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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  June 11, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>morning and thanks for joining us. it's going to be another. baker in the bay you can see that temperatures over the triple digits, one oh 3 unconquered one oh 3. they're all one o 3 so we're backed off a couple degrees. but you're not going to feel much relief. not for today anyway and are you false and i will train in for james fletcher it's another day of taking a shot of the car thermometer. yeah i did it so many can't look at >>apparently the only hot spot. yeah we have a trouble spot on the nimitz freeway so that still working we'll check in on a 80 in union city ok we're on the commute to minute first one of those yet yesterday we did and so today. >>it's still going to feel high. i mean, but we're going to be down a few degrees. like you said one of 3 what's the differencwe want to live in one of great split hairs all
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right exactly it's still going to feel hot around the bay area and it's already in the 70's in san francisco. and it's clear and it's beautiful here but that only means that once we get into the afternoon hours. that it's going to be very very hot in the downtown area but hey at least is pretty at least is a nice a clear shot for us. but a heat advisory issued once again by the national weather service for today. so this is day number 3 in a row because the temperatures r a on the day to resign in some neighborhoods getting into the triple digits that huge advisory all the orange coloring on your screen and then an excessive heat warning issued for all the pink on your screen. so some of our east bay inland valleys you could see. summer valley locations on the tracy area modesto as well that center, an excessive heat warning until about 9 o'clock today that's we're going to start to see things that taper back just a bit but i'd never leave the little ones or your fur babies in the car at all make sure you stay hydrated as well just try to avoid being outside during a the peak hours this afternoon. if you
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can a current temperatures look at this pretty comfortable as you're walking out of the house this morning, 60's and 70's, 70 degrees in concord right now 70 in hayward upper 60's and san jose 74 in san francisco, 62 in napa 63 right now in novato the good news is with all this heat that we've been seeing over the last couple of days. we are going to finally get some relief and we're going to start to see things taper back into tomorrow, we're going to start seeing onshore flow. the marine layer is going to start to get a nice and thick and it's going to bring those temperatures down to about average to where they should be for this time of year again though that's going to start tapering back tomorrow today we still to get through this look at all the heat, yes, we're talking triple digits. one oh 3 if you're going to be in the concord area today any on the same ann livermore and then we're going to be in the 90's around the bay, upper 90's for summer east hills night like in fremont at 97 98 degrees in downtown san jose, i'll break it down in full detail neighborhood by
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neighborhood. coming up in just a bit for now handed over to robin in the traffic center alright thank you rebecca, several salt spots to talk about including 80 west into san francisco, your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza it is packed too late to beat the rush. but you can beat any potential hotspots i'm a pop up right. so this traffic here already stretches back be on west grand jam from that point up the incline to just be prepared to going to be riding the brakes as you approach treasure island. >>here's a crash on the nimitz it's unclear if it's still blocking no new updates from chp but at last check 80 south alvarado now this crash is blocking the 2 right lanes and continues to jam of traffic from to 38. so you need to leave a little early of 80's or drive. also if one oh one south is your drive just getting word of a new accident here coming out of redwood city, 1 one south and 84 we may have 3 lanes blocked. it is quickly backing up a keep my eyes on this as well and have another update in a bit are you will.
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>>thanks a lot 6 oh 3 and the warriors win game 5 of the nba finals over the raptors at the cost of can dundar and lylan's room celebrating at all normally they would what you're. >>your your teammate. the greatest player right now in the nba goes down. yeah, he fought so hard to come batk to yeah and there was in the cast this time was the killing is an m r i'll tell us how bad it is calm for sarah stinson is live with more sara. >>nation is just concern right now for kevin durant's wondering how he's doing especially because we now know he's out for the season. well, what does this mean for his career in terms of this injury. killers very serious injuries, so. the thing is he was cleared to play take a look at this video you can see him in the tunnel. >>the thing is even dancing before the game looking good that during the start of the games nailed a 3 pointer on the first possession he had and you continue to have a good case chilean like normal
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scoring 11 points in the 1st quarter, what is exciting the term was short lived early into the second. and goes do we all side we're all shocked he grabbed his injured right leg of this looks like reacted to the cap injury. agm bob myers is that it is an achilles injury. he will have that and more all right today's will have better understanding of what's going on the warriors kept pushing on though without kd and they build up a good leave that eventually the raptors fought back in the 4th quarter bad court in the final minute steph curry and klay thompson. theresa regained the lead. now finally draymond green holds best that was really key in that moment shot for some the rafters to miss a possible game winning shot. to make sure that we have. going into
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the series. and tonight with 31 points plans with 46 points. russians are really high though take a listen to the gm years loves to play basketball. and the people that question. >>whether he wanted to get back to his team were wrong. i don't believe there's anybody to blame. what i understand is this world. you can blame me iraq, iran are best father operations department. st devastated for for kevin and so it's a so bizarre. that we all have right now. that incredible win a horrible loss. >>definitely the best way to
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put incredible in horrible loss you can hear and he's talking about that feeling in our gut the feeling of just feeling so sad for kevin because this is again a serious injury, but we will have another chance and you saw it was bad in fort so this is not going to be easy warriors will face off with the raptors again here it or cooler enough. thursday night and we're going to have to use everything we have have to fight against them because you saw i mean the raptors they just kept shooting those threes super clean and we just have to put up that defense is going to be a tough game. it's going to be an interesting game for definitely amiss cady and a bittersweet one last game oracle arena ever so if you have the chance to go to that game and you have the money to afford it do it because it's the last one we'll send it back to you now in the studio. >>thanks a lot sarah and we have word from kevin duran to on what he thinks about all of this an instagram post he took to it. he says i'm hurting deep in the soul right now, i
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can't lie. the see my brothers get this win was like taking a shot of tequila i got new life and the warriors have new life because of it he laid down for them that he a-level points helped them win fuel that game 5 win. and now they live to see game 6. and maybe game 7. time now 6 oh 8 an earthquake struck partisan on the county early this morning was a 4.1 that hit at 12:45am here cobb mountain nobody hurt no much damage. 6 o a and a big story this morning a 14 year-old boy was it crissy field beach he went into the water and didn't know how to swim and ended up drowning conference sacking has more. >>i'm lynn says you know you you had the sounds all the time. we live in the neighborhood to i didn't know this is a reason. >>a hot summer day quickly turn tragic. crissy field beach on monday when a 14 year-old boy began struggling in the water the san francisco fire department says the boy didn't know how to swim. they
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say he was in the water with friends when he went under and disappear tight deceptive is that the waters aren't you know that calm once you get in there. >>and i think you know during this this whole year there been the sneaker waves that is accidently taking people away from the beach as they're walking. you know we've been you know really just cautious of a walking alongside waters and watching where the movement of the tides go. >>national park service says more than 51st responders spent nearly 2 hours searching for the boy eventually crews found the man pulled him from the water but unfortunately it was too late. >>it's it's it's really sad in fact that we did not hear that a he did make it until just now. is is so very shocking this is sad. >>like reassuring the highs. she says she comes to crissy field beach regularly because it's one of the beaches with calmer conditions cnn. >>we just say that can you see. after monday's drowning
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though she and others say you can never the 2 cautious please just be. >>careful and enjoy the bea but again. waters can be deceptive. >>the police say that they will not be releasing the name of that boy now again, it's also important to remember that there are no lifeguards here the beach so it's always important to be aware of your surroundings and check the conditions, crystal beach deliver sackey kron 4 news. >>new this morning a fire broke out near a homeless encampment in stanley and room the alameda county fire department tweeted this video that happened on marina boulevard crews found smoke and flames coming from the second floor of the old and martinelli poultry company building. no one was injured from this fire. fire has been contained and burned 2200 acres in colusa and yolo counties fortunately the fire has not spread much since sunday night there are around
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700 firefighters on the ground trying to contain the sand fire. cal fire's focusing on an area south of highway 60 near woodland. it's deeply wooded and you can see just the terrain there so access is very difficult. but if the fire were to spread people in nearby towns could be in danger. one firefighter actually was taken to the hospital by helicopter to be treated for heat related injuries. grass fire scorched 25 acres and threatened several homes take a look at the scene as flames from the grass fire got too close to some of the the homes in that area you see that man the to stick out his. his hose and just went down is on just for precaution. firefighters brought in support to knock back the threat to the homes. the fire started along will pass road in linwood drive took firefighters about 2 hours to contain it. this is the second fire in a week that started near a major roadway.
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>>6.11 right now and still ahead a bay area man dies on vacation in the dominican republic. he's now one of 4 americans who died in that country in recent months. i'm tracking the heat wave around the bay area look at this triple digits that we're going to be seeing once again into the afternoon all have more details coming up. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area very busy at the bay bridge toll plaza already crawling from the maze plus a haven't overturn accident on one oh ♪ lowe's knows, dad knows best. and like he always says, "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." so, we do it right with the most dewalt power tools and accessories for dad. and more deals on the stuff he wants this father's day.
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>>triple digits in the east bay and the temperatures backing off just by a few degrees in really every neighborhood so 85 is still ridiculous for san francisco and there's a look at you can almost feel this stillness and their how warm it's going to be in our live you know in the
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afternoon i took my kids to get a slurpee lying at the slurpee there i ever seen that before and i was like this before deep to know i had an adult slurpee for dinner, i couldn't even eat i just felt so hot i had as money. >>i made this morning. just was too hot to eat yet to to have to eat like solid sued nothing like that. and you know in san francisco, a broken record yesterday downtown tonight 7 97 degrees in san francisco yesterday. or the hot temperatures are in the way that what he said are a yes things are tapering back grew look at the going neighbors a lot of cars yesterday with fans in the back not getting ready. people bought them, you know, i'm sure the running out, that's mean it funny because then you go to the store. remember last summer, pop singles sold out is still goes anywhere in the freezer section and they yes air conditioning units are always sold out or at this time of the year. everyone's getting fans off the shelves. so yes today is another day where you could use all of that because it is going to be so hot around the bay area.
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but it's beautiful though the nie said he shot of the golden gate bridge right now. but yes, already in the 70's in san francisco. here's a breakdown of the highs though for the afternoon 85 for the high. in san francisco in the downtown area today, 85 degrees and golden gate park 84 in the sunset district at the coast. it's going to be really nice some 70's here you're going to get some relief if you're going to be heading out this on terror. a high of 74 78 in el granada 83 and a whole lot of sunshine in half moon bay this afternoon. you have the luxury definitely do so in a take a take advantage hit the coast. we're seeing upper 80's from south san francisco into san bruno 89 degrees for the high millbrae low 90's in burlingame and the 90's continue along the peninsula as well in redwood city at 93. they're going to be what side later on this afternoon, a high of 93 there are expected as well. 95 in mountain view. but we are getting us some relief if you want to call it
6:18 am
that we saw triple digits across the entire south bay we're going to be mostly in the mid to upper 90's 98 for the high in downtown san jose 97. if you're going to be or you live in santa clara. that's the afternoon high the triple digits as we get to and you're east valley locations like dublin wanted to one of 2 in pleasanton one oh 3 in lot of triple digits. there we're seeing a mid to upper 90's along the east bay shoreline, 91 in berkeley today and then look at those triple digits once again from concord into wannacry can and will you are going to be hot anywhere from one to one to one o 3 on average for today. we're looking at 99. any on bill 97 in sonoma and then oh, yes, very hot in vacaville topping out at one oh one the north bay looks like this. the coast, pretty nice 78 point raise today 83 at stinson beach. but of course as we move the independent limo high of 95 97 for the high in
6:19 am
nevada. here's a look at the 7 day around the bay real quick uh it is going to start to cool as we go into tomorrow and then a lot of relief thursday and friday so a nice way to wrap up your work week and then it's going to be a beautiful weekend around the bay area. then the heat is set to return monday of next week. that's a look at the weather, let's a check out the roads of robin. all right a new trouble spot and this time it's on the peninsula, i'm tracking a major accident. in redwood city misses 1, 1, south at the woodside 84 exit and chp just issued a special traffic alert. the 3 left lanes are closed as i said several vehicles with one of them flipped over singer backup is growing quickly not only southbound behind the scene but northbound opposite side, the lucky loser jamming up traffic too. this is what's left over from ed overturn accident and for the 4 o'clock hour 80 south. alvarado now leaving union city heading into fremont that's being pushed off to the side but not without jamming of the commute there fremont in union city hayward and san leandro so slow from 2 38 to the scene
6:20 am
right after that it's going to pick up for you the rest of the trip will be fine. oakland to san francisco, nothing major going crashes here just a lot of heavy traffic so be prepared. it's slow from the bottom of the maze, but still under 20 minutes to make it in. here's a beautiful shot of the golden gate traffic what's killed in 2 no problems, no crashes. >>it is nice and smooth and 19 minutes right on time novato to the toll plaza daria. >>thanks a lot of 6.20 and a big story this morning, a bay area man is among the 4 american tourists who have died vacationing in the dominican republic, 67 year-old robert wallace died in april sohn surrey town still has the details just as tommy taken off was gaining a wife and the dominican republic. >>his mall was losing her husband that day because that day hospitalized too sick to participate in the day's festivities. no one had a clue bob wallace wouldn't be rejoining his family and we didn't find out until the next morning, the impasse which is. >>another weird thing that had
6:21 am
been in my mom and brother been in touch with the hospital and they didn't reach out tell us any answers until the next morning, this adventure loving 67 year-old was gone. >>and with it a special brand of love that lit up everyone around him. >>the on their great relationship i think they just had their 10 year they got mary in switzerland, 6 year-old and 3 year-old east around the house and jump on him on the couch and paid for us with them hours on end and you know we missed greatly. >>30 members of the family took off for the dominican to be in place for ticking off sweating on the 14th of april a bottle of scotch from the mini bar in his room at the hard rock resort in punta cana seems to be where wallace's decline started. >>kind of in really quick turn of events after that that and in the staff. >>3400 miles from home wallace became the first of 4 american tourists, one of 2 staying at the hard rock to die while vacationing at dominican resorts and possibly are
6:22 am
taking of mini bar liquor we don't want to jump to conclusions. but it seems like the embassy. >>sounds like now the fbi's involved for a man who spent much of his life building with apartments and condos to his business wallace construction. the family he built is intent on finding the truth. it is tough you're in the process of grieving a family member and then all these other instances come out or it just kind of adds to the. >>pain of not knowing what happened. >>dominican authorities told the family to expect wallace's toxicology reports in 8 to 10 weeks. nearly 70 tourists have reported getting sick while vacationing in the dominican republic since march. >>for morning news, the latest on the go ship warehouse trial here what a fire chief had to say they got the victims families upset before we get to that story, here's a look at what we can expect today it's going to be another scorcher in the bay area. i'm saying this with a wink and a nod it's going to be slightly
6:23 am
cooler but what's a few degrees right we probably won't feel the
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6:26 am
for antioch but that area is going to be turning into triple digits. for the afternoon, i'll have all the highs and break it down neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a bit robin all right back to our trouble spot in what side or excuse me redwood city at the woodside x and. >>on southbound one on one it's an overturned crash. and the 3 left lanes are closed. we have a special traffic alert in place they're working with it, but it's really clogging up the commute a behind the scene heading south so this is the counter commute direction for the peninsula heading to the south bay keep that in mind northbound is backing up to will check more trouble spots coming up. well. >>in national news, a pilot is dead after crash landing atop a high rise building in new york city the moment, the chopper crash caused panic across the city. hundreds of people had to be evacuated. the crash sparked a fire on top of the building. the only person on board was the pilot law enforcement sources identify him as tim mccormick a pilot for a privately owned executive travel company.
6:27 am
police say the pilot was waiting out the rainy weather but for whatever reason decided it was ok to continue flying. still ahead on the crown for money news 2 men are in the hospital following a shooting on interstate 2.80. in san francisco. we have the very latest on the investigation. >>serious injury during game 5 warriors were able to take it home by one point a lot more deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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>>and we're going to have another scorcher you can see triple digits in the east bay and the north and the south are looking mid-nineties to upper 90's and even in places that are typically cooler like san francisco in half moon bay. 85 degrees, let's take a look at the golden gate. oh yeah, you can just feel it just by looking at this you can see that sun is going to be hot. >>you know get out and work out right now because it's going to add yeah i would do anything like that what is asked to pass 10 o'clock this morning. i would say bryce and certainly we see peak. >>during lunchtime right soon as it's noon. that's when we really see temperatures soar into the afternoon. so you take it easy out there. >>ok, but first let's take a peek well we'll do the weather and then the hot spots and yeah everywhere in both departments that is for sure a whole lot of sunshine. >>here's a nice shot of us in all right now. the star thing a camera yes it is going to be one of our hot spots there.
6:31 am
this afternoon. let me break it all down for you and the find your neighborhood today downtown san francisco 85 that's really goin to be up for the high this afternoon, a very hot 85 also in golden gate park at the coast, so it's going to be a little bit more comfortable, i should say 74 and montero 78 in el granada 83 so in daly city and half moon bay for the afternoon highs upper 80's though into millbrae low 90's into a burlingame at 91 degrees and the 90's continue through san carlos redwood city palo alto all in the low to mid 90's like in mountain view topping out and 95 this afternoon. the south bay it's going to be hot for you there were looking at upper 90's across the board pretty much wherever you look milpitas san jose both at 98 97 in santa clara and both campbell for the afternoon high, but look at those triple digits as we move into the east bay, especially getting over the east bay hills that's where the c one o 2 in dublin and in pleasanton today son all a 100
6:32 am
degrees for the high. and then as we move closer to the bay 90's know it's a little bit cooler there but not today we're going to be at 90 for the high in oakland, 96 in orinda triple digits pretty much everywhere you look from concord into walnut creek and getting into danville and san ramon, looking at some of the hot temperatures in vacaville today, one oh one for the high there pittsburgh at one oh 4, not by youngsville sonoma all in the upper 90's and then here's a peek at your north a zone 99 for santa rosa 97. in the motto since the beach though really nice to 83 a whole lot of sunshine there and point raise and i 78. how long is this heat wave going to last i'll have more details on that coming up in just a bit now hot spots from weather to a traffic now hey rob and pay their yes back to the biggest problem that and overturn accident on one oh one, leaving redwood city it happened in the 5 o'clock hour, it's spilling over into the 6 o'clock hour now south one to one after woodside 84 the 3 left lanes are closed.
6:33 am
we have a special traffic alert. they're working with its already backed up will be on whipple and then northbound stacking up be on mars so you may want to consider to 80 instead of one oh one to work your way between the peninsula south bay or maybe even san francisco just depends on where you're going. but if you're looking to avoid that slow down to 80 is the way to go the nimitz all lanes open after major accident in union city, it's still very slow 80 south. 2.38 alvarado now so traffic is still recovering and then we have the bay bridge which is backed up and heavily at least to the bottom of the maze star. you will all right, thanks a lot 6 33 and the warriors win game 5 but at the cost of kevin direct heavy price. he goes down in the 2nd quarter and. >>tiers and it's hard to play when your mind is on your friend and your teammate, yeah, all that and also provided motivation. the warriors were not going to lose that game after losing cady kron four sarah stinson is live at oracle has more.
6:34 am
yeah you could see the fight in their own. >>eyes and they fought to the very end and to win by one point today hung on their the last second literally and you know what it was hard to seek a the because you know he was fine in the beginning in the game, hugh felt sign he was excited to play after being out from his right calf injury. take a look at video you can see him dancing for the game in the tunnel, traditional dance but in the game, you know he nailed a 3 pointer on his first possession and continued to have a good pace killing it like normal scoring 11 points in just the 1st quarter. but it is exciting return was short lived early into that 2nd quarter. rant plants his foot goes down everyone in shock thinking oh god not again. he grabs his injured right leg. also up to the side and it looked like he was re i hear reactivated that calf injury. warriors gm, bob myers fears that it to the killings injury. all right today's will get a better understanding of
6:35 am
what is going on, but the warriors they kept pushing on without katie they knew they had to they built up a good lead. but eventually the rafters fought back in the 4th quarter and in the final minute steph curry and klay thompson go back to back the king died or threes to regained the lead. finally draymond green is defense it forces the raptors to miss a possible game winning shot defense was key in that moment, otherwise we would have lost it warriors head on to win one o 6 2, one oh 5. there's a ton of different arrests holes in that moment. it was definitely sketchy of one point were wondering if they were going to get the ball but then they did and then we held on our defense fortunately because there was 15 seconds left in the game and no one knew what was going to staff spends the night with 31 points and klay and with 26 points motions are running extremely high as we said tears, even saw a drake he was consoling katie so alyssa
6:36 am
steph curry talk about how emotional it was. >>kevin duran loves to play basketball. and the people that question. where the wanted to get back to his team were wrong. i don't believe there's anybody to blame. but i understand is this world. you can blame me iraq, iran are best father operations department. just devastated for kevin and so it's a so bizarre. that we all have right now. that incredible win a horrible loss. >>you just heard from warriors gm, bob myers and then of course our coach coach kerr so
6:37 am
obviously a lot of emotions going into game 6 here at oracle arena that is going to be on on thursday at 6 o'clock. this is going to be the last game ever at oracle arena before the warriors make their move to san francisco. very bittersweet. but it's going to be a tough game in as we saw last game it was neck in neck point to point our without kd yet again so it's going to be interesting but i i bet i would bet everything that the warriors are going to come in there and they're going to baez with as much as they have so for now live at oracle arena sarah stinson back to you. >>i just can't see them was in 3 home games. yeah, i just i'm callie game 7 game 7 anything can happen. but there is no way they're losing game 6 last game at oracle kd galvanized katie will be there. i'm sure sure and he already said he wants people wow yeah i know because you feel like you want to be tempered like the warriors worried us are like because they were devastated with a win which is an odd
6:38 am
thing so he said dub nation be loud. i'm hurting and he can lie about the pain there, but he says seeing my brothers get this win is like taking a shot of tequila. so he has new life he is hoping that this parks, the warriors to a new life is kind of the way to put in that everybody walks away with all of our rain no way they win that game without kd he was a steady influence and you saw what they are could do with him in the lineup. it was just easy offense. yeah, and then and that that game that we've got coming up that will be the last warriors game at oracle on thursday before they move to their new chase center in san francisco yesterday, one lucky season ticket holder was on hand for the installation of the arena's final seat and is right next to tim hardaway, the legend of the warriors the milestone coming about 6 months after the first seats are installed in the state of the art venue we spoke with a
6:39 am
season ticket holder and a surprise guest are ready to give away this price. tim hardaway. but here's mark carpenter talking about it, i'm going to kind of miss the people that i sat around with got to know them pretty well but the same time i'm really excited to come to the new arena. >>my seats are awesome. i think they're actually even closer than they were in the first game. and i'm just looking forward to being part of the new we're raucous crowd. >>at the chase honest economics said and everything about it. >>so while i think it's great situation. but i'm sad. >>that was that he and run tmc tim hardaway legend for the warriors who played at oracle arena for the better part of 6 seasons e and the killer crossover the chase said it will officially open in september and boost to capacity of 18,000 seats. >>2 men were sent to the hospital because they were shot in san francisco. it happened on the off-ramp on 2.80. the chp believes that it
6:40 am
was a dark sedan with 2 victims inside that lost control and crashed into a side barrier and the san jose avenue off ramp was closed while they investigated the men who were shot are expected to be okay. new this morning, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash in vallejo 38 year-old motorcyclist who was driving. riding his bike southbound on railroad avenue near 4th street. when he was struck and killed and the driver of an infinity hidden was trying to make a u turn at that intersection and hits a motorcycle, the driver and his passenger also went to the hospital but just with minor injuries after that deadly crash with a motorcyclist. >>happening tomorrow, the defense team will continue presenting its case in the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland many family members of victims who died in the 2016 fire. well they were very upset following statements made by an oakland fire battalion chief james mower and returned to the stand yesterday, he was again asked
6:41 am
if he had any regrets not telling his firefighters that there were people inside the building. now knowing the 36 people died in that fire. he once again told the court he stands by his decision he testified that notifying his crew would not have changed their firefighting tactics. >>i think they have no regrets how could they have no regrets knowing that 30 seat 6 people died. they know they're guilty. they know they're liable they sat next to the family members and they're incredibly disrespectful during court. >>if you think that this is funny that these 36 people dying is funny then i wish you would not come to court because it's not funny to me. >>defense attorney tony serra said it's a disgrace that ball rend did not notify his crew about the people inside because of graduation today. jurors will not hear any more testimony until tomorrow. still ahead hot weather. concerns about wildfires near bay area homes, we'll hear from cal fire about way you
6:42 am
can do to prepare for the possible worst and we're expecting triple digits once again for some are high. >>spots around the bay area 90's around the bay. we'll have more details coming up and check out the shot from the caltrans camera on one oh one. this is the backup heading south on one oh one in to read was city a major accident blocking 3 lanes of accident blocking 3 lanes of traffic and your what ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. the things that matter most if ywhen you brush or floss, you don't have to choose between healthy gums and strong teeth.
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>>as i don't en have to talk to you i use hear that horn, i know all of you know there's trouble this is one to one south counter to direction so coming from th peninsula heading to the south bay. overturn accident which is actually teft over from the last hour in a still blocking still jamming up traffic. so yeah, this is a major hot fatah special traffic alert in place southbound want to one at the woodside 84 x said overturn accident 3 left lanes close i pulled up the caltrans camera nearby you can see that nasty back up you can see the crash. it's up ahead a little further south look over to the right you see how traffic is creeping there. ashes right after this slowdown. so a major trouble spot for people trying to get along the peninsula into the south bay and it's also backing up traffic for the commute direction, northbound because those folks are a little heavy leading up to the scene as well so this is something you need to plan out to be to leave earlier either stay away from one on one and take 2.80
6:46 am
instead to 80 looks good to the south bay along the peninsula and to san francisco so a great alternate to get around this nasty hot spot on southbound one on one checking in on the nimitz another accident we had earlier hot spot in union city. now we have a crash in hayward 80 south and a street. this one is blocking 2 lanes traffic never had a chance to recover from the earlier hot spot now you have a new trouble spot. it is solid from to 38 all the way through fremont so be prepared for that for up to 40 minutes and growing for your drive time, thanks to all those problems we're checking in on 92, another solo bridge, it's not a surprise right like this every morning but very quiet so 27 minutes to make it over to the peninsula and the bay ridge traffic stacked up to cash lanes and your fast track lanes our heavy it's going to be slow from the bottom of the maze. but very quiet on the upper deck, let's check in on those hot spots to the weather now with her back there's a whole bunch of them to robin that we're seeing once again around the bay area, especially into the
6:47 am
afternoon. and yes, the heat is definitely on we're continuing to ride this heat wave that we've seen the last couple of days and all the sunshine to enjoy beautiful here. this is our a san jose camera on top of mt hamilton overlooking of the lick observatory current temperatures right now these are not so high eyes for this afternoon these are actually currents were in the 70's and a whole lot of spots 70 degrees in concord right now 74 in an eos and you're at 72 in mount and if you're just now waking up with us in downtown san jose 68 degrees for you 74 in downtown san francisco 62 degrees already in napa and it's not even 7 o'clock yet so you know what that means the heat is definitely still on the way to the bay area and we're going to be seeing it for the rest of today before finally getting some relief are going to see a little bit of a cool down starting. tomorrow because we're going to have this onshore flow. some fog that we're going to be expecting the marine layer is going to a little bit thicker over the next couple of days. it's going help cool things down and get things back to normal for this time of year. here's afternoon high is it is
6:48 am
going to be a scorcher once again, especially inland. look at the east bay. we're seeing those triple digits pop up and then that the south bay are going in the upper 90's upper 90's near 100 in the north as well and then a pretty warm and toasty along the coast, i'm tracking 85 in san francisco, 83. at half moon bay. and have your 70 around the day forecast coming up in just a bit now back to the news well daria. back to the heat with the high winds and high temperatures firefighters are on high alert for wildfires. we just saw rebecca's weather report triple digits very dry in many locations kron on's. >>ryan o'donnell spoke with cal fire chief scott mclean about how they're preparing for a long season and what we should be doing. >>the fence will space this is a team effort throughout the state of california with the fire services with the public and very other the a lot of other venues if you will through the grant system so we're all involved that the
6:49 am
homeowners defensible space start with that first 5 feet around your home or your structure, nothing should be within that 5 feet that is combustible. >>you need to be thinking ahead of the game to make sure you're prepared. >>get those go kids we should already be done if not kept here around of those items that you need to have and i ask that you go to ready for wildfire dot org could get a list of those items kind of the to make you think about it as to what you will need to take with you if you do have ta evacuate. >>that grand are now on the interview was on kron on so if you don't have as that you can get it by going on kron on dot t v and signing up and you get live local news coverage, 24 7. 6.49 time right now in northern california mother and her 2 young girls are dead after a drunk driver crashed into their home while the family was sleeping. >>it happened just outside modesto a 10 year-old girl also was taken to hospital after the car wentnthrough the fence, a backyard of a duplex before crashing into the home.
6:50 am
the force of the impact was so strong that parts of the with the fence and it up on the victim's roof, 46 year-old felix for dunn was arrested. somebody chose to drink and drive and because of that 3 people lost their lives at a whole life ahead of him to go to scenes like this. >>in see not just a mom but 2 children die, and one cleaning on the life it affects all of us. >>he faces the areas where there is a picture of the screen. he faces a handful of felony charges, including the homicide. >>the league baseball superstar david ortiz is now back back in the united states. the red sox charted him a jet to take him back to get medical care here in the us after he was shot in the dominican republic on sunday, serious injuries, but he is expected to make a full recovery reid binion has the details. >>baseball legend david ortiz arriving in boston after being shot in the back in the dominican republic sunday, the
6:51 am
43 year-old former red sox slugger was at a nightclub in his native santo domingo when he was shot from behind doctors said the bullet went through ortiz is stomach and damaged multiple organs. the shooting was immediately followed by an outpouring of concern for ortiz in his home country and also in the united states, the red sox holding a moment of silence at monday's game in honor of big poppy as ortiz is affectionately known red sox ceo and president sam kennedy emphasizing the impact the shooting is having on the team the events of last night should our red sox family to its core. >>the team's manager also speaking out looking forward to welcoming ortiz into the healing embrace of his team family in boston. >>he will be taken care of in he'll be back with us. be in that clubhouse with a big. they smile and the huge heart. >>back in the dominican republican official announced a provisional closing of the nightclub where the attack happened as the investigation continues. authorities detained one suspect after the
6:52 am
shooting was the second suspect still at large the motive for the attack isn't yet clear. i'm reading your reporting. >>6.51 and coming up in the 7 o'clock hour new concerns about gun laws as a group stands up against assault-style weapons. and the big news today is another hot one all around the bay record setters yesterday and you can see triple digits in the east bay again today.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>>back to the morning news and
6:55 am
back to a major hot bought one oh one south of a mess right now i pulled up the caltrans camera so you can see the slowdown, leaving redwood city on 1 one south. south of the what site 84 exit overturned suv house of 3 left lanes close. we have other vehicles involved and lots of debris scattered across a lane. so if you're traveling between the peninsula and the south bay. it's on the southbound side one on one, but it's going to back you up in both directions consider using to 80 or el camino reale as your alternate i'll keep my eyes on this and have for slow downs coming up rebecca. i'm tracking all the hot spots. >>around the bay area weather wise going to be a scorcher. this is day 3 that another heat advisory issued a for the bay area by the national weather service as we're taking a live look here right now a lot of sunshine. this is actually our camera overlooking pacifica it's going to be in the low 80's here and i'm tracking triple digits. as we get into summer inman valley locations. a quick look at your seven-day around the bay forecast and
6:56 am
we're looking at a finally a cool down a big cool down as we get into thursday and friday your weekend looks great just ahead and then he returns as we hit next monday. well. >>rebecca coming up in the next hour the kron four morning news, a young boy drowns at a beach in san francisco. and officials say he did not know how to swim. and firefighters are gaining ground on the sand fire to our north but high temperatures today can really impact the firefighting efforts and the warriors win that they lose kevin duran because of this move here we'll have the latest on that devastating injury in reaction. emotional reaction. right after the reaction. right after the break. you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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>>well trending for james, let you know i hope.
7:00 am
>>as sleeping and a c. >>could sleep bill was so high right we're going to have more on on those hot spots in the weather which continue today. >>i'm sure will be making some more records probably on the slide yesterday, but first your house, but one oh one not looking so good right now have 3 lanes close on one oh one and a redwood city, but this a crash is jamming up traffic in both directions at southbound want to one just after the what's i 84 exit. here's the caltrans camera that i pulled up and showing you the traffic on the right hand side leading up to the accident where the 3 left lanes are closed. this is a major problem. it happened at 5 47 this morning and it involves an overturned suvs so this is just what you'll be dealing with with on one on one both northbound and southbound still southbound its backing up into san carlos, northbound you're backing up into menlo park so consider taking el camino consider taking to 80. they both look better than highw


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