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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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all evening we understand it took a while for firefighters to get this fire out why is that. what justine and jr s firefighters have to keep the planes going because the gas meters was that source. >>our may be involved in that fire in it is underground they
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have to wait for pg need to write to the scene to safely turn the valves off now contractors just arrived here as we speak, investigators are still here, you know be here all night. >>bring a mafia tony was home with her boyfriend when this fire fueled by gusty winds broke out at her home on old rogers ranch court in pleasant hill. we heard a lot of them. >>popping. sounds and something popping loud and the check on the side of that house. it was already engulfed in flames in the rush to get out they made a split-second decision the 2 caps had to be left behind there both best you can normally stays in my bedroom which is in the back of the head house. but we opened up that made from joy because they couldn't find her and the miki i saw run out upstairs to tell you one of the upper bedroom, so i'm just
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hoping that she made it out of the cave neighbors looked on easy of a devastating sight. >>the fire broke out between 2 homes around 5 in the afternoon news there's extensive damage to both houses that specially on the roof. >>we got the unit here quick. we were able to knock down the fire that you can see behind us the gas meters are still going. gas meters are preventing us from finishing it the genie is here working on that. >>crews have to to find about bin shut the gap leaders off the fire was put out shortly after. the fire was put out just after 7 o'clock tonight. pg any are >>and fire investigators are still here as well as contractors you to see just pulled up behind me no word on the cause of the fire. lightning pleasant hill gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast for your sunday night already tracking changes this evening in the form of dense a low clouds and fog so low and high cloud
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cover contributing to our cooler temperatures right now seeing a lot more our 50's out there in the bay area even extending inland into parts of the north bay and also east bay, interior valleys and overnight lows will be mild in the low to mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area. let's take a look at your wake-up planner forecast because we are going to notice a lot more cloud cover to start and end the day mostly cloudy skies for your monday afternoon and with that cooler temperatures so we're going to be an additional one to 3 degrees cooler tomorrow compared to today, 5 to 10 degrees below average overall in stormtracker 4 right now tracking very dry conditions but future cast is going to show they say that stronger sea breeze and that thicker marine layer it is going to spread all the way inland. bringing us some coastal drizzle, not just along the bay area coastline. but also for the bay area's shoreline as well so we could actually get some light measurable rain out of this for your monday morning commute making for slick drive. so just keep that
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in mind and here's a look at the light rain totals very impressive for drizzle because usually we don't get any measurable rain but as you could see we get less than a 10th of an inch of rain for those of you right along half moon bay, lesser amounts for everyone else but we are going to gradually warm up later next week more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just our back to you thank you so much some tense moments for police in the north bay as an armed man barricades himself inside of a convenience store, the man is now in police custody, but there was a large police response of the scene in fairfield today. >>kron four's dan thorn is live in fairfield this evening with more dan. today at this 7.11 they swarmed the area armed with a handgun, locked himself inside but police say they are happy and they are thankful that they were able to end this standoff peacefully. >>swat officers and crisis negotiators take over this 7 11 in fairfield as a man armed
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with a handgun barricades himself inside police say that 3 hour standoff began around noon when the man left in nearby fast food restaurant went into the convenience store and then locked himself inside the bathroom. everyone inside the convenience store ran out. >>officers set up a perimeter around the store tried to make contact with her son trying to get them to come out when no avail. >>police were asking people to avoid the busy intersection of central way and pittman road it was not initially known if there were hostages inside the 7.11. that's when swat and crisis negotiators were called in this was part of the staging area set up across the street. police say their number one concern was safety. this is a very busy intersection especially on a getaway day. >>the restaurant here very full with lotto tells in the area and we want to make sure that nobody is injured in any way. there were no injuries and police ended the standoff around 3 sunday afternoon.
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>>as the swat team made entry. her son came out of the bathroom with their hands up and peacefully surrendered. >>police have not released the identity of this man and it's still unclear as to why he barricaded himself in the store that investigation continues into tonight, reporting live in fairfield dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan for men are recovering tonight after being shot, according to police officers found the man just before midnight on saturday after multiple calls of gunshots near man to drive at hillside avenue excuse me hillsdale avenue. all victims are expected to survive. say each victim had at least one gunshot wound. police are still looking for the shooter. >>on the east bay, one person is deadn big rig happened early saturday morning in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. police say the driver was heading westbound on chabot wrote in college avenue. when they ran a stop sign and was t-boned
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one male victim who was in the car died while 2 others were taken to a hospital, no arrests have been made. overnight road closures are set to begin tomorrow in valais whoa starting at 9 monday night one of the 2 westbound lanes on the highway 37 off-ramp and westbound 80 will close. this is for highway crews to work on the sound wall closures will run through 5 friday morning. caltrans says at least one lane of the ramp will be closed between those hours. one of the off ramps. we'll stay open. >>san fnctrying to fix pick up then the mayors of burlingame in millbrae have written letters to the airport saying that the traffic congestion has now made its way into their communities so in an effort to fix the problem. opened up a new parking lot on the north end of the airport designated just for rideshare drivers to use while they wait
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for their next request. kron four's while bell has our story. >>the new parking lot holds 244 parking spaces which sfo believes will help alleviate that congestion issue at the south end of the airport but drivers i spoke with say there are several other issues may want sfo to address. >>this forcing it's very congested uber and lyft drivers trying to enter the old tnc holding lots at the south side of san francisco international airport sunday. we're still sitting ducks on millbrae avenue. >>the traffic it's really that was a coming up in 3 ways of that to be there for hours when it was just the areas over there it made it so jammed up that it was a complete traffic jam to the point where literally it was a parking lot he couldn't get in or out as a foe is hoping this new lot on the north side of the airport. >>will eventually even out that congestion about it was a bit more cawhile getting
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inside the new holding lot to wait for a ride request is a breeze. drivers say the way to receive those requests as much longer. is. >>it's just waiting times sometimes like over one hour. >>a lot of drivers in now and they say the real issue is with the heavy congestion they face as they go to actually pick up passengers on the russia level >>this should have more than one makeup and you can those in the parking lot they want but you still need to have more than one lane in one lane out on the top of it or it's just going to forever be like the consistent traffic jam, they feel like we need to reopen at e if there's some part of departures level or somewhere else on top of like that to arrive scenario. >>at sfo noel bellow kron 4 news. >>in national news leak secret british ambassador to the impemba acid or that is to the us reveal that that british ambassador described president trump is quote in that and secure and
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incompetent. the information was leaked to british newspapers. the ambassador's office says the british public expect ambassadors to give an honest an unvarnished assessment of us politics. no comment so far our from the white house. >>iran announced today that they plan to move forward with its threats to increase its uranium enrichment be on the level set by 2015 agreement. it's the latest violation of the deal aimed at stopping the regime from developing nuclear weapons. president trump had a warning of his own today. trump went on to say that iran is quote doing a lot of bad things and added it will never have nuclear weapons. >>well coming up firefighters can now save the day on land and sea thanks to its new fire boat. we take a look inside
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next after the break. >>plus people in southern california are working to recover after dealing with aftershocks from frtday's earthquake. >>and senator mcconnell harris is looking to help more african americans buy homes, we'll take a look at her new plant. >>the tension directv and 18 t u-verse subscribers as of july second kron 4 the bay area's local news station has been removed from the direct tv an 18 to you first lineup. atnt has refused to extend our existing distribution agreement until august 2nd which means that you can no longer watch kron 4 in all of its programming and next our. >>our parent company is currently negotiating with atnt and offered multiple times to extend our deal as we fair agreement they want to continue watching kron 4 in shows like doctor phil inside edition entertainment tonight. call 8, 5, 5, 5, 6, 7, 1569 right now intel direct tv an a t n t u-verse our attention now to
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the weather we had a beautiful holiday weekend. now it's back to the work stuff. yeah back to reality and back to some. >>cooler temperatures this week. yeah we are going to start of the workweek on a cooler note in fact are going to be about one to 3 degrees cooler tomorrow compared to today's daytime highs and we're already about 5 to 8 degrees below normal today, so
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seeing a lot more 70's out there in the interior valleys below average temperatures all around for the bay area and it's because of this thick fog bank out there right now right now hovering over the bay area skyline specifically over downtown san francisco. so a lot more low and high clouds out there and cooling down temperatures pretty significantly this evening seeing a lot more 50's out there as opposed to 60's and everyone in the 60's are in the low 60's out there right now this evening and stormtracker 4 tracking very dry conditions, breezy winds feed out there right now and thanks to that strong eeze thro even throughout tonight. san fr peninsula and also along the east bay shoreline as well and that's going to extend into our interior valleys as well during the overnight hours also impacting your monday morning commute. so already seeing those changes out there that fog bank is only going to get thicker and more widespread and also tracking some measurable light precipitation out there that
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will impact your monday morning commute making for slick drive. specifically throughout the bay area coastline and also bay area's shoreline as well by monday afternoon. we are going to clear out a little bit in the interior valleys but still going to stay mostly cloudy right along the coast. and here's a look at our future rain totals. it's very rare when we actually get measurable amounts of drizzle but as you can see traces amount along the coast and even upwards of about 4, 1, 107 inch of rain for those of you in half moon bay through your monday morning. overnight lows tonight low to mid and upper 50's and daytime highs tomorrow once again on the cool side low 60's for downtown san francisco, san jose in the mid 70's, so very pleasant temperatures for interior valleys. the widespread 60's throughout the bay area shoreline but then we're gradually going to notice a warming trend later into the workweek was slightly above average temperatures this weekend and then we're going to remain even near average 10 days from now so we are going to notice plenty of sunshine, no rain in the
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forecast and aside from the drizzle we're going to stay dry. >>suspect to work can think of so yes, so make 2020 presidential candidate kamel harris is coming up. we're going to go over here despite gaining traction after her first democratic debate her fund raising totals don't come close the likes of people to judge and joe biden. >>cnn's kyung lah has more on how she is trying to woo iowa voters. first swing through iowa since the democratic and she works the crowd. break out debate moment with jill biden comes up and again after the debate site really confirmed might. >>support for her i love joe biden i think he's a wonderful guy but i think we need new ideas we need. >>a new younger people 30 new harris worker started just
10:18 pm
this week. >>to capitalize on the latest iowa poll showing her in second place behind by and catch up with the organization is being built in the state by rivals who was born in korea she's. >>frankly may >>white house chris remains skeptical. i think she needs to pay more attention on iowa. i mean where the first caucus. were she needs to be. it continues this way. they'll just say that she has seen here. >>she's talking about the emphasis. harris is put into iowa. harris has made 5 this is iowa holding fewer events and bernie sanders cory booker and elizabeth warren while she and booker had done the most in south carolina where harris will make her 9th trip this weekend.
10:19 pm
>>remains central to harris's path to the nomination. but the last democrat to win the nomination without winning iowa. >>was bill clinton in 1992. i like long island who says she's felt that you haven't paid enough attention i love what do you what do you tell a boater like her. >>i cared deeply about the people of iowa and the state which is why we are putting the kind of resources that we're putting in i don't know how many times i've been here already and will continue to come back. >>i think we're going to see polls change throughout i think people will have their moments. i was state auditor drops and an incumbent to win in 2018 as a caucus state. >>one on one contact is crucial to wean >>we've got to show up you've got to give them a chance understand you and see who you are we will be. >>after harris wrapped her final event in iowa here in sioux city your campaign
10:20 pm
release how much she had fundraise in the 2nd quarter. the campaign says it is nearly $12 million that is slightly under what's reported in the 1st quarter at million. if you compare where harris is versus the rest of the pack people to judge leads in the fundraising race for the 2nd quarter at 24.8 million biden at 21.5. bernie sanders at 18 million followed kamel harris. john law cnn sioux city. and the bay area senator and presidential candidate kamala harris has unveiled a new billion black home ownership plan. >>she says it would address the us racial wealth gap by hou discrimination and financial literacy in black communities. senator harris made the announcement yesterday while speaking at the essence >>releasing a new plan to start closing the wealth gap. after generations of discrimination. families a
10:21 pm
real shot home ownership historically. divers of wealth in our country. >>the senator's plan also looks at home buyers in areas impacted by red lining that's a tactic used by banks to refuse lending to poor and minority groups. they will be able to apply for federal grants up to $25,000 that money will help homebuyers with closing costs and down payments. harris says her plan will help up to 4 million american families. coming up a group of east bay kids gets the trip of a lifetime how their teacher made it all happen fof firefighters can now fight
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 fighting fires from land and water check out southern runs fires new fire boat to see rig emergencies it can also act. fire hydrant kron four's tell key took a for right and she has all the details. firefighting apparatus. >>so it does allow us to apply a lot of to to a large fire so
10:25 pm
them are in fires latest tools. >>a 22,000 pound fire fighting machine on water. to liberty the rapid response. >>this vessel to 30 knots so we can get there quickly and apply water fast tricked out with gadgets to help fight fires. >>into rescue is as far as 5 miles offshore and to read. the middle of the day. with all of the chi chi servers. when sir first people to fall off a sailboat wireless headsets well as headsets allow us to communicate the operator can communicate in ting fire hydrant during natural disasters were able to pump water. >>in an an earthquake or large scale disaster. we have water mains that are were able to get this vessel into a
10:26 pm
location in pump water for for. the the lambaste firefighting operation captain mike martinez says. >>it's not only smooth ride during rough conditions. but it's also one of their safer rights to that's our number one goal is to get our work done they get home to our families in sausalito tiller kron 4 news. the for your money toyota. >>has expanded the recall on its previous the automaker notified us dealers. the recall now includes prius models made in 2018. toyota pulled almost 800,000 prius is in power system. a toyota executive testified yesterday in a southern california courtroom. but even after the recall, the hybrid invert a failed for as many as 20,000 prius owners. toyota attempted to fix the problem by modifying its software but that did not stop many of the system failures.
10:27 pm
well up next the go ship trial resumes tomorrow the defense plans to call derek on that to the stand. >>the latest on what's to come. >>plus people in southern california working to recover while dealing with the aftershocks from 2 earthquakes. and the big bay area story tonight through tomorrow will be the dense fog 3 as coastal drizzle and below average temperatures yet again find out how poor going to get in my mic wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news jolted by 2 major earthquakes and spontaneous fire people in southern california are nervously cleaning up the damage as. >>thousands of after stocks aftershocks are still rattling the region we get the very latest now from melissa rainy. >>people in parts of southern california on edge in the wake of back-to-back earthquakes. the first on thursday a 6.4. followed by another even stronger one friday night registry at a 7.1. sunday officials in kern county epicenter of both events. >>working to assess the damage recover quickly. >>now it is time for recovery. so we will. now move into the recovery process. all of our roads. and concrete such as sidewalks. have been inspected and they all of our roads are in good condition. there and
10:31 pm
you can travel up on all of them. >>officials say there are no fatalities or major injuries are successful. >>in the operation and any time that we can you know go through some like me you know reported fatality. a major injury and i suffered structural damage that was a significance. i want to say that's a blessing in residents experienced over 3,000 aftershocks in the past 3 days. >>leaving people uneasy as they try to resume a sense of normalcy. >>there's another one right now aftershocks. >>i'm melissa rainy, reporting. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency for kern county on thursday and for san bernardino late on friday. president trump has approved an emerrency declaration for the region meeting federal funds will be available to help in the recovery. >>well might be hard to believe but after nearly 8
10:32 pm
months, the ski season is finally over at squaw valley, the skiers and riders got their last turns until 2 this afternoon. >>valley alpine meadows opened for the season on november 16th with almost entirely manmade snow. but the season quickly took a turn for the better ending with 719 inches of total snowfall. the resort says this was the 3rd snowiest season on record and the 4th largest season in its history. >>and taking a live look outside tonight, beautiful night clear night it looks from this angle, the bay bridge along the embarcadero a little fog out there this evening and much cooler, let's check our work week forecast with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah let's take a look at temperatures out there right now widespread 50's along the coast and even in our interior valleys as well. >>the warmest location right now antioch but nearly 10 degrees cooler for those of you in downtown san francisco,
10:33 pm
62 degrees in san jose and napa in the upper 50's and overnight lows tonight, we'll dip into the low to mid and upper 50's going to wake up to a thicker marine layer that is going to bring us some measurable light rain throughout our coastline just really traces amount of rain and cooling us down to 61 degrees because we are going to have a very cloudy start with mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. half moon bay. you can easily get upwards of about 4, 1, 107 inch of rain through your monday morning drive so plenty of fog to start out your monday morning commute but then a little bit of better. clearing by the afternoon but daytime highs will be rrow compared to the day and we were already 5, 8, degrees below average so tomorrow we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees below normal. widespread 70's for interior valleys, san jose warming up to 75 degrees as his livermore hayward 67 degrees. berkeley 66 degrees walnut creek 73 as is napa sonoma in the low 70's and santa rosa out of the 80's in
10:34 pm
fact you're going to be at 79 degrees. for your monday afternoon highs in your allergy outlook. for your monday expect low to medium amounts of these top 3 allergens and taking a look ahead at your 10 at 10 outlook. we're gradually going to warm up to near average by thursday and then we're slowly going to warm up to above average temperatures by next weekend. with that warming trend continuing on monday to about 10 days from now and then right back to near average temperatures and as you can see plenty of sunshine after the drizzle on monday back to you just seen. thank you so much happening tomorrow, the go ship warehouse trial will resume in alameda county and we are expected to rek all >>he is the second defendant in this case is the so-called master tenet, the defense plans to call. >>to testify about what happened on the night of december second 2016. that's when a fire broke out at a warehouse in oakland during the music party, killing 36 people. the last month found that his wife wrapped up her
10:35 pm
today testimony. but it was the testimony of oakland fire fighter. that defense attorneys were talking about oakland firefighter daniel keenan, a hazardous materials expert from fire station number 3 testified that is daughter once lived that the go ship and back in december 20 13 he actually helped his daughter move out of the warehouse. >>he walked in he saw that other people were living mary new is daughter was living there. the iea saw the of first floor, he's a fire knows what the law is she knows whether or not feel fire a code violation an additional inch. he said ok to that we have 2 firefighters from opening off-duty capacities. >>going to the warehouse not seeing any problems with it be aware of a living conditions be aware parties being hosted there. and now all points to matt harris is in a sense for
10:36 pm
sure. >>attorneys for all men to say they intend to call 3 more witnesses to oakland police officers and one civilian before all that it takes the stand in his own defense a bay area man will now serve 2 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to felony wire fraud according to the california department of insurance. >>he received more than $120,000 in fake unemployment insurance claims detectives determined that kind of hong lied to secure multiple policies. under multiple identities and submitted documents from companies where he was never employed. a brand of eye drops are now being pulled from store shelves find out why coming up on tonight's die in dishware to get a patriotic dining experience even asked 4th of july.
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>>welcome back the 4th of july might be over but there's a restaurant that offers a patriotic dining experience. all tonight's dine and dish kron four's vicki liviakis takes us to patriot house. >>which was started by a family of san francisco sisters. >>the 1776, it runs here dine under the watchful eyes of our founding i am taycreate house gastro pub is tucked away in san francisco's embarcadero to between the big screen tv's a patriotic
10:40 pm
paintings hang on the wall. so you can order up dishes like george washington's his ties, sure there's fish and you have to write chicken sandwiches this party those are going to want to wash it down with some it grants the luxor as and and this is s. and this cocktail named for more say are former president in so who's behind this restaurant with an american on a theme. i was morero we want embrace the american culture the american had a girl this mess. in making this our home. morgan you it's family
10:41 pm
operations, including nieces and nephews. and san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news and you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe or food truck to be featured on dine and dish just send an e-mail to the address on your screen or go to the dine and dish. >>dish dine and dish. the new ones that are different segments in go find that facebook page. the kids gets the trip of a lifetime how their teacher made it all happened for free. >>and coming up in sports team, usa, they are champions once again. highlights.
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>>for your health now eyedrops anointment sold at walmart and walgreens have now been recalled altera pharmaceutical issued voluntary recalls for various equate products, including treatments for allergy solutions eye drops and gel drops the food and drug administration says some of the products may not be sterile. the company also recalled several prescription ointments that are listed on the fda website. >>stevie wonder will soon be taking a break from music. legendary singer songwriter says he'll be having a kidney transplant in september wonder announced his plans for the surgery during a concert in
10:45 pm
london on saturday. he said quote, i'm all good i have a donor, it's all good. the detroit free press reported bat issue that is touring overseas with the medical team. well it is a story you'll only see on kron 4 news 16 high school students from oakland, our in colombia right now for free, it's all part of an effort to give disadvantaged young people a chance to see life beyond their own neighborhoods. >>as kron four's ken wayne tells us it was the vision of their teacher that made the trip possible. >>salsa lessons this is the kind of vacatot loc about other cultures. but for these invision academy students it's a lesson about life far beyond oakland. >>i think it's amazing it off. north their history.
10:46 pm
>>but ronald calderon also learned there are some things back home he takes for granted even in the flatlands of oakland. >>also tri-party how there's safe drinking water from. >>what i really want the kids to get out of it was i believe a there was a lot of there's a lot of violence a in recent years and the violent sort of corresponded to the violence in oakland with the war on drugs >>students visited the bustling capital city of bogota in the mountains and are now in the beachside hot and humid tropical locale of car to hania. >> right >>simmons says she could hardly contain herself when she learned she would be going to colombia. >>started you know >>she says she's seen that women seem to be more value here than back home in
10:47 pm
oakland, goes cj says one thing columbia shares with the u s this race isn't. >>of all the people that actually live in i was the only one that was actually pay down the muster. >>still the students say there's much more good than bad. their instructor says the lessons they're learning here could lead to some positive changes back home finding little ways that they can help their community. >>and engage the community to make changes to something that i hope for as well as just goin lower travel. >>takes to independence day ea a now men's of usa usa chance this week and what a fantastic world cup final team usa going for its second straight world cup title and 4th overall today in leon, france. they can rip he no such a star for this team back in the usa
10:48 pm
starting 11 after missing the semi-final with a hamstring injury we pick up in the 30th minute. usa 7. sari van veenendaal makes the point blank save. on to the 40th minute. alex morgan. austin the top of the 18, but van veenendaal. plunging save so we're going to have time still scoreless, but then the 50th minute morgan, it with a high. netherlands players, stephanie van der gras and referee stephanie frappart schools, it's a penalty. and she is cool as tucking it into the right side of the net the goal in usa one nil the 69th minute one nil usa rose lavelle dribbling and teen usa defend their world cup championship and wins their 4th overall pino was awarded
10:49 pm
the golden boot as the cubs top scorer and the golden ball as its best. some baseball, the giants who have won 5 of their last 6 games coming into today, hosting the louis cardinals at oracle park and it was the dog days of summer and dan's bringing their pooches dressed up for the occasions so cute the good of the top of 7 scoreless. paul goldschmidt the giant killers strides one deep to triples ali kevin a lot chases it down these of great diving catch to save all. and just in marjah love that one helping him out there. bottom of the 7th. the only mistake, jacfl who gets all one it's gone and a solo home run. in the last 6 games for us. longo one nothing giants. the top of the 9th. one won one out to will smith again ending 6 for 3 double play.
10:50 pm
the 23th save in 23 chances for the giants all-star closer and the giants win it one nothing they had to the all-star break having won 6 of their last 7 games quite a run. all right the space needle. well. yeah, that means we're in seattle the a's taken on the mariners top of the first medal cent he homered yesterday. a home run to right field his 19th this season making it 3 nothing days. so the first time tender, a base hit and that right to the legs of left fielder dylan moore mark hanna a lorry on a one-score on they're making it up i've run the first inning for oakland in the 5 nothing top of the second mark a semi and. he drives one deep to left center field. it home run homer of the season for him 6 nothing a's. they win. 7 for the final score. now they'll go into the all-star break 50 41 on the season, pretty good
10:51 pm
also we learned today that chatman's or place christian yelich in tomorrow's home run derby that to be fun for race fans and finally tonight, now that kevin duran to is officially a brooklyn net. well he took to instagram today to announce and show his new jersey as you can see yet drill will be sporting a new number and he's going to be wearing the number 7 for his tenure with the brooklyn nets. so not just a change of city but a change of jersey as well. >>thanks so much kate what could have easily been an arrest it turned into a feel-good story next why 3 right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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>>welcome back will woman accused of shoplifting at a new york city grocery store this week got quite a surprise from responding police officer that a resting her the 3 policemen decided to buy her food mike marshall has the story. >>this woman held at the door accused of trying to steal food, we approached her. >>she told me she was hungry. we looked at her bag and we can see what we saw containers of food, we see anything. it was just a necessity food, but instead of arresting her they paid around $35 of their own money. >>for her food.
10:55 pm
>>when you look at someone's face and you notice they need you and they did they actually hungry. you know it's pretty difficult as human beings walk away from something like that you know we what we were raised like that you so it is still >>inside the store a few feet away a man named paul snapped this picture of her reaction an image that went viral. it was a really nice moment for. >>the woman obviously was it we're really grateful. she did thank us. she was pretty mu and this strategic response group are the kind hearted cops who quietly do good deeds for new yorkers in need my thanks to the photographer for highlighting the often unnoticed extremely humbled by this. >>we did not do for the attention. >>the lieutenant says the woman never gave her information and it's unclear
10:56 pm
where she's living. >>in just a good deed by those police officers, they said they were just trying to do the right thing say what's the right thing with the weather which has to address tomorrow deadline years yet dress in layers tomorrow, we're still going. >>i mean below average about one to 3 degrees cooler tomorrow from today's daytime highs that are already 5 to 8 degrees below average and rain totals. i'm actually showing the future cast rain model because of our impressive drizzle or what yeah our future cast rain not a look at that were actually tracking some measurable amounts of drizzle that's how cold and chilly, it's going to get thanks to that cool sea breeze we are going to notice, plenty of high clouds overhead but a little bit of clearing by the afternoon and once again. windy conditions today we had wind speeds anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour in parts of the east bay expect similar conditions not just there but also in the north bay and most of the bay area coastline for that matter just because of that stronger sea breeze
10:57 pm
cooling us down into the low 60's for downtown san francisco and half moon bay, mid 60's for oakland in hayward and widespread low to mid and upper 70's for interior valleys so very pleasant temperatures there. and as we take a look ahead average by later this upcoming week with slightly above average temperatures this upcoming weekend. but no record breaking heat in the forecast looking good. it's a pretty good >>they come back from vacation. (male announcer) up next, how would you like to get
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