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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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(vicki) breaking news tonight at 5... we have just learned that giants c-e-o and part-owner larry baer will not be charged in that public altercation with his wife. good evening i'm vicki liviakis. (grant) and i'm grant lodes. the san francisco district attorney's office announced late this afternoon... baer will ánot be charged. this is video from t-m-z. the altercation happened earlier this month at a park in san francisco. you can see baer's wife pam sitting down... when he reaches over to grab a cellhone from her hand-- she tries to prevent him from taking the phone... and she topples over... and screams 'oh my god, no.'
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the couple released a statement saying they were embarrassed by the situation. just days later-- baer announced he was taking a leave of absence from the giants organization. it's not clear when he ámight return to the team. several groups-- along with mayor london breed... have been calling for baer to be punished... by major league baseball and or the team.. but again-- the d-a announcing about 45 minutes ago that baer will not face criminal charges. (grant) and more breaking news tonight... a jury in san francisco federal court says roundup weed killer was a substantial factor in a sonoma county man's cancer. the unanimous verdict was reached today-- and it could help determine the fate of hundreds of similar lawsuits against roundup's manufacturer "monsanto". the jury says the weed killer played a significant factor in 70- year-old edwin hardeman's non-hodgkin's lymphoma. it's not clear how much money he will be awarded-- as the trial now moves to the damages phase. this is the second jury verdict to find that
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roundup caused non-hodgkin's lymphoma. last year-- dewayne johnson was awarded 289-million dollars. (vicki) another big story we are following tonight... for sometime, p-g-and-e has been blamed for november's destructive camp fire, which tore through butte county, charring more than 153- thouasnd acres, destroying nearly 14-thousand homes and killing 86 people.(grant) now attorneys for wildfire victims say they have uncovered internal documents they say shows the utility knew about the risk and chose to ignore it. kron 4's dan kerman is live at p,g&e headquarters in san francisco with details.... attorneys for victims of the butte county camp fire have discovered this internal pg&e email from 2014 indicating the company knew the towers on the transmission line believed to have started the camp fire were likely to fail, but the company took no action. the email says the "caribou
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palermo: reliability score is not that high because although the likelihood of failed structures happening is high, the affected customers are likely in the order of >1k."sot you can call it a smoking gun attorney mike danko who represents numerous camp fire victims says pg&e was willing risk its customers safety sot mike danko/attorney for fire victims :39it disgusts me the entire company and corporation they are convicted felons and they have no regard for human life or safetyattorneys also point to a 2016 document indicating on the same transmission line "j hook hardware ... broke...( because it) "had been compromised through corrosion." and the lessons learned was to take "special care to inspect the condition of the hardware prior to applying force."sot what these docuents tell us is pge knew all the jhooks on the line were corroded and at risk of failing and what pge did instead of replace the hooks is lets treat them carefully and hope when they do fail it happens duringa rainstorm so if there is a fire it is extinghised by the a statement pg&e does not address their past actions or details in either document instead saying "the 56-mile caribou-palermo electric
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transmission line has been de- energized since december 2018. they also say they are enhancing vegetation management, conducting accelerated safety inspections and expanding our public safety power shutoff program shutoff program /157 (anchor1) the blue skies are moving out of the bay area-- and the rain the bay area-- moving out of skies are the blue (anchor1) program /157shutoff program power shutoff public safety expanding our public safety power shutoff program shutoff program /157
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(anchor1) the blue skies are moving out of the bay area-- and the rain is moving in. this is a look at stormtracker four radar... (anchor 2) time now to check on time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain
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showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain late on friday and into the weekend. (grant) stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you'll find full forecasts... and an
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interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay area storms. all with the kron-4 mobile app (vicki) developing news tonight... an explosion injures a garbage worker in oakland. and the alameda county sheriff's office bomb squad is determining what caused the blast. as kron 4's haaziq madyun reports... investigators say surveillance video is playing a key role. sotthis is video a california waste solutions employee being injured after a blast occurred while he was compressing a load of garage on moss street in oakland tuesday morning. the alameda county bomb squad was called in to detect the source of the explosion. investigators say the video immediately played a key role in ruling out foul playsot
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sheriff's office bomb squad: "you can see an aerosol can that has been crushed. they might be suspected in this">sot however the risk of a pressurized container exploading in a trash compactor is greatly deminished by properly disposing of hazardous wastesot sot
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(grant) (grant) in the south bay... too few dispatchers, too much overtime and too many resources expended on non-emergencies. (vicki) those are among the findings of an audit that concludes there is room for much improvement in police and fire department response times in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe has more on the audit now live from san jose. rob? (rob live) the 65 page audit presented to the city council this afternoon says thersponse times are getting faster but are still not fast enough and makes several recommendations to get there. san jose police and fire 911 emergency dispatchers are putting in lots of costly overtime but while they have improved considerably in recent years, response times are still not what they should be. a 65 page city audit finds that the money spent on overtime would be enough to hire more than a dozen new dispatchers says city auditor sharon erickson.sharon erickson/san jose city auditor "....we need a lot more boots on the ground, we need aggressive hiring of call takers but itdoes take a lot
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of time to train them..."the audit makes several recommendations for improving the response to emergency calls, 95-percent of which are supposed to be answered within 15 seconds. san jose is at roughly 90-percent. the audit recommends the city improve it's system for dealing with the estimated 40 percent of calls handled by dispatchers each day that are not true emergences.mayor sam liccardo/san jose "....we need technology and there are steps in the process that could be eliminated with technology that is readily available so it's just a matter of investment..."the audit calls for aggressive hiring and recruiting in an effort to relieve stress in what is an already stressfull job of sending police and firefighters to emergencies. the audit references dispatchers who are said to be suffering from exaustion, lack of time with their families and low morale...sharon erickson/san jose city auditor "....emergency response times when you think about it is one of the most critical services the city provides, dialing 911, that is how you get help...." (rob live) the audit report includes a joint statement from police chief eddie garcia and fire chief robery sapien, who said they agreed with most of the auditor's recommendatio ns but said some of the them, like fixing glitches in the way non-emergency calls are routed to the right places, would take some time. meanwhile, the city will likely be looking to hire more dispatchers. live insan jose rob fladeboe kron4news
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(vicki) coming up... patriot's owner robert kraft is charged in a prostitution solicitation sting. but
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he could get off easy. details on the plea deal he's being offered. (grant) more teachers in the east bay are asking for better living wages-- and they say that're willing to strike if a deal isn't reached with the school district. details on how soon teachers in dublin could walk out of the classroom. (vicki) plus... san francisco is cracking down on e-cigarettes. details on the proposed ban-- and why they want a popular company to get out of town.
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(grant) citing a growing
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epidemic in youth tobacco use... some san francisco officials are proposing a defacto ban on e-cigarette sales in the city.(vicki) kron4's maureen kelly was at a news conference today... where city leaders said they want a major e-cigarette company based in san francisco to move out of town. the san francisco city attorney says he's trying to keep another generation of san francisco youth from becoming addicted to e day joined by new york city and chicago... he sent this letter to the fda calling on them to use their power to require a public health review on the products..which he says should have been done before they came on the market. district ten supervisor shamann walton is joining the fight by introducing legislation that would prohibit the popular vaping product from being sold in stores or shipped to san francisco addresses until they are reviewed by the fda. they cited statictics saying last year 5 million kids nationwide reported using tobacco products ...the use of e- cigarettes increasing 78% amoung high school students...and up 49% for middle school students.san francisco is not immune from that if you go to any high school here in san francisco, you talk to parents will talk about it happening in classrooms and bathrooms it is an epidemic and san francisco is not an island that is immune to this epidemic abuse walton is introducing another
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piece of legistlation that would prohibit e cigarette companies like juul.....which is headquarted on pier 70....from occupying city owned property in the future. i don't eventually want to see them leave this city,i would have liked for them to have been gone a statement juul labs say they have taken aggressive action to curb young people from using their products including stopping the sale of flavored products nationwide.....and support regulation keeping e cigarettes out of kid's hands...."but this proposed legislation's primary impact will be to limit adult smokers' access to products that can help them switch away from combustible cigarettes. we encourage the city of san francisco to severely restrict youth access but do so in a way that preserves the opportunity to eliminate combustible cigarettes. " maureen kelly kron4 news
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(grant) a big story tonight... u-s-c has placed a hold on the accounts of students who may be involved in the recent college admissions scam. those students won't be allowed to register for classes or acquire their transcripts. that is until the investigation is complete. the university says the students have been notified that their status is under review. u-s-c says it has e students or pulling their admission depending on the results of the investigation. it's unclear how many u-s-c students are affected. and today we are learning that the university is raising tuition and fees amid the scandal. incoming freshman can now expect to pay more than 57-thousand dollars per year. u-s-c officials insist the
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value of the degree makes the price worth it. (vicki) developing news tonight... a plea deal could keep new england patriots owner robert kraft out of court in a florida prostitution sting.the multi=billionaire is charged with paying for sex at an asian day spa.he's pled not guilty, even though prosecutors say they have videos showing him in sex acts with two women. 1:22 djcheering natrobert kraft and his lawyer are not answering questions about the deal.prosecutors say they are willing to forego a trial if he will agree to do four things...... counseling on the social harm of prostitution... 100 hours of community service ... tested for sexually transmitted diseases... and, admit to a judge that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him.sfxthe 77 year old was named last month as one of the people receiving sexual favors for money at the orchids of asia day spa in jupiter, florida. jupiter is just a few miles away from mar-a-lago, the
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president's home in palm beach, where the spa's founder celebrated the patriots' super bowl victory by taking a selfie with the president. cindy yang sold the spa six years ago ... and what she did after that has caught the interest of congressional democrats.while making sizable donations to republicans, the chinese=born li founded a company promising chiese entrepreneurs access to the trump family, donald trump junior, eric trump and the president's sister.this week they demanded a thourough security check "well i think that this is something that needs a thorough investigation to see if miss yang was unscrupulous in granting access, or if, in fact, there's a serious national security threat. we need to see if she's connected to, in fact, the chinese intelligence services." (vicki) robert kraft is due back in court next week. (anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) time now to
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check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain late on friday and into the weekend. (grant) still ahead... a
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frightening scene for some parents in vallejo. a burglar is caught on camera-- going into their sleeping baby's bedroom. what police are saying about that man tonight. (vicki) a call for protected bike lanes in san francisco. this after a bicyclist was recently killed in an accident. hear from city officials who are demanding protection for cyclists.. and drivers.
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following the death of a 30 year old cyclist along howard street in san francisco earlier this month, the city has made some changes to improve safety for cyclists. however -- bicycle advocates are saying those changes are not enough. today they took their demands to city hall. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, here in san francisco a group of bike safety advocates rallied outside san francico city hall asking the city to add more safe bicycle lanes across the city. this comes after tess rothenstein was struck and killed by a car back on march 8th.those who attended the rally hope the city can move quickly to improve safety for cyclists.sot we should not have to wait for more lives to be lost. the changes that the bicycle coatlion are demanding go far beyond the protected extension of just one block. we need real city wide change proactive change.following today's rally a group went to the sf transportation board meeting to ask board members to move quickly to improve bicycle safety. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) (vicki) (vicki) tonight we are
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learning about the potential dangers of electric scooters. a man injured in an accident last week in san diego has died. this is video from the scene. 53-year-old christopher conti was riding a scooter on the sidewalk when he hit a tree last wednesday. he died two days later from head injuries. his death marks the first known scooter- related death in san diego. investigators do not know if alcohol was a factor in the crash.... but they say conti was not wearing a helmet. health officials say they are seeing a surge in scooter- related injuries (grant) next at 5:30... new legislation could make it easier to prosecute hit- and-run suspects-- if they were under the influence at the time of the crash. why the law is so lenient
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right now. (vicki) more teachers in the east bay could go on strike soon. details on how soon they could walk out of the classrooms in dublin.
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(vicki) tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. the east bay... where teachers could soon go on strike if a deal is not reached with the dublin unified school district. kron 4's sara stinson tells us how close they are from walking out of the classrooms. (on cam)
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ongoing between the dublin unified school district and it's teachers, but teachers voted last week to authorize a strike if mediation isn't working.">before the bell rang - teachers at fredrickson elementary school stood outside with signs and handed out informational panflets to parents informing them about the negotiations with the district.


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