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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 20, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ it's over between us. >> cusper and kunis calling it quits? >> i felt suffocated. >> their new message after the tabloid rumors. >> then alex trebek's health updates after struggling with chemo. >> it's laid me low for a little bit. then, news from abby lee miller. >> very rare, fatal. plus, taking you inside the hows before tuesday's big premier, revealing all the secrets that are around every single concerner. and -- >> you're a sicko! >> she had a full-on break down. >> we are with luann revealing nor housewives democrat that. then, keanu reeves marvel's next superhero? it could happen. >> right now i'm here.
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pretty soon i'm going to be over there. this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody, and welcome. crushing news today. it is over for ashton and 3450e la and mila is making the kids. those are their words, not mine. >> it's true. it's true. but there is so much more to this story. >> yeah, we got to say, it's actually pretty happening. >> babe, what's happening? what's going on? >> it's over between us. >> what are we going do? what else is going on? >> i took the kids. >> i don't get the kids anymore? >> ashton and mila win the enter net for this "in touch" cover story clapback. >> i felt suffocated. >> by me. >> you had a very dark secret. >> what was the secret? >> i don't know. i only have this photo. >> the post got a ton of love from former friends, including
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dax shepard who searched damn it i was going to take a run at mila kunis. >> they're not the first stars who accused "in touch" of being out of touch. in 2017 chrissy tiegen called the magazine trash for claiming her marriage to jon legend was on the drink. sarah jessica parker called the sister story -- >> i'm a tabloid nightmare. my life seems so much for democrat mattic and interesting than it is, just because of the tabloids. >> in 2016 jennifer aniston reached her breaking point when "in touch" published this photo of jen's nonkpis tant pregnancy. she published a scathing op-ed for huffington post. >> picture me with a bump and circle around my stomach.
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i was just fed up with it. >> sometimes when you get the that point, you reach the breaking point. alex trebek revealed that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. that's why it was so great to see the "jeopardy!" host stepping out last night in las vegas. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome alex trebek. >> jon hamm introduced alex at the national hockey league awards. >> i'm feeling pretty good. i have good day and a few day after chemo that lay me low for a little bit, but overall i'm improving. my numbers are improving and i'm very positive about the outcome. >> alex wasy! champ james holzhauer who donated part of his 2 mlgds winnings to a cancer walk in alex's name. abby lee miller had an update -- >> the cancer is gone.
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>> she's been battling a rare form of the disease called "big little lies." >> it's fatal, so i got rid of it in three chemo treatments. and i have had seven more, a total of ten just to be safe. >> still using a wheel chark abbie lee is hopeful surgery can get her on her feet again. >> i'm contemplating having knee surgery. the their missrapists are like,n walk, it's just your knee is shot. big story at "the hills" premier last night. spencer's sister stephanie got candid about how she ended up in the hospital and said it was all about family drhings spencer di hospitalized you. what happened there? >> it's a few times. it's just -- you'll see that
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happen and you might just get on or you might just get literally go hell. >> what would it take for you and stephanie to reconcile at this point? >> i have no issues with anyone. >> you don't? >> no. >> heidi. >> nothing but love for her. >> it's he said/she said drama with the press again. but that's not the only thing setting the hills on fire when the reboot remeres on monday. >> you know people are pulling for you and audrina. >> it's all about timing. >> original cast member lauren conrad opted out of coming back, but according to cast they have got her blessing. >> she was excited for us all to do it. hopefully she'll be watched and enter taned by it. >> i heard somethingap with miss stephanie pratt?
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>> did she tell you that? i don't know. it's complicated. it's really complicated. >> speaking of reality tv we have the aftermath of new york housewife bettenny's meltdown. >> i sat outside in your driveway to make sure that you didn't drive your car. >> it was tough. she had a full-on breakdown. >> you left rehab to act like a freak two weeks early. >> i left a week early because i had to work. >> for cabaret! you're a sicko! >> luann struggled with sobriety following her 2016 drunken arrest continued to defend herself to "e.t." for avoiding bettenny. >> it was an intervention while my guy died of a drug overdose, and haven't asked how i am. >> it may come off as self-centers but i had to take care of me. the most important thing with you my sobriety. that comes first. >> did i call her a name? >> no. >> you called her intolerable,
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which is true. >> maybe it will help her. >> bettenny said things that i think a few of us wanted to say. >> fellow housewives sounded off at her "heels of steel" book launch. >> you don't care, you don't both we are people. i thought it was a true show of her loof for me. >> good for now, but i'm sure drama is to come. you may be wondering where kevin frazier is tonight. the place is top secret. no one is allowed to get inside. he's going to be the one to get in. kevin has done it again. >> i'm in the kitchen in the "big brother" house, and it's all quiet now, but it don't be for long. the 16house guests will be here tuesday night on cbs. we have a first look for you right now, because my good friend julie chen of the show gave us a guided tour. >> hey," e.t." welcome to the brand new "big brother" us this
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summer. the scene? it's all about camp. >> 16 house guests, 99 days and 94 cameras watching their every move. for season 21 with "big brother" is bringing the great outdoors inside. check out the fire. that's a triller inside one of the bedrooms. for the first time this season -- >> we have two ways to get upstairs. i'm going take the new way, the ladder. i'll met you up there. >> this is formerly known as the upstairs lounge. this year at camp it's our tree house. we have some brand new editions. we've got brand new fish. we have some new games. and this is this year's h.o.h. bedroom and the head of household has their own private bedroom and a bathroom. with th glamping to the mass. >> the three massive steel sculptures in the living room. there's no cameras in them,
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they're not alive, but this is "big brother" so they could always be watching. coming up -- >> ♪ money money money money >> justin timberlake's new game show with his good buddy. >> dax shepard. >> but not when they met. >> you took my dogs? what you never knee about sherri shepherd. then, jake versus ryan. why the marvel stars are feuding off camera. but first, julia roberts, jay my fox and beyonce were in attendance as denzel was honored with the afi achievement award. >> denzel, please come up and accept this award. >> how does it feel to receive this award? >> i'm humbled, i'm grateful, i'm thankful. >> afi celebrates his 45-year
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♪ we're not going to make it. oh, we're going to make it. woo. ♪
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minuting away on "e.t." "big brother" truth and
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[ cheers and applause ] well, the countdown is on to this summer's hottest new dating show. "love island" with debut on july 9th.
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it's already a huge hit in the uk. cbs announced today that ariel vanedenburg will host the u.s. version. also big, game chose, including a new one from jt 'and dax shepard even though dax didn't exactly make a good first impression when they met 16 years ago. >> you and just tin actually go way back from punk ad. >> i'm agent shepard. we have some back taxes. >> he's so sad about the irs prank? >> i have seen justin many times since then. to my delight he seems to like me. >> you took my dog? >> we are sure it's all good now. justin is executive producer of "spin the wheel" and dax is the host. >> basically the opportunity here to win $20 million. >> $23 million. >> that's a million dollar reaction, but his wife's reaction to a sloth for her birthday? priceless.
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>> if you had to come home tonight with $20 million or a sloth, what do you think would make your wife for excited. >> i would just bring home the $20 million. we could deal with the sloth issues as they arose. >> hi, everybody, and welcome. >> sherri shepherd is the hostess with the mostest on "best ever trivia show." we learned a surprising piece of trivia about her. >> i'm going give you this. the first tweet that dominic thiem ever sent out was to @sherrieshepherd. premiering tonight, "family food fight" with ayesha curry. >> my kids unfortunately are down with the whole unicorn movement. i can't stand it. >> 100 grand is on the line. >> lord, if you can hear us, we need you to touch the chicken, lord. still ahead, keanu reeves
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the best human ever?marvel's superhuman. we'll explain. then, "jersey shore's" ronnie from feuding to coping with his ex. only we are at home with the dad and his doshl daughter. >> monkey see, monkey do. >> plus, why jake gyllenhaal turned our interview into a sing along. ♪ the greatest gyllenhaal >> wow! closed captioning provided by --
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could keanu reeves be crowned "time"'s next person of the year? this petition with 60,000 signatures is demanding it. >> you must be aware of this insane thing going on that keanu is too good for this world? >> it's really nice. >> they're calling him the respectful thing. >> carried away with that. but it's nice when it's nice. >> the 54-year-old bachelor is clearly having his best year ever. >> it's really special for me. to be here for "toy story 4" is a lot of fun. >> oh yeah. >> reporter: now keanu is currently on top of marvel's wish list. the company admits they reached out to the superstar to join
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their blockbuster universe. it seemed fitting that the next title given to hollywood's it guy is superhero. that's got to happen. come on, keanu. maybe jake gyllenhaal can get him to sign on. he's jumped into the marvel universe and keltie knight joined him to talk about it. >> he's playing mysterio in "far from home." what's also impressive? his wife. ♪ the greatest jill jill ♪ is actually maggie >> maggie is the best. i'm the younger sibling. >> right? >> i'm trying to make it fit. ♪ the greatest gyllenhaal is happening to me ♪ ♪ and because the greatest
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gyllenhaal's inside of me ♪ ♪ the greatest gyllenhaal >> okay, i may have gotten cared away, but jake joining the marvel universe is a big deal, although he did have doubt. >> i was a little worried about the bubble fishhead thing. i was a little worry about that. but ultimately -- >> then you wore it to breakfast on instagram. >> that was the helmet i practiced and trained in. >> we don't want any part of it. >> ryan can't fly. >> no. >> is this a competition. >> no. never. >> ryan? >> ryan and jake were best friends until recently when ryan posted this photo alongside hugh jackman on instagram saying, happy best friends day until ryan reynolds, not pictured. >> i used to talk a to him a lot.
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>> who's the sexiest avenger? >> whoa. >> tough one. >> stooiderman. >> he said stooider man? >> scarlet's the sexiest. >> sexiest avenger? >> i'm not. >> why? all for yourself? >> i would do. essentially, yeah. i would do. >> i'm not going to give you any spoilers but there are so many twists and turns in this movie, nancy, my jaw was on the floor at the end. >> i can't wait to see it. talk about twists and turns, fans of "jersey shore" know how crazy it got between ronnie and jen. they fought often when they were together and the police got involved. now they were putting their baby first as sophie shill lacy found out in his video at home. >> footage of dad and mom having some crazy times. have you and jen talked about
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when there might be an appropriate time to fill her in. >> when she's older. 15, 16. >> will you block it? >> of course. >> describe your little girl to me. >> she's a character. she really is. she's a lot of fun. she's got a lot of personality. look at her parents. it kind of makes sense. >> 14-month-old wiggly ariana night not be steady on her feet, but she's already a camera loving melov loving meatball like dad. >> she los the cameras. she's got 100,000 followers on instagram. >> her parents broke up after her birth. they share 50/50 custody. >> she's always going to be the mother of my child. me and her are always going to have love for our child. we are bet in the situation we are in. >> it's too late to turn back
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now. >> "jersey shore" family vacation returns july 11th. it's hard to believe between the cast they have 8 kids. >> what would you do if mtv came to you and said, we are doing "jersey shore" 2.0. >> not my kids. >> never fall in love at the "jersey shore." >> because monkey see, monkey do. i don't want her doing the same things i did, that's for sure. >> ronnie could steer his kids clear of pastic surgery. in may, he underwent plastic surgery. >> why would you do this to me? you can't do 40 minutes of cardio? >> would you advise other dads? >> i would tell them just do cardio. >> "jersey shore" family vacation will show how mike "the situation" sorrentino is doing behind bars. he's serving eight months behind bars for tax evasion and the
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raising a glass to meryl as she turns the big 7-0. >> i thought, wow, this is pretty fabulous. >> the celebs on vacay showing off their beach bods. with the bedroom filled up withhouse guests on tuesday night, the deception will begin. there's a big question -- who will be the best liar? our special correspondent jonathan bennet found out. >> tell many a lie and a truth the and i'm going to see how good of a liar you are. >> i have a ka marry ro and i was on the all dean's list for my university. >> you were on the dean's list and the camaro is a li i have a >> i have two piercings and i have four dogs. >> you definitely have four dogs. >> i'm a capricorn, and i also love krb meet on saturdays. >> you are a capricorn and you
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don't love crab meet on
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>>as a role model to so many people a police officer response to a domestic disturbance and pays with her life. in the east bay, a swastika on the lawn draws protests from neighbors kron 4 confronts a homeowner. go over some things to get to work scrambling in the south bay as 10's of thousands of transit riders face the possibility of a bus strike. >>and we are here for all of you every step of the way. heartbreak across northern


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