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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 2, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> say what? >> yeah! then, a twist in taylor swift's feud with bieber's manager. ♪ i don't trust nobody and nobody trust me ♪ and -- britney's bizarre videos, explained. plus, the stars of "spider-man" turn into real-life superheroes. >> hey, man, nice to meet you. i'm spider-man. and -- "stranger things" have happened. where we caught millie bobby brown hanging with brad and angelina's kids. >> that is awesome. this is -- >> a little program called "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone. you know for years, both men and women have played coy on having sex on the bachelor and bachelorette. hannah b. is changing everything. >> it's pretty shockinghear. hannah puts everything out there.
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>> i [ bleep ] in a windmill. and guess what? we did it a second time. >> and, this is us immediately rewinding all the episodes. a crew who may hannah have had sex with. with that out of the way, this fiery conversation between hannah and luke has stirred a controversy about religious and sex. >> i have had sex and honestly jesus still loves me. >> this is level ten drama that really dives into the fabric of the show. >> it seems like you felt judged or shamed. >> yes, a lot of times people get christianity and religio messed up. i sin daily, and jesus still los all washed.
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>> is there a double standard. >> i mean, the internet is not kind to people -- who women who talk about their sexuality. >> there's more drama, man drama this season than we have ever had before. hannah really stands up for herself. my body, my choice, my life. if you don't like it there's the door. don't let it hit you on the way out. >> drama, controversy makes the ovsy. >> here's the deal, she went public with her displeasure after scooter published rights to her music library. ♪ i don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me ♪ >> less than 24 hours after taylor's scathing tumblr post
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targeting scooter braun went live -- ♪ oh look what you made me do >> our "e.t." source says he has reached out to taylor through mutual friends. our source says scooter wants to clear the air privately, but has not heard back from her yet. meanwhile, lines are being drawn on scooter's side -- his clients including demi lovato and justin bieber, as well as sia ♪ >> on team taylor -- cara delevingne, halsey, and her "me" collaborator brendon urie. ♪ you can't spell awesome without me ♪ >> it just broke my heart. i read taylor's statement and i was like, that sounds about right. toxic dudes doing toxic [ bleep ] in this toxic industry. >> but one person who has stayed out of the feud? taylor's two-time collaborator and close friend, ed sheeran. ♪ >> ed is in a pretty awkward situation since he's currently topping the charts with scooter's biggest client bieber. ♪ 'cause i don't care
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>> but when swifties criticized sheeran for staying silent? he commented, quote, i have been speaking directly to her, like i always do. let's move on to britney spears. he next court hearing regarding her conservatorship is not until september. but our source says, lately, she's on social media. quote, she often feels controlled because of the conservatorship, so posting on social media is one of the few ways she feels free. but what all about those posts about her weight. well, our source says at the moment britney's painfully self-conscious. and while britney's boyfriend of two years, sam has been incredibly supportive and complimentary, quote, it's not enough. let's talk royals now. prince harry remembered his mom, princess diana, today with a birthday shout-out fit for the people's princess. >> my mother, princess diana, was a role model to so many,
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without realizing the impact she would have on so many lives. >> today at the youth summit, prince harry's mother princess diana would have turned 58. >> archie will be christened this weekend. just like harry was back in 1984. harry's ceremony was attended by his young cousins, and we expect william and kate's kids to be there. >> it would be wonderful to have some pictures of little archie surrounded by his royal cousins george, charlotte and louis. >> despite being seventh in line to the throne, they're trying to raise archie to be a regular kid. >> i understand that they want him to grow up living a normal life, to go and get a job, to make a living in the opposed to being royal. >> today, duchess kate watched serena williams win at wimbledon. meghan is expected to attend a
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future match. while serena told the bbc she's not sharing mother advice to her friend. >> i never pass on words of wisdom because i feel like everyone who has a kid, especially when you just have a baby, it is so difficult. and it's like, just go through the first three months and four months and then we can talk. >> prince harry and prince william will be playing together at a charity event next week. >> some friends of prince harry, told he wants him on a pony once he learns to walk. prince harry next week will be at the uk premiere of the "lion king." speaking of lion king, check out these pictures of the cast with their live-action animal characters including beyonce face to face with nala. all right, now, let's move on to anderson cooper.
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he's said in the past that he didn't expect to inherit anything from his late mom, heiress gloria vanderbilt. so it may have come as a shock when anderson learned she left almost her entire fortune to anderson. >> my mom's made clear to me that there's no trust fund. there's none of that. >> hold it a second. >> howard stern was stunned by anderson's revelation on his radio show in 2014. but the cnn anchor said he understand why his mom would not want to pass down her fortune. >> who's inherited a lot of money that has gone on to do things in their life? from the time i was growing up, if i felt like that there was some pot of gold waiting for me, i don't know that i would have been so motivated. >> "e.t." has obtained a copy of vanderbilt's will, which she signed. last year and it turns out anderson is inheriting nearly all of his mother's estate estimated at around $200 million. that money comes from vanderbilt's fashion empire. and here family's railroad fortune.
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in another twist, gloria's middleson, chris, anderson's half-brother was cut out of the will. flower ya talked about their e strangement in their documentary. >> chris has disassociated from us. he never wants to see any of us again -- >> when was the last time -- >> when he was 22. >> as for anderson the 52-year-old journalist doesn't need the money. he reportedly makes $12 million a year and his net worth is estimated at about $110 million. he's stayed off of social media recently and his last instagram post was dedicated to his mother gloria. all right, coming up -- >> my fire is back. >> miranda lambert bringing the heat with new music and her new man. >> i love love. >> inside her new york vacation with her hubby. then, working girl turned workout girl. how melanie griffith's giving us some serious inspiration to get to the gym this summer.
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plus -- >> john mayer, jason statham and the new viral video challenge that has stars literally flipping their lids. but what happens when we give it a whirl.
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chrissy metz behind the scenes secret before her big-screen debut of the
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♪ that's melanie griffith showing off her hot bod at age 61, our as melanie puts it "50 plus 11." the big screen's "working girl" is a fierce workout girl. and she gives the credit to this man, celebrity trainer gunnar. he has also whipped into shape ben affleck, jennifer lopez and angelina jolie. very impressive. also looking better than ever, miranda lambert. and nischelle turner found out her secret as miranda and her husband brendan mcloughlin as they brought the heat in new york. ♪ you know it ain't my fault when i'm walking jaws drop♪ >> you got a little glow, that honeymoon glow is still there. >> yeah. >> it looks good. >> i'm thrilled to be married and having a great time. >> those big smiles say it all. miranda and her man are loving their newlywed life. the country singer and nypd cop tied the knot in january after a whirlwind two months of dating. and miranda's not shy about
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being in l-o-v-e, captioning this sunset city pic -- "ny pda." >> love looks good on you. >> well, thank you. i love love and i'm always searching for it and i've found the person who loves it as much as i do and it just works. >> the couple's making it work, bouncing back and forth between new york and nashville. this weekend -- miranda made it a family affair in the big apple with her brother, celebrating pride. >> it's really great to be happy. and i feel like it's contagious and having someone positive in your life when you wake up with and go to sleep, really changes the outlook that you have on your day. >> and her new hubby is helping inspire new music. after taking eight months off, her longest break in 17 years, miranda's getting ready to drop her seventh studio album this fall.last month she performed a song "locomotive." >> it's fun. i'm finishing a record right now and it's just high energy. and it's fun lyrics. it's clever.
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it's a lot of girl anthems. i'm so excited. still ahead -- i'm just your friendly neighborhood spider-man, sir. >> three reasons why you need to see the new "spider-man" this weekend. as the stars give back to kids in need. >> it's so nice to be able to put a smile on their faces. then -- before you binge the new season of "stranger things" we flash back to when the stars were -- >> younger. it's pretty amazing. >> and we meet their new co-star. can you guess her a-list parents? closed captioning provided by -- introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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that's it, press tour's over. we just finished in korea. everyone's coming to the airport to say good-bye. thank you, everyone, for showing up. it's been amazing. "spiderman: far from home" is out now. thank you so much. thank you guys. thank you. lots of love. i miss korea already. >> tom holland's "spider-man" journey has ended, for now, as he and jake gyllenhaal have just wrapped their tour in asia. but before that, tom, jake and zendaya were stateside helping to spread some superhero smiles to kids in need. >> hey guys, what's up? we are here at children's hospital los angeles and we're about to surprise some of the patients here watching far from home. >> this is melting our hearts. the gang spent time with a group of very special kids last week, doing backflips, signing autographs and treating their young fans to an advance screening of the movie. >> it was just a wonderful
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afternoon and it's lovely to see the smiles on their faces. i mean, they all know spider-man and those who don't know mysterio, just to see them look at the lights on my suit, it was really cool. it's just -- it's wonderful. >> these kids, it's so nice to be able to put a smile on their faces and their parents and stuff. if we can do that, then we should. >> hey, lauren, i love you. >> i love you. >> oh, thank you very much. >> i love you and that you shoot webs. >> you like it when i shoot the webs? i actually used them all up on the way over here. >> your friendly neighborhood spider-man has a habit of doing good deeds. tom visited the kids at children's hospital back when "spiderman: homecoming" hit theaters two years ago. >> we're given such an amazing opportunity to make these movies and we're so lucky to be doing it. we'd be doing something wrong if we weren't giving back to our community. >> yeah. spider-man far from home hits theaters today and is
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expected to take in around $500 million. are you the next iron man now? >> i don't time. i'm too busy doing your job. i'm kidding, i'm going on vacation. >> this 23rd film ed to be so popular? we have a few reasons. it has made more at the box office than "star wars" and "harry potter" films combined, and spiderman is one of the most beloved marvel characters. >> thank you so much for coming, guys. >> the charming 23yearold brit was destined to play spider-man. not only did he do most of his own stunts in the movie, he's been doing his own stunts since he was a baby. another reason we can't wait -- jake gyllenhaal. playing the mysterious and aptly named mysterio. everyone was excited about jake joining the cast.
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>> he is a great guy and i've really looked up to him over the years. >> you guys do have sarcasm on this earth, right? >> and the third reason this movie's a must see? you don't need to see the rest of the marvel movies to enjoy it. it catches you up in the first five minutes and never turns back. it's got lots of laughs and a twist that will leave you floored. our spidey senses are tingling. jake and tom obviously have a new bromance going. but check out this trio of besties. that's shiloh pitt. >> she has season three of stranger things dropping thursday on netflix. to celebrate we decided to take millie and her co-star back the beginning. what do you like to watch at 7:00-7:30 at night?
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>> a little program called >> "entertainment tonight." >> millie was all of 12 years old then, she's grown up fast in the last three years. >> you were so little. >> i look like a potato. >> that is awesome. >> that is awesome. >> oh, my gosh. >> millie's tv guardian also took our trip down memory lane. >> it's like you see the passage of time with her. >> that was like, really, when we were just doing a show that we didn't know anyone would like. >> well, they did. and now with season three of the supernatural series expect that budding romance we've followed between millie and finn to go a little bit further. >> watching this relationship play out is so much fun. >> we just had fun with it. >> we did, i think if it was with somebody else i wouldn't feel as -- but because we -- >> because we've known each other since we were like you know, younger. >> speaking of growing up in front of us, 47-year-old winona ryder has done just that.
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>> yeah, it's pretty amazing. >> she was just 17 when we first met her. she had two oscar nominations before she was 25, but then her career slowed down, until "stranger things" called. >> there's no question that it has completely changed my life. i feel very indebted to them and just grateful and so lucky. >> new to the series is maya hawke. she's grown up in the spotlight, too, as the child of uma thurman and ethan hawke. >> did you get any advice from your parents before you stepped into this big franchise? >> it's not one nugget. it's like a lifetime of nuggets and having been brought up and raised and taken care of to try to be a good person. listen, i had a chance to preview season three, there are some crazy things that could happen. get ready, "stranger things" happen. this bottle cap is taking over hollywood. how hard could it be. i don't kn
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doing they do have a lot of jan what can smoke like worse lady not paying another guy and just see like how that how he develops i don't know, but they do need of a need i think their best player and their most promising players probably are gordon he. >>and he needs more space around him because he's not really sure he can or slash or don't go in you, they do need some guards who can stretch floor a little bit so he could operate more so jameer nelson that made it. >>howard
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travel consideration provided by -- this one time. >> on "e.t.." >> luckily, they don't finish
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the sentence. >> it's "entertainment tonight's" "american pie" reunion. >> look at us, 20 years later, still at it. >> cast confessions you'll only see here. >> oh! >> we're uncovering set secrets? >> this is like an exclusive. >> why what happened off-screen was even more scandalous than the movie. >> oh, god. >> set crushes. behind-the-scenes scoop. >> i had a complete freakout. >> and what you never knew about that infamous pie scene. >> this is new news. >> next tuesday on "e.t.." ♪ we have so much fun. we learned so much. can't wait for you to see it. >> i can't wait to see. well, have you seen this? that's john mayer using a roundhouse kick to spin the cap off a water bottle. a new viral video challenge. jason statham has done it. >> of course, we thought, who here would be up to do that challenge? >> keltie knight.
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>> look, keltie has been a rockette. big-time dancer. she's crazy and a little fearless. we're assuming that she can do this. i'm not trying to be like this -- kick the bottle, not me. ready, set -- >> let's try again. that's it. oh, oh, oh. don't miss with the best. don't mess with the best! >> we're gone. we're out.
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>>we may have to a separate shooters and they may have been. >>a shooting at each other a pop pop pop pop and people were yelling love them all to young victims wounded in the shooting and tennis grand mall in san bruno one of the suspects traced to a bar station. off trains as police stormed the stations, you >>an active shooter situation sends people running for their lives of that hamper and mall in san bruno as police rush is bart stations are closed. 2 people were shot 2 suspects are still on the loose tonight. i'm pam moore good evening, i'm ken wayne. the shots fired call went out just before


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