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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 4, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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to happen around the bay for the 4th of july and we've got live team coverage of it this morning, but first we want to peak at the forecast because a lot of people are going to be out and about enjoying the day john. >>i have good weather to enjoy it if you want to get out there this afternoon believe it or not we actually do have some very nice blue skies later on today, hard to believe when you look at views of san francisco like this on the fog year cited thing just stinks to start elsewhere in the bay, though you already got that sunshine. so that's pretty easy to see elsewhere from napa down to livermore in san jose where it's been clear all morning long. it's the coast that has been very foggy foggy enough that in half moon bay visibility. it's below a mile right now now fog is going to stay right there at the coast throughout the rest of the day today skies are going to clear out for financial a mission district of san francisco and elsewhere in the bay where you're already sunny things are going to stay that way at least for your daytime hours so great grilling whether mid-afternoon before this push of fog happens later on san francisco, oakland and half moon bay by 10:30pm tonight
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visibility falls to 0 now we're going to be holding about a mile of visibility in all these areas right around 09:00pm tonight when fireworks start so just get a little closer to those fireworks you'll be able to enjoy the display is going to have a bit of a misty look to it but you know the drill its july in the bay area and that fog is certainly something seasonable foggo be at its thickest tomorrow morning before it burns off tomorrow afternoon and you'll be set up for a beautiful day after 4th of july tonight in san francisco right around fireworks time 58 degrees for your temperature that coastal fog will be present but clear inland, so if you want to head to one of those fireworks displays that won't be impacted from the fog go to san jose in mountain view sausalito conquered all these areas are going to be looking at some nice clear skies temperatures mostly in the 60's this evening at around 09:00pm right now we're still in the 50's on the peninsula where conditions our fog year but 60's elsewhere livermore at 63 pittsburgh at 67 right now while the in fairfield each had a nice 63
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degrees looking at wind speeds the breezy us this morning though actually calm down this afternoon which is just the cherry on top of this really nice afternoon ahead of a 60's and san francisco, low 70's in oakland and for san jose that's the low 80's, some great grilling and poolside weather to enjoy for those spots in the 80's, i've got more on your forecast. still ahead we have eric caine for traffic this morning. >>good morning john and well if you're heading into san francisco taking the bay bridge and look the same as it has all morning a very light traffic look at that in a minute commute from the maze to fremont street. i you know i was traffic was like this. all the time and you can definitely tell it's a holiday out here if you're crossing the richmond sandra fell bridge. i'm 7 minutes from the toll plaza out to highway one oh one and we're in the green up in the peninsula in a south bay there for highway one oh one 27 minutes from san jose out to menlo park and some other drive times for you if
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you're taking interstate 5.80 from livermore out to dublin a quick 10 minute drive and the 6.80 from dublin to fremont to under 15 minutes looking like a quick drive and interstate 8.80 there fast commute for you from san leandro out tamale pete is under 20 minutes. daria. thanks a lot erica at 9 oh 3 is the time right now. >>cause a fireworks show the big attraction for july 4th we want to talk a little bit about being safe and where they are illegal and you cannot like them you have to leave it to the pros contra costa county is one of those places every year. fire officials try to get the word out that even safe and sane fireworks purchased. >>elsewhere not a loud. i contra costa county. and they're going to confiscate those fireworks if they find them. >>and this year they will be as a cruise through the neighborhoods. they will be stopping in confiscating maybe not given tickets in issuing
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fines. but they will could be confiscated. >>contra costa county sheriff's deputies are going to be out patrolling and if you're caught with illegal fireworks, the fines range from 500 to $5,000. the alameda county sheriff's office is cracking down on illegal fireworks to look at this they tweeted out. this is a warning to anybody is going to set him off they will catch you and they did the shows more than 2000 pounds of illegal fireworks that they just seized since monday. president trump's 4th of july extravaganza is underway right now and the cause. has forced the national park service to divert millions of dollars from planned park improvements but as kron four's catherine heenan reports president trump says that he wants to give america the show of a lifetime. >>flights will be grounded at washington's reagan national airport for hours 3 times the usual number of national guard troops will be deployed for
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security. the lincoln memorial will become a giant stage with president trump as the centerpiece. >>i have a great 4th of july in washington dc it will be like no other it will be special. >>and despite all the costly changes and still nothing near what he originally wanted a grand military parade like those in france, russia north korea, the cost estimates for that plan quickly ran into 10's of millions of dollars and the dc city council worried about street damage declaring no tax instead a couple of tanks and armored troop carriers were trucked in for static display on the mall. president trump defended the expense on twitter saying it will be very little compared to what it's worth adding we own the tanks and the planes we have the pilots. the airports nearby and all we need is the fuel. but the tanks had to be shipped in from georgia f 35 fighter jets from california, a b 2 stealth bomber from missouri attack
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helicopters from kentucky and the blue angels from florida. >>the pentagon does not discussing the cost. >>park service says the added burden will eat up 2 and a half million dollars from its budget that money comes from visitor entrance fees everywhere from the grand canyon to me or what bay area congressman ro khanna tweeted the national park fees our for maintaining and upgrading our national parks, not a 4th of july military parade for wealthy donors and republican party insiders. democrats are upset that the white house is giving the i p grandstand access to favored republican supporters and donors. presidential adviser kellyanne conway says the show is available to all this is a public event it's open to the public the public is welcome to come catherine heenan. >>kron 4 news and the public is taking a look at the parade right now you can see all the people lining the streets of washington d c the bands are
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playing. >>the branches 5 services service branches are marching. there's also the flyovers that are going the happening as captain was talking about they've got the tanks on display in a couple of a bradley fighting vehicles as well. and you can hear the band playing it looks like it's a perfect day in washington dc for this they're calling it the salute to america and also there's going to be a 35 minute. display they say it's going to be the biggest the nation's capital has ever seen. and here in the bay, the biggest display in the bay area will be in san francisco. that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is live this morning with what we can expect. hi sarah. >>happy 4th of july live here at pier 39. and people are starting to. but some locals as well obviously it's summer so they're always there, but i spoke to a few people who are here just for the 4th of july so we caught up with the people who are making the fire show. take a look at this
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video they're working on it pier 50 here in san francisco about 20 minute drive from where i'm standing and they have been working on this for a couple days now we learn that it takes 2 days to create a to a 20 minute show 20 to 25 minutes depending on how long the finale owes yet today's i mean it takes a lot of work for them to get that done and it's going to be well worth it when we see those for colors sparkling in our skies. you know it will be a little bit foggy john said that he said it's not going to fog out so that is good to hear. but we do know the best places to go. and watch the show is anywhere waterfront you're going to be as close as possible. obviously you can go to some of the higher vantage points but the waterfront you can hear it seal it experience it and being in those crowds really makes you feel like yeah, this is definitely 4th of july. so i could some people randomly i met 2 groups of people from virginia they didn't even know each other whatsoever, but they're both
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here and they're here for the show take a listen. >>experience in on the west coast kind of like how you guys do out here also and especially on the piers is pretty cool. >>no wide says goes been 4th of july. we were for one thing that we were looking for a nice cool break our sons never been here before i was last here when i was back 10 years old. >>so a lot of people excited to be here and you know they and never seen. works before so. and we when we did talk to those and years working on the fireworks, they said even if you do come here every year and you are local, there will be some surprises, especially at the end that craft and finale it's going to be something to see for sure the show starts at 9.30 so. fortunately the city feels kind of like a ghost town right now because a lot of people do go on vacation. all
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the people flooding in here for the fire works from all over the bay area all over the country. it can be pretty facts so get your your spot and have a good force. live at pier 39 sarah stinson kron. >>say you else is happening today a puppy parade so let's get right to it because christina tate row is following that i don't know when your parade starts but i or to get a puppy because we're going to be talking to the spca and a little bit. so let's gonna. >>well let me tell you a lot is going on out here what we've had to wrangle right before this live shot has been hilarious i actually brought my best friend out here. this is my puppy and he's it may be hard to see actually jim would you mind holding the microphone we set up a 53 pound chow chow let's see how this goes. the. i want to i know. that's my dog and this
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is the puppy parade iran goal every single day but actually he's going to be here at the the puppy parade. there are expected to be about to 100 dogs coming out here to parade their patriotism i've got jim halley they are pulled judges. rogge a puppy parade. underneath my legs, scratching his own ways. now miss haley i would like to point out is only 10 years old and she's been judging this for 3 years we've seen the i want to know how do you judge the sox would you look now my dad's been a little bit of a rascal the past 10 minutes of your look at this fuzzy guy what would you have i would use private people. the and see this. not be any cbs now the cool thing about this puppy parade is each dogma is registered, gets their own award and ribbon so
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you know that each one is going to walk away with a big smile and a lot of dog biscuits they are about to have an entire parade on that stage behind me as you can tell we've got families out here i would hundreds are out here right now and it does it doesn't even officially begin until the next little bit here. this is just one of dozens of events here august annual 4th of july festival, it's also going to have of course a fireworks show at 09:30pm the most importantly right now. are the puppies that is currently happening so also if you have us on our kron on app we've got some more information on that there and if you follow us on social media i've been sending in happy pictures in puppy videos all morning she'll be able to see more puppies and my machine little guy cano right on there. all right, thanks a lot. christine, a the reason that i have my puppy as i mean honey's not mine from the spca is because in a little bit. >>we're going to be talking about pet safety on july 4th because you know all of the noise from the ferrets can really freaked
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>welcome back everyone 9.15 on this thursday morning better known as 4th of july hopefully are enjoying the holiday so far and no eric has been talking about how light that traffic has been which is nice but that fog it is not light this morning. we saw crystal clear views of the golden gate bridge, the past few days. definitely not the case this morning you can hardly even see the first fan of it right there, not your ideal start your 4th of july but here's the good news. the skies that we're looking at over san jose which are crystal clear and blue it's
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something that a lot of those foggy areas like san francisco are going to take in this afternoon as well says got away for it and then we've got some really nice grilling weather just around the corner. so we're already seeing out of mount diablo out in the east bay, pleasant hill conquered down to a danville and walnut creek all looking really nice and clear this morning just as you have all morning long. skies, definitely clear for east bay area's and south bay area's but if you look really closely you can see that low lying fog that is hanging out all up and down the shoreline. it is going to stick with us along the coast throughout the coast to coast. the course of the day today. high pressure is building back in now temperatures are going to boost these next couple of days taking us to our warmest temperatures of your forecast come tomorrow and come saturday as well, here's your fog this just going to hang out all along the coastline through the day today not going to see much sunshine in half moon bay. we got a parade going on there your temperatures will be in the 60's. so it's still going to be beautiful, but just not as sunny as the rest of the bay. much of the bay is going to be
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under crystal clear skies great grilling whether this afternoon even some good pull weather towards the east and south bay where temperatures will be in the 80's then comes tonight, fog streams back into the bay making for some foggy conditions in berkeley and san francisco for your fireworks there just get a little closer to the fireworks and you'll still be able to take in all those colors come tomorrow, a foggy start but a clear finished here friday as you get outside possibly for your extended weekend holiday travel plans. 60's for your daytime highs for the most part in san francisco today, a little cooler towards the coast with 60's low on terra with foggy conditions there well through the afternoon brisbane in san bruno in the mid 60's while millbrae and burlingame and further south on the peninsula, mostly the 70's. woodside our first 80 degree temperature but certainly not our only one south bay will be solidly in the low 80's today, san jose in mountain view both having fireworks displays and both looking crystal clear 4. those displaced tonight. pleasant in dublin in livermore low 80's while mid 70's and hayward in
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union city 60 in my 69 degrees in berkeley while oakland just above the 70 degree mark at 71. concord you've also got fireworks you've got a daytime high 85 and you've got clear skies not just this afternoon but on through the evening tonight, not going to be quite as clear towards stinson beach in point raise but sausalito fireworks display there and it should be nice and clear as for temperatures tomorrow and saturday they're going to be at the warmest into the mid-eighties after that cooling back into the 70's inland by sunday monday and tuesday, before it even more noticeable warm-up on the other side of your 7 day come the middle to end of next week. we have air came for trapped morning and it's been pretty smooth out there hasn't. >>and definitely have a band, i mean it's looking really light right now after crossing the san mateo bridge. our bridges have just been fabulous hall morning in light look at this. the richmond sandra fell bridge looking at a commute time of 7 minutes from the toll plaza. highway
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one oh one thing iwish traffic was always like that going are crossing the bridge very light and right now we are in the green for all are our main highways, you know across the bay area we're looking drive time under 15 minutes if you're taking southbound 6.80 from dublin out to fremont let's check in on some of our other drive times here in the green quick. drive time there for 5.80 if you're going from livermore to the 6.80 split and if you're taking a highway one oh one from san francisco to the 80 split a 6 minute. >>commute time for you going to send it over to daryn yeah they circus have to talk pet safety on and forth with buffy martin targets on the peninsula, humane society and the spca and you have brought along. so let's talk a little bit about you know once the fire escape going and we've got some lights in the studio and even that's you know a little much at so what do you think is best for people to do try to close all the windows and doors are well, i mean we
9:20 am
have to remember that. >>to animals and this includes pets and wild animals as well that you know the fireworks are very scary. they don't know what's happening here celebration time for them like it is for us. so the best thing to do is to not take your animals to any outdoor events special is going to be a lot louder might keep them indoors if your animals typically live outdoors bring them inside because what will happen is with the loud noise is not just for fireworks but from the parties as well, the talks will fleet they can dig out from underneath, you know fences and then they end up at shelters as strays so it's best just to keep them. indoors close the blinds to minimize any light any noise and put on some ambient noise like a radio or tv. and sometimes you know if it's really bad for animals you can go to you can request medication all calm them perhaps even look at getting a thunder vest for for your dogs to help them and makes them feel secure that as it makes it feel a little bit more secure hand if you do become
9:21 am
separated from your animal during 4th of july please as soon as possible culture local animal, karen control to see if your animal has ended up in there it would have a little honey well honey well honey actually was surrender to our shelters, she's a 10 year-old to all you can see she's very sweet a little bit camera shy. but she seems to be getting an answer life's >>and it said the land. so too late so honey is up for adoption. she is available for adoption at our game. >>so she's really good. and how many dogs and available right now for example we have probably about 35 dogs available and it seems like maybe a 1000 kittens right now available. my can lots of cash cats dogs were asked sign and you wouldn't want them to be like you said if a dog or a cat or something got loose. and you know will belong to then how long before they're up for adoption depends yeah, i mean we will hold if an animal is microchipped and that's really important trip
9:22 am
they have some kind of id right makes it a lot easier for us to reunite animals with their pets. and so when the stray start to come into our shelter today into tomorrow will scan them for microchips we'll see if they're wearing any sort of i d sets another really important tip with your animals us make sure they have some form of id get a little and i was just thinking as a whole region because i actually got my puppy from you by the from the spc and the pencil. they have such good hearing and do they even hear the fireworks more and worse than we do is as a and it is covering area is very very frightening for them because i do not understand what's happening. yeah so yeah, so okay, so the best thing is just to keep him inside stay home with them that's and if you can't take it with you and you're going to fire a show that's a toughie and just make sure they're in a safe and secure location. ok thank you for bringing honey and if you like honey just one of the many cuts that they have for adoption at the spca and the peninsula humane society so thanks for bringing her and thanks for bringing her and thank you all right and happy ♪
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>>the back 9.25 on this 4th of july we have persistent fog sitting up and down the coastline that includes much of san francisco. you're starting to see your clearing now across the east bay and areas further east than that conquered down through walnut creek. even clear all morning long now as we make our way into the afternoon, this is 03:00pm right here. beautiful clear skies to be seen from oakland down through hayward san leandro you've got
9:26 am
sunshine for your afternoon grilling. and you also have it as well on the bay side of the peninsula, even though that fog will be persistent from the golden gate southward. now we work our way into the evening you see that push of fog around 09:00pm right here. visibility in san francisco on up to richmond and berkeley will fall to a mile so get a little closer to those fireworks displays and you should still get a good view from them at as we make our way through the evening look how quickly that changes by 1045 visibility in san francisco as well as oakland now falling below a mile so we're hanging on to visibility just at that last moment for those firework still a good chance to enjoy him before that fog are really sets in and stays with us into tomorrow morning too. erica. >>well you can definitely tell it's not your usual thursday morning by looking at the roads in the bay area. i mean if you're heading into san francisco taking the ba bridge traffic has been light. all morning just a few cars on the road. it's looking like a
9:27 am
fast drive 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street. now take a look at our other
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>>a big block party is under way this morning in half moon bay. they're celebrating on main street covers the lia 7 as is there. >>eat bank caixa know you've already moved on to lunch. >>say this is a way to start 4th of july look at that you
9:30 am
have some sausages here going on we got the pancakes going on here and this is a half moon bay lions club here in the us, let's show the can case good good. >>this is their fundraiser. this is how they're kicking off 4th of july of united's great snow people to come down here by their brakes isn't that just basically goes right back into the community because that's what the lions club does so this is their big fund-raiser will be here in half moon bay. this just go out to show you main street, this is where the big parades going to happen here in half moon bay, you can see people putting out their chairs staking out their and you you know people constantly say that they love. you know 4th of july here because there's an old fashioned feeling about about him basically that the parade shows their community and shows off their community. they have you know local. >>businesses in and they have the school band and they have you know classic cars and then so they really love all of
9:31 am
that and they're doing a really great job and also honoring one of their. most pristine citizens here in half moon bay and as she's going to be the grand marshal for the parade and that's one of the the last remaining for of founder of the pumpkin festival and her name is beth asch craft shelby the grandmaster so that's really good. they said they actually call her the godmother of half moon bay, so they're going to honor her while she's still here with us of and i was really lucky. daria i got to speak to a 4 time mayor of half moon bay and he explains what it is that they like about celebrating the 4th of july as take a listen. happen bay still they. >>diverse community is that small town and we have the small town atmosphere in that that brings people out and in a different mood than what what you have in the big city like san francisco or new york. this is small town atmosphere that we like. >>now he's amazing he's going to be 96 years old in 13 days.
9:32 am
and he's probably want to book the last of the world war 2 veterans. >>with doesn't he still as sharp as a web wonderful man i got to speak to him for quite a while but. >>you know you are you can still come down here and get that old time feeling in half moon the parade doesn't start until noon and other festivities will go on after the parade you'll have also barbecue music and all of that. >>continues into the late afternoon around 3 o'clock. that it over here at half moon bay just come down and have some before they right >>but uh back to you darya on me and so got a little breakfast here from america's best baker and we're going to have that coming up in just a little bit but first. >>let's check the forecast i john well we are looking at some great weather to the east of beijing this morning because it's kind of foggy out there. >>this afternoon it's going to be some grilling weather because skies are already clearing out over over the east bay right here berkeley oakland skies have already
9:33 am
been clear over san jose and much of the rest of the bay. fogersistent out along the coastline where you are going to be seeing fog even into the afternoon in areas like cap and they is right now visibility below a mile elsewhere, though skies are clearing out and get outside continue on with those grilling plans is going to look like a beautiful afternoon ahead of us comfortable temperatures. clear skies light winds all the things you like after that though come 09:00pm that fog streams its way back into the bay, san francisco still holding on to a mile visibility at this time just get a little closer to those fireworks. you'll still be able to enjoy them. but after that point visibility falls even lower and by the time we move into the evening tonight, we'll be looking at a very foggy one ahead of us after those fireworks are done san francisco as i mentioned coastal fog, 58 degrees for your temperatures at the display tonight clear in london, though if you want to head to a fireworks to pollute display that is bound to be very clear go down to about mountain view to san jose on east to concord or up to
9:34 am
sausalito are your skies should be a lot clearer for those displaced, 60's and 50's for your current temperatures across the bay area were trudging upwards for most of the bay, although san francisco and berkeley holding on to a little bit on the fog year side of things and still holding on to those 50's. although berkeley you're really clearing out now has also is oakland. winds will calm down into the afternoon just the cherry on top of what is about to be a beautiful 4th of july afternoon ahead of us, 60's and san francisco 70's in oakland and for san jose. it is going to be the low 80's. erica. >>good morning john. traffic is looking excellent right now if you're crossing the san mateo bridge here 12 minute drive from hayward to sam a tale but i. here if you're heading north on the 6.18 coco county. i the number one lane is blocked. so they're trying to get more information on that. but other parts of the bay area looking great right now on the peninsula in south bay here on. and from the san
9:35 am
jose to menlo park quick 27 minute drive for you so it's not too late hit the roads if you're still thinking about going camping or doing activities around a northern california there and it's looking very a wonderful here for your commute if you're on the 6.80 from dublin to fremont a quick 13 minute drive as for. transportation to see now the 4th of july fireworks. caltrain and bart as well as as a mother a transportation agencies they are i'm running on a sunday schedule so there's also a new train service today and tomorrow for ace i'm going to send it to you. 9.35 right. >>in cities across the nation are taking precautions to make sure the july 4th a safe and fun for everyone, karen k for takes a closer look at what's being done. >>national level federal agencies say no specific credible threats against the holiday but law enforcement will remain vigilant whether
9:36 am
it's at the major celebrations like here in new york or down in d c or one of the smaller celebrations taking place across the country today. independence day celebrations set across the country and aaa forecasts nearly 49 million americans making a getaway to celebrate we see unemployment is low americans have additional disposable income so they're taking that additional money and putting it towards a trip with friends and family this year. >>in washington president tru p will deliver a speech at the lincoln memorial in addition to the traditional fireworks over the national mall. >>and for the massive fireworks display here in new york, prime viewing spots will be under the eye of the n y p d with patrols in the air and on the waterways road safety measures will include bag checks and thousands of officers on duty. >>this is what the n y p d does and we have so many large events during the year where will be ready and when he climbed down it's going to be a great show. >>the national retail federation estimates americans will spend billion on 4th of july barbecues here at coney
9:37 am
island they'll take things a few steps further at the corner of surf and stillwell avenues crowds will gather for the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest, watching competitors like getting oh, gee and juliet lee who qualified at washington's capitol barbecue battle. contestants have 10 minutes to down as many hot dogs and buns as they can. and reigning men's champion joey chestnut has won the competition here 11 of the last 12 years and lapt year he set a record with it. >>74. hot dogs that might seem like a lot, but it is just a small fraction of the 150 million hot dogs americans are expected to consume today nd brooklyn's coney island i'm karen caifa. >>we'll be following the pride of a lay how and san jose joey just a few minutes on coney island. but first we want to let you know that you can spend the 4th with us tonight and get all all of the fireworks from around the bay foggy or not that way your bases are covered you don't have time parking check out the july 4th live special tonight on 4 at 09:00pm we'll be right back.
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>>the a warning if you live there car burglars in santa clara are using new technology to find which car and they can find good stuff and here's how it works first of all burglars rubble 121% so far this year so they're out there. in big shopping center parking lot is a popular place and what they do is they've been driving
9:41 am
through the parking lot using a number of app apps that can actually detect whether there's a bluetooth device in yo car are like an ipad and then still swipe it. >>you know it's something fairly knew we probably been noticing it, you know maybe in the last several but we know the technology is being used that holiday will sign some devices or teen how to identify which cars they want to break into. >>the new state budget includes 3.7 $5 million to help santa clara, san jose one milpitas a freeman and newark fight auto thefts. it's going to go a big part will go to surveillance cameras because that really helps a lot and then to signs reminding you don't leave valuables in your car. >>well just one of many of our fireworks displays tonight will be in muranga if you're getting out there for that when it kicks off at 9.30 upper 50's will be your temperature with fog approaching, i've got your forecast and what to expect for your fireworks for afternoon grill and for everything
9:42 am
just when you thought you were done painting...
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9:45 am
beautiful morning arrest of the morning and beautiful day ahead of you. you can see that fog showing up off shore and is going to stay there right around half moon bay all day long today we've got high pressure building back in this is actually going to result in a warm-up subtly today just a few degrees warmer but then more so into tomorrow and saturday, fog stays on the peninsula all through the afternoon clear skies elsewhere though and then tonight it unfortunately pushes back in right around san francisco and berkeley time of year fireworks there, i'm just get a little closer to those displays you'll still be able to see him fog it's actually thick tomorrow morning before burning off for the rest of the day after that point. your daytime highs today, those will range from the 60's at the coast in half moon bay and san francisco to 70's and oakland mill valley fremont and hayward to then some 80's in concord antioch morgan hill in san jose. some of your clearest 4th of july fireworks forecasts are in san jose mountain view on over to concord and then up to sausalito there's the next 7 days temperatures warmest
9:46 am
friday and saturday after that the cool back down to start next week back into the 70's for our inland areas. erica. >>taking a look at our bridges it has been fabulous all morning traffic, a light i mean i wish there's only like a looking at a minute drive from the maze to fremont street there as for slowdowns and picking up a slowdown here on 6.80 if you're heading north to the benicia martinez bridge. there was a hit and run, but no injuries, however there is a vehicle that is blocking one of the lanes so you will encounter some traffic if you're heading in that direction out in cocoa county i'm going to send it back over to you darya. >>all right, thanks let's take a peek coney island because we're waiting for the big nathan's hot dog eating contest to happen. there's everybody in the sunshine on the east coast getting ready to watch our bay area competitive eater champ joey chestnut in new york right now he's going to try to retain his title as the fustest biggest hot dog eater america. but you know what right now we've got america's best baker
9:47 am
in the studio and he's from here as well in the studio right now eric kepler executive pastry chef at the 4 seasons in palo alto and you won that title on the tv show i did on the food network and you actually brought in the cake that won it. >>well the cake that one was we worse tasked with doing a large cake for america's birthday ok, i thought of that immediately thought of my grandmother and this cake that we serve at the hotel actually the basis of that cake is my grandmother's chocolate cake, this one right here. ok won over the judges are mean obvious it was a little bit more elaborate on the tv shows sell out. but because it was there and for america's birthday could you change the color red white blue is exactly for the show. >>a giant spectacular red white and blue is chocolate decorations and sugar decorations, it was crazy and to have you been baking like since you were a kid is a shot. >>have you ever since i was really little with my grandmother i said a baking in. >>i tried a few other things but it's always what i
9:48 am
gravitated toward so him came up pretty good at it right and you're only and you must be a morning person like us here on the kron 00:04am morning news 3 like i did when i got to do realize that was a morning thing. >>and weekly n a morning person, but i have done it for so many years you kind of just get used to being up early uh ok so you tell me as a pro then what is the mistake that most of us make like i you know my stuff just doesn't come out as looks i guess part of it is how it looks taste is important to look what would you say is the biggest like do we cook it too long to week of the rookie long that i could improve and i think a lot of people like always measure measuring is important a lot of people go we still use cups and spoons base, but it is going to scale. >>oh my gosh really kill immediately fix all of your baking was because you're you'll be more consistent so
9:49 am
when you do make a mistake if you fix it it will always be correct and because there's a huge difference between us got a cup and a spoon and the scale i was totally wing it too i don't wing it you cannot win it with a yes, he my first mistake is this kelly. >>it looks like it's a little more flow, whatever now okay, certain things certain things are saying things are kind of like a savory chef or you can kind of feed a wing and a little bit of lake pastry and stuff you kind of have to feel it. it's natural is it. >>wet today that dry owner certain things like baking cakes and stuff those are science and you have to follow that recipe, ok and you even brought in i you actually make the chocolate by we do everything at the hotel so we make all of our own house made bon bons our breakfast pastries in been laminated chaz have of the middle of lot of was a really is what they call like these kind of laminated breakfast owes so increase all of those kind of
9:50 am
pastries we laminated dough with butter ourselves so there are a 100% pure butter and how. >>calorie count on a baby now is that now you don't trust the same as a thin baker and now you joy just that you know they're down and those have dodd he wants a is record for twinkies, a 100 and i think it's a 121 twinkies in 6 minutes that's crazy is that horrible that's crazy. >>there's a lot more things that we can use maybe than there is in oswego use preservatives that know and maybe joey chestnut might live forever. but its preserve yeah. last i don't know if i should refrigerate stouffer, not like you don't have any of this refrigerated is it best leave it out i'm certain things are better room temperature like this obviously is best refrigerated until you're about to isis custard in their own right as so there's a of mice capone a moose in that one the cape though can be left room temperature this is just a chocolate space cake. so there's no with creams or you lose your fill of refrigerate butter or not i don't think that you do. so you could
9:51 am
linger your kitchen just all the time is going have a jury a good did not have an ex eggs. it's hit and miss in america. yeah, yes, okay in europe, they don't. but i didn't want to die and yeah here it's because i the way we process the eggs so that once they've been washed in process. they're actually more susceptible so they need to be referred another from i always have weather's cross on stuff like this or or french-bred lot of people buy a baguette around. >>how long is it good for is a good longer 5 put in the back and then it gets almost d i put in the microwave to try and what you got to eat it not i can't way i like pay shoe like this you want to kind of heated day of his bass will you date it's made on what if you here, but if you can't i usually will keep it in paper bag because it will help absorb actually excess moisture so that it doesn't get soggy and sauaso mice mistake isn't putting at a plastic that often kind of got me into a and if you can like if whenever you go to eat it refreshing in the oven for a
9:52 am
few minutes never the microwave oven them and for them i do harder on any gets robbery you're up to it within 10 seconds by the way let me those can please i do my my fingers like a white know why not why im so yes we made this a special just for 4th of july look like a little rocket >>inside you may find some fireworks so i came in the it's a hazel knight and o candy so does not drop out so i'm not going to go around but no my. get the fireworks and the magic happening with lot >>yeah good morning what is that what how do you do that. >>notice it's popping candy so it is similar to pop rocks but they're unflavored so we just flavor them with his own that dogged live and next surprise but it gives you that path of fire. i thought you i thought it was and that's all they're
9:53 am
still crunching or micro this up that something is happening. >>let's go to hold on take us up. wow that really is like a little baby pop rock. a very nice will go over the baking and thanks for bringing all and for us today thank you so much and. >>please enjoy and if you need to find out what i'm doing next follow me on instagram i'm there are you wonder america's best baker to ensure the best baker in america, i'm using that tagline you you can find me and you want underscore erica player, ok and you can find out what's happening at the hotel what i'm doing next. what's going on at the 4 seasons the 40's and silicon valley come down and visit as palo alto has more going on than just tag. i'm sure they got quite spread out there with and everything we do is from scratch in homemade so it's delicious and come see us thank you so much i appreciate it and happy 4th to you as you as well and and that was quite the little thing all right we'll be back with more just a couple of minutes, we'll see a joey chestnut is doing he should be just rounding the corner might
9:54 am
use hot dogs maybe he's on 70 by now he's been a percent minutes. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>all right we already have the way in yesterday i showed you joey chestnut we that they just started the eating we think it was supposed to start about 10 minutes ago, which means this is a live look at
9:57 am
coney island that they're either still eating or they just finished. i wanted to give you the update if he won but since he's from the in san jose. we'll be tracking whether or not he won you can ship kron 4 dot com. we'll have that and see if joey retained a hot dog eating title, looks like people are enjoying the 4th out on the east coast, let's take a piek at what we're in for weather wise. on this july 4th going to be 82 for high today inland and then we'll have the big fireworks show on channel 4 starting at 9 o'clock so tune in for that. whatever you do today and i'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 04:00am.
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"dr. phil." >> my mom has been out of my life. >> she says she's always been there for her sobut -- >> dr. phil: debra checked out of the hotel and said she wasn't showing up tod >> announcer: will she be there now? >> she said they're threatening her. >> dr. phil: she told us you threatened her. >> announcer: will she walk away again? >> dr. phil: she's behind the door or not. debra, come on out. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you.


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