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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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(grant)(grant) shattered glass. rattled drivers. tonight a search for whomever is throwing things at cars...on a south bay highway. (grant) thank you for joining us i'm grant lodes. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. it's happened over a period of months along a stretch of highway 152 specifically between casa de fruta parkway and dinosaur point road. now highway patrol are intensifying their search before someone is seriously hurt. kron-4's rob fladeboe joins us live from santa clara county...with details on these incidents. (rob) i'm here along casa de fruta parkway in santa clara county. it's on this stretch of highway 152 --- to dinosaur point road. the
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reported. that's about a thirteen mile stretch of road. c--h-p says they been investigating these reports for a year now. there have been around 10. mostly occurring at night. the latest happened in daylight. drivers have reported damaged windows...from shattered glass. but fortunately only minor injuries at this point. (rob) this is the description police are giving of the suspect. they say he is a caucasian male...middle-aged...with thin build...and shoulder length hair.shoulder
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point.injuries at this point. length hair.shoulder length hair.
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length hair. (anchor1) taking a live
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look outside-- our sutro camera looking at the golden gate bridge. enjoy the dry weather now-- because more rain is on the way. (anchor 2) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and a little sunshine today with cool highs in the 50s. we continue to see a few showers on doppler radar and more snow in the sierra. on the satellite you can see another storm coming our way. more heavy rain is clouds will increase tonight with showers developing by early morning. (grant) (grant) a big story tonight...
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president trump on the ground in alabama and georgia today-- surveying the damage from this country's deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly 6 years. kristen holmes has more on the presidential visit as the community mourns 23 lives lost. president trump -in alabama-- touring 'ground zero' of sunday's deadly tornado
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outbreak. pres. donald trump: "we saw things that you wouldn't believe. here it is." the first family touring parts of lee county. meeting with people impacted by the e-f 4 tornado-- as well as families who lost loved ones. 23 people were killed parts of the community - destroyed.pres. donald trump: "a lot of folks get aid and we're providing all of the aid//we love you all, we thank you all. we love the state of al." the president spending time with governor kay ivey...and first responders pres. donald trump: "i just wanna thank you for the job you do, you're incredible people."and reiterating his commitment to help with the recovery process. on tuesday - president trump declared the situation a 'major disaster' -- ordering federal aid to the state. flags are staff a cross until sundown sunday. honoring the lives lost.... ranging in age of six to 89.the youngest recovery process- they are facing another threat of severe weather this weekend. though weather experts say the danger is not as great as last weekend. in washington, i'm kristen holmes reporting.
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(vicki) developing news... the mental competency of the man charged with the deadly stabbing on a bart platform-- remains unsolved. 28-year-old john lee cowell is accused of killing 18-year-old nia wilson at the macarthur bart station back in july. a judge suspended the legal proceedings-- saying there is substantial evidence cowell is mentally incompetent to stand trial. in a hearing today-- one doctor supported that claim. but another doctor said he was not able to conclude cowell's mental competency. next week, a judge will decide if he will appoint a third psychiatrist to examine cowell. (grant) a deadly crash this morning in san francisco.p a truck in the area of sixth and howard streets. a viewer shared this video and pictures from the scene. police have not released the
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identity of the victim. they are still investigating what happened. mayor london breed called for action to improve safety. "this is a terrible, terrible tragedy on our streets. it just reinforces the need to do more, faster."(grant) the mayor also released a satement saying she is actively working on making the streets of san francisco safer for biciclysist, pedestrians, and drivers. (haaziq) the loud sound of airplanes may soon be a thing of the past for residents near s-f-o new technology is being tested right now that could all but silence the commercial aircrafts kron4's haaziq madyun has the story nats/haaziqwhat's that sound overhead?sotthat is the foster neighborhood heading to sfo. that noise is part of the foster city lifestyle that may soon be coming to an end
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thanks to a ground based augmentation system or gbas being tested at sfosotsfo spokesperson doug yakel explains how it workssot and he says there are a couple of real benefits for the airport and those who live along the arrival flight path sot sotfoster city residents paige mcdonald and ric turek describe what is has been like living in the path of sfo's runway for the past
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12-yearssotsot what will life be like without that soundsotofficials at sfo say there are still a few hurdles like getting the faa on board. if all goes well gbas could be up and and running in sfo haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) much needed relief -- coming to the dreaded highway 101 corridor. today, cal-trans broke ground on the 32-mile stretch of express lanes planned for the freeway from san bruno to sunnyvale. kron four's philippe djegal reports from san mateo. (philippe) between interstate 380 in san bruno to state route 237 in sunnyvale along highway 101... the california department of transportation says express
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lanes are coming. and, they will be available both north and southbound by the year 20-22. cal-trans broke ground on the project friday in san mateo. cal-trans says it will build new lanes for the project and convert existing carpool lanes. the express lanes will span a total of 32-miles. the new lanes are intended to alleviate congestion on the busy stretch of roadway. cal-trans says some two million drivers rely on this part of the freeway every week. the estimated cost of the project is 567-million dollars. cal-trans says this project is apart of a broader vision to bring the network of express lanes in the bay area to 600 miles by the year 2035. in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) a measles outbreak hits san francisco... raising concerns about how many people are vaccinated against the virus. we'll talk virus. san mateo. (vicki)
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four news. (vicki) (vicki) a measles outbreak hits san francisco... raising concerns about how many people are vaccinated against the virus. we'll talk with a doctor from marin general hospital about vaccination rates here in the bay area. (grant) plus.. . a warning if you're planning a mexico vacation soon. the security alert for spring breakers. (vicki) and steph curry-- taking part in international women's day. the new shoes he released today-- and it's all thanks to a girl from the bay area.
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(vicki) today is a day all about girl power. that's because march 8th is international woman's day. it's a day that celebrates women's achievements and also marks a call for action to help promote gender equality. kron4's maureen kelly was with san francisco's mayor london breed as she addressed an all girl's elementary school. the idea of this day is celebratory as to how far e come but also it knowledges how far we must go upper classmen started the international's woman's day assembly at a private all girl's k-8 school in sea cliff. reminding their classmates that the world can be a tough place for women. in saudi arabia women cannot go outside without a male guardian. in malta manner
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allowed to kidnap a woman if he has the intent to marry her a seventh grader hoping to break in music shared her research on pay inequity in that industry. on average women made $20,000 less than men another reminded the audience of far women have come in this country.150 years ago people thought it was improper for women to give a speech well look where i am now when mayor london breed entered to the auditorium.... the students of katherine delmar burke school gave her a standing ovation..... it feels incredible because i have the opportunity to make history l go in the first african-american woman to serve as mayor of san francisco michael is to make sure i am not the last she talked to them about her opporuntunity for all every high school student in the city access to a paid internship to help give kids from all walks a life a glimpse of what it takes to succeed.providing opportunities for young people to succeed in life so you can be and do anything in this world. that is something so important to me, make sure that you reach for the stars that you fill it in your heart and you focus on doing the best you can in school the best you can in life, because if you want to be a scientist if you wanna be mayor if you want to start your own company or be a musician you can do it. we have a deal you got to do it? yeah! maureen kelly
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kron4 news. (grant) these aren't just any basketball shoes. these --- are steph curry's signature shoes. and the latest version --- inspired by a 9 year old napa girl riley who helped design them(vicki) the shoe was fittingly at oracle arena with more. gayle?
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warriors star steph curry is paying homage to a nine year old napa girl on international womens (friday)..was the big reveal of the áspecialá curry 6 shoe that riley morrison designed herself..the shoe is called the curry 6 "united we win" comes in deep purple and white in honor of all women around the world who are using their voice for equality.we first introduced you to morrison in november when she wrote curry a letter..asking why his under armor shoes are not made for girls..she also plays basketball...and just wa new girls shoes for the new season..he wrote back.. promised her change...and since then, she has recieved
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two pairs of new sneakers..she was one of the first kids to get the curry 6 shoes..a christmas gift from curry himself...we saw her wearing them in january when he released them as he was throwing a big party in the time to show his gratitude to all his fans.. and today - a celebration honoring all the women... inspired by a turned into a movement.. movement.. (anchor) taking a live look outside-- taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) francisco.
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(vicki) still ahead... it's late in the season-- but flu activity is still high. details on the new warning about a second wave of severe infections. (grant) out today.... the february jobs report -- shocking analysts... under- whelming numbers. why the president doesn't seem to mind the low number.
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despite a dip in the unemployment rate, u-s job creation fell off sharply last month, reviving concerns about the strength of the economy. (vicki) the labor department's report bucked the recent trend of big monthly jobs numbers, but some economists say certain may have made february -- after bang --the february jobs report -- a whimper.the labor department well below economists' forecasts. president trump shrugged off the number -- instead, pointing, to the report's bright spots.president trump: "the unemployment rate just went lower. we are down now to 3.8%. so we have very good news in that. i think the big news really was that wages went up and thats great for the american worker."wages did grow 3-point-four percent over
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last year, and the unemployment rate dipped to 3-point-eight percent possible factors -- winter weather driving down february hiring in key sectors like construction, while retail, and hospitality remained flat. and a job market -- coming back down to earth after some blockbuster months.some analysts cautioning against reading too much into one report.rana foroohar/financial times global business columnist: "you always have to look at jobs numbers in sort of a three-month group. if you average it out, we had a great january, a really terrible february - that's in part because of weather, warmer weather, and then colder weather. if you average it out across three months, thats 186,000 a month. that's actually dember and january, tr policy and a ballooning federal deficit. w (grant) next at 5:30... measles is back in the bay doctor evens from marin general hospital joins us live in studio to talk about the
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outbreak-- and vaccination rates in the bay area. (vicki) plus... we are learning more information tonight about a naked prowler just arrested. details on how police tracked down the stanford lecturer.
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tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (vicki) in the south bay... a stanford lecturer has been arrested for peeping into several homes in san jose... while naked.
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and this is not the first time 60 year old mark veregge has been caught doing this kind of thing. in this blurred video, you can see veregge in this video walking naked in front of the home. he knocked on the front door looked through a window and then fled the scene. san jose police say between feburary 15th and march fifth... veregge committed several acts of indecent exposure. the video helped police identify the 60- year-old and arrest him. veregge is now at the santa clara county jail. (vicki) a warning about an increase in coyote santa clara county shll as mountain lions. wednesday morning in the saratoga hills. city officials say


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