacks--- among young women. and next. some california parents are upset with the state's sexual education curriculum. why they say... it is just too graphic
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save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. ends sunday. (ken) some parents in
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southern california are upset with the state's sex education program... they say is too graphic.(pam) however -- the california 'healthy youth act' mandates that schools teach medically accurate and age appropriate ... comprehensive sex education. it includes gender identity, h-i-v prevention and students rights to access health providers who offer birth control options. parents within the chino valley unified school district... visited the district offices today ... to deliver letters, and to voice opposition to the law.
8:41 pm
year old should know or be educated in anything to do with sex. their mind is not open to that."legrand liang, parent: "some things are certainly appropriate, but i think the large majority of this topic is the prerogative of the parents."> the district says, parents can opt their children out of biological sex education, but not out of the social portion of the curriculum. (ken) last month's polar vortex wasn't enough to offset record high temperatures across the globe. according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, this past january was the third hottest since record keeping began 140 years ago. temperatures across ocean and land were one-point-five-eight degrees fahrenheit warmer than last century's average. looking at land only, temperatures were two-point-seven-two degrees warmer. parts of australia, brazil, africa, and asia set records for the
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hottest januaries they have ever seen. next at 8. if you're traveling across california --- would you take the option to drive with no speed limit. the proposal is on the table. why the lawmaker behind it thinks it could be safer. just ahead in sports, we head back out to oakland for more sights and sounds from president obama and steph curry's event. also, details on a mammoth contract in the major leagues. (pam)"if you are watching us on the kron on app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron-on- dot-tv to subscribe."
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(pam) if you cannot stand the traffic between northern and southern california... one lawmaker has a bold proposal to change that.(ken) lanes with no speed limit while there are worries it might make roads more dangerous... the state senator behind the plan says it actually make them safer. (nats)for years the state has been looking for a faster - easier wayto travel between northern and southern california..(nats)and one lawmaker has a bold new idea.. to do just that.(sen. john moorlach - (r) costa mesa)"we thought lets go ahead and have 4 lanes in the middle of the right of way. and lets offer the opportunity to have no speed limit"senator john moorlach of orange county...calls it....the high speed áároad...his proposed bill ... s-b 319 .. would create two lanes in each
8:46 pm
direction on interstate five and highway 99 ...where drivers could put the pedal to the medal..(autobahn video) similar to germany's autobahn. moorlach says its an idea that could be a reality much faster than california's high speed rail..(sen. john moorlach - (r) costa mesa)"were just trying to provide some solutions yes they might be difficult but lets think outside the box because this high speed rail thing isnt penciling out"(nats trucker) (herbert ratliff - truck driver)"it would definitely help out"truck driver herbert ratliff feels the idea would clear more space on the road for big rigs, which have to travel slower...(herbert ratliff - truck driver)"it would get em out of our way basically"(ashley tell - sacramento driver)"you wouldnt go in those lanes? no i wouldnt"ashley tell commutes on i- (ken) if this bill passes, it would mean new northbound
8:47 pm
and southbound lanes on both i- 5 and state route 99. the other lanes on those highways would have a 65-mile-an-hour speed limit. (pam) researchers are puzzled by a new study on the risks for heart attack.. they analyzed the number of heart attack hospitalization s.. among people between the ages of 35 and 54. the overall proportion of hospitalizations for that relatively young group .... increased from 19-95 to 20-14. but in terms of percentages, the increase was greatest with women. one researcher says, it was a surprise that an increasing number of heart attacks are happening to younger patients... and they do not know why the surge bu limits to the study. it used information from only four communities in the u-s - and it did not account for risk factors, such as obesity. (pam) more than 2-million people in the u-s are either dependent on .. or abusing
8:48 pm
prescription and illegal opioids to treat their pain. (ken) now a new report says the f-d-a and drug manufacturers failed to properly monitor the use of one very potent opioid. meredith wood has more in today's health minute. an incredibly addictive and potentially deadly drug-- unneccessarily prescribed to an "alarming" number of patients.that's what a just released report in the journal of the american medical association reveals.the study found thousands of patients received a highly potent form of the opioid fentanyl-- when they shouldn't have. researchers said the u-s food and drug administration and opioid manufacturers failed to
8:49 pm
closely monitor the use of the restricted fentanyl-- as part of a federal program, aimed at reducing abuse and misuse of the drug. the class of fentanyl that goes into the bloodstream within seconds .... is 100-times more powerful (ken) women are finally making some inroads in hollywood... but the big roles still go to men more often. a study by san diego state university movies in 20-18. it found 31-percent of movies released last year had female protagonists, a small increase from the year before. that's partly thanks to the movies like "crazy rich asians", "a star is born" and "halloween." top movies also features more black, latino and asian women. the study looked at one- hundred top domestic movies that came out last year.
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over the all-star weekend, we got to see how much of an impact steph curry has had in his hometown of charlotte. tonight, was an opportunity for the mvp to give back to his 2nd home in the bay area...and lay the foundation for initiatives that span the country. number 30 teaming up with former president barack obama tonight for a special event for the commander in chief's-- my brother's keeper foundation. mbk rising is a two-day event centered on creating a well as building a network and outreach initiatives for young kids of color. a number of societal topics were covered... and curry discussed the importance of using his platform as an athlete to inspire others. "how i carry myself, how i speak, what i'm educated on, my willingness to try to meet people where they are, can make a huge difference. whether it's five seconds, ten minutes, multiple run-ins. we all have an opportunity to use that platform, that visibility, to
8:51 pm
shape someone's perspective. that one moment can be a difference maker for a lifetime." it's been a busy past few days for curry.... check this out for the lexus ultimate highlight, he's played alongside giannis antetokounmpo in the all-star game.... and look at the passing skills on display... bounces it off the ground to set up the greek freak for a throwdown at the rim. curry to giannis...for our lexus ultimate highlight. warriors back to practice tomorrow and host the kings thursday. in other big news of the day-- finally some movement on the baseball free-agent market. manny machado is getting paid.. according to multiple reports, the four-time all-star and two - time gold glover joining the san diego padres on a record 10-year, 300-million-dollar deal.... it's the largest free-agent contract in american sports history. the 26-year-old landing on a team after garnering interest from the phillies, white sox,
8:52 pm
and yankees. this now brings up the question on what now happens with bryce harper...the former mvp who's expected to receive a bigger deal. reports say the phillies are in the running to land him, but the padres might also make a bid. and speaking of major contracts, we could be seeing one on the a's roster. a major storyline for spring training...what the future holds for khris davis.... the reigning major league home run king with 48-home runs and 123-rbi.... he'll become a free agent after this year, but inking him to a long- term deal has been a priority for the team's front office. as of now, no big developments on that front, however, the stellar outfielder won't let that bother him. he's just focused on building off last year's 97-win campaign. "the coaches have been saying that we're pretty much the hunted now. that's pretty much our attitude. nobody is going to take us lightly. like i said, it's a hard game. everything is on the scouting report."
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that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks ken and pam... next at nine... parents, students and teachers... in one east bay teachers strike in less than 36 hours.... tonight parents expressed concerns to teachers and school officials
8:56 pm
about the prombelsm they forsee come thursday... provided teachers are on the picket lines and not in the classrooms... we're live in oakland with reaction.... (vicki) plus... terrifying moments from the north bay... shows a little girl being thrown in the air by a driver who just kept on going. and tonight police have a suspect in custody...(grant) and chilly temperatures remain... but now more rain is on the horizon... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow times out this next system. (vicki) don't go away kron4 news at nine in primetime is next... next... there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations.
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these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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(grant) tonight we are now less than 36 hours from what figures to be a contentious teachers strike in oakland. right now... parents are scrambling to figure out what they will do come thursday. (grant)2 shot bam thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vikci) and im vicki livakis... the stirke is planned for thursday morning... and earlier this evening union members ááonce again voiced their concerns and wants saying they want a new deal.(grant) kron 4's j.r. stone is live in oakland tonight and joins us with details. j.r. is the teacher's union any closer to
9:00 pm
a deal with the district? (j.r.)from the way it sounded tonight the quick answer to that is no. educators say that the district hasn't offered them a new deal since december. sot tomorrow we are going to go into school we are going to talk with our students we are going to tell them that we love them and we're going to say that we're leaving and we aren't going to be there the next day.....aren't coming back until we have what our kids deserve and what we deserveoakland teachers making a strong push for a contract as we are now less than 48 hours away from a strike date when the union says three thousand teachers won't show for work.sot we have not received a written proposal that is any different than that since december.....and what teachers deservce in our school.instructors like becca roza want


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