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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 2, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- new bad blood for taylor swift. ♪ look what you made me do >> we'll explain her feud with bieber's manager as the stars continue to take sides. >> there are so many moving parts to this. then, not one, not two, but four star weddings to talk about. then -- fashion week with celine, how she turned the streets into her own show. >> 24/7 plus, meghan and harry's home run weekend. string out home? why they just fired two nannies and breaking little mermaid movie news. who's ready to star? this is "entertainment tonight."
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new bad blood for taylor swift and it is boiling. >> this time it's with justin bieber's manager scooter braun who made a good business decision for him not her. >> bieber is attacking taylor. everything is ugly because you're messing with taylor's money and here's how it all went down. >> taylor launched the nasty new feud with a long tumblr postsaying she was sad and grossed out that justin's manager scooter braun is going to own her music. she left her label last year. he bought for $300 million which means he owns taylor's biggest hits from her first six albums. ♪ ♪ we bad blood >> taylor called the deal my
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worst case scenario. >> no one likes the thought of being owned. themselves or their work. >> chris willman who covers music for variety, for scooter it's all about business. >> it's an asset through nd efg else is goingping the re many years to come. >> swift also called scooter a bully and to make her point shared this 016 screenshot from justin's instagram showing him face-timing with her longtime nemesis kanye west. justin bieber pushed back hard, saying her attack crossed the line. justin apologized for his old post and then ripped into swift. what were you trying to accomplish with that blog? seems to like you were trying to get sympathy. as of this afternoon, no word yet from scooter but his wifeo
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talk about bullying?r braun? well, not only did he discover bier ♪ >> demi lovato. ♪ baby i'm sorry not sorry ♪ >> and taylor's enemy number one, kanye west. >> i want my clients to trust me because they know i care. everything has to do with karma. >> of course, taylor and kanye started during that vma ambush. >> i'll let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. kanye then became scooter's clint in 2017. this is when he released this
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clip. taylor said she was blindsided by what her misogynistic. this conversation on snapchat. >> like me and taylor might still have sex. >> taylor now excuses scooter of how orchestrate what she saws minute bullying. taylor said scooter has now stripped her life's work with the purchase of her music catalog. this is an age-old story. remember prince, writing slave on the side of his face. there were four celeb weddings. joe jonas and sophie turner. they went full romance in paris.
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bride sophie wore her hair down. a white veil. and puff sleeveston gown. joe went with a black tux, and had 11 groomsmen. a source tells us that the 're told was a "traditional, almost royal wedding" at this chateau in france. ♪ cake by the ocean >> priyanka wore a pink sari, and even posed for a little photo shoot before the i dos. there's maid of honor, maisie williams. but our favorite from the wedding party? joe and sophie's pup, porky, who was all dressed up in a doggie tux, too. ♪ cake by the ocean >> during the nuptials, we hear the bride and groom "couldn't keep their eyes off each other." as for diplo, who famously live-streamed the jonas' first wedding in vegas? he got his phone taken away and it was "put in a holding cell during the ceremony." ♪ wedding number two, that's zoe kravitz, the i dos reese
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witherspoon, nicole kidman, used the event as an opportunity to let loose and truly enjoy themselves. ♪ i want to get away the wedding took place at dad lenny kravitz's townhouse in paris. during the party, the champagne flowed and jason momoa who are good friends. the third couple to walk down the aisle this weekend, katharine mcphee and david foster. 35-year-old bride saying, quote, i'm in the best seat ever. right now the pair is on their honeymoon in italy and the newlywed has already changed her name to katherine foster. guys, look who officiated wedding number four. yep, that's lance bass. who's saying bye-bye-bye at
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reception of the jax taylor and britney. ♪ >> let's talk now about a fai fairytale couple, prince harry and meghan markle. the duke and duchess made it a parents' day out for the yankees and red sox series in the uk, where even baby archie became part of this epic rivalry. it was a surprise appearance for meghan. and while greeting red sox star outfielder mookie betts, he informed her that they might be distant cousins. >> we're family somehow. >> ah. >> anyone else want to claim they're family? >> betts spoke to a-rod and the pregame crew about his possible royal connection. >> are you related to meghan markle or not? >> yes. i was informed last year when i found out we were coming and so i'd hope i'd get to meet her and i did and gave her a hug and i think she invited me over for dinner. >> oh. >> no, ha ha.
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>> baby archie stayed home but, the red sox gifted him with a miniature bat and a team onesie. >> hi, guys! >> the rival yankees presented the duke and duchess with a personalized jersey for archie with the number 19, the year of his birth. >> you've beaten next door's present by the way. >> the royal couple held hands while walking out on the field for the first pitch from invictus game athletes. but during the game, this red sox fan kept blocking meghan's view. we're calling fan interference. and "e.t." has learned that baby archie is on his third nanny. a royal source reports harry and meghan dismissed the first two caregivers for not being the right fit. now, they have found someone they hope to keep long term. maybe that's who stepped in while mom and dad had their baseball date. not easy person. >> especially if you're royals, i imagine speaking of archie, we'll get a glimpse of him this weekend, because it's
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christening. athere, but queen will not because she has prior commitments. all right coming up -- will smith's major career achieve that has him thanking friends in over a dozen different languages. then -- >> is going to placed here. >> inside the dog bounty hunter's tearful good-bye to wife beth. and a reality show apology gone wrong. why mischa barton's feud
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minutes away on "e.t." -- the battle to play ursula, which
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♪ and now, reality star duane "dog" chapman's tearful good-bye to his late wife beth at home in hawaii. >> she said, please, hawaiian style. she said, please do this right. >> the public memorial was held on saturday at one of beth's favorite places, waikiki's ft. derussy beach and included a traditional hawaiian oli chant. one fan in attendance tells us "dog trembled with grief," as the hawaiian prayer was given. it was followed with a paddle out to sea, where beth's ashes were scattered by her family.
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beth passed away on wednesday after a long battle with lung -- cancer. she was 51. plans for a second memorial service on july 13th are under way, to be held in colorado, where the family has a second home. it was beth's wish to have a service there as well. fans have been asking duane what's something that we don't know about beth. so he posted this video showing beth's love of karaoke. ♪ >> so good. a moment that is fierce in its own way. mischa barton and perez hilton have been feuding for years now. watch this clip from tonight's episode of the hills new beginning. >> if i could go back in time and do things differently i would. all of those people you outed. >> i just swore on my kids' life
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and you're [ bleep ] on me now. >> no tender moment of forgiveness here between the reality star and the gossip climb nis. >> i can't accept the apology entirely. >> he confronts for mean comments that he's made in the past including that skinny girl with the really bad cellulite. >> i knew it was wrong. a lot of people that i trusted turned out to be monsters. there's a little bit of drama. but in general i try to be the voice of reason. while mischa is bringing the dra that thi told us, days she's healthy and happy to be part of the reboot. >> i feel like i have been through a lot especially in the last few years and it's just like to have put that behind me and to be able to do this show. still ahead -- who's really
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starring in the new little mermaid movie. z zendaya, chris evans and celine dion taking her style next level. her favorite look from her paris fashion parade and only "e.t." is inside the hgtv star's baby shower. closed captioning provided by --
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it's the kind of look that is 24/7. you know what i'm saying? you wake up in the morning, go to bed with it, it works. >> celine dion took the met gala's "camp" theme to new heights with that headpiece and sparkly, fringed oscar de la renta gown. and just when you thought queen celine was done bringing her fashion a-game, she goes and turns paris into her own concrete catwalk. ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day >> celine's making the spire city of paris her runway and lucky for us we have a front hoff row set. >> you're at like an 11. we need to get you down to a 5, 5 1/2 tops. just phone it in. >> this thing only goes to 11. >> every time celine steps out she's at an 11. year handing out rewards for our favorite award.
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summer in combination takes the cake, this look was wore on the runway less than two weeks ago. celine's paris adventure wouldn't be complete without a sidewalk fashion shoot. our award for best use of accessory the two accompanying her as she model the gown that retails for $3585. our final award, carrie bradshaw trophy, this tuxedo jacket, with a skirt, mismatch cistiletto. today is canada day. coindense, i'm wearing red. by the way, we can also celebrate a great american.
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congratulations to will smith. >> aladdin just surpassed "independence day" as the highest grossing film of my entire career. >> merci beaucoup. >> that's french. >> oh, yeah. >> you can afford the french lessons. meanwhile, exciting news for our girl melissa mccarthy, she could be joining the disney family under the sea. ♪ under the sea >> "e.t." has learned melissa mccarthy is in early talks to join the live-action "little mermaid" in the role of ursula. this despite the recent campaign by lizzo for the part. quote, i'm ursula, period. so far the film is shrouded in secrecy. no casting announcements.
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no start of production. ♪ wish i could be part of the world ♪ >> she's not spilling any secret. >> reporter: listen, i'm not the one if charge for that. >> i don't understand. i'm sure it will be great when they make it. i'll go see it like everyone else. >> did you hear something. >> as for prince eric, back in 2016 chris evans said during a panel discussion eic would be a dream roll. role. >> we do know that rob marshall will direct. lin-manual miranda is co-producing and will be writing new music. ♪ >> that's going to so much fun. jacob is up for the role of
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flounder. now to expectant mom christina anstead. she'll soon welcome a baby boy to the mix. the hgtv star giving "e.t." and our lauren zima an exclusive invite to her boho baby shower. >> how are you feeling physically? i know you posted about a little heartburn. how has it felt with this baby? >> it was a rough month. everyone was sick, tay had her tonsils out, ant had bicep surgery, so i think i was just feeling a bit overwhelmed but today i'm feeling pretty good. >> it's been a whirlwind few months for the mama of two. in december, she married british tv host, and dad of two, ant anstead in a surprise ceremony. and in march, the couple dropped the news they were expecting. >> tell me what the nursery looks like. >> this might shock you, but i have not started yet. >> what? >> i've been ordering things and there are pieces that are arriving but it is not put together. it is still currently in the guest room, so we have about ten weeks. >> the designer is due right around labor day. and when it comes to picking a name, well, the struggle is real.
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>> we have not chosen one yet. we have a few up in the air. between the four kids and us, yes, this is still a process. >> are they weighing in? >> yeah. >> are you going to have to draw the line? >> right before we'll make a decision. >> christina's boho chic seaside shower was at the balboa bay resort in newport beach. and yeah, that's a camera crew capturing the celebration for her show "christina on the coast." husband ant was also there along with christina's two kids. >> how did they react to the news that mom was going to have another baby? >> they were so excited, but taylor was like, i want it to be a girl. i want a sister. we bit into a cupcake and it was blue and she was like, ah, another crazy boy. >> can you blame her? >> what's the problem. >> well, christina other show flip and flop debuts next. christina says she told her ex tarek about the pregnancy after the first trimester and right before she told their kids.
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coming up, a slice of our american pie reunion. that's coming up next.
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we just have the coolest class reunion ever right here on our stage. >> it was one of the best days of my life. honestly. i sat down with the cast of american pie to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film. it airs one week from tomorrow. we'll give you a little taste of all the good juiciness that came out of this moment. >> bye, everybody. this one time. >> on "e.t." >> luckily they don't finish the sentence. >> it's "entertainment tonight's 'american pie'" reunion. >> look at us, 20 years later, still at it. >> cast confessions, you'll only see here. >> oh! >> are we uncovering set secrets? >> this is like an exclusive. >> why what happened off-screen was even more scandalous than the movie! >> you called me once. >> oh, god. >> set crushes. behind-the-scenes scoop. >> i had a complete freakout. >> and what you never knew about the infamous pie scene. >> this is new news. the infamous pie scene. >> this is new news. ♪ buttermoh manscuits now we're talking
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