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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 7, 2019 7:00pm-7:59pm PDT

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brad pitt, leo dicaprio. >> official, old buddy. >> "e.t.'s" must-see sneak peek of summer blockbusters to come. >> don't forget it. >> their first film together, and the other hollywood hunks bringing the heat. >> let's dance. >> plus -- ♪ >> new bone feel-good films tak family comedy to the next level. >> after the fourth, new fireworks i. didn't forget. >> from the hills -- to beverly hills. >> totally crazy. >> "90210" after-crashing causing reboot shake-up. plus secrets. >> what do you want to know? >> and before the brady's big
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hdtv premier, march ia returns the scene of her feign miss accident. >> she's got the football!n "en tonight," a look at films and a few tv shows coming your way this summer. >> starting with the most star-studded film set where else? here's "once upon a time" in hollywood. >> it's official, old buddy. i'm a has-been. >> reporter: brad and leo premiered the film in cannes but sensing tension. >> what exactly a stunt double does. >> actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. >> ooh -- ah! >> cliff here is meant to help carry the load s. that how you describe your job, cliff? >> what? carrying his load? that's about right. [ laughter ] >> oscar winning director quentin tarantino delivers a
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groovy '60s l.a., playboy bunnies, sunset strip and brad, shirtless. and brad ad-libs this line based and real life. >> hey, you're [ bleep ] dumb. don't you forget it. >> brad tells "es skyr" he was as a low point on a movie set in the '90s when someone yelled the line at him and told him to "quit your whining." in may a look at luke perry on "once upon a time" in hollywood. the actor's last role before dieing from a stroke in march. he plays a fictitious tv actor and brad and leo were around l. an icon's coolness. speaking of cool, we weren't expecting this. brad pitt versus bruce lee. lee played by actor who has a black belt in tie quan doo. >> my hands are already a lethal weapon. get into a fight, i accidentally kill you.
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i go to jail. >> anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail. it's called manslaughter. >> reporter: the film delves into the dark side. >> i'm sharon tate. i'm in the movie. >> margot robbie plays sharon tate infamously murdered by the manson family. >> what the film so beautifully addresses. >> if the duo of leo and brad doesn't cut it, how about this duo? glover and beyonce. "lion king," two weeks from now p. we're here for it. what you need to know about simba's return to pride rock. >> everything you seet fits together in a delicate balance. >> reporter: over two years in the making this re-creation of the disney favorite matches the 1994 original almost frame for frame. and brings the classic characters to life using pioneering visual effects.
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>> while others think they can take a true king senses on what he can give. >> incredible. like watching planet earth. >> reporter: donald's glover is grown-up simba, beyonce nala, james earl jones back as mufasa and a new score some iconic music is making a comeback. ♪ we >> hear the lyrics, i'm like. i know the lyrics. don't worry. like, i was in fourth grade when this came out. >> life's not fair. is it, my little friend? ♪ >> i wish i got to sing that song. i wanted the hyena in the new "lion king." >> hitting theaters july 19th, a dream come true for growing up and i tried hard to not make it worse. >> you must take your place in the circle of life.
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>> reporter: now few hollywood hunks are steaming up this summer box office. jake gyllenhaal and "spider-man: far from home" came out this week and soon get ready for return of the rock. the rock leads the trifecta of men we love in the "fast and furious" spin-off "hobbs & shaw" joined by jason statham and idris elba. >> i'm superman. >> he really is black superman. >> going to be the bad guy. >> yes. >> waiting a long time. he and i have been waiting a long time to work with each other. finally, cue the music, let's dance. >> here we go. ♪ >> and now welcomed gyllenhaal to the spinorman universe. joining this world had doubts a first >> a little worried about the bubbles, like, fish-head thing. a little bit of worry about that. ultimately, the suit is sick.
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>> reporter: his suit sick, too. >> the most amazing footage of you and it's spider-man taking a drink on-set. >> an interesting contraption to say the least. i can take my left eye out and a little, like, thing that i pull out. then i put a squeegee tube down into my mouth and can drink from a bottle. >> reporter: hydration was important for obvious reasons. >> i'm laying on the ground, and he -- he's supposed to enter. what was written. instead i got there there's a tramp palestine on-set and the dude jumps on the trampoline, two back flips like spider-man and starts the >> reporter: it's a surprise tom never landed in the hospital considering he did most of his own stunts. >> honestly, like, so used to him doing it that it's kind of like just part of it.
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>> psyched for this movie. >> should be. jake gyllenhaal is so good. >> i can't wait. a comicbook superhero to life. talking about "dora the explorer." >> bringing girl power to the big screen next month and we went behind the scenes. >> okay. >> your first film after the baby. >> oh, yeah. >> how did that change? >> 20 pounds heavier in the film. >> we're on to something big, dora. i'm sorry, sweetie. you're not going. >> what? >> i was still breast feeding, on-set and still had on my baby weight. i was like, oh, my god. why am i doing this right now? i should have waited, but i'm so happy i just jumped in and did it. >> reporter: "e.t." was with the new mom on the australian city and "dora and the lost city of gold." >> i love you. >> and playing the parents, the film features an all-latino cast featuring this breakout star.
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isabella. >> surreal to me. i think about it too much i get nervous. >> where did you transfer from? >> the jungle. >> reporter: unlike the show dora is a full-fledge teenager plucked from the jungle and relocated to the wild halls of high school. >> ah, secu shgexcuse me. i'm kind of stuck. >> reporter: the tv show aired in more than 150 countries and translated into more than 30 languages. >> before i did the movie i knew dora the explorer but never realized what a global icon she was. >> i just love her. >> moving on to this animated hit "angry birds: movie 2" out next month. hear a few familiar voices but get ready for some new birds. >> the amazing theme i've been working around the clock for. >> i said, like, he's got to have nostrils akin to mine. i wore glasses, because i just got lasix surgery. otherwise, i would be rocking
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frames like that. the goatee normally my go-to. right now i don't have it. >> disappointing. >> rachel bloom joins and jason sudeikis return as red and is still angry. >> ah, what makes you angry? >> number one thing that just makes you angry? >> people who are rude to my friends. i get very upset at the injustices done towards people who i know are good people. >> okay. >> anybody that, like -- thinks that a waiter or waitress, like, literally works for them. even if it's small workers, doesn't give you the right to be like -- hey -- hey. things like that. whoo. >> on the way, the "90210" reboot. clashes behind the scenes. what they're revealing. >> totally crazy. then -- ♪ it's the story >> yes! >> exclusive. our brady renovation revealed with the cast. >> oh, my -- >> amazing!
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>> so winona ryder hookup? we are here for that. another thing we like, season three's new cast member, ethan hawke's daughter and a son, jake. streaming now. hopefully you're caught up on season the one and two. what make it is a bing-worthy show? >> very dangerous bingeing. i'm very guilty of it. >> it basically known -- winona's career. >> wind the x. >> what's at the x wirt control? >> who we going to call? >> all: ghostbusters ". >> my google. what does that mean? i don't know. let me explain. >> and before her world was turned upside-down playing the
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innocent eggo-loving girl with seg oh kinetic powers "11." all episodes have the fear factor, cast adorable and in the end a message we all need to here. >> show it's tock to be different and friends don't come to the party, we will. >> to another show to binge. marvelous "mrs. maisel." celebrated at the tv festival right before sterling k. brown shot scenes for the upcoming season and the cast explained what make's maisel so "e.t." bing worth binge worthy. >> maisel goes down smoothly like a fine wine. >> people like to spend time with these characters. >> especially rachel. >> yeah. how can you take your eyes off her. >> even if i wasn't on it, i'd binge it, too. >> incredible cast, writing top notch makes it binge worthy. >> easy to fall in love with
7:15 pm
mrs. maisel the 1950s housewife who turns to stand-up comedy after her husband leaves her. >> great. i am a mother. >> we'll use it. >> i love period pieces and it sometimes feels like we've gone back in a time machine or something. >> it's about two hours. maybe two hours and change of hair, makeup and wardrobe. >> the sets and costumes are magical but another reason to give maisel a try. from writer/producer amy sherman-palladino who also gave us gilmore girls. >> unapologetically -- can do it in heels. >> in times where herif know, w boi point to not let her crumble. >> cross our fingers. hope for the best. >> filming started earlier on season three of the eight-time emmy-winning comedy and psyched for this. a star to appear.
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>> we love sterling k. brown. >> amazing. sterling shot his first couple days, and -- it's been everything we could have dreamed of and more. i can't say anything more than that. >> now's your chance to binge all 18 episodes before new ones are expected to drop later this year. >> do you think you can go back to making jell-o mold? >> i don't know. i make a hell of a jell-o mold. >> coming up, the "90210" o.g. is back revealing a twist we didn't see coming. >> 20 years in the making. >> then our exclusive with the bradys before their big hdtv premiere. >> that fam backyard. >> marcia returns to the scene of the big >> she's got the footbjor renovation the cast hasn't seen. >> we have to go to one other spot that literally takes
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♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> the brady bunch is coming back to tv this summer as they celebrate a major milestone. this scene here -- >> oh goodness. where you'll see them inside the real-life home once used for the bradys ex-trrp shot finally matching what saw on tv. nancy, nischelle were all there. >> unbelievable! . >> i know. i tell you, i first walked in. i freaked out. i -- i immediately felt like i was back on stage 5 and paramount and really on our set. it's perfect. >> this is the entryway and living room looked like just over seven months ago. here's during construction and this is the big reveal after. >> tell us a secret about what you remember shooting here in this living room set? one thing or one thing maybe we
7:20 pm
didn't see on tv? >> i remember magic tricks up here. >> and now -- abracadabra. >> it is -- on the original set. this one is original. like, you know, some of it has been re-created, like this sofa, because they couldn't find that fabric. >> i just remember running up and down the stairs. but didn't go anywhere. that are real now. and the bedroom. >> it goes somewhere. >> bedrooms are on the second floor. bedrooms, ours on the set, were right outside that door. >> one of the things i will never forget is those from davy jones. >> me neither! >> i'll never forget. >> i was so -- >> we had a thing going on but i mean, desi and daisy and mary ann ross came through that door as a doctor andened joe namath. right? and i mean, we had amazing people on our show. >> we want to see you back together on tv again.
7:21 pm
could there be, like, a special or could there be -- >> there should be. >> beyond an hdtv reveal? >> i was going to say. this is it for now. >> for now? >> for now. >> then we could film it here and live here. >> yeah. well, you know -- >> and drive that old car from 1972. >> we could do a talk show. here, and freak out our guests. they'd be unable to speak. wouldn't that be good? >> yeah. when you first walk in you freak out. >> reporter: to make this iconic house complete it took six tv siblings and hg-tv's biggest stars including the twins. >> this is the most complex, the largest residential renovation we have ever done. >> yeah! >> reporter: one very important detail that was added for the first time. >> on swed a toilet. tableau to do that on a show. first time ever, the bradys have toilets. >> reporter: and you wouldn't believe what went into these entryway stones.
7:22 pm
>> actually xe lly sketched it what we saw an tv and projected it on to the wall and made them the same size and color. >> reporter: hardest to dplub kat duplicate, the staircase. a challenge to make this one-story house into two all for the upcoming "a very brady renovation" airing in september, but "e.t." was there for the start of the journey even before hdtv got involved. we got an exclusive tour when the house was first put on the market last july. the home listed at $1.8 million. hg-tv scooped it up for a cool $3.5 million. after 307 days, the restoration was finally complete. many of the original details had to be crowd sourced. >> the master bedroom. >> yeah. >> okay. >> come on. >> you remember, the bed, onwaa and it was like a little white figurine. someone had that same figurine in their house. when you see the master bedroom
7:23 pm
you'll see that white figurine. >> triggers memories from back in the day. >> i bet it did. >> but you haven't seen everything. the brady house on tv had two levels. this one -- only one. so here's the story of how one story became two. >> now we have to go to one other spot that when you walk in here, it literally takes your breath away. >> reporter: the new staircase looks just like that groovy '70s one that was the focal point of the brady's living room. >> let's go, gang! >> one of the biggest problems we had with nine people in the cast was how do you stage them so that you can see everybody's faces and the the question. >> reporter: in the real-life house no long staircase. it was a smaller split-level version right next to the front door. >> hey! nice. let's see. >> reporter: maureen, marcia brady herself helped demolish it. >> when you built the staircase you built it from scratch but
7:24 pm
made it look 50 years old. >> exactly. i mean, you can't buy a staircase like that. >> it's a secret. >> reporter: you went lower. >> yes. and that was able to give us that staircase. we had to have a staircase. >> oh, no! >> reporter: and when they'd shoot interior scenes on the sound stage the staircase led to nowhere. >> we would go up the stairs and hide in the hallway up there, and flirt and whatever. it was like our time alone, which was awesome. >> flirt? >> yeah. but now it leads somewhere. >> now, into that famous backyard! >> before never glass in these doors. you would get hurt. and deflection. now they're real. >> where the the boys tossed that infamous football. >> hey, you guys -- oh, my nose! >> she's got the football! ah!
7:25 pm
>> oh. >> oh, boy. >> your nose is beautiful now, by the way. >> thank you so much. >> is that tiger's doghouse over there? >> tiger's doghouse. the teeter-totter. >> set a new teeter-totter record. >> susan and mike were responsible for this renovation including building tiger's doghouse. remember the fake grass that used to get mowed. yep, there, too. see the whole transformation on hdtv's "a very brady renovation" airing in september. >> how does it feel being out here and how they re-created things out in the backyard? >> makes me want to go in tiger's doghouse, get on the teeter-totter or do a potato sack race. >> go! >> this is the part that's better, because we were never outside when we were outside. really outside. >> like 40 different shadows around us. now it's actually under the sky. you know? and we had to compromise the backyard quite a bit because the footprint of this is all new.
7:26 pm
up next, 'the 02 he 902910." the reboot is bringing the funny after so much behind the scenes drama. >> issues. >> plus, a new beginning as the show ditches the script. we're with the cast doubling down on the drama. >> all-out war. >> i didn't forget. i have a notebook. closed captioning provided by -- new crest gum and sensitivity. and then i jump on the trampoline
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in some people. other risks are increased cholesterol; weight gain; unusual urges or compulsive behaviors; ... decreased white blood cells, which can be serious; ... dizziness on standing; seizures; trouble swallowing; and impaired judgment or motor skills. now, i'm glad i talked with my doctor about adding rexulti. feel better about facing the world. pay $0 for your first rexulti prescription. details at well, next month can't come soon enough, because that's where the gang from west bev make their triumphant return to tv. can't wait. >> we want to hear about the drama behind the scenes. clashes big enough some people actually quit. >> we have some issues. >> oh, my god!
7:30 pm
>> the "90210" reboot has been through it including a staff exodus. the show runner and several senior writers abruptly quit in may, days before shooting. reports partially blamed shake-up on two unnamed lead actresses. >> i didn't want it to be another reboot. >> reporter: as the news broke, tori spelling was celebrating her birthday and jennie garth included and interesting message. wow, through some blank and today no exception. >> i'm not going to lie. weird. >> reporter: and co-star shannen doherty blasted reports placing some blame of the shake-up on her. i refused to the cast in the same villain role. stop trying to tell your wildly exaggerated story of me. we're told now with a new show runner everything is moving along well and the west bev gang brings a new spin to the series
7:31 pm
august 7th. >> a lot more of a comedy. >> playing tightened versions of ourselves. >> the cast, it's us, making a reboot of now. >> and making fun of ourselves. >> reporter: the reboot won't skimp on comedy or it feels lik with your family. >> the run will add to the intense fandom. >> play the "90210" drinking game. >> there's a myriad of them. >> oh, my god! >> every time one of the characters says one of the other character's name you have to take a drink rnts and expect the late luke perry to impact the series. a source close to "e.t." all wants to ensure luke's memory lives on through the show. >> you have a fond, a favorite memory of luke? >> all of them. >> they really were the o.g. squad. brenda forever. a tv show that's already come back. "the hills." a few new cast members but can't beat the o.g. villain couple.
7:32 pm
my people, spidey. i sat down with heidi and spencer to get all the dirty goods. >> i want to forgive you and i want to forget you. >> do you remember that? >> oh, yeah. like it was yesterday. ice princess. >> bailout! >> it was really a back-stabbing moment for me. like, we don't have the friendship that i thought. >> let's recap. back in the day, spidey was the couple we loved to hateful of drama, accused of spreading sex tape rumors and ruining friendships, plus, were the o.g. villains for real. >> what did i do? >> so infamous. in a good way. >> you just said famous. not in a great way. >> you were. >> honest, the most fun i've had in a party in a long time. >> regrets? >> i wish we'd done interviews different like on the show maybe looked horrible and in the interview like, oh, it's fun. it's tv. not like, so amped up. >> what i wanted to do and say to you, dear, whew! >> spencer, you may now kiss
7:33 pm
your bride. >> spidey shared their world with our "e.t." cameras over the years, giving a personal tour of the santa barbara home his dad plays po s for. >> working on a sequel how to stay famous. >> there for breast reduction surgery three years after headlines for undergoing ten cosmetic procedures in 24 hours and almost died in the process. >> my own fat injected into my cheeks and my back shaped. i do have back. wow. a big thing i did and i should have thought about it longer. that was an intense decision to make at such a young age. >> ooh. >> these days heidi and spencer are happy being mom and dad to 20-month-old donder and after reportedly blowing through a $10 million fortune moved back to l.a. for the reboot "the hills: new beginning." >> life drastically changed.
7:34 pm
>> i love watching you be a mom. >> how have you changed, do you think? >> definitely more motivated. i feel like i was done trying to be famous and then we had a kid and i'm like, i must be rich! my son must be on a jet. like, i need to be famous again. >> reporter: the way to get that fame, pump up the drama like last time. >> i think everyone's just interested in drama. >> honestly, a lot of drama. >> oh, mied goy e my god. all the drama. >> reporter: really into it. flash forward and nothing's changed. >> many times i was the pot stirrer and going to be one again on the reboot. >> reporter: on the series lauren conrad and the "it" girl of the early 2000s but in 2009 suffered a mental in. breakdown that landed her in psychiatric care. >> this has not been the easiest decade for you. what does it feel like to be back, to be healthy? >> i do feel i've been through a lot especially in the last few years.
7:35 pm
definitely starting a new chapter in my life. >> reporter: like miesha, actor brandon thomas lee wasn't part of the first "hills" crew. son of pamela anderson and tommy lee says he's not spoiled rich kid. >> told my whole life i wouldn't be able to do certain things because of my parents and i've done them all. >> and cody jenner returns with wife entrepreneur kaitlyn carter saying shooting the reboot was intense. how about season two? >> it is emotionally and physically draining, but besides that, i mean, you. straight ahead, movie milestone. >> hey," e.t." looking back. >> 25 years ago, "speed" made sandra bul invited along for the ride. >> excuse me. i'm doing an interview. >> then, "16 candles" put 35 candles on a birthday cake. molly ringwald's secrets 30 years ago and what they lied about to get the part. >> they didn't know. had no idea.
7:36 pm
>> so fetch. >> "mean girls" turns 15. new interviews with the cast dishing behind the scenes secrets. >> i had no sense of when the camera was on me or not. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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7:43 pm
with little-known facts about the movie. >> after the movie comes out i think i'll get a lot of dates. >> then molly ringwald. >> that whole experience was really amazing. >> as "16 candles" turns 35, her co-star and off-screen boyfriend kisses and tells. >> a lot of people didn't know that. >> plus, "mean girls" turned 15. >> to me feels like it was yesterday. >> what you never knew about the film in our flashback with the cast. >> it's so funny. >> wouldn't have been the same without it. >> that's ahead. first, this weekend in "the interview" birthda interview" -- "entertainment tonight birthdays." interview" -- "entertainment tonight birthdays." your answer is next in thth so nice to meet you june, jay, ji, kay, raj, and...ray! good job, brain! say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement with clinically proven ingredients that fuel five indicators of brain performance. neuriva.
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i was offered speed, before the book. >> really? >> spupded e stupidly said no. >> eveningen with her voice gone, berry surprised him wi come on. can't beat sandra had with keanu reeves. >> saw it on the set even before the movie came out 25 years ago. >> "e.t." looking back. >> let's see. >> "entertainment tonight." >> hello. >> "e.t." is taking you back to the 1993 set with a them 29-year-old sandra. >> guys, mount up, please. >> excuse me. i'm doing an interview. i drive the bus. i kind of drive the bus.
7:47 pm
i'm the bus driver. that's keanu reeves. >> get off! get on or get off. >> off, off, get off. >> sandra a virtual unknown about a city bus loaded with explosives. behind the scenes secrets, spent over 75% of the film on the bus. >> stinky bus. 15, 16 people in here in the course of a 12-hour day, starts to smell a little bit. deal wing with that problem. everybody gave gifts, i gave them deodorant. >> stunt drivers in control. >> the problem is,p front to everything and you get an instinct like break time and it doesn't work. >> thanks a lot. putting in time here. >> this is a poster. a lovely -- at the end. the bus. there's me, but you can't see me because they cut me out. >> reporter: when the movie came out we hang out with sandra on a real city bus and stepped in as
7:48 pm
an "e.t." interviewer. >> have you heard of the movie "speed." >> yes, just commercials on tv. >> are you going to go see it? it makes you guys look really hot. after this movie i think you're going to get a lot of dates. >> do you meet a lot of chicks on the bus? >> yes. >> you do? i knew it. >> the movie turned sandra into a superstar. it came to the sequel, "speed two: control" keanu -- >> worse situations. >> the movie box office bomb and sandra fully owns it. >> i screwed it up. >> i loved "speed 2." my favorite of the two. >> what is wrong with you? >> i liked "speed 2." am i the only one out there? another classic anniversary. remember this? ♪ snow you s ♪ you say it's your birthday >> who could forget "16
7:49 pm
candles." breakout roles. classic 35 years ago and we put together an epic flashback. >> go ahead. >> it already came true. >> that whole experience was really amazing. up know? the first movie i did with john and he was always taking me and anthony michael hall out to the blues clubs, to go see concerts. really fun. the best summer camp ever. >> my little brother paid a fwouk see your underwear. >> molly many add virer, anthony michael hall, aga ted actually dated molly ringwald back in the day. girl and a lot of people didn't know that. a nice counterbalance to making films long before i had a career and knew the hell what i was doing. by the way, i still don't know what the hell i'm doing. >> this is -- >> so what's anthony's famous ted moment? >> we were shooting a scene on
7:50 pm
the lawn and i go wake up john cusack, and darin. >> take those ridiculous things off. >> i have one more -- in the rolls-royce. shooting it about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. at the time i'm 15 but i looked about 12 pap scrawny kid thinking this is unbelievable. >> anthony and molly were both teenagers shooting the classic but playing the unforget about chinese exchange student, well, he was 28. >> open the door. >> no way, jose. >> he told us the major behind the scene order to get the part. >> they didn't know i wasn't from a foreign country. they dhile before they realized i was from ogden, utah. so it was great. a lot of fun. >> all of these years later, he can still deliver his most memorable line. >> what happened, hot stuff? >> what's happening, hot stuff.
7:51 pm
>> yeah. i don't remember the accent anymore either. >> need food. [ laughter ] >> hey, you. >> a big question on everyone's mind whatever happened to michael schaaf ling played hunky jake ryan. >> you made me feel really good inside and i hope it makes them feel good, too. >> the last time they sat down with him, 1994 film "wild hearts can't be broken." afterwards he left hollywood for good. >> michael chose a simpler life. moved back to his home town. a craftsman. builds furniture i think but a great guy. >> jake, jake, jake, whatever you're doing i am fine with it another coming of age movie "mean girls" turned 15 and we have stories you never knew as the cast looks back. >> the 15th anniversary of "mean girls." 15 years. >> gosh. ♪ giddyap jingle >> feels to me like it was
7:52 pm
yesterday. >> that is so fetch. >> favorite memories from making that incredible movie? >> i had never been in a movie before and had no idea. just done weekend update. >> some behind the scenes secrets. first, lindsay lohan and rachel mcadams could have had each other's roles. >> what is happening to this world? >> after "freaky friday" fans didn't think they would accept lindsay lohan as a villain. >> go from playing katie all the way to being a horrible beyau-o and then back to a nice person. >> rachel needed to go blonde but couldn't really bleach it so that was a wig. >> very regina. long, blonde barbie hair. >> and amanda tested but a better character in this one. >> you're so skinny. >> shut up. >> the first movie i'd ever done and i had the best time. >> amanda was just 17. check out her total teen
7:53 pm
reaction. >> a film called "the notebook." >> cute. >> yeah, yeah. >> not like a regular mom. i'm a cool mom. right, regina? >> please, stop talking. >> amy poehler played the mom, and once considered for jonathan's part. >> well, cool. >> jonathan. >> so funny. >> wouldn't have been the same without him. >> you're not a regular dad. you're a cool dad. >> take that, right
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
we have a few stars with birthdays this weekend. kevin hart hit the bill 4-0. 50 cent, 44. sylvester stallone, sly, 73. a final look at choices. which musicians real name is richard? that is ringo starr who's celebrating turning 79 this weekend. next tuesday -- >> one time. >> on "e.t." >> luckily they don't finish the sentence. >> it's "entertainment tonight,"
7:57 pm
"american reunion. cast reflections you'll only see here. why what happened off-screen was more scandalous than the movie. that crushes. behind the scenes scoop, next tuesday on "e.t." we are almost out of time for all the late-breaking hollywood news go to our website, " before we go, a few summer movies that could slay the box office, but last fall when bohemian rhapsody hit theaters it proved to be a musical blockbuster. >> nearly $9 million at the box observation and last month queen fans got this treat. freddie mercury's never before seen music video "time waits for no one." >> enjoy it and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, everybody. bye! >> have fun. ♪ seems to me we've not cared enough or confided in each other at all ♪ it seems like we have our backs
7:58 pm
against the wall ♪ time waits for nobody ♪ time waits for no one ♪ ♪ we've got to trust in one another ♪
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