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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  June 5, 2019 8:00am-8:58am PDT

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jose. overlooking the building. so you can see a whole lot of sunshine. no clouds no fog in your way just a nice clear blue skies, get the kids ready for school today. here's what you need to know just make sure that they're hydrated today that they have their sunscreen on because the up just in the next couple of minutes, we're still going to be seeing 60's and even some 70's on the board is you're making your way out the door. ah but then we're going to see some 90's because it's going to be a quite hot in some areas around the day and i will definitely have those temperatures in my full weather forecast coming up in just a bit robin. all right. thank you. rebecca, let's check in on the traffic we want to take a look at 80 heading into san francisco, very busy very crowded and slow backed up all the way through the maze prepare for a lot of crowding from that point through the tolls up the eastern span and continuing on the suspension to serve right now you're averaging 15 minutes. it's gonna go back up we see heavy traffic in waves coming into san francisco. we're checking traffic tracker and taking a look at the south
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bay. >>the drive times are on the rise 85 recovering from some crashes. so 42 minutes, san jose to mountain view and to 37 cross calling 8.80 out a one on one so be prepared for that that trip now clocking in at 21 minutes started they still out. until at tipoff now well 10 hours. so i can't wait it's been for weeks i literally so you know had a game at oracle i know so 2 games in toronto in the nba finals and now we get to at oracle one is tonight that's games 3 and we are tied at one apiece worries raptors covers christie is a joke is live at oracle with a preview. now we can finally say that they are going to be playing here or call arena on this core here at home in obviously that's going to be a great advantage because we are tied in the series one as much fanfare as possible and as much pomp and circumstance to good and get the team already and as you can tell i mean cruz here. >>are working to get the oracle arena court nice and
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ready for everyone this morning, the lights are on and people are starting to mop then again there really is just kind of waking up just as the rest of the bay is now the big headline for today's game unfortunately are the injuries now we've got warriors kevin deer and he's ruled out of game 3 because he's nurse nursing a calf injury. now forward kevon looney s suffering a fracture that happened last game nassar klay thompson we'll see if he suits up tonight that's a questionable one he's listed as questionable after suffering a hamstring injury also in game 2. >>now more than likely the warriors will have to really dig deep into their bench for tonight's game. the waiting game 3 falls on the shoulders of steph curry draymond green and boogie now cousins is back in his groove after coming back from a torn quad draymond green is playing tonight and he is healthy steph curry has to play lights out on offense to fend off the raptors now speaking of the raptors they're going to have to look for ways to shut down steph
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with clay being injured their goal is to limit staff on offense. now tonight to the game starts at 06:00pm these. let me tell you all the seats they are going to be jam packed because all of the tickets here are sold out now if you are looking for a ticket on one of those 3rd party if we're talking tickets, there was only one tickets that i found available on stubhub just within the past hour a00. and let in those nosebleed so if you're wanting to a get that you're probably have to fight off multiple people on that 3rd party website for that's been changing throughout the morning. we also hear word the metallica is going to be playing. this morning or this evening as well for the game for now reporting live here in oakland christina tetreault kron 4 news, thanks for cnn. >>how many will still betting what it was or what it is still 5 days so i would i don't think so i don't want to pay too much one of our for tooth courtside seat for 500 would you go courts.
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>>those tickets are really like. of 1 one for 50,000 overture for wolf i say talk about a 1000 would you go away i was with you have >>i was with the a 500. oh don't forget we've got a special would you pay and i would soon as what is out about. you know it's free our road to the championship special it's up 4 o'clock today then took office in 6. breaking news from overnight. one person was injured redwood started at around 11 30 last night on pine street. >>near shasta street. redwood city firefighters tweeted out actually these pictures from the scene the victim was taken to the hospital. we don't know the condition of the person and right now it's still too early to tell the cause of the fire. >>it's 8 oh 4 and in the east bay, the debate is over the pride flag is going to fly over dublin city hall now for the entire month of june. and
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that was the cheers after the vote. the council voted last night in favor of raising the flag for the month gave pride and council members also presented the first ever pride proclamation to the inaugural pride committee. >>new this morning oakland is now the second city in the us where you can add have magic mushrooms this is not a hallucination it is legal in oakland now they unanimously passed. decriminalizing the adult use and possession of magic mushrooms and other psychoactive plants and they made this decision afternoon testimony from people who say that the shrooms help them overcome. illnesses like depression and drug addiction. and they did this in denver to last month they decriminalize the use of magic mushrooms there. now the problem is it's still against state law and it also still is illegal under federal law. >>a manly menlo park is accused of sexually assaulting
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a young girl 11 june, he owns known as boxing theory khan force taylor but psaki has the story. >>some gym members have been coming here for years and they say that the suspect recently took over this jim and that he added what's called the boxy theory here now as soon as i got here the garage doors on the other side of the building were open. this was as normal people were working out going in and out of the gym but as soon as they noticed that i was here all those doors quickly came down they declined to comment this is the skies and your possibly handsome. >>kind of guy so we shot aston mardi are sago were sent in this gym of constitution drive in menlo park in says the owner seemed normal and nice learning what might have happened inside this gym that he turned around and went home on tuesday. now not everyone expected that police arrested the boxy jerry owner, 37 year-old tristen are few tuesday afternoon. police say young girl reported that her personal trainer, our feet. >>sexually assaulted her while she was at the gym. >>it's hard to to really
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understand white kind of situations bring some to do those sorts of things are sega says are few recently took over the gym. he says he was a personal trainer here who directly handled any issues or questions about the gym. i know that he's from florida from miami. originally from france. came through and he was there trying to start him out here and. >>has the understanding of basically liked the new ownership sort of situation and trying to like create the gym from scratch. police booked our fee on multiple charges, including oral copulation with a person under 16 years old. >>lewd and lascivious acts with a child of 14 or 15 years old and sexually penetration with a person under the age of 16 menlo park police say that they're still investigating this case and looking for any other possible victims. they have any information contact. the police and the low part to love the sec e. >>on for news. it's a toes. >>and happening now in walnut o
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bicycles that these were caught on came bicycle center. police say the ieand then they got in they wer last seen driving a gray chevy silverado there it is right there with oversized tires black friends and a black truck bed cover. the truck was towing a 20 foot white trailer at the time there it is right that also in the spare car slams into a restaurant in hayward a car lost control in a parking lot on his sperry and boulevard a total of 5 cars involved in one of the cars actually was pushed into the london fish and chips. you can see the large crack in the wall there 2 people were inside they were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. >>on the peninsula. the search continues for the man who tried to take a woman's shorts often mountain view she was walking down dietrich strive near franklin avenue monday afternoon when a man came up from behind and tried to pull off her clothes and then when she screamed he took off. new
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this morning, a pedestrian has died after being hit by a car in santa clara county last night it happened near monterey road. and cox avenue in morgan hill, the driver of the vehicle took off. >>video this morning showing the end of a police chase that went through for bay area counties, the chase started in pittsburgh yesterday afternoon. when officers tried to pull over that white pickup truck right there. but the driver refused to comply took off from the scene a chp helicopter fall of the truck as it sped through contra costa solano napa and sonoma counties. police were eventually able to lay down spike strips and stop that truck and then take the driver into custody. >>doctors believe the norovirus is what may 11 students sick in a school in morgan held they were on the same kindergarten classroom at nordstrom elementary school and they all complained of stomach pains. and other flu like symptoms in a few adults also got sick. the school as you can see went through
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everything with pressure washers they scrub down the lunch tables all over campus. they disinfected that that classroom and the playground was sanitized as well and parents were notified and told to keep their kids home for a day or 2. >>if the child exhibit symptoms to keep them at home, if they have been l to actually keep them at home for 24 to 48 hours after the symptoms have subsided. >>now department says that the best way to prevent the spread of nora virus is some real simple wash your hands with soap and water. it's a 10 and still ahead on the proper morning news, how is that these able to walk in and out of the san francisco fire house and take off with some valuable items not once but twice and there's an effort to stop bart riders from having to pay the new fare increases that are set to go into effect next year. plus after the break. the new plan for mental health to help the homeless in san francisco.
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>>story that we're following this morning pg any announces plans to step up wildfire prevention efforts, the utility says it will expand its network of weather stations and cameras in order to try to predict when a fire i ve about a 100 cameras in high fire dlnorth a firestorm into as last year's deadly camp l
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fire in the city of paradise. a 13 right now get a look at the weather another hot one not as hot as yesterday or about the same on the say and temperatures a pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday so uh we're going to still brave the heat today. >>and we're going to get a bit of a relief as we get into tomorrow, so that's good news, but try to enjoy it as long as you can today and yeah it's going to be a quite hot in some spots but just make sure stay hydrated and always use your scans sunscreen rather and the sfo are looking at clear conditions and you can see all all the sunny skies. right here at the airport and normally we're a experiencing fog and cloud cover and delays not today though because of toasty temperatures. 24 hours ago, these temperatures so we're far different we're actually seeing it. we're in a most spots around the bay area 3 degrees actually warmer and that her right now versu time yesterday, same goes with hayward at 4 degrees warmer 6 degrees warmer in livermore so
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things are definitely already s out the door right now and we're only in the 8 o'clock hour 73 are ready. if you're waking up with us in any on right now 70 degrees in the livermore valley, upper 60's for san jose and from mountain dc that the picture we're go warming trend throughout the rest of today into the afternoon before we're going to see a little bit of a cool down, but it's all because of the high pressure that we've been seeing over the last couple of days. so here's a look at the high as for this afternoon. mid-nineties conquered livermore antioch all in 95 today, 88 in downtown san jose 89 for morgan hill 70's at the coast, very similar to yesterday half monday and i 72 with a whole lot of a sunshine to enjoy there. mill valley, 79 92 if you're going to be heading up towards wine country. later on this afternoon. so yes, it is going to be a scorcher in some spots, but hey good news is once we get into tomorrow we're going to get a little g to f ahings are onl top out 2 about the
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upper 70's, maybe even some low 80's but that's about sunday, especially on sunday, we're going to be well above the average as far as our temperatures go for the season right now and the money and tuesday. we're going to be back 2 of the 90's once again for summer inland s see how traffic is going robin. thank you rebecca, it's not so bad definitely slow so if you need to get over to the san mateo bridge. >>you will for sure be stuck in some heavy traffic from the nimitz on 2.90 to continuing across the span and out to the peninsula. that's just the way it goes right now here at 26 minutes over to one oh one. we're checking 80 west that bay bridge traffic which is all stacked up and yes. it's through the maze want to get closer to the toll plaza, if you're carpooling that's when you'll get a break overall, it's busy into san francisco. that's what we expect. but no major issues are major trouble
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spots to worry about no hot spots all around the bay area just busy freeways an increasing drive times. we're at 60 minutes from brisbane to san francisco. if you take north one on one. no major issues on 2.80 to sa francisco and crowded on both amendments and the macau after leaving to 38 working you into downtown oakland cell jammed up and no major problems just leave as early as you can will check more coming up darya thanks a lot rob in a 17 am and speaking their commute, you know there's that bark fare hike that is set for >>the increase would be an average of $0.22 for riders to the director wants though to stop the hike because she says that ridership the customer satisfaction is already dropping. however, bart's president says that the $25 million generated from the fare hike would go towards new bar cars and control system. >>bart riders say they're not against paying more, but they want the money to go toward specific improvements. >>what do you need to do is get ponies which just i'm ok
8:18 am
pain a little bit more it goes to >>newer safer cars more bart police to sty for more comfortable right overall. >>what will happen 6 votes are needed to stop the fare hike in the board is supposed to discuss it at its next meeting. >>the city of san francisco now has more authority to for some of the most troubled people on streets into treatment after the board of supervisors passed legislation that would strengthen the city's conservation ship loss, but the move did not happen without some pushback crawford is that while bello has the details. >>that was nearly unanimous with just one member of the board of supervisors voting no on the controversial others who are opposed to it include the coalition on homelessness to say the plan is merely for show. >>there are some folks who are not going to voluntarily seek help and i don't think that means we abandon them after several weeks of debate, san francisco now has an agreement on a new conservatorship plan.
8:19 am
>>it's part of mayor breeds efforts to improve the city's response to its most vulnerable residents. >>one of the big criteria includes an individual has to have placed on an involuntary hold otherwise known as last 12 months. and when we looked at the data for that was roughly 55 individuals that met y ere's a lack of resources within the city for the plan, but the health department says they have everything they need in this certainly isn't the panacea that will serve everyone conservatorship is a very serious level of care. >>and so we would wanted to serve a limited number of individuals. >>but for the individual said will serve it allows us to provide very intensive rap around treatments for them. >>it's kind of a typical fake move when policymakers want to act like they're doing something in or not. >>jennifer frieden bach is the executive director for the coalition on homelessness she calls the plan an attack on civil liberties and active is
8:20 am
that we've already got people sitting in there that are conserved that are in locked facilities they don't have beds for we know what works we know what the solutions are and we'd like to see our policymakers get real and solve the issue and not. >>put more you know measures out there. >>in san francisco noel bellow kron 4 news. take a look at bears spotted on the campus of u c davis has been captured and tranquilize this is video o te animals found after it was a spot of climbing a tree wildfire, excuse me wildlife officials say the bear is a male. they went looking for its own habitat to live in so we keep moving into their places duryea right you know we just won't let the and natives into college anymore. the california native, you know these kids they and ecology halle wanted to do was going see was wrong college that he should win to u c berkeley i'm just saying. he's okay the bears find uses the wrong blaze. 20 right now and still ahead the gravel morning news, new rules. a lift when
8:21 am
you land at sfo are going to show you where you need to catch your right, it's not just curbside like it used to be. >>and we take a look at how one circus is replacing live animals and their shows and the positive response they've already got.
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>>and actually the crop for morning news, i'm rebecca
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straw man for john this morning look at this gorgeous shot. this is our south a camera on top of mount hamilton overlooking the lick observatory or everyone today and now warm temperatures that soar definitely going to be seeing around the bay area and across the state as a matter of fact all because of high pressure the continues to build a 100 degrees that we're going to see president you're going to be traveling to southern california 69 for at least 72 for san diego northern california in the 90's 94 in sacramento, 95 in writing and we're going to see a lot of 90's today around the bay area a break it all down neighborhood by neighborhood. let you hot it's going to be and your area coming up in just a bit robin checking in on the golden gate traffic on one oh one still slow from highway 37 to about 5.18 sandra fell but after 5.80 continuing to the golden gate. you will be fine, but that's why your drive time is 41 minutes of otto to san francisco for checking the drive from oakland to san francisco, it's crawling through the maze right through
8:25 am
the tolls and up the eastern span but still very quiet off to fremont street with no major trouble spots just a lot of folks in your way. but looks pretty good though through the skyway and continuing out a one to one and 2.80 will ok. >>take a look at this a german circus is using holograms in place of live animals they began phasing out live animals and shows back in the 90's and have now taken the final steps to and live animal performances altogether shows the media director of the circus says they've gotten a lot of praise for ending the use of live animals and their shows and says guests have actually complimented them about the quality of the product projected animals not to mention the improvement in the smell at the show's of course is no smell. coming up on the prom for morning news, we'll show you where you need to go. .>hmmm.u're being picked up at to go.
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at ross. times now compared to the last hours still increasing k and its retail therapy next to the pool today because it's nice weather that's in and say yeah. >>and then they go glass of ice and hotter, are you doing your shopping on your phone at the pool is this what you doing. >>says make sure know where this eye shape today. as one definitely i try to take advantage of it today or just to go to the coast and i hit
8:29 am
the beach is going to be beautiful out there. right now we're looking at a whole a lot of sunshine around the bay area this our camera and the north bay about timber on anna the golden gate bridge towers they're often the distance clear skies, lots of sunshine. and some very warm to even hot temperatures head of your direction, 73 degrees expected in downtown san francisco today, oakland 7988 for san jose and i'm also tracking a whole lot of 90's especially in our airspace zone. those details in just a couple of minutes for now let's check traffic with robin all right taking a look at that long line on 82, san francisco still backed up all the way through the maze if you come in from 5.80. that's going back to will be on 24, maybe you take the east shore freeway of so it's pretty crowded out of sand path. all the way down to oakland and busy on the upper deck as well, but still quiet looking at some more freeways we have highway for not too bad, it's averaging 30 minutes for many out to conquer that livermore to a dublin trip is a bit sluggish mostly on the
8:30 am
livermore side. there was an accident at el charro so that left traffic backed up be on vasco and then one on one just for morgan hill to 87 in san jose not too bad averaging 14 minutes star, you will. thanks a lot. it is 8.30 and a 20 year-old man in oakland behind bars accused of impersonating a police officer at the san leandro cherry festival last weekend police also found illegal weapons in his car crawford's chair stone has the details. >>this is 20 year-old sergio taylor, one of 2 men behind bars right now accused of impersonating a police officer in this kia at sam lee and rose cherry festival. taylor and 39 year-old john pain we're in possession of weapons, according to police. this is a real gun annon-workin found as well. >>mister taylor in addition to having this replica firearm on his person was also in possession of live ammunition.
8:31 am
and effectively would lead people to believe that this is a real firearm. >>taylor arrest stemming from an incident that happened in early may in berkeley, this is video recorded by max rosen house in it you can see taylor being arrested on saturday morning near the cherry festival. the caption says there are arresting a cop while it may look like that officers say that was hardly the case. >>to remind you mister taylor is not a police officer. applicant to be a police officer nor has he ever been. >>taylor had been on probation for impersonating an officer a year now for go. authorities said that tiny wrote a bogus jack and made off with a $10,000 motorcycle. then last month that keeps bar and grill in berkeley. en a fight broke out s in in with other people. he went outside put on the uniform
8:32 am
came back inside and started to render shot firearm at people inside the bar and fled the scene before officers arrived there. >>police say taylor was employed by all about security in vallejo but was not licensed to hold that position. in fact since he's only 20 it's illegal for him to even be in possession of a firearm. or a taser like the one he had. >>so violations. his probation possess this. >>so we're asking anybody who may have had experiences with mister taylor to please come forward and let your local agency know about those or contact us and the under police department or the berkeley police department we'll be very interested in talking you. >>and family and wrote jr stone kron 4 news. and strachan san francisco police are still trying to figure out how thieves got into a san francisco fire house and made off with uniforms and badges. >>both apps happen at station 19 on buckingham way across from the stones town mall. but
8:33 am
first time may 24th the second 26. the big question. how does someone get in there without tripping the alarm still let firefighters know somebody is in their fire. >>a 33 is time right now starting now if you want a ride from sfo if you take flight like uber or lyft you're going to have to go somewhere else not the curbside. >>to get picked up right you can still be dropped off yet it's now where you get picked up property only a 7th joins us now live with the changes you need to know and the new location, the only. >>well i'm at new location which is the 5th floor of the garage out here look at how busy it so imagine if you will all of these cars down in a up to all the trfi congestion down there and that's why sfo decided that today enough is enough all that number and lyft drivers or any of the any but of that kind of. you transportation
8:34 am
has to come up here. >>on the 5th floor in the garage to pick up their clients and so far has been very busy and i've been talking to a couple of people. are using it some of the clients are who are who ordering lives in an movers and they're saying that they loved it they actually like it that once they find out how to get here. they actually are happy with the service because there's a lot more room it's easier for them to get in and out. but the drivers that is where the problem is a lot of these drivers are having a tough time in fact, let's talk to doug uh yeah gul sfo a spokesperson. i got out it looks like a you know people are really loving this, but shared right concepts in this area last june we found something very similar that customers are finding their way successfully to the location. >>a little more needed on the driver education side we produced a video that gives turn by turn instructions to the drivers but obviously it's
8:35 am
incumbent on those drivers to be able to view that information. so our focus on having patrol officers out here to help people find their way successfully overall so far so good for day one of this process. >>now so if you're uber driver or a lyft driver you're watching us now what's the easiest way for you to explain like it as i'm approaching the sfo where do i go yes, a step number one remember this only applies to domestic terminal. so you want to start. >>as you're entering sfo by following the science for the domestic terminals once you're in those lanes and you're looking for the hourly parking garage. once you get into those lanes you want to stay to the far left because that's a special entrance for uber lyft and limos so the best rule of thumb is stay left and all of the lanes that are going to that will get you where you need to go. ok thank you very much. >>me like he was saying there are people here to help those drivers and to help the customers as well you see these people in the yellow that's they've been very very
8:36 am
busy trying to direct the uber and lyft drivers as well as helping out customers for the first day for the drivers but pretty easy for the customers back to you guys. >>smoother and then once everybody gets used drivers and riders. thank you lee. in the east bay testimony at the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland is now centered on one of the defendants we learn more about max harris's role in the warehouse and just how much responsibility. he played in this fire. his role. attorney curtis briggs says max harris voluntarily made statements to the atf after the fire. he told investigators he was the creative director of the warehouse and signed an e-mail calling himself the executive director. he also explained how he helped facilitate the vision of the space. meanwhile testimony from a concert goer ged the mother of one of the victims. colleen dolan says the defense attorney was trying to
8:37 am
tough enough. >>knowing that my daughter was safe and she was alive and she decided on her own to go back into the building go up the stairs and warned her friends and now tony serra is trying to throw her under the bus don't try to blame. for the death of 35 of her friends and her own death. >>defense attorney tyler smith says the testimony has been tough for everyone to hear. still ahead on the cross for morning news, the latest on the new haven unified school district teacher strike. >>as they are now in their 12th day of negotiations. >>temperatures are beginning a climb around the bay area more 70's on the board that i'm tracking and it's going to be replaced by 90's later on today my full forecast coming up. and we're checking that morning drave to work it's very quiet heading into san francisco, butraffic is backed
8:38 am
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8:41 am
livermore 86 degrees in fremont 89 in morgan hill today. it's going to be toast here in san francisco as well and with a high of 73. i'll have more details and let you know some more hot temperatures. coming up in just a bit robin, thank you rebecca traffic still quite slow. the morning commute is not over yet in fact it heavier as we have more commuters on the road the late folks are the later folks as opposed to the early birds. >>so if you're just now heading out the door and getting ready to head over to the san mateo bridge look at this it's barely moving plus we have chp pulling folks over know it's a little hard to see that happens a lot. on the lookout for fotracting a lot of as well just crawling all the way over to the high rise favorites traffic still stacked up from the maze and very busy across the upper deck but it's under 20 minutes to make it target. thanks a lot rob, any 41 and today more than 400 to 4 stores are going to be closed because they're having inclusion workshops for
8:42 am
their employees training for 6,000 sorry, 16,000 employees. >>and this is after there the famous singer she was racially back in april she told to that you know they want to make sure she's stealing or something when she complained about it is how they reacted they're going to have since to be trading today for all of their place close today so taking that very seriously. >>a 42 and coming up after the break take a look at the potential impact, the president's tariffs will have when he has tariffs on mexico was seconded our economy here in california.
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>>back to the crime for morning near summer back is strong on the so wednesday morning that's going to be heating up around the bay area and for john today a whole lot of sunshine here look at this a camera. our live camera and son all right now just looking at all that sunshine is going to be one of hotter spots as we get into the afternoon. here's a breakdown of the highs in your neighborhood, a 71 degrees in a marina district to that we're expecting later on this afternoon, 70 at alcatraz 73 in downtown san francisco. it's going to be really nice at the coast very similar to what we experienced yesterday with a high of 72 at half moon bay, 66 in pacifica today daly city coming in at 69 degrees and then 70's as we move through the peninsula's well 74 and millbrae 78 in burlingame this afternoon and
8:46 am
then we're really get in the warm temperatures coming in to redwood city at 89 degrees 87 in mountain view. the south bay upper 80's pretty much anywhere. you look even getting close to that 9 new mark for morgan hill today, 89 in los gatos and downtown san jose. here's a big east bay zone 90's in dublin pleasanton in livermore and then we're going to see a mid to upper 80's along the east bay shoreline oakland coming in at 79 for the high this afternoon 95 if you're going to be in concord later today and then we're seeing a whole and i news into wine country getting to napa and fairfield at 93. the north bay looks like this it's going to be really nice if you need some relief hit to go to stinson beach we're going to be the upper 60's there with a lot of sunshine to enjoy but a toasty 85 degrees. looking ahead your seven-day around the bay a nice cool down tomorrow and into your friday and then the
8:47 am
heat is back on for your weekend. and then monday and tuesday it's going to be a scorcher in some spots the heat's really gonna return we're going to see this a heat wave throughout much of next week that's a look at the hot weather. and now back to robin all right. thank you rebecca, no hot spots still we are getting through the morning commute without any major issues we have little crashes minor incidents. but nothing that's a journal traffic alert the drive to the richmond san rafael bridge very slow here at the tolls as you can see it is still backed up to richmond parkway so leave a little early earlier averaging 14 to 15 minutes for now for that trip into the north bay. now the bay bridge 80 west. this is one of the slowest bridges that we have right now with traffic crawling from the maze so it's been like this for hours it's going to stay like this for the remainder of your morning commute and once again very quiet, we've only had a few hiccups a few fender benders we're all out of the way traffic still at a crawl as expected. traffic tracker we're checking in on the don barden very busy crossing the bay 24 minutes is your drive
8:48 am
time. 22 minutes for to 37. it's been a little heavy this morning from 80 out a one to one. you're just popping on the brakes a whole stretch so be prepared for that daria will thanks a lot rob any 40 and a panel of experts is warning state lawmakers us trade disputes with both china and mexico could threaten california's economy about $30800 per family the president's tariffs on mexico over illegal immigration set to kick off on monday. crawford's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >>has more. >>actions that are being taken by the federal government related to trade are seriously impacting on senate governor and former us ambassador lenny could unlock us condemning the trump administration's trade and tariff disputes with china in soon mexico, a significant part of california's economy now at the mercy of the federal government so e deral g moving forward in such a cavalier chaotic unpredictable way that is having clear negative effects to
8:49 am
california. >>it it doesn't make any kind of rational sense lock us along with a panel of economic experts warned a committee of lawmakers several state industries are vulnerable from agriculture to auto wine and spirits to technology 20% of california jobs rely on trade experts say california families could expect to spend an additional 300 to $800 a year as a result of the china tariffs aiming to address the state's affordability issues governor gavin newsom says he's concerned president trump's words could do damage to the economy put real risk is the >>that's just the individual. the termination of the policy mexico in the the policy in china. those 2 senses on this. >>state leaders vow to continue speaking out against the trade policies in
8:50 am
sacramento. ashley's vela kron 4 news. city they're not in the classrooms and once again there on the picket lines this being their 12th day of their strike teachers. >>and the unified added to school district in new haven ah excuse me in union city as far as a new city and south hayward yesterday, the 2 parties they met for about 11 hours to discuss teacher salaries. they say they made a little bit of progress but they didn't reach a deal before the end of the day which is why once again they're back on the picket lines. >>it's 8.50 and in national news, authorities have filed charges against a school resource officer who did nothing during last year's mass shooting in parkland florida. scott peterson faces 11 charges including child neglect. culpable negligence and perjury. the counts were filed in connection with the deadly shooting that happened and marjorie stoneman douglas 2018. he has been collecting a pension since retiring after
8:51 am
the shooting but the new broward county sheriff's fired him yesterday. investigatorand t started and he did not go into the building while 14 students and 3 teachers were being gunned down parents of the victims are reacting. >>you need to go to jail and he needs to serve a life term in prison. we're not going in that day taking down the threat and that led to the death of we are loved ones air and he needs to be held accountable for his lack of action that day. >>peterson's attorney says that he didn't go into the building because he believed that the shooting was coming from outside of the buildings, however, when you listen to the dispatch tapes he is telling the officers who are responding exactly what building those shots were
8:52 am
>>coming up in the next hour, the crowd for morning news a california high school student are apologizing. her parents fellow students say that's not enough. and after the break a wild helicopter rescue. well it was supposed to be a regular rescue but look at what happened this patients here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. we never stop working to keep them out.
8:53 am
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more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. luckily, her dorm is about he10 minutesollege. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws,jeff is f. oh never mind. he's having the best. day. ever. from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at >>take a look at this the dallas debuting its new baby
8:55 am
that's a baby all there's the >>oh my gosh. the 2 are so close that the zoo actually hasn't even been able to determine if the new there was a boy or girl because they can. >>get him away from the i am and do know is how they make what do you do know tell us i know they're angry they're they're they're being so you always ok the sound is he comes up and they go. just so you know that's the sound makes ok. i was sad. and she said i don't know at that very moment, they have already there came up like that anyone. you're not here you're at pixar. all right check this out this is a helicopter rescue. excellent
8:56 am
you know there's a 74 year-old woman. she was heard a hike help has arrived. they're going to whisk new safety and they raise but usually you don't see now that i have mechanism that prevents this from spinning is that so that's not supposed to know something went terribly wrong super steady rain statues ready to throw up. it's at that that, but they didn't so they get ready to wrap up by the way and at the end of the video we do see are up higher but still spending by the way. it was about a minute or so yeah. if you're sick on top of it all, and you get sick in the first place not going a 56 and still ahead on that couple morning news. is now the second city to say magic mushrooms are legal. you are not hallucinating you can add actually takes rooms. >>plus the warriors are getting ready to host the raptors in game 3 of the nba finals tipped off about 9 hours away will have everything you need to know everything you need to know the for tonight's. ♪
8:57 am
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been here since 04:00am i >>is very busy especially coming from the north bay. there's an ax and on the samara fell side that has traffic crawling salt, i want to once out. >>and you're sitting in that traffic with racy probably going we're starting to feel the heat around the bay area. i mean i've been tracking 70's for the last couple of hours in some spots, so yeah that only tells us it's going to be a very hot this afternoon. i'm tracking some 90's and somber. spots and typically those are


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