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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 12, 2019 1:30am-1:59am PDT

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♪ tonight -- britney's eyebrow-raising behavior. from the new video messages to startling accusations, we have exclusive reporting about what's behind the scenes with the pop star. >> i'm skinny as a needle then jennifer aniston all-in on a "friends" reboot. why she changed her mind. plus, why meghan markle's beauty plan after baby might surprise you. and the new man in selena gomez's life, bill murray? then, keanu reeves basically breaks twitter. big movie, millions of memes. why he's even poorer than you thought. >> no way! this is "entertainment tonight."
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hi, everybody. welcome. i'm so excited today. because "black-ish" star anthony anderson will be joining us in just a moment. >> we are going to have a lot of fun, but we have to start with some serious news. britne sabout her vacation, try prove that he's sock, but her action have made people more concerned than ever. >> so, this is the day after me on my boat ride. do i look any different today than yesterday? >> for the second day in a row, britney shared a startling "conspiracy theory," accusing the paparazzi of altering photos to make her look bigger. >> no one ever really ever asks, are the paparazzi pictures fake and do the paparazzi people do stuff to the pictures, and is the news really real? >> today, the photo agency that released the images called britney's claims "ludicrous," adding, quote, we shot thousands of photos of her over the weekend and are very happy to let her see the original files
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if she so wishes. >> this is my stay here in miami. >> britney proudly showed off her vacation view and went for a spin on a jet ski, but a source tells "e.t." the change of scenery hasn't made things easier for brit. since completing treatment at a mental health facility in april, we're told, quote, she's been struggling tremendously with insomnia. he establish a daily routine, but the problem is she doesn't have structure in her day or a schedule. >> today, the singer posted new miami pics with her boyfriend and we're learning her about britney's body obsession. >> yesterday, i went swimming. i look like i'm 40 pounds bigger than i am today. this is how i am right now and i'm as skinne. >> her workouts, our sayources says, the singer's physique has been a major part of her
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career and she feels pressure to look great at all times. let's move on to some happier news. finally, reason to believe that a "friends" reunion show could actually happen. jennifer aniston just told kevin frazier, she's in! >> for 16 years we have been asking you about a "friends" reboot. >> there's such an overwhelming desire for it that maybe at some point there will be. >> well, that would be fun. >> i'd do anything for any of them. >> now, you said maybe. and now you did this to us. you did this. >> well, you know, no was getting me nowhere. maybe was getting me nowhere so, i don't know, i thought i'd try yes to see what happened. >> do a "friends" reunion, okay? >> okay. i would do it. >> so what's jen's real answer now? >> anything can happen. tu. >> so everyone calm down? >> yeah, or don't and stay excited and possibly something will happen.
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>> we're going to take that as a yes. netflix reportedly paid $100 million to keep streaming the hit show and the service is now launching jen's new european vacation comedy, "murder mystery," her second film with adam sandler. >> i remember driving up to work every morning and thinking, is this real life? this is where i get to go to work. >> sandler brought wife jackie to the premiere, his daughter sadie zipped by with friends. adam just earned major dad points booking this adam levine to perform at her bat mitzvah. ♪ sugar >> how'd you work that? >> i don't know, he's such a good dude. man, i texted him. he responded right away and said, yeah, i'll come by. he swung by, did three songs. every age was goin kids, adults, my mother was horny. it was very nice. >> oh, my. now to the royal family, and new mama meghan markle who we've learned isn't in a rush to get her body back after baby. >> meghan hasn't been hitting
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the gym, she hasn't been in any hurry to get back into shape. no hard training, no weights. she's enjoying this time, she's being gentle to herself. some were throwing shade at the duchess' postpartum looks. even saying, she looked matronly and tired. >> shame on those trolls who have criticized her appearance, she is a new mother. meghan's been up in the night, she's nursing, so feeding on demand, really, every few hours, apparently he's a hungry little baby. so, yes, she looked a little bit tired. >> harry sure appreciates mommy meghan. check out this new bling he gifted her. >> beneath her engagement ring and her wedding band is a new eternity ring. and some people have speculated that this was a push present. but i think in fact it's a first anniversary present. >> with henanny to help them wi archie. >> i've heard from very reliable sources that the new nanny, who d has sign quite an extensive nondisclosure
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agreement. >> and on sunday, it's father's day both here and in the uk. and you can count on harry to celebrate his first ever. >> to mark father's day with baby archie is going to be really special, and if we're lucky, who knows, we may even get a new glimpse on instagram. >> yeah, come on, harry, we need it. let's talk rihanna. while her diehard fans, the navy as they're called, anxiously await new music, it seems riri's got more than just love on the brain. ♪ must be love on the brain >> more like babies on the brain. ri-ri revealing she wants to be a mo friend of two d admits she's "in years, hassan jameel. but when it comes to a walk down the aisle, "only god knows that, we plan and god laughs, right?" ♪ work work work work >> his family is worth a reported $1.5 billion.
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>> so, what about new music? women, she'll be in studio next month and plans to release an album by end of this year. >> the album is coming soon. another star bringing us new music, selena gomez. >> yes, it's finally done! >> selena confirming to us that an album is on the way, after spending the past few months in the studio. last night the 26-year-old stunned in a little black celine dress with a big price tag, 16,000 bucks. she hit the carpet for the premiere of her new zombie comedy "the dead don't die," starring bill murray, and we are just loving how these two bonded during filming. >> he has no idea who i am and he refuses to call me selena. he basically calls me gomez. it's the best part of working finally and i get a real kick out of her. >> he actually literally stole the cop car in one scene and just took everyone on a joyride, from a joyride to the roller
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coaster felicity huffman has been riding. yesterday, she was all smiles at her daughter sophia's high school graduation. this of course is less than a month after felicity pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to boost her s.a.t. scores. felicity's husband actor william h. macy wasn't charged in the scandal. also attended the graduation. a source tells "e.t." the couple is doing its best to keep a united front. the family left the graduation together via a back door. "e.t." has learned that sophia's college plans are on hold for now. all right coming up, new scenes from frozen 2 and "e.t." is on the set of the new "shaft." uess what, anthony anderson is going to join me next. >> where?
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mint way on "e.t." a side of anthony anderson you have never seen before. >> let's make some music. >> the
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seems. you must find the truth. >> elsa captures some new characters in frozen 2. it guards the secrets of the force. frozen 2 comes out november the 22nd. this friday, get ready for the return of "shaft." with samuel l. jackson, and a hot newcomer. >> wait a minute. you bring me in here so kevin can be the only one who gets to go to the set. talk about getting shafted. >> action!w they look at you first of all. it's like just when i walk on set and this is what it feels like on set all the time. >> three generations of shaft in one movie. the youngest, jessie t. usher still has a lot to learn. >> never turn down free drinks from beautiful ladies.
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>> your kid is this supernerdy computer kind of guy, right? >> he's an i.t. dude, so we have to teach him how to be a shaft. >> better late than never. >> i'm the furthest thing from a shaft that a shaft has ever been. >> you didn't just break laws, you committed human rights violations. >> so? >> sam's ex and jessie's mom, is regina hall. and let's face it, the exes don't get along. >> how long has it been? >> hmm, never long enough. >> where there's love and passion, you know it can be volatile. >> but there's a lot of love for richard, the original shaft. >> the best thing about shaft that he got right? >> he's cool. >> i'll take that. >> all right, now, what about this young shaft? >> the jury's still out. >> just a loft coolness right now right here. still ahead -- how keanu reeves is having the best summer of his life plus, mischa barton is back and talking to us about joining "the hills."
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i'm just imagining that's how he always walks into a room. >> i'm pretty sure it is. the guy's got swag, he's killin' it as john wick. and he's a voice in "toy story 4." and he's also a viral sensation. >> it's clear keanu is having a moment. and "e.t.'s" been there for every phase of cool keanu. >> i love movies. >> there's bill and ted. whoa! >> gosh, i love movies. >> there's a bomb on this bus! >> i love watching them. and i love making them. >> this week, keanu has become a viral sensation, thanks to his passionate way with words. >> you're breathtaking. >> you're breathtaking, you're all breathtaking. >> minds were blown a was given as fans realized he
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never women during photo-ops. >> "e.t." has seen that in our nearly 35 years with keanu, starting in the '80s, when playing ted was an excellent spiritual adventure. >> i kind of had him in my body for a long time after and in my spirit he was there a lot. it was fun. ted, ted, i'm feeling blue, where are you? "dude, don't be down, it's all okay." >> in the '90s he starred in his first action star with "point break." >> surfing every day. keanu describes filming in the ocean. >> i'm just trying to play the part. i don't know. the world and giving stuff back to the ocean. because you're surfing it and the of being a true surfer. >> this meme pretty much says it all -- keanu just existing the
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entire internet. >> what makes him the best. >> pretty much everything. >> major love for akeanu. and we've got more love from keanu because tomorrow we will be with him at the "toy story 4" premiere in hollywood. staying in hollywood, it's also the backdrop for all the drama on "the hills: new beginnings," and two new additions, brandon lee and mischa barton who are definitely no stranger to drama. >> this has not been, um, the easiest decade for you, what does it feel like to be back, to be healthy? >> i do feel i've been through a lot, especially in the last few years. it's definitely starting a new chapter in my life. >> she was the "it" girl of the early 2000s, known for her starring role on "the o.c.," and her fashion, but in 2009 mischat landed her under psychiatr you know, how is she? so, how are you? >> i'm great. i'm great.
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yeah, i've been -- this has been an interesting journey and it's been like, really fun to do and i'm great. i'm really happy to be back in l.a. >> back in l.a. and joining the reboot of a show she was never on -- >> welcome to the hills! >> so, why add the actress to the mix? well, she already knew some cast members, so producers thought she'd be a good addition to this new beginning. >> dating, are you open to dating on the show? >> did you have a first season. >> like mischa, actor and model brandon thomas lee wasn't part of the first "hills" crew, in fact, he was only 10 years old when the s in 2006. and if he looks kind of familiar, that's because he's the son of pamela anderson and rock and roll bad boy tommy lee. would have absolutely said no,
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i mean, i've been sober for a really long time now but now, it feels like the perfect time for me. >> so, how did these new additions to "the hills" handle their new gig? well, for mischa, the hardest part was the wardrobe. >> us girls, we would like steal stuff out of each other's closets, but in the end we were like, i think i've worn every single piece of clothing that i own. >> i can't wait to watch that. well, something else we're excited to watch anthony's new netflix movie "beats." your character is a high school security guard who, really takes this young boy, a musical prodigy, under his wing. did you draw from your paternal instincts and lend it to the role? >> i did. i used some of those things. >> you did? >> yeah. >> your own kid, you do it so well with this kid. >> i try to lead wiby example. took some of those conversations
1:52 am
and and dealing with going to school and getting an education. >> things that mama doris told you, too. >> all lies from mama. >> a hard time here. it's also a very dramatic turn for you. we're so used seeing you as a comedian. >> i try to show that i have a range like a rover. >> i'm going to use it. >> i mean, it's fun. you know, just show the different side of one's talent. flipping it to the dramatic side and come back on "black-ish" and being the funny jovial father every week. >> they'll love you on this. it looks fantastic. "beats" premieres june 19th on netflix. anthony also has the hit game show "to tell the truth."
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what is true and what is a lie? i'm going to give you some things and see if -- >> can't wait for this. >> more with anthony anderson coming up. weigh you down.
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i really love giving away big corporate money to people who really need. >> elizabeth banks hosts a new version of "press your luck" debuting tonight on abc. anthony hosts "to tell the truth." our only "e.t." version. two truths and lie about myself. i'm going to see if you can spot the lie. >> okay. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay, i can whistle without moving my mouth. i was a contestant on an earlier version of to tell the truth and i was named cruise ship ping-pong champion. >> to tell the truth was a lie. i played a murder victim on law and order. i dated michael bolton. or i have an ice cream flavor named after me? >> murder victim on law and
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order is the lie. another show i'm a part of. >> you didn't peek over here. we both appeared in scream 4. i'm a whiz at calculus and i'm crazy for alma mater alabama. >> nobody is a whiz at calculus. >> you got one wrong. >> i love calculus. i. >> okay, you were in "scream 4" alma mater is clemson. >> oh, roll tide! >> i love having y here. >> thank you. >> thank you for co-host zmrg thank you for having me. >> thank you for co-host zmrg thank you for having me. >> bye. off! deep woods provides long lasting mosquito protection ♪ so you can keep living life your way
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