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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 2, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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scene trying to get roger, i did that that i know is that contributes to that to that you know >>a lot of people are really familiar with san bruno for another towns but your mall here is set up right next to the bart station and that's why it may have been easy for somebody to get on board bar. >>yeah, it's not uncommon. i mean our police targets located pretty close of our stations. well and when we have or other crimes them all we it's not uncommon for those people are committing those crimes to go to bart, so we know that avenue the address for them so, and it's not completely for those such things happen with with your more day to day type of criminal activity, talk with the fires are not a letter would you tell us about we get fire at the request of the for a a this updated included multiple victims so ultimately additional resources are we had a second alarm and then we declared an nci a mass casualty incident so a total for ambulances were dispatched
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as well crews as they're trained to with their protective equipment on form what we call rescue task force in those task force pair up with police escorts and that police escorts leave them in so that we can treat and remove patients so as the chief said we treated and removed too. gunshot victims. they were taken to san francisco general which is a trauma center by american medical ambulances 2 additional patients were treated i don't know the extent of their injuries or how they were injured somehow was related to the incident, but they were treated and released a side refusal of services. all sign on the victims as they were lowered extra money gunshot wounds and they were in stable condition as they were transported to on writing. well at this when they were transported from here no but the us have general would the latest information on and those preliminary were i don't have the time was it was like i said fairly quickly. we don't
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stage and any more resources getting very quickly once he gives us officers. it has square paramedics and they go in they pull him out and they were we're very quickly put an ambulance is and transported will have all that those details of later, i don't have those at we don't have the exact age but they appear to be younger. i'd all ago with what the chief said i don't have any information on on any additional information on the victims or age or any other ear is mated knew each other don't know who i would know that the transport ambulance would know that but also they're not they transported they're not here anymore. we're just see people waiting for me inside the mall, but they were hiding there were scared for their lives you mentioned it's possible. those 2 other victims. >>may have been trampled getting out of the mall to know if anybody else has been treated here right now ready right now it's just those 2 additional ones that i say were evaluated and they signed a repair release and so we still have resources on scene. >>as police the officers continue to check the building
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will stand by there may be employees that become traumatized of some sort will be on on scene here to treat anybody. but no no additional people were treated or are located and when they signed those releases here on scene that they didn't need to be transported to have any sense of what their injuries were that they were night we normally do i just don't at this point it's hard to say just describe what it looked like when you arrived on the scene were people running. >>there were people exiting the mall i was here very quickly i was in the area. there were people outside of the mall was there's already a very large police presence and like i said we've done recent raining here in san bruno in our officers who are firefighters worked very closely with our police officers and their immediate concern was let's get those rescue task force together get in there and pull those victims are some very happy with how our officers in samara and surrounding the eye disease office you are at that she said were small the part and we have to rely on our neighbor south city. no break central county fire. our and our other other neighbors and they all participated in this
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response. what is that recent active training made it was an active shooter training we did do some violence or training here in san bruno you know we did 3 days of it here just to a couple of weeks ago with a grant that the police department received and so that training very valuable we continue to do that training in this county to prepare for these types of incidents. i feel like you made a difference today definitely makes a difference. yes. we thank you very much i i tried to get you to the wrong time of the initial about the constitution. >>the actual first home. not want to miss. >>because what's happening every day in a step over here to the side some reporters are right now betting there's tny public right at this moment into wan as you know some people will immediately leave the area and flee the area which may be appropriate what you're going find yourself in and some folks may shelter in place or hide and we're going to go out
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she got make sure there's none of those folks that may still be hiding worry about whether or not it's safe to come on house or to a systematic search not only of the mall itself the surrounding parking lots just to to make sure that we leave no turned him to make sure we cover all the bases and we'll go from there and a fairly confident that i love this area. don't i don't know i i know i confident that there's no there's no public safety threat at the mall now, and we do a systematic search just to confirm that as we do in any instance. but if i knew that i i mean i'd love to the whereabouts of everybody is now because i make my life a lot easier but to do you know there's no veto president right now we believe that the those who are involved in the nba since have fled the area in there. they're hiding from us rather than just going to give him a given their initial actions. again we don't think that this was a seeking victims of a randomly that there was much. >>i have any people you search
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i'm like >>we've been listening in live to a press in san bruno just outside the tent for and mall. where there's been an active shooter situation we have just heard from a the police chief san bruno at barberini and also the fire chief said david cresta essentially the take away from that is that a they don't believe that there is a public safety. a threat at this moment, they believe that the suspect or suspects have a fled which leads us to. >>which leads us also worth noting they don't believe it was a random shooting so not that it makes it any less safe or the mall patrons that were there when there is a targeted shooting, but they do believe that there are 2 suspects 2 shooters and they do believe that these 2 individuals were
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trying to shoot either each other or someone else so. it is a little bit comforting that it wasn't just a random person trying to shoot up everyone that they could find because we do see way too much of that they are looking for 2 young adult black males, one that had a green colored hoodie these could be teenagers 1516 1718, they're not sure say the victims are right around that age is well indeed, and they believe that the 2 suspects took off towards the bart station they were seen running in that direction and then conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that they got on board and to bart into oakland because the 12th street station in oakland has been shut down a and we're getting word it may have reopened yeah we had a reporter this afternoon are tailored to sackey she's there live for us now we're checking in with her. >>to see a what's going on there now taylor.
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>>the latest is that this 12 straight oakland station is now back open which means that i've talked to police earlier they said that they would open it as soon as those train cars were cleared so that would mean that they went through all those train cars here and didn't find that suspect there's no suspects and now it is back it back open for commuters are wondering what's going on over here as you can see it's calm down a little bit but still more than a dozen oakland police cars here bart police, the department also here. oakland police say they're here for assistance and things have calmed down cold but a little bit but again. any suspects in custody, right now. >>taylor did police give any more of a description than what we just heard in terms of who they're looking for. >>i just listened back to what you guys are saying you, i'm actually have more information i was it from what i'm understanding here is that of our police department are the lead investigators on this and eh that's welcome policewoman they originally said one
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suspect, but now the latest is that there are 2. the younger suspect so that is the latest. >>confident enough to reopen the bart station in terms of thinking that the suspects are the longer. they're have to imagine they're going through all the surveillance video on the bart trains that pass through the 12th street station. can you give us a rough time frame of when they think those individuals they have been on the train and what the bart police department is is doing now in terms of trying to find these people. >>tell you this kind of all on folded i'm probably about 40 minutes ago, and they honestly was pretty scary seeing all these police officers run down in the bart station when we didn't know originally what was happening but they sent in a lot of probably 20 or so officers went down with rifles and and they went in there and they must include a pretty quickly because now it's back reopened maybe 40 minutes later, so it seems like they
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were very efficient in clearing those cars and checking those cars for those suspects, but again they weren't letting anybody at the time of the showdown they were letting anybody on to the trains other only clearing those cars and letting those people off of the train. we're there just momentarily so this all probably it happened within 40 minutes. >>ok and so you're saying now that a bar has a said it's all ok everybody back on the trains and the trains are running smoothly right now through a oakland 12 street station. >>that's right i'm watching some people lockdown decision right now it's back open. so many commuters at home already commuters who need to head back to at home from work. it is back open and are able to get on and it's safe to go back down there. >>right taylor secchi reporting for us good information, thanks for that check back with later. >>if you're just joining us. we are tracking breaking news on the peninsula and in the east bay taylor was at the 12th street bart station in oakland where police think 2 shooting suspects may have been seen a short time ago the
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initial crime scene as the 10 friend mall in san bruno where 2 people were shot a lower extremity injuries. both taken deaths have general both said to be fairly stable. 2 other people were injured not shot, but injured and we have crews on both sides of the bay yeah, they have evacuated to a tent for and mall. >>obviously and police are saying listen just stay clear the area. they are still in an active investigation. they're searching not only the mall. but the surrounding parking lot said to you know see they can find the suspects. dan kerman actually has been at the scene a for a while now and he knows more than we do at this point and what it what are you le-rning. well we can tell you that this a parking lot here 10 from all still filled with police cars we're seeing police cars from redwood city. >>police cars behind me from menlo park san mateo county sheriff's department we've walking around. with a semiautomatic rifles a
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continuing to monitor this situation so. while we have heard that the things have come down here inside the mall. we do believe there is still active search or something going on on the inside. though there are plenty of officers that are still here. now for those who are actually in the mall when those shots rang out a frightening period just a few moments ago, i talked to somebody who was inside the movie theater watching spiderman when this whole thing went down. >>first one of my friends, they got a text saying there's a shooter near tampa and the food court and we didn't we just thought it was like a joke with started getting price on my phone and i started getting a lot of missed calls and i called my mom says that all these issues and my cousin takes me there's a shooting. so we just we ran we ran out and then in the lobby that there's a cop holding your body and we just waited those efforts were trying to get out the staff exist what we saw a lot of people like ducking by the
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exit so we do with the sheriff who was safe to go out so we just sit inside. what was that like what's going through your head at this point has k that was a guy got to protect my go from i got we just got to get out of here as the all i saw a bunch of cops i knew. they were going to get to us. >>one person who in the movie spiderman at the time started getting texas phone ringing hearing from his mom that's how he found out that there was an active shooter in the small he is fine as he said they got out of the movie theater and then they were held in place for a little bit before actually coming out here in the parking lot as the evacuation proceeded to in a uniform manner that's the situation here right now again still lots of police officers here, many of them heavily armed. we don't know what the status is inside the mall in terms of what they're doing but the parking lot still filled with plenty of police officers, we're still talking with people who are in the
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mall at the time of the shooting and will have a more of their stories coming up back to you in the studio he added and the police chief and mention that they're looking at surveillance video you can all like that that probably cameras everywhere. >>have you gotten any indication any photos you know who they might be looking for. >>we haven't got any indication we've been not mostly speaking at those who were in the mall and either running out for their lives are being held by police and then coming out afterwards after hearing the shots. people that we've spoken to either heard shots or saw people evacuating that did not actually see anybody injured and did not see any of the suspects. >>the danube in far too many shooting scenes like police just said that they're currently going through the different stores and buildings that make up the mall as well as the entire parking lot just to make sure the number one that there is no shooter they
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don't think that's the case number 2 though to try to get folks out that have been hiding sheltering in place once these initial shots rang out you get any sense that there is still an inkling of concern that there could be a threat on that property or as everything kind of got more tame in the past hour. >>well i like i said they're the number of officers that were here when we first got here, it seems like that same number is still here so i would assume they're inside methodically going through. just to make sure that as you say that there are no other suspects inside and that there are are no people who are hiding as you know about an hour ago we spoke with one woman who works in one of the stores on the second floor and she said that they they were barricading themselves in initially and then evacuated, i would not be surprised that you know you hear about this in classroom shootings people you know staying in closets and staying until somebody
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comes and gives them the all-clear all of this size it's very possible that there are still a good people who are in the mall who took cover are going to spot to spot store to store give people the all clear and also keep their eye out for anybody may or may not be a potential suspect you know dan we had heard that there was report of. >>one of the suspects at a one or more of the suspects at the oakland bart station that wall street station. we just heard from taylor sackey that now barred has given the all clear you get the sense that to these guys may have just slipped out. and they're no longer in the area and out there the public. you know what firm up from. >>are a lot of my location is at this point i can really even speak to that whether they slipped out or not. but you know it's it's very possible. you know in the amount of time it takes. for
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shooting to take suspects leaving a mall and police showing up i don't know how quickly it was before police got here, but they were certainly here before we were. so is that a possibility that the suspect slipped out certainly that's a possibility. goes beyond my knowledge at this point. >>all right dan kerman reporting for live from the scene it and for an we'll check back with you as you learn more, thank you dan, if you're just joining us. we are awaiting a. >>press conference with a a bart police spokesperson are actually in oakland police johnna watson, so when she starts talking, we'll take you live to oakland in the meantime this whole situation has created a commute nightmare because bart has been shut down on both sides of the day at different points. right now they're still no service beyond south san francisco. december know sfo and millbrae let's go now to there's officer johnna watson on the left.
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>>can you tell us the latest of what's happening right now. yes, we are all right, yes, and what we can share with you is the oakland police department supported the bart police department they received information about a suspect who may be on bruno sho that and friend shopping center. that information came in to the 12 street of our station and the 14th street. it is absolutely imperative that public safety is a priority. so we collectively were together as a team we stopped the trains and a bart evacuated the train so we assisted bart for that public safety component we had a very good information of the suspect and the suspect descriptions we knew who we were looking for. we would like to really thank the bart passengers. a day were extremely co-operative very responsive to the directions that the officer gave them,
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right now the 12 street art as well as the 14th street park are open we have officers in the area we're going to stay here to ensure everyone is safe. we understand that this is an interruption to their travels whether it's home or whatever their destinations might be again this is a a priority for public safety one want to ensure that everyone is. that was one asking because these trains were cleared out in the reopened that means that everyone is safe to go back and that's correct everyone is safe to go back in our officers. the early checked it station's, the 12th street and 14th street right away stations are open in oakland. we also sent out of social media messaging about what was happening. why was happening. it now part is opened and do we know anything else about the suspect who they have them in custody are today. we believe that they're in the area that's a very good question. so we received information on one suspect we're always going keep our investigation our minds open for if there's additional. we were provided with information that one suspect and no one is
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in custody at this time. but the oakland police department is going to continue to support our police department a san bruno police department and being that you clear this area do we still think that they might be in this oakland area or anywhere else it's always difficult to say the investigation will continue about what we can share with you is just before 5 o'clock today we received this information we're all very well aware of the active shooting down a san bruno the information is shared very quickly a much law enforcement and also said this and then media the media was excellent job with the coverage and keeping everyone informed and then when we receive that information here in oakland that the suspect. according to our trained it came to oakland and was possibly on that train and armed with a gun. that's we call it was a city response came here to 12 street and 14th street part to support. with a search evacuation and
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closing the stations and again we want to remind everyone who may have family friends loved ones traveling on part of art is safe. the trains have been cleared safety checks have been conducted and passengers are able to return to the stations and a finish their journeys gonna do you know where the investigation goes from here. we'll also continue to support san bruno police department. department going to do and provide resources, whatever is needed we will help with any follow-up investigations or anything that's needed again. cheryl we're going to stay out here. 14 and broadway and told them right away you'll see police officers will be high visibility we really want to ensure that everyone is saying thwhen you stop trains when you evacuate range when you have people to the surface streets there in the middle of their journeys how we want to ensure that they're safe and we really wanted to. stress that
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the stations are open and everyone can returned to the trains and finish their journeys. any mention is one mention the one seen. and so you much of the one suspect that what is that suspect description we're not going to share that right now because it is very active. we do have law enforcement. other partners that we work and we are going to continue that investigation and we're not going to share. the suspect information at this time and really this december in this case a week want to make sure that we certainly stand our land but we offer a support role as well, but you do have a description. we certainly do. but we're just not going to share that this time we really samaras the lead investigating agency and we will defer to them and take their help them with this case
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we absolutely believe that the suspect did enter barred, we believe that the suspect did board the train. we do believe that the suspect we have come to this area, a very good information. prior to our officers arriving here and then the searching not only the streets and the surrounding areas as they're riding the also going down below the surface streets and on to the bar platforms and then also on to the bar trained again we conducted a very systematic search very i wanted to be safe for the bart downtown oakland is a very busy area. we have a lot of that street traffic along with the vehicle traffic we immediately reached out to the city's communication director who pushed information now we have over 5,000 employees who work here in the city and you know city hall is right here plus we have a lot of private businesses so to push that message out to our community. what we're doing why we're doing it and it is safe now, and we can return down to the
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bart trains and the that is absolutely paramount when we are. and shutting stations down and evacuating trains. it's really important to share that information with the suspect arrested and we have not made an arrest you have not been we we have not made an arrest we came to search for a suspect. and i can certainly step to the side and i know everyone is live here we can continue your car that don't give up. yes, so you say that and we'll be keeping a presence out here to get you up to speed for how much longer are the rest we certainly have downtown walking officers patrol officers as well because we just evacuated the trains we assisted part with doing that and we're going to keep a high profile we have a police car that station right over that corner we have are walking officers across the street. so you're going to see us out here through the evening. thank you so much a fish and morning. it's curious to me
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that they wouldn't give a suspect description. >>because number one the public might be able to help find this individual specially because san bruno police gave a limited description of both people. in us johnna watson in light of that why we're not learning more. >>yes second trimester that as well. i will bring that back to us yes as soon as i can start a little it's a little hard right, it's a little crazy but as soon as i can grab her again i will ask you that as well. >>yeah we only mention that because the police chief of san bruno i did give description and our impression is that you know with all these people who are fearful for a and could also be helpful if they know what the suspect looked like and as far as we know we have a description of it sounds like they're too young black males, one wearing a green colored
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sweatshirt with a hood threat. >>and you would you would think that they would release more information on the suspect but that's not the bottom line here. we have a shooting at the 10 friend mall in san bruno where 2 people were shot lower extremity injuries both taken sf general both expected to survive 2 other people were injured. i know not shot trampled because of people from witnesses accounts were. >>leaving temper and mall, i'm screaming some of them you know you have word of an active shooter we all know all too well, but what possibly could happen. in this case, it looks like a just 2 people sent to services go general hospital to the trauma unit, there with gunshot wounds to the lower extremity 2 other people possibly trampled or tripped the mall has been evacuated. traffic a mess in that mark those running the trains now out of the 12th
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street and 14th street stations yet welcome for its 14th street station is back open in oakland, but no service, the on south san francisco's bart station to samper know sfo and millbrae so certainly people trying to get to the airport people trying to get home from work. >>affected by this we should note this was not an indiscriminate shooting. this was not random police believe that there are 2 shooters and those 2 shooters were either shooting at each other or shooting at other individuals, so they believe it was targeted. we'll have much more on this story throughout the evening kron 4 news at 6. starts right after that one of the suspects
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jumped on too far. >>local news station. breaking news on the peninsula and in the east bay and. >>active shooter at the temper and mall in san bruno the bar station there shut down one suspect possibly sighted at a bart station in oakland all of the affected bart stations in oakland have since reopened hello everybody, i'm family and i'm ken wayne police are still looking for possibly 2 suspects. 2 shooting victims are now at san francisco general hospital police say this was not a random act, but targeted shooting and they are still in the process san bruno map of where all of this happened just around 4 o'clock the bart station is right next to that and for and mall and that is where suspect may have been seen leaving.


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