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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 23, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- we continue to follow tonight's breaking news. according to kron 4 sources say the san francisco police department is investigating the death of jeff adachi. sources confirm to us they are looking to see if there are any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. an autopsy is pending. good evening and thank you for joining us at 10, i'm jr stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. san francisco public defender jeff adachi died on friday night. he was 59 years old. we have now learned, adachi was found dead at 46 telegraph place in san francisco, near coit tower. (jrstone) kron4 is working to confirm details surrounding his death. kron4's gayle ong is now live for us in san francisco where
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adachi's body was found. . (jrstone) thank you gaye -- we thank you (jrstone) (jrstone) thank you gaye
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-- we continue our coverage on jeff adachi's death investigation tonight. friends and colleagues have been morning the loss of adachi since last night. (justine) one of them is civil rights attorney john burris -- he's on the
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phone with us right now.. adachi was one of your good friends..very sorry for your loss. what have you heard now about the circumstances surrounding his death? that it was not at a north beach restaurant. but instead at a home on telegraph hill?
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(jrstone)again jeff adachi was just 59- years old. we
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first told you about this breaking news with a push alert. you can download the kron4 mobile app to receive alerts. (justine) police in the east bay are looking for a man who they say attempted to kidnap a teen girl. the parents told san ramon police the man tried to lure their daughter into his car and then attempted to grab her. police say this happened friday night along fallen leaf circle in san ramon. kron4's dan thorn spoke with neighbors about the attempted abduction.. he's live in san ramon with more.. police are still looking for that man tonight.. neighbors tell me this type of thing is very unusual for their police say thankfully the teen is okay but this is a good safety reminder for parents... a quiet neighborhood in san ramon is shaken up after an attempted kidnapping..parents of a 13 year old girl told police their daughter was
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almost lured then grabbed by a man driving around their home. police say this happened friday night around 6 along fallen leaf circle..the teen says the man pulled up in his car and told the girl her dad wanted him to give her a ride. when she turned him down--he then opened the passenger side door and lunged at her..she ran off--hid in some bushes and waited for the man to drive away..she then called her parents to tell them what happened...sot: it is very unusual we don't see a lot of cops in this area..neighbor jeannie toy says she saw the police up the street when she got home from work. toy says this attempted abduction is concerning because she has kids and there's an elementary school next to the neighborhood..sot: it is shocking and surprising..the suspect has been described as an asian indian man between 35 to 50 years old. dark complexion with shaggy hair and a mustache. he also has a light blue circle around one of his eyes..and was wearing a ring with a design of two over lapping snakes on his right hand..the teen told police the man's car was possibly a white
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nissan hatchback..with a sticker of a star with a smiling face on the front windshield..some of the license plate was read with the victim making out 7 h m...6 the san ramon police department is still actively investigating this crime..anyone with any information is asked to give them a call. reporting in san ramon dan thorn kron4 news. (jrs) it's now day two in the search for the body of a woman who was buried by a coastal landslide at fort funston in san francisco. (justine) kron 4's sara stinson has the latest details on the search. (on cam)
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are not going to be putting human searchers at rick for a body recovery.">the recovery effort began friday afternoon after a coastal cliffside collapsed on two women in their 20's were walking a dog on the beach at fort funston. san francisco fire crews were able to rescue one woman and the dog - both survived and are okay.crews have been searching for her friend ever since. the national park service monitored the area overnight and in the morning joined about 60 san francisco firefighters and two k-9's to continue their search using heavy equipment such as tractors.crews quickly realized the overnight high tide washed the landslide area away. n-p-s spokesperson charlie strickfaden says this is a highly unusual situation.
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consider this a tragic natural incident on this cliff face, very very unusual.">(on cam) "the national park service will continue to monitor the conditions to make sure it's safe for their crews, but they will continue to look for the missing woman as long as it takes. in san francisco, sara stinson, kron four news."### (justine) national park service is also looking at the integrity of the coastal line to see if any of the area needs to be closed to the public. (jrstone) taking a stand.
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a school is complaining the factory across the street is causing breathing problems for their children. the reason management at that factory says they are not leaving. (justine) and -- dove beauty bars may be designed for women, but the company is doing something big for men. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up... here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. get great deals on our expectation-shattering lineup. pay no interest for 72 months on most buick models.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (justine) a longtime
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family-owned business in fremont is bothering parents at a relatively new school nearby. today, families from stratford school held a protest outside tri-city rock...(jrs) the parents alledge the business is exposing kids to unhealthy pollutants. protestors tell kron four's philippe djegal they want the business to (philippe)nats- "kids need clean air. kids need clean air." lined up along the sidewalk, crystal dia (dye) and her young daughter join in the protest against tri city rock.crystal dia/mother- "i'm very upset." the dia's and dozens of others who showed up to rally in fremont against the industrial business, wearing dust masks, indicating the breathing problems kids are dealing with that they allege stem from uncovered concrete, dust and dirt piles blowing daily just feet from the stratford school on the other side of the fence.
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dia says her daughter has been impacted.crystal dia/mother- "she sometimes say, 'oh i saw a duststorm today, and sometimes she told me the air breathes really bad during the daytime."nats- "dust and particulates blow into the school." bradley angel is the executive director of the non-profit organization greenaction for health and environmental justice. he helped organize the rally. bradley angel/greenaction- "this is pollution that can cause asthma and potentially other health problems. we think they've been, uh, negligent in not controlling their emissions." i did speak with the president of tri city rock... who says that for more than 30-years now... the business has coexisted with grimmer elementary school... which is also next door, and other businesses and never fielded a complaint. in 2017, stratford school was built with the help of tri city rock... which supplied 37- hundred cubic yards of concreate to help build the foundation... then, in september 2018, parents at the private school started to lodge complaints... and, this led to several unnanounced inspections from state and local authorites... but no violations have been found.bradley angel/greenact ion- "it's a complicated issue because tri city rock was here first."crystal dia/mother- "we really want, uh, you know, tri city rock can relocate so our
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kids can have clean air to breathe." tri city rock says it is permitted by the bay area air quality management district... and, is operating in compliance of their regulations. in fremont, philippe djegal, kron four news. (anchor) (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. dry and seasonably cool expecte area for the most of the bay expected for weather is seasonably cool dry and rodriguez.
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dry and seasonably cool weather is expected for most of the bay area for the second half of the weekend. overnight lows tonight will be in the 40s thanks to the blanket of
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clouds. daytime highs sunday will remain in the mid to upper 50s. in the north bay there is a chance of light rain late tonight and on sunday. a plume of moisture will bring periods of moderate to heavy rain to the majority of the bay area for the first half of next week. another potentially wet system may bring more rain to the bay area late next week and into the following weekend.
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(justine) coming up --
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they call themselves "soldiers of pole." what some adult dancers in los angeles are demanding as they go on strike.
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(jrstone) some adult dancers in los angeles say they aren't getting a fair shake at l-a strip clubs, due in part to a california court ruling.(justine) the group calls themselves "soldiers of pole" and they picketed outside the 'crazy girls club' in hollywood friday. they want, among other things, fair wages-- after they say a state
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court ruling changed their status from independent contractors to actual employees. now -- clubs have to pay them an hourly wage... but the women say management is keeping a bigger chunk of their tips, and charging them new fees. the group says the ruling has its pros and cons--now that they are classified as employees, the dancers have a right to unionize.they have also consulted with representatives from the american civil union. (justine) dove beauty bars may be designed for women, but the company is doing something big for men. it is offering five-thousand-dollar w have access to paid paternity leave. according to dove's website, the company's paternity leave fund aims to raise more than a million
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dollars in two years for dads across the nation. the idea is to give more fathers of newborns the chance to stay home with their children. to receive the grant, the men have to sign a pledge committing to helping companies give paternity leave to new fathers. more and more companies are expanding family leave to include fathers. only 15-percent of u-s workers have access to paid family leave. (jrstone) up next -- some closure today for alleged victims of sexual and physical abuse by r&b singer r. kelly. a judge in chicago has set bail at $1 million dollars for kelly. details on todays court appearance... when we come back. (justine) and -- why we'll have to wait a little longer to read paul manafort's sentencing memo from special counsel robert mueller. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) r&b singer r. kelly appeared in court saturday-- after being indicted on 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse.(justine) this latest case invovles nannes has a closer look at the investigation and reaction from kelly's alleged victims. one million dollars.that's how much a chicago judge on saturday set for r-and-b singer r-kelly just hours after he turned himself into
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authorities.the grammy- award winning singer charged with sexually assaulting four people including three teens between 1998 and 2010. prosecutors alleging kelly's inner-circle helped him find his victims.kimberly foxxcook county state's attorney"robert kelly's manager then gave the victim robert kelly's card with his personal cell phone written on it and told the victim robert kelly wanted her to call him."this latest investigation was sparked by new evidence involving a video tapethat appears to show kelly having sex with a girl who refers to her body parts as being 14-years old.for decades-- r-kelly has repetedly denied allegations that he abused women and underage girls.this latest indictiment comes nearly two months after the release of the "surviving r-kelly" documentary was it, women accused him of sexual misconduct and abuse. lisa van allenalleged r. kelly victim"he calls himself the pied piper. the pied piper lures children away from their families. he's known for doing that."r-kelly's attorney says his client is innocent.he also claims r-kelly is strugging to come up with the bond money.
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steve greenberg, kelly's attorney// "he really doesn't have any money at this point. i don't even think he owns the rights to 'i believe i can fly'"i'm steve nannes reporting. (jrstone) looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to read paul manafort's sentencing memo from special counsel robert mueller. the federal court had set a midnight friday deadline for the critical filing -- but the deadline came and went... and the report was not publicly released. it's now up to the judge in the case to determine what happens next. the memorandum is the last major requisite court filing in the prosecution of the former trump campaign manager. a spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment about the situation friday. (justine) in venezula -- a u.s.-backed campaign to force president nicolas maduro from power met strong resistance today from venezuelan security forces. they fired tear gas on protesters trying to deliver humanitarian aid from colombia
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and brazil. three congress members, including two men and one woman, raised their hands in the air this afternoon and started slowly walking towards a human barricade of venezuelan armed forces when the soldiers fired tear gas at them.- the members of congress then pulled back to a safe location among the protesters. senator kamala harris spoke about the polticial crisis today in des moines during a asian -- latino coalition . "i don't believe at this point that military is required but there's no question that what has happened in venezuela presents issues of human rights abuses and abuses of government, and there's been incredible violence. people are being jailed for political purposes, and so we need to take it very seriously. but i don't know that at this point we need to, and i would not condone military action at this point." today -- two people died and some 300 were injured. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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dry and seasonably cool weather is expected for most of the bay area for the second half of the weekend. overnight lows tonight will be in the 40s thanks to the blanket of clouds. daytime ll remain in th upper 50s. in the north bay there is a chance of light rain late tonight and on
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sunday. a plume of moisture will bring periods of moderate to heavy rain to the majority of the bay area for the first half of next week. another potentially wet system may bring more rain to the bay area late next week and into the following weekend.
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(justine) coming up -- 25 years after pablo escobar's death... one of his former colombia homes now reduced to ashes... what this means for the people affected by the infamous drug kingpin. (jrstone) and -- two former inmates are back with their families after serving time for a crime they did not commit.
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plane into a shallow body of water. (jrstone) it happened today, just east of houston - the plane going down in trinity bay. authorities say human remains have been found, but they've not yet confirmed the number of fatalities.initial reports said three people were onboard. the crash scene covers three miles, with a number of dive teams on site joining other emergency responders. remnants of packages, along with parts of the plane, were seen in the water. the boeing 767 aircraft - a branded amazon prime air jet - had left miami bound for houston.the n-t-s-b says the plane had a normal descent about 40 miles from bush intercontinental airport. suddenly, it went into a "very, very rapid descent" at 63-hundred feet.several witnesses describe seeing the plane go down, and "into a nosedive."the f-a-a and n- t-s-b are involved in the investigation. (justine) two california men who spent years in prison
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for crimes they said they didn't commit... are now free. those men, now free thanks to hardworking loyola law school students and professors... who found new evidence in their cases. friday-- 43-year-old michael tirpak walked out of prison for the first time in nearly 25 years... after having his murder conviction vacated. 35-year-old reggie mallard is also a free man -- after serving 16 years in prison for a murder he says he didn't commit. (justine) michael tirpak said he counseled younger inmates while in prison and hopes to do similar worknow that he's free. he also got married two years ago while behind bars, and is looking forward to starting a new life with his wife. (jrstone) in colombia --
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drug kingpin pablo escobar's former home has been demolished. this more than 25 years after his death. some 180 detonators blasted the "monaco" building. the televised blast friday leveled the place which escobar once called home and sent a cloud of dust 33 feet in the air. the city is planning a memorial park in its place to honor the thousands of people killed by the drug kingpin's cartel in colombia n the 1980s and 1990s, including four presidential candidates and approximately 500 police officers. escobar died at 44 when he was shot by police in 1993. (justine) still ahead tonight -- a father turned the loss of a child into a beautiful way to celebrate life. now, one of the top h recognizing him with the launch of a new shoe. just ahead in sports....the warriors hosting
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ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit alright, you've been here but have you... been blown away on this? saved the day with him? or built a snowman with her? it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day. the last time the last time the rockets were
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in town, this happened.......> a james harden three in a james harden three in overtime won houston the game.....> luckily for the dubs, harden wasn't playing tonight....but pay back is still on their minds.....> steph curry getting ready pregame.......>1st quarter wasn't pretty for the warriors....pj tucker with the corner three....that would cap off a 15-0 run for the rockets to open the game....>3rd quarter...kevin durant....spes a three to pull the warriors within 4....durant led the warriors with 29 points on the night....>later on...curry's corner three gives the warriors the 2-point lead....> 4th quarter...chris paul's fadeaway shot to extend houston's lead to 11....that would be the dagger.....and the rockets stun the warriors 118-112 without the reigning mvp.....> to the nhl.....the sharks were
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on the road today visiting the columbus blue jackets......> 1st period....josh anderson with the great pass and boone jenner one times it to give the blue jackets a 1-0 lead.....>3rd period....colum bus up 2-0 and the sharks let in a really soft goal here.....that's pierre dubwah with the goal.....>and the blue jackets hop all over san jose....4-0 your final.....> ---moving outdoors...sidn ey crosby and the penguins taking on the philadelphia flyers.... ---22 seconds left in the game...jakub voracek shoots it in....that would tie it up 3 all heading into overtime... ---in overtime....claude ja- roo.....look at between the legs of penguins matt murray...for the game winning goal... ---flyers penguins in 3... spring training is officially here...>there is giants newest signee cameron maybin up to bat......>bottom of the 4th....angels leading 3- 0...taylor ward...hits it high and deep field....that's a grand salami for ward....angels extend their
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lead to 7-0....>bottom of the 8th....former giant jarrett parker hits a 2-rbi double....angels pile it on....9-2...>angels score....10-3 and guess what y' get more of me tonight.....> i'll have kron4 hoop session tonight at 11 right after the news......>so keep the channell on kron4......> (jrstone) an iowa father turned the loss of a child into a beautiful way to celebrate life.he honors children who died from cancer by running in patterns that spell out their names.adidas is recognizing him with the launch of a new shoe.jenna liston has more. rik zortman/runner:"i'm going to go up one more and cut over."it's an exercise many recognize. but what rik zortman is actually doing spells out a bigger picture.natsit all started when he proposed to his wife with the message "will you
10:49 pm
marry me?"rik zortman/runner: "i was like, if i could do that, i could maybe script together words and names and just kind of go out and run them."then, zortman added an even deeper meaning to his runs after his 3-year-old son, armstrong, died from brain cancer.rik "for like six weeks after, i didn't know what i was going to do, and despite the 5k that i did, it was that mourning period of what's next?"he says his son loved to run.that's how he came came up with the idea.rik zortman/runner:"i decided i was going to run children's names that had fought with cancer."720 names and eight states later.his runs have gained attention all over the world.rik zortman/runner: "these are all different names where people have requested." from taking name requests online... to adidas is using his inspiring story for their new shoe launch in l-a.natshe says getting the words just right has a few obstacles in the way.natseven if it means cutting through a few yards to get there...stopping and turning back to get it just right.and in the end a huge victory he says reminds people of his son's memory.rik zortman/runner:"to be able to run in his honor and to run
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for other people -- i'm just honored to be able to do that." (jrstone) the academy awards are just around the corner! what you can expect on one of hollywood's biggest nights... when we come back. < ella: i'm ella sogomonian - we've been telling you a lot about kron-on.. the bay area's only commercial free streaming news service... but the kron on app gives you a lot more than just live local breaking news around the clock. it also gives you on-demand access to the kron 4 archives... that includes people behaving badly. plus - all the in-depth award winning bay area documentaries produced by kron 4.. and if you've ever wondered what's it is like to work in a newsroom.. we've posted every b. and that's just a small sample of what you'll get with the kron on app. it's available on iphones, ipads, apple tv, android
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devices and amazon fire. we're offering a 7 day free trial for new subscribers - visit kron-on-dot-tv to sign up.>
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(jrstone) the run-up to this year's oscars has been filled with controversies, over the host, the songs to be for a "popular film" award and announcng some categories during commercial breaks. (justine) now it's time for the show itself: the 91st
10:54 pm
academy awards are tomorrow night. david daniel has a look at who's most likely to take home oscar gold. (nat-music)courtesy of earth-cam, we can see the preparations on hollywood boulevard for sunday's academy awards. now let's check our crystal ball for what will happen inside the dolby theatre.(nat)"roma" is ready to make oscar history. the experts at gold-derby dot-com say alfonso cuaron's epic is the overwhelming favorite to win best picture: the first foreign-ever to do so."this gentleman "i'm afra film can top "roma" for best picture, it's probably "green book," although it's much more likely that film's top prize will be best supporting actor for mahershala ali -- his second oscar in three years. "don't paint me as a victim.
10:55 pm
i'm much more interesting than that." (nat)glenn close's best actress nomination for "the wife" is her seventh career oscar nod, and she's never won -- a streak expected to end sunday."i didn't know it was fancy dress, fred.""you look like an angry lizard.""you've got to make an impression, darling."best actor nominee rami malek made a big impression as freddie mercury in "bohemian rhapsody" -- he's expected to become the first actor of arab descent to win an oscar."this... is a sacrament. and no, i ain't lost my mind.""if beale street could talk" is regina king's first on-screen feature film role in nearly a decade, and it's likely to bring her an oscar for best supporting actress. we'll see who's the toast of hollywood at the 91st academy awards, sunday night. in hollywood, i'm david daniel.
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"everybody is all in, everybody has the same goal. so whatever we need to do each night to win that's what we're going to do."2nd half mood.....the warriors are back in oakland and focused on improving so they can bring home another title......> "we've added so many pieces this year that it is not second nature. you have to communicate a bit more. and we weren't necessarily great at that."on this edition of hoop session.....the warriors may have a little in-state competition....and it's not from the team we thought it would be before the season......>also find out who steph curry hung out with over the all-star break....i'll give ya hint...his name has a presidential ring to it.....> all of that and more on hoop session......> hello and welcome to another


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