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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 26, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight, selma blair, her first interview since revealing she has m.s. >> i was giving it everything to seem normal. >> why she is now calling her diagnosis a relief. >> i have had tears. they weren't tears of panic. >> and how she went from self-medicating -- >> i was drinking. i was in pain. >> to being a powerful role
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model. then, lady gaga and bradley. we saw the whispering at the oscars. we can tell you what was said as bradley's ex-wife weighs in. plus -- >> will you marry me? >> the bloom engagem perry. does her engagement ring look similar to the one he gave his ex? >> i voice my opinion. and the kids are grown up. their night out and everything we know about janet jackson's las vegas takeover. and we're with boss lady jennifer lopez. >> what is happening here? >> this is "entertainment tonight". it was one of the most emotional moments of oscar night. selma blair walking with a cane as she made her first public appearance since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and now the star is sharing everything about her battle. >> it really is heartbreaking, but also inspirational because she's facing this devastating disease with remarkable grace and courage. >> it is interesting, and i'm
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here. this is what my particular case loobs like right now. >> when you were first diagnosed, what initially went through your mind? >> i cried. i had tears. they weren't tears of panic. they were tears of knowing i now had to give in to a body that had loss of control. >> selma tells "gma" she struggled with symptoms for five years, and tells us the relief when she was diagnosed with m.s. in august. the actress had been self-medicating. >> i was drinking. i was in pain. i wasn't always drinking, but there were times when i couldn't take it. >> selma says that explains why she blacked out on the airplane in 2016 as she was flying home in cancun. in fact, she tells "vanity fair" the incident caused her to quit drinking for good, saying, quote, it caused me to see things differently. and on sunday, another turning point. she posed with a cane at "vanity fair's" oscars party. her first red carpet since her
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diagnosis. in an emotional instagram post she wrote, i felt the love from the photographers who watched me goof around on the red carpet since i was in my 20s. and still, i hope my brain could send signals for the remainder of my time there and i sobbed. m.s. is an autoimmune disease that disrupts communication with the rest of the body. the actress poses in valentin know, and with her 7-year-old son, arthur. >> he had already seen that i was falling and so i didn't have to tell him. i said, i was multiple sclerosis and he said, will it kill you? and i said, no. i mean, we never know what kills us, arthur, but this is not the doctor telling me i'm dying. >> she has a lot of support including her celebrity friends. the actress' "cruel intentions"
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co-star, sarah michelle gellar says there is a calmness to her because she knows she can't do everything. and kris jenner told the magazine, quote, she showed me what courage is and how to be brave. she said she reached out to michael j. fox. >> i said, i don't know who to tell, but i'm dropping things. i'm doing strange things. he really helped me and i was, like, i have michael j. fox's e-mail now. i'm cooler than i thought, but he really gives me hope. >> she continues to act and she's starring in a series called "another life" and that will begin streaming later this year. the oscars may be over, but all the speculation rages on about bradley cooper dy gaga after that oh so steamy duet, and guess who just weighed in? bradley's ex-wife, jennifer esposi esposito. this as bradley steps out with the mother of his child, irina
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shayk. irina didn't look enthused during their outing yesterday as sources tell "e.t." he doesn't want irina to feel uncomfortable, and everyone has gotten very carried away with the gossip. our source also reveals what was said after their duet. she thanked bradley for making her dream of becoming a movie star come true, and he thanked gaga for making him a rock star. but is gaga sitill trying to defect? she captioned this, sharing this moment with a true friend. jennifer esposito also vocal. she said, responded, ha. jennifer and bradley were married for only four months, splitting in '07. the last time she spoke of him was in her 2014 memoir a it wasn't favorable. gaga got love from her rival.
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there was this cuddly after party pic titled, don't mess with italian girls. ♪ i was born this way ♪ ready or not >> it feels reductive. >> is that good? >> look it up. >> it seems gaga looked it up. >> she wouldn't look me in the eye and tell me that i was reductive. >> all is forgiven, but here's another oscar night surprise. amy adams' dress debacle? >> a couple of women were extremely uncomfortable in their dresses. it was amy adams. >> representer tyler perry spills it at the premiere for his movie, "a madea family funeral." he claimed while amy's versace looked great, she didn't feel great. >> she tried to dress on and never sat in it until the show. so she didn't realize how uncomfortable it was. >> well, how's this for uncomfortable? orlando plobloom's not so smoot
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proposal. >> it was really sweet. he asked me to marry him in a helicopter. he's pulling out this box too big and it rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the champagne. you're not doing anything. >> wow. were you wearing those big headphones when he proposed? >> will you marry me! >> we learned a few things about the soon-to-be mr. and mrs. bloom. the first is about that ring fans think looks like the one orlando gave to his ex. >> did he pick out the ring? >> i voiced my opinion. >> that's the way to go. >> next, the couple bonded over in n out burger. >> he stole one off of my table and took it and i was, like, wait. oh, wait. you're so hot. fine, take it. >> a big wedding? >> she gave no i do details, but she reveals one thing she does that annoys her man. >> you have thrown all his stuff away? >> oh my god. so he has had a toiletry bag for about ten years and it went
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straight in the trash and he was very upset. i had, like, a full time-out. >> really? >> orlando, repeat after me. happy wife, happy life. okay? now let's talk about brad and angelina. they appear to be getting along for the sake of their kids who stepped out with mama, but so much older. boy, have they grown. the kids departed single file following a film screening in new york. the eldest, maddox, 17, in a dapper white scarf and facial hair. it seems like yesterday when he was just a little tot. pax is now 15 years old. zahara is 14 while shiloh 12 has braces to perfect her sunny smile. the twins, vivienne and knox are now 10, and we watched the kids grow up in the spotlight. last night, they all attended chiwetel ejiofor's "the boy who
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harnessed the wind." and the drama, that's over. in november, for the sake of their kids, she and brad agreed to a confidential custody arrangement. her lawyer told "e.t." quote, the agreement which is based on the recommendations of the child kus by evaluater eliminates the need for a trial. >> kids grow so fast, don't they? now to the big question that the fans of "the today show" have been asking. who will replace kathie lee gifford when she leaves in april? well, now we know. [ cheers and applause ] jenna gets the gig. kathie lee made the official announcement this morning. >> i feel like i have the best job and i get to sit next to these incredible humans. my dad wrote me three words which made me weep. very proud dad. >> we're like one big family and i think we all feel that. >> we first met jenna back in 2007. she joined "the today show" in
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2009, and we were with her in 2010 in vancouver. >> i'm still working for "the today show". >> the two weeks you were off at the olympics, i saw you blossom. >> mm-hmm. >> you had earned the right to sit and be something to all these wonderful people who watch us every day. >> kathie lee will officially pass her wine glass over to jenna on april the 5th, and hoda promises it's going to be a big celebration. >> okay. multiply that by about ten, and that's going to be kathie lee's sendoff. coming up, mama j-lo on life with her twins. where she draws the line with her twins. >> it's, like, no. and janet jackson's vegas-bound. what to expect from her first residency. then -- >> the kapcaptain's here. >> get fit the captain marvel way. how brie larson transformed into the most powerful superhero in the marvel universe. >> give me a c
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minutes away, the bachelor fan favorites. the competition getting these ♪ they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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♪ jennifer lawrence looking chic at paris fashion week making her first public appearance since cooke maroney popped the question. all eyes on that bling. the diamond ring is estimated at
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five carats. the total cost of the ring, between $150,000 and $250,000. all right. meanwhile, everybody in the free world is still waiting for jennifer lopez's man to pop the question. a-rod, what's up? she has beeni rocking bling fro head to toe. ♪ >> jennifer lopez, a plus, plus, plus, plus, plus, plus. >> she was having a moment, and the queen of the oscars carpet was clearly feeling herself after trading in the mirrored tom ford masterpiece for this after party look. >> that's jennifer in the background. >> she got more than a few reasons to dance it out. she slayed the fashion game this awards season. her twins max and emme just turned 11 and can you believe she and a-rod are celebrating two years? >> we have so much fun together that it feels like we're starting life all over again. >> and the boss lady rocking impeccable style is back on your tv for season three of "world of dance."
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>> yes. so fun. >> this year the competition for a million bucks is next level. >> we're just, like, what did we just see? what just happened? >> and we love how j-lo is inspiring the contestants. >> you show us that we can do anything that we want. >> thank you so much. >> and her fellow judges -- >> i finds myself having to have to match her energy. >> but what makes this mama really proud? >> it's a family show. there are not a lot of shows and my kids walk in and say, are you watching "game of thrones"? we can't watch this, right? no, you can't. get out. still ahead, how grande topped gomez. the title ariana just took from selena. plus -- >> what's your name? >> janet. >> in honor of janet's first las vegas residency, an "e.t." flashback that's sure to make ms. jackson blush. >> i was nervous. and she can push a jeep, but what's the one thing brie larson can't handle?
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>> i don't think my brain can think about that. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ i want it, i got it oh, she got it, all right. ariana grande is officially the most followed person on instagram. dethroning selena gomez with more than 146 million followers. man. meanwhile, here's a number janet jackson fans know really well. 1814. "rhythm nation" coming to vegas. she announced her own residency, and we have all the details. ♪ >> janet will be doing a whole lot for entertainment on the vegas strip. the 52-year-old's first las vegas residency is called "metamorphosis." it kicks off may 17th at the park mgm resort, the same venue
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as lady gaga and cher. here's what fans can expect. the show will trace her transformation from the jackson 5. >> what's your name? >> janet. >> to becoming a breakout icon on her terms. ♪ >> the residency will also pay tribute to the 30-year anniversary of her groundbreaking album, "rhythm nation." you better believe it. "e.t." was all over "rhythm nation" when it was released in 1989. >> it was really important for me to do. >> how much more do you think you can have? >> hopefully through my music and dance, i will inspire the audience. >> and janet told us just how challenging it was to nail that now iconic choreography. >> it's very, very intricate. your hands are going this way,
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and the hands this way. your legs are doing something else. that's what's different from videos we have done in the past. >> i'm with everybody at home. i cannot wait for this. tickets for janet's "metamorphosis" go on sale this saturday. get ready. well, brie larson had her own metamorphosis transforming into captain marvel. she's not taking the iconic role lightly. the captain's here. not captain america. captain marvel. the captain. >> that's a yes or no question. >> yes. >> you're the first woman to helm her own marvel film. have you taken that in? digested it? let it sink? no. >> no. i don't think it helpful to my work or my brain to think about universe. >> that i like. that i will try to be chill about. >> i hear you. >> i'm very cool with that. >> let me tell you. she worked hard as being the strongest. in order the captain this marvel
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franchise, she trained six days a week for six months straight with workouts that included heavy lifting. >> go, go, go, go, go. dig, dig, dig, dig. >> and brie says she can still push a jeep like it's no big deal. >> i have been sitting down a lot. so give me a couple of weeks just to, like, turn all my muscles back on. i could do it. i'm very competitive. say give me a challenge and i'm going to take it. >> three, two, one, go. do you remember though that day three years ago when they announced you at comic con? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. like, how did i get here? what is happening to me? it is moments like that that i think about. it's also, like, all of the auditions that i was rejected at that i think about. roles i didn't get, dudes that didn't like me. i have just always had that thing inside of me where i'm not going to give up or roll over and it feels really good to stand here today. >> go girl. >> yes, indeed. she's so strong. i can't wait until you see this
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movie, nance. >> i can't wait to see it. >> take your daughter. >> yep. well, nothing marvelous about what happened on "the bachelor" last night. >> uh-oh. >> bachelor nation is shocked th. >> all it does is clear the way for her to be the ne nexnext bachelorette. >> everything happens for a reason. ask some of our favorite couples because they are about work and play. lauren zima saw it first hand when we teamed up with secrets for a week of unlimited luxury. >> we figured you might know a thing or two about competition. what did you guys learn about yourselves while competing for love on tv? >> i'm really bad at sports. >> i'll do whatever it takes to win. >> i'm not competitive. >> no? >> pretty easy going. >> would you ever do a reality tv competition show again? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> no.
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>> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> not for love. >> yes, you would. >> not for love. i'm just going to let him do it all. >> for the sake of your relationships, there won't be winners or losers today. >> all right, lauren. who won? >> are there really winners and losers here? >> yeah. yeah. >> i think so. >> well, you're all winners because secrets has endless amenities and entertainment day or night and we have a great show planned for you tonight. >> okay. i have a few things to say. >> uh-huh? >> i want a vacation and number two, i'm angry about caelynn getting kicked off. >> i can't see past that blue water and sunny skies and fun. >> i'm telling you. coming up, d.j. khalid tells us what his next conquest is. it's something he has never done before and the kid ddos are goi
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to love it. next on kron-4 news at
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tomorrow on "e.t." mariah care carey is back on tour. sharing beauty tip. >> wear your sunscreen, darling. and jenny mccarthy's big warning ahead of "the masked singer" finale. >> you'll cry. >> tomorrow on "e.t." everybody wants to know if i'm going to get slimed at the kid's choice awards. >> now that really is a rare moment with d.j. khaled because he knows how to talk. we're not mad at you. >> he does. he likes to talk. he can't talk a lot and he's revealing why he's hosting the kids choice award. it's all about the kids. >> i make my son happy every single day. even if i'm on the road, i facetime him and i want to make sure he's happy and he's smiling. so it's just, like, the best feeling in the world to see all the kids worldwide to be happy.
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>> thumbs up. bye, everybody. >> bye. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (pam) breaking news right
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