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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 16, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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news on brittany after her eyebrow raising behavior. >> am i looking different today than yesterday? >> new video messages, startling accusations, what is really going on with the pop star? >> i'm skinny as a needle. >> then are bradley cooper and lady gaga's exes teaming up against them? and cuba gooding junior handcuffed. >> what do you say to your fans? >> the oscar winner speaks after being charged with police. >> i'm in it, baby. >> the i do details from chris pratt and schwarzenegger i's bi day. also, jay-law or j.lo.
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>> she was fine. then jen aniston all in on a friend's reboot the reason she changed her mind on reuniting. >> excited. something will happen. >> and windy williams new meltdown. >> yes, yes. >> this is "entertainment tonight." new fears for brittany after spears took to social media to prove she's okay. >> well, here is the latest after brit's vacation posts left some more concerned than ever. >> this is the day after me on my boat ride. do i look any different today than yesterday? >> twice this week the singer shared a startling conspiracy theory accusing the paparazzi of altering photos to make her look bigger. >> nobody asks are the paparazzi pictures fake and do they do something to the pictures and is the news really real? >> the photo agency that released images called brittany's claims ludicrous adding quote we shot thousands
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of photos of her over the weekend and are very happy to let hershey the organi see the if she wishes. they say she's flag and will her emotions are up and down. she's concerned what everybody thinks and she's stressed. her father jamie won a huge court battle for her protection. brittany was granted a permanent restraining order against her former manager sam during jamie's testimony, he gave a startling response when asked about his relationship with brittany quote, me and my daughter's relationship has always been strained. from brittany spears to lady ga gaga. was gaga's ex trying to stick it to the pop star. after the flight, gag oor grkga fiancee liked one of these sexy posts but christian didn't go to
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instagram for attention or revenge but being supportive of his friend irina. they feel like they lost love because of their partner's endless work and dedication to careers. they are working on a custody agreement for their 2-year-old daughter they can co-parent. next, cuba gooding junior pleads not guilty, the oscar winner was in handcuffs thursday following an allegation he dwrogroped a w last sunday night. he surrendered himself at a police station. he was charged with misdemeanor forcible touching. >> he has complete confidence that he will be fully exonerated. >> now, to wendy williams. emotional and breaking her silence about her son's arrest for alledgedly assaulting his dad wendy's ex. >> oh my god. i didn't plan on this but it is what it is. all three of us are doing fine. >> is he going to be back with >> and her passenger, well, we
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have details about the 27-year-old man in her life. his name is mark and he is also a convicted felon. according to court records, he's been arrested at least three times. among the past felony charges, armed robbery, robbery with a dangerous weapon and possessing stolen goods. in 2013 he served 11 days in a north carolina prison. >> there is news from across the pond on the royal family. we have reporting on kate and megan's relationship today after daddy prince harry steps into the ring. it tops this weekend's no one tell. a solo hearing got ready to rumble tuesday. he seemed to have a good time. meghan won't be joining him for awhile. >> my palace sources don't say don't expect her to return to work full-time.
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>> baby archie is expected to be on board for that african visit. kate and ill wiwilliam were out together learning how to sheer sheep. we couldn't help but notice kate and meghan having a friendly chat. >> i heard kate made herself available to meghan if she needs advice or help. >> we learned that meghan is in no rush to get her body back after baby. >> meghan hasn't been hitting the gym no hard train, no weights. she's enjoying this time and being gentle to herself. >> after meghan's first public appearance, some were throwing shade saying she looked tired. >>ls who are criticin she's a new mother. meghan has been up in the night nursing so yes, she looks tired. >> with her mom back home in l.a., the parents hired a nanny to help them with archie. >> i heard from very reliable sources that the new nanny who is now been appointed by the
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sussex had to sign an extensive non-disclosure agreement. let's talk about celine dion and j.lo. jenny from the block hit the road from the world tour. that's my cut right there. get right. >> you talking about the song? >> yeah. >> okay. i would have fought her for this but i was nice that day. nancy o'dell is the only one that got invited back stage. >> all right. do or die. now or never. let's hit it. >> the sold out crowd last friday and saturday in l.a. got their money's worth from the moment j.lo kicked off the tour with her single "medicine" but the real show stopper was when her 11-year-old daughter emmy suddenly appeared and the two sang together in matching gowns. >> was she excited or nervous? >> she was just like ready. she has it in her front of 20,0
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hoping and praying it all goes well. i got choked up and she was fine. ♪ ♪ >> super proud of j.lo, fiancee a-rod rocking out in the crowd friday while taking selfies with her daughter, that's emmy for going on stage. >> how in the world does anybody keep up with jennifer? he's way ahead of me. seriously, i'm like slow down. he sent me this big, beautiful thing of flowers that looked like a cake. there is nobody more proud than he is. >> the u.s. leg of the "it's my party tour" to celebrate j.lo's birthday closes in miami on a-r a-rod's birthday the 27th. >> we'll have a party that night and i'll head to europe. >> and then it's her 50th. >> you're not doing anything on your birthday? >> let me lay here with my feet up. that would be the best birthday present. >> meanwhile in las vegas, celine dion performed her last palace show.
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♪ ♪ during her curtain call underneath the photo of her late husband rene, she was joined by her 8-year-old twins nelson and 18-year-old son charles. >> these are my three magnificent children. thank you so much. >> i want to prove to myself that i didn't want to hear. >> everyone got this letter from selene. she kept it together but told me she was preparing for water works. >> it's going to be bittersweet while i was there. i lost my father and brother. i mean, many, many, many things happened. ♪ near, far, wherever you are >> she got her upcoming courage n album due in november and releasing her single flying on my own. >> i'm flying on my own. >> it's a new chapter.
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rene will always remain in my mind. >> i'll cherish this las vegas experience for the rest of my life. >> now onto the latest on newlywed kathryn schwarzenegger and chris pratt. we got behind the scene details and video from what was the wedding of the year so far. >> congratulations, kathryn. how does it feel? >> the new mrs. pratt was spotted out in l.a. wearing her new wedding band. last week in california both bride and groom wore armani and kathryn a custom made strapless gown and chris a blue suit. last saturday morning kathryn looked super causual in p.j.s ad slip rs and rpers and rob low. arnold schwarzenegger teared up during the ceremony. we spotted her mom at the reception. family guests included chris' 6-year-old son jack and
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kathryn's brothers christopher and patrick. >> i'm happy for my sister. that's all you want is a brother to have your sister happy. >> not seen, pratt's ex anna ferris and arnold's love child. he did comment congratulations on her instagram post. from wedded bliss to wedding plans. jennifer lawrence said she already had her bridezilla moment. jaw-law plans to wed cook maroney. she got her wedding dress picked up and the book. she spilled all the details on the naked with cat sadler pod cast. >> he's my best friend. i want to legally bind him to me forever. so unfortunately, the paperwork exists for such a thing. it the greatest. you find your favorite person on the planet and you're like you can't leave. so i wanted to take up on that
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offer. >> well, from jennifer lawrence to jennifer aniston who has a new movie out with adam sandler that just hit netflix but when we see jennifer aniston, with e have to ask her about a, friends reunion and here is the interesting thing, she's been teasing us so much lately that maybe it might happen. for 16 years we've been asking you about a friends' reboot. there is such an overwhelming desire for it that maybe at some point there will be. >> that would be fun. i would do anything for any of them. >> now you said maybe. and now i know and now it's -- you did this to us. you did this. >> well, you know, no was getting me nowhere. maybe was getting me nowhere. i thought i would try yes. see what happens. >> do a friend's reunion, okay? okay. >> i would do it. >> the real answer now? >> anything can happen. there is no plans in the immediate future. >> everyone calmed down?
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>> yeah, or don't and stay excited and possibly something will happen. >> we'll take that as a yes. netflix paid 100 million to keep streaming the hit show and launch jen's comedy murder mystery. >> i remember every morning driving up to work and ink thissing thi -- thinking is this real life? sandler brought his wife jackie to the premiere and adam earned major dad points booking this adam. lavine to perform at his elvis girl's bar mitzvah. how did you work that? >> he's such a good dude. i texted him. he responded and said i'll come by and swung by. did three songs. every age was going crazy. kids, my mother was horney. it was very nice. on the way, more with jennifer aniston, why she's shutting down co-star adam
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sandler. >> don't tell anybody. >> then is matt day monday moving into chris hemsworth massive mansion? plus. >> we're talking about it. >> tom and tim talk "toy story 4" and why the hank family >> tom and tim talk "toy story 4" and why the hank family outing to d from the first loving touch pampers diapers are the #1 choice of hospitals, and have been for over 40 years pampers swaddlers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents find something incredible ♪ from somewhere amazing. unique selection. unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding.
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tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. welcome back. chris hemsworth and matt's bromance was on full display. men in black international. >> so good. >> on the move. [ laughter ] >> but could there be another avenger that comes between that bromance. >> great friendship. great mutual respect. >> who is chris' best bud now? it seems spiderman. despite this recent ribbing during a promotional interview. >> tom. >> sure. >> in a pose afterward, holland took the high road. >> did he? he's my hero. >> another hero for chris, his
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wife arm and arm with him tuesday night. >> it's all about that friendship first and sense of adventure to travel the world and to have such wonderful support from one another is a dream. >> part of that dream is their new australian mega mansion we reported on. chris' other buddy matt damon and his wife often visit chris down under but will matt have his own room at the estate? >> i don't know. he can fend for himself. >> wow. >> chris' co-star does have dibs on a room. >> i said to him last week, i was like when do i get invited on a matt damon vacation? if you need like a house sitter, i'm any time. >> tessa was looking great in a gown complete with ruffles. >> this thing, this is handy because if you get shy at the after party, you're just like can do that. >> up next, are tom hanks and
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tim allen exclusively sharing their own "toy story" with kids in need? >> as we hit disneyworld with the cast. why it made tom's grown daughter burst into tears. >> and inside john stamos nearly $6 million beverly hills mansion with his 14 month old son. $6 million beverly hills mansion with his 14 month old son. how he some big news from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try new clean freak from mr. clean.
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welcome to our home. >> john stamos gave arct architectural digest a look at his home he shares with wife caitlyn. >> this went from bachelor pad, certain clientele to babies everywhere. >> we do a lot of cooking. we never go out. so john is a very good cook.
7:20 pm
i think i woke up our son. >> it's a full house of memorabilia. >> "full house." >> empty house. >> a lot of these are guitars from full house. >> and yes, big fans. >> this always held a magical place in my heart. >> this was given to me for my 50th birthday. this is from "it's a small world." this is from the original pirates ride. >> i mentioned once to tom hanks it would be cool to have a typewriter and this showed up in my house. we should have had tom come ove" it's out next week. i'm the biggest kid at heart. brooke anderson got to do that. the details with the cast at walt disney world. >> and matt cohhen was also frot and center at the big hollywood premiere. >> lovely lack in the air.
7:21 pm
have you noticed that? >> a lot of fun. >> they all look like sisters. >> are you excited to see dad reprize his role? >> yeah, i'm really excited. >> tim allen made it a family affair with his daughters and wife jane who helped keep him cool in 100-degree weather. what really had tim sweating were the strict instructions not to reveal any spoilers especially since he broke the news that reeves was joining the franchise way before an official announcement. >> i outed reeves and gave us talking points, do not talk about the end of this. okay. very emotional. let me put it that way. very tough on tom and i. >> they give "toy story 4" new voices but as i learned at our sit down at disneyworld, this is plenty of thfrom the old movie. >> help me. >> with my foot. >> 25 years of this, still number one my favorite because it was number one but boy have
7:22 pm
they expanded the story. >> woody and buzz are so iconic, their images are all over the theme parks as tom found out. >> my daughter in her 30s burst into tears because she realized that some version of her dad is going to be at disneyland for the rest of eternity. you don't discount that. that's powerful. >> the emotion continued when tom and tim visited orlando's children hospital armed with gifts. >> sometimes, especially the younger boys especially like buzz light year and see me and are like why is this ugly man talking like buzz light year. it makes them angry. so i'm liable to get a syringe thrown at me. >> i don't know they put in the u-g-l-y word. >> really? >> i don't want to say it. >> there was nothing ugly about this. kids and patients getting showered with l-o-v-e.
7:23 pm
they delivered a ton of goodies, books, toys. >> that's amazing. >> and posed for some selfies. >> it's all a part of the disney team of heroes initiative which supplies gifts to over 445 children's hospitals across the country. >> why is it so special and so important for you guys to be here today doing this. >> the fact that we're asked is amazing that they trust we should do this. >> let's bring the playground to them. >> that's right. >> we got to get it. >> for almost 25 years, the toy story franchise is the playground for woody and buzz' dynamic friendship and tom and tim and reading the final pages of this script proved emotional for the long-time friend. >> hever this. it will take awhile to get over. i asked are we still friends? he said it's a said you should for four pages, beautifully
7:24 pm
written. sounded like assuring your best buddy you have a friend in me. >> i love that. >> you got a friend in us. you know. you know it. >> all right, now to another sequel of a movie classic, "shaft." this time around we get three shafts for the price of one, samuel jackson, richard brown tree and jessie usher. >> smart. action. >> you are dang right. >> come on, man. look how they look at you, first of all. like this is when i walk onset and -- look at that. this is what it feels like onset all the time. >> three generations in one movie, the youngest jessie and the usher has a lot to learn. >> never turn down free drinks and beautiful ladies. >> your kid a super nerd did co kind of guy. >> i'm the further thing from a shaft that a shaft has ever
7:25 pm
been. >> you don't just break laws. you committed human rights violations. >> so. >> sam's ex and jessie's mom is regina hall and let's face it, the ex's don't get along. >> how long has it been? >> never long enough. >> where there is love and passion you never can be volatile. >> there is a lot of love for richard the original shaft. >> best thing about shaft you got right. >> he's cool. >> i'll take that. >> all right. now what about there is a young shaft? >> jury is still out. [ laughter ] >> straight ahead, jen aniston and adam sandler. >> i had to make out with the lady. >> dishing on each other and her friend's co-stars. >> this is when all the good stuff comes out. >> the stars on their dad fails. >> there was tears wailing up. you can't launch a kid ten feet in the air. >> that makes them tough and boy yen -- buoyant. >> closed captioning provided
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by --
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if you're just joining us, here are the top five stories. number five justin bieber backtracks on his challenge to fight tom cruise. >> are you going to fight? >> no, just a random tweet. the story is an interview with him. >> right. >> i'm pretty sure tom would probably whoop my butt in a fight. [ laughter ] >> i'd smash tom. >> oh! >> number four, brittany's startling conspiracy theory. >> this is the day after me on my boat ride. do i look any different today than yesterday? >> twice this week the singer accused the paparazzi of altering photos to make her look bigger. >> no one ever really asks are the paparazzi pictures fake and do they do something to the pictures and is the news really real? >> photo agency called the claim ludicrous photos over the weekend and are happy to let hershey the original files if
7:30 pm
she wish. number three, was lady gaga's ex trying to stick it to the pop star? just days after irene that shake and bradley cooper split, gaga's former fiancee liked one of her photos. they both feel they lost love because of their partner's endless love and work and dedication to their career. number two, wendy williams emotional and breaking her silence about her son's arrest for allegedly assaulting his dad wendy's ex. >> oh my god, i didn't plan on this but it is what it is. all three of us are doing fine. >> will he be back with his father again? >> yes! they are not apart. >> number one, oscar winner cuba gooding junior in handcuffs following an allegation that he groped a woman at a new york rooftop bar last sunday night. he surrendered himself at a
7:31 pm
police station charged with misdemeanor forcible touching. >> he has complete confidence that he will be fully exonerated. >> go to e.t. for the latest. >> jennifer aniston was making news this week as we showed you earlier, she said she would be down for a "friends" reboot. >> she brought it up, not us. >> she's always making trouble trying to put the blame on somebody else. he asked. >> i'm pointing out, it was her. jen is in a new net flex movie so of course i had to ask them, if you had a murder mystery dinner, who would you invite and who do you think would do the murdering? [ laughter ] >> that's funny. >> jesus. >> conan o'bryan would be an amazing murderer. >> really? >> jimmy fallon. >> lovable murderer. >> courtney? >> no, lisa kudrow would be the best. she would be the best. >> i would still be on her side during the murdering. i would be like i guess this
7:32 pm
person deserves it. >> note to self, steer clear of dinner. that he reunite for the second time. the first was 2011. go with it. these old friends have been goofing off together for a lot longer than that. >> this is the 30th anniversary of you meeting but i brought video. >> we've been friends for i would say 21 years. >> how did you first meet? >> jerry. >> i do remember when i did meet you, i remember thengiinking yo were funny. >> instant. >> instant? >> yeah. >> this comedy has jen and adam framed for a murder they didn't commit that means plenty ofset >> do you any idea how gorgeous you look? >> you guys, what did you do that was yours and not yours? >> don't tell anybody. >> at the end, she's like that lady. had to make out with the lady. >> you did not. >> yes. >> he's joking, right?
7:33 pm
>> that whiplash mustache. >> it looked good. >> okay. yeah. happy father's day weekend to you, adam and to you, kevin. >> wow. >> happy father's day. >> wow. i feel blessed right now. >> did my good deed for the year. >> by the way, it's cool dads get their one day because the other 364 days of the year we don't shine. listen to star dads admitting their father fails. >> i will put a four wheeler in neutral and we'll go down the hill and call it the red neck roller coaster. we're in the golf cart and tastes like dad, red neck roller coaster. i'm like oh my god. i'm fixing to flip this golf cart. so i get control and take out a whole shrubbery. it takes like dad, that wasn't fun. i was like no, son, no more red neck roller coasters. >> do you remember the first
7:34 pm
time our older daughter who we just switc formula and i was in charge of maybe the first time and i guess i wasn't supposed to pack the formula. >> oh, no. >> she got sick and daddy just -- i never been so scared in my life. three kids now, which is it. >> you ever been to the playground? kids dropping off the slide. missing them on the swing. it happens. that's what makes them tough and buoyant. >> getting really side kpooexci dive. you can't launch a kid ten feet in the air. >> i introduced my kids to taylor swift. ♪ ♪ >> like, you know, god came down and walked on the water. ♪ ♪ >> so i thought i would be cool, you know what i mean. no? i was embarrassing them and still didn't want me to walk with them. so i can introduce them to cool people but i don't get a transfer. i don't get rub off, cool.
7:35 pm
>> coming up. >> hey, e.t., we're looking back. >> let's see. >> 25 years ago, steve made sandra bullock a super star and only "e.t." was invited for the ride. "the hills" now beginning. they ditch the script and double down on the drama. >> i didn't forget. i have a notebook. pamela anderson and tommy lee's son join the crew. will his famous parents pop up? sienna miller is a grieving mother in "american woman" out now. >> people respond to something, it's wonderful. i gave my heart soul to this. >> it's been three days since we last saw bridget. this is a mother's worst nightmare. >> it made sense to place somebody that strong, that floored thanks real. i just loved her. next, halle barry hitting the red carpet for a powerful documentary for the first
7:36 pm
hospital ward for people with aids. >> when i got the phone call, i had a friend that dealt with aids in the late '80s. initially it touched me and i thought yes, let me see it. i want to see what it's about. about ten minutes into the movie, i was a puddle and it brought back all those emotions and memories. >> it's in theaters now. captain marvel karaoke. that is star brie larson. that song "crazy on you" is featured in the movie. that song "crazy on you" is featured in the movie. you can catch that on bonus ♪ ♪ that song "crazy on you" is featured in the movie. you can catch that on bonus ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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>> we seen it as high as $221. here for $69. that's a 69% savings. >> i like this block, too. >> it's pretty. it's a pretty color. >> okay. next, we'll treat yourself. >> this is what i wanted. >> hollywood sensation sterling silver finish jewelry. these are six of the best selling styles you can choose from. you can layer them. you can wear them separately. they have bracelets, necklaces, these adorable earrings and you are putting on this bling, bling, which i could see you wearing on the red carpet. put on another one. layer them together. you can never have too many. the infinity right there. >> that's so pretty. >> so pretty. >> okay, great. i'm going to he get one more. >> yeah. >> treat yourself. >> i know. >> look how easy that is. >> the style. just wear a bunch at one time. >> i know. these are amazing. you can buy separate pieces or layer them. we've seen these as high as 65 to $105 and here we have them
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reporter. sandra bullock helps us celebrate with little known facts of the movies. >> remember these guys? why reality tv's o.g. villains are back and out for revenge. >> i didn't forget. i have a notebook. >> plus. >> i've been through a lot. >> misha is joining them and there is already drama. >> [ bleep ] no. >> that's ahead but first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which tony award's host big break was in a whoopi goldberg ♪ find something incredible from somewhere amazing.
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woman 4: go to to see proof in action. i was offered "speed" before sandra bullock and said no. >> that's amazing. she would have been cool in "speed". >> i wonder if that was at the same time as "cat woman"? i'm joking. >> there is something that makes that movie a classic. >> so perfect together and we saw the chemistry on the set before the movie came out 25 years ago. >> hey, "e.t." we're looking back. >> "entertainment tonight". >> hello. >> "e.t." is taking you back to the set with a 29-year-old sandra. >> excuse me, i'm doing an
7:47 pm
inrive the bus. i kind of drive the bus. i'm the bus driver. >> stay on or get off! >> off! off! >> sandra was a virtual unknown when she shot the movie. some behind the movie secret, she spent 75% of the film in the driver's seat. >> stinky bus. get 15, 16 people in here, it starts to smell a little bit. we're dealing with that problem. everyone is getting dstuff. >> during production, stunt drivers were in control. >> the only problem is i'm right up front to everything. you have a break off time that doesn't work. >> thanks for spending time here. >> this is the poster. we have the love lly kiano reev at the end. you can't see me. >> when the movie came out, we
7:48 pm
hung out on a real city bus. >> have you heard of this movie "speed"? >> yeah, i did the commercial. >> are you going to go see it? >> yes. >> it really like makes you guys look really hot. i think after this movie comes out, we'll get a lot of dates. >> you meet a lot of chicks on the bus? >> yes. >> you do. i knew it. >> it turned sandra into a super star but the sequel "speed 2 cruise control" kiano turned it down. sandra fully owns it. >> i screwed it up. i made the mistake. he was smart. >> i love "speed 2." it's my favorite of the tovies amazon. i'm joking. let's get to what is old is new again. >> what are you trying to say?
7:49 pm
50 feet kevin. that does include these two. remember spidey? heidi and spencer are back. kelsey knight got to them first for the e.t. hills exclusive. >> i want to forgive you and i want to forget you. >> do you remember that? >> like yesterday. ice princess. >> it was really a back stabbing moment for me. we don't have the friendship that i thought. >> i'm glad to be here with my best friend. that's all i care about. >> you have not been in touch? >> no. we were in touch on anofmore. >> so let's recap. back in the day, spidey was the couple we loved to hate, full of drama and accused of spreading sex tape rumors and ruining friendships but were they for re? a good way. >> you said famous. >> you we. got to be honest, t the most fun i've had at a party
7:50 pm
in a long time. >> any regrets? >> i wish we did interviews differently. on the show we look horrible and got on interviews and been like it's fun. it's tv and not been like so amped up. >> because what i've wanted to do and say to you, dear. >> certainly now kiss you bride. >> spidey shared their world over the years from renewing wedding vows in 2010 to giving use personal tour of their santa barbara home that his dad pays for. >> working on the sequel how to stay famous. >> we were there when heidi had breast reduction surgery in 2013 three years after she made headlines for undergoing ten cosmetic procedures in 24 hours almost died in the process. >> i had my own fat injected into my cheeks and my back shaped. i look back and like wow, that's a big thing i did. i should have thought about it longer. that was an intense decision to make at a young age.
7:51 pm
>> these days, heidi and spencer are happy being mom and dad to 20 month old gunner. and after reportedly blowing through a $10 million fortune, they just moved back to l.a. for the "hills" reboot ready for more drama. >> oh my god, these are people i have been avoiding conversations for ten years. i didn't forget. i have a notebook. >> life has drastically change. >> i love watching you be a mom. >> how have you changed, you think? >> definitely more motivated. i feel like i was done trying to be famous and we had a kid and i'm like, i must be rich. my son must be on a jet. i need to be famous again. >> the way to get that fame, pump up the drama like last time. >> i think everyone is just interested in drama. >> drama. >> oh my god, all the drama. >> this cast was really into it but flash forward ten years since the first "hills" went off the air and nothing changed.
7:52 pm
>> there is many times when i was a pop star and will be one again on the reboot. >> what is different? lauren conrad, kristin cavallari are out. >> you have a little bit of solo. >> i would love to make a cameo. >> misha barten is in. she was the it girl in the early 2000s but she suffered a mental break down that landed her under psychiatric care. >> this has not been the easiest decade for you. what does it feel like to be back, be healthy? >> i feel i've been through a lot specially in the last few years. definitely starting a new chapter in my life. >> what will we see from you on the show? >> i try to be reason. >> dating? are you open to dating on the show? >> i have a i bo frieboyfriend show starts but you'll see. >> did you have a breakup on television? first season? >> mike misha, brandon thomas
7:53 pm
lee was in the part of the first crew but if he looks familiar, he's the son of pamela anderson and rock 'n' roll bad boy tommy lee. >> there is a chance they would make an appearance. if mtv asked me at any other time in my life, i would so no. i've been sober for a long time but it feels like the perfect type for me. >> original cast member jenner returns and his wife. they say this say wild ride. >> at first everyone is polite andless polite and now nobody is speaking. some people are speaking. >> now it's all out war. >> that made me want to move to southern california when that show was on and look at me now. >> we'll
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
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a few stars with birthdays this weekend. courtney cox is 55 and ice cube is 50. now take a final look at the choices. who hosts the wohoopi goldberg
7:57 pm
film? right now "castle star" is ready to unbox her amazon prime series. >> psychological thriller. she's dealing with demons that are still latent and coming up on occasion. water is the trigger. >> donna is excited fans want more of this intense thriller. >> feels like you're do something right. you're like okay. >> hey, we're almost out of time but we have one more thing for you. >> it is disney channel and asher angle has a new music video. the single called one thought away featuring wiz khalifa and exclusive behind the scenes footage. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend. happy father's day everyone out there. >> except for kevin frasier. [ laughter ] >> happy father's day, kevin. >> what's up entertainment tonight's asher. >> wiz khalifa man.
7:58 pm
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>>drivers will soon have to dig deeper into their wallets to pay at the pump as we are just 2 weeks away from the new gas tax thanks for joining us at 8. i'm j r stone a happy father's day to you happy father's day i know al bello in for justine waltman of course gas prices have already increased. >>pretty significantly. ahead of this summer but starting on july first drivers will pay 6 more sense per gallon kron four's gayle ong is live in union city where she spoke to drivers tonight, gayle.


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