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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  June 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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station. >>get more running and see this by adding that it's just like fed knows about 100 of the lead. >>that breaking news tonight at 5 a massive fire at a construction site in santa clara you can see the huge flames and plumes of smoke filling the air in the south bay today and we have just learned a person of interest has been detained near the scene of that fire good evening, everybody. thanks for being here, i'm grant lodes vicki liviakis a santa clara police department just announced. >>that someone is being questioned. the fire broke out this afternoon at the intersection of el camino reale and scott boulevard. it was declared under control just before 1230 kron four's
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rob fladeboe live at the scene tonight with the latest developments route. >>that's right grant vicki as you just said that they stopped short of using the word arson in the santa clara police have confirmed forces afternoon. they have taking a person into custody, person of interest they say who being questioned in connection with this fire as we speak meantime here at the fire you can see they're still putting water here from the of latter's here take care of any possible hot spots that might exist here what was going to be a luxury condo complex about a quarter completed has now burned to the ground what really stands out about all this is how it all burned to the ground. let's take a look. >>this was the chaotic scene captured on many a cell phone video shortly before 11:00am on friday. as firefighters arrived to do battle with an already raging fire here along the el camino just east of scott boulevard, the 58 unit
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on and tara villa luxury condominium project still under construction. quickly went to 4 alarms a santa clara fire chief bill kelly yes, a wood-frame structure to a lot of air around that lumber. >>that is stacked vertically so it for most rapid fire spread. >>more than 40 firefighters poured water onto the wood frame complex from all angles, some nearby homes and businesses were threatened for a time across the street that's a polo morrow grill the windows cracked the paint peeled there's a lunch crowd scramble for safety says owner public are good you are. >>somebody was stalking citing the goal of the fire get more running and see this my head and it's just like the vet know it's about 100 of the lead when so it's good and it's so hard and they know that my easy to got stick to my billing honestly see the boarded got martin to the got broken and that. >>a plume of thick black smoke could be seen for miles
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traffic was jammed up as crowds. gather to watch and film the battle this fire investigators were already on scene looking for what might have sparked a massive blaze our farm. >>once after i see right now and they're already doing interviews with construction workers who are on scene trying to get some information maybe from some video cameras he says puzzle together. >>for him the a lack of wind i'm told really help to firefighters keep the flames from spreading to. 10 homes on the other side of the complex here evacuated from the time but they never were a. but the wind has begun to pick up right now so firefighters here. i want to get it taken to the open letter put water on hot spots just in case something letters up likely will remain here. weekend. there was one injury one of the construction workers were told that a turned ankle on his way out evacuating here this morning. but again condo complex here. and the el camino about a 4 complete
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completely burned to the ground tonight live in santa clara plan to vote kron 4 news. >>all right robin, the kron 4 push the latest developments on this fire right here phone make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news alerts in your neighborhood. >>today's fire is reminiscent of other similar fires that burned buildings that were under construction, there have been at least 6 of these fires since 20 14 in the bay last october a 126 unit complex in oakland went up in flames. it was actually the second fire that night of a building under construction in that city in april now of last year, a 240 unit building in concord burned the building scaffolding even collapsing at one point. back in july of 2016 and in may of 2017 the same 105 unit apartment project in emeryville was hit that caused millions in damage investigators believe it was arson both times and not far away near oakland's lake merritt a predawn fire in 2016
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destroyed a 41 unit project. >>the big story we're following for you tonight questions about how san francisco treat some of its most vulnerable residents. the mayor and the city public health department admitting the nearly 2 dozen residents of laguna honda hospital suffered some form of a misconduct or abuse at the hands of staff members. offers dan kerman live for us outside san francisco city hall with more on this story dance. >>well the mayor and the director of public health holding a news conference to reveal this news today, anybody who knows anybody with dementias certainly will be horrified by this notion of mistreatment to dementia patients, especially those at the city and county hospital. >>we're here to report something difficult disturbing and disappoint team to the people of san francisco at a news conference friday afternoon san francisco's director of public health announced an investigation has determined. 23 dementia patients at laguna honda
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hospital were mistreated by 6 staff members between 2016 in january of this year. the patients range in age from 30 to 100 and the mistreatment includes verbal and physical abuse, neglect violations of privacy and the dispensing of medication that was not prescribed, we're better than this. we are committed to restoring the trust of the families and the patience of laguna honda san francisco mayor london breed says her grandmother was a dementia patient at laguna honda during her later years. she was joined in are outraged by board of supervisors president norman me this is personal to me. >>i've had family members stay there. i still have friends whose parents are stuff. our 4. so for this to occur. in our our watch this is i don't i don't have the words express how. >>of said i a skilled nursing and rehab
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facility owned and operated by the city and county of san francisco. misconduct was uncovered in february of this year. during the course of a separate public health investigation. a plan for moving forward is now in the works but changes have already been made. the to and chief quality officer have been removed from their posts and the 6 staff members implicated have been fired. patients have been notified and reexamined good dispensing practices have been improved and the staff has been retrained in the context in which these in place for working that there was a culture of silence and that's why we need to make this change. >>so we need to move from a culture of silence to culture of safety. >>there are at least 3 investigations ongoing at this 0.1 by the city attorney one by the department of public health here in san francisco, and one by the state department of public health live at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dave get ready for changes in the bay area
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starting this monday coming up you'll pay more to fill up the gas tax will go up starting monday just in time for folks to hit the roads for the 4th of july holiday bay area drivers already pay the highest average price for gas in the country. but as of july 1st to drivers will now pay 6 more cents per gallon voters approve the gas tax the money from this tax will go to fixing aging bridges. and roadways in the state also on july 1st get ready to pay higher muni fares a single ride will now cost $3 if you pay with cash or by a limited use ticket, but if you use that clipper card or the muni mobile app fares will stay it to 50. officials say the fare increase will allow the sfmta to keep pace with labor and other rising costs for more information on the various fare increases you can head to our web site law regarding the release of police body camera footage will go into effect. it requires police to release the
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footage within 45 days of an incident where an officer uses his or her weapon. and finally also starting monday california will become the first state to require background checks in order to buy ammunition governor newsome says this will deter gun violence and save lives. opponents though are suing hoping to change the law. they say this places an unfair burden on millions of law abiding gun owners. >>independence day less than a week away and at noon sharp today, more than a dozen city approved vendors opened up their boots to sell fireworks. in the city of dublin prime forcefully to call reports fireworks are allowed within city limits there, but they're only legal if they're safe and sane. >>among the first in line for fireworks at valley, christian high schools booth at the dublin retail center off dublin boulevard there in si up there. >>and that's a lot of fun like the sparklers. i'm like the ones that make lots of noise. the big boxes on the back are
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always fun from now through noon today after independence day, 13 city approved vendors will sell fireworks considered safe and sane and more importantly. >>legal nothing a lot is up in the air everything is a is controlled by. big these losses are so well blow to the ground and part of the proceeds all go to the nonprofit organizations selling the fireworks. >>including the dublin partners in education. they're is in the same lot as valley christians are unique in alameda county can only buy from us agency which us the only major change to the city's fireworks planned this year is that you're not allowed to shoot your fireworks off the dublin sports grounds that's because it's under construction right now, but there are 3 other where you can use the fireworks we've done the designated parts it's fun to be with your community find friends and go. but we've also done on the home as well from 10 in the morning until 10 at night only on the 4th of july, the city will allow fireworks in alamo creek park emerald glen park and shannon park,
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it's best to stay on the pavement rather than grass fireworks are prohibited at apartment complexes but allowed if you're at a single family home just keep some water close by just in case something goes wrong. in dublin fleet at all kron 4 news and you can celebrate the 4th of july with kron 4 watch live fireworks from around the bay and across the nation from the comfort of your. >>the home. the fireworks at pier 39 are presented by the city and county of san francisco. the san jose shot that is coming to us from the san jose mcenery convention center. we'll also be covering the show's in sandra fell and concord this is the only live fireworks show here in the bay area the party kicks off. thursday july 4th at 09:00pm. >>that's going to pop and as his pride weekend which officially kicks off today, we'll tell you about the festivities leading up to the big parade on sunday and what you need to know to get around. >>a man is behind bars tonight suspected of murdering a
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female college student in the utah why investigators are now looking into the dating app profiles of mackenzie lueck. >>and after the break why some doctors are sounding the alarm on prescribing marijuana to mental health patients. >>and tracking gusty wind speeds right now downtown san francisco sustained winds at 25 miles per hour. but we're all going to notice warmer temperatures this weekend. details on your full pride weekend fo
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>>for your help tonight medical marijuana is commonly used these days to treat a host of physical and mental issues, but there are some mental health professionals who are questioning cannabis consumption and being safe for people diagnosed with mental health disorders kron four's haaziq madyun has details. >>mental health professionals here at john muir behavioral health in concord talk about the potential risks of using today's highly potent forms of. >>there are a lot of 20 or 30 years ago. the average strain of marijuana had about 2 to 3% thc today i can have more than 10 times that amount jeremy top that is a licensed clinical social worker certified addiction specialist, director of job near a behavioral health outpatient program to conquer explains why certain age groups are particularly vulnerable to powerful kind of his grades. >>between ages, 1826
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transitioning from adolescence to adulthood their brain is still developing top that says there are several mental health disorders associated with exposure to cannabis there are are clear links in scientific research and between marijuana use vulnerability to developing all kinds of mental illness, including a. >>psychotic disorders mood disorders like major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder anxiety disorders. >>that there is an association between. >>medical marijuana advocates david goldman did michael cohen of the brownie barry democratic club of san francisco say there's no proof linking today's potent strains of cannabis to liddy mental behavioral disorders it's just not true.
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>>this country have gone way down. >>mental health professionals and medical marijuana advocates both agree, however that people should consult with their primary doctors before could still be kind of his products to treat any mental health symptoms it conquered haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>developing story tonight, it could be another several months before there are any charges in a case of a suspected fight club at cloverdale high school cloverdale police arrested a teacher back in march, 41 year-old for jerico vargas is accused of running the club in class. today, the sonoma county da's office asked for 60 more days to investigate police say the fight happened. several times injuring several students. vargas says denied the allegations. >>thousands of people in san francisco are celebrating pride this weekend and it kicks off in less than an hour with the trans march at
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dolores park. our for sarah stinson looks at all the events leading up to the big parade on sunday. >>i'm here in the castro where people are getting excited for pride weekend. this is the biggest weekend of the year must be 1 million people coming to san francisco to celebrate and it's not just sunday. there's event for people the entire weekend. >>i want to my weekends of of the year just kind of our rights everybody's excited man and the new face i friends. i'm just getting together. >>we caught up with some of the people working on the 35 different colorful floats. everyone puts a lot of energy into each one making sure them credible for people to see on sundays parade. >>even one of them is historical marks the 50th anniversary-of the stonewall riots in new york city which really sparked the rights movement and the pride parades across the nation. but ahead. sunday parade, there's still a lot of events free to attend
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this weekend. >>starting off at the 15th annual trans march at dolores park in the mission celebrating the trans commission communities that a man goes from 6 tonight tonight on taylor street between turkey the street so expect some closures to there on saturday there are 2 events one at civic center plaza at noon with performers music's definitely going to be a good time. another one is at 5 this up that afternoon for the 27th annual san francisco dyck march that honors the city's a less be in residence that march will also take dolores park. finally as we've all been waiting for the pride parade that's sunday. you can see in the video from last year it starts at 00:30am in the morning, it's definitely a good time and ends with a huge celebration at the civic center plaza people across the city should be aware of all the closures that are going to be happen there's going to be a lot of traffic going in the same cisco. >>and goinp out of san francisco. we put all the information you need to know including those events here he spoke about on our website kron 4 dot com so had there.
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>>so you can get up to date as the weekend goes on in the castro sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>and look outside right now from our sutro can view full shot there overlooking downtown san francisco on this cusp. >>yes pride weekend in the and sometimes when it's hot on pride weekend you see more things but this someone after. >>going to be great ally downtown san francisco thanks for mentioning that was their pride weekend ford has mild temperatures along the coast to mid 60's. so right about where we should be for this time of year and wind speeds around 20 miles per hour or less the looking like a great forecast for those of you celebrating pride weekend this weekend and warmer temperatures right now in the bay area, especially for interior valleys in the east bay live look at the know very dry conditions right now but to our south of monterey county, teen city believe it or not just got hit with some showers so noticing a little parts of the bay e weather
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area specifically well to our south in monterey county. current wind speeds right now closer to home a little bit gusty for downtown san francisco seeing sustained winds around 25 miles per hour last. so getting that cool sea breeze influence cooling down temperatures right along the coast of downtown san francisco and half moon bay and even hayward as well, but warm temperatures for the interior valleys, 8 to 9 degrees of warming for santa rosa fairfield concord and even livermore right now that's why you're still in the 80's in antioch conquered and santa rosa, flirting with a tease for those of you live or of more right now 70 degrees. but widespread 60's and 70's for everyone else and overnight lows tonight will be a little bit cooler low to mid 50's and upper 40's for parts of the north bay specifically in santa rosa and napa so chilly temperatures there but wake-up planner forecast is going to show a gradual warming trend this weekend warming up to right about where we should be for this time of year not just along the coast, but our interior valleys, 60's along the coastal low 70's along the bay
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and low to mid 80's as you make your way inland and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast the warming trend will continue through your 4th of july forecast, we're looks like we're going to have a shallow marine layer if any so great for the 4th of july fireworks. grant and they keep back to you. thanks for greece as still ahead the supreme court going to hear the dhaka case but now dreamers say they're scared. >>and disappointed will explain why. >>dozens of boston terriers rescued from a hoarding situation and now they're up for adoption in san francisco shaved you can help them find forever homes.
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>>the san francisco dog rescue agency specializing in senior dogs is overrun with the boston terriers majority rescue from a hoarding situation kron four's maureen kelly gives us a preview of some of the really cute dog use their features special adoption fair this weekend. >>the bug i could arrived at much bills, alabama street facility in 2 waves, 21 coming from a hoarding situation. some in need of medical attention they had been living in cages for most of their lives coincidentally a boston. terrier rescue agency outside the area closed down and reached out of ville to take in another 9 boston, mixes for a total of 30 in the morning case are more like these little meatballs. >>there's there's a neat ball size and then there's that whole link here ones to him we
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just let them know. >>to honor their heritage they've been given boston. the names we have we have southie we have miss lobster she's going to be available next week. there's matt damon who's you know if you want to make out with matt damon come on down because he's he's perfect just in case, you're wondering they've got one name ben affleck too. my bill only deals with dogs aged 7 and older they say senior dogs make laid-back companions they're so easy so easygoing oftentimes they've lived in and so they have manners that you can just continue to highlight on and you just get to give them the best years of their lives. >>in order to find all of these boston. terriers like pixie here in new home. >>bill is hosting 2 back to back. boston tea adoption parties. both saturday and sunday from 12 to 4, reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>so cute next at 5.30 a man behind bars after crashing his
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truck into a popular restaurant in the east bay will explain how that happened if you're looking to buy a new home you might want to consider doing it now the numbers just released. that's some good news for potential buyers and we're tracking that breaking news the massive fire in santa clara today an apartment complex under construction. they went up in flames a live report from the scene when we come back.
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>>breaking news tonight, a massive fire at a construction project and we are learning that a person of interest has been detained that huge four-alarm fire in santa clara is now under control. but crews remain on the scene tonight right now they're monitoring hotspots investigating how exactly the fire started kron four's dan thorn live at the scene with the latest and what have you learned. >>well grant vicki, this is the scene right here where the fire exhloded this afternoon at this construction site as you mentioned we did learn that one person was detained, but fire crews are actively working the scene out here trying to put out those hot spots there had been little zones here where flames have been popping up. we'd also like to mention that el camino reale here continues to be closed between lincoln street and also scott boulevard. we


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