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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 4, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>good morning. everybody, thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm james fletcher and we want to start the hour with a check of weather and traffic on this 4th of july we got eric attar 8 joining us in a moment with the commute well, not really commit to holiday right with the rough checking the roads with that easy and john with the forecast on this 4th of july, i'm seeing a little uh fog in the monitor behind there's a little fog to start the day a little fog to finish up, but the nice little center to the order. >>you know the middle will be some yeah we're going to be looking at. >>a little bit of fog out there a dose of it to start a dose of it of unfortunately
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around fireworks time tonight, but right there in the middle of your day you do have plenty of sunshine that you're also going to enjoy. >ypossibly for your 4th of july barbecuing this is your look outside at the east bay right now with berkeley looking pretty foggy it's not taken out that it's blocking out the view down of the city below but you definitely are still seeing a dose that fog having streamed in across the day it's having impact on visibility in san francisco as well as half moon bay and was that well out all the way into the tri valley but as we work our way on into the afternoon you see how it retreats by the time we work into mid afternoon. you've got abundantly sunny skies with the exception. now those coastal areas where that dense fog just wants to hang on right up and down the coast through the afternoon. the and we work our way into the evening, it's streams back into the bay. now the good thing is what we're seeing about the fog right now in future tracker a here is it is showing it relatively light not having too much of an impact on visibility now keep a close eye on these visibility numbers because
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that's what you're going to be looking at as you focus on the horizon line right there for your fireworks displays for san francisco right around fireworks time you're still holding at 2 miles for visibility. that means your fog is not super dense even though it is present you still should be at least able to see those fireworks displays after that as we work our way into tomorrow morning and that's when it gets really thick so elise good news as of this point for the fireworks display in san francisco certainly some coastal fog to be expected. but clear skies inland you do have 58 degrees for your temperature around 09:00pm tonight. don't forget the jacket just get out there and enjoy it as for fireworks displays all across the bay area do expect temperatures at 09:00pm tonight to be in the 50's and 60's for the most part, definitely cool enough for those life jackets, but still very comfortable right now we're actually in the 50's to start the morning 57 degrees and hayward evelyn at 56 per clear said that 55 while oakland at a cool 58 degrees. we do have a couple
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of 60 showing up like over in pittsburgh wins, pretty calm at the moment fairfield you'll be seeing some of the heaviest of winds today out of the delta and as we make our way through the day today do expect those 50's to turn in the 60's and 70's and then still some 80's for inland areas this afternoon, great grilling whether poland tia sunshine to enjoy the outdoors before we do see that fog this evening, i've got more in your forecast exactly what to expect for the holiday still to come as james said not a lot of traffic on the roads today. erica is looking pretty good out there. >>you know what it is looking excellent in fact looking here if you're heading into san francisco look at how wide open the lanes are barely anyone in the road if you plan to go camping going a little road it's looking really good. the richmond sandra fell bridge look no cars in sight right now looking excellent and we are in the green look at that if you're heading to other parts of the bay area's smooth sy drive. i'm from
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san jose to menlo park on the one o one we're looking at a 28 minute drive and checking in on our other a drive times looking really good here on interstate 80 from crockett to the maze are looking at a quick 15 minute drive from castro valley to the maze on the 5 8013 minute ride family injured in the maze on 8.80 looking excellent right now a 10 minute commute for you. james. >>all right, thank you very much erica for let's get back to our big story this morning which of course is the 4th of july celebrations that everybody will be enjoying san francisco course getting ready for its big show tonight we've got kron four's theresa stasi she actually had a chance to talk with crews out there pier 50 about what it takes to put on the big show like the fireworks. >>out here in san francisco and i went this special group is i put together all the fireworks for the big show on 4th of july. joining me is john erickson. and this whole process and there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes.
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>>there's a lot involved in setting up a fireworks show this is going to be 25 or 20 minute firework show. but it's 2 days of to set it up those 20 minutes and we're about 3rd of the way through the set up when they're putting together near hammering away on all of this. they don't really know, but they're just following like a patterned will we know >>shells were going to be fire and the number and the caliber of the size diameter, the shelves and we are given a sort of draw lines of how they're going to be laid out the actual order which cells are going to be fired. compares his actions that are based is that we don't even see that and when we're fire in the show. we will know what's going that what we have sheets and if we will fall along, but we won't know all we do is sit there on the computer and we have with the cold dead man switch. we hold that down in the computer does all of firing for us we have to just ensure that the floor like today and tomorrow
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morning that we've hooked up everything correctly so when the computer fires, a shell of thinks is right the right shows up. >>i will we will look forward to the magic with a john and his crew. but that will wrap it for us and san francisco, theresa kron 4 news, very good. >>treasure island has been up great place to catch the fireworks show there with san francisco as a backdrop. it's a great view, but this year officials urging you to find another place there's a whole lot of construction going on on the island right now that construction is actually setting the stage for what will eventually become new housing units. it's a project that will take some time to finish though they're thinking maybe about 10 years before all this complete it in the east bay off fireworks are illegal in contra costa county in his craw forcefully to call tells us if you get caught. lighting and a the face a big fight. >>billy every year on the 4th of july as much as the east contra costa fire protection district does to implore the
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community not to use fireworks reminding neighbors all fireworks in the county are illegal. even those billed as safe and sane fire marshal baer says too many people don't get the message every year we're on a number of different calls. >>approximately anywhere between 10 to 20 different calls that are caused by illegal fireworks. >>the contra costa county sheriff's office says deputies will seek people out who are illegally using fireworks with offenders possibly facing fines ranging between baer says his crews have the authority to conference k fireworks as well everything is extremely dry. it out at this point in time so every little spark cause a major call for shunned burn down some things probably are. oaklpy council member kevin roenicke remembers a fire near his neighborhood from a few years ago caused by fireworks, some of the boyne bottle rockets often a neighborhood burned the back fence down. >>it took 18 minutes for fire trucks to arrive. now unfortunately he's contra
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costa fire protection district does a great job out here. but there's only 3 stations covering 250 square miles make says oakley police will staff extra patrols on independence day to crack down on fireworks. >>he suggests opting for city sanction fireworks shows and either antioch pittsburgh for concord rather than risk causing a fire. we're getting in trouble with the law or wait until saturday when hopefully celebrates 20 years of city, good freedom high school including a fireworks show in oakley felipe should all kron 4 news. >>the alameda county sheriff's office is also cracking down on illegal fireworks and he tweeted out a warning to anyone who wants to try and set off fireworks that it is illegal in alameda county you can see here in this tweet they show a picture here of more than 2000 pounds of illegal fireworks at the agency's already seized since monday. don't be caught. here
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pictures from past fireworks shows in washington dc as we turn our attention to the national front president trump's planned 4th of july celebration is generating fireworks of its own the cost to bring in the tanks and the fighter jets that he wants to use as a backdrop for his speech at the lincoln memorial is force the national park service to divert millions of dollars from plant park improvements so that is delaying some of their projects but the president says he wants to give america. the show of a lifetime. but as kron four's catherine shows us not everyone is on board. >>and a couple of tanks and armored troop carriers were trucked in for static display on the mall. president trump defended the expense on twitter saying it will be very little compared to what it's worth adding we own the tanks and the planes we have the pilots the airports nearby and all we need is the fuel. but the tanks had to be shipped in from georgia f 35 fighter jets
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from california, a b 2 stealth bomber from missouri attack helicopters from kentucky and the blue angels from florida. >>the pentagon does not discussing the cost. >>park service says the added burden will eat up 2 and a half million dollars from its budget that money comes from visitor entrance fees everywhere from the grand canyon to me or what bay area congressman ro khanna tweeted the national park fees our for maintaining and upgrading our national parks, not a 4th of july military parade for wealthy donors and republican party insiders. democrats are upset that the white house is giving the i p grandstand access to favored republican supporters and donors. presidential adviser kellyanne conway says the show is available to all this is a public event it's open to the public the public is welcome to come catherine heenan. >>kron 4 news. >>well local you of course can
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celebrate the 4th of july with kron 4 you can watch live fireworks from around the bay area and across the nation from the comfort of your own home so we've got multiple locations we're following the fireworks display pier, 39 of course that's presented by the city and county of san francisco, the san jose fireworks will come from the san jose convention center. and we'll also be covering the fireworks displays in sandra fell and conquer this the only live fireworks show broadcast in the bay area it all kicks off it 9 o'clock tonight, right here on kron 4. time now for 11 coming up on the kron 4 morning news burglars in the south bay using n technology to break into your car. we'll tell you what they're doing. plus the search for a man who police say attacked a woman on the peninsula will have the full story. and new video released showing the chaos of the mall shooting in san bruno as police ramp up the search with a gun than today. here's a quick live look outside of san mateo bridge. we've got eric attar in commute center for us this morning talking more about the drive around
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the area hopefully to say nice and light on this holiday and of course john trouble in the weather center keeping an eye on your 4th of july fireworks forecast the update
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>>we are back coming about for 15 again john trouble with your 4th of july forecast lot of folks have plans for. after and barbecues and fireworks show tonight so what's today going to be like housing to play out you know what today is looking better than not that is sort of or we have a lot of sunshine to expect and
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even though a dose of fog tonight, it's not going to be enough of it that it should be ruining any plans. good just make it maybe a little bit of a nice little fuzzy message to fired because they do go off in some cases that kind of one of those fuzzy views of the golden gate bridge this morning, it's not something that's really blocking out the view too terribly much but it's just definitely foggy to kick this one off fog year than yesterday was foggy than the day before that just as i was talking about yesterday an increase in fog, especially this morning. not just along the coast but streaming inland through the bay. we are going to see that fog sticking around all day though this high pressure at play to our west is helping actually to keep us a little bit warmer in the next couple of days today, we start to warm up just a little bit you see the increase in fog but we will warm up even further tomorrow now today this is around 02:45pm look at this future cast is showing all those clear skies in the middle of the day are right around the time getting outside to get to the grills really good weath
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for it is that we work our way into the evening meal starts to fog starting to push in really initially over the peninsula actually a pretty a similar signature to that fog rolling in as what we saw yesterday which as you remember some skies remaining pretty clear in san francisco but south of the city up and down the was trying to stream its way over down into san mateo right around the airport. most areas of the bay at this point are actually going to be quite clear see your fireworks forecast for the vast majority of the bay is looking really great san francisco just going to be complimented by a touch of that fog will be very thick tomorrow morning before burns off and you've also got a sunny friday ahead of you. so a lot to look forward to weather really not looking bad at all temperatures today. it will be in their 60's 70's 80's out there conquered livermore antioch in a range of low to mid 80's today, san jose, and morgan hill low 80's while free my hayward on up to oakland. from 71 to 77 degrees really comfortable range of
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numbers just below average for this time of year we won't be staying below average for the weekend though friday and saturday are some of your warmest days of the forecast into the mid 80's. inland with some 70's by the bay. after this sunday, we start to see a cooldown in by monday we're back down into the upper 70's back down below average before we warm back up into wednesday of next week kind of an up and down in this forecast ahead of us that's a look at your weather we have erica in for traffic this morning, how's it going out there oh it's looking a wonderful out there good morning, everyone. >>taking a look here at our san mateo bridge if you're heading from the east bay out to the peninsula, it's looking really good light traffic, you're looking at a drive under 15 minutes. and here we have a shot of the golden gate bridge, both lane seems like pretty much empty, it's looking like a smooth and quick commute 20 minute drive i have both directions looking good one oh one in the north bay, no traffic major an act
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or anything that could slow you down and we are just in the green look at the roads here. quick drive from san leandro on the 82 mile pete is here under 20 minutes from taking a look at some more of our drive time times around the bay area here on interstate 5.80 from livermore to dublin. a quick 10 minute drive, 6.80 looking excellent right now oh no major accidents second slow your come you down if you're waking up and want to go on a a little road trip for holiday weekend. it's looking really good. the roads right now we have some more drive times here all in the green good to go light traffic, i'm going to send it over to you james all right, thank you very much erica. >>time now is for 18 a warning now for the south bay santa clara police say car burglars are using new technology to break into cars and see whatever they fine as kron four's bellow explains. >>we need the public to do is to not leave any valuables in the car including the truck. >>the break ins are a bay
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area. >>and santa clara car burglaries are up 121% so far this year. >>and the break-ins happened very very fast. so it's not minutes, it's actually just seconds and the thieves are getting pretty sophisticated. police say they're actually using a number of apps. >>to detect whether or not a bluetoote devices in your car like a laptop cell phone or a tablet something fairly knew we probably been noticing it, you know maybe in the last several but we know the technology is being used that's they will sign some devices even how identify which cars they want to break into for the last 2 years a state assemblyman can son shoe. >>has been working to secure funding for south bay police departments to combat the issue and it paid off the new state budget includes 3.7 million to help santa clara, san jose milpitas fremont and newark fight the auto thefts. >>is this a soup issue as well so hokey. p g's and the
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sheriff will get this past this trip for some billion. >>santa clara pd says they've already implemented some changes and the new funding will likely go toward added surveillance cameras at signage in hot spots. >>we're signing marked cars with uniformed officers. 2 locations that we've identified also using undercover officers in unmarked vehicles in these locations in an effort to catch the criminals breaking into cars. >>in santa clara noel bellow kron 4 news. >>to the peninsula police in palo alto are looking for a man who attacked and groped a young woman. this morning. we have surveillance video that shows the man moments before the attack last week take a look it happened while the woman was walking down university avenue near marlo street. he stopped his white audi in the middle of the intersection there's an image of it and at that point got out ran over the woman and
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grabbed her. >>probably a very shocking and senate for the young lady just doesn't happen here which is we are looking for the suspects and hopes that we can stop him from doing it again whether here or another city. >>police say the victim in fact chased the man right after the attack, but he jumped to his car and drove off before she could reach him police believe that man lives nearby and possibly frequents the area so they can be on the lookout for him now. a video about the chaos at the 10 for and mall when 2 people opened fire earlier this week. people there in the background you can see them running and as the shots rang out. police are still searching for the 2 gunmen that injured 2 teens in that shooting. the attack began on the second floor of the mall near the movie theater. investigators say it was not a random event that started after 2 groups of teenagers began fighting and it ended with those shots being fired in fact fire from both sides. we spoke with the owner of one of the shops where the shooting happened in front of as well as someone who rushed in to help victims
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about that about the chaos that they saw i heard like a bunch of. >>much of pop up bunch of shots ike you might have come to an account in the trees that are in 6, 8 and i much of south and west of like people are ready one of the mine i just got to keep them dropped. and he was screaming and drops on the floor that's the guy that was shot in the stomach. >>when is the money went out the backe are chopped off percent. it really a little bit because you say that you want to die. what are you not talk to do it, you know keep them told him that he wasn't died. luckily, we got to the hospital. >>san bruno police say the reports that the suspects got on bart and took it to 12 street in oakland are. it turns out not true and they are no longer looking into that, but they are still looking at surveillance video to try to identify and find the gunman. who's going to tag
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>and we're back at 4.25 entertainment headlines today, a singer is cast as a disney princess on the big screen and a new spiderman is already breaking records. david daniel now with your hollywood minute. >>dreaming meet ariel disney
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has cast 19 year-old halle bailey to star in its live action re imagining of the little mermaid she's best known as half of the sister r and b duo chloe and halle production is set to start early next year. k pop sensations bts are heading back to the big screen. bring the sold the movie takes fans backstage with the band away from the spotlight as well as on stage for performances from their european tour, limited screenings begin august 7th. the goal in in a well known enough time to be doing your jobs. i'm kidding, i'm kidding spiderman far from home has already set a record the movie opened on tuesday ahead of the july 4th holiday and the web slinger snared an estimated million its first day out the best tuesday box office ever in hollywood, i'm david daniel. quake a live look
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outside we've got our camera here at the bay bridge toll plaza where folks heading from oakland and san francisco. >>are doing so without any issues this morning looks like it's going to be a nice ride today. we'll have more on your commute and your 4th of july forec
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>>we are back on this independence day for just joining us this morning, happy 4th of july and hope you've got fun plans for today and the weather looks like it could be on your side yeah it should be on your side for much of the day today. there's
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a touch of fog this morning as well as tonight bookending our 4th of july with the less foggy no but in the middle of the day, especially a lot of sunshine and how far in was that fog and ago people going to see fireworks shows let's say in concord one of the shows were going to be a broadcasting. they could be a right for that what time is that a huge about 8 or 9 o'clock or 9 they should be good especially on conquer a ca e that i'm even out of san francisco around 9 the fog that's pushing it is going to be live at that point ok good if our fireworks shows were at 6 in the morning, the guinness or not that we have some issues because tomorrow morning is going to be really densely foggy overnight tonight is actually looking like it might hold off just enough james, which is definitely some good news because you don't want that dense fog during a fireworks displays we do have some fog that settled in across the bay this morning. enough of it that we are seeing a conditions out there. that are looking kind of hazy not really hazy. i guess it's foggy this morning. there's really no other way to put it. you see that


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