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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 22, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the tools for a rescue have been exhausted. the u.s park police and park rangers are now taking the lead on this recovery effort.. however, fire crews will continue to work throughout the night to find this victim who has been described as a woman in her baxter says witnesses said two women and a dog were climbing up the cliffside this afternoon--they made it about half way up when it collapsed onto them. one of the women was rescued with non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital--the dog was also found and is apparently doing okay. fire crews have pulled back tonight as the tide is coming in..but earlier there were dozens of crews frantically digging with shovels and their bare hands to get to this victim. at one point more than 60 firefighters and two k-9 dogs were apart of this baxter says they've been using the pinging of cell phones and other devices on scene without much success..
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crews will be working throughout the night and into tomorrow's believe the victim did not go into into the water..there is not word yet on the identity of the victims..however, family has been notified about the switch from a rescue effort to a recovery operation. reporting live at fort funston dan thorn kron4 news. (vicki) we will continue to follow this active recovery throughtout the hour,. also stay connected on breaking updates by downloading our free app today. or by subscribing to our new commercial- free streaming service -- kron- on. visit kron-on dot t-v to sign up
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(grant) tonight, a san francisco state assistant track coach is accused of engaging in sex acts with four minors. 45-year-old chioke robinson was arrested yesterday. robinson is a self-employed personal trainer in san jose. police say at the time of the offenses, he was a track coach at piedmont high school and los gatos high school ... as well as a club team coach in the san jose area. san jose p-d's internet crimes unit says it's been investigating reports by multiple victims since januyary of this year. the investigation allegedly revealed that between the years of 1999 and 2011, robinson sexually assaulted the victims. robinson was booked into the santa clara county jail on multiple counts. (vicki) in the east bay... violence on the campus of a high school in union city. students were locked inside their classes for more than two hours while police searched for the suspect kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. outside a crowd of nervous
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parents. one mom shows me a text message she received from her daughtersotthe search for a stabbing suspect here on the campus of james logan high school in union city has come to an endsotthis happened friday just before 11am. union city police received a report about a student being stabbed on campus. for the next two and a half hours the school was lockdown while police searched for the suspectsotstudents talk about what is was like being locked inside while police search for the stabbing suspectsot sotsot
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entire community. we are all going through a tough time now">sotpolice say there were two stabbing victims. one ambulance to a local hospital for the injury. the other treated at the minor union city haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) another big story tonight.... day two is now in the books. and oakland teachers are gearing up for the long haul. they expect to be back on the picket lines on monday. the teachers are demanding higher pay, smaller class sizes and an end to plans to close or consolidate schools. the district says it cannot afford to pay more than what's it's offering... and there are not enough students to support all the schools. kron4's justine waldman reports on how teachers are feeling "energized" by all the support they are getting from parents, students... and now celebrities. nats i stand with oakland teachersbay area actors, musicians and entertainers appear in a new video
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supporting oakland unidifed school district teachers... including mc hammer and warriors star stepc currynats? this is exactly the support teachers on strike say they need.sot i could be providing so much more for my students if i had a smaller class size kindergarten teacher olivia udovic from manzanita seed, brought her two kids to the picket line with her. her husband also teaches high school in oakland.they are willing to walk the picket lines... even if it means not getting paid while on strike. sot the district is not going to have any other choice but to listenthere are no rallys planned by the union this weekend.but members are ready to be back on the picket line on monday... no matter the weather.sot weve ordered 3000 ponchos in prepared for the rain in feb so we are prepared to walk the line on monday if necessary (vicki) in oakland (vicki) (vicki) (vicki)
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necessary (vicki) in oakland earlier today -- teachers held a rally . supported by students -- who refused to attend class in support of the educators... oakland unified school district teachers are holding firm -- until the terms they have laid out are met in negotiations with the district... among them -- better pay and smaller classrooms. the crowd at defremery park in oakland exceeded one-thousand today. striking teachers saying, they feel unappreciated by the district ... adding, that has been the case for far too long. < "i'm very invested in my kids and its just a shame that ousd and the state is not invested in our kids.">(vicki) school psychologists also sticking together... many of them also on strike.. the oakland police department monitored the rally -- which remained peaceful. (grant) our coverage of this story continues online at
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kron4 dot com.... there you can find more information about the strike... what students and parents can expect during the strike... and what the district is doing to make sure classes and after- school programs.. are affected as little as possible. all that on kron4 dot com... (vicki) repairs on the richmond- san rafael bridge will last several more months.. as crews work to replace an additional 31 of the original flexible joints on the bridge's upper deck. a failing joint caused concrete to fall onto the lower deck two weeks ago... forcing the bridge to be shut down for hours. the replacement of that joint is expected to be completed by march 2nd. on march 4th, work on dozens of additional upper deck joints will begin. 30 lower deck joints will also be replaced later this year. the work will take place from 9 pm to 5 am... with one from 9 pm to 5 will take place from 9 pm to 5 am... with one lane of traffic remaining open in each direction. the installation of a movable barrier... as well as a bike/pedestrian path... will be delayed by at least two months. he barrier is slated to open in june, with
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the path three to four weeks after that.weeks after three to four weeks after that. (grant) finally after being closed for seven years.. san francisco's stockton street near union square reopened today ... it was closed during construction on the central subway - which is taking longer than expected. the street is now open from geary to ellis street. union square workers told us, the construction was disruptive to businesses ... and they are happy the street has been reopened. muni's- 8 and 91- routes also resumed today on lower stockton. construction on the central subway continues underground... with a goal to finish that 1.5 billion dollar project by december. (vicki) it was a clear but chilly day across the bay... (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the work week...
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lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day with cool temperatures. it's all quiet on the doppler radar but that may change over the weekend. highs today were in the 50s. tonight it will be clear and cold again with lows in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow we will see increasing clouds and cool temperatures in the 50s. we can expect more clouds on sunday with a slight chance of a few showers north of the golden gate bridge. a chance of rain will continue to the north on monday. rain will spread across the bay area on tuesday into wednesday. more stormy weather is expected late next week. next week.
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next week.
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(vicki) for the first time since the oroville dam had a near collapse two years ago... the california department of water resources says there's an off-chance it could have to use the emergency spillway again. you may recall that spillway had significant damage last time it was used... which ultimately had engineers warning of a possible dam failure... leading to a massive evacuation in butte, yuba and sutter counties. reporter doug johnson explains how the state says it wont be like that this time around.. currently the water level at lake oroville is far below where it was two years ago. erin mellon, assistant director of public affairs, dept. water resources"right now we're at elevation of about 772 feet, the spillway gates are at elevation 813, so even if you open the gates you wouldn't have water flowing down the spillway."however, with plenty of rain in the forecast over the next 10 days, the california department of water resources says there's a chance the lake's water levels could
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reach the flood gates... giving the newly reconstructed spillway it's first real test since debris ripped apart the old one in february of 2017. d-w-r says it's unlikely the spillway will have to be used... but if it's needed, it'll work.erin mellon, assistant director of public affairs, dept. water resources "the spillway is fully reconstructed at 21st century engineering standards and we are very confident in its ability to handle releases." but people we spoke with in oroville are not so sure. trisha barker, oroville"it looks good, but hasn't been tested."trisha barker says her father helped build the dam during the 1960s... and she's been very disappointed with how d-w-r has maintained it since.trisha barker, oroville "these things should have been taken care of."(but with)"it should have been maintained." others echo barker's feelings, distrustful of anything d-w-r has said over the past two years.martin down, oroville "just like they went with the same thing they did in the very beginning. i think they tried to cut corners."however others who live in the area áare confident with the progress they've seen on the dam.rebecca richardson, loma
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rica"i'm not too concerned about it."rocky richardson, loma rica"they've had a good company that's working on it, they seem like they're really busy all the time. not only that it's giving people jobs around here that may not have had jobs to keep working on there."d-w-r says it's working with the contractor to remove equipment during the rain storms... just in case the spillway is needed.but the state says that's not it's only option.erin mellon, assistant director of public affairs, dept. water resources "we have the hyatt power plant and the river valve outlet system which are two other ways that we can manage inflow and outflow." (vicki) the road on top of the dam is still closed but d-w-r says it's targeting for summer of this year to have that back open. (grant) an announcement in florida today is sending shockwaves throughout the sports world -- and beyond. the owner of the super bowl champions - the new england patriots - is facing charges related to a prostitution sting. police say the billionaire bob kraft was caught on camera being driven to a florida day spa... and video-taped in the room where the alleged crimes occurred. police say this was a months-long prostitution and
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human trafficking investigation.... that led to 25 people being charged. according to authorities - kraft visited the spa on two separate occasions. kraft faces two counts of soliciting someone to commit prostitution, all stemming from raids at a florida day spa.... and other locations in the sunshine state. the 77-year-old denies any wrongdoing and was not immediately arrested. details about the charges will not be released until next week. (vicki) singer r-kelly has turned himself into police... he's facing 10-counts of aggravated sexual abuse against four women..after disturbing video surfaced allegedly showing kelly with an underage girl.. reporter reid binion has the latest. singer r. kelly pushed his way into a chicago police station through a swarm of people..and was immediately placed in handcuffs...surrendering to a warrant for his arrest..after an indictment came down
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against him..michael avenatti, attorney for alleged r. kelly victim: "today marks a watershed moment in the 25 years of abuse by this predator known as r. kelly." accusations of abuse and inappropriate encounters with young girls have dogged singer r. kelly for more than two he is facing up to 70-years in prison for the sexual assault of four women.. who have been only identified by initials..three of them under the age of seventeen.on the heels of a videotape being handed over to the state's attorney by michael avenatti -- who says he is representing one of kelly's alleged victims. michael avenatti, attorney for alleged r. kelly victim: "this tape leaves no question as to whether r. kelly is guilty of multiple sexual illegal acts against a 14 year old girl." kelly has always and continues to deny any wrongdoing on his part.steve greenberg, r. kelly's attorney: "i think they shouldn't have rushed to judgement. he's an innocent man. they say a tape exists.. people could say whatever they want."i'm reid binion reporting. (vicki) (vicki)(vicki) the
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department of homeland security confirms they're now also involved into an investigation of kelly. a bond hearing is scheduled to be held for kelly in chicago tomorrow afternoon. (grant) two parents accused of horrific child abuse pleaded guilty in a southern california court today. 57-year-old david turpin and his 50-year-old wife, louise, are accused of keeping their children chained to their beds and starved. the couple agreed to plead guilty to at least one count for each of their 13 children -- who range in age from two to 29-years-old. the deal will keep the children from being called to testify. sentencing in the case is scheduled for april. (grant) the pleas the pleas come with prison sentences of 25 years to life. (vicki) it looks like
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robert mueller's much anticipated report on russia's involvement in the 2016 election will not be ready next week.(grant) at least that's according to a justice department official briefed on the plan. no word on why the expected timeline has changed. as cnn's abby phillip reports-- we still don't know if or when the full report will ever be released to the public. reporter: "have you spoken to bill barr about him releasing the mueller report? have you spoken to him about that?" pres. trump: "no, i have not." reporter: "so you've said nothing to him about that?" pres. trump: "i have not." president trump answering questions today about the looming russia probe report.... while behind the scenes, the white house prepares for special counsel robert mueller to hand it over and end his investigation. pres. trump: "there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. there was no anything. so i look forward to seeing the report. if its an honest report. it will say
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that. if it's not an honest report, it won't."press secretary sarah sanders says once the final report is done don't expect the president to weigh in on whether it should be made public.sarah sanders/white house press secretary: "again the president's going to leave that decision up to the attorney general. just because he hasn't made that call, he's following the proper process." she says the white house is ready whatever the outcome but insists staffers aren't focused on the probe.those comments coming just hours after the president tweeted that there is no collusion and the witch hunt so bad for our country must end.the muller report is just one of several possible headaches facing the white house as trump heads overseas to meet with north korean dictator kim jong un. the same day as the trump kim summit, trump's former personal attorney michael cohen is set to testify on capitol hill both publicly and behind closed doors.michael cohen/former trump attorney: "i am done with the lying. i'm done being loyal to president trump."on tuesday house democrats are expected to vote on a resolution of disapproval
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aimed at blocking the national emergency trump declared to build a wall on the southern border.rep. nancy pelosi/d- house speaker: "there is no emergency at this border. if there were we'd all be there with him."then there's president trump's trip to meet with kim which could also prove to be a disappointment. as white house officials are now tempering expectations for the summit amid doubts about whether kim is serious about denuclearization.sarah sanders/white house press secretary: "we're taking this one step at a time. we're continuing to see positive progress and we think that's a good thing. but we're not going to be naive in the process. we know we have a long way to go." (grant) the trump administration has been pressing north korea to provide information about its nuclear capabilities since the last summit in singapore. (vicki) in november-- vice president mike pence called a nuclear accounting an "imperative" at a second summit. now the administration describes it as a longer-term goal of the talks. (grant) coming up... politicaltensions are high across the nation, and we're seeing more and more people getting into confrontations over their differences... tonight a woman harasses a man who was eating at a restaurant only because he was wearing a maga hat... (vicki) plus.. mulls
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lifting elephant hunting ban... and considers using the meat for pet food... we'll explain side.... (grant) and if you have a problem with goolge you can no longer settle the matters outside of court... we'll tell you why... (lawrence) weather tease (vicki) kron 4 is kron 4 is making a major change in the way we bring you the news. we have launched the bay area's only commercial - free 24-hour streaming news service. it's called 'kron on'. we are on all day and night - bringing you live breaking news, along with exclusive interviews and stories. if you watch our current newscasts on the new app - you will get extra content during the commercial breaks. 'kron on' is available for i-phones, i- pads, apple tv, android devices, and on amazon fire . we are offering a 7- day free trial for new subscribers - visit kron-on- dot- tv ... to sign up.
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you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. google is reforming how
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it deals with employee disputes.(grant) the tech giant is completely eliminating forced arbitration. that's the alternative legal system often used to ttle matters out of court. google required workers to agree to not sue the company as a condition of employment. the move expands on an earlier pledge to do away with forced arbitration in cases involving sexual harassment claims. employees demanded
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that change in november when 20-thousand of them staged a global walkout. google says the new policy will take effect globally on march 21st-- and it applies to both current and future employees. (vicki) yet another alleged breach of trust against facebook.. today... the state of new york announced, it will investigate facebook ... following reports that the social media company .... harvests large amounts of personal data from smartphone apps ... without permission from consumers. according to the wall street journal ... the personal data automatically being sent to facebook via certain apps, is highly personal information.... including things like heart rate... or the dates of a woman's ovulation. hours after the story's publication, new york's governor, andrew cuomo... directed the state to "immediately investigate" .... what he calls a clear invasion of consumer privacy. facebook issued a response to the story, saying only that it requires apps to be clear with users.. about how their data is shared. (vicki) ahead at nine... we'll take you backstage... to
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meet the cast that brings 'hamilton' to life. (grant) plus... forget farm fresh... how about ready-to-eat roadkill? the senate bill that's in the works that could make it legal in california to eat animals you accidentally hit--and kill--on the roadway... (vicki) and up next the latest on the state of the middle class here in the bay area... why one new study says the annual income of 200- thousand dollars--- just aint good enough... we'll explain..
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(vicki) someone living in just about anyplace other than
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the bay area... might think that an annual salary of $200- thousand dollars.. means you are doing pretty well. (grant) but as kron fours rob fladeboe reports now, here, that kind of income literally means.. you are in the middle.. as defined by median household income, the middle class in some bay area cities is simply off the charts. a new study by the personal finance website go bank rates, finds that among 200 cities nationwide, five of the top ten cities with highest middle income growth are in the bay area. san francisco tops the list with oakland and fremont close behind. not as surprising, the high cost of living and housing is partly to blame says san jose state ecomonics chair dr. coleen haight.sotdr. colleen haight/san jose state universitythe technology sector is leading the way. in san jose, the median household income is about $96- thousand dollars but that number has grown almost 19- percent in the past five years to $193,000 dollars. the study finds that sunnyvale had the second highest income, more than $236,000 while oakland had the lowest. but the middle class is not defined by income only says dr. haight.dr.
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colleen haight/san jose state universitydr. haight argues that midle class is less about economics than it is about lifestyle. but the numbers are a clear indication of the changing nature of what it means to be middle class here in the bay area..... in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (grant)(grant) the city of fremont is reminding people not to leave valuables in their cars. there have been more than 300 auto burglaries happening in just the first seven weeks of this year. and while police
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recently made headway with the arrest of 11 car burglary suspects in eight days. investigators say most of these crimes occur in the parking lots of retail shopping centers along the 8-80 corridor. this has been a growing problem in fremont: auto break-ins shot up 87% between 2014 and 2017. (vicki) a seven- year old cheerleader is heartbroken after hundreds of dollars of her savings were stolen during a break in. it happened at jojo's family's home in manteca early afternoon thursday.... a thief broke in - stealing jewelry, electronics and the young girl's money. around one- thousand dollars from the young girl's savings was taken... jojo spent months stashing away cash from birthdays, fundraisers and christmas - to attend the teams national competition in la next month.
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going on."(jo jo)"you can make better choices and follow the rules of the cops.">(vicki) jojo says the stolen money doesn't break her spirit as she continues to prepare for her upcoming competition. the family has filed a police report. (grant) san mateo county has joined more than 13- hundred cities... counties and groups in suing opioid prescription drug makers--- for allegedly fueling the nation's opioid epidemic. the county's lawsuit was filed in federal court in san francisco, but is expected to be transferred to u.s.district court in cleveland, ohio. like the other cases, san mateo county's complaint alleges that the makers of pain-killing drugs such as oxycodone, oxycontin, and fentanyl misled doctors and patients about the risks of addiction and overdose... and failed to report suspicious drug sales to authorities. other bay area counties that have filed federal lawsuits include the city and county of san francisco and contra
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costa, marin, sonoma, monterey, and santa cruz counties. (vicki) a proposed california state law would make it legal for residents to eat roadkill.... that's right -- senate bill 395 would allow people who accidentally hit and kill wild animals on california roads... to recover the edible portions. but some butchers say you can't harvest much edible meat from roadkill. and the trauma from most deadly crashes makes the meat go bad. california is following more than 20 other states that have already made eating roadkill legal. if passed, the law would go into effect on january first 2021. (grant) botswana may lift its four-year ban on big game hunting... and this could also allow the canning of elephant meat for pet food. the country is home to nearly 130- thousand elephants, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations for wildlife lovers who want to
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glimpse the animals. but tension over the elephant population has grown-- with some arguing they damage crops. the president of botswana-- who took office last year-- has asked the committee to re-examine the hunting ban, which was introduced in 20-14. (vicki) with political tensions high across the nation, we're seeing examples of everyday people getting into confrontations over their differences.(grant) one recent example was in massachusetts, where a woman is facing disorderly conduct charges for her reaction to a man wearing a "make america great again" hat. and as reporter bill shields explains the man caught part of the confrontation on video... it was at this mexican restaurant in falmouth.and bryton turner was wearing his trump/inspired a "make america great again" hat.roseanne santos, another customer, apparently didn't like it.nat soundbefore that video, she allegedly tried to shave turner's face in his food.
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police arrived, and had difficulty removing santos.nat sot: "it's a hat, at the end of the day. i don't really understand why people can't just express themselves anymore. everybody has to get mad."the bartender that night was geo macario.he is of mexican descent and says in america, you can wear whatever hat you want.geo macario / casa vallarta: "lady was, just didn't agree with his hat. i kept telling her 'it's all right. he's not doing anything to me so why is it even a problem?"on monday, anti trump protesters were at the falmouth town common.then, a plow driver allegedly covered some of them in a wall of speaker provided: "he was intentionally harassing us." (vicki) that was bill shields reporting.(grant) police tracked down that snow plow driver... he's facing disorderly conduct charges.
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(grant) in a defeat of a u.s. government policy... a federal judge in los angeles has ruled that the twin son of a gay married couple has been an american citizen since birth. previously, only one of the brothers was considered a citizen. each boy was concieved with donor eggs... and the sperm from two different fathers... one american, and one israeli citizen... but they were born by the same surrogate mother just minutes apart. the judge found the state department was wrong to deny citizenship to 2 year old ethan dvash-banks.... because u.s. law does not require a child to show a biological relationship with their parents... if the parents were married at the time of their birth. the parents issued a statement saying it was like a rock had been lifted from their hearts. (vicki) solar powered trash cans made their debut in san francisco's north beach neighborhood today. supervisor aaron peskin was on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the occasion.
9:36 pm
the "bigbelly" smart trash cans compact garbage ... which keeps the trash in the bin... and out of the hands of potential scavengers each receptacle can hold up to 150- gallons of trash.. and will alert city workers when they are full ... via a smartphone app. today virgin galactic conducted its highest and fasted test flight yet. their "space ship two" launched from the mojave desert this morning. you can see the flight path.... a larger aircraft ... the white night two... takes off with spaceshiptwo mounted under its wing. the space ship is then released in midair .... climbing vertically to its peak... which today was 55.87 miles above the earth... more than 5 miles above the u.s. definition of where space begins. this is what the separation looked like today at 45-thousand feet... spaceship two achieving speeds of mach three... or three times the speed of sound. at the apogee... crews experience moments of
9:37 pm
weightlessness... before the craft begins its glide back down to earth. virgin says it's on track to begin flying tourists into space later this year... perhaps as early as july. tickets for a ride currently cost between 200 and 250 thousand dollars. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant) still ahead... 75 -years helping send 75 -years still ahead... (grant) still ahead... 75 -years helping send 75 -years helping send hundreds of thousands of black youth to college ... and helping power the nations black colleges and universities to success ... the united negro college fund turns 75 this year ... we take a look at how u-n-c-f continues to grow and thrive into the future. (sports tease) just ahead in sports, a day after holding off the young kings, the warriors have another major showdown tomorrow night.... we look ahead to the rockets, plus more on the prostitution investigation surrounding patriots owner robert kraft.
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h bags? c'mon. hefty! hefty! hefty! hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head. starting tonight with
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news that shook up the sports world today-- patriots owner robert kraft...facing multiple charges for soliciting prostitution. . it's a story that we brought you at the top of the newscast. the 77-year-old billionaire, one of the most powerful figures in all of sports and business, is among 25-people named in a months long investigation into human trafficking. police say they have video evidence of kraft paying for and engaging in sex acts on two occasions...
9:41 pm
at a strip-mall massage parlor in jupiter, florida despite that, he has denied any wrongdoing. he's facing two misdemeanor offenses, which present the possibility of some jail time, a fine, and community service. police say a warrant will be issued for his arrest. in our other top story, if the warriors did end up facing the kings in the playoffs, we could see one of the most difficult first-round matchups. the champs back from the break and hosting sacramento last night... they got all they could from the young scrappy team... as the kings had a chance to win it all on the final possession. regardless-- the warriors hold on in a matchup where steph curry put up a game high 36-points on 10-of16 from downtown... golden state sounding off on this squad that's on the rise... and looking ahead to a western conference finals rematch tomorrow night against houston. "we had to fight for every possession, from the 4th quarter we established ourselves, gained some momentum. comes down to the wire, a win is a win for us to come out to break, it's a good feeling knowing we could play better.""we hit a tough shot over two - klay and i. we'll live with that, we can't allow...i think we had a lead
9:42 pm
that game and we allowed oursleves to be in that position, so we allowed that to happen - anything can happen and it did, but it's a regular season game." and for everything warriors, kron4 has got you covered. jason dumas and kate rooney...leading the charge for the kron4-hoop session. it's our weekly show dedicated to the warriors....and the top basketball stories throughout the bay area. join us saturday night at 11, just after the 10-o-clock news. the kron4 hoop session, right here on kron4. we also have bay area sports night...our hour-long sports talk show that airs every night at 7 only on the kron on app. that is your look at sports, we'll have more news after the break.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. breaking news just into
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the kron 4 newsroom.san francisco public defender jeff adachi...has died. details on his death have not been released, but within the last five minutes san francisco mayor london breed released a statement saying "i am saddened to announce that san francisco public defender jeff adachi passed away tonight. my heart goes out to his wife, matsuko, his daughter, lauren, and all his friends and family. she went on to say, "jeff lead the way on progressive policy reforms, including reducing recidivism, ending cash bail, and standing up for undocumented and
9:46 pm
unrepresented children." jeff adachi was 59 years old...we will have more tonight on kron 4 news at 10 (vick) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero...(grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day with cool temperatures. it's all quiet on the doppler radar but that may change over the weekend. highs today were in the 50s. tonight it will be clear and cold again with lows in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow we will see increasing clouds and cool
9:47 pm
temperatures in the 50s. we can expect more clouds on sunday with a slight chance of a few showers north of the golden gate bridge. a chance of rain will continue to the north on monday. rain will spread across the bay area on tuesday into wednesday. more stormy weather is expected late next week. next week.expected late next week. (vicki) in tonight's hidden
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history... nearly a half million kids have graduated from college over the last 75 years because of help from one organization.. (grant) the united negro college fund is celebrating 75- years this year .. three- quarters of a century helping students graduate and helping black colleges and universities thrive. (vicki) and its mission is to continue raise money to help another half million . .. our very own pam moore shows us what united negro college fund does... and how it helps the bright young people who need it... these days uncf is about much more than scholarships...this is the 2018 tech innovation summit held in silicon valley .. the fifth year of students from historically black colleges and universities ..
9:49 pm
mingling with and learning from some of the bay area's biggest tech companies..uncf builds these corporate partnerships to expose the students and to expose the companies .. to one another.. uncf partners for scholarships with the gates millenium program .. and has had fellowships with the merck science initiative -- that is the fellowship that helped betty booker of oakland.. get her ph.d in bio- chemistry and molecular genetics.." it made me feel alot more confident when i was in the lab being the only one of color to have uncf behind me.. pushing me forward d to know if anything went astray i could call them and say hey what should i be doing right now" betty lights up when she talks about science .. the last three years she has worked in fremont at advanced cell diagnostics. ..she is the first of seven siblings to graduate from college .. attending a uncf college as an undergrad .. and her post -
9:50 pm
doctoral work at ucsf .. and she gives major credit to the uncf fellowship .."uncf was really really pivotal in providing mentors.. providing access i needed.. once my phd was completed, they made sure i had access to conferences.. access to tools i need to complete my research as well." in its 75 years, uncf has had high profile support ... from presidents and other leaders. and high profile black college graduates ... a giant in civil rights, a supreme court justice .. a california senator as well as leaders in the arts. and scholarship money is key .. and it doesn't only support black students at black schools.. " uncf scholarship made it so i didnt have to pay anything this year for school which is amazing" janae tate, also an oakland native, and the first of 8 in her family to go to college... is in her first year at u-c - berkeley majoring in bio- science ... and a uncf scholarship helped her be
9:51 pm
here.. " i'm coming from a humble background. but i can still do this.. just because i havent had same opportunity as some of the other people who are coming to berkeley, i can still do this and i can still be amazing at it."but uncf says getting kids into college and keeping them there is expensive and challenging ... "overall african american enrollment has increased in colleges and universities across the board. the issue is around retention and graduation.. ""uncf gives our students an opportunity to realize not only their academic but their lifelong potential..." that's why the uncf motto has expanded.. "a mind is a terrible thing to waste.. but a wonderful thing to invest in".. that's what betty and janae represent.. (grant) u-n-c-f is only able to honor one in ten
9:52 pm
requests for scholarships .. and that's why its bay area fundraising gala is important. it is coming up tomorrow february 23rd at the hyatt san francisco. for information on how to donate and support this cause 415-956-1018 go to u-n-c-f- dot-org-slash san francisco. (vicki) kron4 has been featuring a hidden history series during the whole month of february to celebrate black history month. and it wraps up this weekend with kron4's pam moore. she will be hosting a hidden history special presentation on tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. make sure you tune in. we'll be right back
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (grant) this past week in
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san francisco - hamilton, the musical debuted.(vicki) and tonight, i take you backstage .. to meet the cast that brings hamilton to life. hamilton is the story of america way back when as told by america now. it's a massive hit - with a hip hop score and mostly non-white actors. with book music and lyrics by lin manuel miranda - hamilton is based on one of the founding fathers - alexander hamilton. we follow hamilton from immigrant to george washington's right-hand man, to the first u.s. treasury secretary. i had a chance to chat with the cast about history come to life... you realize that the men and women who sparked the american revolution while not perfect were brilliant and passionate. spoiler alert - hamilton is in a famous duel with aaron burr in 1804 and let's just say - he doesn't win. the bay area
9:56 pm
run of hamilton goes thru september 8th - unless they can be convinced to play on a bit longer. (julius thomson the third is alexander hamilton isiah johnson is george washington. rick negron is king george the third. sabrina sloan is angelica skyler darilyn castillo is peggy skyler julia harriman is eliza hamilton) (grant) (grant) that wraps up kron
9:57 pm
4 news that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... crews are still on the scene of that devastating cliff collapse on the san francisco coast.. two women were buried, one was pulled to safety... sadly the other has still not been found. the dangerous terrain and ocean, making it difficult for crews tonight. we are live at fort funston with the very latest. plus... the oakland teachers strike enters day far neither side has blinked in the teachers say they are in this ... for the long haul.(pam) and breaking news out of san francisco... word tonight that san francisco public defender jeff adachi.. has died. we will have the very latest coming up.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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((2shot))((pam)) breaking news tonight at ten... san francisco's long time public defender jeff adachi has died.i'm pam moore.((ken)) and i'm ken wayne.mayor london breed just announced his passing within the past 30 minutes.right now we do not know the details of his death, or where he was when he pa


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