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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  June 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>a special moment in bay area history oracle will roll are for a final time time for the past 47 years of lawyers have called oakland home but tonight, golden state's going to tip off at oracle for the very last time as thousands of fans watch in hopes of forcing a game 7 against that are on the raptors in the nba finals. good evening. everybody, i'm tequila just awesome and for ground lotus tonight, the lawyers are getting ready to move across the bay to san francisco and it's also.
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>>a must-win game if a won another shot at winning the championship title. >>confiscate really is live at oracle for us with more hey kate. >>i think the answer that yeah. steak because not only is it a celebration. nearly half centuries meant for the warriors hair darkened arena. 2002 and in order for state to do it. the few teams who have rallied from that 3 to one series deficit to win it's only happened now 11 other time an nba playoff history just once in the finals. long reason the warriors are motivated to win. tonight's
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game 6. oracle arena, a person . off looms large. >>just incredible. the environment which to coach an end and played back in the day even when the warriors weren't any good. to coming years a visitor and feel the energy in this building. can tell that the fans love the game that this was a basketball hot bed just the in the atmosphere out there the energy. the noise. 5 years our team. her team's so combined with organic energy that this place is always had just been an incredible experience to culture. >>now this toronto raptors team, the golden state is facing tonight is a very tough one, not only have there game
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that they pulled words of one of bin very close with the raptors and just been on them consistently. the whole time, however, there is one statistic on golden state's side in the living in elimination games in the steve kerr 2015 they are 6 and won it in those games saying like those odds that will find out which side they end up on tonight, ladies back to you. >>thank you very much kate and we have team coverage and oracle arena tonight where firsthand toward also live at oracle talking to the fans when you see the team pull off a win tonight to dan what's the feeling out there. >>incredible to be honest with there's a certain sort of electricity here tonight we understand this is a must-win for their golden state warriors against very top toronto raptors team. they are excited about what's going to happen here tonight there confident that this team can pull it out with kevin durant going down game 5 after rupturing his achilles they understand that this is imperative that they win this game tonight in order to
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continue. and what a great way to send off oracle arena right so there's all of these fans here that are feeling the stall to not only just the excitement with their understanding how important this really is this is the good bye to the city of open for the golden state warriors it's the last time that they'll be playing in the city of oakland, it's the last time the city of oakland will be hosting an game. i was speaking with some of these fans and that 3 peat in the championships are so important to them, it's also coming here and watching this game tonight. take a listen. so there is a motion ul storms that are churning inside the
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fans here, i'm sure the players are feeling a lot of that here tonight as well. >>a lot of excitement here the music is playing. the fans are good are just right up there just looking forward to this game getting underway at 6 o'clock and then after this is all said and done the golden state warriors will be moving to san francisco. but in the meantime they got a championship to win and that the fans out you're hoping that the scenario plays out in their favor the senate back to you guys thank you very much. dan. >>and we will have much more coverage of the final game at oracle leading up to that tip off at 5.30 we'll see how fans are feeling about moving across the bay and at 5.45 we'll take a look back at the warriors past 47 years in oakland, other big story we're following for you tonight in oakland man who fancies pretending to be. >>a police officer he remains on the streets tonight despite pleas to a judge to put him behind bars conference dan kerman live for us in a berkeley tonight with more on this guide and.
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>>well barkley is just one of the cities that he is alleged to have impersonating a cop right there keeps bar and grill. also they say this took place in oakland just recently and before that insanely and row and each time he's been released on bail including today released. even though prosecutors say he should be the old in till he can be tried. it was in december of 2017 the prosecutors say 20 year-old sergio taylor first impersonated a law enforcement officer. >>for which he was convicted and sentenced to 3 years probation. but prosecutors allege that didn't stop there. in september of 2018 he was arrested for being an illegal possession of an unregistered loaded firearm then on may 12th of this year police say he was spotted on surveillance video it keeps bar and grill in berkeley, dressed as a law enforcnment officer and displaying a handgun. authorities finally caught up with him on june 1st this viewer video shows what looks like a police officer being
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arrested it's an lee andrews cherry festival. but in fact it was taylor being arrested for impersonating a police officer and carrying a fully functioning taser which police say was a violation of his probation. and june 5th. he was arraigned and released on $30,000 bail then 4 days later oakland police say he was at it again spotted attempting to conduct a traffic stop using a blue and red flashing light on his dash police were unable to catch him. but thursday he showed up to court for his arraignment. and while his bail was increased to $45,000. prosecutors say a judge refused to have been taken into custody. people we spoke with in berkeley find that frustrating. >>for me the issue is when you see repeat occurrences of the same thing. i think it's important and that's why way back when they did the 3 strikes and i know that was very controversial but the idea behind it is like when you see a repeat behavior.
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you've got to do something you got to change the you've got to up the ante change the. >>norm otherwise people are not going to pay attention and then the justice system that ends up being a joke. >>some question whether the suspect was going to even show up in court for his arraignment, he did and now he is due back again. tomorrow morning. we live in berkeley dan kerman kron 4 news saying stand developing news tonight, the last 2 defense character witnesses for max hairs were called to the stand today. >>in the go ship trial in oakland russell butler musician, who testified that he was at the go ship waiting to perform when the fire erupted and mike funkhouser told the court that he is a close friend of max harris and then he once lived in the ghost ship warehouse. >>he did 2 things for us one. the show the jury what the do it yourself music scene is about the do it yourself music scene is about excess ability to marginalized people. and in
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this case and the nht of the party, there was an lgbt that he was a. was there to testify that kind of normalize what it was like to live with the ghost ship and show that you know wasn't there was any kind of obvious danger that anybody considered that it was a place that was devoted to creating art that that was a not just something people did. in addition a living there, but their primary purpose was to create art they happen to live there. >>max harris is scheduled to take the stand and testify in his own defense on monday. >>go outside and take a live look at the golden gate bridge right now all that fog started to pour in. and we have to time now to check in with a chief meteorologist, a large car now. really cool things down around the bay area today. temperatures much much more comfortable outside the little cool. >>out toward the beaches 50's in the pacific a 57 degrees right now in san francisco much more comfortable very
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pleasant 79 in san jose 80 degrees now live or remember we were looking at triple digits there just a couple of days ago, 81 in concord they are down from a 100 yesterday 81 degrees and fairfield 60 degrees in tehran. so numbers coming down. thank goodness that sea breezes kicked back in and the fault has returned outside, looks to be sticking around to for a while as we get into the weekend to you know your father's day plans. we'll see some low clouds and fog that will affect that as well you see the fog sweeping on shore and also the lightning strikes are far northern california even over. for the just south of tall. that's because they're low pressure now sweeping across the state that helped the deep in the marine layer bring more fog low clouds but it also has kicked up some of those thunderstorms. winds they have been picking up to over 20 miles per hour near the coastline and look at the surge of low clouds and fog will be back again. overnight tonight so plan on some cloudy skies, especially along the coastline and that fog is going to filter into the bay tomorrow looks like another nice day it will be a right about average. this weekend though we do have some change will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes.
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>>thank you lawrence coming up the hot weather is here but it's bringing a lot of unwanted guest to east bay parts where officials say we need to be on the lookout for him rattlers california is trying to block the construction of a wall of the u s mexico border, the action bang taken against the trump administration. a teacher's aide at a san jose middle school accused of molesting 2 boys and police worry there could be more victims where happened in the man who is now behind bars and if you want to skip the commercials to get more news during a break make sure to stream kron on go to. an
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>>a teacher's aide at us and is a middle school is accused of molesting 2 boys and police worried that there could be many more victims kron four is christina tetro has the details for us. >>now i'm here right in front of sylvan dale middle school where the suspect worked as a teacher's aide that man is 44 year-old junior, but how arrested on 2 counts of molesting a child and 2 counts of intimately touching a person against their will for sexually arousal this was apparently happening from mid april to may first of this year to 2 young boys one 15 1.13 that how arrested at his home in san jose and booked into the santa clara county jail on those 4 counts. >>it's sad that somebody is being a this comes here of work to that will >>the people that live your
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officers are worried that there are more victims of how close that how was to students with working here at the school so if you believe that and he loved ones or children of yours possibly have been in contact with the tower please go ahead and reach out to the san jose police department right away, reporting in front of the middle school christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>police in palo alto have arrested a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman at a care facility, 63 year-old jeremiah's frigo broderick s worked as a nursing assistant at the webster house medical '% center. police say that he sexually assaulted a 70 year-old woman as she was recovering from surgery on sunday. he's been booked into the santa clara county jail police are now looking into whether there could be possibly more victims a 5 year-old boys expected to survive after falling from a third-story apartment in san francisco happened yesterday afternoon in a building on 14th and mission in the city's mission district police say that the boy fell from an open window right on to the pavement medics were already treating him when officers arrived at the scene. the
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injuries were initially considered life threatening but police are now saying that that little boy is expected to survive with come snakes and of these fayre rattlesnake warning for hikers and everyone else sees in the trails kron forcefully chagall shares tips on how to stay safe. >>outdoors during the summer. >>kevin dixon is a naturalist for the east bay regional park district and he says to snake seen often on trails the rattlers and gopher snakes this is a gopher snake and it's essentially harmless this were a northern pacific rattlesnake the only kind of venomous snake that we have out here in the parks. the head would be much much broader then the body and of course i wouldn't be holding it. >>and you would see that the skin is dole rather than shiny and the body of a rattlesnake if it were this long would be this big around so they're much bigger rounds. >>dixon works at the black diamond mines regional preserve in antioch he says
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rattlesnakes hide in the tall grass and under rocks and other debris resnik stay on the ground in the winter. and then when the first warm days of spring come. >>they spread out across their home range. and they're looking for food. so they can make up for all that lost time in the winter. and they're looking for mates pay close attention to the snake warning signs posted throughout the district 73 parks walk in pairs and scout out barbecue and rest stop locations before sitting down. >>make sure you're not agitating a rattler you do come across a snake just let it crawl off the trail and then continue on your way snakes are never aggressive. their only defense if they feel like they're being attacked dixon says rattlesnakes are less likely to be on the trails when it's extremely hot during the day. they're usually more active in the late evenings fail in antioch deleted all kron 4 news. >>but take a live look outside our cam reported in the direction of sfo you see those
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clouds overhead time now to check our weather with chief meteorologist part of that love scene that fog back here today ever that's good outside of those hot days, look at that right now over the bay looking toward a contrast in san francisco. the fog has already moved on shore things could be a little thicker tonight probably going to see some drizzle along the coastline too so the where maybe a little damp out of sfo, good news yet the fog there, but no delays at sfo oakland, or san jose as we've got return to some normal weather around the bay area just the way we like it after this hot days early on in the week. well, the clouds will gather along the coastline as it will be a strong onshore push tonight. i think actually make its way into some of the valley's too. temperatures outside very comfortable 80 degrees. warm in livermore 81 in concord cool 59 and breezy in the san francisco 61. in oakland, san jose checking is 79 and 71 and santa rosa overnight tonight, we'll see some increasing low clouds into the bay and some of the valley's to some patchy drizzle out along the coastline tomorrow will become
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mostly sunny. at some morning clouds and that's a mild temperatures again this weekend. we do have some changes high pressure will start to build in and the weather's going start to heat up weak area of low pressure dropping into the state you see right here kind of moving on through enough to deepen the marine lair finally in the push tthe east as we head through the weekend behind that high pressure building on the backside of that so i think saturday kind of transitional days we get to suny shapps be dance. they don't forget that high pressure building in more sunshine on the way it's warmer weather. a lot of party weekend too. overnight tonight we are going to see the clouds begin a stretch back on shore you see right there you see some that green popping up along the coastline, models picking up on some of that drizzle out toward the beaches. tomorrow morning we start out pretty gray a little more fog than what we had today then as we head toward the middle the day that peels back to the coast leaving lots of sunshine except right up toward the beaches going to keep things a little bit gray along the coast. temperatures tomorrow will be cool out of the beaches put on upper 50's in the hf moon bay about 61 degrees in san francisco. you find lot of sunshine inside the bay though in the afternoon really some couple weather 60's and some 70's
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even upper 70's in the san jose, the valleys, the warmer spots, maybe the mid 80's tomorrow afternoon really some very nice weather for this time of year right about average going down a little bit of the saturday by sunday that ridge of high pressure builds back in we start to warm things back up and back getting a little hot heading into next week. tyler it's to the south bay now the san jose airport has opened 5 new gates that officials hope will make traveling a little easier on you for israel's comfort has more now from san jose. well right now i'm sitting on the tarmac here mineta san jose international airport were starting today june 13th. >>the airport has opened up 5 new gates on the south end of terminal b these are gates 31 through 35 now these gates will serve southwest airlines, this is a project that was fast tracked by the airport construction actually took less than a year they started last fall as project cost about $58 million and they say that as the airport grows and adds many writers in a travelers every year they need to expand to accommodate now there's an additional gate the 36 which is scheduled to. be
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completed probably later this year, the long-term goal here is actually to replace these new gates with a permanent facility. hopefully the city of san jose in the airport can work together to design and build that in the years to come but for now the zanu gates are considered to be a short to medium term solution. in san jose charles clifford of kron 4 news. >>had concerns for well that's been circling the alameda waters for weeks what experts are saying about ali the wayward whale and a popular san francisco nightclub is threatened with closure but city leaders are trying to stop it why right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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by one san francisco supervisor keep nightlife thriving in the city's south of market neighborhood that's right. maureen kelly reports that has some kind of proposed legislation is aiming at trying to keep the venues for being gobbled up. >>by tech companies. >>under a disco ball nightclub owners deejays bar tenders and promoters held signs reading protects san francisco's music culture and please don't stop the music. they were gathered in the mezzanine nightclub that's threatened with closure the club's management says the building owner initially told them they were planning to jack the rent 600% and we're working with the commercial realtor specializing in tech office space but are now saying they plan to expand their own security company into than out music venue in response supervisor matt haney has crafted legislation that
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could possibly keep the tunes pumping at mezzanine and other places like it here in the western part of soma if passed changing and nightlife entertainment spot into something else in this part of town. what demand a new level of scrutiny, a review by the planning commission would be required and their decision could be appealed to the full board of supervisors haney says nightlife is a big part of the culture of this neighborhood and needs to be protected from tex deep pockets. >>you're always going to be able to make more. this is to a tech company. then you are from an independent for that reason we as a community have to stand up and say we need some added protections to make sure and we don't wake up one day and look around and all of these venues are gone in the things that made san francisco magical created we >>the legislation is only a temporary stopgap if passed it would be in effect for 18 months. well, a longer term solution is crafted. >>haney's legislation which was introduced this week is
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headed to the land use committee it could be voted on by the full board as soon as the end of this month maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up on all the latest breaking news and weather any time of day. visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. >>5 30 for the opoprd state budget has been approved by the senate it could help undocumented immigrants get health care as well as provide billions of dollars. george dress, the housing crisis but not everyone is happy with it class after the break fans are open see the warriors when bland last time oracle we're live in oakland as the final in oakland as the final man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down.
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at 05:30am it's the end of an cullman oracle arena. the wires getting ready to play their final game ever in oakland to ever. >>fans have been prepared for this moment for some time, but it is still a moment to enjoy some sadness from force taylor but psaki live and oracle with us some reaction for us how's going out there taylor. >>obviously everyone is going to stall just about the arena here some say that it's brought many people together. and you know some call it the heart of oakland now as the warriors move on to the chase center. it's part of that place will come with that check this out fans are able
5:30 pm
to sign a piece of the worriers court from 2015. now this will be hung up at the new chase center and obviously fans were able to be a part of it and they are loving it. well the warriors are moving on to a new home others say this place always have a special place in their heart. represents they like that show now that guys also talks about how crazy the atmosphere is after the winds are hoping to celebrate just like they always the right here after hopefully another win tonight now we talked to other fans about their fondest best memories here the arena will share that later coming up tonight, reporting live at oracle arena taylor, the kron 4 news all right taylor apparently people are willing to pay a lot of money to see this last game at oracle. >>somebody purchased 2 courtside seats for more than $69,000. a piece for a grand


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