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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>presidential candidates facing off for night 2 of the debate and this time to california hopefuls are in the mix. thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus in tonight for ken wayne, the candidates focusing their attacks largely on president trump but at times on each other several front runners clashes they fought to try to get notice a lot of people up there 10 last night 10 tonight really a jam-packed debate stage absolutely reporter karen caifa has details from miami. >>off during an electric round 2 of the first democratic presidential debate in miami america does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how we're going on their table. 4 of the 10 candidates at the nbc news debate among the top polling, democratic hopefuls, including former vice president joe biden his front runner status making him a target joe biden
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was right when he said it was time to pass torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago, this still. i'm still that torch senator kamala harris challenging biden for invoking his work with segregationist at a recent fundraiser. it was hurtful. to hear you talk about the reputations. o 2 united states senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country. archer as my position across the board i do not racist. >>that is not true others taking aim at senator bernie sanders seeking to highlight their ideological differences on health care and sanders plan for free college 30 mention that the taxes that would have to pay because of those taxes for mom. >>rejected medicare for all the bottom line is if we don't clearly define that we're not socialists. >>the republicans are going to come at us every way they can and if and call a socialist much of the criticism was
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directed off stage though at president trump. >>donald trump was put us in a horrible situation, he's torn apart the moral fabric of who we are. >>he is attacking a basic principle of america's moral for the candidates tackling a range of topics, including health care immigration climate change and the economy i would call it medicare for all who want to health is a human right. >>not so big to make huge profits. >>it was fiery and and after and plenty of opinions during it i guess in this era of social media lot of people weighing in yes, i'm saying the california senator kamala harris was the clear winner, others feeling her attack on former vice president joe biden may hurt her campaign. our catherine keenan joins us now from the newsroom with reaction from our political analyst catherine. >>i thought the a different reactions very different reactions to that exchange. pam and grant really interesting. earlier tonight i talk with our political analyst michael a he's a democrat tom del beccaro he's
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a republican. they expected of course the candidates in tonight's debate too take shots at front runner joe biden but when senator kamala harris question biden on race related questions, inclg why he worked to prevent the department of education from integrating school busing during the 1970's. both families said that they think harris's fiery confrontation at that moment could eventually hurt her campaign. >>when harris. cause said i know you're not a racist. she was essentially all the calling joe biden a racist when she went after him on the bus issue. thank you pushed by issue from that era. she was basically calling him a racist. this is a kind of thing that was very risky. it created that this fire a moment, but there's immense potential for blowback against or because if i'm joe biden's people right now i'm going to phone call to. president 44. and i'm saying would you
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please come out with a statement that says i know joe biden he's not a racist i thought it was good theater. >>but i agree that if biden goes out there tomorrow and rallies his black support she could she will be out there turning in the wind. look the insiders say that the obama i'm sorry that biden campaign is not very organized i don't know whether they'll be do do it and she may able to still come out on top she brainer response politics, i mean they need to be able to turn this around. >>and and and shame on them they can't do it because they should know for a couple things one. you can call president obama's vice president at races and number 2. you're basically plane to the to the crowd that wants further divisions in this country. >>and there will have a lot more on tonight's debate and the expected fall out on inside bay area politics that shows on our new streaming app kron on it just after 11:00am
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on saturdays and sundays and so the first democratic debate meantime is in the books. the next one will happen a july 30th and 31th, those 2 will be in detroit. pam and grant back to you all right catherine, thank you and tonight, people also gathered in san francisco to watch the presidential debate. the watch party served as a way for voters to come together and hear ideas from the potential nominee said that really people around here were especially interested to see how a couple local politicians fared kron four's dan thorn live tonight in san francisco. >>where that debate party wrapped up a short time ago dan how was it. >>well grande there was a lot of positive reactions to tonight's debate but many are still not convinced some of the more centrist candidates, some of the people that i spoke with say that long intensity and track record for the biggest factors for them. >>several people gather its own as street food park to watch democratic presidential debate number 2 thursday
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night's event featured bay area native and top contender kamala harris. >>a good job john joe biden i couldn't i'm so happy she did that. >>others have not been so impressed with the california sen saying she doesn't understand the crucial issue of criminal justice reform despite being san francisco's district attorney and the state's attorney general. >>now the popular thing to say. >>the national civil rights activist and writer shawn king helped host this watch party. he says he likes many of the candidates, but will continue to support bernie sanders, medicare free college tuition. and universities, elimination of student debt. so all those things are super important he's still fighting it out to get into those things so we're glad about that joe biden has been recognized as the clear front-runner in the race but some voters think he's not progressive enough. heart of
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the same holds vote democratic party and jewelry and if there's anybody that kennedy energize the democratic base and get you to trump. i think it's going to bite. >>king says people should research all of the candidates to get a better understanding of their beliefs but inspect what they were fighting for what this it for for the lights were on. >>before they were campaigning for president and see what they say now matches up with what they were saying you know. >>years ago. >>was i just around one of the debates and people tell me they're looking forward to round 2 the end of next march. that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan kron 4 news. >>thank you dan. >>people in the morgan hill community and beyond are remembering the victims of the deadly shooting at a car dealership there 59 year old brian lighten 38 year old xavier's soto died. after the suspect shot and killed them before turning the gun on
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himself. a vigil held tonight to honor the victims called for sale of the sackey live in morgan hill tonight, she was there taylor. >>more than a 100 friends family and loved one showed up tonight and both victims families are obviously still shaken up too upset to talk. but i did speak with co-workers and friends who say both men were loved by this community. and they'll definitely be missed. >>candles lighting the city of morgan hill thursday night nice it's not just coworkers and people who know them it's nice that here's supporting the families of 59 year-old brian light and 38 year-old. >>xavier soto they worked at the morgan hill ford dealership in the parts and service department both were gunned down tuesday night by a former co-worker 60 year-old steven levy who was just fired from his job in the parts department >>a tv show something you see in a movie that's something you'd expect. >>still not real to me right still shocked. when i first
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heard in the news that mean i was like no. i sure hope it wasn't him. you know men when they finally released its name was like. he definitely just. the person can see just missing with that replied the nato was a friend of soto and their kids practiced karate together who's always love watching these kids are >>there's always focused >>we sure that we have their water when when they need water and they make sure they had all their gear co-workers say light and so to work closely together that light was sotos mentor. >>it's a bright talk and almost every day. great co-workers and great family man who supported their families so leaves behind a wife and 2 sons while light leaves behind 2 sons, this stay close morgan eu itself is
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like one big family. >>well community definitely came together tonight and they also set up a go fund me for both families so far as race $75,000 of it $500,000 goal to help support those families reporting live in morgan hill taylor but sackey kron 4 news. >>now to another tragic story loved ones colleagues and complete strangers gathered today to remember sacramento police officer tara o'sullivan her a young life cut short during a domestic violence police call today. >>thousands of people came to support the fallen officer charmaine niro has more from sacramento. >>brave beautiful and ready willing to help anyone in need. >>she wanted to be a police officer ever since she was a young girls. >>just a few of the words used to describe fallen sacramento, police officer tara o'sullivan. >>we celebrate her and most importantly we recognize the
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ultimate sacrifice she paid. and the sacrifice her family. >>has paid described as a shining light within the sacramento police department by colleagues, tara's legacy has stretched from >>tara made a real difference in countless lives in just a short amount of time. >>in the words of her family. tara had a smell that just wouldn't quit in a deep felt love for the city of sacramento. always room. >>girl before she don't treat uniform and again serving the people of sacramento. >>the car was tragically killed last week when police say 45 year-old adele ramos opened fire on officers. last wednesday. >>evil showed his face. in our city. as a sometimes >>as the sacramento police department honor guard carefully fold the american flag to pass on to tar is loved >>we honor your sacrifice and thank you for your service to our is light will forever be felt by people from all around
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the world along with the friends family in law enforcement colleagues who knew her best. >>all right, let's take a live look outside tonight along san francisco's embarcadero a very clear night out there at least in the san francisco area dead clear and cool meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is with us i think if you polled the entire bay area. they would pick a cool summer day like this especially what we have so many people in the bay area that live areas where it gets hot. you know it can i freifeld great was at 80 or so in the inland east bay, yes, 70's and 80's a very pleasant temperatures there. i know our interior valleys. >>loving this cool down but along the coast. a little bit too mild a lot of people are telling needs to calm of recent when's it going to warm up especially along the coast, starting tomorrow. that's when finally going to warm up to where we should be for this
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time of year, especially because we just started summer and it's feeling a lot more like spring out there, especially with daytime highs about 5 to 10 degrees below average and here's a live look outside downtown san francisco. you can see city hall lit up in rainbow colors because a pride week with the event this weekend all the more on that in just one minute but first. let's take a look at stormtracker 4 still tracking dry conditions in fact for the next 7 days. we're going to remain dry in the bay area, plenty of high clouds overhead but starting to see that low fog bank making its presence known especially along the coastal areas of the bay area up to 3 miles visibility for half moon bay right now in downtown san francisco, starting to notice that low cloud cover moving in up to 8 miles visibility. so not as bad as it has been the last couple of nights, current wind speeds out there right now 15 miles per hour or less, but still pretty gusty along downtown san francisco. getting that strong sea breeze influence with sustained winds at 22 miles per hour. gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour at times. temperatures right
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now along the san francisco bay shoreline upper 50's but low to mid 60's still in our interior valleys and overnight lows tonight, we'll dip into the low to mid 50's for most of the bay area. but the 2 outliers during the overnight hours will be santa rosa, cooling down to 40 degrees so very chilly compared to everyone else. but warmer for those of you in antioch just cooling down to 60 degrees and tomorrow we are going to warm up for everyone in the bay area from the coast and even into the interior valleys near average highs for the coastal areas and our bay shore communities as well. but still going to remain a few degrees below average for st of our interior valleys so the pleasant comfortable temperatures will continue for those of you in san jose, only warming up to 77 degrees oakland in the low 70's, the same for heywood as well downtown san francisco mid 60's. but the tri valley is warming up into the mid 80's. santa rosa low 80's for you and here's a look at our pride weekend outlook for downtown san francisco, calm, wind speeds, plenty of sunshine and
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temperatures in the mid 60's, so very pleasant temperatures this weekend for the coast as well. let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast and you'll see that warming trend continuing all the way through the 4th of july going to be above average and all eyes will be on the marine layer in the coming days where i am keeping an eye on maybe a shallow marine there along the coast which will be great for fireworks display. so that's what we're all hoping for this year about it yet. it's a gamble everything i know is always a term is, but we won't know until today, but looking at it's looking good thank you. thanks bree said. >>well barry commuters are losing time and money that's according to a new study. it says commuters here are paying more than the average cost in the state and that includes bart gasoline and told you a lot of people feel like they already know that kron four's gayle ong is live at the bay bridge toll plaza tonight to explain what this study says scale.
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>>the app and grand you can also add may and thence to the list that can easily go to the thousands as for time. alameda county contra costa county moran and san francisco counties had the most time in minutes. >>when you ask bay area residents about their commute ridiculously long. whether it's a bard. driving it is they require serious patients. i can take anywhere from an hour and 10 minutes to 2 hours. >>the worst it's been 3 hours. >>that's about an hour each way. i should casual carpool in the morning mostly bicycle i take part live in san francisco. so my commutes i pretty inexpensive that unlike a 10 year-old honda that i never drive so. >>everyone has a different form of transportation and everyone seems to pay a different price. >>6, 8, $100 a month. without $5 a day if i don't do anything after work. i don't
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added up because seriously it would probably bother me if i knew how much was going out, but i mean right now. >>i'm filling up halfway there and it's only $38 so we've got a little ways to go. >>new research shows california commuters surveyed spend an average of $1800 a year that dollar amount based on the federal minimum wage of $7.25. >>the study done by sky blue credit involved the time spent commuting and the cost of commuting in one year michael glasgow from aaa says motorists should also consider it cost about $7,000 just in terms of maintaining your vehicle. >>and it really comes down to the individual. a driver estimate, the decision is the compensation level. you know that would ever get there and taking that you are driving to the city is it really enough you know to make me want to spend 2 hours of my life in traffic. >>the study involved commuters ages, 16 and above in 2017 live in oakland gayle, ong kron 4 news.
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>>thank you we now know why want to bar its new fleet of the future trains stopped working on monday forcing hundreds of passengers to evacuate and walk through a dark tunnel in oakland. this is video showing some of what happened on monday. bart officials say air compresses malfunctioned on 2 adjacent cars on that train and that caused a train line communication to fail this resulted in the train failing in a fake mold. crews attempted to troubleshooter get the trains moving they ultimately made the decision though to evacuate the passengers because they had been on board for about an hour. this is the first time that bart had a failure of this nature on his new cars, bart says it is analyzing the failure to determine if any modifications are needed to the cox, the man shot to death. >>state park officers in big sur over the weekend has now been connected to a bay area freeway shooting that killed a man from milpitas now authorities say the prime suspect in that shooting was
10:19 pm
the man who died in big sur kron four's dan kerman reports. >>it was monday june 17th when 33 year-old matthew rios was found shot to death. his body was found in the driver's seat of his vehicle about 10:20pm along northbound 6 80 in milpitas the chp began its investigation and zeroed in on this man is the prime suspect, 26 year-old kevin ilana sub milpitas the chp got award but were never able to make an arrest. that's because this past saturday state park officer shot and killed a line us at big sur. hikers sale on us had been shooting randomly in the park and when confronted by officers they say he fired this glock at them. they returned fire and killed him. the highway patrol now says a lot has was no stranger to the man he killed on a highway 6.80 matthew rios. >>based on information gathered a result of the investigation we can confirm
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the victim and suspect did know each other. and this was a targeted attack was not incident. we cannot elaborate on the nature of that relationship at this time. >>the chp also saying that they don't believe the 6.80 shooting is connected with any of the other recent bay area freeway shootings. dan kerman kron 4 news. this has been delayed. the trump administration has not been denied. the fear. >>and the anxiety that he has caused an induced. if you don't participate in the census. trump wins. >>governor gavin newsome speaking today after one of the most anticipated decisions of the supreme court term came down. justices deciding today, the government can not add a question to the 2020 senses that what have asked people if they are us citizen. but this is not the final decision on the case because it's been sent back to a lower court a group of states sued to stop the trump administration from
10:21 pm
getting that question on the census saying the addition of the question would lead to an undercount and it would be detrimental. too many states. states like california and texas could lose seats in congress and the census determines which is states get hundreds of billions of federal dollars for things like schools and roads. chief justice roberts wrote that the government failed to give a good enough reason why the citizenship question should be added to the census for now the case heads back to the new york federal court to figure out. if the administration's true intent is what it says the us supreme court decision though is being called a victory by officials in santa clara county. >>and that citizenship question been added to the census. >>santa clara county which is the most populous in northern california could have seeing big cuts in federal funding. we have a huge immigrant population here acute on documented population here. >>a lot of folks are very fearful of the federal
10:22 pm
government this point in time all of apathy over around the government for some reason 0 to 5 ago left off the full formal the time. >>santa clara county will see some million of federal money based on census data every year that money pays for essential services such as education roads and health care and an undercount would mean fewer services for everybody despite the ruling county officials worry that some people will still fear participating in the census. they're urging everybody to fill out the form when it arrives. >>and shot and killed by police in a taco bell drive-thru is now filing a lawsuit against the officers. the police chief and the vallejo city manager was the family's attorney says this is just one of many incidents of misconduct by police plus an east bay man says he owes his life to the fire crews who rescued him from his burning apartment. just how close he was to falling victim to the fast-moving flames after the break as july 4th approaches one of the bay area's most popular spots to watch the
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>>a hard to believe one week from today is july 4th day and like every year a fireworks show be out on the bay in san francisco of course historically treasure island has been a great place to watch the july 4th fireworks with san francisco in the backdrop that this year. >>the treasure island development authority is urging people to find another place to go because of all of the disk of construction on the island. >>well there's really nowhere for the public to be right now really is very little space. we used to have about 4 acres of open space right now we're really limited in terms of space and parking and roadways for that matter. >>all of this construction setting the stage for what will become new housing units on treasure island unfortunately, though the construction is going to take
10:27 pm
several years the project won't be fully built out for 10 years. authorities do say there will be more open space included in this development and that should be done much sooner. so if you want to watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own home you come to the right place on july 4th at 09:00pm cromwell be airing a special firework show it starts at 9 o'clock as i said we will be live from san francisco, san jose sandra fell. >>and from concord catch all of those fireworks and more right here at 09:00pm july 4th on kron 4 news. >>the news at 10 another american tourist dies in the dominican how a father whose family says was perfectly healthy before heading there ended up dying suddenly lost a student from california goes missing in utah more than a week ago tonight police say they have a person of interest. >>we'll have the latest on the search. including your full
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weekend outlook for your 4th of july weekend forecast coming
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>>family of william mccall i and 20 year-old rapper who was shot dead by valais hope police. >>in february has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit that lawsuit claims mccoy was fired upon 55 times by 6 officers while he was asleep in his car outside a taco bell police say mccoy had a gun in
10:31 pm
his lap, the officers involved the chief of police and the city manager now named in that lawsuit kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>killing a 20 year-old man in valais hole in february. >>and >>willie mccoy was slumped over his steering wheel outside a taco bell drive through when police arrive, but they claim is car was in drive in a gun was in his lap. mccoy was unresponsive. you can hear an officer in the body camera footage tell the other officers to shoot mccoy if he moved into not give him a chance. mccoy's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on thursday against the bully host city manager the chief of police and the 6 officers who shot into the car. they claim
10:32 pm
the officers did not follow proper policing procedures and failed to develop a plan to safely remove mccoy or the gun from the car despite the fact the passenger side window was only covered by a thin piece of plastic. >>we as a family. by the disingenuous teenager of the entire city ccil. the city manager the city attorney all 6 officers involved in the shooting were back at work after just 3 days of paid administrative leave. >>they're back at work before game is very. >>this is slap in the face to people civil rights attorney john burris claims this lawsuit is just one of many incidents of misconduct bible, a whole police he's asking for the federal court to assign a monitor to ensure the department's compliance with state and federal law. the city of calais whole hired an expert to review the shooting and found it to be reasonable
10:33 pm
and in line with training and practices. >>in sacramento, hundreds of young people rallied against gun violence. organizers say the primary message was that gun violence affects everybody. most recently in the killing of police officers, o'sullivan which we told you about earlier, demonstrators held a moment of silence for o'sullivan during their rally they also brought attention to the effects of gun violence on young people of color, children and parents also heard from the grandmother and the aunt of 19 year-old aisha richardson who was killed in a domestic dispute. >>the house pass the senate's version of a border funding bill today, the bill aims to address what is being called a humanitarian crisis at the southern border that passed 305 to one oh 2. the passage comes after house speaker nancy pelosi reversed her previous call to reconcile the house and senate bills ahead of the july 4th recess bite, democratic progressive as were not happy and spoke out
10:34 pm
against the billion bill today that now heads to president trump for approval. on the peninsula today, religious leaders rally to show support for undocumented immigrants who might be facing deportation kron four's charles clifford reports. >>here in redwood city on thursday religious leaders from across san mateo county gathered here at the county center to show their support for undocumented immigrants. now in recent weeks there has been ramped up rhetoric from the trump administration also increased activity from ice immigrations and customs enforcement who have threatened to start deporting more undocumented immigrants, these religious leaders wanted to come together to say many of these people have lived here for years who have families here who work in this community. they wanted to let those folks know that they are not alone. >>we are gathered here is he as leaders of fate because we want to call our society back 2 shared fundamental values. now use human worth and
10:35 pm
dignity. we all along we have higher powers that say that we are created by god. what piece of paper we have. together we are united in love to form one fan hear honored and we call. to raise your voices on behalf, most vulnerable. >>and just this week we have seen a several rallies just like this one there was a rally earlier this week down in san jose with folks showing support for undocumented immigrants and certainly will probably see more in the weeks and months ahead. in san mateo county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>well we're looking for the weekend them a breeze is going to tell us what we can expect weather wise. yeah, nice warming trend with above average temperatures for next weekend for your 4th of outlook more on that in just a few minutes, but first. >>let's take a live look outside south market in
10:36 pm
downtown san francisco. not seeing the low clouds and fog but plenty of client high clouds overhead and temperatures right now widespread upper 50's and low to mid 60's in the bay area with overnight lows cooling down into the low to mid 50's this evening into your friday morning and wake-up planner forecast is going to show plenty of cloud cover to start the day but then a mix of sun and clouds by the afternoon and also another round of gusty wind speeds around 25 miles per hour or less. we are going to warm up to near average along our coastal areas and even our bay shore communities as well low 70's for oakland and hayward mid 60's for downtown san francisco and mid 80's for a try valleys and also santa rosa with very pleasant temperatures continuing for those of you in san jose, 77 degrees. now let's take a look at our 10 at 10 outlook because as you can see we're going to continue with this above average warming trend all the way through 4th of july and then warm to hot temperatures by your 4th of july weekend were another many
10:37 pm
heat wave set to impact the bay area next weekend so enjoy the gradual warm up from now until then grand pam back to you. >>thanks reset and an important reminder tonight from firefighters not to smoke in dry areas and to keep your car maintained east bay firefighters are saying one of those factors may very well have started a grass fire in martinez overnight. check out what's left of the hillside right near highway 4 fire crews say the fire started about one this morning near the franklin canyon exit, more than 7 fire units responded they contained the fire in about 40 minutes. firefighters say they're worried because this fire season is expected to be more dangerous than previous seasons. washers dryers are v's and piles and piles of trash illegal dumping not only create an eyesore it also costs of farmers and ranchers in contra costa county that's because if they own the land targeted by illegal dumpers the landowners are stuck with the costs of removing the trash and debris. sometimes it's big stuff. but
10:38 pm
there is help for the cleanup. there is a grant that farmers and ranchers can apply for to get their money back. >>this grant will also if there's proper documentation like receipts and photographs and stuff like that will the bomb reimbursed farmers are password that they may have done if it's appropriate. >>the contra costa county resource conservation district is helping with the application process the next application period is in august. an update now on another big story tonight, the mysterious case of the young southern california woman who is a student still missing in utah. >>police say they have uncovered new clues in their search for 23 year-old mackenzie lueck last night police searched the home of a person who might be connected to her disappearance police say they were made aware of a mattress recently given away at that home and they are looking for that mattress lueck was last seen by a lyft driver who dropped her off at a park at 3 in the morning as
10:39 pm
she requested back on june the 17th when she reportedly met up with an unknown person. police say that lyft driver has been cleared as a suspect a southern california community in mourning after a college student died from a shark attack in the bahamas. jordan lindsay was a student at loyola marymount university in la the 21 year-old was on vacation with her family in the bahamas. she was snorkeling near rose island that their win. she was attacked by 3 shocks police in the bahamas say her family tried to warn her that the sharks were circling but it was too late. >>i cannot believe i don't know. i don't know how they can go through this. >>i can remain you make a bye last them you know my heart is broken inches young daughter. >>a go fund me account has been set up to help the family transport her body back home
10:40 pm
after an autopsy, the goal was set at $25,000 at last check it has raised more than 55,000. >>here we go again this time a man from denver has died in mysterious death in the dominican republic. so far no official word on the cause. but now his family is trying to dy back home while also his asking a lot of questions about the circumstances surrounding his death. khaled atkins was preparing to fly home to denver when he suddenly found himself in a lot of pain he was actually forced to get off the plane before it took off in the d r after becoming violently ill. adkins was checked into a hospital in santo domingo his family was told his kidneys were failing. his sister-in-law says atkins had undergone a kidney transplant several years ago, but was in perfectly good health when he left colorado. >>understand now. >>when go from being able to talk to him and see him on his. they spoke to some random
10:41 pm
person answering and telling me die. we had 0 contact with anyone. at the hospitals we've we tried i don't know how many times to call i literally was with by dead on atv's ryan too. >>the dea are having a good time in now he's done. >>atkins says at least the 10th tourist to die in the dominican since the beginning of this year. officials there say the number of deaths says not unusual noting that at this 0.20 1120 15, 15 tourists said died in that country. they also say the deaths are in no way related and that the dominican republic is a safe country. >>still ahead a mess as firefighters saved his life from a potentially deadly fire but his is not the only light that fire departments saves. >>and get ready to celebrate is one of the biggest pride festivals in all the world, it's right here in san
10:42 pm
francisco. we have a sneak peek. year's pride parade. >>and in sports. the giants host, the diamondbacks the a's take on the angels mark as the hi
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10:45 pm
time to save his life kron 4 says he quit you with that story. >>i was asleep far mccain knocked on my door bam and on my door neighbors bam door tomorrow so far get out get out. >>rourke crew stow is describing how he was able to escape a life or death situation, a 2 alarm fire in the downstairs unit in his apartment building. he wrote one of the street with day after due to family and be his neighbors were able to make it out with help from first responders however he personally credits alameda county firefighters for waking him up for this afternoon nap and saving his life. >>i very thankful and blessed believe that they got me a body with that cross the street it was at that crowd the residents across the street that san leandro police learned. >>that there was another life with ability that he did say the upstairs apartment number 6 she was frantic scene that her dog was inside her apartment san leandro police lieutenant eyes admitted says that's weird officer joe morello sprung it actually the my officers, a team the keys
10:46 pm
from that resident. >>they ran into the apartment and by this time there was smoke everywhere. visibility was somewhat limited but they made entry into that apartment with the key search for the dog and they found the dog hide in the back bedroom. why officers rescued the dog brought the dog outside or united cream puff, the dog with the owner. so everybody made it to safety. the fire department did a fantastic job in san leandro haaziq kron 4 news. >>well we've been talking about the pride parade, the pride weekend of course right around the corner and and san francisco celebration is one of the largest in the world, the event officially kick off friday this weekend is full of festivities kron four's just a woman got a sneak peek at the parade floats. >>she has since on how to stay safe and the crowds. >>it comes to preparing the 35 floats that will move down market street. the san francisco pride parade and march. crews are in thfinal
10:47 pm
stages of bills using hundreds of gallons of paint and miles of philly, fringe. the solid 2 months of nonstop work to make the floats shine at this point people just trying to. >>one of themselves from the year before it's very exciting. >>this year's theme generations nce. of resis >>pays homage to those who participated in the stonewall riots, 50 years ago. >>to ride in the 2 thing i want to do >>about a 100,000 people holding a long the parade route. >>san francisco police have a strong presence we asked it to you if you can you can travel in groups to there's always safety in groups. travel with a friend want you to have a safe fun experience for >>is on sunday. so last globs of glitter strip's a pay.
10:48 pm
>>and we have continuing coverage of the pride parade and all the festivities this weekend that's all kron 4 dot com there you will find the parade routes, the streets that will be closed each day. a full list of banned items the kind of bag you can bring in a complete schedule of all the events that's kron 4 dot com. >>brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>i'm marcus baseball news maybe no all-stars. >>for the bay area teams but still got to play the games and maybe they could use the all-star break to get right absolutely i'm sorry to say that there hasn't been a lot of state. >>packing their baseball played by the giants at oracle park over the last several days now, the giants a limping into the all-star break they've lost 3 of their last 4.20 back in the division in
10:49 pm
tonight. >>hosng the diamondbacks arizona second baseman ketel marte a celebrating being selected as an all-star starter with his teammates the bottom of the 4th one up and sneak to brand themselves. last one the troubles alley over the wall so low over for belt game tied at one. and in the top of the 7. 2 one d'backs carson kelly at the dish takes trevor got about a straightaway center as its jets right over the 3.99 sign 2 run homer. >>final score 5, one arizona tyler be was solid, given up a couple of runs and 5 of them here. to the 8 bob melvin company in anaheim visiting the angels, bottom of the 3rd. >>no angels up around it was show hey ohtani get this trial. angels take before. tony's a 7th homer of the month phase fall to the halos 3. carter's announced today for next month's all-star game unfortunately. no giant arrays are among the candidates. what's interesting though a
10:50 pm
former giant 36 year-old hunter pence made the cut. he'll be representing the texas rangers. he's an all-star game starter for the first time since 2014 will be playing at the d h one a bounce back season. he's had 48 rbi would just top 15 in the league getting to 94. the midsummer classic set for july 9th in well in today's edition of nba free agency talk still no early indication on what happens between the warriors kevin durant and klay thompson but in the meantime there's another team now west crunching the numbers to supplant golden state as best in the conference and other major off-season headline regarding the los angeles lakers. the lake so front office has reportedly cleared up enough cap space to get to million which allows for a 3rd a max contract. this is because the team has treated 3 players and their new superstar big man anthony davis will weigh $4 million tied to history. the lakers are set to meet with a number of free agents, including reigning finals mvp kawhi leonard, so see what unfolds
10:51 pm
when the signing period begins sunday afternoon. now to the soccer universe what a showdown lined up for tomorrow in the women's world cup team usa facing the host nation france in the quarter finals. a meeting that's worthy of being a championship match as both are favored to win it all 3 matches us has been a dominant force outscoring opponents 20 to one. however, the french have yet to lose in the tourney they beat team usa in a friendly 6 months ago they can on the opportunity to eliminate france. home turf getting started. >>i mean for me is like these are why you play all these friendlies a 1000 times and. >>you are training on your own for hours and hours and grind to the rest of it so you can get. >>to these moments i think it's going to be a fantastic match. he's going to be fun. i think it's going to be a great stage for both teams who have had a lot of pressure and a lot of eyes on them to really just go perform and enjoy
10:52 pm
themselves. >>grant pam, what showdown we have in store for that that should be usa all the for pino is doing with trump on twitter she's fiery on the guy they talk about filtering out the outside radio focus on the mansion. look. thank you mark. thank you right murray said look ahead to the weekend. >>yeah that's right we're going to warm up this weekend and for next week in your 4th of july holiday outlook looking above average of the many he weighed making its way to the bay area more coming up to the bay area more coming up from ...6, 7, 8 to the bay area more coming up from ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase.
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>>the angels are back the first trailer for the reboot of charlie's angels was released today, its stars kristen stewart. they only scott and ella skies, the iconic trio of spies. actress elizabeth banks pulls triple duty in the project. she stars as bosley the teams point woman. thanks is also a director writer producer of the film charlie's angels opens november 15th and coming up next continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron. >>and it is commercial free r katherine hennen standing by live in the newsroom with what we're working on >>thank you pam and grant well it was a fall fiery debate tonight in miami 5 times anywhere in one of those times involving senator kamala harris. when she confronted joe biden implying and the
10:56 pm
opinion of some that he is a racist biden looked shaken harris looked angry and coming up at 11 will hear a lot more from our political analyst on what they made of that exchange back to you. >>katherine thank you much by the way make sure you download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free news coverage, headless chicken with brace a. >>yeah let's take a live look outside in the east bay over berkeley, plenty of high clouds overhead and another chilly night overnight lows low to mid 50's so below average temperatures but warming up just in time for the weekend on friday we're going to be right about average throughout the san francisco peninsula, mid 60's for downtown san francisco and half moon bay. burlingame and no great low 60's for you foster city 64 degrees palo alto warming up to 66 degrees and widespread 70's for those of you in the south bay so very comfortable temperatures for you for the last couple of days. no and they're
10:57 pm
complaining especially san jose with temperatures like 77 degrees. loving the cooldown in the interior valleys in livermore only warming up to 77 degrees. haywar
10:58 pm
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previously, on tood wife: this is derrick's in-house investigator, blake, from, uh, dc. blake: you a friend of leela's? i'm a who? um, sorry. kalinda's. whatever games you're playing, you play with her. i'm too busy, okay? you know there was something weird about that case, that something got buried. pitted. evidence. or testimony. alicia: mr. childs, you were under intense pressure to convict someone for the northbrook killings, weren't you? it's my job to prosecute criminals, so there's always pressure. alicia: mr. childs, you were under intense pressure to convict someone for the northbrook killings, weren't you? glenn: it's my job to prosecute criminals. there's always pressure. alicia: did you give an interview on june 11th, promising "swift accountability and justice" for the sniper? glenn: i don't recall.


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