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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  March 19, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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kron 4's sara stinson tells us how close they are from walking out of the classrooms. (on cam) before the bell rang - teachers at fredrickson elementary school stood outside with signs and handed out informational panflets to parents informing them about the negotiations with the district.
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paychecks.">danielle meyen (mine) is a single mom and a 3rd grade teacher - she says a salary increase is very needed with the rising cost of living. (on cam)
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technology records the time, date and location... each time a vehicle with a license plate passes by. a database is built... which investigators can use to establish suspects' or victims' path of travel in criminal cases. critics raised issues about people who are not suspected of a crime being subjected to surveillance. they are also concerned about who data might be shared with. city officials assured residents the data will ánot be share with immigration officials. (vicki) firefighters rescued a man who was stuck on a cliff at marshall beach-- south of the golden gate bridge in san francisco. kron-4 cameras were there as the man was brought to safety. it happened this morning shortly after 8:30. officials say the man was clinging to the edge of a cliff-- and they used ropes to rescue him. it took about two hours to bring him to safety.hours to bring him to safety. (grant) in the north bay... more than 27-hundred tons of debris have been collected in the lower russian river area around guerneville after the
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devastating flooding in the region. in an effort to help things along -- sonoma county officials are extending their clean up aid to business owners for the remainder of the week. and it's not just the homes and business that are in need of clean up -- conservationis ts say it goes much further than that. they say the impact the flooding had on the russian river itself... needs to be a focus. (grant) levels. >(grant) some 300 volunteers are expected to come out saturday to help with the river, beach and creek clean up. organizers are hoping even more folks will come to lend a hand. (vicki) on the peninsula... the san mateo county sheriff's office has released former peruvian president alejandro toledo.
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he was arrested at a restaurant in menlo park for being drunk in public-- after he apparently caused a scene and refused to leave. toledo was booked into the county jail and was released yesterday morning. before toledo's release-- sheriff's officials were contacted by interpol about possible charges against him in peru... but officers say the charges did not authorize another arrest in the u-s. toledo lives in los altos. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain late on friday and into the weekend.
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(grant) happeing now... investigators are trying to figure out what caused a motor home to catch fire in dixon-- killing two people and injuring two others. early this morning, first responders showed up to find two men outside a motor home. authorities say the two who died were inside the vehicle and could not get out.the conditions of the two injured men are not known at this time. the california highway
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patrol is investigating what happened. (vicki) a bill that would beef up the penalties for drivers of serious hit and run crashes is gaining traction the state capitol.. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what concerns lawmakers have about the bill, and shows us a victim's testimony that moved them to tears. é"my life was changed forever.."one sentence into her testimony, and susan gladding needed to catch her breath.(susan gladding - husnad killed in hit and run) "my husband, best friend and father of two children gavin gladding was stolen from us by a wreckless driver." susan explained to lawmakers how her husband was out jogging when he was hit by a suspected drunk, unlicensed driver. "the driver hid from law enforcement for almost a week while my family struggled with the loss of gavin and also with the weight of not knowing what had happened and who is reponsible." her husband inspired the proposed "gavin's law" which would increase prison time for hit and run drivers who cause serious injury or death... opponents of the measure say there are unintended consequences of the bill... (margo george- ca public defenders association)
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"all it does is increase incarceration, and we have been down that road before." but gladding's testimony left lawmakers speechless or in tears..((nats- sigh))including bay area democrat buffy wicks.. ((assm. buffy wicks d- oakland)) "i would request that we have more time to think some of this stuff through, because we do want to make sure the punishment meets the crime."southern california republican tom lackey was immediately in support of the bill ((assm. tom lackey r- palmdale)) "are we here to allow for accountability to be carried out or are we here to always sympathize with offenders? it gets very, very tiresome." on first vote, the bill failed, but the bipartisan committee vows to work with assemblyman jim patterson to get it passed. ((assm. jim patterson- r fresno)) "they have said, we know the loophole exists we want to work with you, that's never happened before." ((ashley)) gavin's law is now up for reconsideration by this same committee, another hearing on this is expected in the near future. tag. "it was a nightmare from the very beginning. i mean hearing my daughters voice screaming that she was in a van."(grant) van."she was in a screaming that daughters voice hearing my beginning. i mean the very nightmare from "it was a "it was a nightmare from the
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very beginning. i mean hearing my daughters voice screaming that she was in a van."(grant) as a parent... you feel powerless and horrified... your child gets kidnapped. how scammers tricked a southern california mother into sending them thousands of dollars... (vicki) plus after the break... a new survey reveals the cleanest airlines. and domestic carriers apparently really need to step up their game.
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♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. (grant) for your health tonight -- a new survey conducted by sky-trax revealed domestic airlines failed to break the list if the 30 cleanest carriers in the world. airlines passengers rated japan's all nippon airlines has the numer one cleanest airline. the japanese airline leads a pack dominated by carriers from fact -- airlines from the continent took the top six spots, with taiwan's eva air and south korea's asiana airlines coming in second and third. the cleanest ranked airline from north america is air canada. no domestic airline was listed in the top 30. researchers say the dirtiest part of any airplane is usually the tray table --
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right where your food goes. (vicki) still ahead... shocking video as a man breaks into a north bay home... and is seen sneaking into a sleeping baby's room. the clues left behind that could lead to an arrest. (lawrence) i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. (grant) in vallejo -- a terrifying moment for one family ... after a burglar broke into their home and
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snuck into the baby's room -- with the child sleeping in the crib.(vicki) the whole thing-- caught on camera ... and the burglar is still out there. kron 4's dan thorn has the story. a vallejo family shares chilling video of a man creeping into their baby's room while a burglarizing their home...sot: it was scary i was like in tears once i saw that video... schendelle (shin dell boho lah no) bohulano says the burglar broke into her sister's house on cotta way sunday morning. the burglar is seen quickly sneaking into her nephew's room while the 1 year old is peacefully resting..his 4 year old sister and mom were also fast asleep at the time.. bohulano says she feared for her nephew and niece..sot: i was very angry i was just like i was really honestly upset about that that's why i was like the moment i got here i went and hugged my niece and nephew im so glad that they're safe. in the video the burglar is seen in front of the home wearing a red hoodie. but it appears he came in through the back window after destroying
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the screen.surveillance images from around 8 am captured the man stealing a phone. he also made off with mac books, headphones and an ipad..nats sot: this is where he took the mac desk top..and this is where he pulled the cord nats.. bohulano says the man targeted the home after her sister's husband left to go for a morning run.when he returned he noticed the surveillance cameras had been tampered with and things were missing.. video from a neighbor shows the burglar stuffing the electronics in the trunk of this silver hatchback. and then driving off. driving off. (grant) that was our dan thorn reporting. the burglar apparently left behind some gloves which could be used to identify the suspect through dna testing. (vicki) southern california police say scammers are targeting parents-- and making them believe their child has been kidnapped.
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it's a story we first told you about yesterday on kron4 news at 5. but tonight-- we are hearing from one woman who made a big payment because she thought she was helping rescue her daughter. michele gile reports. "honestly, it was the most horrific thing thats happened to me in my life."it was a phone call last month from andreas 19 year old daughter -- she was sure of it.the panicked voice was audrey who was far away at college at the university of oregon."it was a nightmare from the beginning, hearing my daughter a voice, screaming for help that she was in a van."but it was not audrey on the phone at all. although this irvine mother didnt know it for 6 1/2 terrifying hours.natspolice say the criminals who orchestrate these virtual kidnappings -- and there have been several reported in orange county -- use the voice of a male or female screaming. parents in a panic hear danger, and then comply with demands for money to get their child back."i said i'm going to call police, then one gentleman said, andrea, this is a kidnapping, we have audrey, here is what is going to happen. if you want to see her again, you're gonna get us money."so for hours, andrea zigzagged in her car in 4
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cities, making withdrawls, as a pair of men screamed and swore at her.she said if she hung up the cell phone the suspects said there would be trouble.nats "we didn't know anything about that."following orders, andrea brought thousands of dollars to ria, in santa ana making a money transfer to mexico.she wired more money from another business, and then the last thousand was done at this rite aid in newport was 4500 dollars in all."i want to let all parents know if a phone call comes through, from a number they don't recognize do not answer that call." (vicki) that was michele gile reporting. police say the first red flag of this kind of scam is if the caller tries to prevent you from hanging up and contacting the
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victim. (anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain and into the weekend. (grant)
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weekend.and into the weekend. (grant) next on kron4 news at 5... a lot of people are getting ready to head out of town for spring break. what the c-d-c wants you to know to make sure you have a memorable trip... for all the right reasons.
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going to get a bit more crowded over the next few weeks as spring break approaches. (vicki) but-- there are some things you need to know before you head out of town-- to ensure a safe trip. meredith woods reports. flip-flops, sun-tans, and beer. yup, it's spring break. when hoardes of young adults get-away to re-charge their batteries before finals.for many that will mean a trip to the beach -- while others will opt to keep it localbut either way, the centers for disease control and prevention has some safety aware of drinking too much alcohol.not only does alcohol impair your judgement, but it can be deadly if you deicde to get behind the wheel.combining alcohol and sun -- can lead to dehydration and worsen the effects of drinking which could lead to sunburn or heatstroke.speaking of sun, make sure you protect skin.always wear sunscreen with at least an spf 15 when you are outside.and if you are drinking, try to stay in the shade.make sure to stay with a trusted group of atmospheres mixed with large crowds and alcohol in an unfamilar location can be a
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recipe for danger.and keep your phone charged and on you at all times.following a few simple rules this spring break can make the difference between a vacation to remember, or a vacation you would rather forget.for today's health minute, i'm meredith wood. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(grant) ken wayne ken wayne and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant and vicki. tonight at 6.... attorneys for wildfire victims are alleging they have found new documents that prove pg&e knew about the risks... ahead of november's deadly 'camp fire' ... and chose to ignore them. details on what the newly, unearthed documents say... and how this could change the case
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against the utility company. and another jury has found roundup maker monsanto responsible for causing a bay area man's cancer. what this could mean for the hundreds of similar cases the company is facing. and rain... on its way back to the bay area. we're tracking the storm... coming up next (pam) tonight at 6 ...
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another weather system is making its way into the bay area. and with it... more rain. this is a live look from our sutro tower cam in san francisco. the rain is expected to be heavy at times.. especially after midnight tonight. (ken) rain is not yet hitting the bay area. you can see on our network of traffic cameras... tonight's commute might not be heavily impacted by weather tonight... (ken) but tomorrow morning could be another story. thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore. and there is more rain on the way towards the end of this week ... áand next week as well. (pam) joining us now is chief meteorologist now is chief joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite yo


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