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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 3, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>tonight at 5.30 kron four's already always tracking local stores. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now happening now in san francisco police are asking for help in identifying the owner of a dog. >>that attack a little child that happens trader joe's store on the sonic. back on june 19th and these are images of the man that they're looking for. police say a 3 year-old little boy wasn't going in his store with one of his folks win. it's a small dog, but suddenly lunged at him and bit his hand. witnesses say the owner of the dog left it outside while he was shopping inside. police say the man then left the store without providing any time and id or vaccination records the little boy now undergoing a series of rabies shots. also happening now pg knee started daily fire and
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smoke detection patrols these patrols are done in the air by planes and they inspect thousands of miles of its service area they do assist the us forest service cal fire. another local agencies with early detection and response those patrols will happen daily intel october 31th. last year p g patrols identified more than 200 fires. >>in the east bay, an early-morning brush fire in pacheco it's been contained it happened just before 8.15 along 6.80 near highway 4, you're looking at photos on near the scene you can see the smoke there billowing into the air. the fire burned 3 acres before crews ckuld get a handle on it. a man was killed 2 others injured after shooting and oakland happened just before midnight and the 1200 block of 87th avenue. the man died on the scene the other 2 people were hospitalized in stable condition that gunman has not been >>on the peninsula, a man was shot several times late last night in menlo park. the
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shooting was reported just before midnight in the 1200 block of wind near avenue it's not far from highway one to one. officers found a 26 year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds the victim is in serious condition tonight, the shooter has not been caught. >>san jose man is accused of robbing and then pushing an 81 year-old woman into a closet. the woman was leaving her home police say that jericho johns pushed her back inside. they say jones then took her jury he forced her to get into a closet. she did suffer minor injuries. jones got away before police arrived, but with the help of surveillance video. police did track him down a few hours later in the south bay fire officials warning people about the legal fireworks in san jose all types of fireworks are banned that's aside from permitted. 4th of july events if you are caught with fireworks show face a fine of up to $500. residents also being asked to report and the illegal fireworks they see online.
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they say that's key to preventing fires and injury to the north bay now a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in sandra fell has store owners across the bay area on edge. >>now police are reminding stores to keep their display cases empty overnight. our first noel bello has the latest now from sandra fell. >>it was just after 03:00am on june 23th when a group of 4 men repeatedly smashed through the glass front door a or since then or so. the men wearing ski masks could ease use hammers cheddar just about every display case. >>very sophisticated and check for glory there in an hour and 56 seconds most of the store's merchandise have been put away so the thieves didn't get away with much. >>but the owners say the cost of replacing all the classes that she a $1000 alone just to fix the front door on tuesday, at least one display case was still sitting empty. it just feels. it just feels awful
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local artist, guys co owner of % another jewelry store just a few shops down says crimes like this are very upsetting. we're all. >>small business owners here. this street were not big stores and so not only is it emotionally upsetting. it takes a big toll. the business financially. >>sandra fell police as the burglary may be linked to several others in the area. >>yes, so there is like 4, 5, in the bay area that we're looking at that have the same ammo the same time of day the same manner of entry. we haven't link them up exactly yet but based on what we know they're probably link so we're reaching out to those department to see if we can communicate with them to see if there's any evidence left on those crimes and their scene. >>says knowing the group is still out there has are discussing with her fellow co owners how not to fall victim was that topic of the meeting and we discussed. >>what changes we might make what we might do to.
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>>police tell me the reason you only see 3 men in the surveillance footage is because a 4th was waiting outside in a gold mercedes getaway car. if you know anything about this theft you're asked to contact sandra fell police in sandra fell well below kron 4 news. >>and now for a quick check of your thursday microclimate forecast great 4th of july barbecue weather mix of sun and clouds by the afternoon and near average highs downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, mid 60's as well for her moon bay burlingame 64 degrees little bit cooler for those of you in brisbane low 60's for you. redwood city 74 degrees at palo alto in the upper 60's and foster city flirting with 70's but 69 degrees for your thursday afternoon, highs and plenty of sunshine for the south bay, widespread 70's with the exception of cupertino in morgan hill low to mid 80's. but san jose 79 degrees. wind speeds will be breezy to gusty you picking up by the
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afternoon and early evening hours for your thursday around 25 miles per hour or less hayward 72 degrees livermore 81 degrees and also partly cloudy skies for those of you in orinda 69 degrees. walnut creek 82 bill whites for low 70's all the way from richmond into oakland that the low 80's for your thursday afternoon. and santa rosa 85 degrees catherine in to keep back to you thank bree said to me. >>the parents were terribly worried after their son was put on the wrong international flights cast carry the young teen was flying to sweden but apparently ended up in the wrong country sara krueger talked with the parents about how they resolve this travel nightmare. it was a sleepless night for brenda and christer berg their son anton flying alone to visit grandparents in sweden, almost ended up in the wrong country. i just thought of it. >>all night, what he'd been 12 what if he didn't hand what if you didn't have a cell phone on him. this can happen to anybody off. >>the parents say united
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airlines require their 14 year-old son to fly in the unaccompanied minor program because of his age once he arrived in newark from r d u they say the united agent put him on the wrong flight heading to germany not sweden. >>and it takes them a because he still is on the phone. there are a lot of people think on the flight that kind of autism that i thought that was kind of on the burg say his plane was on the runway taxiing when he got the flight attendant's attention. >>just in time he got off the plane back at home mom was frantically calling united and taking to twitter to what was >>that's the jefferson we have no way to reach the airline. we're sitting there with a child on the runway about to fly to germany, the wrong country. >>when we had no way to reach them they hope their story will encourage airlines to improve their unaccompanied minor programs, the track bags. >>and about they should offer of course track to the kids that have safe and sound a handover procedures when they
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go from one flight to the other we want these processes to be paid not for the benefit of all kids and all families. >>that was sara krueger reporting for us tonight, united airlines has apologized to the family for the mix-up. >>coming up a warning about legal fireworks in the bay area that might be called sign but there is still safety advice you need to hear before lighting up those sparklers. >>plus a natural beauty and solano county has become the destination for instagram or trying to catch the perfect selfie the reason farmers say they're a nuisance. >>also promising new findings for the millions of people living with hiv. how scientists were able to eliminate the virus in mice. of savings and service.
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geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>researchers say they've made a potential breakthrough in hiv research a big one scientists say they have managed to completely eliminate the virus in some ice. they used a combination of antiviral therapy and a gene editing technique called crispr the treatment cleared the virus and about a 3rd of the mice in the experiment. scientists say they need more research to see if the technique can be used on human patients about 36 million people around the world, we're living with hiv in 2016. >>well, it's apparently becoming a lot harder to kill cockroaches scientists at purdue university discovered german cockroaches are
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becoming resistant to insecticides even more horrifying is that they can become cross resistant to chemicals. they haven't even put exposed to they then pass those communities on to their offspring creating new generations of evolved super roaches yikes researchers worry that this will someday make it difficult if not impossible to control the bugs with chemicals alone. they say the best thing to do is combined. i'm sorry if you're eating dinner. preventive measures like sanitation and physical methods like traps with insecticides moving on. the president wanted military tanks and they're now in washington dc for the big. >>4th of july celebration, the controversy surrounding the cost of
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♪ ♪ ♪
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this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>president trump's planned 4th of july extravaganza is generating its own fireworks today. we learned that the the cost has forced the national park service to divert millions of dollars from planned park improvements. president trump and he was tweeting today that he wants to give america the show of a lifetime, but not everybody is cheering. >>flights will be grounded at washington's reagan national airport for hours 3 times the
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usual number of national guard troops will be deployed for security. the lincoln memorial will become a giant stage with president trump as the centerpiece. >>i have a great 4th of july in washington dc it will be like no other it will be special. >>despite all the costly changes and still nothing near what he originally wanted a grand military parade like those in france, russia north korea, the cost estimates for that plan quickly ran into 10's of millions of dollars and the dc city council worried about street damage declaring. >>no tax instead a couple of tanks and armored troop carriers were trucked in for static display on the mall. president trump defended the expense on twitter saying it will be very little compared to what it's worth adding we own the tanks and the planes we have the pilots the airports nearby and all we need is the fuel. but the tanks had to be shipped in from georgia f 35 fighter jets
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from california, a b 2 stealth bomber from missouri attack helicopters from kentucky and the blue angels from florida. >>the pentagon does not discussing the cops. >>and the park service says the added burden will eat up 2 and a half million dollars from its budget that money comes from visitor entrance fees everywhere from the grand canyon to me or what bay area congressman ro khanna tweeted the national park fees are for maintaining and upgrading our national parks, not a 4th of july military parade for wealthy donors and republican party insiders. >>and it's just evidence of how far president trump fell short of his dream. this year's french bastille day parade featured 200 vehicles rolling down the shops who is a president trump is cutting about 4 armored vehicles and they won't be moving. vicki. >>thank you catherine emergency rooes are also gearing up for the 4th of july as they expect to see more people coming in for firework
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related injuries. doctors they are warning parents of the potential dangers of even the safest fireworks earlier today we spoke with doctor greg burrell. he is co-founder and director of medicine at carbon health. he talks about what you need to know to stay safe. this holiday. >>and uh you know 4th of july is such a fun lot of fireworks and festivities and that that you're you're completely right that is the time when we see despite a little bit a visit to the e r or number things like that even the ones that are that are legal, you know still have full of risks. you know we usually recommend for folks. to have the smallest children really don't handle fireworks all and then they are kids we want to say you know only under close supervision and actually it's i'm glad you mentioned sparklers because. sometimes seem a safer, but actually the. if you burn very hot. they from 100 and cooking oil
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and so they are still high risk for of and so you know we do recommend that that they have. supervise they're very your back to where it was. your body, you know from frankly p with the burned because they accidentally dropped it onto boat or something like that and then that up. you know that that being said a you know all and if you think the hit and still have. >>good advice you can catch more exclusive interviews like this one are our new app kron on we stream live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. we will also stream our live fireworks show tomorrow night visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. live look outside at the embarcadero and i'm just going to be busy. yeah works bustling joining us now meteorologists, you know what we're going to have. presa. i will restate now.
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>>not along the coast, unfortunately it could actually block some of the fireworks shows but as you make your way inland better clearing and drier conditions as well because of that lack of patchy overnight fireworks for your thursday night i am tracking temperatures in the 50's right along the coast, widespread 60's as you make your way inland. let's take a look at the future cast because as you can see it is going to be pretty stubborn starting as early as tonight with some patchy overnight drizzle as well even continuing for your thursday morning, better clearing by your thursday afternoon. so if you didn't have any outdoor plans, especially for 4th of july barbecue. you're in luck expect a mix of sun and clouds a few more clouds along the bay area coastline, then sunshine, though unfortunately so bundle up dress in layers because you're certainly going to need it by the time the fireworks show starts at 9 o'clock thursday night as you can see wise for low and high cloud cover along the coast, even extending along the east bay shoreline but better clearing and drier conditions
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as you make your way inland. so just plan ahead for that. here's a live look outside still plenty of sunshine as we wrap up our thursday night and also very dry and calm conditions. a little bit breezy to gusty out there right now downtown san francisco. but overall visibility, not too bad just for those of you at half moon bay, right now seeing up to 2 miles visibility just because you're noticing. that fog been creeping up along your area. temperatures right now 60's along the coast, a mix of 70's 80's as you make your way inland. so we are right about where we should be for this time of year as far as temperatures go. but overnight lows tonight, we'll be on the mild side widespread mid 50's and wake-up planner forecast is going to show partly cloudy start especially for those of you in the interior valleys but then plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and holding steady as far as temperatures go so near average highs and i am tracking little change at or slightly below normal 60's and 70's along the coast, widespread low to mid and upper 80's as you make your way inland, warming up for at least the 1st half of the weekend for your long holiday
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outlook but then cooling down by sunday extending through monday until we warm up by the middle of next week. the key and catherine back to you. thank of recent next on kron 4 news at 5 instagrammers they've been flocking to the north bay to introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>multimillion-dollar crop and solano county like you can see there are win-win the sun flowers are blooming the
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yellow feels make for some beautiful photos, but so many people have been tromping around taking pictures. they're destroying the flowers lonnie walker explains. >>this is now a common rule rose their interstate 80 where thousands of acres of sunflowers are showing their colors the sun flower blooming season last only a couple of weeks, one reason people can't resist waiting into the sea of yellow to take pictures. >>they've got about 5 days and they'll be really really bright and it's it's hard to resist. >>groups like pregnant, still my people taking sunflower selfies but they say trespassing and interrupting farm operations is a huge problems will have. >>50 or 60 people here on time and they think it's ok to go walk through the fields and it's not. >>reading don't narrow roads and blocking farm equipment is bad enough. the flowers are damaged or taken and there's the liability risk for growers. >>there's a lot of equipment. there's a lot of polls drains ditches and there's plenty of places to trip fallen get hurt. and and we just don't
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need that extra exposure of injuries greatness was in the process of posting no trespassing signs saying some people walked into his field to take pictures ignoring him and the signs sheriff's deputy kelly pratte happened by and gave them a warning. >>some of these people are accessing these fields. four-wheel-drive trucks. >>rolling over some flowers and going out there destroying steps to in order to get a little picture you just cannot be doing that. >>the person in this group speaking mostly chinese told me she was from san francisco and was sightseeing with visitors, they seem to know they were trespassing but said they were being careful and wouldn't be there long the sheriff's office has a cautionary tale of one cent lower take a perfect selfie twist an ankle and in turn sued. >>and causes a t money and that's just ridiculous. all right that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >>ken wayne and pam moore here with kron 4 news at 6 o'clock catherine vicki, thanks to both coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 the search continues for the suspects involved in
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that shooting at the temper all is san bruno what we now know about exactly what happened before the shooting occurred. >>and new video tonight showing the moments redents were forced to flee from the deadly camp fire many abandoning their cars and the process why fire officials say it's more important than ever to remember the lessons from that tragedy a plus but may to sea lion right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved
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>>what's your pop up of a bunch of shots one of the mine just got to keep them >>tonight a 6 new images of the chaos that ensued after the mall shooting in san bruno police are still searching for 2 people. they say opened fire on each other at that and for and mall yesterday afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, 2 teenagers were shot both of their conditions are now listed as serious they are expected to survive. >>well an kerman is live at the mall tonight with the latest today and. >>will the shooting victims one shot in the leg, the other one shot in the stomach police are now saying this all began as a dispute between 2 different groups. each one had somebody who pulled out a weapon and started firing. it all happened on the second floor of


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