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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>the scattered damage paul vercammen has been there all day he reports live now from ridgecrest the epicenter. the quite buckled this high i desert valley they're trying to get things back to normal here at the ridge crest hospital back. >>they had to transport 10 patients away to a hospital in
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bakersfield. it was an independence day here that they won't soon forget. morning, this 4th of july for residents in california. off the wall a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. the strongest quake to hit the region almost 20 years. >>was felt as far away as los angeles, a 175 miles away from the epicenter. >>want to go inside everyone's been outside in the open in the parking lot there's nothing really to this fall and crush you are the >>more than 100 aftershocks have been reported and seismologist warned. they will continue for several weeks. a state of emergency has been declared the city of ridgecrest one local resident says his house seem safe minutes after the quake, but then i heard some things. >>back that went to that door. >>a suspected gas rupture set fire inside the garage. gas leaks in water leaks are now the top concern as authorities
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set up response teams and search and rescue crews. ready for any damage that may come. >>we expect we will be able to move on from this and not see too many. >>it is a good reminder to tell people to get a plan to be ready. for an earthquake because in california we can happen at any time. >>then they are still on pins and needles in lots of powerful aftershocks, many of them 4 point o and above and they absolutely rattle your feet to their core. reporting live from ridgecrest california. i'm paul vercammen. now back to you. >>and thank you for that we are looking now at a map of where the brunt of the earthquake hit in richard quest. the california senator dianne feinstein issued a statement today saying in part quote we are we all need to be aware that severe earthquakes are possible at any moment and we must be prepared. my office
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will continue to work to ensure communities up and down the state are prepared for any disaster. >>all lanes of northbound to 80 and san francisco are back open tonight after a pedestrian was killed while trying to run across the freeway. it happened just before 5 this afternoon on geneva avenue at 2.80 is actually on the freeway. according to san francisco police the victim was apparently a suspect in an assault that happened near a muni station when police found the suspect we're told he took off jumped over a fence and on to the freeway where he was and struck and killed the driver of the vehicle that hit him remained on the scene. the highway patrol is now handling the investigation, developing news tonight, 7 americans have died after a helicopter crashed as it was flying from big grand k island in the bahamas to fort lauderdale florida. the royal bahamas police force as the helicopter crashed 2 miles off of the grand k island, one of the victims has been identified as
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chris klein that's a billionaire from west virginia apparently in the coal business. this according to the governor of west virginia jim justice. officials have not identified any of the victims but they do say there were 4 women and 3 men aboard that helicopter. the royal bahamas police force and some civil aviation authorities are now investigating the crash. >>firefighters kept busy today in san jose several fires broke out along state route 87, dozens of acres went up in flames in one neighborhood to build a was also destroyed. >>kron four's dan tore live for us tonight in san jose with more on the fires, what officials are saying about potential future danger. dan. >>we'll pan and can all of those fires are out tonight, but a 1.3 fires were burning and one of them burned more than 2 dozen acres on communications hill here in san jose so firefighters had their work cut out for them not only on the ground but
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also from the air. several grass fires break out along state route 87 in san jose thursday afternoon. >>crews were battling the flames on the ground while also getting some support from the air. the response snarled traffic in the northbound direction near i 2.80 for a few hours. not r away another grass fire grew more than 30 acres threatening a home, but the strong storage garage on communications hill fire officials say crews were able to get all of the fires under control, but they say weather plays a huge factor in their response. fortunately this fire came in. >>the win was very calm as you can see now on to win as it does every evening here to valley is starting to pick up. so had this fire started later in the evening. we could have had a more devastating fire san jose assistant fire chief reggie williams says as the weather in vegetation continue to be dry. >>it's crucial for people to follow the law and not create
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danger. >>we asked that their community the citizens should fireworks a fireworks are illegal in the city of san jose. the decision is very dry. we will have more fires if we do get fireworks them and and grass sure. >>fire officials say there were no reports of any injuries and all of these fires remain under investigation tonight that's the latest here live in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news dan. thank many are celebrating the holiday with a 4 day weekend a handful of lawmakers in sacramento will be back at work first thing tomorrow. >>a state senate committee is set to vote on a controversial wildfire liability bill, which aims to provide protection for utility companies. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala gives us a preview of tomorrow's hearing. >>the senate energy and utilities committee friday will vote whether to move forward with the governor's new wildfire liability bill ab
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1054 creates a california catastrophes council in addition to a funds to help utilities pay for future wildfire costs so i think doing nothing >>i asked robert consequence to and i think most objective people that worked in this. it's a that's the option that the most. >>and this is easy pg e is in the bankruptcy process after being blamed for the state's deadliest fire last year the utility wouldn't have access to the money until it results recent wildfire claims without raising customer rates, a bipartisan group of lawmakers and fire victims have already spoken out against the bill and we're looking forward to the interim process going back to committees and some other common making adjustments considering specks of what were those him. broadly good that we're closer than that. most legislation this complexity and woman a spokesperson for pg any tells us the utility has not yet taken a position on the measure saying it's unlikely
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anyone representing pg e will be at friday's hearing the governor says he wants to act quickly as other private electric companies in the state could face credit rating downgrades but the legislature starts summer break next friday when asked if they'll go into a special session the governor said we'll see what happens in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news, let's step outside. >>and get a live view along the park there which wasn't quite as foggy as the golden gate bridge area where we saw the fireworks earlier tonight our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here we had pretty good night for fireworks moving on to them and they were able to tell people about or i were let him know that it was going though following up their peer 39, but other places around the bay looking pretty good and yeah. the weekend will see a little more this to more fog low clouds stretching out over san francisco, the fires. >>yeah, the main displays maybe or but you know those fires will continue well into the night out toward the golden gate bridge, some patchy follow those let up just a little bit while folks to be a working their way across that bridge leaving some of this place right now
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but yet today we had a nice day, those temperatures a little bit below the average in the san francisco, 65 degrees oakland right at the average of 71 in the san jose very hot 4th of july 78 degrees 85 degrees of warming livermore 89 little bit above normal in the concord in 84 degrees right on the average in santa rosa, so a nice 4th of july around the bay area, the fog that was really the biggest concern always is for these fireworks displays but most of that was right along the coastline and just inside the base all that actually shut all the way across the bay in the berkeley oakland in those areas, but otherwise a mostly clear skies so tonight will see that fog filling in a little bit, although it's not to make its way all the way to the valleys being kind of from up above so a thin marine layer, but it is very close to the surface that sea breeze continuing to blow outside 10 miles per hour 14. the sfo of 12 miles per hour in oakland right now 11 and can also a little bit of a sea breeze continuing the temperatures away from the coastline, very comfortable, but look at the beaches pacifica you've got some fog you've got some drizzle a 52 degrees there 60 for the 4th of july celebrations in san jose right
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now 65. still nice and livermore 74 degrees in pittsburgh 69 now in concord 53 in teheran. 57 degrees in the bottom 50 trees in the napa valley so overnight tonight, we'll see that fargo marching back inside the bay filling in just a little bit not everywhere on things to make its way all the way down in redwood city or san jose so mostly clear inland and then tomorrow, mostly sunny breezy. we will start out some patchy fog and the slightly warmer by the afternoon, maybe a little hot some of the valleys and then the weekend. i think saturday looking good but by sunday we'll see a few more patches of fog and some cooler temperatures, the winds likely start to kick up as well. air quality looking good around the bay area for friday going to be mostly good after also fireworks in the smoke clears and that fog moves out little bit of a sea breeze to help clear things out the in the atmosphere high pressure trying to build an animal try and nudge its way in for the weekend you got that low to the north so that's going to keep us we've seen a big ridge building in overhead so we will see some warmer temperatures but only a few degrees warmer over the next few days, we'll be hot fresno for tomorrow plan about 97 degrees 94 bakersville about
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95 in sacramento, low clouds and fog filling in overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning with some drizzle out along the coastline starting out tomorrow morning and then as we head toward the afternoon that will pull back toward the beaches of out there the better part of the day and maybe couple sunny breaks in the afternoon, but the temperatures go to stay down near the coastline highs there could be as much as 30 degrees cooler and some of the warmer spots inland by tomorrow afternoon. >>thank you aren't one area where you didn't have to worry about the fog spoiling the show at least in the north bay in sandra fell crowds. gather at the we're in county fair to rks show their crown force taylor the second had a front row seat to the show all the fun. >>you can imagine we've got to see tonight. i still have a beautiful backdrop right here behind me and just because the bar. me that this pair is over. and organizers tell me
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that the 1000 plus people were here and only imagine what it's going to be like we had the lead to get out of it up to trap that we didn't even have and the other in got in there, but again. a beautiful night and maybe. that if you are often show back and enjoy studios. >>alright taylor, thank you for that we continue our coverage tonight of the fireworks shows around the bay area. the fireworks show was also the scene of music food and all kinds of fun and concord hour talking about what happened in contra costa county kron four's gayle ong. >>always manages to have a good time almost anywhere. she goes. and i'm sure gayle you had a really good time tonight. >>it was a great assignment to be a part of and look behind
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me ken and pam, not even 20 minutes ago, this whole a grassy area what's covered with that thousands of people and all eyes on the sky. >>the play of light about mount diablo high school in concord at the 6th annual 4th of july festival in i work a job, an event that brings 1000 to correct you many kept a busy before the big show. >>america's birthday and my daughters were to actually to family and friends. >>fire where it was for sam, the holiday is about hot food today at late tomorrow, yes i did just a vote on who to date and then when 8. and what better way to celebrate the 4th of july. >>now the big cleanup begins.
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you can see there's not much to clean up. so it's get compliments to the crowd here for not leaving too much for the workers to do and you see that it's empty here. but we in a lot of cars stu traffic over there. it just comes with the big show. happy 4th live in concord gayle ong kron 4 news all right gail thank you very much in the east bay as well boaters and swimmers are out on the delta for this 4th of july. >>the waterway was path packed with people enjoying the holiday and getting ready for the fireworks earlier kron four's michelle kingston went out with the contra costa county sheriff's and marine patrol who are looking for people who weren't following the rules of the water. >>happy 4th of july summer is officially here which means more boats along the delta more people out swimming, which unfortunately also means more potential for accidents. >>it's a legal right back here while the vessels under way. >>it's a busy holiday weekend along the delta and national media.
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>>the contra costa county marine patrol, educating voters in discovery bay on the 4th of july be required to have a life >>the latest statistics from the state show 59 boating accidents in the delta in 2016 2 of resulting in fatalities with nearly 1, 4, all acts of it's happening during the holiday weekend like the 4th of july. >>and both experienced and sir on the water in crowds of people populate areas like ski beach. >>usually before we get out of the marina we stop several boats, the delta sees more. >>accidents than any other area in northern california. powell hopes to reduce that number by stopping boats in alerting drivers about the >>the water, our round out we stop a couple boats and they were both in violation of simple rules that if they had been educated they probably would not have violated the law in discovery bay, michelle
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kingston you guys have a safe and happy 4th of kron 4 news. >>a man in vallejo was stabbed to death this morning. police responded to the intersection of lewis brown drive and bw liam williams drive around 12 30 this morning officers say they found a vehicle that it crashed in the intersection police say the driver had stab wounds he was taken to hospital where he later died. police say they found evidence indicating that the stabbing took place in the 300 block of many drive just a few blocks north where that vehicle crashed. >>people celebrating independence day across the country today. why experts say you need to keep an eye on europe has not only tonight but tomorrow, still ahead why a lightning strike is to blame for a deadly. >>accident plus how a california woman helped tip off authorities about a crime on social media. >>and attention atnt and you've are subscribe ers as of july 2nd kron four's been removed from the direct tv an
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a t n t u verse lineup att has refused to extend our existing distribution agreement to august 2nd that means you can no longer watch kron 4 news programming next our our parent company is negotiating with atnt has offer to extend our current deal as we work to try to reach an agreement if you want to continue watching kron 4 in shows such as doctor phil inside edition and entertainment tonight. you can call the number on your screen 8, 5, 5, 5, 6, 7 15 69 in tell directv and atnt you versa bring back kron 4. >>and here's a look at fireworks in the south bay.
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>>us to the ground on the 4th of july. >>and we've got some more clouds on the way tonight lot about the weekend what about the following weekend we'll talk about that you're tended
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>so many people wanted to get out and celebrate the holiday today that several east bay, regional park, it's hit capacity, forcing him to close early and while that was good for the people who are able to get in early and get a spot. it was disappointing to those who didn't kron four's justine waltman has the story from hayward. >>with the sun out and not a cloud in the sky this don. recreation place to splash around as long as you've got an early we've been here since this east bay regional park opens at 11:00am in afternoon no more people were allowed
10:27 pm
into the cool section. >>this came out to get you with ruin. >>pleasanton in antioch also hit capacity and closed and we're not dealing with something. parking lot filled up first forcing cars to turn around a family over here so >>trying to catch up with them left a little. >>some people found street parking and then schlepped in their barbecues and lawn chairs in some cases almost a half a mile but still good how surprised can we be that there that there is such a big crowd. any way you slice it people still had to fight for it. you see all the smoke. >>the smell was in the air. it
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was more than you know you can really stand around. >>a fireworks store in south carolina caught fire today it caused quite the explosion. it happened just outside what's called the davy jones fireworks store in fort mill. the crews spent much of the morning trying to fight the fire. dodging the rockets which were shooting out from it. >>and as we celebrated independence day a reminder to not forget about your pets, the american kennel club says more pets go missing today and tomorrow than any other time of year. loud noises and bright lights from fireworks can send them into a panic. experts recommend taking pets outside for a walk and playing with them before hand getting them tire. so there more likely to be calm once a fireworks shows start and then when they do start and then they're going on right now of course illegal stuff bring them inside surround them with blankets and some music. >>think of it kind of as a
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small child liga scared of a thunderstorm and they run into mom and dad pets go through the same thing. >>if your pet does right away call your local animal control agency or the police if you have to as soon as possible, so you can start tracking it down. >>this 4th of july has been a day filled with patriotism of course, but also protest in washington. >>as president trump's controversial salute to america celebration kicked off in the nation's capital reporter omar jimenez has the latest from washington. >>it was a unique 4th of july celebration here in washington dc there were tapes on this play the president spoke terry flyover is as well there was rain thunder lightning all of that combining into a 4th of july celebration, one that we had never seen before in the nation's capital. what a great country. president trump
10:30 pm
delivering on his promise to put on the show of a lifetime at the lincoln memorial. >>we are one. >>magnificent destiny. >>showing off america's military might featuring several flyovers from each military branch. >>the skies belong to the united states of america. >>but just down the street interruption of violence at least 2 protesters were arrested. after fights broke out. an american flag was set on fire in front of the white house, this wasn't the only opposition to the president'sf salute to america, democrats jumped on the celebrations saying they fear trump would turn america's independence day into a campaign rally. >>reducing our. and shows of muscle just makes us look like that. >>it allowed now guide the bar in the end the president avoided partisanship by sticking to the script. >>to every citizen throughout
10:31 pm
our land. this independence day have a great. >>we are now on the other side of the fires so now here in washington dc and between all of the new elements that were part of this year's celebration as people head for the exits i think it's safe to say that this won't be the celebration. they will soon forget, reporting from washington d c. >>among the protests in washington dc today, the trump baby balloon, the infamous 20 foot tall balloon depicting the president as a baby in diapers was in place near the washington monument earlier today, the national park service issued a permit to the group behind the balloon code pink to display it on the national mall, however, the group did not get permission to fill the balloon with helium. so it can fly in the sky as it has and other demonstrations in the east bay, the alameda county sheriff's department is cracking down on illegal fireworks a tweeted out a warning to anyone thinking
10:32 pm
about setting off the fireworks reminding them that. >>it is illegal in alameda coty. the tweet included a picture more than 2000 pounds of illegal fireworks which of already been seized since monday. here's what it looked like inside a walmart in ridgecrest in kern county after that 6.4 earthquake earlier today as you can see it knocked off many products off the shelves. the store had to be evacuated. there's also an evacuation at a nearby hospital. officials said the earthquake also sparked several fires in the city and ruptured gas lines. >>a day at the river and in a deadly lightning strike family and friends near the black river in georgetown south carolina say a store roll through and lightning hit a nearby tree as many as a dozen people got hurt. one person was killed 44 year-old ryan gamble several people are still in area hospitals because of it. a beautiful night for. >>many people in the bay area a little foggy for some at lawrence karnow standing by with what's ahead now yeah,
10:33 pm
look at that fog coming in now stretching across the bay you see that in lair the boys were very low and so of course that affect a lot of the fireworks display just inside the bay close to the coastline in the san francisco. so we're seeing that now and of course that low cloud deck in effect so. >>ever not to see make its way all the way to the interior valleys so tomorrow we wake up sunny side up and it looks like another nice day in fact friday looking to be a little bit warmer around the bay area of high pressure sitting out the coastline and not just when you're little bit. you still have an active all area of lw pressure up in the 7 northwest that will bring some rain up towards seattle possibly in the portland. around the bay area though that ridge will build in a little as high pressure builds in our temperatures to warm up through saturday. and then the low starts to drop in a little bit closer to the bay area that's going to cool us down on sunday, then look what off the coastline that some pretty impressive system for this time of year that's going to drop in a little bit closer as we get in toward of monday. and we want to rotate in toward the mid week look at that that will bring some more low clouds and fog not gonna bring us any rain here but certainly a late season system off the coastline will keep the temperatures down a little
10:34 pm
bit before going to keep things right back up once again i think we're going to get some real hot weather. once that system moves on through so heres your 10 a 10. this weekend likely going to see some temperatures in the 90's as we head in saturday, at least by sunday, the temperatures drop breezy conditions kick up and that low approaches the coastline but after that low moves by watch what happens. high pressure are talking about some hot temperatures in the 90's. maybe triple digits as we head toward the latter part of next weekend. thank you lawrence. >>area waterways, or course a natural place for locals to enjoy the 4th of july weekend, especially with the warm weather we're having safety is always a concern that's why rangers and sacramento county parks were out in force today and will be throughout the weekend. reporter lonnie wong on the american river telling us about the safety measures put in place. >>wrapped in season got off to a slow start this year because of the cool rainy weekends. we have this spring leading into the with this 4th of july to
10:35 pm
the youthful crowd of raptors to the river to enjoy a float downstream to start off their barbecuing and fireworks watching holiday. >>it's going to be a very busy day a lot of people are out the weather is perfect rangers were on hand at the subways boulevard access to make sure children under 13 have the required like this on. >>although they wish more adults would do the same. >>due to the this witness the temperature of the water to wear life jackets, but if you see a lot of people decide to go in without it and that concerns us. >>a stream of cornea part the community emergency response team which is affiliated with the sacramento fire department but its cash up like this the distribute to families picnicking near the water. >>confluence of the rivers is the most dangerous place because tides and currents are come through here and plus there's the wing wall which is there for rose in control and so that makes the current so even more treacherous here like at other major sections of the american river alcohol is prohibited after problems with drunkenness about the behavior was banned during the major holidays built on shore
10:36 pm
and on the water. >>it's been in effect for several years, but it's still disappointing for some rafters. >>well it's disappointing honestly, ah, you know, i mean 4th of july floating river have a couple beers, i feel like that's the way shun to the fore. >>under protest. this group would do their drinking after their trip not think it should be opposite have been want to drink. let us on 4th of the 10 most the freedom day so. on the other hand rangers say says the band there are a little more families enjoying the 4th of july on the river. i think it's a good because 4th of july's a family holiday and so a lot of families get together we all enjoy the the river in the festivities so i think it's a good thing. >>in the east bay 2 men are dead following a crash in dublin it happened about one 45 in the morning if alan roden and conway police say a car smashed into a light pole killing the driver and the passenger police are still investigating a federal
10:37 pm
appeals court in san francisco refused to allow the trump administration to begin spending billion in diverted military funds. >>on the long promised border wall the court denied a request for a stay of a pe manent injunction issued by oakland judge that was after a lawsuit filed by the sierra club and communities along the border. >>national news, a question about citizenship on the 2020 census is apparently not a settled topic earlier in the week, the commerce department said it would prints that question but that the president got on twitter and changed everything. john lawrence explains. >>justice department attorneys make term. >>as a former government lawyer i really felt for the lawyers and the lawyers alike i don't earlier this week secretary of commerce wilbur ross and the d o j said a citizenship question would not be on the 2020 census and started putting the questioners but things changed wednesday when president trump tweeted fake we are absolutely
10:38 pm
moving forward as we must the president. >>for whatever either did not accept or did not fully understand what his staff are saying about not going for with this the justice department now says it will examine if the government can include the citizenship question. >>while keeping with the supreme court's ruling that says citizenship data shouldn't appear on the senses because the trump administration didn't provide a good enough reason to >>supporters say the question will provide a clear answer was perfectly reasonable for a question sir for the government to understand how many folks in this country are actually citizens critics say the question will likely mean less migrants will respond to the census. i think the point of it is is to intimidate them out of a participating in the us in one way or the other. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. one of president trump's loudest critics in the republican party is leaving the gop representative justin amash announced this morning he is now. >>and independent politician, he referred to the 2 party system as quote an existential
10:39 pm
threat to american principles and institutions in may a mosh became the first sitting republican lawmaker to join democrats in calling for an impeachment inquiry. some analysts saying kill seek the libertarian party nomination for the 2020 presidential election. almost a dozen different beers on tap that track 7 brewery in sacramento, but one more is on the way reporter charmaine year-old tells us that it is in honor of fallen sacramento, police officer. >>tara o'sullivan. >>it's going to be a light 6 and a half percent approachable i p a. >>it's all business as usual inside the track, 7 brewery in curtis thats staff members prepare for the busy summer season. they're anticipating one new addition to this list of beers. >>so this is the tank always for many currently. >>in india, pale ale made in honor of fallen sacramento, police officer tara o'sullivan called o so he 3.49.
10:40 pm
>>foley was her nickname around the police department and for those who knew and loved her 3, 4, 9, with their badge number that we definitely winning with. >>that mark morgan a lever at the track 7 curtis park locations says he was recently approached by a former partner of tires who would often patrol around the curtis park neighborhood alongside the fallen officer mean he had some ideas that he brought to the table. >>i had some ideas and we work together to try to make something really special in a virtual for everybody to be able to enjoy. >>sacramento. police officer tara o'sullivan was tragically killed in the line of duty back on june 19 her death still leaving its mark in this community and it definitely affected me personally. >>come by frequently you a pop in to say hi. >>while morgan says staff at the brewery are eager for the latest arrival. they're hoping to honor the memory of tara o'sullivan, one poor. >>at a time and that's just a little way that weekend get back to the community that she.
10:41 pm
>>that was jermaine your reporting we're sully 3.49 will be canned and released on july 13th and all the proceeds will go toward tara's memorial fund. still ahead new research backing up the freshman 15 theory, what health experts say is the average weight gain for new college student plus a dramatic rescue involving 6 police officers caught on video and ahead in sports almost 21. >>1000 calories consumed in just 10 minutes. now san jose native joey chestnut put on quite a show again and the famous hot dog eating contest. calm for now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. into the oakland hills. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape...
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during buick's fourth of july sales event, pay no interest for 76 months on most 2019 buick models. >>a man pulled from a burning home now recovering due in part to a neighbor who was there even before the emergency crews arrived, christian jennings has a remarkable story and video of the fiery rescue. a body cam video shows the moment clayton county police officers rescued a man from a burning mobile home and daniel drive monday morning before officers or firefighters arrived though
10:45 pm
dominique hearty knew he had to do something when he saw the flames from his trailer next door does not slow to run down that surely be my boom boom boom boom boom is anyone in anyone in the at first he didn't hear anything goes at conditions and for us not to this >>but the window that's when he heard a faint voice, sunshine and light in the window like oh wow you got it right there on the match's i see him with his hand my hand. with no consideration for his own life dominate jumped through a window and tried to pull the man to safety bar grab this >>and his arm and paul they got him light wide open is areas where the window where there was so much smoke on at that point he says clayton county police officers arrived this video shows the moment officers got inside and managed to get the now unconscious man out. >>everybody was working together everything worked out like perfect dominique suffered a burn on his arm and 2 police officers were injured, but treated at the scene. police say the man they saved made a full recovery.
10:46 pm
>>it was going through your mind as whoever's in there i have to give them i cannot let them like that. >>that was in clayton county georgia as many as 6 officers helped rescue them and they formed a human latter to get into the home through the window and pulled the victim out. >>for your health, the so-called freshman 15 apparently is not just a researchers say more than half of students in their first year of college will see their waistlines widen but as judy fortin reports in tonight's health minute gender also plays an interesting role. >>it happens on campuses all over the country. college students complaining about the freshman 15. >>that's the traditional red at 15 pounds that a lot of first-year college student and on during their first or second semester of college. >>the american dietetic association says that extra weight that is often carried into adulthood putting people at risk for heart disease and diabetes the 88. college is no
10:47 pm
time to it. >>a huge change here at mom and dad's house, and you no longer have that structure and there's food everywhere. moore says large portions fattening selections lack of exercise and added stress can all the to weight gain make sure that you're eating in moderation and also try to plan to your first class isn't until news. >>it's so cooperate at least 3 meals per day. >>3 meals that include a loi of low fat fruits and vegetables, cutting back on soft drinks and limiting desserts to once a week will also help keep control in today's health minute i'm judy forte. >>a warning for pet owners, a cdc and the fda are investigating an outbreak of salmonella infections linked to contact with pig year dog treats. the fda says salmonella discovered in pig you're treats can infect people either from handling the treats or directly from your dog once your d become
10:48 pm
sick. retailer pet supplies plus has recalled bulk. taking your treats sold in its stores. those are the kind that it puts an open bins and sells individually. so far 45 people in 13 states have been diagnosed with salmonella related illnesses. in new zealand more than 8,800 1000 liters of sewage has drained into lake tell poll that's the largest lake in new zealand. a suspected earthquake tuesday caused the pipe to break the district council there put a flushed and in place as they work to try to fix a leak. the pipe has been temporarily fixed residents are warned to stay away from the contaminated area. cleanup efforts could take weeks. >>brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>people across the country enjoy the 4th of july and so many different ways of fireworks and barbecues and some sports some sports like
10:49 pm
4th of july tradition right having to face, but i'll say this the uh. >>the tailgating most of day of the coliseum else a lot of good grills going out, even though the a's lost a heartbreaker last night there was an early 4th of july fireworks show outside the coliseum. >>today the team got to celebrate the holiday and some spectacular play aisin 40 some. >>not a captain on of independence day, bottom of the 4th, it winds up one nothing chris, hermit a good week for him stiles wanted to left field. chris davis get the green light he's going home game was tied at one. next innings twins backup, byron. but marcus simeon was about to take over this game could contact to straightaway center. on and the kerry gone a's tied on simians 12th homer of the season. bottom of the 8th a's leading 3, 2, bases loaded for simeone the former cal star puts on his own
10:50 pm
fireworks show grand salami his 4th career grand slam open win 7 to is they take 2 of 3 from hale central leading minnesota. let's hear from the skipper faa bill that. >>and you know we had some big hits you obviously getting some some add on runs in the in the 8th was huge so you know after what was really tough loss for us last night, you know we had a bunch different ways to win that game to be able to come back specially comes to best picture today shows with these guys are all about. >>the a's will know head to seattle giants have the day off the host the cardinals tomorrow now moving on to another 4th of july tradition, one that is ocular and also slightly disgusting. great moment in sports history. joey chestnut conquers coney island once again at the san jose native. >>he stood his weight to a 12 mustard belt at the nathan's
10:51 pm
famous hot dog eating contest. the man known as jaws scarf down 71 dogs and buns in 10 minutes to win the title. it is the 4th year in a row he's eaten at least 70 dogs. last year he devoured 74 this year just to 71 for those wondering today's meal came out to about 20,000 calories. >>finally we need to the all england club serena williams in the second round they make and markle the duchess of sussex on hand for the festivities. serena facing 18 year-old kyra you move on. van took the opening set but after that it was all williams the 23 time grand slam champion controlled the match triumphed in sets 2, 3, now on to the 3rd round will show face. julie a next if you look at sports that hot dog eating contest until we still purple >>at this you know, he's used to it, but i mean my gosh i don't know how just can't imagine all right. thank you
10:52 pm
mark, let's check in with lawrence a he's an athlete joey chestnut then become law. >>dog down moving in around the bay area low clouds fog and drizzle on the way to
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. >>some breaking news out of the day gabbay tonight where police are investigating an ofcer-involved shooting the chp an area deputies called to the bodega harbor subdivision
10:55 pm
this was just after 8 o'clock tonight on reports of a man assaulting people there when they arrived on scene they found multiple victims needing medical treatment. they checked the area and learned that a suspect had stolen a vehicle. witnesses directed the deputies to the 21,000 block of pelican loop. when police say the suspect assaulted them. it was there that the officer shot the suspect he was taken to the hospital no word on his condition. >>netflix says it will cut back on depictions of smoking its productions. the announcement comes after report from the antismoking group truth initiative. the report found netflix shows that were popular among young people showed more smoking and use of tobacco products. the response to the report netflix says it will exclude shots of smoking or e e cigarette use in all shows tv 14 below or in movies rated pg 13 and below except for quote historical or factual accuracy. coming up
10:56 pm
next the news continues our streaming service but are we going to the weather redo whether know cost of katherine he and his men are. coming up. of the day's big stories. also we'll take another look at the 4th of july fireworks. there were happening all over the bay, if you missed them are going to give it another shot there were some pretty good ones this was at the scene in san jose near the convention center tonight, pam and ken back to you all right, i'm glad pam's here to kee% me in straight to what's going on here, thank you catherine make sure download the kron on app get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage all right lawrence yes, guys, weather here as we get ready for the weekend and yet we are going to see. >>that patchy fog along the coastline and is already moved inside the bay now i'm gonna bumping up against the hills, the temperatures right now still warm 74 degrees. all the way and cannot feel not cool marine air there, but inside
10:57 pm
the bay start to feel the effects of that now some 50's and some 60's cool 54. and breezy in the san francisco right now is a folks piling out of town after all the fireworks displays tonight yet a patchy far going to be a place early tomorrow morning temperatures going to be the 50's and the 60's by the middle of the day here comes the sunshine temperatures will be war in fact getting hot inland by tomorrow afternoon probably some 80's some low 90's well inland and inside the bay of find 60's and 70's and then along the coastline 50's and 60's a much cooler weather so here we go up your tent and we're looking at some hot weather the next couple of days cool along the coastline cooling off for the beginning of this next week before getting hot again. >>next we hope you had a great holiday today, everybody we'll see you tomorrow in the night.
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