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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 29, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>new video released by the valais hope police department shows what led up to the deadly officer-involved shooting of 20 year old willie mccoy mccoy was killed by police in his car last month at a taco bell drive through good evening, everybody on the key will be aka some just involvement in for graham willie mccoy along with their attorney john burris has responded to the video's release. >>kron four scale long joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest scale. the scene and vicki that family is outraged by the body camera video their attorney says. >>they don't accept the account of what really happened. >>that every time that we look at that video we can do is just think about where the you know. when he is a person that was i'm always trying to help somebody for him to get that is just the acceptable. >>the family of 20 year-old willie mccoy and their attorney john burris are speaking out after just released a video by the vallejo police departments. >>showing what led up to the deadly officer-involved shooting was a fine squad.
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>>now use that term lightly but when you have that many shot this young man was shot to pieces. >>mccoy was killed by police in his car last month at a taco bell drive-thru in vallejo barrage of shots.">police say mccoy moved suddenly and looked at the officers,when officers told mccoy to put his hands up, he did not comply and moved his hands quickly towards the gun..and, that's what led to the officers firing at himmccoy died at the scene.his family outraged by the body camera video. on friday, vallejo police released the body cameras of 6 officers involved in the fatal shooting that night.mccoy's family and their attorney
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acknowledge that it's important for the public to see exactly what happened but they will be looking into whether what happened to mccoy was a violation of his civil rights. (gayle)the family's attorney says they will move forward with a civil rights lawsuit against vallejo the meantime, the solano county district attorney's office, vallejo police and it's internal affairs department are all still investigating this in the studio, gayle ong kron 4 news. (vicki) our other top story tonight... for the second day in a row-- another case of measles has been reported. and this time it's in the south bay. (justine) the santa clara county health department says, another person who returned to the bay area after traveling internationally ... has come down with measles. kron 4's dan kerman has the details. this rash more commonly known as the measles continues to make its way back.. santa clara county has reported it's
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3rd case of the year. in this latest case a santa clara county resident returned after travelling inrnationally and came down with the measles. the county health department says this is not related to the incident announced march 26 when an international traveler visiting the county contracted measles, or to the march 6 announcement when a santa cruz resident traveling on an international flight to sfo got the measles and then two additional passengers, one from santa clara county and another from san francisco ended up getting it that second announcement, the health department released a full list of places the person with measles had been to. this time around they are not because they say they know exactly where this person was while contagious and none were public places like airports or restaurants. at this time the public health department is contacting all individuals who might have come in contact with this person while they were were contagious. and health professions say this should serve as a reminder to make sure kids are vaccinated. sot dr. alex evens/marin general hospital 1:12parents shouldnt panic, most patients dont die from measles, but if your child is not vaccinated, about 1 in 500 or 1 in 1000 who get measles will die. standup dan kerman 127once the health department identifies who has been in contact with the person who has measles thay can take several steps including
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isolation, quarantne, and making certain spots off limits. it all depends on the individual. dan kerman kron 4 news.143/std (justine) with the (justine) (justine) with the addition of today's santa clara county case... now more than a dozen measles cases are confirmed across the state. (vicki) our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala caught up with the director of state department of public health to see what's being done statewide to address the problem.
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with sixteen measles cases confirmed in california..the state department of public health sent out a health alert friday to doctors across the state.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "we want to be sure to remind providers that people can transmit measles before they're sick, so in a situation like the one we're having, asking people who come in with symptoms that might be measles, it's just important to have measles in front of mind and to ask about travel and contact with travelers."california department of public health director karen smith says california typically sees about 25 measles cases a year. so far most of the state's cases are in northern california.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "they are generally always associated with returning
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travelers who were unvaccinated or undervaccinated. the same thing is true this year although we do have slightly more cases than we had in the past few years."smith says the majority of the recently confirmed cases come from just a few travelers.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "the biggest concern for us is the more people that come in to california with measles, the more likely they'll transmit in the period of time before they're sick.((az standup)) "smith says california is not in a measles emergency the way washington and new york are."smith: "but we are being very vigilant." the department expects to see slightly more this year. smith says vaccines are the single best protection society has against measles. tag. (justine) the family of the 4-year-old oakland boy who accidentially shot himself in the head is asking for the boy's father to be by his bedside. navaun jackson is currently on life support and showing no signs of brain activity. police say the boy shot himself in a home in east oakland on wednesday. (vicki) his father is right now serving time in jail and the family wants him to see the 4-year-old at the hospital. kron4's dan thorn has more on what the family has planned.. (dan)the boy's father nathan jackson is currently incarcerated at salinas valley state prison. his family is calling on the governor to allow him to see navaun as
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he's fighting for his life. 4 year old navaun jackson is clinging to life after accidentially shooting himself in the head at an east oakland home. police say the boy found the loaded gun in an unlocked case under a bed. the boy's father nathan jackson is currently in jail in salinas. his side of the family is calling on governor newsom to allow jackson to be by the boy's bedside. organization's including california families united for justice and march on plan to visit jackson at the prison tomorrow. a statement from navaun's great aunt jamilia land says in part quote.."our family is devastated and all we're asking for now is some mercy from governor newsom. navaun deserves tohave his father by his side as fights for his life. if this isn't a moment for compassion, what is?"there was a heavy police presence in the oakland neighborhood where the shooting happened wednesday afternoon. police arrested the mother's
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boyfriend 37-year-old terrence wilson on thursday. he's facing several felony charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm. (dan)navaun's aunt plans to give his father an update on his condition at the prison tomorrow. there will then be a press conference where the family plans to call on the governor for help. reporting live in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. (vicki) it was a warm, sunny beautiful day across the bay... (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the work week... lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day around the bay
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area as sping sunshine returned. highs today were in the 60s. it's all quiet on the doppler radar in the bay area but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday. (vicki) the c-h-p (vicki)
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(vicki) the c-h-p (vicki) (vicki) the c-h-p made a startling discovery during an enforcement stop on highway- 99 in the merced area yesterday afternoon. according to the c-h-p, the officer found three cereal boxes ... each containing one kilogram of cocaine. the officer had stopped 45-year old jose cardenas... for
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illegally tinted windows.. he uncovered the boxes during a subsequent search of cardenas' vehicle. the average price of a kilo of cocaine is 28- thousand dollars.... but broken down and sold by the gram ... each of the boxes would be worth 40-thousand dollars. cardenas was arrested and booked into merced county sheriff's office jail. (justine) we're still following some developing news... after seven passengers, who were headed to san francisco airport this morning from balitmore were taken to the hospital after their flight was diverted to dulles airport in washington d-c. the passengers on the united airlines flight aparently got sick after an odor that smelled like fuel filled the cabin. this is video of the plane right after it made the emergency landing. the seven passangers were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the plane was set to land in san francisco around 9:30 this morning. (justine) prosecutors say she tortured her adopted children to get them to
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perform on youtube. today, machelle hobson entered a not guilty plea to 30 felony counts of kidnapping, child abuse and aggravated assault. (vicki) the 48 year old arizona woman reportedly earned 100=thousand dollars in a single month from the videos. the grim allegations surrounding the now removed youtube channel called "fantastic adventures." natmachelle hobson's youtube channel attracted more than 700=thousand followers and a quarter=billion views.all that came to an end when hobson's own daughter came to police with tales of what went on off=camera.nat hi megan nineteen=year=old megan hobson said her mother was abusing her seven adopted brothers and sisters. "as a prosecutor, as a member of this family, the allegations described were horrifying."the children reportedly told police that machelle hobson pepper=sprayed them in the face and genitals when they failed to recall their lines or follow direction ......
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that she beat them with belts and clothes hangersand that she locked them in a closet for hours without any food, water or bathroom access "they're heroes because if they had not come forward, this would most likely to continue to occur. probably it would have progressed. "hobson and her two adult sons were arrested two weeks ago ... the men, charged with failing to report the abuse, were released on their own recognizance,their mother is being held on 200=thousand dollars court today, hobson's lawyer said her bank account had been frozen and she had no income.hobson will be back in court may 11th for a pretria hearing.that hearing will also address whether hobson should be a ppointed a public defender -- and if she shoud be pre-screend for a hering on her mental health,vl k4n (justine) several bay area residents who have been implicated in the college admissions scandal... appeared in a boston courtroom today. the five bay area families are among several dozen others, many from elsewhere in california -- (justine) charged with trying to circumvent college admissions
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processes in order to get their children into elite universities. among the defendents... the president of napa valley's huneeus (who nay us) vitners. reporter john hall picks up the story in boston. at the moakley federal courthouse - they came and went all day long.a parade of wealthy parents, charged with cheating the system to get their kids into the nations top schools.natsany comment at all about whats going on? a few stand out: michelle janavs, an heiress to the hot pockets fortune, who allegedly forked over 100,000 dollars to get her daughter into u-s-c. mastermind rick singer pled guilty, and cooperated with the government.he told the fbi his plan was to boost janavs daughters grades on a college entrance exam and to pose her as a star beach volleyball player. this man owns a fancy vineyard in napa valley the vintner agustin huneeus (who-nay-yus) allegedly spent 100-grand to get his daughter into u-s-c, and according to court documents, complained a year
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ago when his daughters s-a-t score came back at 1380. he had hoped for 1550but singer said that number would lead to suspicion. singer ended ended up posing her as a star water polo recruit with her face photoshopped on an athletes body.nats prosecutors claim gregory and marcia abbott - who went to princeton and duke respectively - were so desperate to get their daughters into great schools, they paid 125,000. mrs abbott was once a freelance writer and fashion editor, but theres no doubt shed rather this story unwritten. (justine) that was john hall reporting. also among those appearing in court today: margie klapper, the co-owner of m&m bling, a jewlery business in menlo park. san francisco entrepeneur todd blake... and marci palatella of healdsburg... founder of preservation distillery in kentucky. (vicki) discussing aspects of sex with children is a tough issue to tackle. and a new california state
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curriculum on the topic has some parents in the sacramento area up in arms.(justine) many are expressing concern over language designed to make l-g-b-t-q students feel more comfortable. some parents believe it goes too far. mike luery reports. nat sound"put our kids first!" (cheers)a raucous rally at the state capitol today...where hundreds of parents are protesting potential new lessons in the classroom about sex education.galina bondar/parent"i'm here to protect my parental rights and to protect the innocence of my children."these parents are concerned a new state framework for health education will likely include some language for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.kira davis/parent"it's going to normalize certain ideals that we as parents fell should be in the home, for instance ideas on gender identity, sexuality and sexual behaviors."jennifer ciric/sacramento resident"i feel like this is taking away my religious freedom and my freedom as a parent to control what my kids are exposed to."
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parents packed the california dept. of education building today...where a key committee is looking to approve new guidance tools for sex ed lessons that teachers can use in the classroom.kindra britt is the spokeswoman for state school's chief tony thurmond. kindra britt/spokeswoman for state schools chief tony thurmond"we just want a safe learning environment for our children and this is a critical step for us to be able to move that."the new health framework is designed to make all students feel more comfortable in the classroom...and has support from the american civil liberties union.jennifer chou/aclu of northern california"it also provides support for students in foster care, students experiencing homelessness and the framework does an excellent job at really centering the idea that inclusion is critical for health education." (vicki) that was mike luery reporting. the new curriculum now heads to the state board of education, which take a final vote on the matter. the vote could happen as early as may. (vicki) cracking down on porch pirates in california.. with the rise of online shopping.. there's been a huge spike in criminals swiping packages from people's
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doorsteps..(justine) one state lawmaker is determined to create stiffer penalties for 'porch pirates'. reporter ali wolf is in elk grove with the story.. harry khangura was visiting his sister in elk grove this week...when he spotted something unusual..(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i saw a gentleman holding these three packages with a black hoodie on"porch pirates in the act..and he wasnt about to let them get away..(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i just put my foot the the throttle and started following them"a retired police officer from the bay area, khangura says he was on the phone with elk grove police dispatch as he chased three suspects through residential streets...(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"driving recklessly 80 mph down the road"things escalated...(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"my life is going to be in danger" police say the suspect, brian marshall pulled a knife... khangura's training kicked in...(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i drew my.... concealed carry firearm and ordered them to the
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ground. old habits die hard so i screamed police just because its what im used to screaming in that kind of a situation" eventually officers showed up and arrested marshall... (officer jason jimenez - elk grove police dept)"i think its a rising problem across the united states"'elk grove police are trying to crack down on porch pirates the department launched a bait package program last year.... (officer jason jimenez - elk grove police dept)"we put some items in there as well as a tracking device and once the item is taken we get notified find it"a new bill proposes a different way to deter package thiefs...a-b 1210 calls for porch pirates to be prosecuted more like burglary suspects.. and possibly face jail time. (harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i think thats a fantastic step in the right direction"khangura supports the idea...after putting himself in catch a porch pirate. (justine) that was ali wolf reporting tonight. the packages were returned to their owner.. (vicki) a teenager's violin has been returned ... after he mistakenly left it on a muni bus ... and it was removed by another passenger. kron 4's charles clifford was there.. when the boy was reunited with his precious instrument.. friday afternoon, a very grateful teenager received his prized violin back. the san francisco returned this 1200 dollar violin to 14 -year-old william paik. william accidentally left the violin on muni bus back on feb. 20th. he contacted muni and police but it took a more than a month to find it. video on the muni bus showed this woman taking the violin off the bus. the police department says that after they went public with the story someone
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returned the violin but they wouldn't say if it was the same women. or if anyone will face charges for taking the violin.william is just happy to have it back.sotthank you to the officers for finding it. with out you i wouldn't have gotten it back.william also says that since he lost the violin he's been using a borrowed on which he will now need to san francisco ,charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) kron 4 news. (vicki) the woman pictured in those surveillance reached out to kron-4. she says, she contacted schools in the area in an effo to return the violin. she also intended to contact muni about it-- but says, she was busy with work and had hoped a student would eventually report it missing
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... to one of the two schools she had checked.. once she was informed of the surveillance images, she immediately contacted police and returned the violin. (vicki) a new bill on abortion is getting major the chance it could go . through... (justine) you may not have to take out your laptop the next time you fly... the new technology being tested out by the tsa. < ella: i'm ella sogomonian - we've been telling you a lot about kron-on.. the bay area's only commercial free streaming news service... but the kron on app gives you a lot more than just live local breaking news around the clock. it also gives you on-demand access to the kron 4 archives... that includes people behaving badly. plus - all the in-depth award winning bay area documentaries produced by kron 4.. and if you've ever wondered what's it is like to work in a newsroom.. we've posted every episode of the backstory.
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>>san francisco base lift made its debut on the nasdaq this morning and shares rose nearly
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9% in its first day of trading at one point shares were up more than 20%. the nation's second largest ride-hailing service finished the day was shares valued more than $78 pretty the value. the company at about 26 and a half billion dollars to many investors you lift is a proxy for how the much larger uber may perform when it goes public later this year and some are worried about lists massive 2018 net loss of million that is more than any us startup is lost in the year before its initial public offering but it is still dwarfed by uber's one billion loss. well, you may not have to take out your laptop out of your carry on back at the airport much longer even if you don't have tsa precheck the tsa announced this week, it's buying 300 computer tomography system c t scanning. >>can provide 3 d images of the current x-ray scanners that are not capable of doing. officials say that means you can leave your electronics in
9:26 pm
your back that will happen as soon as the machines start arriving in some airports the summer in the next 3 to 4 years software improvements are expected to allow passengers to leave liquids gels and aerosols in carry on luggage. the tsa is spending $96.8 million for these machines over the next 5 years. one airport is now under investigation for refusing to let a chick filet open a store and the reason the world is being deemed unconstitutional and president help. (justine) its been one week since the its been one week since the conclusion of the mueller report. we look at the next steps and how soon the full report could be released to the public.
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>>one week after the justice department received robert mueller's report on his 22 month investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. most democrats and republicans say they are moving on the topics like health care and immigration, but their actions indicate they're not quite ready to let it all go just yet karen caifa takes a look at what's next. >>from washington. >>how we doing on the southern border, president trump turning his attention to and putting health care front and center obamacare is a disaster right now it's losing in court. >>another rally in michigan thursday night charm showed the russia probe isn't far
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from his mind. criminal conspiracy.rep. jim himes/-d- connecticut: we're obviously willing to concede today that it wasn't a criminal conspiracy, but remember that none of these activities were appropriate. barr on friday said the doj will have the ready to release by "mid-april, if not sooner," in a letter to judiciary committee chairs. barr also offered to testify after the report is released, may 1 for the senate committee, may in washington, i'm karin caifa. counsel robert mueller found no criminal conspiracy. >>we're obviously willing to concede today that it wasn't a criminal conspiracy but remember that none of these activities were appropriate. >>our on friday said the d o j will have the mueller report ready to release by mid april if not sooner in a letter to judiciary committee chairs are also offered to testify after the report is released suggesting may 1st for the senate committee may second
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for the house in washington, i'm karen caifa. >>president trump is threatening to close the us border with mexico. he tweeted that today that of mexico doesn't stop all illegal immigration is going to close the southern border next week or at least large sections of it. a senior department of homeland security official says there are no immediate plans to close ports officers away from legal ports of entry so they can patrol areas where people are crossing the border illegally. that is expected to slow down operations at ports on the border. president donald trump: "we have run out of space. we can hold people anymore and mexico can stop it so easily. they don't go through a court system every time somebody steps on our land. and if they don't stop them we're closing the border. they'll close it and we'll we'll keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games. mexico has to stop it." (vicki) the d-h-s official says what trump means is some ports may be forced to close if too many officers are
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needed to patrol the areas between them. (vicki) the homeland security secretary is asking her employees to volunteer to work at the u-s border with mexico. secretary kirstjen nielsen said the situation at the border was 'dire' in a letter to d-h-s agency leaders earlier this week. in it, nielsen asked for volunteers to help with transportation, food distribution, and medical needs. she said customs and border protection and immigration and customs enforcement are "not equipped" to handle the current number of migrants. nielsen also asked for attorneys to volunteer for year-long rotations to conduct immigration litigation and case support. (justine) chinese state media says new progress has been made in us trade talks in beijing. the chinese vice premier will travel to washington next week to participate the next round of bilateral trade talks, according to a report from a chinese state news agency. (vicki) many people are welcoming the news that the british prime minister's brexit deal was defeated once again, saying they would
9:33 pm
rather the uk left now without a deal, than wait for a parliamentary consensus. (justine) several also said that they have lost faith in uk politicians, adding that they would no longer vote for any of the mainstream political parties, who they feel have let them down. c-n-n's anna stewart reports. anna stewart, cnn: "here in doncaster, where seven out of ten people voted to leave the eu, news that the prime minister's deal was defeated once again didn't come as much of a surprise. in fact, many people welcomed the news. a lot of people we spoke to here who voted to leave the eu, said they would rather the uk left now quickly without a deal, than wait for a parliamentary consensus. take a listen to what they had to say.""brexit is never going to happen, because they can't make their minds up anyway. she had a, she should have changed the deal a long time ago."anna stewart, cnn: "so what would you like to happen now?""we'll leave with no deal and see what happens.""if we have another referendum that's the end of democracy in this country."anna stewart, cnn: "what do you think about the prime minister's deal being defeated for a third time?""i think it's a disgrace. as a country we voted to get out and the mps are authorized to get on with that and do it."
9:34 pm
anna stewart, cnn: "many of the people i spoke to today say they have lost faith with politicians. naturally several of them said they would no longer vote for any of the mainstream political parties, they feel all of them have let them down, they haven't delivered a brexit that was voted for and that has been a message we've heard now in every leave area during our week, a tour of brexit britain. anna stewart cnn, doncaster." (vicki) the heartbeat abortion bill is one step closer to becoming law in georgia. the republican-majority house approved the living infants fairness and equality act friday. the controversial legislation would ban abortions in the state after a doctor detects a fetal heartbeat. this can occur as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women even know they're pregnant. the legislation now heads to the georgia governor's desk
quote quote quote
9:35 pm
for final approval. he has signaled he will sign the bill. (vicki) and backlash has already begun from hollywood celebrities against the heartbeat bill. actress alyssa milano penned a letter to georgia governor brian kemp and georgia house speaker david ralston about the "living infants fairness and equality act." in it-- she threatens a boycott of the state if the bill becomes law. dozens of celebrities signed the letter in support. georgia is a popular destination for film and television productions. (justine) the state of texas is investigating whether san antonio broke the law when it banned chick-fil-a from its airport. san antonio's city council made excluding chick-fil-a a condition of the new concessions contract it approved last week. the council-man who made the motion says it's because san antonio wants everyone to feel welcome -- and the city does not tolerate anti-l-g-b-t-q behavior. chick-fil-a's president has said his company supports "the biblical definition of the family unit" in reference to gay marriage.
9:36 pm
the texas attorney general says excluding chick-fil-a from the airport is unconstitutional. (lawrence bay area weather) (vicki) area weather) (vicki) today astronuts preformed a space walk to do some repairs to the interantional space station. the reason there was so much backlash to the last second switch in personal. (sports tease) just ahead in sports, crazy night in basketball at all levels... the warriors in a thriller in minnesota, while the duke blue devils once again barely hang on for a win. highlights ahead.
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>>brought to you by your northern california volkswagen dealers visit vw dealers dot com. >>ahead we'll start the night for the champs. --warriors and the wolves. jordan bell back with the team after a one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. --now to the game, we'll go right to overtime...warriors down 2. .kevin durant....with the jumper to tie it....117-all. 23-points for the finals mvp. --moments later, wild. 4-seconds to go, warriors down 3. steph curry...with no room at all... throws up a corner 3.... and comes up clutch. game tied at 130, with .8 seconds to go . --looks like we are in line for double ot, but not so fast....with five tenths of a second left.... foul is called on durant for holding
9:40 pm
karl anthony towns on the inbound. --towns to the line for 2-shots... would hit one... and grab the rebound on the other. --warriors lose a heartbreaker 131-130, barely clinging to first place out west. they host the hornets on sunday. --now to some madness at the college leve, coach k and the blue devils meeting virginia tech. --2nd half....duke up by 4....welcome to the zion show. tre jones lobs it up and zion williamson...right there to throw it down. -- later on-- a second helping... jones to zion again... what a game for the freshman sensation, 23-points. --but tech would give them a fight, in the final seconds, duke up 2, hokies have a chance to tie... ahmed hill, misses at the rim. --top-seed duke survives once again, 75-73... classic showdown on sunday against michigan state. now to another top seed. roy williams and north carolina..facing the auburn tigers. --and the tigers feasted on the tar heels... converted 17-times from downtown... and shot 55-
9:41 pm
percent from the field... chuma okeke led all scorers, going 8-of-11. --carolina just completely overwhelmed... number one goes down, 97- 80... auburn draws kentucky in the elite 8. coming up on kron4 sports at 10, both the giants and a's in action tonight. we'll have the highlights. until then, more news after the breawk. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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but what he found wasn't just fun.(justine) some teens gave him the gift of friendship. erika shych has the story that's uplifting his entire community. nats: "ready gavin? yeah i am." it's an unlikely friendship between thirteen year old gavin mabes--nats: "you want me to help you? yeah!"and five year old carter braconi. but the bond these two now share-- nats: "i want to see your coin again..."will make you smile. tuesday afternoon carter came to the south brunswick skate park to celebrate his fifth birthday on his scooter.what happened next is unforgettable. kristen braconi/carter's mom: "he thought he was going to have to leave because he's little and he thinks that bigger kids don't always want to play with little kids."but boy was he wrong.ánats of kids singing happy birthday."carter braconi /birthday boy: "they sang happy birthday to me!" this group of teens-- welcoming the five year old-- who has high functioning autism and a-d-h-d into their group.helping him go down the big ramps on his scooter-- erika shych/reporting: "you weren't scared at all?"carter braconi /birthday boy: "nuh-uh!"and even giving him and unexpected gift.carter braconi /birthday boy: "they gave me this skateboard!" kristen braconi/carter's mom: "they had no idea the woman at the park was his behavioral therapist, had no idea who i was or who he was. didn't know anything was going on with him and they were just so, so kind to him."today the group reunited and got a thank you from south brunswick police. lt. gene rickle/south brunswick police dept: "it's just so heartwarming to see these kids taking care of other members of the community. that's what it's all about."but gavin says-- it was just a way to pay it forward--gavin mabes/south brunswick: "some of thguys here i've seen here before. and they've just help me out
9:45 pm
and were nice to me. so i decided to do that with him and just you never."a small gesture on his part--that meant the world to carter and his parents.nats: "cheeeeeeese!"kristen braconi/carter's mom: "actions speak louder than words and taking him under their wing and giving him a little mini skateboard my heart exploded. it literally exploded." exploded."literally heart exploded. it skateboard my heart exploded. it literally exploded." (justine) (justine) each teen got special recognition from the
9:46 pm
police department.they will even get a pizza party at school with carter soon. (vicki) today two astronauts conducted a six and a half hour spacewalk on the outside of the international space station to upgrade the orbiting outpost's power storage capacity. this was supposed to be the first all female space walk but it was cancelled due to the fact there is not two properly fitted space suits prepared for both women to wear. while there are two medium sized suits on board the iss... nasa says the second one would have taken 12 hours to get ready for a space walk and the team decided to stay on schedule and swap personal instead. nasa insists there is still a chance for an all female space walk in the near future. (justine) lawrence karnow...lawrence meteorologist now is chief joining us francisco... downtown san outside at the live look outside at the downtown san francisco... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a
9:47 pm
gorgeous day around the bay area as sping sunshine returned. highs today were in the 60s. it's all quiet on the doppler radar in the bay area but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday. begin to see a few high clouds
9:48 pm
moving across our skies. my money things do change. we've got this week weather system that could bring some showers late in the day on monday continue in showers on tuesday as well and then we'll see a little bit of a break, but i think the storms kind of lined up maybe slamming on shore as we get into the latter part of next week. so let's enjoy the sunshine while we have these numbers are looking good by tomorrow afternoon. 61 degrees downtown san francisco, 63 in the mission about 59 degrees in daly city, they'll be a little bit of a breeze along the coastline, but still plenty of sunshine there some comfortable weather inside the bay, the temperatures moving up to 66 degrees palo alto 68 in mount the and some numbers get near 70 degrees tomorrow in san jose 68 in cupertino 67 degrees in morgan hill. and then we'll start to plot a few 70's and there parts of the east bay 70's and all 72. in pleasanton 73 in livermore 70 walnut creek and about 71 degrees in concord in the north a 60's and some 70's warm afternoon out there should be beautiful napa valley, 70 degrees and santa rosa about 65 degrees in the
9:49 pm
bottle next couple days we're going to see some nice warm temperatures away from the coastline. then a chance of showers returns late the day on monday. >>thank you lawrence for your sugary drinks in the united states.(justine) now they are calling for several policies to limit access to sugar-sweetened beverages among children and teens. meredith wood has more. parents aren't the only ones concerned abouthow much sugar their kids are consuming.the american academy of pediatrics and the american heart association have teamed up, targeting the makers of sugary beverages.the two physician groups released policy recommendations for lawmakers across the country, to encourage them to help reduce the amount of sugary drinks children consume.the recommendations include adding a tax on those beverages. according to the lead author, taxing these products would have the greatest impact.other recommendations include:- a federal nutrition assistance program to ensure access to healthy foods and discourage
9:50 pm
sugar-sweetened drinks- regulations that require added sugar contents be listed on product labels, advertisements and restaurant menusan increase in childhood obesity and type two diabetes were among the reasons behind the changes.the american beverage associationresponded to the policy suggestions saying parents are the ones who should be in charge of their child's nutrition.they also argue beverages are not the sole reason behind the country's obesity epidemic.for today's health minute, i'm meredith wood. (vicki) a man finds a puppy trapped in a drain... how he is able to keep the little pupper calm while he waits for help to arrive.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>>a stockton man came to the rescue of a little puppy that was stuck inside a storm drain yesterday. now porter henry were fired tells us that the puppy is getting a new home. >>when german cabinet kang heard this shrieking cry for help. he stopped his car. >>they're just in the area going down memory lane. this is a high school that i graduated from we see 2 dogs sitting right here we heard some things i park my car sure enough we come in the puppies are waiting here for their >>you really couldn't reach the parking issue and narrow. >>year. >>he comforted the terrified dog promising to get her out. >>well >>2 other puppies watched arm. an animal control officer arrived to help. rather than
9:54 pm
take the great off the around its neck. pulled the puppy to safety. >>that's where you don't look out >>other than a muddy bottom, the dogs seemed perfectly he's (justine) that wraps up kron 4 news that wraps (justine) (justine) that wraps up
9:55 pm
kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you justine and vicki.... next at ten... a four year old boy in oakland continues to fight for his life tonight after he accidently shot himself in the head. what we are learning new tonight about áhowá he got a hold of the gun. plus ... vallejo police brelease a body cam video of a deadly shooting ... of a young man who was sitting in his car. what happened in the moments leading up to the gunfire... and what the man's family is saying now. (pam) and chief meteorologist laurence karnow is tracking your weekend forecast.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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here you go little guy.
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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clings to life after he accidentally shot himself in the head. >>thanks for joining us at 10, i'm can way and i'm pam or that accidental shooting happened on wednesday in oakland tonight. we are learning more about how that child got a hold of a gun. well for santorum joins us now live from our newsroom with the latest dan. >>them and can the boy's father nathan jackson is currently incarcerated at salinas valley state prison tonight, his family is calling
10:00 pm
on the governor to allow him to see that boy as he's fighting for his life. 4 year-old of on jackson is clinging to life after accidentally shooting himself in the head at an east oakland home. father nathan jackson is currently in jail in salinas. his side of the family is calling on governor newsom to allow jackson to be by the boy's bedside. organization's including california families united for justice and march on plan to visit jackson at the prison tomorrow. a statement from navaun's great aunt jamilia land says in part quote.."our family is devastated and all we're asking for now is some mercy from governor newsom. navaun deserves tohave his father by his side as fights for his life. if this isn't a moment for compassion, what is?"there was a heavy police presence in the oakland neighborhood where the shooting happened wednesday afternoon.


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