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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  June 25, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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darty a full set of james fletcher let's hope things are still doing well on the roads we've got robin a job with the forecast here in a second. but how is the commute traffic so far commuters have been behaving we like that no hot spots. >>just a lot of crowding on the bridge us ok in the weather looks to be pretty nice to kind of looks to be very comfortable after what was a warm weekend were. getting less and less warm as we work our way through the week looking outside at berkeley this morning skies are nice and clear compared especially to where we were yesterday when some low cloud cover and fog had grip not just the east bay, but the peninsula so nice and clear to start this morning, pretty calm starts the morning to you can see very minimal fog out there, it's just a couple of spots with some low lying clouds and nice and dry to now as we work our way through your tuesday. you notice temperatures just one to 3 degrees cooler than yesterday then again you probably won't notice it because it is so similar to where we were for your monday, 60's for your highs at the coast 70's by the bay and 80's in one today as
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we work our way into tomorrow. those are the temperature difference is you're gonna notice some of our daytime highs in win tomorrow only in the 70's. i'm talking about this cool down still to come. robert all right, thank you john let's check in on the bay bridge traffic which is. >>pretty small for the cash for years and the fast track right now backed up heavily and into the maze so be prepared for a lot of break tapping from the maze at least the bottom of it through the tolls and up the incline so you're under 20 minutes to make an and that's considered a good average for this time of morning 70 oh bridge a long line it is packed out of hayward from the for the toll plaza all the way over to the high rise 23 minutes and growing to make it off to one oh one we also have a heavy crowd here too at the richmond sandra fell bridge on west bound 5.80. no problems across the span it's very quiet that you're already crawling from harbor 2 minute span james. thank you robin. >>well, this just in a new report finds that file and crime on barges up more than a 115% over the last 5 years including robberies and
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aggravated assaults. a grand jury report finds the agencies also facing a serious problem when it comes to keeping its ridership the report shows that bart last 8% of his ridership since its 2016 peak, even as the bay area population grew and several new stations were at it. the grand jury identified 4 main issues that appear to be discouraging people from riding bark they include homelessness cleanliness of the trains and stations fare evasion and security. the report finds a fare evasions in fact cost bar 20 $5 million per year. the grand jury notes the bart's board of directors and police force at work to address some of these issues but they say the board has been slow to react to many of the problems. >>72 right now and happening today, san francisco could become the first city in the nation to ban e cigarettes to the city's board of supervisors will vote on the issue this afternoon kron 4 sarah stinson following the story for us now good morning sara. >>good morning. huge decision that will be made by city
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leaders, the first in the nation. we could be to ban e cigarettes the sale of them and it's a heavily debated talk but topic but city leaders tell me that you know what they're doing this because they need to crack down on teen, vaping they said they want to protect children. now city leaders say under the law no product to be sold under the until the food and drug administration completes an in-depth review of the effects it has on public health. so far the fda has not released to review and now supervisors say it is time to do something locally to stop kids from getting their hands on these products. now this ban would include of sales at brick and mortar stores as well as even online sales. if you bought something and you wanted to be shipped to your address in the city, the paper products that would not be allowed under the span. the ordinance would also apply to flavored tobacco products. however, it's important to note the measure does not ban the use of e 6 among people 21 and older opponents say the proposition will not
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effectively address the problem of teen vaping we did speak with hispanic chamber of commerce explains. just how this would hurt local businesses significantly. >>if you have since to a minor this closings we support what we can know supports something that's going at not only put more bases out of business was also an effort to community. >>also against the measures the leading the same company jewel which is headquartered in the city and was created by stanford grads the company doesn't understand why city leaders want regular cigarettes to be the only tobacco products on the shelves for adult smokers, supervisors in favor of the ban say that it's all about protecting public health and even the cdc which shows that now about 3 million students have their hands on the z 6 now. it's city supervisors approved this measure then it will head to mayor london bridge deaths and which will be implemented within the next
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6 months to see what they end up deciding. i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news ok. thank you sir. it's 7 oh 4. >>and also today city supervisors in san francisco will vote on a proposed navigation center for the homeless along the embarcadero yeah we've got the proposal now it's been controversial to say the least lot of people with opinions on both sides. one group is threatening legal action over it and kron four's dan thorn explains why san francisco supervisors are set to weigh in tuesday on a proposed navigation center along the embarcadero. >>a group of neighbors, not happy with the plan homeless shelter say they will threaten legal action if the vote does not fall in their favor. >>our concern is that his avocation senate. in and can. >>wallace le lives just blocks away from the proposed site. he says he and other members of the nonprofit safe and barca darrow for all do not
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want to navigation center to open up in a residential area. crime. open drug use. >>and those things that we're not really big problems in this >>italy says the city is not only ignoring their concerns but rushing to the process by ignoring the public trust. >>i think we're prepared to take this to its far as we need to including into court and we expect to win. >>peter prow says the attorney representing lee and safe and bark and arrow for all in their appeal. he says the city has failed to get necessary approvals from the state lands commission and the city is also ignored the ports design guidelines for the waterfront. he appeal also contends the city did not go through a proper environmental review under the california environmental quality act. >>pretty clear the city's falling off. the board wants to stick its neck out for the mayor's project here and was
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in court that's the board's decision reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. >>kron 4 news. the man accused of shooting and killing a sacramento police officer was taken to the hospital after they say he injured himself in his jail cell. >>adele ramos you see there with a bandage he faces murder and felony charges for using an illegal assault rifle to shoot officer tara o'sullivan. last week. he was in court yesterday after they say he banged his head against the bed frame in his cell. a staff immediately responded. >>stopped him from continuing to a mussel himself based on the injuries to his head they feel that was necessary to get him to a local hospital where he was treated. >>in cleared. >>ramos is charged as well with the attempted murder of another police officer, a memorial for officer o'sullivan is set for thursday. >>the mother was just getting off work one shoe and her lyft driver were killed in a hit and run crash in san
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francisco. it happened early sunday morning in the bayview 49 year-old sally, a or rahho was the passenger in a lyft vehicle when they were hit by a driver who ran a red light at 3rd street and powell avenue, the lift driver and a row were both pronounced dead at the scene the intersection where the crash happened is near the church where that grandmother worship. >>it really is shocking because actually the morning. we should have a prayer in the morning and we all wear going to pray and then the saudi we saw the threat the corner. no was really devastating for the family. >>and police are still looking for that hit and run driver. >>bart is trying to figure out how a train in oakland sadly stopped in the middle of a tunnel, hundreds of riders were on board and it was one of those new fleet of the future trains. that just stopped working yesterday morning a technician tried to trouble shoot the problem, but that didn't work so then bar crew members had to us court.
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more than 4 100 people through the dark tunnel and up to that. well street station, bart engineers have move that tray now to a warehouse for more testing. another big story this morning. the dmv says is going to close all california offices for half a day next month to train employees on the federal real id program. all the dmv offices in california going to be closed until 01:00pm on july 24th. all americans have to have a real id by october of next year to get on a plane or enter a federal building and less you have a passport and then you're okay the state has struggled to implement this program since launching at last year more than 3 million people had to provide a second proof of address after applying for the real id. the first time because the initial system did not meet the federal guidelines. investigators are trying to figure out of a fire in fremont was started intentionally. >>nearly a dozen people had to
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be evacuated from their homes sunday night after grass fire broke out on a hillside just east of mission boulevard in the nile's district. crews say the cooler temperatures helped them contain that fire within just a couple of hours. the fire burned a total of 5 acres, no homes were damaged, but again they're looking to see if this was perhaps started on purpose. we'll take a quick break coming up at 7 30 on the kron 4 morning news. we are learning more about the deadly standoff in the south bay that ended in a murder suicide polie are still trying to figure out the motive behind this morning. >>and investigators are also looking for a missing utah college student who hasn't been seen since she left california last week we'll have the latest on that story and after the break new video shows the interaction between police and actor jussie smollett on the night they say he staged an attack on himself. and skies, nice and clear to start this morning with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. >>i'm talking your forecast and it's a cool. one ahead of us. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this around the bay area this morning busy at
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>>13 is the time and we're taking a look at the weather% which is cool. but sunny pretty nice nice cool start to the morning cool. calm and clear though is the way we're kick in this one off a look at outside this morning what are noticing is downtown san francisco under those nice blue clear skies and sky's also nice and clear across the south bay as well as the east bay, so not a lot of variation going on there this morning we're all on the same page to get this day started off with skies will remain nice and clear through the day today now we're not going to remain the same in your forecast we're actually in the midst of a pretty big pattern change across the bay area. high pressure still built up to our south and east but look at this cooler air advancing out of the pacific in our direction here pretty quickly will especially be felt on into tomorrow but we've already felt this high pressure weakening the past couple of days, one of the
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reasons we're no longer in the 90's for inland areas, some coastal cloud cover on the rise for tomorrow, although tomorrow skies should remain mostly sunny to partly cloudy. as we do make your way through what will be a cooler. wednesday ahead of us today's temperatures just a couple degrees cooler than yesterday's not something you're really going to notice too much stepping out there concord 88 degrees for your high livermore 86 while 70's and free my hayward in oakland and 60's in san francisco today just get a look at where we're heading on wednesday and thursday daytime highs in the mid 70's for inland areas that's well below average for this time of year 60's by the bay come pride weekend temperatures on the rise back up into the 80's inland with some 60's and 70's by the bay and by the coast. robert. >>all right. thank you john just double checking out a new problem that's coming in for san leandro this is on to 38 south. it's near east 14th just getting word of an accident that involves an
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overturned vehicle. only one lane is blocked right now, but this is just as you leave a san leandro heading toward 5 80 in castro valley, but it's right here. it is 14 you can see the traffic backing up to the nimitz freeway and the northbound we have some crowding leaving to 38 on to the nimitz as well so busy in both directions. but especially south bound behind the overturn crash so heads up for that i'll keep my eyes on checking the bay bridge traffic very busy and slow as expected crawling from the maze your drive time on the rise at 17 minutes. he goes up and down throughout your morning commute no big problems here on 92 are checking the drive across the 70 oh bridge it we're in pretty good shape. no crashes nil stalls and it's creeping even before you reach saw the flat section and starts before the toll plaza and it pretty much stays like this to the high rise, so 23 minutes and growing to make your way off to the peninsula. and another small bridge the richmond center fell bridge. it's heavy here at 15 minutes from the pay gates to one o one james. >>all right robin thank you very much. time now 7.16 other
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big story this morning that we're following chicago police have released body camera footage showing just a small it reporting his attack back in january you may remember he claimed that he had been the victim of it hayfield attack. police of course believe the attack was staged by smollett himself, we've got charlie them are showing us some of this new video. this is body camera video of the moment, chicago police officers enter jussie smollett's apartment on a cold january night, the rope he says was wrapped around his neck like a noose by attackers who was still draped over his sweater. from that moment cpd
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started pulling surveillance video releasing a still image of these 2 men, walking near the reported crime. the new video shows the man wanted for questioning, running from the same area around the time smollett said he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. detectives tracked the same men to a taxi, black and white surveillance video show them on their way to meet smollett they would later be identified as brothers o-line send >>about 2 later arrested the brothers in o'hare after they from an international flight. the brothers were taken in for questioning originally suspects, accused of carrying out the attack on small lead. but the brothers would later tell police they were paid to stage the attack because small
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at was unhappy with his pay on the show empire. >>last week a judge opened the door for a special prosecutor may be small it could face new charges after they were suddenly dropped by the state's turning we'll see how this plays out. >>for your money this morning, 7.11 now on offers delivery to beaches parks and other public places and california's tech companies have been put on notice. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi game. >>ari a good morning as california's governor says he's ready to regulate tech companies. gavin newsome said in the past. he would look at a date and dividends so people would basically get paid it for companies selling their data and the state also recently passed new privacy regulations and a new some indicated there could be more regulations to come. amazon has started a as beauty products, business and use used by lysa stylists barbers also be titian shares of beauty stores like sally's case applied has plummeted on
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this news. it was on son stylus we need to upload their state-issued licenses and create a business account to buy products from the new store, its stock brands, including wella professionals and nail products. customers around the us cannot take advantage of 7.11 delivery parks beaches and other public places. the convenience chain announced its newest app that there are several cities added that will be able to order goods for delivery at 7 now pic is across thousands of public locations that basically don't have traditional addresses most of race could be fulfilled within 30 minutes as live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. think lodging thank you. >>7.20 coming up on the kron 4 morning news, firefighters in the south they want answers after a grass fire was sparked along interstate 2.80 more on that the minute that after the break. some of 8 shops in california caught selling tobacco and nicotine products to teens without checking their i d. here's a live look at the bay bridge approach traffic moving slowly here from oakland and san francisco. robin with your commute checked john with your
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forecast and daryn myself back with the news in just a minute. ♪
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>>welcome back 7.23 on this tuesday morning skies looking nice and inviting looking over sfo and that definitely bodes well for all your travels across the bay this morning. no delays and we've been delay free all morning long with these clear skies calm conditions. we do have some breezy conditions if you're just right up and down the coastline and into the delta.
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but most of the day is actually working pretty nice as you're stepping outside now winds are going to pick up as we make our way into the evening tonight that's that cold air advancing into the bay area. it's going to cool temperatures down noticeably into tomorrow. robin. >>thank you john what head back to san leandro we have an overturn accident still blocking and still backing up traffic it's on south to 38 near east 14 so this is before you get to the 5.80 split in castro valley. it is really clogging up the commute the right lane is blocked it involves a pickup truck in a big rig. we have injuries and it's solid from the nimitz backing up on both sides of 8.80 north and south as you emerge on to southbound 2.38 so just keep that in mind and then a new crash for settles a south 8.80 to 80 has traffic crawling that's blocking and to 80's no fun from san jose heading toward cupertino it is really crawling a 32 minutes and growing to make it to 85 james. all right. thank you very
7:25 am
>>half of tobacco and vape shops in california failed to check id for teens purchasing e cigarettes and other nicotine products. this all according to a new study researchers sent 1819 year-old decoys into stores without i d and they were instructed try purchase these vape products. well according to the research almost half of the tobacco and vape shops in california illegally sold nicotine products to these teen decoys researchers found liquor stores and supermarkets and pharmacies were significantly more likely to check fridays. according to a report released last year nearly 40% of high school seniors say that they've used the cigarette devices. the news after the break police are still looking for a motive behind a quadruple murder suicide in san jose will bring you up to
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>>7.20 a look at weather and traffic we've got a little cool down in the weather which is nice and traffic hasn't been that bad not that bad, but now a little slow down in san leandro with over term. yeah it's our first overturn hot spot of the morning, on to 38. >>right to free get to 5.80. it's a little bit closer to the san leandro side near east 14. we know that there's a pickup truck in a big truck involved and i believe it's the pickup truck that flip it over to the right lane is closed. so for those of you using to 38, south know that the whole stretches crawling and now it's backing up on to the nimitz in both directions northbound to 30 i think they
7:29 am
have a view of it. they can see that action on the southbound side so they're backing up to toward 5 80 in castro valley so just keep that in mind and leave extra early bay bridge traffic is crawling that that's the norm for this time of morning you're under 20 minutes to san francisco of course we'll look at more bridges coming up in a bit how's the forecast shaping up john trouble well far. >>from the norm in the days to come robin we're already seeing an ice crystal clear day across the bay area. so not really looking at that typical fog layer that sometimes hangs out across the bay during this time of year your view from well out into the distance right over the bay looking nice and clear this morning as your fog tracker showing. there's really not a lot to be looking at just a couple of low lying clouds that have moved in across the bay. so skies, nice clear dry and inviting to start this tuesday and into the afternoon today we're going to be pretty seasonable right on par with where we should be but come tomorrow and thursday temperatures going to be much cooler than average got your forecast to head back to you.
7:30 am
>>thanks a lot of 7.29 the big story we're following we're learning more about the deadly standoff that ended with 5 5 members of one family dead and there were first brought you this story yesterday morning as breaking news, this quadruple murder suicide. >>happened at a home on habits court in san jose kron four's rob fladeboe has more. >>the sound of gunfire and later police flash bang reports for her as the drama unfolded here at home on tablets course on barker road. police were called to the scene about 8 30 sunday evening after neighbors called 911 to report hearing gunshots and some kind of argument as he iraq 5, 2, women were running from the home police now say they were the gunman's wife and daughter. a tense standoff ensued at one point police spotted 2 victims inside alive. they rescued those victims, but they later died at the hospital then about one 30 this morning. police got inside the home and discovered the bodies of 2 other people and the suspected
7:31 am
shooter. the motive for the violence is not clear says san jose police sergeant enrique garcia. >>a great question, but we don't have a motive at this point we have no idea why the suspect decided to sue these people in and the reason behind it so it still as as we speak our investigators are still conducting follow-up investigation and. interviewing people so we don't have an answer >>and police have confirmed that 3 women and one man were shot to death by a man who then killed himself. reports say the suspected shooter is a vietnamese man in his 60's. one neighbor who is among several people evacuated, said all of the victims are members of the same family. others on the otherwise quiet cul de sac off busy center road are shocked and saddened by the violence may be was is mental health or something >>going right because everybody even you know the other neighbors were taken over the wall in this awesome
7:32 am
too. >>another neighbor who asked not to be identified shared this with kron 4 news. >>he's a fisherman. he's a very nice guy and when i come home from work always say hi to me and i say hi to him when every those fish and you catch fish and they would just come and drop it off and go here. >>so far none of the victims have been identified the san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. it's 7.32 new this morning, linden park in redwood city is closed after it was vandalized over the weekend. >>police and firefighters believe that somebody started a fire in the park. so they've closed it until further notice in the south bay, a grass fire along interstate 2.80 got dangerously close to some businesses in san jose. it interstate crosses where the coyote creek. it burned through dry grass and a one point it came within about 50 feet of some businesses but fortunately crews headed out dead just 2 acres they contained it. it's 7.32 and we have learned some more about a fire in pittsford near highway 4. they say it started at a homeless
7:33 am
encampment and then it spread to 7 sunday afternoon on piedmont way a roofing supply company was damage and one firefighter had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >>a sting operation in the east bay ends with the rest of the teacher for crimes against children. gerald to was arrested in this operation, he's out on bail right now awaiting trial. contra costa county investigators also announced the rest of the registered sex-offender in antioch who police accused of distributing child pornographer e the other 2 bay area man were found to be in possession of child born, and that includes william cash will who lives in walnut creek and henrik ordinary lives in antioch. petaluma man is dead after drowning in the russian river in guys are veiled 24 year-old on hell's send on hernandez died when he went swimming. that became separated from his family near river road. this was sunday night emergency crews tried to revive him, but it was too late. investigators believe at this point his drowning was accidental. new this morning, a wheel from a pickup truck
7:34 am
caused a brush fire near livermore it happened right along 5.80 near greenville road. investigators believe that we'll may have fallen off. the fire burned about 17 acres, but it was contained in less than an hour. it's 7.34 and. >>in national news, the search continues this morning for a utah student who was last seen being dropped off by a lyft driver. mackenzie lueck she was coming from california and landed at salt lake international airport last monday and then she was dropped off by the lift at a park where to park is several miles away from her home that live driver is cooperating with the investigation. >>well it's a few coming in we have about 6 the texas top of the line right now plus other detectives are going into an answering those deaths and trying to what's happening. >>police cannot pinpoint her location because her phone was shut off since the day she disappeared. in the east bay, the dog flu outbreak that started at oakland animal services has now spread to the
7:35 am
east bay spca of both oakland and dublin. >>the shelters have quarantine more than a 100 dogs right now to prevent this flu from spreading any further. this virus has been spreading for more than a week now and the east bay spca is using a nearby warehouse as a matter of fact to treat all of the sick dogs and keep them from spreading the virus. they'll start moving those sick dogs to other facilities by the end of the week. >>challenge with this particular disease is that it lasts for a very long time they continue to shed the virus for up to 24 days. so it's highly contagious and all of our sick animals from east bay spca and oakland animal services will move there where they can get the veterinary care that they need. >>and that will allow us to help deep clean the shelters and bring back in more animals. >>and just to give you idea how contagious this is a simple cough or a sneeze by a dog is enough to spread the virus to nearby animals. all your vet call your vet ahead of time if you think your dog might be showing signs of infection. and get a look at right away. trainer evicted
7:36 am
from the santa anita racetrack following the death of another horse has ties to a track here in the bay area hall of famer, jerry hollendorfer is a major player in horse racing. but after his 4th horse died this season of the santa anita racetrack the company that owns that facility as well as golden gate fields here in the east bay has moved all 36 of his horses to the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton some say it seems unfair to punish one trader, however. >>to have that many and one location seems that there's something wrong with the location rather than with the individuals mean that's just my humble opinion for our babies. we raise them, we raise their mothers we raise there. many cases we raise their daddies so we've raised that we love our horses, i mean we need to be a test becomes its past. >>30 horses have died at the santa anita racetrack and we reached out to holland or but he has not yet returned our calls. >>it's 7.36 and still ahead in
7:37 am
the 8 o'clock hour this sky diving plane involved in a deadly crash in hawaii has connections to the bay area we'll tell you how. >>and we are looking at a nice day ahead of us pretty similar to yesterday really temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now where they had next live got your forecast. >>i'm tracking a number of problems we have an overturn accident here in san leandro blocking lanes and backing up traffic and a new tro
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>>4 morning news to hot spots to talk about now this is the old one southbound to 38 and east 14th that's in san leandro this one's an overturned pickup truck flipped over and it's still blocking the right lane. so it's backing you up on to the nimitz in both directions and northbound traffic can see it too so they're backing up to 5.18 castor valley and then we have this new big trouble spot in san jose is south bound 2 8.80 before you get to 2.80 crash here still working 3 left lanes are blocked 80 south is a mess already stacking up from the guadalupe parkway northbound you're backing up on to highway 17 to be prepared for that we'll check more trouble spots coming up job. >>well robin we are looking at a really nice we've seen clear skies all morning long up to this point we're continuing to see just your view from timber on showing abundant sunshine overhead just a few coastal clouds hanging out across the bay this morning, 50's and
7:41 am
60's is where we're at as far as current temperatures go hayward in redwood city peach, a 58 mountain view livermore dublin in the low 60's currently while pittsburgh at 66 degrees compared to where we were at the same time yesterday not a whole lot different and into the afternoon just a touch cooler today before noticeable cool down tomorrow darya. >>thanks a lot of 7.41 coming up on the buzz, everybody has their own opinion on who basketball's mvp is but. the ones who get to decide plus what will katie and clay decide if he thinks he knows and the girl hit by a baseball says it felt like ♪
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we're checking out a new hot spot. this is in the south bay look at all the heavy traffic here on 8.80 this is traffic in the opposite direction of a major crash. so the crashes south 8.80 to 80, you're looking at the northbound traffic approaching the sea which is just as bad and then on the left he hardly see any traffic coming through this because folks are being held back by this accident would shots chp just issued a special traffic alert for our 3 right lanes are closed 80 south at the to 38 split 80 south is backing up the on the guadalupe parkway now it's starting to spill back to want to want to this is going to be a major trouble spot that you need to leave early for in the northbound doesn't look like anything's flock but it's backed up on 2. 17 out of
7:45 am
campbell, so a tough commute in both directions keep that in mind our second hot spot overturn accident, san leandro south to 38 east 14th, still active and may still be blocking the right lane so you're back up and to 38 is spilling over to the nimitz in both directions and the north to 38 the usual crawl from 5.80 out of castro valley a give you a bridge the bay bridge 80 west slow from the maze that's typical for this time of mourning here averaging 18 minutes to make it in job. well robin what we're looking at today is a pretty nice day ahead of us temperatures similar to yesterday skies certainly a lot clear this morning though. >>looking outside at alcatraz we are seeing that view of san francisco in the distance to and pretty clear view this morning looking at the south bay skies, nice and clear as well and you've got the same looking from the berkeley hills down at berkeley itself so you get the picture today is starting off much more on the phone free side than yesterday that and we're right on the cusp of a big pattern
7:46 am
change ahead of us high pressure still continues to be built up across the southwest, but you do see this cooler air mass that's beginning to settle in immediately to our west that's going to continue to push in especially through the evening tonight. and this is what's going to result in big temperature changes come tomorrow, a solid 10 degree drop in temperatures for some inland areas by the time we work into tomorrow that is going to take us well below average as far as temps go for this time of year. some coastal cloud cover will move in tonight, but it shouldn't really push into the bail out of all that much skies will remain clear tomorrow despite these big changes. overall today, our last day with seasonable highs for a couple of days ahead of us 60's and 70's up and down the peninsula that includes san francisco, coastal areas and areas right along the bay now the south bay temperatures falling a bit as compared to yesterday, not really noticeable only 2 to 3 degrees difference. but taking us from the mid 80's to the low 80's for your highs today,
7:47 am
east bay numbers in the 70's 80's for your highs areas like oakland and berkeley in the low 70's while walnut creek in danville in the mid 80's today, no 90's up in the north bay saw couple those sprinkled in yesterday that shows you that today's temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler on average than what we had for your monday look at tomorrow and thursday inland spots only in the mid 70's for your highs are normal is in the 80's. so that is cooler than average 60's along the bay by the time we work into the weekend conditions on a warming trend again back into the 80's inland with 60's 70's by the bay. >>in the buzzy to to colombo is the nba's most valuable player. i'm so glad i learned his name warriors fans might beg to differ, but you don't get to vote. sports writers do any honest one in a landslide collecting 78 first-place votes to james harden's 23. como didn't score as many points as hard did. but the greek freak as they call him
7:48 am
stood out for his excellence in leading the bucks to a 60 in 22 record. and he gets my vote for his heartfelt acceptance speech. >>ever that a step on the floor o was that it will make most of its minute push that too the play for by the sword. even though one. how to make plays i was going to show up and that was will do the right think maze about this. >>sweet best speech since kevin durant called his mom wanda the real mvp. now mums the word about what he's going to do the warriors say they're going to meet with cady and with klay thompson before the to become free agents, this weekend but andre iguodala says they're not going anywhere. he told cnbc he thinks they're both going resign. >>think there will be back with the ghost the we all he
7:49 am
really brought people see any of that. both to the side of the famous to my brother still keep in contact with them as much as possible and i just wish the best for both those guys they come back for strength question than attacks clay is going as surgery for his torn acl this week dear an already got his ruptured achilles face but he's got a lot. >>on the road of healing and rehab ahead of him that girl who was hit by a baseball at the dodgers game of the weekend has some healing to do but. >>she looks amazing considering what happened a foul ball came flying into or sectional on first base line and hit her right in the face. >>and now the dodgers going to extend that netting even further to protect fans. >>you know on those that movies people when a bomb goes off in here sound and then the scene starts for gifts 80 and then everyone sums mumble. i'm not the only one of the
7:50 am
doctors treating was not hit with the ball and makes me feel a little bit safer to know there's going to be more protection. >>she had a concussion and vision problems in her right eye. the doctors say that's going to clear up she was sitting in the very same section as a 79 year-old woman was and she died after being hit by a ball last season. we may see a lot of teams extend the protective netting all the way down the lines. and now the players are all for it. they don't anybody. that's the bus. need a nice reward today? treat yourself to a heath bar.
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7:54 am
around because of these trouble spot to have another one that's in san leandro talk about that coming up next james. >>ok, thank you very much rob and check this out pictures taken by nasa's curiosity rover raising some eyebrows online the rover snapped the photo while on mars last ly day and if you look clo you can see what appears to be a bright light on the distant horizon. that light had some enthusiast's speculating a possible signs of life on the red planet but nasa has actually photographed a similar occurrence in the past curiosity captured this glow on mars on the horizon back in 2014 back then a nasa scientist tweeted it was most likely a cosmic ray in 2012 an astronaut explained that a cosmic ray can appear as a flash of light that's actually really not there. all right, here's a quick check of the big board this morning you can see the dow off in fact it was down by a little more a 100 points. at some point thereafter the opening bell looks like we've got much
7:55 am
weaker than expected. consumer confidence data coming out and that seems to have traders just a bit spooked this morning. i will take a quick break coming up on the kron 00:04am morning. there's in san francisco could decide to ban the cigarettes today we've got more details coming up on that vote in a live report. >>and new information on that deadly standoff that ended with 5 family members dead in san jose will help full details coming up next. here's a live look outside as we're checking the right here on the san mateo bridge. it's heavy but moving and as of folks are making their way from hayward out towards foster city that comey direction on the right hand side as you can see, but a lot of sunshine and that's the good news for you looks like it's noing to be a nice bright morning with mild temperatures a little bit cooler than it was yesterday john travel with your complete forecast coming up in a minute talking about even more cooling as we head into tomorrow. stay tuned. the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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7:58 am
>>we're joining us. i'm darya folsom that i'm james fletcher we've got much to get to this morning weather and traffic firstly though how the roads will you had a hot spot. and i did and now i have.
7:59 am
>>i'll see if i can squeeze all into one reports like where they come all over from the east bay to san francisco to down south. we'll start off with the freshest problem that's an injury crash in san francisco. it's northbound 2 80 at alum a knee injury accident blocking here. we don't know how many lanes are blocked still waiting for that update, but it's a mess out of daly city trying to get into san francisco. so that's one trouble spot. here's another in san jose south to 8.80 before 2.80. here's 3 right lanes blocked with a major accident so it's very heavy from one oh one to the north is backing up on 2 northbound 17 out of campbell and this is all impacting north to 80 which was already slow. now it's extra heavy from one oh one heading toward cupertino and then we have this overturn in san leandro also hot spot southbound to 3080 east 14th crews are working to up writing clear and overturned vehicle. this is left over from the last hour that right lane may still be blocked. but
8:00 am
prepare for heavy traffic in both directions southbound from 8.80 northbound from 5.80 jobs. >>well robin at least for people that are con traffic this morning, they're caught in traffic to some pretty pleasant weather at the moment skies, nice and clear overhead whether you're in san francisco, as you can see here or across the bay area very little fog to be seen across the bay area to start this tuesday. visibility has been good all morning. long that hasn't changed skies will remain clear into the afternoon, nice clear and dry making today. another seasonable one just a touch cooler than yesterday was back into the upper 60's for san francisco, oakland and the low 70's while san jose in the low 80's today, i'm talking a much more noticeable cool down on into the day tomorrow still to come back to you are john thank you at 8 o'clock new this morning. a new report finds that violent crime on bart is up more than a 115%. >>over the last 5 years including robberies and aggravated assaults. so grand jury report


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