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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 28, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight, the new britney drama that has her dad taking action after death threats. >> then, katy and orlando's race to the altar. major scoop on their ceremony plans involving -- ♪ me >> plus, we'll take to you france where the wedding is just hours away. then the clooneys reliving their i dos. >> and dog the downty hunter reveals his wife's last words. >> then, khloe k. and this is my life. >> "e.t." is with both tonighten. then, how jake and tom turn the "spider-man" premier into the perfect place for a fashion
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prank. this is "entertainment tonight." >> out of control -- britney's dad makes a bold move against the free britney movement. >> the concern for britney has been building. that's her instagram posts, the fight over her conservatorship. the question. what's really going on? >> jamie is her conservator, and he has had enough. "e.t." obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by her dad which said, it's time for serious theories and the mob #free britney movement to stop. the suit focuses on the fan site absolutely britney which claims britney's team deleted positive comments on her instagram to make the singer seem troubled. law enforcement recently got involved. we reached out to 29-year-old anthony elia who helps run absolutely britney. he told us, quote, i'm forever
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blessed and have faith that good always wins. i have no further comments except that i love britney. >> the lawsuit filed was unusual. the attorney tamar arminak represents amanda booins. she's not involve in the britney's case but believes the defamation case is a long shot. >> britney is a public figure. it's kind of open season. the family will have a hard time finding attorneys to take it all the way. ♪ a little closer >> still, what about britney's instagram -- is it hurting her brand? should fans be worried. >> j. >> i just got home. >> amidst the workouts and bikini pictures are posts, pictures of mary magdalene and
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pictures from her bathtub. and there was the conspiracy theory. >> do i look thinner today than yesterday? is the news really real? it's a conspiracy theory i'm interested in. >> i think it's indicative of the conservator giving her ax to her social media. now it's just britney and her phone putting up whatever she wants to put up. >> next court hearing for britney's conservatorship is august 15th. she's not required to appear with you she can if she wants to. now to a couple of star sightings in italy where amal and george clooney are giving us newlywed vibes all over again in venice. >> amal in shoulder bearing white, george suited up. the clooneys are in amore again, revisiting places from their wedding weekend. >> thank you, george. thank you very much. >> they returned to dine at the same venice restaurant george
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hit up before their ceremony. he posed with the kitchen staff. they'll celebrate five years of marriage in september. no you to joe and sophie kicking off their second i dos. >> ♪ it's true i'm a sucker for you ♪ >> the bride and white, the groom in pinstripes. earlier they enjoyed cocktails and went for a swim on the set of a stunning chateau in france. housewives fans may recognize the $6,000 a night venue. the ladies of beverly hills just stayed there. the ceremony is expected to be different than the vegas i dos. from businesspersonlo spilling those i dos and doctor phil spilling the date -- now, could ka bloom be next down the aisle? they were all in on karlie kloss's second wedding in
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wyoming, where bloom went full cowboy. ka bloom, who got engaged on value intines day, she heard they want to be modern and exciting. she's leaning away from wearing white. how about a former frenemy? yep, we are told they talked about including taylor swift. >> we want music from those two, the taylor katy kiss and makeup song will go right to the top. let's go to owe couple that didn't make it, khloe kardashian and tristan thompson. we are with khloe in the midst of the scandal that them up all over again. >> no one understands i'm not just a tv show. this is my life and it breaks my soul and it happens so many times. >> what is it like for you to relive that tough time you went through? >> i personally still watch it back.
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it's a little too toxic for me to keep reliving stuff like that. >> khloe versus jordyn woods. only "e.t." has interviews with both women whose lives were turned upside down by the cheatichea cheating. is the hate still strong? >> bashing either side is not good for me. never once has jordyn said i'm sorry. >> things happen and of course i'm sorry and apologetic as much as i can be. >> we caught up with jordyn last night. she launched her collection, boohoo by jordyn woods. >> she provides for her whole family off what you have given her, and the disrespect. >> i'm out here hustling. i started modelling when i was 18. you know, i work hard. >> as for khloe, she's all about moving on. she turns 35 today and is promoting season five of
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"revenge body." >> i feel honored people are trusting me with this injury. you have to be vulnerable. >> does khloe kardashian have a little bit of a revenge body? khloe, are you dating now. >> no, i'm not. i'm enjoying life and time with my baby. i'm so fine not dating right now. fine. just not even in that head space. but you never know what will happen. >> i think all the women are trying to move on. jordyn told me she wants to move past the negativity and she's truly sorry, but now she's focused on work and family. speaking of family, our thoughts and prayers go out to bog bog star beth chapman who passed away yesterday. her husband spoke to press tomorrow for the first time since she loster battle. >> we knew this day would come.
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it came really unexpected, very fast. we didn't even -- all of her clothes are exactly where they were, her big cup, everything. everything we didn't prepare. >> less than 24 hour after her passing dog addressed the crowd surrounded by his children. every time you walk into the bedroom, i hope to god there's a god, and if there is i'm going to see my honey again. >> her daughter says they are planning two public services. >> away want to can a paddlout. it makes us feel loved to know how much our mother was loved. >> "e.t." confirm their new series is in production. beth's story will be a part of it. >> we signed a contract that said you could follow us
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everywhere. >> what was the last thing she said to you? >> i said in jesus's name. she said, say it again, say it more. one last thing, this is a test of my faith. >> "e.t." can confirmed that they'll be airing dwayne and beth's show as planned. you'll see many of those moments. our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family. >> let's talk a little bit of royal news. meghan markle will soon leave baby archie at home for a girl's day on the court. duchess meghan is headed to wimbledon to watch her friend serena williams play. the tennis outing will be a break from her maternity leave. the competition begins next week. the only thing that could change is if baby archie keeps her home at the last minute. on saturday, it's take me out to the ball game for prince harry. he'll be attending the first ever regular season mlb game played in europe.
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the boston red sox be take on the new york yankees in london. one interesting twisting a genealogyist believes mookie beths is a distant relative of meghan. a few years back, harry showed off his good arm statesside at a mets game. >> prince harry, it's your pitch. >> just a bit outside. we don't know yet if meghan will attend, but we know she likes baseball. here she is at a toronto blue jays game with bff jennifer mull rony. it is confirmed harry and meghan will make a visit to south africa this fall. we believe baby archie will tag along. > coming up, beyonce's new do. how chrissy teigen's family helped her get not one, but two more shows. plus, the most popular show
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there are many reasons to love beyonce, and he just gave us one more. the fact that even though she is a megaa huge super star she still lets her mom tina cut her hair. >> awe natural. >> that's really annoying. >> we see the inches. the thing i love most is she is in the kitchen letting her mama cut her hair. might be a $20 million kitchen, but -- here is another mama/daughter duo who's bringing the laughs, chrissy teigen and her 3-year-old daughter luna. >> what's the funniest thing she's done lately? >> oh, gosh. welsh she's constantly debating. >> john loves that because she talks to her as if she's a counterpart. it's amazing. >> no, i can't be cute!
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luna has hey maizing timing. she's so verbal. she's like, you're such a goose. i'm like, where did you get that? >> it's obvious where luna gets her sense of humor. chrissy will be on a new comedy show, "bring the funny." >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. no, i don't. what happens in vegas turns 5 in february. >> chrissy's got another show in the works, she's teaming up with her mom for "chrissy's court." >> on a stale of one to juj judy, where do you fa you will? >> i'm so excited. i think i'm going to be pretty tough. i don't have the lines like her. >> don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. >> mom and i got this handled. >> still ahead, the strugglie o being spiderman. >> it's an interesting
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contraption to say the least. >> plus, the prank pulled at the film's big premier. then, "the office" is closing up shop on netflix, but fear not, it's got a new home and we have some never before seen moments from the set. >> like a party. closed captioning provided by --
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zendaya as they shut down hollywood boulevard. >> thank you so much for coming, guys. thank you. >> this is intense. where does this go after? >> jake gyllenhaal! >> you go hollywood and this kind of stuff happens. >> our spidey fashion senses were tingling last night at the "spider-man: far from home" premier. >> tell me about the look. this is "spider-man"esque. >> this is our homage to the suits he wears. this is my own version. >> meanwhile, men were having their own fashion moment. we couldn't help but notice tom and jake had a little "night at the roxbury" thing going. >> me? him? >> you know jake gyllenhaal and i are wearing the same shoes tonight and i'm wearing them better than him. >> if you had to pick your favorite avengers bromance. >> me and downey aren't a
1:51 am
bromance. we are a father/son bromance. which sound creepy. i would have to pick jake. >> you had spent time at the children's hospital. >> it was a wonderful afternoon. lovely to see the smiles on their faces. >> it's a surprise tom never landed himself in the hospital considering he did most of the stunts. >> we were so used to him doing it that it's kind of like, part of it. >> for me when it comes to doing the stunts i've always been an athletic person and love gymnastics. >> very athletic person. >> any way. it's just for me always been fun to push myself to kind of a new level with the stunts and stuff. >> you don't want any part of it. >> i lay on the ground at the end of the battle and he's supposed to enter. that's the way it was written. instead, when i got there, there
1:52 am
was a trampoline on set. the dude jumps on the trampoline, does a black flip, lands and then start sts scene. i was like, what's going on. >> as long as you can do it it's fun. you rooch a point where they're like, i got this really dope stuntman that everyone believes is me. i watch the and i'm going, me, me, me, me, keonte. >> you can't be doing a double back flip off a trampoline. >> i couldn't do that when i was his age. >> there's the most amazing footage of you and it's spider-man taking a drink on set. >> it's an interesting contraption to say the least. i take my left eye out, and put a squeezy tube is if i push the mask forward i can squeeze gum and stuff down the eye hole.
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>> we are getting you one of those kevin for your next soccer game. something else very crazy, "the office" is leaving netflix in 2021. fans went bananas. but nbc universal bought the rights to the tune of $500 million. a five-year deal for their upcoming streaming service, so they have got a good start. whoo, those residuals for the actors. >> die hard fan of dunder-mifflin have plenty to say about it. >> get out of the way! go, go, go! >> "the office" is on the move, people. even though it was the most popular show on netflix, even beating "friends." >> you will not die! >> this gif of michael says it all, with 1 million likes. >> no, god, please, no! >> while fans are screaming for a reboot, the cast isn't.
1:54 am
>> i think fans will be disappointed. >> that's what she said! >> you can't go home that way. >> the cast is very busy doing other things. >> i think the show was so perfect in my mind -- >> save bandit! >> i want a reunion with just the cast. >> that would be awesome. >> like, at my house. >> that's been happening, actually. jenna hosting. >> he was at minute di's birthday party. >> and john was teasing jenna during the recent nhl finals. they like different teams. >> we bonded with this crew during our set visits. john often began takes singing our themes. >> we would be just about the
1:55 am
roll and i'm like, ♪ >> i did it so much that the rest of the crew hated me. >> i feel very blessed. >>. [ laughs ] wow. >> congratulations, guys. >> coming up, the cutest thing you will see today -- adam sandler's dad
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tomorrow on "e.t." celebrity wedding season is upon us. joe and sophie makes final preparations in france. who else is in planning mode? then, russell crow on becoming roger ailes. tomorrow on "e.t." before we go, adam sandler really is a very proud dad. >> yeah, last night at his comedy show he brought out his 10-year-old daughter sunny to sing "a million dreams" from "a greatest showman." >> every night i lay in bed ♪ it's going through my head a million dreams keeping me awake ♪ >> great voice.
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props to sunny. >> she has a future. very sunny.
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