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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  February 21, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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the first day of demonstration s unfolded ... (grant)ken, pam.of all the teachers strikes we've seen around the country recently... this one is recently... this one is especially consquential. teachers say they're unable to afford the high cost of living in the bay area.the oakland school district is losing 20 percent of its teachers each year...and oakland teachers are the lowest paid teachers in alameda county.the issue... is that the school district says it's already broke. it has plans to lay off more than 100 staff members.and the district says it barely has enough money to cover its low income students... as 75 perecnt qualify for a free or reduced lunch.bacially, both sides agree teachers should be paid more, but the debate centers on how much the district can afford.john sasaki... the oakland school district's director of communications... spoke about how things played out today.
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expected.... we have a number of teachers out, students out> (grant) of the kids who didn't go to class.... some visited some east bay libraries, gyms, and rec centers that were set up as solidarity sites. other students joined teachers on the picket lines... meanwhile.... oakland mayor libby schaaf offered her support for the striking teachers. and when asked on twitter mayor schaaf said she did not send her kids to school today. instead
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she said quote "we are using this moment as an opportunity to talk about labor rights, the importance of education in democratic societies, and the challenges parents and teachers are facing in this current economy." (grant) schaaf also told us she appreciated the steps the school district is taking to work with teachers. but as for how long this strike could go on...he acknowledges, that's anyone's guess. (ken) interstate five through the grapevine is now back open... after fast-falling snow forced its closure this afternoon in both directions. the steep conditions mixed with zero visibilty caused a series of crashes ... and trucks pulling over to avoid sliding off the road. caltrans has crews working in 12 hour shifts to try to keep the roads clear. (pam) let's get a check of the weather around the bay area....time now for the 4-zone forecast and a look at that snow on the grapevine ... with chief meteorologist
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lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and cool day across the bay area. skies will stay clear tonight but it will be very cold with lows in the 20s and 30s. on the doppler you can see the showers and snow continue in southern california. on the satellite you can see high pressure off the coast but more storms are forecast to affec the bay area next week. tomorrow it will be sunny and nice with highs in the 50s. we will see partly cloudy skies and cool weather for the weekend but it looks mostly dry now. rain could begin in the north on monday and spread across the bay area on tuesday.
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lots to talk about in the sports world tonight...(ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio. warriors back on the court tonight back on the warriors warriors back on the court tonight facing the kings. but the talking point dominating the sports world today-- the future of projected number one overall pick zion williamson. the
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champs and players around the league weighing in on the shoe mishap around the world... last night against north carolina, the duke star player... blew through his shoe and ended up suffering a right knee sprain. an injury that now brings up the question of whether he should even play again this year or just focus on getting ready for the nba draft. it also re-ignites the long running conversation of player compensation in collegiate athletics. today at warriors hq, boie cousins offered some advice to zion and had strong words for the ncaa system.
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now let's take a trip to mesa for a's spring training-- oakland opening up its slate of exhibition games and it didn't last very long. their matchup with the mariners called off just before the bottom of the 2nd inning due to inclement weather... but they'll try it again tomorrow. in the meantime, this lineup has a lot of young to keep an eye on is ramon laureano... the 24-year- old centerfielder old centerfielder offensive and defensive threat. he loves the fact there are high expectations for this team. "it was pretty exciting. you look at the talent that we got here, we're pretty young and we got some veterans in here. we look to build up from last year and just keep it going. it was inspiring because everybody i know works hard. i know they felt that fire from that last loss we got at yankee stadium. we're trying to prove it and keep working hard to not make that happen again."
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finally finally tonight, we'll have much more to talk about on tonight's edition of bay area sports night....available only on the kron on app. it's our nightly, hour-long talk show where we dive in on the topics of the day... tonight's special guest is marketing guru bob dorfman of baker street advertising.... and have a deeper conversation on zion williamson, nike, and what makes a marketable athlete. that's bay area sportsnight... every night at 7 only on kron on. ( ken) protecting yourself from the sun... or protecting our oceans and marine wildlife. the debate is heating up. we take a look at both side and how suncreen is a danger to coral reefs. if you are watching us on the 'kron on' app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron-on- dot-tv to subscribe."
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key west is the latest city to ban certain sunscreens which have chemicals that could harm coral reefs. the ban won't go into effect until 2021... but the move is already ringing alarm bells in the medical community. the american academy of dermatologists is calling on key west to reconsider. reporter meredith wood has more on the debate. protecting the ocean... john fauth/ associate professor of
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biology, university of central florida: in the areas where you've got a lot of these chemical sunscreens going in the water those corals aren't going to come backprotecting our skin...dr. terrence cronin/ dermatologist: our main interest is protecting patients from skin cancertwo sides of a growing debate craig downs/ exec. director, haereticus environmental laboratory: it's not just coral. it is also toxic to fish, it's toxic to algae. oxybenzone is almost like an herbicide.u-v-a rays from the sun penetrate deeper layers of skin and are linked to melanoma u-v-b rays damage outer layers and cause sunburnswhile some sunscreens only block one type of ray.... the american academy of dermatology says oxybenzone is among the few f-d-a approved ingredients able to blocks bothdr. terrence cronin/ dermatologist: the aads recommendations are based on the existing body of scientific evidence. it may evolve if science evolves but right now the research is not very for those concerned about the environment... there is some middle grounddr. terrence cronin/ dermatologist: using sunscreen is just part of a comprehensive sun protection plan. sun smart behavior is seeking out the shade, wearing sun protective for today's health minute... i'm meredith wood.
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(ken) a coast guard officer is being held without bail... for an alleged terrorst plot to kill innocent civilians. more on what the government says the accused white nationalist was planning.
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(ken) prosecutors say a u-s coast guard lieutenant planned a large- scale domestic terrorist attack -- to further his white nationalist views. (pam) 49-year-old christopher paul hasson is in custody -- facing
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drug and weapons charges. a judge ruled today -- hasson will stay in custody until his trial. kristen holmes has more. court documents paint the coast guard lieutenant as a white supremacist with plans to conduct a mass killing. federal prosecutors say forty-nine year old christopher hasson planned to "murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country" before being arrested last week on gun and drug chargesinvestigators finding this stockpile of weapons-- 15 guns and morthan 1,000 rounds of ammunition in his maryland home.robert hur / maryland us attorney: "the sheer number and force of the weapons that were recovered from mr. hasson's residence in this case, coupled with disturbing nature of his writings, appear to reflect a very significant threat to the safety of our community, particularly given the position of trust that mr. hasson held with the united states government."also discovered -- a hit list-- including the names of prominent democrats like speaker pelosi, several 2020 democratic presidential candidates and notable journalists from cnn and msnbc. investigators believe hasson was inspired by the manifesto written by anders breivik-- a norwegian who committed two terror attacks in 2011 that left 77 people deadthe
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government saying hasson also stockpiled steroids and human growth hormone 'to increase his ability to conduct attacks'-- following the directions in brevik's manifesto. hasson's attorney arguing today is it not a crime to think negative thoughts about people or doomsday washington -- im kristen holmes (ken) a federal judge issued a full gag order against political operative roger stone today. it comes in the wake of an instagram post monday featuring a picture judge amy berman jackson with what appeared to be the crosshairs of a gun drawn near her head. going forward, stone is barred from speaking publicly about the case or the investigation. at today's hearing, stone testified that
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a social media volunteer found the picture, but that he wrote the post and published it. he says it was not meant as a threat -- and called it a celtic symbol, not crosshairs. even so, he apologized profusely and admitted the inflammatory post showed a -- quote -- "stupid lack of judgment." jackson warned stone that, quote, "this is not baseball. there will be no third chance. if you cannot abide by this, i will be forced to change your surroundings so you have no temptations." end quote. stone was indicted last month as part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. mueller alleges stone sought stolen emails from wiki-leaks to damage hillary clinton's campaign in the 20-16 election. (pam) president trump's former longtime lawyer michael cohen ... was on capitol hill today. at this point it is unclear why .. a spokesperson for the senate intelligence committee did not comment. cohen is scheduled to be interviewed by that committee behind closed doors on tuesday. it is the first of three congressional appearances next
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week for cohen. he is also scheduled to begin a three- year prison sentence... on may sixth for tax crimes and campaign finance violations... tied to hush money payments to women for the president. he was also found guilty of lying to congress during his 2017 testimony.. about the trump tower moscow conversations. (ken) a soda may soon cost you more no matter where you live in california. while cities like san francisco and davis have already voted to place extra taxes on sugary drinks... now... several state lawmakers have proposed a series of bills which will impose a similar tax statewide. doug johnson has more on what both sides are saying about the issue. -nats-sugar-sweetened beverages are a treat kids love to have.mos: "it's good because it has cherry and like banana."mos: "because they're really sugary."but now california lawmakers are hoping to pass a series of bills which will make it harder for kids to get.rob bonta/ca state assembly
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member: "we are here quite simply because we are in a public health crisis."assembly members and senators plan to introduce 5 bills which will not only tax soda and other sugary drinks... but also will limit serving sizes, coupons and deal and in store displays of those drinks... as well as require warning labels similar to ones found on cigarettes. bill monning/ca state assembly member: "and you can legally still buy sodas under any of the bills that were introduced today. we're not taking them off the shelves we're saying informed choice."the california medical association and california dental association both support the move.shannon udvic- constant/vice-chair, california medical association: "sugar-sweetened beverages are the single largest source of added sugar in the diet of young people." some of the tax money will go to education and offset health and economic costs associated with over-consumption of sugar. but lawmakers have not set a price on that tax yet.assembly member richard bloom saying in the past he's looked at around 2 cents per liquid ounce.mos: "it's so good, it's good at the price it already is."kids and parents we spoke to at a south sacramento gas station tell us they're not so sure about these bills.jay marquez/parent: "it's up to a parent to say, hey that's enough."jay marquez allows his son marquez to have an occasional icee.while he does not support the tax... he also admits the cost won't stop him from buying his son what he wants.jay marquez/parent: "i don't even look at the price some time half the day, when it comes to him he gets a hundred at school, then i don't care about the price."
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(ken) that was (ken) (ken) that was doug johnson reporting... coming up... a southern california dog was really tired of being stuck. details on the dramatic rescue.
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(ken) this next story gives new meaning to the phrase "dog tired." (pam) a family in orange county got quite a shock when they saw their canine stuck in a wheel. as crystal cruz reports .... it took a monumental effort to set the pet free. doggonit is right!bam bam the 11 month old dog got stuck in the middle of a spare tire. jose madrigal/owner"i was really scared. more than anything, even though i acted right away, i was really shocked."family hasn't got a clue how or why their dog ended up like this in their yard.jose madrigal/owner"we were all inside and as soon as i heard his bark it sounded really bad. i checked on him. the tire was him on flat and curving his neck."they tried soap and water but couldn't get bam bam's head out of the tire and brought him to the vet.leyla fatourechi/oc vet specialist"i've never seen a
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dog stuck in a tire. this is definitely a first i think for all of us. i don't think even the firefighters had seen anything like it."nothing seemed to work at the vets office so they called the fire department.nats: cutting dog crews cut the tire and freed bam his owners are looking at a whopper of a vet bill, more than 2000 dollars. reporter question"is bam bam in trouble?"jose madrigal/owner "no, no. we are thankful he is fine and recovering. that means a lot more."more." (pam)that was crystal cruz reporting.a close friend of the family helped pay for the vet bill. let's take a look outside right now... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and cool day across the bay area. skies will stay clear tonight but it will be very cold with lows in the 20s
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and 30s. on e doppler you can see the showers and snow continue in southern california. on the satellite you can see high pressure off the coast but more storms are forecast to affec the bay area next week. tomorrow it will be sunny and nice with highs in the 50s. we will see partly cloudy skies and cool weather for the weekend but it looks mostly dry now. rain could begin in the north on monday and spread across the bay area on tuesday. on tuesday. the bay area spread across monday and spread across the bay area on tuesday. on tuesday.
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cops say he wanted a raise. >> he was dissatisfied with his salary. but he concocted a story about being attacked. >> how on earth do you defend this guy? >> national outrage. what president trump just said about the alleged hoax. then -- >> his shoe blew apart. >> deborah: i was in the stands, and no one could believe it. >> why did the sneaker blow up? and what happened inside meghan markle's baby shower? from guest gayle king. >> it is so exciting to be re


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