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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 21, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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conditions tomorrow and saturday to begin the weekend. after that sunday through tuesday will bring the return of rainfall across the state. no major hot no major hot spots. bay bridge
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wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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( robin ) now to breaking news... we're just a few hours away... from the oakland teachers strike that is set to start this morning at 6:30. about 86 district schools across the city plan to strike. instructors are demanding a 12 percent pay raise over three years, smaller class size, and a preservation of neighborhood schools among other things. the district, which origionally offered a 5 percent pay raise over that time met with the teachers union wednesday but couldn't come to an agreement.
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money that is going on the salary schedule.buttedsot it's not that simple you can't just automatically give a raise you have to do it within your means.sot california is the 5th largest economy in the world and we fund education on a per student basis in the bottom 20 percent of the united states.>( robin ) while the teachers union is urging students to show solidaridy by not attending school today... those in the district are reminding everyone that there will be substitute teachers and that school is open. ( robin ) the strike has many parents planning on what to do with their children this morning ... kron4's michelle kingston spoke to some mothers and fathers ... as well as teachers at redwood heights elementary school. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"teachers at redwood heights plan to strike thursday morning ... and parents say their kids will be learning at home, or with other students at their local rec center until their teachers get what they say they deserve."for the last
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time before the strike begins ... oakland parents picking up their students wednesday afternoon melissa quiter, oakland parent"i think oakland needs to do it right this time and make sure that our teachers and our students are protected."chris connolly, oakland parent"we love our school. we love oakland, and we want to be able to support it as much as we can."walking out of redwood heights elementary school -- teachers here say they are upset that it has come to this ... carrying class pets and plants ... unsure of when they'll step back inside their classrooms.stephanie taymuree, redwood heights elementary school teacher"i am very sad that this has to happen yet again. it's essential that our demands are met for the good of the students in oakland." students here also are aware of the strike and what their teachers are asking for -- smaller class sizes and resources and enough money to be able to live where they quiter, redwood heights elementary school student"my dad gets paid a lot at work and so maybe the teachers should get paid actually maybe even a little bit more because they are taking care of lots of kids. my dad doesn't have to take care of lots of kids he just has to go through paperwork all day."ula friske, redowod
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ula friske, redowod ula friske, redowod heights elementary school student"i hope it's either only one or two days." "why is that? you want to get back to school?""yes, i want to go back to school."zara quiter, redwood heights elementary school student"you want to get back to shool right?" "as quickly as possible"in oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news ( robin ) this strike is obviously causing stress and uncertainity for the more than 36-thousand oakland unified district students and their parents. kron4's maureen kelly has been looking into what those parents need to know about where to take their kids. the doors will be open..... but students showing up to school thursday will likely be seeing their teachers outside carrying picket signs.inside the district is saying students will be taught by principals, office staff and temporary emergency teachers.
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schools still will be offering lunch. and all state and federally funded afterschool programs will be open...but parents are advised to check in with their individual schools.. and those open afterschool programs will only admit kids who actually showed to school that day.but for parents who don't feel comfortable with having their kids cross the picket line....there are alternatives. the teacher's union has partnered up with the oakland parks is a list of the rec centers that will be open to students from 8am to 3 pm monday thru friday....after 3p the parks department will resume their normal rec center operations with the teacher's union helping out as necessary.also all of the city's public libraries will be open to students during their normal business hoursbut library staff can not supervise students, so parents or caregivers need to come with kids aged seven and least one oakland church is also stepping up....the taylor memorial united methodist church says they can take in up t0 250 students for the duration of the strike.i spoke
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to the pastor via facetime.'we are offering them hot breakfast we are offering the lunch we are offering them a safe place with a structured enviroment, an academically structured enviroment. our focus group is elementary school students so we probably will have some crayons some clay and some other fun things for them to do. ( robin ) that was maureen kelly reporting. our coverage contines online at kron4 dot com. there you can find more information about the strike... what students and parents can expect during it... and what the district is doing to make sure classes and after school programs are affected as little as possible. all that on kron4 dot com. ( robin ) in the east bay... police in fremont are stepping up their efforts to stop theft... after hundreds of auto-burglaries were reported over the past six weeks. your laptop. your cellphone. if you leave them visable in your parked vehicle do not be
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surprised to find that they have been stolen when you return to your car here in the city of fremont where there have beensotthat is more auto break-ins than in the first four months of 2018. fremont police are stepping up their efforts to shut down these crimes, recently arresting eleven auto burglary suspects allegedly connected to five incidents over an eight day period says fremont police spokesperson geveva bosquessot there is a new development. stolen licence plates. she talks about how they are now being used on suspect vehicles to try and throw off policesotthe smash and grab burglaries are primarily happening at night in the
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parking lots of retail shopping centers along the i-880 corridorsot bosques says fremont police have stepped up patrols in these locations with marked vehicles and undercover officers. surveillance cameras have also been set up at entrances and exits on retail propertiessotin fremont haaziq madyun kron4news ( robin ) in the south bay... thieves struck a number of businesses across south san jose. at least three auto parts stores were broken into. now, in each case police say the thieves smashed the glass of a front door in order to gain access. each busines had plywood covering the doors yesterday. at this point... officers don't know if anything was
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stolen.... and they don't have any sort of description of the burglars. ( robin ) 'empire' actor jussie smollett is now facing felony charges of disorderly conduct ... and he is expected to appear in a bond court today. smollett is accused of filing a false report, claiming he was the victim of a hate crime.three weeks ago smollett told authorities two men attacked him in downtown chicago.he said they put a rope around his neck and poured a chemical substance on him while shouting racist and homophobic slurs. the felony charges comes as new security video appears to show two brothers... buying the black ski masks and gloves from a beauty store. they were arrested and released in connection with the attack. they are cooperating withaw enforcement and are no longer suspects. detectives are presenting evidence before a cook county grand jury. according to his attorneys, smollett denies playing a role
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in his attack. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the embarcadero.
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(robin) welcome back. checking in on your morning
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forecast. temperatures today will peak in the mid 50's under clearer and drier skies than yesterday. conditions will still be breezy at times before even calmer and nicer conditions tomorrow and saturday to begin the weekend. after that sunday through tuesday will bring the return of rainfall across the state. no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101. toll to 101.min from the toll to major hot
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no major hot spots. bay bridge
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wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101. ( robin ) a coast guard lieutenant is expected to be in court today... after being accused of planning domestic terror-attacks. federal prosecutors say...
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christopher paul hasson is an extremist and white supremacist who wanted to conduct a mass killing. they say he had a hit-list that included journalists and several prominent democratic politicians. officers found fifteen guns and more than a-thousand rounds of ammunition at hasson's maryland home, after he was arrested last friday. prosecutors say hasson wrote in a manifesto that was quote he was "dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth." end-quote. hasson is 49-years old and also served in the marine corps. ( robin ) california lawmakers are trying to figure out how to move forward after the federal government asked the state to pay back billions of dollars from the high speed rail project. kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the new debate coming out of the controversy... ((ashley)) governor gavin newsom says he thinks this is political retribution after the state sued the trump administration over a border wall. but some lawmakers whose districts are directly affected by the high speed rail aren't convinced that's
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the case..the war of words continues on twitter between the president and governor gavin newsom ..president trump tweeting in part wednesday: "california now wants to scale back their already failed "fast train" project... a different deal and record cost overruns. send the federal government back the billions of dollars wasted!""the political tit for tat masks what's going on beneath the surface."fresno assemblyman jim patterson says the federal railroad administration had concerns about the high speed rail before president trump took office..((assm. jim patterson- r- fresno)) "every state that takes money from the federal government has to do so with the understanding that they have to do with the agreement, if not, the authorities at the federal level are going to hold them accountable." the state has until march 5 to prove it's complying with its agreement with the fra, but if that's unsuccessful..lawmakers say the federal government could give the state less money for other needs, like highways... or, the state and fra could try to come to an understanding for a new agreement."we just keep moving forward, we're going to build high speed rail."attorney general xavier becerra
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wednesday would not weigh in on whether the federal fund retribution from the lawsuit he filed in response to the president's emergency declaration...((xavier becerra)) "the high speed rail authority will likely be our client, so i would have to refer you to our client to comment on that.."((ashley)) the high speed rail authority refers us to the governor's office , but as of wednesday night.. the governor's office is not yet expanding its comments on the situation tag. ( robin ) now to the warriors--- let's buckle up for a 2nd half run. the champs back to work at team headquarters in downtown oakland... the final 25- games of the regular season
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starts tonight at oracle..and it's going to pick up fast... after that --it's a primetime saturday showdown against the rockets... followed by a four-game east coast trip. right now, golden state's in fantastic shape... first place out west with a 2-game lead. now the warriors re-energized to lock up that top seed for the postseason. "you know what the first 57 games or whatever it know...kinda..a little up and down, physically and emotionally. just getting a chance to get away, relax, enjoy some much needed time off and now it's time to get back at it.""i think the break for everybody was always good but particularly for our team. you know having gone deep in the playoffs the last few years, a guy like draymond can benefit as much as anybody." ( robin ) kron4 has been featuring a hidden history series during the whole month of february to celebrate black history month. and it
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wraps up this weekend with kron4's pam moore. she will be hosting a hidden history special presentation on saturday at 9:00 p.m. make sure you tune in. (robin) live look outside... at the san francisco international airport. (ácommercialá)
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( robin ) ( robin )( robin ) ( robin ) coming up on the kron-4 morning news at 5... new body cam video of an officer involved shooting. a look at what it reveals about the case. ( robin ) plus... we're continuing to follow the teacher strike... expected to happen in oakland this morning. kron-4's will tran will have a live ( robin ) and... oakland parents making new plans parents making new plans because of the strike... we look into what will happen to classes and after school
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programs today. (ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) this is charlie not coughingbec.
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and this is charlie still not coughing while trying his hardest not to wake zeus. delsym 12-hour. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. ( darya ) good morning...
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i'm darya folsom.( james )
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and i'm james fletcher. that breaking news this morning... in just about 90 minutes... thousands of teachers with the oakland unified school district will go on strike.( darya ) teachers will begin picketing at 6:30 this morning. they are asking for a pay raise and smaller class sizes. kron 4's will tran is standing by live in oakland we will have more from him coming up in just a few ( james ) but first we want to get you started with a check of weather and traffic.( darya ) john shrable is standing by in the weather center. john. temperatures today will peak in the mid 50's under clearer and drier skies than yesterday. conditions will still be breezy at times before even calmer and nicer conditions tomorrow and saturday to begin the weekend. after that sunday through tuesday will bring the return of rainfall across the state. no major hot spots. bay ge


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