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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 25, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the bay area again. with it----the potential for flooding...mudslides...and high winds. heavy rain already hitting some areas now. and it's going to stay with us for the next few days. (grant) thank you for joining us i'm grant lodes . (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. the latest winter storm is raising concerns ---especially in areas already hit hard by rain this month. kron-4's j.r. stone is in the east bay...which is expected to get hit hard in the next 24 hours. (grant) but first let's get to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. karnow.lawrence meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. (vicki) thank you dan...
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now to weather... a powerful (grant) while much of the talk
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dealing with this rain has centered around the north bay, other parts of the bay area are seeing rain as well. kron 4's j.r. stone continues our team coverage tonight in concord. j.r. what does the weather look like out there and is it causing any problems?
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(jr)rain has slowed...windy.... call for video. rain falling in san pablo and highway conditions in the east bay. visibility not as good. talked with one driver who is trying to make the best of the wet conditions.coming from antioch to vallejo and i deal with this every day so it's pretty bad in this weather especially with these big pot hols in the road can't see em. we get spoiled in california with not too much rain just lets me know that we are going to have a warm summer. you haven't gotten wet at all? not in my car. car is not leaking? no it's not it's not. (jr)back out here live...rain...wind (grant) and the atmospheric river could drop several inches of rain in the
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north bay. this as the city of sausalito is still cleaning up after a live...rain...windback out here (jr)back out here live...rain...wind
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(grant) and the atmospheric river could drop several inches of rain in the north bay. this as the city of sausalito is still cleaning up after a massive landslide destroyed a number of homes a week and a half ago.. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well here in sausalito, rain is returning on monday. they are expecting maybe 3-5 inches of rain to fall over the next few days. that is a problem because they are still clearing up from the landslide last week. last thursday.right
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now, they have crews at the top of the landslide. they are putting out berms to hopefully move rainfall away from the landslide and into the normal drain system. they have also put out tarps to protect the integrity of the soil. crews are also clearing trees and there are still four homes that are red tagged. fifteen people remain displaced. the city of sausalito has said they hope that maybe to of those homes can be reopened soon. with more rain on the way, neighbors here are concerned. sotit is scary when it happens. we have a big retaining wall and i hope it protects, crews are also trying to clear sausalito boulevard and right behind me here is crescent which is still covered in debris. it could be some time before they are able to clear it. there's actually some hazardous material out there that could make it tougher to clear the debris and allow people to return sausalito, charles clifford kron 4 news (vicki) storm has put a halt to
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recovery efforts at fort funston. that's where a landslide buried two women walking their dog on friday. one woman was rescued, but searchers were unable to locate the other woman. kron 4's dan kerman brings us the latest. soti never thought that would happen. dog walkers at fort funston are stilling trying to make sense of fridays fatal landslidesotits just another warning to be careful where you go, the environment is shifting from time to time, terrible tragedy on that. friday afternoon 2 women walking their dog on the beach, were trapped by falling sand and soil when the bluff above gave way. one woman was resuced but the body of the second woman still has not
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been found, and the storm has put recovery efforts on hold. --nats-monday fort funston was still teaming with dogs... sot the dog loves it lots of dogs the lanscape the seas scape the vista, its lovely, other than the weatheraccess to the part of the beach were the landsclide occurred was taped off... that was fine for most who stay above the beach, and for those who go to the beach they take extra precfautions. soti stay close to the water and i keep an eye on my dogs but there are always these hazards you have to be aware of out herestandup dan kerman/fort funston 1:02the park service has ruled out using ground penetrating radar in their recovery efforts, and hope to bring in long boom excavators once the storm has passed. at fort funston, dan kerman kron 4 news (grant) and you stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. with
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the kron-neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you'll find full forecasts... and an interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay area storms. all with the kron-4 mobile app. (grant)it's a question that's been dragging on for months.. where will the raiders play next season?despite reports out today saying the team will return to oakland and the coliseum.. officials are not confirming a lease agreement is in place.(vicki) kron4's dan thorn is live at raiders headquarters in alameda tonight..he spoke with some faithful fans of the silver and black on the possible return to oakland..dan? after exploring several options including san francisco and santa clara..the raiders are possibly nearing an agreement to stay in oakland for at least the next season and the idea is sitting pretty well with fans... it looks like the raiders may be close to returning to oakland and the coliseum next
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season. some reports out monday say this is a done deal..but scott mckibben, executive director of the coliseum authority says the two sides are having fruitful talks. he's still cautiously optimistic about a finalized agreement..for months fans of the silver and black have been tormented about the possibility of the team playing in san francisco or sharing a stadium in santa clara with their rivals the san francisco 49ers..sot: you would think the two sides would be mature enough to come together but i don't know where the break down went down..reggie is a lifelong raiders fan who is happy to learn an agreement is near. he says after months of confusion there's plenty of blame to go around..sot: it was just bad planning on everybody's part raiders, vegas, city everything..but i'm going to put more blame on mark davis. there are still details that need to be worked out before a contract can be brought to the coliseum board for approval. that is expected to happen next week.
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the nfl needs to get a final answer soon on where the raiders will play next season. the nfl schedule is expected to be released in april. reporting alameda dan thorn kron4 news. (vicki)(vicki) now to the oakland teachers strike... which tonight is getting more combative. day three of the strike has led to a war of words. the two sides... releasing statements... and tonight the teachers union is accusing the district of mounting a dis-information campaign.(grant) yesterday the district released a statement... lamenting how the strike was going to drag on into this week. in it... the district said it agrees that teachers are undervalued, deserve more pay, but adding that the teachers union's 'immovable' proposal is not a financialy sound option for the district.... adding. the district has been willing to move its position on salary and class size, in addition to other compromises in order to
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reach an agreement. in terms of a guaranteed ongoing salary increase to oea members, our current offer of a guaranteed 7% ongoing (over three years) with a 1.5% bonus... ...exceeds the offer recommended by a neutral fact- finder, who was brought in to help the two sides reach common ground. ousd is negotiating in good faith with a sincere desire to reach an agreement. oea's demand for 12% over three years has not changed since may 2018. (vicki) the teacher's union responded today with a statement reading in part: "the district says they have moved closer to oea's position on salary. implied in their statement is that significant movement has happened since the strike began. this is untrue. the fact is they have yet to make an offer that will keep experienced teachers in oakland.when 19 out of every 20 teachers are walking the picket line joined by parents, when our rallies attract thousands, when 97 percent of
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our students stay home - it's clear that this community wants what oea demands." tonight, some parents are supporting the teachers. (grant) go all the way!">(grant) last week (grant)go all the way!">(grant) last week the teachers union ordered ponchos, anticipating picketing in the rain. that will happen tomorrow... on day 4 of the strike... as the two sides do not appear any closer to a deal than when this strike started last week. (vicki) in the east bay... police in oakland say they have arrested two people in the armed robbery of a t-v news crew who was covering the teacher strike. the k-p-i-x crew was on the one-thousand block of 81st
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avenue when a car pulled up... two people got out and robbed the crew at gunpoint. one of the suspects shot the guard who returned fire-- injuring one of them. the guard was treated and released from the hospital. police say they arrested one of the robbers after he crashed the car during a police chase. the other suspect was detained after walking into a hospital with several gunshot wounds. (vicki) a big story tonight... we are still waiting for the results of the autopsy conducted on san francisco's public defender jeff adachi.(grant) adachi died friday - and as kron4's maureen kelly reports - what exaclty led up to his death is still unclear. there was no answer at the telegraph place home where paramedics were called friday night.according to the public defender's office - jeff adachi was with a friend -- and experienced trouble breathing after a dinner out in north beach.he was rushed to a hospital - where he died of an apparent heart attack. questions still remain on the circumstances surrounding his death.sources tell kron 4
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authorities are investigating if there are any suspicious circumstances involved.. officially police say they are assisting the medical examiner's office who is the lead agency in investigating adachi's death and there are no signs of foul play.asked about the investigation at a news conference, adachi's longtime opponent, da george gascon had this to say.add to this investigation, to be honest with you i'm worried that we're going to a direction that we shouldn't. i don't think any of us are perfect and i think there are personal things that should remain personal so i'm not going to speculate but he also said jeff adachi leaves a tremendous legacygeoff was fierce in his pursuit for justice as he felt it was appropriate. he believed in his work we sometimes disagree on the path to the work but the one thing that i admire about him his commitment to the people he that were his clients and his commitment to criminal justice reformmatt gonzalez adachi's second in command will be taking the helm until a new public defender is appointed.a vigil is being planned at their 7th street offices for their late boss on wednesday night. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(grant) (grant) developing news in the east bay tonight. police in danville have identified a person of interest-- after a man was shot and killed yesterday. it happened at a home on fostoria way... just off 680 and near the crow canyon country club. kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story.. . an arrest warrant has been issued for 51-year-old mark allan sypien in the shooting death of john moore in the city of danville. danville police investigators say sypien was last seen driving this silver 2003 ford escape with illinois license plate 1008122. danville police chief allan shields say sypien is consider armed and dangeroussot
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fatal shooting victim: "we all know the guy who got killed. we all know him. he is a great guy. so we're all in shock about that">the deadly shooting happened just before 2:30pm sunday in the rear of this parking lot on 3470 fostoria way. craig bruns owns the office building next door. he says his son was here the shots were firedsotsot
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(vicki) police say a fire that left an elderly woman dead last week in san mateo was intentionally set in a targeted gang attack. last friday police arrested fifita ponifasio tau in connection with the arson. the fire broke out near south humboldt street around 4-30 a-m february 19-th. firefighters got four people out of of the home... and two others from a detached garage. but 85 year old susana tonga did not survive. investigators have not yet said why the home was targeted. (grant) president trump is on his way to hanoi, vietnam -- for his second summit with north korean leader kim comes as clear talks between the countries have hit highs and lows over the past year.(vicki) mary moloney explains what to expect at their second high-stakes sit-down. it's round two for high-wire nuclear talks between the u-s and north korea.president donald trump: "we want to
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denuclearization."president trump is traveling to hanoi, vietnam where he will sit down kim jong un this week. president donald trump: "i think we can have a very good a very good summit. i think we'll have a very tremendous summit."their first meeting in singapore eight months ago -- a diplomatic milestone.but their agreement was short on specifics - with vague pledges of nuclear disarmament.since then -- new satellite images reveal north korea has significantly expanded a key long-range missile base-and according to a confidential united nations report- its nuclear arsenal remains intact. jake tapper/ reporting: "do you think north korea remains a nuclear threat?"mike pompeo/ secretary of state: "yes" secretary of state mike pompeo - saying that while a lot of work still needs to be done -- there are some positive
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signals.mike pompeo/ secretary of state: "we've got work to do on the denuclearization. we've got remains back. we've had testing stop. those are good things. tension along the border is reduced."so what will their second summit yield? that's still being worked out... possible outcomes could include agreements from north korea to allow inspectors into certain nuclear sites.. or even agree to a joint political statement to ending the korean a minimum -- u-s officials hope for a more defined road map that would lead to give up its nuclear president trump appears optimistic...trump: "we see eye to eye, i believe." trump: "i'm not in a rush. i don't want to rush don't want testing. as long testing, were happy"in washington i'm mary moloney.moloney. (grant) coming up -- r-and-b star r. kelly is out of jail after pleading not guilty to sex abuse charges. his lawyer says there's no evidence he's done wrong...the proof his accusers say they have. (vicki) and we continue to track the series of storms hitting the bay area tonight. we'll take you to the north bay... after the break. (grant) plus -- an ingredient in weed killer... in boozy beverages. the starling new report... released on the same day monsanto is back on trial over claims roundup causes cancer. i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i am tracking the latest winter
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storm moving through the details are right after the break. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (vicki) another roundup
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weed killer lawsuit is now in court. the trial began today in a san francisco court room. it could decide whether roundup caused a man's cancer-- and could help determine the fate of hundreds of similar lawsuits. (vicki) monsanto says studies have shown that the active ingredient-- glyphosate -- is safe. but-- a new study just released today shows that
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ingredient is found in major brands of beer and wine. (grant) public health advocate laura deehan joined us earlier to talk about what people should do to avoid exposure.
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hidden history. (grant)(grant) plus -- who should pay for the cost and recovery of catastrophic wildfires in california? we'll hear what leaders of califronia's wildfire commission said at the state capitol today. (lawrence) weather tease
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(anchor) taking a live look at stormtracker 4
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radar... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... to check on time now (anchor) (anchor) (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: heavy rain moved into the bay area today with the main focus in the north bay. the winds have also been very gusty as yet another powerful storm hits the bay area. flood watches have been posted for the north bay and flash flood watches are now up for the rest of the bay area. doppler is showing heavy rain mainly to the north now. on the satellite you can see the pineapple express taking aim at the bay area. heavy rain will spread south tomorrow to increase the chance of flooding across the bay area. highs will be in the 50s. more heavy rain will continue into
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wednesday morning before decreasing. another round of rain is possible this weekend. (vicki) through (vicki)(vicki) through noon
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tomorrow...the heaviest rain will be hitting the north bay kron4s michelle kingston has the latest from novato. (mk)debbie vandermeulen, novato "i just bring an umbrella, raincoat, and boots. you know, dress for it!"rain and wind packing a punch in the bay area yet again this winter ... rainfall began monday afternoon ... and according to the national weather service -- a flood watch is in effect until tuesday night.heavy rain is expected over the next two days -- about three inches in san francisco and up to nine inches in the hills and mountains.diane burger, novato "i have no complaints. we had a drought for many years. this is a blessing."while some don't mind the wet weather --
9:33 pm
others say they're ready for it to be over.sean hickey, novato"we definitely need it, but ya, definitely ready for it to be over this winter." debbie vandermeulen, novato"we need it for a start, but it does get in the way of walking the dog. she doesn't like it. plus, you know, my grass is growing, but you know, it's good."highway 37 flooded during the last storm ... but reopened last week. caltrans and the california highway patrol say they are closely monitoring the road, but it remains open as of tonight. debbie vandermeulen, novato "hang in there! springs a coming!"in novato michelle kingston, kron4 news. (grant) a commission in charge of analyzing who should pay for the cost and recovery of catastrophic wildfires in california had its first meeting today in sacramento. (vicki) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what the group is expected to do - on a short deadline... california's committee on catastrophic wildfire cost and recovery had the first of several meetings throughout the state monday...((carla peterman- wildfire cost & recovery commission)) "i'm
9:34 pm
here because i actually think we can do better there are solutions and this board gives us an opportunity to bring those forward" the five commissioners chose former california public utilities member carla peterman as its chair. utility infrastructure will be a major focus for the commission. the group is expected to make recommendatio ns to lawmakers on how to distribute the cost of destructive wildfires. ((michael wara -commissioner)) "i'm looking forward very much to hearing the input from the audience, from stakeholders, in this process and from inrested parties because we need your information, your data, your science, your ideas to develop a better system to ensure we can keep californians safer than they have been over the last several years." the legislature established the group as utility companies like pg&e have recently been sued over devastating fires. commissioners are urging the state's utility companies to get involved in the commission's work.((michael kahn - commissioner)) "i will be disappointed if you hold your tongue until we're done and then tell us that we made wrong decisions based on data that you thought was wrong but you didn't tell us." the group
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has a july first deadline. its next meeting will be in redding, the site of the deadly carr fire. tag. (grant) a group of young climate activists returned to senator dianne feinstein's office in san francisco today... they're demanding she support "green new deal" legislation. on friday - about 20 of them confronted the senator in her office... they want her to support the progressive the progressive bill that would drastically cut carbon emissions. feinstein said she's trying - but she believes the bill would not pass the republican-controlled senate. today the group was critical of feinstein's proposed alternative... arguing it doesn'tgo far enough to protect future generations from the dangers of climate change. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant) r&b singer
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r-kelly is out of jail-- despite not being able to afford bail. details on why he was released. (sports tease) and around the corner in sports, the warriors on a four-game road trip that begins in steph curry's hometown of charlotte. we'll have the highlights.
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hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. we'll open up with the warriors-- on part 1 of a four game road trip out east.... and steph curry
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feeling right at home in charlotte. --steph's dad... dell.. on the left... 17 years in the nba and now a boradcaster for the hornets --but the first half was boogie's party... demarcus cousins... with the nice crossover and score...warrios led 34-30 in a high scoring first quarter --2nd quarter... cousins... the kickout... and nails the three- pointer... warriors up 12 later in the 2nd ... cousins another crossover and right down the lane for the slam... he had 15 points in the first half to lead the team... 68-60 warriors at the break... he finished with 24 points and 11 rebounds --3rd quarter... charlotte keeping it close... cody zeller... transition dunk... he started 11-of-11 from the field and has a career-high 28 points.. --2 minutes later... kemba walker... nails the 3-pointer to pass dell curry for most field goals in hornets history... warriors lead down to the 3... --4th quarter... 1 minute left... curry... nails the dagger 3- pointer to put the champs up 11... steph finishes with only 16 points (klay had 26, durant with 20) 100-combined points for the starting 5. final score... 121-110 golden
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state.. at miami on wednesday. in our other top story of the night-- the raiders getting closer to staying in the bay area for one more year. coliseum authority executive director scott mckibben told kron4 news this afternoon that he and raiders officials have 'verbally agreed to a set of terms' that would have the team playing in the coliseum next season. while nothing is finalized as of yet, he is quote- -'cautiously optimistic' they will be able to have it finalized soon. no word on how this would affect the lawsuit filed by the city of oakland against the franchise. regardless, if a deal is set, this would be their last year in the bay area before moving to vegas for 2020. coming up on kron4 sports at 10,é the giants were in the mix for bryce harper, but a division rival has also entered the running for the superstar free agent. details ahead and when we can expect a decision from the mvp. until then, more news after the break.
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(grant) in tonight's hidden history... we're heading to the north bay for a look at local pioneers in the wine-making business. (vicki) recently, kron four's philippe djegal spotlighted the first black- owned estate winery in the napa valley. halle lewis/wine educator- "pictured above is dr. brown and mrs. brown and mohammed ali checking out mrs. brown at a party." and, over the years, that's the kind of company bassett brown and his wife marcela have kept. not bad for a man from jamaica and a woman from panama.nats- in 1980, soon after the couple
9:44 pm
bought an abandoned ranch in saint helena... they transformed the property into the beauty it is today...nats- putting their hearts and souls into growing and selling grapes to local winemakers... nats- blazing a trail and setting the standard for aspiring black wine connoisseurs in the napa valley.halle lewis/wine educator- "being a black-owned winery and being family-owned, um, and just starting from the bottom and making their way up, now having two, two businesses, um, to run, i think is the allure, and just people wanting to support them." doctor and misses brown have since retired... staying mainly at their estate and vineyard in saint helena. the family business is now in the hands of their children.halle lewis/wine educator- "over here pictured are going to be the three siblings. um, on the right, we have david. in the middle is coral and then in the pink shirt is deneen, our president." originally, brown estate wine educator halle (hal-ee) lewis says the brown's wished their kids would become doctors... but the trio had other plans,
9:45 pm
and it looks like they made the right choice. in 1996, they officially launched the brown label... and, 20 years later, the brown's produced their 20th vintage. nats- "haha." to date, the elder brown's mainly keep to themselves... occasionally hosting some members at the estate -- boasting a wine cave.halle lewis/wine educator- "this is a really fun wine. rosemary's a lot of bright acidity." almost two years ago -- the family opened brown downtown. nats- "cheers to you." a second-floor wine tasting room in the heart napa... at the corner of coombs and first streets.nats- "haha." here -- the brown label and it's reputation continues to grow... the family specializing in zinfandel and attracting people from all walks of life... inspiring young professionals to dream big. chynna steele-johnson/visitor- "for many black people, we've either been excluded from many businesses or, you know, um, career paths. so, it's important for us to have representation in every area, and to understand we can do anything that we want." and, if you're really good at what you do -- word of mouth travels fast.anita thrower/visitor- "we heard
9:46 pm
about it through some friends and relatives about this being here, and we're actually celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary. so, we said, hey, lets go check that winery out, you know, african american winery."arnold thrower/visito r- "i think it's a perfect example of what we as a people have been able to do, uh, with what we were afforded with." a valley treasure -- the product of heart and determination... generationally sustained by a deep sense of family. in napa, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist
9:47 pm
lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: heavy rain moved into the bay area today with the main focus in the north bay. the winds have also been very gusty as yet another powerful storm hits the bay area. flood watches have been posted for the north bay and flash flood watches are now up for the rest of the bay area. doppler is showing heavy rain mainly to the north now. on the satellite you can see the pineapple express taking aim at the bay area. heavy rain will spread south tomorrow to increase the chance of flooding across the bay area. highs will be in the 50s. more heavy rain will continue into wednesday morning before decreasing. another round of rain is possible this weekend. (grant) now to some breaking news
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tonight -- san francisco police officers are investigating a shooting in a residence near san francisco state university. police say just after 7 tonight they found a woman who'd been shot in her upper torso. happened on serrano drive... which is about a block away from the library. she was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police say the victim and shooter know each other.... the suspect took off before police showed up. police have not given a description of the suspect. we will keep updates available as soon as we know the latest at kron4 dot com. (grant)after spending the weekend in jail -- singer r. kelly posted bail and was released from custoday earlier today.kelly is one of the most successful r-and-b acts of all time.(vicki)now -- he's charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. charges kelly denies.mary
9:50 pm
moloney has more. singer r. kelly left chicago's cook county jail on monday evening after posting bail in his sexual abuse case.just hours earlier -- wearing an orange jumpsuit and escorted by deputies, kelly walked into the courtroom.steve greenberg / r. kelly attorney: he's doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.kelly pleaded not guilty on all 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse against him.steve greenberg / r. kelly attorney: our position at this point is mr. kelly's done absolutely nothing wrong. no one has shown us any evidence that he has done anything wrong.but prosecutors say the alleged crimes, taking place over 12 years, involve four victims. three of them would have been underage at the timekimberly foxx / cook county state's attorney / friday: aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a class two felony, with a sentencing range of three to seven years per count. prosecutors are promising evidence and attorneys for some of the accusers, say there are videos of alleged abuse.michael avenatti / lawyer for r. kelly accuser: the videotape depicts mr. kelly engaged in illegal sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.gloria allred / lawyer for r. kelly accuser: i also represent victims who have not gone public and they are very concerned that they were recorded being sexually abused.kelly's attorney said
9:51 pm
he doesn't believe the accusers.steve greenberg / r. kelly attorney: as far as i know, they're all lying. i'm a criminal defense lawyer, okay. i've got a client who says he's innocent, pled not guilty, that's our position. i'm mary moloney reporting. reporting. moloney i'm mary our position. not guilty, that's our position. i'm mary our position. not guilty, that's innocent, pled says he's got a client who lawyer, okay. i've criminal defense lawyer, okay. i've says he's innocent, pled not guilty, that's our position. i'm mary moloney reporting. i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow next at 10: i am tracking the latest winter storm moving through the bay areadetails are right after the brea
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oscars -- over the winner of best picture. the film "green book" recieved some push back after the big win.. (vicki) some say it celebrates friendship -- others say it perpetuates a racist trope. its mainstream approach to race relations. green book, based on real-life events, is about tony lip, a white, racist bouncer hired to drive don shirley, a famed black pianist on a concert tour through the deep south. for many critics, it furthers the so-called "white savior" ideology -- which refers to a white person who acts to help non-white people. director spike lee was vocally upset about the win last night. and civil rights icon john lewis introduced the film at the oscars. (grant) life imitated art
9:55 pm
-- with a real-life sequel to the 2006 movie "snakes on a plane" -- featuring this live, spotted hitched a ride on a nine-thousand-mile flight -- in a woman's shoe. moira boxall discovered the snake in her suitcase -- after flying from australia to scotland.she quickly called the scottish s-p-c-a -- which kindly took the non-venomous snake into quarantine. (vicki) alexandria ocasio-cortez is living every comic book fan's dream. the newly elected us congresswoman stars as a sassy superhero in an upcoming comic book titled, "alexandria ocasio-cortez and the freshman force: new party who dis?" in one of the just-released book covers, ocasio-cortez stands over a knocked-out republican elephant while a democrat donkey looks on nervously in the background. (grant) that wraps (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...
9:56 pm
(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at ten....ken? (ken) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... we are following the latest developments out of oakland... after reports say the raiders could be staying at the coliseum. we hear from raiders fans coming up in a live report. plus... the latest on the investigation into the circumstances around the death of san francisco public defender jeff adachi. district attorney george gascon is speaking out about what has happened so far. (ken) and rain is back in the bay area. another major storm causing more flooding concerns. we'll show you how long the latest storm is expected to last and the dangers its bringing. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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taking aim at the bay area again. with it the potential for flooding... mudslides.. and high winds. heavy rain is already hitting some areas now. and its going to stay with us for the next few days.. (ken) thanks for joining us, im ken wayne.(grant) and im grant lodes in for pam moore. the latest winter storm is raising concerns... especially in areas already hit hard by rain this month. (ken) chief meterologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at how this rain can impact your morning commute.
10:00 pm
lawrence karnow: heavy rain moved into the bay area today with the main focus in the north bay. the winds have also been very gusty as yet another powerful storm hits the bay area. flood watches have been posted for the north bay and flash flood watches are now up for the rest of the bay area. doppler is showing heavy rain mainly to the north now. on the satellite you can see the pineapple express taking aim at the bay area. heavy rain will spread south tomorrow to increase the chance of flooding across the bay area. highs will be in the 50s. more heavy rain will continue into wednesday morning before decreasing. another round of rain is possible this weekend.


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