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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  February 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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meet the union's demands. the union wants a 12-percent pay raise over three years, but the district offered only 8-point-5 percent over four years. dozens of principals from the oakland unified school district were in sacramento today, lobbying for better education. the principal of oakland high school... talked to kron on's ryan o'donnel today about the impending strike. (grant)
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(grant) (grant) again-- the strike is set to begin at 6:30 tomorrow morning. we will have complete coverage starting on the kron4 morning news at 4-am.
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(vicki) also in the east bay... uc berkeley has suspended a tenured professor after finding that he sexually harassed a student and created a hostile work environment for her. professor alan tansman worked in the department of east asian languages and cultures. back in november-- he agreed to a two year suspension with one year unpaid and the other partially paid. u-c berkeley says an investigation found that over two years he sexually harassed the student. they say the professor denies and continues to deny the allegations. (grant) in the south bay... thieves struck multiple businesses across south san jose overnight. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, it appears that at least three auto parts stores were robbed last night across south san jose. let's look at a map.they include the autozone store along cottle road, the autozone on alamden express way and an oreilly autoparts across the street on branham lane. now, in each case the thieves apparently smashed the glass of a front
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door in order to gain access. each businesses had plywood covering the doors wednesday afternoon. at this point we don't know what if any items were taken. we also don't have any sort of description of the suspect or suspects. now, the police department said wednesday afternoon that they are waiting to receive police reports on these burglaries before launching an investigation.we have also heard there may have been an attempted robbery of a vape store near the oakridge mall last night.and finally, san jose police did say that a male suspect was arrested last night for burglarizing a liquor store along tully road but they say that incident is not connected to the other san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. kron 4 news. (grant) a college student from the south bay is facing charges for allegedly creating an i-phone app to sell drugs at u-c santa cruz. 18-year-old collin howard of sunnyvale, pleaded not guilty yesterday in san jose. investigators say the app was called "banana plug"-- a play on the school's banana slug mascot... and "plug" being
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slang for drug dealer. according to prosecutors, posters advertising the app were found on campus late last year, and officers started an undercover operation. federal authorities say they then set up four successful drug buys using the app... and howard was arrested in his dorm room back on november 28th. he is currently out on bail. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and even some thunderstorms around the bay area. it was cool too with highs only in the 50s. there are still a few showers on doppler right now but the storm is moving south. it will be cold tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see the storm moving south. we will see more sunshine tomorrow but
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it will be cool with highs only in the 50s. it will be dry on friday but there is a chance of rain on sunday and into next week. week. (vicki) a big story tonight... new details in the case of a colorado man accused of beating the mother of his child to death with a baseball bat. patrick frazee will face a murder trial in the death of his fiancee-- kelsey berreth. and the unsealed arrest affidavit is now shedding light on what prosecutors have found. kron 4's camila bernal has the latest. kelsey berreth vanished on thanksgiving day...her body
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has not been found... but authorities now revealing how they believe her fiancee, patrick frazee, killed her. jennifer viehman/ senior deputy district attorney: "in a horrific manner, with a bat in the back of the head as kelsey is sniffing candles with a blindfold over her eyes."court documents released wednesday laying out the disturbing details.the information coming from krystal lee kenney, a woman who told investigators she was in a romantic relationship with frazee last year.jennifer viehman/ senior deputy district attorney: "we heard evidence that patrick frazee contacted krystal lee in idaho on three separate occasions, had her come to colorado to murder kelsey."investigators saying kenney could not bring herself to kill her.... leading frazee to murder berreth himself.jennifer viehman/ senior deputy district attorney: "krystal tells us, patrick then calls her after he has put kelsey in a black plastic tote, calls krystal and tells her to come out and help him clean-up." then, authorities say, frazee burned his fiance's body. frazee, who's charged with first degree murder, has not yet entered a plea. but kenney, who investigators say helped frazee clean up the murder scene, has pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence.i'm camila bernal reporting.
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(grant) today is kron 4's blood drive for life, where we partnered with vitalant, the bay area's blood bank, encouraging our viewers to give blood. vitalant is the new name for blood centers of the pacific. this is video of kron 4's will tran giving blood today. we want to say thank you to all those who donated today. and there is still time to give... most vitalant locations are open until 6:30 tonight. you are also encouraged to you are also encouraged to donate in the days and weeks ahead because the region's blood supply is approaching critically low levels. cold and flu season has fewer donating right now.
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500 donations are needed each day to meet the needs of local patients. vitalant partners with more than 45 area hospitals and relies on volunteer donors. donated blood goes to help trauma and burn patients, heart surgery patients, organ transplant recipients, premature infants and people fighthing cancer... just to name a few. your simple, lifesaving action has the remarkable power to transform lives for many tomorrows. you can find out more information at vitalant dot org or visit kron 4 dot com (vicki) coming up... a frightening situation when a skier gets trapped in an avalanche. and it's all caught on his helmet camera. hear how his friends were able to dig him out of the cement-like snow. (grant) and after the break... a warning if you visited the grand canyon in the past two decades. why officials say you might have been exposed to radiation. (vicki) plus-- during the month of february kron 4 has featured a hidden
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history series that celebrates black history month. and it wraps up this weekend with kron4's pam moore. she will be hosting a hidden history special presentation on saturday at 9:00 p.m. make sure you tune in.
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for your health tonight... a warning to anyone who visited grand canyon national park over the last two decades. the park's health and safety manager says anyone who
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visited between the year 2000 and june 18th, 20-18, was possibly exposed to unsafe levels of uranium.(grant) the uranium ore in question was found in three buckets stored next to a taxidermy exhibit at the park's museum collections building. the national park service eventually removed the buckets last june and disposed of the contents in a nearby uranium mine. but the manager says the workers who removed the buckets were ill-prepared to do so, and they returned the buckets to the museum after dumping the ore. both the department of interior and a nuclear engineering expert say they believe the uranium exposure was unlikely to be hazardous to visitors. the department of interior adds it's also working with osha and state officials to investigate what happened. (vicki) still ahead... a recent survey showed bart's approval rating has dropped ... so we are taking an inside look at what the commuter service is doing to
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bring approval back up.
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on the heels of a recent survey showing bart's approval rating has dropped dramatically.... we're taking a look at one of the biggest complaints... people do not feel safe. (grant) kron 4's dan thorn talked with bart riders and the bart chief of police. of course, all of us can complain about one thing in terms of our commute but this isn't about traffic or's about safety. and much of the finger pointing is
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directed at the transit system's police department. most notably, where are the bart police officers?it's the largest commuter rail line in the state of california... ábartá serves as the backbone of the bay area's public transportation.hundreds of thousands of commuters depend on these train and day -out. however, just recently a survey showed many of those commuters are not happy..sot: i think there's a lot of sketchy activity on bart including drugs alcohol and sometimes homeless people who use the system to sleep..a little less than half of the top complaints for bart riders like kim vawter fall at the feet of bart police.the common theme? a lack of police presence inside the stations, outside of the stations and on-board the trains..sot: i think just coming on the platforms and staring people down and watching for illegal activity on the platforms is not sufficient they need to be walking on the trains..other riders agree..sot: it would probably be better if they were around more often..sot: i would feel more safe if there were police officers, august, bart received an almost $7 million dollar federal grant to keep a special police patrol on the trains through the busiest
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stations..the grant followed the high profile murder of nia wilson.the 18 year old was stabbed to death exiting a bart train at the mcarthur station in july.wilson's killing marked the 3rd murder on the transit system in just a 5 day span..amid the summer's spike in violent crime, bart vowed an increase in public safety by putting more officers on the trains...these emergency patrols required the police force to work 10 hour shifts--6 days a lasted less than a month..sot: you can't arrest yourself out of problems you can't police yourself out of problems..bart police chief carlos rojas says displeasure with the lack of bart police presence can be linked to lack of staffing . however, the chief maintains his officers are out and effectively working to curb crime..sot: our officers on a daily basis are riding trains they're in stations but it's just not about having enough staff.. chief rojas says there have been significant improvements in recruiting new bart december, the bart board approved a 16 percent pay increase under a new 4 year contract. the chief called this agreement crucial to attracting and retaining officers. right now there are 28 vacancies in the department. sot: there is a serious perception by certain people that bart is not safe so we not only have to battle the perception but create that environment that's gotta be safe for everybody..standup close:meanwhile, the bart police department is trying to receive accredidation which the police chief says is an elite recognition. in order to get it, a team from the commission on accreditation for law enforecement agencies had to examine all aspects of the bart police departments policies, procedures, management and support services. if awarded, the bart police department would be one of the select few agencies in the state of california to earn it.reporting in oakland dan thorn kron4 news.
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(anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and even some thunderstorms around the bay area. it was cool too with highs only in the 50s. there are still a few showers on doppler right now but the storm is moving south. it will
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be cold tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see the storm moving south. we will see more sunshine tomorrow but it will be cool with highs only in the 50s. it will be dry on friday but there is a chance of rain on sunday and into next week. (grant) next on kron4 news at 5... an experienced skier gets trapped in an avalanche... and it's all caught on his helmet camera. we'll show you how his friends were able to rescue him.
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him. week.into next on sunday and chance of rain on sunday and into next week. week. (grant) week. (grant) next on kron4 news at 5... an experienced skier gets trapped
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in an avalanche... and it's all caught on his helmet camera. we'll show you how his friends were able to rescue him.
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(vicki) new video tonight showing a near death experience in utah. an avalanche buried a competitive skier. (grant) fortunately his friends were there to rescue him. kiersten nunez reports. colby stevenson/competetive skier"i'll remember that moment when the day switched.
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all of the sudden i see this avalanche and i'm like oh slide."colby stevenson watched helplessly at the bottom of this slide as tons of snow carried his friend down the mountain.colby stevenson/compe tetive skier"he let go of his poles and he was swimming through the avalanche to keep his head up." carrying the skier 200 feet...through trees and rocks...until finally.. burying him completely. colby stevenson/competetive skier "right as the slide comes to a stop i'm skiing over there full panic adrenaline through the roof just wanting to save my friend."his friend... trapped under the cement like snow.seconds later john brown, who was watching from the top, made it down... knowing every second mattered.john brown/rescuer"it was scary... i didn't know how to think straight really."both looking for any sign of their friend. when they spotted the tip of a ski.colby stevenson/compe tetive skier"when i hit his leg for the first time he started screaming. it was very frantic we were just going to dig until his head was free and he could breathe." john brown/rescuer "i remember hitting his helmet with my shovel. that's my head. we dug his head out and i'm like i'm sorry i hit you in the head and he's like that was the best feeling in my life is just getting hit in the head with a shovel."nat sot "we got ya buddy we got ya."a lucky ending..nat soundto what could have been a deadly slide. colby stevenson/competetive skier "i had a few minutes
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to think about like am i going to be able to save my friend or is he just going of that day we were just like wow life could end that quickly." quickly."end that quickly." (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(grant) ken wayne and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (ken) thanks grant and vicki.tonight at 6. (ken) incredible new video tonight of an officer involved shooting that took place in the north bay over the weeken what we're learning about the events that led up to the deadly incident. (pam) and it (pam) and it is now likely... in
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just over 12 hours ... oakland teachers will be going on much closer the two sides are to coming to a deal tonight....and some tips for families... if your children are affected by the strike. (pam)plus .. two mountain lion cubs caught wandering around half moon bay are now in need of a home. details from the people caring for them now.kron4 there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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firednats of shots> (pam) tonight at 6. shocking new police bodycam video ... showing the moments a man pulls a gun on a napa county sheriff's deputy. the deputy returns fire ... killing the man at the scene. an investigation into this incident is in the early stages tonight. (pam) thank you for joining us... im pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. all took place on sunday night... but police just released the video today.... giving us a clearer picture of events before, during, and after the shooting. kron4's justine waldman just attended a news conference about the shooting in napa... justine... what's the latest? (justine)the under sheriff calls the bodycam video graphic, brutal and sudden.and believes divine intervention


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