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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 8, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning you're at the coastline all the way up to the lb. no matter where you wer yet plenty of sunshine was so nice and then saturday night came around the time we got a push of cold air. >>sunday was a little chillier it off a little in this morning, we're cool were foggy we've got some coastal drizzle and it's actually going to be a pretty cool one of the afternoon yet again today now for many of our inland areas, this is just going to be relief right here but for coastal areas as you can see. >>it's going make for some gray skies at times gray skies up and down the coast and this morning at least that fog stretching well inland across the bay. now resulting in visibility impacts at this moment, but visibility in oakland hayward in napa at times today will fall as low as a mile so it specially for crossing up into the hills 3 could be running into a few spots we're not going to be seeing too terribly far in for your car maybe just want to slow it down a little bit as yo this return to work after such a long holiday
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weekend once we get rid of this fog skies are going to be nice and clear across the bay area. temperatures today as i mentioned are going to be much cooler than average for inland areas, even though this morning we're off to a mild start hayward and oakland each of 59 while pittsburgh, starting up this morning in the 60's, so yeah, it's not all that chilly out there as far as temperatures go. you do have a brisk wind though winds gusting as high as 25 miles per hour from the delta on out to the coast. so don't forget that extra layers you're getting outside this foggy and drizzly morning and then this afternoon you'll be able to shed that extra layer for inland spots is daytime highs peak in the 70's. again cooler than average, but still quite comfortable with some 60's to be expected from the coast to the bay. that's a look at your forecast this monday morning. we have eric a in for robin and she's got a look traffic. >>good morning. john wall are starting to see more car. it's on the road and i'm not quite here at the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are taking that this morning. it's
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looking pretty quick 7 minute drive from the toll plaza out to highway one o on the other hand though if you're taking the bay bridge into san francisco. we are starting to see a cars for a forming a line here in the cash lanes but still are time looks pretty good. it's a 9 minute from the maze to fremont street and checking in on 5.80 looking good right now no hot spots that i'm picking up yet it's a 30 minute drive from castro valley out to the maze and in the south bay a 10 minute drive on the 2.80 from san jose out to cupertino so here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay on 6.80 from pacheco to danville a 15 minute drive and on 80 from san leandro out to you're looking at about 19 minutes, james. >>all right erica, thank you for 32 back to our top story this morning. people in southern california are combing through the damage in the wake of thousands of aftershocks that have rattled that region following friday, 7.1 magnitude quake. we have melissa rainy now with the
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very latest. >>people in parts of southern california on edge in the wake of back-to-back earthquakes. the first on thursday a 6.4. followed by another even stronger one friday night registering at a 7.1. sunday officials in kern county the epicenter of both events. >>they are working to assess the damage and recover quickly. >>now it is time for recovery. so we will. now move into the recovery process. all of our roads. and concrete such as sidewalks. have been inspected all of our roads are in good condition. there and you can travel up on all of them. >>officials say there are no fatalities or major injuries. we're successful. >>in the operation and any time that we can you know go through some with me you know reported fatality. a major injury and i suffered
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structural damage that was a significance. i want to say that's a blessing in america residents near ridgecrest have experienced over 3,000 aftershocks in the past 3 days. >>leaving people uneasy as they try to resume a sense of normalcy. >>there's another one right now aftershocks. >>i'm melissa rainy, reporting. >>in the east bay, a man is in jail after police say he stole a fire truck and then led police on a 3 county chase throughout the bay area and here's some aerial video it started at the oakland fire department. there's that vehicle there the bottom of the screen apparently that truck was stolen from station 23 at foothill blvd firefighters noticed it gone around 10 30 saturday morning. investigators aren't quite sure how we got into the station is no sign of forced entry. officers followed that fire truck on the freeway and in to vacaville and that is where police were able to disable the truck and in the end arrest the man. no word on
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what charges the driver may face several agencies were involved in the chase including the chp. air operations see if the contra costa county solano counties are all part of it including the vacaville police department. police in san bruno have identified another person wanted in connection with the shooting at the 10 for and mall. police are looking for 19 year-old beyond ray gatt there's this picture is from san francisco to teenagers were injured in thursday's shooting. investigators are still looking into what led up 2 gunshots being fired. >>there's a legal component or legal parameters on how we identify gang members and how we validate gang members. so that has not it's not off the it's going to take us all a lot investigation a little bit more research determine whether or not we can actually. identify them as gang members and that proceed wit that. there's
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there's a pretty strict legal parameters and how it inviting members and we're not there yet. >>so far police have arrested 2 other teenagers in connection with that shooting. san jose police have arrested and anthony russo in connection with a hit and run that killed a man who was riding a bicycle that crash happened on burton or avenue and briarwood drive the victim was riding his bicycle on a court under avenue when a white for traveling west hit him and drove away. happening now and police are looking for the gunman in a shooting that critically injured a man over the weekend. police responded to reports of shots being fired at a car near the intersection of lone tree way and davis and drive actually not far from center delta medical center paramedics took the victim to an area. trauma center. he's listed in critical condition. this morning police haven't released any information about the shooter, but we'll let you know when they do. in the south bay police in sunnyvale found a credit card skimmer at a gas station. it was found at the sunnyvale car wash and 76 gas station on east el camino
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reale the device was hidden inside the gas pump anwas only found during routine maintenance. workers didn't find any of the skimmers there's no word on how long that device had been there or how many people might have been affected. you should contact your bank though if you believe you are a victim and your information has been stolen. fighting fires from land and water check out southern marines fire boat now brand new to the fleet. the fire department says it's loaded with gadgets to help keep you safe and during emergencies it can even act as a floating fire hydrant prof or story. mister taylor saca should say took a look at it for a closer eye. >>we' a firefighting apparatus. >>so it does allow us to apply a lot of due to a large fire so them are in fires latest tool. >>a 22,000 pound fire fighting machine on water. >>to liberty. the rapid
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response. this vessel operated a 30 not so we can get there quickly and apply water fast tricked out with gadgets to help fight fires. >>into a rescue is as far as 5 miles offshore this service area with fog fog come before my time. >>the middle of the day. with all of the chi chi servers. when sir first people to fall off a sailboat wireless headsets well as headsets allow us to communicate the crew. the officer the operator. >>can communicate in and out of the vessel plus. >>next a floating fire hydrant during natural disasters were able to pump water. >>an earthquake or large scale disaster. we have water mains that are were able to get this vessel into a location in pump water for 4. the the lambaste firefighting operation captain mike martinez says. >>it's not only a smooth ride
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during rough conditions. but it's also one of their safer rights to that's our number one goal is to. >>get our work done and get home to our families in sausalito tiller kron 4 news. >>our time is now for 39 to nationar, the senate passed a bill to help stop robocalls and now we're waiting on the house of representatives to do its part kron four's washington correspondent jesse turner has the story. >>nearly half the calls you get on your phone may look like someone, you know they're made to look like they're coming from your neighborhood. your community. >>you're street we already helped americans are deserving people but they're actually a robocall it's beyond being a nuisance frankly to safety and security issue while these calls are often just an annoyance in many cases they're used to trick people into giving out personal information or money. >>that's why tennessee congress sponsoring the bipartisan traced act to track down and punish phone scammers give the
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american people the relief that they need from thboe rucal reach ease fines for violators to $10,000 per call and get federal authorities more time to track down a law breaking robocallers the plan is so popular that in may it passed the senate on a vote of 97 to one. it's an issue that. >>crosses state lines party lines phone lines and unite. all americans are giving up. >>the fcc more teeth we will get this to the president's desk, but first the bill has to clear the house this year. >>we're not doing such a good job of walking and chewing gum at the same time cost office calling on speaker nancy pelosi to bring his legislation to the house floor. >>and put the partisan issues on hold in washington, i'st eat >>on the kron 00:04am morning news, california senator kamala harris is looking to gain momentum after a strong debate performance will tell yo what she has planned. and
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here's a quick live look outside at the embarcadero camera where we have conditions that are on the foggy side this morning chilly too as we lo bridge you can see the blinking red lights there on top of each tower sort of reflecting in the clouds a
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>>we are back coming up on 4.45 want to visit with john once again then to get a check on the morning forecast on this monday back to work for a lot of folks and what is looking like you know what a little cool lot foggy there's
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some drizzle to to be up to turn those windshield wipers on this why didn't have to but i felt the wind is out driving that's for sure yeah between the wind of the fog. it's one of those mornings you do want to buy the lap it feels pretty brisk out there all the way out into the interior of the bay area and here's a view from berkeley right here one of your telltale views of the fog as it streams in across the bay and it is certainly present beacons only see just a little bit of the city lights down below as for skies this morning. they may be foggy but thisdo have plenty of sunshine to expect yet again, at least that part of this forecast is typical a foggy morning, sunny afternoons that is seasonable for july's something that isn't though is just how cool least temperatures are going to be inland even with that sunshine this afternoon you can only expect daytime highs for most inland areas only in the 70's. we do have the you're going to notice more of it tonight look at that green showing up on the radar, especially just right up and down the peninsula in the marin headlands that's where
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you're going to see those areas. we may have to turn on the windshield wipers a time or 2 tomorrow, it's looking like fog is going to stay with us a little bit longer not going to be burning off quite as quickly even as we work our way into those later morning hours as for temperatures today, some 50's and some 60's out there right along the coastline. definitely on the cool side and with those breezy conditions to you want to keep the jackets with you at the coast. all 3 are day to day. now elsewhere in the bay you'll be able to take him off into the afternoon enjoy a comfortable afternoon in the 70's, but it's still going to be breezy at times too san jose 77 for your high today, campbell still close to 80 at 78 while only in the mid 70's for the tri valley and s d unio hayward also some 60's and berkeley oakland and san leandro with some upper 70's in danville and walnut creek. some of our breezy us to various today will be from vallejo on through pittsburgh and up to vacaville if you're in these areas expect winds gusting as high at times as 25
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to 30 miles per hour. all the way into the afternoon from today into tomorrow temperatures will be on the rise, not just for inland areas, but along the bay to or your average high will boost from the 60's to the low 70's. temperatures will further rise into wednesday and thursday and come the weekend ahead of us there back into the upper 80's. it meant a little closer to where we should be for this time of year if not just above it in some cases that's a look at your forecast now send it over to eric a look at traffic i love seeing the 80's on your seven-day john well taking a look. >>at our road conditions now if you're heading into san francisco. taking the bay bridge you can see the cash lanes cars starting the pile up fast track. those looking great right now we're looking at a 10 minute drive from a the maze to fremont street and then here if you're taking the golden gate bridge from nevada to the toll plaza to drive time under 20 minutes, i'm not taking up major accidents or anything that could slow you
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down one oh one in the north bay is looking smooth. but it is really foggy so make sure you have your headlights on and you're driving safer. one oh one though in the south bay also looking great we have a 26 minute drive time from san jose out to menlo park and checking in on the east bay here west bound 5.80 from castro valley out to the maze 13 minutes for you no major accidents or anything other drive times around the bay area here on the 6 80 from the che go out to danville you're looking at 11 minutes and on the 8.80 from san leandro to milpitas quick 20 minute drive almost to james. >>all right erica, thank you back to the news now the 2020 presidential candidate kamala harris. coming up just a little bit short despite gaining traction after the first democratic debate her fundraising totals don't come close to the likes of south bend mayor people to judge or former vice joe biden we have too long now with more on how harris is trying to wu iowa voters.
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makes her first swing through iowa since the democratic debate and she works the crowd. breakout debate moment with jill biden comes up again and again after the debate site really confirmed the mind support for her i love joe biden i think he's a wonderful guy but i think we need new ideas we need. >>a new younger people 30 new harris worker started just this week. >>to capitalize on the latest iowa poll showing her in second place behind by and catch up with the organization is being built in the state by rivals who was born in chris tench remains skeptical. i think she needs to pay more attention on iowa. i mean where the first caucus. were it this way. she care. she's
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talking about the emphasis. harris is put into iowa. >>harris has made 5 this is to iowa holding fewer events and bernie sanders cory booker and elizabeth warren while she and booker had done the most in south carolina. >>remains central to harris's path to the nomination. but the last democrat to win the nomination without winning iowa. >>was bill clinton in 1992. i like long island who says she's felt that you haven't paid enough attention i love what do you what do you tell. >>a boater like her. deeply about the people of iowa and the state which is why we are putting the kind of resources that we're putting in i don't know how here already and will continue to come back. >>i think we're going to see polls throughout i think people will have their moments. i was state auditor bob sand, an incumbent to win in 2018 as a caucus state. >>one on one contact is
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crucial to wean >>we've got to show up you've got to give them a chance understand you and see who you are we will be. >>after harris wrapped her final event in iowa here in sioux city your campaign release how much she had fundraise in the 2nd quarter. the campaign says it is nearly $12 million that is slightly under wasereported in the 1st quarter at million. if you compare where harris is versus the rest of the pack people to judge leads in the fundraising race for the 2nd quarter at 24.8 million biden at 21.5. bernie sanders at 18 million followed kamel harris. kyung lah cnn sioux city iowa. >>now as for when the next democratic debate will be the next primary debate is scheduled for july 30th and 31th so at the very end of the month. now turning our attention to stories for your money toyota has expanded its
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recall on the prius the company notified us dealers at the recall now includes prius models made in 2018. toyota pulled almost 800,000 pre is back in 2014 because of a defect in its electronic power system to executive testified that the hybrid inverters failed for as many as 20,000 prius owners toy attempted to fix a problem modified some software, but that didn't seem to help. a quick live look outside and shot here sfo where there's fog overhead will see that impacts flights. >>heading into the city this morning once these flight once these flight oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>for 53 on this monday it is going to be a busy one for a lot of people heading back to work a yesterday was a busy day at the airport though looks like things are pretty calm out there sfo. if you do happen to be one of those people taking a flight this monday morning. you are likely to be greeted with a few delays says that fog has really come in thick across the peninsula. as far as temperatures go right now we're sitting in the 50's and low 60's. it's a pretty mild start to the morning considering the afternoon ahead of us is actually going to be much cooler than average temperatures this morning are just a touch cooler than yesterday's were novato and napa down 42 degrees. not too much of a difference from where we were yesterday. now winds in addition to these cooler temperatures and foggy conditions or something else you can expect today. so between these 3 factors you may want to keep the jacket
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handy a little bit later into the morning. wind speeds currently range from 10 to 15 miles per hour for the most part you could see winds gusting today though as high as 25 to 30 miles per hour. so certainly a windy one not just for your morning but well into the afternoon and eventually the evening tonight. temperatures after this will warm skies will get even clear in the forecast ahead. erica. >>well taking a look at that if you're heading on the bay bridge actually we're seeing car starting to pile up there on cash lanes it's getting longer the but if you have fast track and hey maybe want to get that it looks like those lanes are running smooth. carpool lanes also looking good right now if you're heading into san francisco are looking at a 10 minute drive from the maze to fremont street and out on the san mateo branch. >>looking good so far i'm major hot spots anywhere. the high rises looking good too
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you're looking at a 12 minute drive from hayward out to san mateo and here we have the richmond sandra fell bridge also looking uh good right now you don't see and am issues it's a 7 minute from the toll plaza out to add the north bay and in san jose here looking great too it's a 10 minute drive on the 2.80 from san jose out to cupertino and in the east sick 80's looking great right now to drive time of 13 minutes if you're heading south from dublin out to fremont this morning and checking in on another drive times around the bay area right now looking great so far. no hot spots as i mentioned on the 5.80 there from castro valley to oakland, we're looking at drive time under 15 minutes. >>next hour of the kron 4 morning news cleanup continues following last week's massive earthquakes in southern california. the ground is still shaking this morning. we'll have the very latest coming up. and a man barricades himself inside a bay area, 7.11 armed with a
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gun. what details on what led up to that situation. and a fire destroys 2 homes in the east bay and now investigators you can't fake the goodness of real strawberries.
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waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher starting off this 05:00am hour as folks are. >>beginning to come back to
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work after a holiday weekend. thank you for being with us and we've got traffic that's looking like what eric and one thing we definitely see more cars out on the road on but no major hot spots so far but. >>it is foggy out there so i mean that could slow things down an apartme >>once we have to deal with that again people had 4 days off in a row in some cases so it's a foggy want to get back to the grind this morning looking outside at the bay itself looking out from the north bay at san francisco, not that you'd be able to tell my side told you as erica mentioned as foggy out there that fog really settled in across the bay resulting in low visibility at times now along with that fog we are off to a cool start this morning, we've got windy conditions we've got foggy conditions in some cases some coastal drizzle and then these 50's and 60's for your current temperatures which is that all right shelly on its own but chad and all those other factors such as those winds and that's when you really get the bite to the heirs you're
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