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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 4, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news as we get ready to celebrate the 4th of july today marks the 200 43th anniversary of our independence, it's the anniversary when the continental coness declared the american colonies free from british rule and we've got team coverage of all the celebrations it will be happening across the bay area. all that coming up in live reports you're going want to stay tuned for that in the meantime let's get a check of what the weather is going to be like on this 4th of july good morning. john and good morning to you as well james happy 4th we are looking at whether out there today definitely fog year to start of been talking about how this was going to be our foggy morning. >>all week long after what has been some clear skies and it is living up to it. you can see that fog streaming in over san francisco. now that
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doesn't mean fog is going to stick around all day after this foggy start to the day it or treat on into the afternoon this is good news because a lot of you get those grilling plans and it's looking good for it temperatures going to be comfortable sunshine in full force at least for most of us along the coastline that fog is going to be persistent for you and have been banned along ocean beach. then we see that fog streaming back in starting around 07:30pm you're really going to see it starting to settle in up and down the peninsula as well as trying to make its way out to the east bay and by fireworks time tonight 9930 visibility fall significantly in half moon bay, and you start to see fog settling in for areas with fireworks displays like san francisco. the good news is it won't be the densest a fog of the evening that settles in into tomorrow morning. it will be enough though to maybe make that view of your fireworks a little bit on the fuzzy side should be blocking it out too much though still get out there enjoy those fireworks like i said it's tomorrow morning. thank goodness fireworks are in the morning because you will be able to
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see much waking up tomorrow in the same areas, san francisco, 58 degrees for your fireworks again that coastal fog streaming on end. clear the further inland you get serious like conquered, mountain view other cities with those fireworks displays should actually be looking out the gray skies for those viewing conditions, mountain view sausalito san jose i anticipate perfectly clear skies for you that will be really nice conditions to watch the fireworks. temperatures right now in the 50's as you're stepping outside to enjoy the morning. maybe you're heading to work if you are and get those life jackets ready to go it certainly cool enough for them. winds are actually breezier this morning than they are about to be later today, winds will calm down into the afternoon. also just really the cherry on top of what's about to be a nice day ahead of us, 60's and 70's by noontime a few 80's, especially inland by the afternoon, great grill and whether great weather to enjoy the sun at least before the fog comes in tonight. erica. >>good morning john been keeping my eye. >>on the road.
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>>and i haven't been picking up any major collisions or anything that would slow your commute down it seems. >>a lot of people are still sleeping in cars they're off working if you take a look at the roads right n traffic is looking light across the bay area here the richmond sandra fell bridge looking very light like a just a few cars strolling on and down there on this holiday and out in the bay bridge. traffic in both directions looking really good. it's a quick drive if you're crossing the bridge and on the peninsula here one oh 01:00am on the south bay is looking really good. we're looking at a 26 minute drive time from san jose out to menlo park. if you're an interstate 80 from crockett to the maze 15 minutes to drive through that and on interstate 80 from san leandro to the maze are looking at it. >>10 minute drive so roads are just looking really good right now chains. >>back to our big story which of course is the 4th of july and all the festivities that will be happening today we're
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counting down until tonight where fireworks are going to be going off all across the bay area the professional shows that is let's start our coverage with kron 4 sarah stinson she is at the site of what wil be one of the biggest fireworks displays, san francisco, good morning sara. >>good morning james yeah here on the embarcadero i mean thousands of people are going to be out here trying to get that waterfront view of the big show it's going to be quite a sight to see this annual fireworks show is something people look forward to. >>every single 4th of july so. >>but we caught up with the people who make it all happen take a look at this video you can see the crews working on the fireworks on a barge at pier, 50 the you can see them on there. they said it's a lot of work to make that 20 to 25 minute show so they work it and it lights up the sky across the entire bay area in the king, very worthwhile i'm not only will people be here on the embarcadero but people be all over the bay area
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looking to see this but. >>primarily in san francisco, there's many different vantage points, including a water park pier 39 and grew 39 if you want something to do as of activities and events all day long including a cool rock n rolshow from 3 to 6. but we did catch up with one of the head engineers who setting up the fireworks. he explains how much work goes into it all we want to know just come the logistics of it. take a listen. there's a lot involved in setting up a fireworks show this is going to be 25 or 20 minute firework show. >>but it's 2 days of to set it up those 20 minutes. >>and you nears also said that there's going to be a few fire work said none of us ever seen so it's not going to be just average fireworks show it's going to be something very special we're all looking forward to it. one of the primary worries for everybody is the fog here in san francisco and it's looking a little for you right now with john said it's not going to
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completely ruin the fireworks show it's going to be a little fuzzy but if you're on the waterfront in a hearing you're going to feel it's going to be a whole experience show starts at 09:30pm tonight, but i want to get here early because so many people out here might be hard to find a spot fernand live in the market arrow sarah stinson kron 4 news all right good enough. thank you. sarah of course treasure been a great place for people to. >>catch the fireworks and why not write a san francisco is your background with the fireworks above beautiful. >>however, this year officials are urging you to find another place don't come to treasure island, they got a lot of construction going on right now it's all part of what will become a new housing, a community there on the island it's a project that will take some time to finish in fact they think maybe 10 years or so so definitely this year. they are encouraging you to find someplace else to watch the fireworks. but you don't have you wait until tonight to enjoy 4th of july festivities in fact in just what a couple hours from now a little more so we've got celebrations
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gettinin m underway in morocco and that is where we find kron four's christina tate row this morning, hey christina. >>well good morning and happy 4th of july to everyone at home get celebration start off here at 7 30 this morning actually with a pancake breakfast, if you're up nice and early and not sleep in and go ahead and stop on by here. i'm robin comments park there is now there's going to be paying kids were going to have some good cars out here for everyone that they have a whole schedule of events going on today from the kickoff with that pancake breakfast all the way until 11 o'clock at night. now one big thing to really highlight. that's going to be happening at 9 this morning happening at 9 this morning which is definitely a fan the east bay is actually the puppy parade. that's right. they're going to be pups on trade here at 09:00am and we're definitely going to be saying here to show all of you that later today, if you're going to be with us this morning here on kron 4 make sure to stay with us so you get to see. four-legged friend showing off their patriotism. but some other things to showcase here in morocco of course is going to be the firework show that starts at
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00:30pm tonight. and then that's followed by a live concert starting at 9 45 until the at rest of the evening until 11 o'clock at night. so if you are here in the east bay know that that's going on here it is definitely a tradition here in morocco and actually right behind me i want to set up the camera very specifically here because as you can tell this summer is coming up just over their hills here and it's quite beautiful. we have has already set up. no people here in the general area yet be no. all of the volunteers are working very hard to get everything's set up for now reporting live here in morocco christina teatro kron 4 news very good christina, thank you and of course another reminder you can celebrate the 4th of july with kron 4. >>we've got our live fireworks show starting at 9 o'clock this evening you can catch it from the comfort of your own home let us get out there into the crowds for you we've got cameras at pier 39 where the city is county san francisco are sponsoring that show san jose the convention center there our cameras will be covering it and sandra fell in concord as well the only live fireworks show broadcast right here in the bay area and of
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course a party taking office i said at 09:00pm tonight so make sure you tune in and we also undermined by fireworks that personal fireworks are illegal in many communities across the bay area. contra costa county for exact ample fireworks are illegal they're in every 4th of july officials wi the fire department contra costa county say that they have to go to great lengths trying to the word out to people reminding neighbors that all fireworks in the county are illegal even those that are build a safe and sane you can't use them. but the fire marshal there says that too many people just don't get that message or just simply ignore it. >>and this year they will be as a cruise through the neighborhoods. they will be stopping in confiscating maybe not given tickets in issuing fines. but they will could be confiscated. >>the contra costa sheriff's office says the deputies will be looking for people that are using fireworks and if you're caught you could be looking at a fine ranging anywhere from 500 to $5,000. so play it safe with the fireworks to the professionals and as you heard the fire marshal say they will
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confiscate whatever they find. the alameda county sheriff's office is already starting to crack down on illegal fireworks check this out they tweeted out a warning. this morning with an image of some of the fireworks they've already confiscated it shows more than 2000 pounds of illegal fireworks that they've seized since monday. on the national scene president trump's planned 4th of july extravaganza is generating its own fireworks. the cost has forced the national park service now to divert millions of dollars from plant park improvements to now funding far a 4th of july celebration as kron four's katherine hanna reports that president trump says that he wants to give america. a show of a lifetime and it comes at a cost. >>flights will be grounded at washington's reagan national airport for hours 3 times the usual number of national guard troo will be deployed for security. the lincoln memorial will become a giant stage with president trump as the
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centerpiece. >>i have a great 4th of july in washington dc it will be like no other it will be special. >>and despite all the costly changes and still nothing near what he originally wanted a grand military parade like those in france, russia north korea, the cost estimates for that plan quickly ran into 10's of millions of dollars and the dc city council worried about street damage declaring. >>no tax instead a couple of tanks and armored troop carriers were trucked in for static display on the mall. president trump defended the expense on twitter saying it will be very little compared to what it's worth adding we own the tanks and the planes we have the pilots the airports nearby and all we need is the fuel. but the tanks had to be shipped in from georgia f 35 fighter jets from california, a b 2 stealth bomber from missouri attack helicopters from kentucky and the blue angels from florida. >>the pentagon does not
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discussing the cost. >>park service says the added burden will eat up 2 and a half million dollars from its budget that money comes from visitor entrance fees everywhere from the grand canyon to me or what bay area congressman ro khanna tweeted the national park fees our for maintaining and upgrading our national parks, not a 4th of july military parade for wealthy donors and republican party insiders. democrats are upset that the white house is giving the i p grandstand access to favored republican supporters and donors. presidential adviser kellyanne conway says the show is available to all this is a public event it's open to the public the public is welcome to come catherine heenan. >>kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're going to tag along with the chp is they prepare for their holiday dui crackdown. and new video from this week's shooting at that and friend mall as the search continues for the gunman this morning,
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>>back everyone, it's 6.15 it may be america's birthday, but it's also a special kron 4 bieber's birthday today, happy one 100th to our viewer kaye coleman wanted to give her special shout out on this july 4th hope you have a wonderful on a night. hope everyone else has a wonderful one too as we make our way outside today
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enjoying some nice weather at least into the afternoon when skies will be abundantly sunny crystal clear really a pleasant day ahead of us as you get outside to enjoy or barbecuing plenty of sunshine all the way across the bay area later on but this morning it is certainly on the fog year side of things today in fact is going to be bookended by into the evening tonight and the morning, both looking on the fog year side as you're getting out and about high pressure is building back in and along with it temperatures are going to be warming in the days to come today, we're already going to feel just a touch of a warmer day even though it's a fog year start skies will clear out into the afternoon offering up abundant sunshine, coastal areas are going to try to hold on to that fog as much as possible and then we work our way into the evening tonight, fog streams back inland across the bay. enough of it to be making a lot of a blurry view of your fireworks display in san francisco, still get out there and enjoy it. it shouldn't be too terribly thick by a fireworks and tonight just enough of it that you will be looking at it crystal clear
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out there at that time most parts of the bay are going to stay pretty clear this evening such as conquered, san jose morgan at mountain view all these areas are going to be looking at just cleared up skies to enjoy those fireworks and not worry about fog. it all as first temperatures go your daytime highs are going to be a range of 60's. a mission district as well as financial district still in the upper 60's for your highs holding on to that fog along the coastline. these will be our foggiest of areas while inland areas are actually going to be quite clear today brisbane 65 for your high millbrae at 71, further south in the bay area looking at a range of numbers from the 70's to the low 80's woodside right to 80 degrees for your high santa clara milpitas the same for you with san jose at 81. here's the east bay temperatures range from the mid 70's and hayward in union city to the low 80's, unpleasant and double in livermore no fog in concord for your fireworks display 85 degrees for your high making for some really nice not just grilling weather but cool weather if you want to hop in and cool off napa sonoma 83
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degrees each fully how at 75 all vacaville in pittsburgh. in the upper 80's just shy of 90 degrees today, santa rosa in petaluma each 82 for your highs, let's break down next 7 days after today's below average temperatures tomorrow and saturday returns average mid 80's for your average in line inland highs. then sunday monday and tuesday comes around with slightly cooler temperatures followed by a second warm-up and then even more noticeable on this time around into the close of next week. that's a look at your forecast we have erica in this morning for traffic has a look in. >>good morning. john oh wow it is just looking light traffic take a look at this. and therehs no major collisions nothing that could the slow down your commute in fact look at the commute here on the golden gate bridge in both directions traffic just looking very light. also in the san mateo bridge here same situation, i'm very few cars compared to what we normally see the same time during a
6:19 am
normal workday and we're looking at a 12 minute commute from the east bay out to the pennant peninsula here and i mean this is what i love going on the road is when traffic is this flight and we're just all in the green here in the east bay if you're taking interstate 8.80 we're looking at a drive time under 20 minutes from stanley ange family andrew out to milpitas now if you are going to be taking bart this morning actually done until 08:00am they're running on a sunday schedule. but when it does open, i mean if you're going to watch the 4th of july fireworks show in san francisco at a great means of transrtation to take their not longer trains out and about and a look at our other drive times around the bay area here in the green there interstate 6.80. >>5.80 from livermore to dublin, we're looking at a 10 minute drive time and james. >>all right very good. thank you. well the search continues this morning for the 2 people involved in that shooting at the 10 for and mall force
6:20 am
people run for their lives. 2 teens were shot and wounded in kron four's dan kerman actually had a chance to talk to some workers who are still trying to make sense of it all. san bruno police are now saying the shooting that occurred at the 10 for and mall on tuesday. >>began on the second floor near the movie theater. >>evidence collected suggest that there were 2 groups of people who engaged in a dispute with each other. on the second floor of the mall. one subject from each group began shooting at the other. this does not appear to be a random incident. >>2 teenagers ended up being shot one in the leg and the other in the stomach. both are expected to survive. it all unfolded in front of these 2 stores i heard like a bunch of. >>much of pop up bunch of shots ike you might have come to an account in the trees that are in 6, 8 and i much of south and west of like people are ready and they were running right across a store front one of the mine i just
6:21 am
got to keep them dropped. screaming and drops on the floor that's the guy that was shot in the stomach. in their mind to cover. >>as some hit in stores and other started running towards the exit. a staff sergeant with the malls army recruiting center came running towards one of the victims. >>when is the money went out the back top top pressure. it really a little bit because you say that you want to die what i do not talk do it, you know keep them i told him that he was going to die, luckily, we got to the hospital. >>wednesday, the mall was moderately busy. but those who work here say they would like to see security beefed up. >>we need more security. now so this happened they need to be. up an empty lot walking around coming to the stores every once in a while just to make sure everybody's ok.
6:22 am
>>initial reports indicating the 2 suspects may have boarded a bart train in taking that hit wall street in oakland appear not to be true san bruno police say they are not looking into that they are reviewing surveillance video as well as talking to witnesses, hoping to identify the suspects locate them and arrest them in san bruno dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and we'll take a quick break here at 6.22 as we go live pictures from washington dc showing the iconic marine corps war memorial with field. well looks like the washington monument and the us capitol in the far distant. horizon. preparations are under way both nationally and here locally for 4th of july celebrations were not much more on what you can participate in hara around the bay and what the weather forecast is going to be if you're going to be a family and friends today may be enjoying a barbecue may be checking out the beach or maybe checking out. a
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>>happy 4th of july everyone, it's a big day to be outside. so course we're keeping a close eye on the fog this morning as you can see there's thick fog up and down the peninsula as well as especially across the east bay right now streaming all the way out to mount diablo now as we make our way through the day. you know look at fog are treating a lot it's going to be pretty stubborn right up and down the coast. but areas on the eastern side of san francisco and then the rest of the bay really all looking nice and clear we move back into the evening now at 7.45. we have 2 streams of fog trying to make their way back into the bay. it's going to be pretty light this point out
6:26 am
the a fireworks display. so that's good news very thick on the west side of san francisco though pushing a little bit later on now around 9.45. it's still relatively light around where the fireworks displays going to her and san francisco but getting pretty thick elsewhere in the city as well as into the east bay, good news is fireworks art of the morning tomorrow because that's when the fog is going to be at the thickest by 08:00am tomorrow visibility in san francisco falling to 0. james. all right take a look at this video shows 2 teens being rescued from t%eir sinking boat into mahler's bay. >>and there you see the rescuers jumping into the water the coast guard actually captured this video tuesday night, a 47 foot motor boat. motor lifeboat i should say a crew from the degas bay was called out when they heard 3 boats were filling up with water. coast guard rescue swimmers. you saw jumped in the water and swam out to those teens they rescued them the 2.12 other sailors by the way who brought who were brought to shore by yacht club safety vessel. everyone was
6:27 am
wearing life jackets and they think that is what helped save their lives. >>live here on the embarcadero where thousands of people will come for a waterfront view, san francisco's man's world?
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>>let's start the half hour with a check of the forecast if you're just joining us 4th of july at least or in the afternoon hours which pretty good job, yeah, looking really
6:30 am
good afternoon james, lots of sunshine for your grilling plans later on today. but that sunshine bookended on either side of the day both in the morning into the evening by some fog which as you can see behind me is pretty dense over in the east bay right now your view not so much of a view of berkeley sitting down below as we make our way through the beginning of your 4th of july that's where your fog a sitting especially think across the east bay right now, but also up and down the peninsula makes its or treat. there's your grill in time right around noon today when you start getting things fired up looking to really get out there for most of the bay fog is going to be stubborn right up and down the coast though streams back in around 07:00pm, especially and then after that towards fireworks time you do have a president san francisco started to wake it work its way into the east bay hills as for sausalito conquered san jose in mountain view just to name a few cities that have fireworks all you're going to be crystal clear by the time we work into your fireworks tonight. so a bit of a mixed bag, it's not going to be a washout or i should say of fog out for san francisco.
6:31 am
but just enough fog to make that you a little bit fuzzy temperatures in the upper 50's around 09:00pm tonight. maybe want to get out to some of those other fireworks displays around the bay while not looking bad to be doing so temperatures by 09:00pm tonight falling into the 50's and 60's, pretty comfortable range of numbers to be getting out and about and celebrating the 4th with fireworks this evening. temperatures in the 50's for your current numbers hayward sitting at 58 pittsburgh at 59 has also is oakland, cool enough this morning in foggy engh that you want to keep the jacket with you as you step out for your morning won't need it this afternoon. winds actually calm down this afternoon, the cherry on top of what is about to be a really pleasant forth especially right in the middle of your day when temperatures will be comfortably. the 60's 70's by the bay and 80's for inland areas, i've got more about what to expect not just for the 4th, but in 2 year post holiday weekend as well all still to come. erica. >>good morning, john roads
6:32 am
have just been awesome this morning traffic very light, no major collisions or anything people are really enjoying their time off and sleeping in are you know out of town for 4th of july by taking a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. look at that just one car strolling down a really smooth commute there and on the bay bridge if you're heading into san francisco traffic looking very light a drive time under 10 minutes from the maze to fremont street. >>other drive times across the bay area here if you're taking a interstate 5.80 from castro valley to the maze we're looking at a 13 minute commute. >>and on interstate 8.80 from san leandro to the maze a 10 minute commute so i know there's going to be fireworks going on today and if you plan on taking public transportation want to remind you that bart does not open until 08:00am they're running on a sunday schedule as well as cow train there ace actually has new train service today. james.
6:33 am
>>thank you very much erica is a big story of course today is the 4th of july workout down until tonight's big fireworks shows will be a number around the bay area. the biggest one though will be in san francisco and that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is standing by with the latest on preparations. morning sarah. >>i am live here in the embarcadero air yet thousands of people will be out here tonight all today really trying to get that water front spot so they can see the big beautiful show in the sky, it's really just an annual fireworks show that people come from all over the bay area really to get their eyes on so it's really something people look forward to but we caught up with some of the crews to make ii all happen. we got a behind the scenes look take a look at this on the barge. they do they make it on the barge and a pier 50 and they create a 20 to 25 minute fire show assembling in all there and they take the barge out on the bay making sure it's centered so that
6:34 am
everyone can see it from a multiple vantage points across the bay across the city more like but you can see on a clear day other parts of the bay area. but in terms of fog today, it seems like if you're in san cisco you will see it but it can be a little fuzzy. >>that's what john said. so thousands of people will be here. we do know the best places to go in the city are caught part because you're right on the water and pier 39, they're even having a few activities today, including a rock'n'roll show that's from 3 to 6 o'clock and then people can get their spot get ready for the big show and speaking of the show we spoke to one of the head gine ears who set up the fireworks and they told us that it takes a lot of. 2 things that will be out there in the sky. you've never seen before at least in san francisco, a my favorite thing is when they put like an object in the sky like a smiley face something like that and of course just one of those huge just i love it off you can't go wrong with it. but in terms i'm getting of
6:35 am
water for inspiring to want to stay on the embarcadero anywhere from pier 39 all the way to the bay bridge, plenty of room for everybody might want to go soft spot now though, because it gets very pack. show starts at 00:30pm tonight. i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron. >>for news very good. thank you sarah and as we know a big blocked. ready to start this morning in half moon bay where people there we'll be celebrating along main street kron four's yulia sevens joining us live with a firsthand look at those preps good morning kelly. >>yeah good morning james i heard free pancakes and i was the first one in line look i got here before the people just found out that i might here and the corner of kelly in maine in half moon bay, and this is actually where they're going to start doing hamburgers with that doesn't happen until later in the day and then actually across the street from me and i just got him for my local as that's where the pancakes are going to happen. but of course this it's the epicenter of where their of good all fall
6:36 am
fashion. 4th of july celebrations going to happen here and half moon bay in fact it's their 49th year doing this now what makes it so nice fashion of course is not only that they have days is this wonderful quaint a small town here but also to you have all kinds of people participating. in in it you have you know the classic you cars that that go down down the parade you have different festive floatand marching bands and you have it also like the local sports teams of get a from high schools and grade schools, participating. and of course you're also going to have the color guard. from the american legion also coming down and part being part of the parade as well as you all have the 40 member strong city marching band right here on main and kelly plane all kinds patriotic ballage during the parade, so that's going to be really nice. you know why you see the parade go by have some
6:37 am
live music accompanying that. and of course you have the grand dame marshal this year and that is beth ashcroft now i didn't know this until today. she is one of the and also that i believe the last family member for the pumpkin festival which this year will be its 50th anniversary. so this is you know bevin's been somebody who's then really good to half moon bay and has really kept a lot of these festivities going so ask rob will be the grand dame marshall for the parade. now let's just give you a schedule we have a graphic about little roughly what's going on and how this is all going to happen so at 8 o'clock you do have that pancake breakfast. >>and then around 12 o'clock to help the parade and then right after the parade start right at the parade you also have that barbecuing of hamburgers of where you saw me out right over here and i also have a live music. here in the
6:38 am
downtown area on my main street in half moon bay. it's a lot of fun stuff. you know if you want that old time feeling of awe when you're going up and has celebrated the 4th of july half moon bay is the place to do it it's a come over here down here and really really enjoy yourselves out here and use wear layers wear layers to this right now a little these a little chill in the air. but we know this will burn off and this will be nice. later on those days so wear layers of you if you're going to come out to half moon bay. you also nearly thank you it's like have a great time out there. >>and if you can't make it happen bay or you just plan on staying home turn on the tv and switch to kron 4 because we're going to bring you the fireworks special tonight, it begins at 9. we've got camera crews scattered all about that bass we're going to be san francisco are gorng to be san jose conquered sandra fell all corners of the bay area covered again that special kicks off at 9 o'clock tonight, so definitely check it out. about don't be surprised if you see more
6:39 am
police on the roads during the 4th of july holiday weekend. the chp in facts going to be pushing out its maximum enforcement period. also an effort to prevent accidents and deaths and actually kron four's justine waltman had a chance to ride along with them to find out how exactly they're going to be tracking down drunk drivers. >>they're driving is not all. >>the bay area roads will be busy this holiday getaway weekend every available california highway patrol officer will be working during east bay. >>officer brandon korea positioned himself in a few spots, looking for drivers making the wrong choices. it did not take long before one driver clocked in at 89 miles an hour. well above.
6:40 am
>>this for speeding right this is going to offer my back right. thank you. >>this driver gets written a ticket for speeding and can leave the chp helps with the lesson learned to slow down during last year's independence day holiday. >>the chp me 389. for people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs that's a sobering statistic. >>we're more specifically wanting to get impaired drivers off the road. >>from now until sunday driver should notice more patrol cars out with so many people on the highways. the chp wants to stop any person behind the wheel before a worst case scenario. >>if it's your family member you know, or it's person you know personally and. they die in a crash because someone was dui or impaired as horrible. >>well it's 6.40, let's update you on the peninsula now where
6:41 am
police in palo alto are looking for a man who attacked and groped a young woman. this morning. we have surveillance video showing the man moments before the attack last week take a good look it happened while the woman was walking down university avenue near marlow street. the man apparently stopped his white audi which you see there right the middle of the intersection then got out ran over the woman grabbed her. police say now the victim tried to chase him down but he was able to get back to his car drive off before she could catch up with them. police believe this man lives nearby they think maybe he frequents the area. so they're looking as we speak. >>a prisoner in my own house to protect to watch out for my house in the neighborhood i would love to go out. this 4th of july supposed to be a day of celebration we're going to tell you why some neighbors. >>in the south bay say it's become a day full of worries for that. plus in this morning's dine and dish kron four's vicki liviakis will round out some of the best grill masters in the bay area. and of course is the 4th that means there's fireworks
6:42 am
displays going all across the bay including one in muranga tonight. that's where christine is that this morning and for those of you heading out to that one do expect upper 50's for your temperature right around 09:00pm. >>fog approaching from the west, i've got more on your forecast on what to expect for the day still to come. >>and if you're taking the san mateo bridge traffic is looking nice and light coming up after
6:43 am
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>>6 45 this morning fire worse of course a big theme on 4th of july a lot of people actually setting off their own fireworks which is going to be a problem because they're basically a legal in most of the bay area kron four's j r stone talk to people in the south bay, one particular neighborhood where there. pretty fed up with illegal fireworks. >>in san jose the legal fight, it's of little the sky in recent days likely only get brighter and louder on july 4. >>you can go. >>you know 10 blocks that way or that way and it's it's you know baghdad at the every night. >>jeff levine is the vice president of the roosevelt park neighborhood association in san jose. he says legal fire, sort of dangerous. and they hurt but they can easily catch homes and trees on fire. the reason we leave his home on the 4. >>i'm a prisoner in my own house to protect to watch out for my house in the neighborhood i would love to
6:46 am
go out. and you know go to a barbecue or have fun with friends but no i i have to stay home and watch the house the city of san jose is again asking residents to report illegal firework use on their website. >>even safe and sane fireworks are illegal in san jose. in the past thousands of reports of command, dozens of warnings given a handful of citations read it's like fireworks but i don't like them here makes me nervous, a thought echoed around the dry region. >>and then stay home with their. >>some people were setting off fireworks and then a tree caught on fire. and it was really close to the electric line and so the electric lines actually and sparking there here how to do it. celebrate. >>the 4th of july and i think that this is a tradition and it is but just like we don't use leeches to to treat
6:47 am
diseases. we're in the 21th century now. >>now all is quiet out here right now in san jose, but it will be a much different story on thursday night july 4th independence day when there will be a legal and public fireworks show right behind me here. at discovery maddow in san jose j r stone kron 4 s. well if you are planning on attending one of those legal fireworks shows us find out what the forecast has in store for you want >>good morning to you james he out there's going to be plenty of fireworks all across the bay including a display in san francisco, where you can see this morning. >>is off to a pretty foggy start i've been talking this week about how thursday 4th of july's going to be one of our fog year days and it certainly playing true. so far today with that fog in full force at the golden gate bridge. now so much in san jose which also has a fireworks display and your going to be crystal clear all throughout the day already a beautiful start for those of you getting out and about this
6:48 am
morning out towards mount diablo you see those clear skies to just north of mount diablo up in concord you have a display of your own and it's also going to be sunshine e now it's a closer to the coast. so you're going to see more and more that fog it's going to be very tense right up and down ocean beach through half moon bay. down peninsula, even further. we do have high pressure in place so that is going to result in a bump in temperatures despite the fact that we are off to fog year start this morning and even though we are off to a foggy start those warmer temperatures are going to be accompanied by plenty of afternoon sunshine even for san francisco, i know that it's foggy this morning but for those of you in the eastern parts of the city and then portions of the peninsula on the bay side you still have a lot of sunshine do expect middle of the day. but it's bookended by fog during your morning and then a push of fog into the evening to which is going to stream on to the into the bay, especially around 6, 07:00pm going to be very light up for us and even around fireworks time is it going to be too terribly thick just yet it really starts to get thick tomorrow morning though so
6:49 am
fireworks are in the morning. that's when you have to be concerned there will be fog out there tonight for your fireworks in san francisco, not dissipating it to really ruin the display though just making it a little bit fuzzy for a lot of you watching then we work our way into tomorrow skies clear back out business as usual foggy start clear finished the day for your friday as we work our way of your post holiday weekend. temperatures in the 60's today for san francisco, pretty similar to where we have been 60's as well up and down the peninsula looking at fog again on the pacific side with sunshine in your afternoon for areas right along the bay back to 80 we going is for the site today very close in mountain view with low 80's all across the south bay. campbell in morgan hill 82, san jose 81 low 80's in the tri valley well 70's from fremont up to hayward and eventually up to oakland at 71 orinda mid to upper 70's while 80's from san ramon through walnut creek on up to concord plenty of sunshine for the north bay and
6:50 am
you will be on the warmer side of things pittsburgh in vacaville getting closer to 90. not quite getting there just yet though temperatures will be near 90 for those same cities come friday and saturday though without warm up on its way to start the weekend after that we see a brief drop in temperatures early next week. before it even more noticeable warm-up on the other side of this forecast. late next week. erica. >>on good morning you can definitely tell it's a holiday by looking at the roads look at this if you're heading to san francisco taking the bay bridge. it is looking very light car traffic we're looking at a commute under 10 minutes from the maze. >>to fremont street and here's a look at some of our other drive times. >>around the bay area if you're taking interstate 5.80 from livermore to dublin quick 10 minute commute for you and interstate 8.80 here from san leandro to milpitas our drive time is under 20 minutes we're in the green it is a quick drive. around the bay area, not picking up any major
6:51 am
collisions or any a hot. >>all right, thank you very much this morning. we are here. bay area pitmasters our own vicki liviakis has more in this edition of dine and dish. >>where's the best barbecue come from people's backyards. >>backyard grill on come dine and dish turns up the heat with a few free tips on barbecue. >>someone to teach out is making fall off the bone. >>the bay area barbecue school for starters, they tell me that some of the best herbs ever had >>and that's not for me that's people telling them all is secret heat just the right temps for just the right amount of time there's this perfect the perfect temperature that they reach were it will fall off the bone, you buy come right pretty good. david lawrence is secret black bark and that's where we get an a from >>we get the ball on the outside then me and my school a ring smoldering them there as well as everyone in the >>the pit master wesley shot
6:52 am
swears by the dry roads barbecue is the dry run and just all smoke plume mixture of a host. >>the koreans. backyard get together with the neighbors. one whose brand of cooking happens at mobile a little bit of butcher paper marred cold beer than getting better on this the you know having a beer don't care how the meat comes >>a final tip keep an eye on the grill or your barbecue could end up going up in smoke in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>and if you want to submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery even food truck just go to dine and dish you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go on to our dine and dish facebook page we'll be right back.
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6:55 am
>>lines this morning, a singer is cast as a disney princess on the big screen and the new spiderman movie is already breaking records. david daniel has a closer look in today's hollywood minute. >>we feel like dreaming meet ariel. >>disney has cast 19 year-old halle bailey to star in its live action re imagining of the little mermaid she's best known as half of the sister r and b duo chloe and halle production is set to start early next year. k pop sensations bts are heading back to the big screen. bring the sold the movie takes fans backstage with the band away from the spotlight as well as
6:56 am
on stage for performances from their european tour, limited screenings begin august 7th. >>the goal minutes will not enough time to be doing your jobs. kidding, i'm kidding spiderman far from home has already set a record the movie opened on tuesday ahead of the july 4th holiday and the web slinger snared an estimated million its first day out the best tuesday box office ever in hollywood, i'm david daniel. and the san francisco fireworks show kicking off tonight we're going to show you how crews are getting ready for that they displayed. >>and officials don't want any fireworks setting off in the east bay, we'll tell you how they plan a cracking down on those illegal fireworks. you'll do it right to make your backyard its' best.
6:57 am
6:58 am
lowe's does it right too with july 4th savings to get you started. whatever you need to get your yard in shape... do it right for less. start with lowe's.
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>>the 4th of july and as you can see we've got some fall. >>hogg rolling in wouldn't even know it over the golden gate bridge and i think it may be foggy tonight for those san
7:00 am
francisco fireworks that everybody is excited about. but it is the anniversary of that continental congress when they declared the american colonies free from british rule and so we have our team coverage happening. a 4th of july festivities all around the bay and we will bring you those all morning long so thanks for being with us i'm darya folsom, let's take a look now at the all important forecast. >>it is definitely an important day for that forecast and as you noted. i like the past couple of days, there's the fog it is really streaming in across the bay this morning, san francisco hardly seen in the distance now obviously this is a bit of a concern because a lot of you want to get outside for some barbecuing this afternoon. so as for some fireworks tonight, i've got some good news for even though it is a very foggy start to the morning. look at this retreat of fog that occurs late in the morning today, it is going to be stubborn right up and down the coast, half moon bay. you're not going to be looking at a lot of sunshine today, but fortunately everywhere else across


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