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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  March 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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suspected of opening fire, and are investigating a possible terrorist motive for the deaths.(vicki) omar jimenez is in washington to explain how the united states is taking note of the security concerns around the world. fear inside a dutch tram as a gunman opens fire.police arrested a 37-year-old man -- gokmen tanis (gehk-man tahn- ish) -- for the deadly attack. dutch police: "one of the scenarios is that it's terrorism, but we're not sure." the shooting in the netherlands happening just three days after the deadliest terror attack in new zealand's history.investigators say 28-year-old brenton harrison tarrant -- an australian -- targeted two mosques in christchurch.50 people lost their lives.just before the attack -- investigators believe the gunman posted a
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link to a white nationalist manifesto.the 87-page document is filled with anti-immigrant and anti-muslim sentiments. jacinda ardern / new zealand pm:" there are those who do not share our values of openness, of diversity, of compassion.".as new zealand works to change its gun laws -- homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sees domestic terrorism as a, quote, "real and serious danger."kirstjen nielsen / secretary of homeland security: "i want to make one thing very clear: we will not permit such hate in our the secretary range of threats.secretary of homeland concerned about infrastructure hostage, stealing our money and secrets, exploiting children online and even hacking our democracy."in washington -- i'm omar jimenez reporting. (grant) this year -- the department of homeland security will host the first- ever national summit on terrorism prevention. it will span two days -- and bring together tech companies, community leaders -- law enforcement -- social service providers -- and more --to brain-storm ways to prevent and respond to terror. (grant) also tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (vicki) in the east bay... several food facilities closed due to vermin infestations. but
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all have reopened as of yesterday. the first was lunardi's... a high end grocery store in danville. officials say rodent droppings were found inside the store on friday, it was closed to be cleaned and reopened on saturday. the second location that closed was "the jungle" children's play center on diamond boulevard in concord. health inspections say they found two dead rodents in traps in the kitchen-- along with droppings. officials say the major violations have been resolved there. and right across the street... the hilton concord's food facility was briefly closed after a dead rodent and a live rodent were found, along with droppings. lastly... the burger king on mahogany way in antioch was closed because of cockroaches-- but it has since reopened. ... (grant) in the south bay... police in los altos are warning people to be on the lookout for a driveway repair scam. they say the scammers are targeting elderly residents-- offering to repair or seal-coat driveways. they will give victims a
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verbal estimate-- without a contract. the work is then done with few tools and low grade materials to complete a sub par job. the scammers then demand a cash-only payment that is significantly larger than the original estimate. police are now warning residents to be aware of these types of workers going door-to-door. (vicki) happening now on the peninsula... police are looking for three suspects involved in robbery and carjacking in half moon bay. it happened friday night outside the wells fargo bank a-t-m on san mateo road. police say a man was withdrawing money when a black man with a handgun approached him and demanded cash as well as the keys to his b-m-w. the victim complied and saw two other men in his car as it peeled out. a short time later-- the suspects led officers on a chase, but eventually got away. police are now looking for a blue b-m-w x-3 s-u-v. (vicki) the town of hillsborough is suing the owner of the quirky flintstone house. they say she violated local codes when she put dinosaur sculptures in the
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backyard and made other landscaping changes. officials have declared it a public nuicanse. the complaint was filed this week against florenge fang. she is a media mogul who purchased the house in 20-17. in october-- a code enforcement panel found the violations-- and officials say fang refused to remove the features. her grandson says she is going to fight to save the flinstone house. lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with mostly sunny skies early but then the fog returned. the doppler is showing no rain around the state. low clouds and fog will move into the bay and local valleys. on the satellite you can see the next storm headed our way. tomorrow we will see patchy fog give way to increasing clouds late. rain will move in tomorrow night and continue on wednesday. another storm will arrive late on friday with showers lingering into saturday. (vicki) a big story we are following... today marks one year since officers shot and killed stephon clark
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in sacramento. (grant) police shot the unarmed 22-year old several times after mistaking his cell phone for a gun.cell phone for mistaking his after saturday.lingering into saturday. (vicki) a big story we are following... today marks one year since officers shot and killed stephon clark in sacramento. (grant) police shot the unarmed 22-year old several times after mistaking his cell phone for a gun. kron 4's sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how his
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family and activists are hoping to honor him. ((pkg)) trt 1:39((say his name))one year later... stephon clark's family is still shaken by his death. (sequita thompson- grandma) "them two officers, that execution style, shooting him like he was nothing. people, please do not judge my grandson." (stevante clark- brother ) "he had his entire life ahead of him, i'd rather me than him." clark's family members, their famous attorney ben crump and activist al sharpton stood on the steps of the state capitol monday... pushing for changes to avoid what brought them together in the first place. ((rev al sharpton)) "the legacy is we are going to pass legislation in stephon's name, the legacy is that we won't stop fighting for justice in stephon's name. you might've killed him a year ago but you can't kill a movement."the group called on state lawmakers to pass ab392, which allows police to use deadly force only when absolutely necessary. they're also urging for legislation requiring evidence from officer-involved shootings to always be presented to a grand
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jury for the public record it provides....something sacramento's district attorney chose not to do. (ben crump- clark family lawyer) "because she didn't give it to any grand jury, none of your citizens will have the right to stand up and say 'we listened to the testimony in the clark and i object!' we don't have that right, because there was no grand jury." although clark is no longer alive, his family is confident his spirit will live forever through change in his city, his state and possibly the law. tag. (grant) happening now... police are warning parents about virtual kidnapping scams. this comes after officers in laguna beach say two victims received calls claiming their daughters had been abducted-- and would be harmed unless money was wired to a mexican bank account. the calls happened within a 24-hour period. police say the calls were hoaxes-- and there were no abductions.
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one of the victims paid five-thousand dollars before learning his daughter was safe. (grant) more and more teenagers are using e- cigarettes. but the f-d-a is trying to put an end to it. we'll explain how. (vicki) plus-- the measles out break is still spreading. details on the spike in cases just reported. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. tonight... the number of measles cases in the united states continues to grow.
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the centers for disease control and prevention confirms at least 268 cases of measles since the first of the year. that's 40 more than what was reported last week. fifteen u-s states are reporting measles cases. that includes washington state, which has been dealing with an outbreak since january. cases have also been reported in california-- and right here in the bay area. in all of 20-18, the c-d-c reported 372 cases of measles in the u-s -- which was the second-highest number of cases in more than 20 years. (vicki) and there are new guidelines when it comes to taking aspirin. it is no longer recommended older adults take daily low-dose aspirin to prevent strokes or heart attacks. the american college of cardiology and the american heart association announced the new guidelines yesterday. it says doctors may consider aspirin for certain older high-risk patients-- including those having trouble lowering their cholesterol or managing blood sugar. that's as long as there is no increased risk for internal bleeding. (grant) still ahead...
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new details of the man accused of planning to attack google employees in mountain view. for the first time we are hearing from the iowa state trooper who gave local police a heads up.
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(grant) tonight... we are learning new information about the man accused of plotting an attack against google employees in mountain view. 30-year-old kyle long was arrested in mountain view after an iowa state trooper warned them that long was warned them that long was on his way to google. now--
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we are hearing from the trooper who alerted mountain view police. angelina salcedo has the story. (nats)it was a normal call to respond to: one vehicle in the ditch at the 92 mile marker of i-80.trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"the vehicle was running, the windows were down, the radio was on and there was no one around."that was the first red flag for trooper zenor.sot trooper - "that is not typical, somebody that is in danger, or does wreck, usually calls."after running the truck's license plate, cops found out long was from maine and has a violent past.trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"they immediately put me in an officer safety alert - meaning this subject had diagnosed mental disorders, was extremely violent."meanwhile long was at the nearby kum and go waiting for a tow truck when troopers circled back to question him. (nats)trooper: "what did you say you're going down to california for?"long: "a business meeting at google headquarters."trooper: "where's all your luggage and stuff?"long: "this is it!" officers had no reason to arrest him, so they let him go to california.but they weren't completely done with the case.
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trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"he never just came out in direct threats he kind of worked around it that if they wouldn't have this meeting, he was going to make a meeting happen.that was kind of the final, this information must get passed on."so trooper zenor called police in california.trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"i relayed to them, 'i really think this subject has thoughts and he could actually harm someone.'" hours later police in california arrested long for making threats toward google employees.back home in iowa, trooper zenor was relieved trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"i truly believe i was just doing my job. i truly feel like anybody, any other officer in this situation would've handled and done that extra work." (grant) (grant) that was angelina salcedo reporting. police in mountain view say long was mad at youtube -- because his videos were deleted, preventing him from earning money. they also say they found three baseball bats in his trunk. police
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are holding him on suspicion of making criminal threats. (vicki) tonight the f-d-a is proposing new rules for e- cigarettes. the government says the rules could prevent more young adults from becoming addicted to nicotine. kron 4's mark meredith is in washington with more. the government says e- cigarette use is skyrocketing. especially among teenagers.fda commissioner scott gottlieb calls that a big problem.nat: "these products are not safe" "no kid should be using nicotine and no kid should be using an e-cigarette"currently stores are not allowed to sell e-cigs to anyone under the f-d-a wants to go further. by elminating kid friendly bubble gum....and requiring stores not allow anyone under 18 in the door.(dr. scott gottlieb / fda commissioner)"what we're trying to do is take steps to limit the access and appeal that these products have to kids"the f-d-a says it's allowing the public to comment first before imposing the new rules.and in a twist...the american lung association is criticizing the f-d-a.claiming the proposals will do little to curb e-cigarette a statement the association writes quote:"fda continues to take half measures that will not protect our nation's predatory marketing practices of the tobacco industry." gottlieb says the fda knows it has more work to do..."this is going to be hard to reverse,
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we're not going to change these trends overnight"the fda is expected to finalize its regulations within washington, i'm mark meredith. (anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a skies early but then the fog y returned. the doppler is showing no rain around the state. low clouds and fog will
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move into the bay and local valleys. on the satellite you can see the next storm headed our way. tomorrow we will see patchy fog give way to increasing clouds late. rain will move in tomorrow night and continue on wednesday. another storm will arrive late on friday with showers lingering into saturday. (grant) next on kron4 news at 5... the first flight from oakland to hawaii lands in honolulu. we'll hear from passengers who were on the inaugural flight. flight. saturday.lingering into with showers lingering into saturday.
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(grant) next on next on kron4 news at 5... the first flight from oakland to hawaii lands in honolulu. we'll hear from passengers who were on the inaugural flight.
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(grant) a historic moment for southwest airlines-- it now offers flights to hawaii. (vicki) after taking off from oakland yesterday... the plane touched down at honolulu's international airport. nicole tam was at the celebration. the klan family from erie pennsylvania are big fans of southwest airlines - they've been on the last thirty inaugural flights.on sunday -- they added one more.tim klan/passenger on inaugural flight:"if we're gonna fly, we might as well be the first passengers in and experience a huge party like we're having today."the plane came from
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oakland international airport with 156 passengers on board. inside, hula, music and a traditional hawaiian blessing ceremony celebrated a milestone for the low-cost carrier.residents are visiting honolulu for the first time because of the introductory 49 dollar one-way deals.kayla thompson/passenger on inaugural flight:"we had to get it within the first 30 minutes because they sold out really fast."brytani davis/passenger on inaugural flight:"i've actually wanted to come to hawaii for a really long time. it was my grandfather's favorite place in the whole world so it's kind of special for me to get to come here and see everything that he saw."the airline says low ticket prices are here to stay.tom nealon/southwest president:"we are absolutely in this for the long run. we ain't going anywhere. we're here to compete and we're here to win." the governor welcomes the airline - he hopes it'll give the state an economic boost. gov. david ige/d-hawaii:"i really look forward to southwest doing very well in the islands. i know they'll add value and choices to our residents as well as visitors." southwest said it'll announce service from hawaii to other california cities like san diego and sacramento.even inter-island service to lihue on kauai in the coming weeks. the first neighbor island flight between honolulu and kahului on maui will start on april 28th.
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(vicki) that wraps that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(grant) ken wayne and catherine ken wayne and catherine heenan are here with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant and vicki. tonight at 6.... a rash of freeway shootings in the east bay... three in as many days... with one resulting in the death of a young woman. what is behind the sudden spike in roadway violence.... and what's being done to stop it. and... at least three people are dead as a gunman terrorizes a tram in a peaceful dutch city. what authorities are leanring about the suspect they have arrested.... and what lawmakers are proposing to prevent gun violence stateside. plus more rain is on the way to the bay area... we'll have that and more on the news -- at six -- next.
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down, drive safe, remain vigilant> (ken) tonight at 6. three shootings in as many days... on bay area freeways. the first shooting happened on eastbound highway four near concord on saturday night. that resulted in the death of a young woman. an unrelated shooting on i-580 injured a woman on sunday... as she was
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shot in the leg. and the most recent was this morning on interstate 80..a victim discovered a bullet hole in their car after someone fired one round toward their car. (ken)thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne.(catherine)and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore.tonight we're learning more about the woman killed in the shooting on highway four in concord. the c-h-p held a news conference today with details. kron 4's michelle kingston is live in vallejo the new information. michelle? chp says they've had 185 freeway shootings since november 2015.nine of those shootings have been fatal ... including saturday's shooting. take vochp investigators say destinee hillery -- a resident of antioch -- was found shot to death while driving her car on eastbound highway 4 near the willow pass road off ramp. her family says she was a beautiful girl with lots of friends and family who loved her.chp believes it was a targeted, gang related shooting -- but would not go into detail as to why they believe this.on sunday -- another shooting ... this one on 580 east near airway boulevard.chp says this


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