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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 5, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>the concern being is aftershocks obviously with mother nature in there's nothing that you can predict you can say when or if something is going to happen. >>and as for this mobile home behind me it was knocked off his platform. fortunately, the woman inside and her 8 year-old niece survive this the mobile home will not it is red tag completely destroyed unsalvageable reporting from bridge crashed. i'm paul vercammen. >>there the bay area the usgs is monitoring the aftershocks and has an important reminder when it comes to the next big one kron four's charles clifford has the details. >>well here at the usgs in menlo park they are keeping a very close eye on what's happening in southern california another region. we're the 4th of july quake hit that 6.4 magnitude quake. it is an area that's not a densely populated, but it is
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an area that is known to geologists is being seismically active. the as the earthquake and the aftershocks are all near the city of ridgecrest. >>luckily it's a fairly remote area. thank god. the earthquake occurred 10 miles east of ridgecrest rather than under the city because of that had occurred under the city that would have been a lot more damage. i know with earthquakes, it's it's tough to make accurate predictions but kind of what you're feeling at this point to think they'll be more aftershocks in the near future. >>weaker stronger what do you think. well the aftershocks will look continue several weeks for this earthquake. >>the likelihood of there being an aftershock which is quite strong is about one in 20 roughly one in 20. we don't anticipate that there will be another event as strong as the main shocked, but it will be rocking and rolling down there and south eastern california. >>now as always happens after a big quake, the usgs is taking this opportunity to remind everyone to be prepared for earthquakes we live in
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earthquake country and that is not going to change make sure you have your emergency plan ready put together an emergency kit if you're a homeowner you may want to consider getting some earthquake insurance. in below park charles clifford kron 4 news. >>at least 8 people were injured after an explosion rocked the campus of the university of nevada reno today, the damage was severe with only one dorm room partially collapsing with windows blown out of nearby buildings people living nearby described the moment as like a car accident saying it shook apartments. >>and like to boom like the celtics of the hit the house where i thought because some of my stuff though this all go aside there's people out there and you just see just the off from the smoke and then it just spread. >>authorities are now saying a mechanical failure caused the blast. all of today's remaining classes at the university were canceled after the incident for the first time in california fungus that
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causes a deadly disease in bats has been detected. >>that's from the town of chester in plumas county up at lake eleanor tested, positive for the fungus. the fungus causes a disease known as white nose syndrome in bats which as killed millions of bats across the country. the fungus was first detected 13 years ago in new york and has since spread to 38 states. so far no known bats in california is contracted the disease. but officials say unfortunately that's likely to change soon. we need betsy. so they're good for us, let's get a check of the weather around the bay area this friday. >>time now for the 4 zone forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah, a big difference in temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. i think you see a lot of sunshine. >>even near the coastline, but for the beaches, maybe 30 degrees cooler than some of the spots him and so we'll see a wide range of temperatures around the bay area tomorrow, the startup weekend little hazy out there over the bay right now couple patches of fog out toward the coastline.
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computer models picking up on some of that fog will kind of fill in toward the coast overnight tonight. and maybe some of that just inside the baby not going to be a whole lot most a valley stay, nice and clear tomorrow morning you have already start to get more of a northerly component the when we start to clear out your skies so relieved to see some sunshine in toward the beaches by tomorrow afternoon but remain cool out for the immediate coastline warm inside the bay and the values that we get into sunday and everything begins to change we've got that area of low pressure that we've been tracking to the north of us that is going to drop down to watch it happen to see a spiral and right into the bay area bringing with it a few clouds and once that moves on by we're going to see some blustery winds behind that and some cooler temperatures so enjoy the beginning their weekend it will be the nice day of the weekend tomorrow, 5 degrees in the marina 66 in the mission 61 in daly city about 59 and cool if the civic a legal fight some sunshine in the afternoon 68 in burlingame 64 in san bruno 76 degrees in redwood city, south bay going to be up in the 80's, nice warm toward the afternoon then we start to get a little hot in 90's in pleasanton livermore about 89 in dublin, 73 our friends in union city,
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70 in san leandro 69 in oakland, about 80 degrees in orinda in the north bay that breeze blowing right to the death in the afternoon to help cool you down 82 benicia about 76 in play along the coastline. little blustery in the afternoon but still some comfortable temperatures get more of a norm that part of the win since a beach could check in with a very comfortable 70 degrees. make themselves at home. >>in a southern california suburb find out which one of the 2 decided to take a dip in a backyard pool cages like swimming pools are going to take you to a sustainable dairy farm bill to float on water that could be a climate change friendly solution to cows and cal pollution. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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>>getting an early start to the day may have a hidden health benefit for women meredith wood has more in a recent study that links the risks of breast cancer to sleep habits. >>researchers found sleep patterns may have an impact on your risk of getting breast cancer and that women who are naturally early risers may be less likely to get the disease. cording to a study published in the bmj a british medical journal and of 100 women who identify as morning people only one got breast cancer while 2 out of every 100 night owls did. researchers also say women who get more or less than the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep are at a slightly increased risk these may seem
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like small differences, but researchers say they are important steps in identifying the role sleep plays an overall health experts also say your natural preference of morning your night is genetic meaning that simply modifying your sleep schedule won't change your odds of getting breast cancer. if you're looking to reduce your risk it's better to cut down alcohol and maintain a healthy weight which are 2 well established risk factors for today's health minute. i'm meredith wood. >>the world's first floating dairy farm is now reality in the netherlands, 32 cows have set up home on the 3 story high structure in rotterdam it has a circular design principle, the farm process is the milk and collects them a new or the farm also desalinate sea water and produces energy with solar panels so much so in fact that most of its facilities are capable of operating unmanned the farm offers one solution to the problem of feeding future generations as sea levels continue to rise. in
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the last decade, congress has spent more than a trillion dollars on disaster relief and >>now it is only growing after the break what lawmakers are trying to do to rein in the spending and if you're streaming us on kron on on the news continues during the commercial break go to kron on
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>>in the past 40 years the us has spent more than trillion
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on natural disasters. the high-spending came in the last 3 of the past 6 years and given climate change and the threat of more earthquakes such as the one california just experienced yesterday. >>washington correspondent recall martin reports some lawmakers say the current pay as you go approach is its own disaster waiting to happen. >>some republicans say it's time to bring some order to the way congress spends money on disaster relief. they say the current system is out of control but already the plan is getting some backlash. >>in the last 2 years alone, the us has witnessed historic floods in the midwest. deadly and destructive wildfires across the western coast. and record breaking hurricanes, leaving the entire island of puerto rico without power. the a's are 257 so far congress keeps providing money to communities recovering after disaster strikes. >>this may lawmakers pass yet another multibillion-dollar relief package but with federal data showing disaster
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spending skyrocketing each year, several republican lawmakers are asking if the country can keep up with its definitely not sustainable you. indiana senator mike braun is one of 8 republicans who voted against this year's relief package. he says congress should abandon the pay as you go system and instead start planning and budgeting for disasters each year. >>we don't offset it. we don't plan for it's what it makes us place run so dysfunctional a congress has spent more than a trillion dollars on disaster relief this decade alone and 3 of the last 6 years. >>have been the most expensive in us history, reaching the crisis point democrat ohio senator sherrod brown blasted the plan for putting disaster victims at risk saying in a statement after blowing a trillion hole in the budget. >>it's the height of hypocrisy for republicans to suggest we can't afford to take care of americans who've been harmed by these disasters. her presidential nominee republican senator mitt romney is co-sponsoring the bill. >>it remains in the senate and both lawmakers say they hope
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it passes in time for this budget in washington raquel martin back to you. >>california will now pay over $58 million this year to pay off the student loans of about 250 doctors but in exchange these doctors about committed to serve a greater percentage of medical patients meeting at least 30% of their cases over the next 5 years more than 13 million california residents get their medical coverage through medicare ow and many of these people live in areas with a shortage, a primary care physicians. the department of health care services says through this program or medical patients we'll be able to see a doctor. california family had a pair party crashers this morning, a bear and its cub was spotted wandering around their backyard. >>you can see the cub dipped toes. i guess a cause into the pool. this was in the town of dust and cancer in los angeles up by gorman pass over the great find the owner of the
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home saw the 2 just before 11 o'clock this morning and after chilling out for a little bit in going to the garbage which is what bears tend to do they jumped the fence and moved on a search of other adventures see police on hand standing by in case there is scant out of control, but they didn't get a snack at the pool that. if you are planning a vacation this summer you i want to consider the city of portland in oregon, not i'm not in maine here on the west coast. it's a city full park spiking coffee shops and microbrews as a straight interstate 5 where a short plane ride a wave and a few that are taking your plane up that way for but here's a reason why to go as part of our summer road trips series tonight. we take a closer look. >>and all the activities happening in rip city. >>welcome to the rose city beyond the roses, portland is known for its parks. the city's chinese garden is
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downtown where you can get a donut nearby do some light reading at pao's books or do some shopping in the trendy pearl district of northwest, portland, washington park has some of the best views of downtown portland. it includes the internationally famous rose test garden, the oregon zoo and the city's famous japanese garden. you can also help in a kayak or take a boat ride down the willamette river walk alongside at waterfront park or the east bank esplanade admired the city's scenic bridges. portland makes it pretty easy to walk or cycle around town all while snacking at a local food cart are sipping one of our microbrews and of course coffee lots and lots of coffee. pioneer square is at the heart of downtown and a great place to catcher max train or a bus around the city where you head over to the alberta arts district that's home to a lot of local shops and restaurants, including portland's on salton straw ice cream. if you want to get out
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into nature you can't beat forest park, it's located right near downtown and it is filled with 80 miles of trails that helped make it one of the largest urban parks and forests in america. you can also explore the nearby columbia river and had easton of the columbia river gorge where you'll see lots and lots of spectacular waterfalls and if you've got the time there's lots to do up on mount hood your you can head west oregon's beautiful beaches along the pacific ocean. >>so if you're making your way to portland. enjoy your visit to stop down. >>coming up it's the story that's taking over the sports world a 15 year-old is having a great run it will 10 mark and jason will talk about her. i will journey as they get us ready for another episode of the bay area sports night. >>and it looks like a beautiful summer weekend ahead if you're looking for something new we've got for fun things supplies and ideas for you coming up. next attention directv and 18 t
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>>lemurs at the san francisco zoo are celebrating the long independence day weekend with one of their favorite snacks watermelon suki per se it's a special treat that only happens once a year and mother favorite food is 6. watermelon is a close second lemurs are the most endangered mammals in the world only existing on the as gas car off the coast of africa and the san francisco zoo has the largest mixed group of lemurs outside of madagascar, why only once here she may have watermelon more often. >>and we should start of campaign time 23 year lemurs would be signing up for that. all right lots to talk about in the world of sports tonight, yeah, carpenter and. jason do must joins us now now from the suspect. area sports
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night. thanks for year. >>yeah getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on so much to talk about we'll be talking about kawhi watch because we are in day 6 trying to figure out where the reigning finals mvp will be playing next, but also will be talking about the story that has taken over the sports world 15 year old cory coco gauff continues to dominate at wimbledon. this is a week that started with her setting her idol. venus williams she's moving on to the round of 16 jason, how amazing is it to watch this prodigy this superstar grow. you know and to see the story developed wald probably the craziest part of the story didn't even mention she's 15 years old what what we're doing we're 15 you know about it. >>i certainly wasn't a pro athlete in it is mesmerizing for so many reasons but the fact that she's 15 she beating her idols she's making history and she's on a deeper on that this point in the tournament.
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she's playing seasoned vets who have won one will tumble for not that she hadn't be season but before obviously she that bp ms. but now these these women who share playing. the best tennis players in the world like the top 20 players in the world all remaining in this tournament. so it's going to be interesting how he fares against that. that competition, but what she's done thus far it is amazing, especially at 15 at 15 years old she is the youngest woman since jennifer capriati to make it to the round of 16 since 1991 will hear from the sport's newest prodigy all that and more on bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. >>let's go back to the death. looking forward to the show guys thank you. >>take a look outside right now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a final look at the friday weather. yeah guys hey you know what could be a nice weekend to holiday weekend of course from lks making an extended weekend. we've got some fun things to do around the bay area this week%nd about this one the film or jazz festival in san francisco. if you want to head out there's both saturday and
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sunday. >>they're not going out one not 2. but they've got 12 blocks all all set up for jazz many stages going to be in place out there of music filling the air all day long both saturday and sunday weather going to be nice too patchy morning fog giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon temperatures in the 60's about this the russian river fire house barbecue much real if you're headed in that direction mid-eighties it is going to be toasty out there but they're going to float a parade to write down the russian river all lit up with a 4th of july theme. so if you want to check that out i enjoy it. but where some sunscreen it is going to be hot out there in the afternoon. how about this one the mongolian the dom festival in alameda that is going to be on sunday at noon temperatures they're going to be in the mid 60's and get this knowledge use a beautiful costumes and beautiful aqua seen tasty to mongolian but you also want to see a wild mongolian wrestling match. i have no idea what that is but that sounds very very good turn to see that one about this upon things music
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in the park this kicks off the season in burlingame starting out with some rock and roll band that is going to play some good oldies from back in the 80's and 90's you can hear some great music that starts a one to 3, but that's going to be continues right on through of the summer's we're going to see nice music there and beautiful weather to mostly sunny. it looks like some very nice conditions there are breezy conditions in the afternoon. highs tomorrow are going to be nice 80's and 90's though on sunday but yeah for fun, things, lots of things to do around the bay area on this holiday weekend how do you narrow down just before i it's hard to know the mongolian wrestling i looks good. >>thanks for joining us tonight at. of savings and service.
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what should you do? forget what you think you know. the new earthquake survival guide. >> drop, cover your head. >> then. ice cream licker, uproar. they know who she is. and it's spreading. plus, blame on the rain. the technical foulup blamed on the rain. >> and melania's stunning outfit. and three cops and the alleged shoplifter. >> what happened inside the supermarket that istouching hearts across america. >> plus, they were on their way to dinner with their husbands when they had to make a brief stop to see the man's life.


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