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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>fire crews rushed to put out a brush fire threatening homes today, this was an contra costa county that fast-moving fire was in a row area of martine us. thanks for joining us everyone at 5 o'clock i'm catherine heenan and for grant lotus and i'm the king of the aca's fire officials say that it is now 100% contained that's the good news. >>now investigators are looking into just what started it. our first and or live for us in martinez tonight with more dan what are you learning. >>while vicky fire officials
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believe that fireworks a may be the cause of this brush fire that broke out here and burned about 2 dozen acres along franklin canyon road here in martinez. right now there are crews that are out here still working to on not get any hot spots in case initially the calls came in around noon today for crews to respond out here in this rural area of martinez. he went from being a small fire to a very big fire quickly as it climbed up this hill. the wind also playing a factor in the spread several homes in the area between here franklin canyon road state highway 4 and walcott lane were threatened, however, none of those homes were damaged or destroyed. investigators say the fire was caused by something very hot such as a firework and fire says they've had to respond to well over 40 fires like this one since yesterday and they're hoping people will understand that with this dry weather we're seeing it's a very dangerous >>this fire could have turned out differently. fortunately it did not exhaustion. everyone in the county to use
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extreme caution. it all around city. >>fire officials say this is not the time to be careless with smoking materials or fireworks which are illegal in contra costa county today saying that this season is especially dangerous because of the winter rains that allowed. a lot of vegetation to grow and fire officials are estimating that there is double the amount of growth from this time last year and that's causing them to battle fires in areas that they don't typically see them. so word to the wise right now is to not be reckless because you could end up at the scene very much like this one. >>or much worse that's the latest here live in contra costa county dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you dan and again a busy night for firefighters in contra costa county 37 fires in just 6 hours. >>at 9 o'clock firefighters are battling 11 of them. they say at least 5 are linked to fireworks all fireworks of course are banned in contra costa county coffers to
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christina tetro talk to steve hill with the county fire district. >>you know it's very dangerous for fireworks, we talked about the fire danger. there's another there's another aspect of this they are uncontrollable. labeled safe and sane or not there's there's nothing safe and sane about fireworks and we've seen grievous in the past on the 4th of july. last year terrible injury to a man many a lost most of his hands as a result of a firework that exploded in the last night we had numerous injuries, a couple of pretty serious ones. hope we're hoping nothing along the lines of what happened last year they're very dangerous and this is something for parents to think about. all of the fireworks injuries of all of them the kirk across the nation more than half of them >>steve thank you so much we really appreciate you joining us today if you guys wanmore in have missed throughout our interview we've got that wind up for you guys over at kron 4
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dot com reporting here in concord christina tetreault. >>that coming on nonstop them. i'm pretty good. but that there's that just it's it's unbelievable. i can hear the how. >>creek. >>he's talking about a 5.4 aftershock. a hitting california southern california less than 24 hours after the states. biggest earthquake in decades. the usgs has recorded more than tremors in the area around ridgecrest a half dozen of them registering 4.5 or bigger yeah caliber is a case of the jitters for sure our fault lines have been unusually quiet for decades and a geologist say the 4th of july shake it may herald a new era of big quakes. >>the odds of subsequent large earthquakes actually goes up a little bit after something happens so it is a good time to be on our toes. >>not exactly with the day's resident of ridgecrest want to be here have come then something happened her home
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red tag this woman still can't believe the in surveillance your life or shine and russia similar scenes go for the day writing, ours is tobruk and that my house was collapsing on top of us her neighbor bridget mobile home was knocked off its foundation. >>there's a very scary thing. >>the only other home loss in the burned when it water heater toppled over and the gas line broke the local hospital treated a few people for injuries, but none were serious ridgecrest police chief says his town got off easy were you surprised that. >>there's so little damage. i am. >>i at the beginning of this it was a. look like it was going to be. >>surveillance video from homes and businesses show frightening moment, light swinging, produce tumbling won' stop. >>it is keptng in waves. our inventory got absolutely destroyed by a head was a freight train hitting our
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offices. >>now people in the little mojave desert town are cleaning up and hoping for >>legit say they should also prepare for the work. >>i don't know what this specific little lake fault is capable of generating and if it's near its maximum or not but definitely this region is capable of much larger quakes. >>and the usgs is monitoring of the aftershocks they've been working also to remind the public of the obvious dangers of quakes kron four's charles clifford has details. >>well here at the usgs in menlo park they are keeping a very close eye on what's happening in southern california another region. we're the 4th of july quake hit that 6.4 magnitude quake. it is an area that's not a densely populated, but it is an area that is known to geologists is being seismically active. the as the earthquake and the aftershocks are all near the city of ridgecrest. >>luckily it's a fairly remote area. thank god. the earthquake occurred 10 miles
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east of ridgecrest rather than under the city because it had occurred under the city that would have been a lot more damage. i know with earthquakes, it's it's tough to make accurate predictions but kind of what you're feeling at this point to think they'll be more aftershocks in the near future. >>weaker stronger what do you think. well the aftershocks will look continue several weeks for this earthquake. >>the likelihood of there being an aftershock which is quite strong is about one in 20 roughly one in 20. we don't anticipate that there will be another event as strong as the main shocked, but it will be rocking and rolling down there in southeastern california. >>now as always happens after a big quake, the usgs is taking this opportunity to remind everyone to be prepared for earthquakes we live in earthquake country and that is not going to change make sure you have your emergency plan ready put together an emergency kit if you're a homeowner you may want to consider getting some earthquake insurance. in menlo park charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>a live look outside right now our sutro camera pointed in the direction of what would be the golden gate bridge, somewhere beneath the faa. the other we could time now get the latest from chief meteorologist lawrence karnow we have the pleasure of saying what is the weekend. >>well about that yeah here we go but a long work week, but yeah we're kit ready for some of that fog rolled in right now you see it up there looking toward the golden gate bridge is kind of a thin decades and a little bit since yesterday. we are going to see some of that overnight tonight mainly along the coastline just a couple of patches inside the bay below the golden gate. really just shot in fog today, a mostly clear there just a couple patches there over the marin headlands otherwise, mostly clear skies, the sea breeze has been blowing the once again and we are going to see some of the cooler temperatures out toward the beaches right now still hot 91 in concord 88, livermore right now 70 degrees in san jose, 69 in oakland, the 64 degrees in san francisco, 85. in santa rosa at this hour. our low clouds
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you can see just that band along the immediate coastline there goes starting to road just a bit. and we'll see some of that overnight tonight continuing out toward the beaches but again not a whole lot of fog in the forecast overnight tonight and looks like a pretty nice start the weekend if you're stepping outside tonight to be prepared to see mostly sunny skies. some pretty not temperatures too 80's in the valleys inland by 6 o'clock in the mine 8 or so we're talking temperatures in the 70's. cooler by the coastline with some of the patchy fog numbers there the 50's well the complete look at your weekend forecast coming up. it just a few minutes. >>all right, thanks in the south say one person is dead another in custody after an overnight crash this happened on a mount hamilton road just east of l rock road about 12 15 in the morning. chp officers found an suv 150 feet down a slope. rescue crews pulled up the driver who lived but her front seat passenger died at the scene the chp says of the driver was drunk at the time to the north bay now vacaville police arrested 3
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women in connection to robberies at least 2 outlet malls. 2 employees at vacaville premium outlets shopping center reported on monday that the women left the store without paying for the merchandise. police arrested them and found hundreds of dollars worth of clothing and merchandise in their car. officers also learned that the same woman stole almost $3,000 worth of sunglasses just a few hours earlier in napa 2 of the suspects lockett and chiara raul are from san leandro jason elite is from san francisco. in san francisco report released today by the city's department of homelessness in support of housing found that the count is 17% higher in just 2 years ago due partly 2 more people living in their cars. the one night count of homelessness in january found more than a 1000 people on the streets nearly 1200. we're on the waiting list for shelter beds that week the report identified nearly 600 passengers are these vans and
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other vehicles. it appeared inhabited. >>coming up an assault investigation least one officer involved shooting in the north bay we'll hear from neighbors who woke up to find 2 crime scenes outside their doors plus a fight against robo-calls is on washington where proposed measure that already passed the senate is starring in it. and on the 4th of july, how the chp respondent and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure your streaming us on
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>>in the east huge sideshow broke this was late last night in oakland. our first also some of those cars w re people were cited cars were spinning doughnuts in the middle of a major road. >>shooting off gathered at 42th avenue near interstate 80 in oakland, the witness says upwards of a 1000 spectators watched the legal side show. i was winding down you know you have all the smoke in the air you can see where you're going can see we're walking. >>you don't know there's cars doing donuts right by you at one insuper dangerous out there and there's no reason to
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even participate be a witness heavy cameras out anything because there's a number of fatalities that have occurred a number of serious injuries that have happened and i'm not talking cuts and scrapes. we'll talk and broken bones is just on its. >>it's not called for the oakland police department is leading the investigation into the side show witness says it took about 25 minutes law enforcement to show love the chp block freeway on-ramps to minimize traffic in the area until it was clear. >>even if you're a spectator, it's still illegal and that's an arrest double fence, the chp told one car away. >>the oakland police department several and issued dozens of citations for vehicle close by kron 4 news. >>a developing story and bodega bay a sheriff's deputy shot a man accused oed in a stri assaults several victims needed medical attention corn for sarah stinson talk to a neighbor. he says such crimes are unusual in that community.
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>>pelican lou. this is one of several scenes that occurred in this neighborhood last night ended with an officer involved shooting. i spoke with a man who's lived here for over 21 years, he says he can't believe this happened in this neighborhood. >>it's never happened like this before it's just amazing unbelievable. >>the chp and deputies first got on scene around 8 10 last night after multiple reports of a man assaulting several people in the area upon their arrival they did find the couple victims meeting urgent medical help deputies have not told us how many victims there are or what type of injuries they have but we do know they were serious enough to be needing to get to the hospital immediately so they took them by air and then there are also some ground in dillon says now both chp and the deputies checked around the area after they got the victims, you know taking care of they learn from witnesses that the man had stolen a car from the area of herrin drive and swollen drive taking off down here to
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pelican loop. that's where sheriff's deputies came into contact with the man now what are the circumstances that led up to them firing their weapons. it's unclear at this time. the sheriff's office is also not confirmed the man died on scene or if that person was taken to the hospital. the homes in this nei hborhood are all on a golf course called the links at the degas harbor. the man who lives here says they have 24 7 security. this. >>very low crime area. >>santa rosa police are taking over this investigation, they're still on scene they are going to wrap up soon and after they do so and sonoma county sheriff's office said they will give us more information in terms of the victim status and the suspect for now i'm in the database sarah stinson back to. >>so taking a live look outside it to work it up a little bit today we have this beautiful shot overlooking san francisco. yeah apparently were to get some whiplash though i chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says it will go.
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>>arrow right back down again and again and the next week so here we go yeah get ready for the weekend now it looks like it'll be a nice weekend. a warm start the weekend. the number to call things down and the winds are going to start to pick up. >>especially on sunday and into monday outside right now looking over alcatraz member yesterday on the 4th of july we have that low cloud deck you can barely see alcatraz would you know and now we cleared out the 4th of july was tonight all those fireworks displays around san francisco along the coastline who would be spectacular about to a workout than i've got some nice clear skies with on couple fog out along the coastline. so that try to make its way inside the bay you can see just this band right here a thin band of fog kind of eroding right now starting to see but more of a northerly component to the wind and that will help the clear out the skies as we head in toward tomorrow. winds have been picking up over 20 miles per hour sfo 18 in oakland now and 14 miles per hour 15 into san francisco. so little bit breezy out that the temperatures to a comfortable 70 degrees in san jose still
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88 warm and live more 91 a hot in concord a cool 55 degrees though if the civic of 59 in san francisco 71 in san mateo 82 degrees in the bottle so certainly some changes coming our way for the weekend tonight. we've got some patchy a low clouds along the coast like staying mostly clear inland even inside the bay, i think mostly clear skies and then tomorrow, mostly sunny a bit breezy in the afternoon but should be a warm afternoon away from the coast and then on sunday we'll see some changes low pressure because drop in the bay area looking at mostly sunny skies. but breezy and cooler weather around much of the bay area may be a good 10 degree drop from temperatwres expected for highs on saturday, so cool weather on the way on sunday that leads us into early next week. we'll have more that forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you lawrence city leaders conquer they're asking for community input on possible commercial cannabis regulation the city manager says the council wants to hear your thoughts on potential locations and requirements. >>that may be a a post on the commercial cannabis businesses. yeah there's a 10
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question survey, it's designated for people living in concord you can find it in the city of congress website the survey is open through friday july 19th. >>lawmakers postponed a hearing on the wildfire liability, but the delay could mean for it a very calm commercial bill in one that's already facing a tight deadline. plus the aftermath of president trump's salute
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>>in national news america is in effect waiting for a call back from the house of representatives the senate left members a message in may when it passed a bill to crack down on robocalls. >>our first washington correspondent jesse turner reports. >>nearly half the calls you get on your phone may look like someone, you know they're made to look like they're coming from your neighborhood. your community. >>your street we already helped 13 people but they're actually a robocall it's beyond being a nuisance frankly to safety and security issue while these calls are often just an annoyance in many cases they're used to trick people into giving out personal information or money. >>that's why tennessee congressman david ca stop is sponsoring the bipartisan traced act to track down and punish phone scammers give the american people the relief that they need from the rubble calls the legislation would
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require phone companies to try to stop robocalls before they reach are found. it would also increase fines for violators to $10,000 per call and get federal authorities more time to track down a law breaking robocallers the plan is so popular that in may it passed the senate on a vote of 97 to one. it's an issue that. >>crosses state lines party lines phone lines and unite. all americans are giving up. >>the fcc more teeth we will get this to the president's desk, but first the bill has to clear the house this year. >>we're not doing such a good job of walking and chewing gum at the same time cost office calling on speaker nancy pelosi to bring his legislation to the house floor. >>and put the partisan issues on hold in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>5.30 where possible explosions inside a dorm rocked the university campus. also wildfire victims drives hours to sacramento only to find a hearing on a wildfire related bill. postponed what
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the delay could mean for other victims says fire season continues and we continue our coverage of the southern california earthquakes, what's next for families in ridgecrest. and kron 4 now streaming live local news 24 hours a day, no commercials that new service called kron on you can get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather any time just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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>>the focus now in ridgecrest recovery and rebuilding this
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is a series of aftershocks continue to shake southern california. after yesterday's powerful earthquake that 6.4 magnitude quake was the biggest to hit the region in 20 years. dozens of aftershocks have been recorded magnitude tremor this morning and omar jimenez he reports on the ongoing cleanup effort is a people brace for the unknown. >>absolutely destroyed by a head was a freight train hitting our office. >>residents in southern california facing the daunting task of cleaning up while dealing with dozens of new tremors, some of them significant numbers were nonstop. we actually got in the car with think about leaving. thursday's earthquake, a magnitude 6.4 was centered near ridgecrest about a 150 miles northeast of los angeles. >>the law of earthquakes and southern cal the big once an ally and this was like the worst. >>surveillance videos from shops and restaurants all show similar scenes frightening moments as lights swing items fall from
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quake down power lines cracked roads and sparked fires. some residents were unable to get back to their homes friday. we have a fact that only 30. >>people sheltering. in our emergency center right now. there were some homes that were not just a nation. >>amazingly no serious injuries were reported. but officials say it's likely the aftershocks could continue for days and possibly weeks. >>the concern being as the aftershocks obviously with mother nature and there's nothing that you can predict you can say when or if something is going to happen. >>argument is reporting. >>happening now santa clara police are investigating a shooting that happened last night this was just outside california's great america. th 9.40. somebody fired a handgun hitting a woman in her arm that woman was treated on the scene for her injuries. police say the suspect got away. they're now
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asking anybody with information to call them. in san jose, a 62 year-old man died after his bicycle crashed into a car police say it happened on in the area of kirchner avenue and briar drive just before one this afternoon. police say the driver of the car did to get away they're asking again anybody with information to give them a call man is charged with murder in south carolina after shooting inside a walmart investigators say they responded to the store. >>about one 30 in the afternoon they found a man who was dead near the front of the building. investigators arrested the suspect not too far from the store they say the suspect and the victim knew each other. there are some sort of dispute before the shooting. in utah police say they found the remains of this university of utah student 23 year-old mackenzie lueck she went missing last month after she was dropped off at a park in salt lake city and was seen getting into ot


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