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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 18, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- easier said than done after what we just found out about taylor swift's star-studded new video. plus, is o.j. simpson khloe kardashian's real dad. why his new twitter account have people going crazy. plus -- ♪ >> shania twain makes a announcement. >> big news for me. "e.t." is in london with breaking royal news about baby archie. plus -- adele's night with the spice girls. but did posh just snub them all? and how james corden pulled off the ultimate hollywood showdown. >> okay, it's on. this is "entertainment tonight." katy perry and taylor turned
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their feud into a music video happy meal. >> you need to calm down moment with perry. we have exclusive behind the scenes details on how the frenemies finally -- ♪ you need to calm down not a chance! because katy may be wearing beef, but she and taylor have officially said -- ♪ swish swish >> to their six years of -- ♪ bad blood hey >> how did this happy meal come to me? according to ourt." source, to video. the source it was her idea to wear her met gala hamburger dress. ♪ you need to just stop >> "e.t." has learned taylor personally reached out to not just katy, but all 21 stars who appeared in the video. all of them are lgbtq icons and allies including laverne cox, rupaul, the queer eye guys, and billy porter. today, he gave us a major behind-the-scenes secret about
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how taylor juggled everyone's hectic schedules. >> my schedule has been so busy with shooting "pose" season 2. she sent her people to me and we did it in front of the green screen. >> and some of the celeb appearances featured what could be hidden clues about taylor's next album "lover." ♪ you're being too loud >> there's ellen getting a tattoo from adam lambert that says "cruel summer." many fans think that will be one of the song titles. and could "cruel summer" be a reference to the fallout of her 2016 relationship with tom hiddleston? ♪ are you ready for it >> tom got absolutely skewered for wearing an "i heart t.s." shirt at her fourth of july bash. and you know who else was there that weekend? ryan reynolds, and he makes a cameo in the video as an artist. and if you freeze and look close, ryan is painting the manhattan gay landmark, stonewall inn. ♪ to the fellow over there with the hella good hair ♪ >> on friday, taylor made a appearance during their aeg pride celebration.
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she sang with "modern family's" jesse tyler ferguson, and what do you know! he is also in the video recreating his 2013 i dos with husband justin mikita. today he tweeted, quote, justin mikita and i loved getting married again in your playground of fabulousness. playground of fabulousness. i love it. and i love that taylor and katy are making up. i bet you can tell me exactly where you were 25 years ago today, when o.j. simpson and a.c. cowlings went on what is simply known today as the bronco chase, 95 million americans tuned in to that moment. and now, o.j. is back in the news, and stirring up lots of strong feelings. >> this should be a lot of fun. i got a little getting even to do. >> nearly two years after being released from prison, o.j. simpson has joined twitter and is shutting down the rumor that he had an affair with kris jenner, whose late ex-husband robert kardashian was his defense attorney. >> never -- and i want to stress never -- in any way, shape or form have i had any interest in
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kris romantically or sexually. >> o.j. also addressed rumors that he's khloe's dad. the story hit a fevered pitch when the "national enquirer" called khloe and simpson's daughter, sidney, "look-alikes"" >> khloe, the simple fact of the matter is she's not mine. >> in an interesting twist, khloe took a dna test on "the kardashians" but she only had her dna compared to her mother's. >> i never like really doubted that you were not my mother. >> so, what's o.j.'s life like today? well, the 71-year-old lives in las vegas and spends most of his days golfing. he's had both knees replaced and recently had lasik eye surgery. as for that infamous bronco chase -- >> our family watchet along with the rest of the country. we were gripped. >> today on "fox & friends," ron goldman's sister, kim, reflected on that tv moment 25 years ago. she just launched a new podcast about her brother's hurd, murder, "confronting o.j. simpson.>> i l
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that on the observation of ron and nicole's death that that is the day he's going to go online and say, he's going to get even. >> so god bless and take care! >> he's the scary thing, o.j. is just getting started on twitter. by the way, 25 years ago while o.j. was escaping in the bronco, shania twain was in the studio, she would sell 25 million of the copies of that album worldwide. >> hear a lot of those hits in las vegas. the singer is gearing up to hit the strip again. ♪ i feel like a woman >> i'm going back to vegas. so, that's big news for me, happy news for me. ♪ oh oh oh >> i get to settle down with a great production and have a party. >> it's been nearly five years since her last residency, and we for. >> this show is going to be very sexy fashion, party vibe. ♪ so you got the brains and haven't got the touch ♪ >> shania's planet hollywood show is called "les
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and of course, she'll do her greatest hits, and when it comes to today's artists, her faves might surprise you. >> i love drake. ♪ >> i love ariana grande. ♪ thank u next ♪ thank u >> my first platinum party. >> we first met shania almost 25 years ago. >> even the fact that dolly parton knows who i am, is really amazing. i wonder if elton john knows who i am. he might. that's really cool. thank you for sharing that with me. >> years later, she actually got to perform with both dolly and elton. ♪ you're still the one i run to ♪ >> and anyone who would ride a real horse on stage has got to be fearless, right? ♪ you're still the one i run to ♪ >> but shania let us in on a secret. >> i've got this terrible stagefright, so, it's a leap of courage every night to get out there but once i'm there, i feel embraced by the audience. ♪ there's nowhere but up from
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here ♪ >> i imagine sa nigh ya is going to feel the love in las vegas. meanwhile, singer adele is still on a high from her big night with the spice girls in london and that's where keltie knight is. hey, keltie. >> nancy, adele spicing up her life certainly gave us life. kind of making up for the fact that posh was a finale no-show. ♪ i'll give you everything for this i swear just promise me you'll always be there ♪ >> posh's promise to always be there, didn't happen. first, she said she was "too busy" to join the ladies on stage. >> i'll always be a spice girl and i'm very excited to see what they are going to do. >> you have to be respectful of what she wants to do and you can't force anybody to do anything. >> i will be with them in spirit. >> then in spirit she remained, never showing up at any of the spice girls 13 tour dates. fans hoping she'd show up for saturday's final show in london were left disappointed.
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victoria was in spain at a wedding with husband david. ♪ >> but superfan adele seemed unbothered. she was living her best night at the show. ♪ >> adele wrote, i cried, laughed, screamed, danced, reminisced and fell back in love with my 10-year-old self. ♪ >> now, "e.t." has learned there are no plans to add any more tour dates. my fingers are still crossed that they add -- also here in london, prince harry and duchess meghan just made 6-week-old archie instagram official and we have news on the newborn's major royal event next month. prince harry celebrated his first father's day sharing this sweet photo of baby archie clinging to his finger, but it's archie who has his parents
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our royal source says the coupl. harry's been changing nappies, meghan's been up in the night. she's nursing, so feeding on demand really every few hours, apparently he's a hungry little baby. >> meghan will be on maternity leave through the summer, but plans to make a few appearances at family events. one of those events, archie's christening. "e.t." has learned it's expected to happen next month. two of archie's cousins, princess charlotte and prince louis, were also christened in the month of july following their spring births. a familiar face, archbishop of canterbury, justin welby, will lead the christening. who oversaw the couple's wedding, and baptized meghan before she got married. reports are unclear if queen will attend. >> i don't think it's going be a
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huge affair. if you look at the couple's wedding, it was relatively small by royal standards. still ahead -- james bond in cast. how daniel craig's injury will keep him sideline. single, check, sexy, check. >> i'm certainly trying to keep up the bod. and anderson cooper mourns the loss of his mother. what you never knew about fashion icon gloria vanderbilt introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken runchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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with air wick essential mist. it transforms natural essential oils into mist; filling the room with fragrance, pausing when it's just right. experience air wick essential mist. ♪ look at that. check out daniel craig acting like a real-life 007, hitting the gym while still in his leg cast. yep, after getting injured on set, if actor is working out to return to the camera. the actor is prepping to resume shooting "bond 25" next week in london. how about zachary levi. this weekend, he hosted the mtv movie and tv awards this weekend and told our lauren zima he's single and ready to mingle. >> what's the dating life like? have people slid into the dms, what's going on? >> everybody tries, but that's a tough place to get into guys. dms is sacred, it's sacred. >> how should someone ask you out? >> i don't know.
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find me in a bar. >> zachary shouldn't be hard to spot. he's 6'4". the awards air tonight on mtv. he's up for two popcorn trophies -- best hero and best comedic performance -- for his superhero flick "shazam." >> are you keeping up the shazam bod and are we going to get more shazam? >> i'm certainly trying to keep up the shazam body. we're in the process of writing the sequel right now and hopefully we'll start shooting that not too long from now. >> oh, you're like a bad guy. >> the first one it brought people joy. if that's all i ever do in this world, i will be so grateful and so stoked. while zachary focused on bringing joy, "the hills: new beginnings" cast brought drama onto the carpet. >> are you and spencer talking? >> right now? no. spencer's tough to get along with. >> yep, most of the cast isn't speaking to each other right now, timing out their arrivals to avoid each other. but it was heidi and spencer who stole the show with their date, >> he's great at baseball and he's our boy of many talents. >> he's a superstar.
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say hello. >> say hi. >> oh, thank you. thank you. we were exclusively backstage. we talked to everybody from melissa mccarthy, to dwayne johnson and a very candid jada pinkett smith. we'll is that exus collusive for you today. james corden's week in london with a death-defying stunt and a star surprise. >> people just swoon. then the new show's so controversial one of the lead actors quit. why one-time disney star zendaya is warning stars about watching. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men ♪ james corden took over the streets of paris last month filming another "crosswalk the musical." and you'll see his full "les mis" send-up wednesday on "the late late show" as it tapes here from corden's home country of england. and today we talked about the other surprises he has in store all week long. you get michelle obama and you almost break her with a ball to the face. >> it was her idea. she wanted to play it. >> you would not believe how easy it was to get people to do this. all i had to say was you're going to throw a ball at james corden.
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>> michelle obama and before you know it, he throws one in her face and you go, okay, it's on. >> when they go low, we also go low because that's how dodgeball works. >> we hear the competition is fierce when team usa takes on team uk in this celeb-packed dodgeball game. >> melissa mccarthy kept saying, we should play shirts versus no shirts, and i really think that was to get harry to take his top off. >> this is "the late late show's" third trip to london, we were with james last night as he taped this segment with magician david blaine, doing the longest underwater card trick while james holds his breath. >> you can't really rehearse something like this, so he's going to figure it out as we go. >> are you good at holding your breath? have you ever -- >> no, i'm going to be terrible at all of this. >> tom hanks also guests tonight.
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and later in the week, james will surprise guests in a posh london eatery when he and chris hemsworth try out as waiters. >> when you look like chris hemgs worth you don't need your waiting skills, people just swoon. people lose their minds. >> any time chris hemsworth is involved i'm a happy camper and can't wait to hear the toy story 4 gossip from tom tonight. lots of parents and kids pumped to see "toy story 4." not so much for the premiere of last night's controversial hbo series, "euphoria," its star zendaya knew the explosive teen drama would be hard to watch, because it was really difficult to shoot. >> we all had to push ourselves and be vulnerable and it's been hard and there's been fun days and there's been really tough days. >> drug overdoses. nudity. sexually explicit scenes. there's not a controversial subject the new teen drama doesn't cover. some critics claim it's marketing adult content to kids, and just hours before the first episode aired last night,
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zendaya posted this warning to her 83 million social media followers. "there are scenes that are graphic, hard to watch and can be triggering." "please only watch if you think you can handle it." >> i'm so thankful for the warm, i think, safe space we've created on set, to be able to go to those places. >> this show's very personal to me. i struggled with drug addiction for many years and anxiety and depression. >> sam levinson is "euphoria's" creator. most of the cast are in their early 20s. >> we also had consultants -- we had people, intimacy coordinators, just in the same way you'd have a stunt coordinator, we wanted to make sure everyone felt advocated for. >> but that didn't work for everyone, midway through shooting the first episode, >> were your parents at all er worried about the subject matter? >> yes and no, so they knew what the show was about.
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they were kind of apprehensive where sam was going to take my character in the first season because she's so young and i'm still so young. >> storm is not shying away from very serious material. she also was in "when they see us." it's executive produced by drake. it's being praised by some for handling real issues young people face. now to some sad news for anderson cooper. he was just 21 when his older brother carter took his own life. well, today the cnn anchor is mourning the loss of another family member, his famous mother gloria vanderbilt. the famed fashion designer and heiress passed away at her new york home from advanced stomach cancer. >> gloer va vaernld built was 95 years old when she die. >> today, anderson cooper narrated her whatten extraordi. >> why did you agree to do this? >> i guess because i'm a ham.
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>> anderson interviewed his mom for the 2016 documentary "nothing left unsaid." we know each other very well, >> there's a whole lot of secrets that came up in this film that i really had no idea about. >> worth an estimated $200 million, at 10 years old, gloria was labeled "poor little rich girl," when her mother and aunt were in a child custody battle over her. three years ago, she and anderson wrote a book about their lives and family secrets. >> we were able to write it. and let it out. but it's very freeing because you told the absolute truth. >> in the 1970s it was her designer jeans that made headlines. >> hello, i'm gloria vanderbilt, introducing my new collection of status jeans. >> she was often in the gossip columns over her romances with the likes of frank sinatra, marlon brando, and billionaire howard hughes. >> and this was howard hughes long before -- >> long before. >> when he was like leonardo dicaprio howard hughes movie -- young, handsome. >> better.
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>> even in her later years she laughed about her famous love life. >> you've actually asked me from time to time about that sort of thing, about dating online. >> oh, yeah, i have done that. >> you haven't? >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> what sites? >> she hasn't. >> in imagination. >> they have such a special relationship. all right, still to come -- a bachelor nation wedding between two notorious villains. new crest gum and sensitivity. and then i jump on the trampoline ahh brain freeze! no, it's my teeth. your teeth hurt? sensitivity. i should see my dentist. my teeth have been really sensitive lately. well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze!
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we don't know everything. but we do know that we love each other and together we're so much better. >> one-time bachelor villains told us they will decide and not be another bachelor breakup. guess what, they just tied the knot one year after meeting on the show. >> by the way, we'll see all of the wedding this season on bachelor in paradise. today, we learned who's been cast on season 6, it includes two of hannah's cast-off. >> also, demi and there's tasha,
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