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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 9, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and good morning everybody thank you for joining us on this tuesday july night i'm james fletcher and of course starting off the hour got john with us looking at the forecast on this tuesday noticed it was a little clearer least from my drive and yeah, this morning. >>visibility is not has impacted the zeitgeist fog sitting a little bit higher so not really impacting the drive and no drizzle this morning at least what i'm seeing right and the golden gate saw a clear clear out there do still expect some gray skies at times as you're getting outside, but you are looking at visibility being affected a little bit further north today yesterday napa wasn't quite as bad as visibility goes today,
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you are seeing that impact of fog oakland, also if you're heading up into the hills you are encountering that fog this morning as well as around half moon bay, especially in those hills again it's sitting jusa above the surface of not really settled down into the bay like we did see yesterday and when we did have that drizzly morning in those bad visibility conditions for a lot of areas looking lessen the impact from that this morning that's for sure just a couple of spots out there showing that green on the radar yesterday. it was a lot more than this. so this is a good direction to be making our way into that's at least if you don't want to turn your windshield wipers on which really isn't that much of a big issue as you're etting outside in the first place temperatures in the 50's currently san matteo at 56 oakland at 59 conquered a 58 temperatures on almost where they were at yesterday, it's a very similar start to your morning as far as temperatures go. winds are a touch calmer it will still be breezy at times but for fairfield should only be toaround 20 miles per hour as opposed to yesterday's 25 to 30 miles per
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hour. so a slightly calmer day most other areas in the bay are just going to be downright calm santa rosa, nevada mountain view among those areas that are going to have a nice opportunity step outside downs worry so much about the winds and just enjoy the sunshine that we're about to see after areas of fog this morning, mostly sunny skies by noontime and daytime highs today are going to take a boost from yesterday's. remember yesterday we only peaked in the 70's for most of our inland areas. today it is the return of the low 80's still a touch below average for this time of year. but work live and then we're going to continue to climb as far as temperatures go in the forecast ahead of us. i'm talking the rest of the weekend a warm weekend on tap all still to come. erica. oday still and you want to and now would be the time to go. i mean look at that if you're using the san mateo bridge. it is a fan. 12 minute
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drive from hayward out to san mateo looking good across the right now and the bay bridge e if you're heading into san francisco, it's looking excellent right now. across the bridge while you can and traffic is still light it's an 8 minute drive from the maze out to fremont street all lanes looking sharp an excellent cars moving fast. we're in the green across the bay area here. if heading on the 5.80 from castro valley out to the maze. it's a fast to drive under 15 minutes in from family and her to the maze. a quick 10 minute drive and checking on the south bay here looking smooth to on the 2.80 from san jose out to cu ertino it is a fast 10 minute ride james. >>all right erica, thank you time now is 4 oh 3. and the big story we're following this morning we're hearing from the family of one of the people who was injured in a horrific crash last month in the called a cop tunnel. 2 people were killed and 5 others were sent to the hospital when the chp says a wrong-way driver. under
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the influence slammed head on into a car on highway 2425 year-old darryl london is now paralyzed in fighting for his life at a hospital in walnut creek. >>he didn't deserve this that and they know they deserve is a special night we're live someone else's life in jeopardy. >>that wrong-way driver and his passenger died in the crash. is dead following a shooting in san francisco and this is a story first told you about yesterday morning right here on the kron 00:04am morning news, the 15 year-old was found at around 24th and cap street that's in the mission district he's been identified as devonta ham from san francisco. he died at the scene police tried to chase down a car that was spotted leaving the area, but it got away that search continues this morning. a 20 year-old man died in a shooting in san francisco's your but when a neighborhood early sunday morning. now that shooting happened in the area of bought a fast and binney street
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that's near interstate 80 the victim's name hasn't yet been released. no arrests have been made yet either but we'll keep you updated. as that story continues the l a. another big story this morning. the genie is responding after the mayor of san jose called for the end to the utility companies control over power blackouts p g has permission from the senator from the state to cut power if it decides that weather conditions have increased the wildfire risk to a certain level but as kron four's to reports, san jose's mayor says that local governments should be involved in that decision making process. >>where their life or safety impacts on the public. we need to have the decision maker that's accountable to the public. not so many simply accountable to p g shareholders, san jose mayor sam liccardo is taking a strong stance against pg e. >>stating their public safety power service program is not trustworthy i am concerned. >>that this is not an agency that has safety of my community or anyone else's community in town foremost in
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their mind. and i have very good reason to have those concerns based on the track pga last decade. >>in hopes of reducing wildfires this summer the california public utilities commission who gaze pg need the ability to proactively shut off power stands by their decision making it clear the measure as a last resort in a statement today, they said quote the cpu see has set up parameters and guidelines for public safety power shut off to ensure appropriate customer notification pg e says they plan to give 48 hours notice if and when they need to pull the plug know that. >>presents >>both ends and where we've working with local governments utilities. >>first responders well in advance to talk about public safety power shut off what this means for them. >>but those talks haven't convinced merlo cargo and he wants local emergency operations teams in the room when pg e is making decisions
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and frankly from our conversation so far genie it's not occurred. >>us. and that's official preparations have been made we want to ensure that there's a veto by someone who the health and safety of the public foremost in their mind. >>though mayor look is planning to meet with pg andy tomorrow to go over plans. he does say he's still planning to create a coalition of cities that will try to change pga knees control of the grid as for now though pg any is urging all customers to update their contact information so that they can be alerted in a timely manner if and when a blackout is going to occur in san francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>california lawmakers are moving forward with the governor's proposal to help utility companies pay for future wildfires when their equipment is to blame. governor newsome proposed this measure partly in response to pg e's bankruptcy and its role in recent wildfires. the bill provides $21 billion to help osts that mpanies pay fo
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money would come from utility companies and from a fee that californians already pay e ener wildfire victims. they're divided on the issue. >>there are many people still struggling and financially even if they have insurance that i hope you don't forget it so there is less oversight and less accountability in this bill, then current state. >>supporters say the bill will make sure that victims get paid and protect ratepayers from skyrocketing costs that bill now heads to the assembly for a vote later this week in the east bay for apartments were damaged in a fire firefighters in newark recall to the 6,000 block of joaquin marietta avenue right around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. 2 of the apartments. we're told sustained major damage at least one dog died and another had to be rescued. no people though were injured in those fires in the north bay, the 3rd victim or suspect in a
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stabbing and shooting last week at a home in the valley for dairy of sonoma county has turned himself in eduardo lopez cover a a was booked into jail for assault with a gang enhancement. the attack happened on valley ford road last month deputies found a man with a serious knife wound in the head sitting in a vehicle and another man with a gunshot wound to the leg. deputies believe the victims showed up at a party. that's where a fight broke out low prez cabrera is believed to be the shooter. 2 others were arrested earlier this month. another big story that we're following the livermore city council has voted to ban flavored tobacco the cigarette sales. but there is an exemption for premium tobacco products. so the city council says they didn't want to push any premium tobacco business is out of the city. a number of bay area cities have already done so san francisco most recently banned the sale of the cigarettes but livermore will become the first city in the tri valley to ban the sale of flavored tobacco. the law will take effect in 30 days. all right take a look at this. we have some video out of mountain of a mountain lion. which will see in a second sidewalk in
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san mateo there it is home surveillance captured it sunday in the 400 block of 22th avenue will watch it run across the screen again there goes. no one saw them outlined in person again it just caught on camera. police searched the area and never did find it. officers are reminding you to keep a close watch on small children when hiking or traveling in wooded areas and keep your pets close. we'll take a quick break the time for 10 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, a young bay area boy is gaining popularity after drawing some impressive chalk art introduced you to him coming up after the break. possible solution to the housing crisis here in the bay area. how much will it cost to just to rent a that there's a thought and after the break a plan to get rid of mice on the farallon islands is stirring up controversy will tell you about the plan could cause health problems for people on that island. here's a quick live look outside of the san mateo bridge. so far so good if you're willing to hit the roads here at this early hour.
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it looks like it's smooth sailing probably won't be th this summer,
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>>all right we are back coming up on the 4.15 mark we've got john with a look at the forecast this morning and one thing we were chatting about earlier is fact this little clear for you this morning. yeah, nice clear start to the day that never hurts anything right, although yesterday's coastal drizzle as it was it's at least it wasn't down and
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this is true likely to see for a lot of the winter. this is your look outside this morning where conditions out there are like james mentioned a lot clearer than from berkeley. actually of you this morning couldn't see much of this yesterday as that cloud cover had made its way well up into the east bay hills, you can still see that there is some patchy fog of visible across the bay and even a couple areas of that drizzle out there it's really nothing a widespread like we did see for the day yesterday we work our way through your tuesday, you notice a couple of changes from yesterday obviously this morning we're on to a clear start there is still some fog out there to contend with but not nearly as much of it. a few more clouds as this low pressure approaches from the west. it is going to be resulting in some showers for northern california right up along the oregon border. but for us here back at home just a few high passing clouds to be seen as we world through today and eventually into tomorrow fog is going to maintain itself are right along the coastline pushing inland again tonight could see
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a couple of spots, a coastal drizzle mostly south to happen bay on the peninsula. then fog pmlls out tomorrow, plenty more sunshine wednesday going to be even warmer than what we're about to see today we're going to continue that trend of warmth on through the rest your forecast too. eventually by the upcoming weekend your daytime highs will be some of the warmest we felt them in a couple weeks now today we've been kept pretty moderate that as far as a temperatures go this afternoon. we are warmer, but still just below average for this time of year concord year be at 83 degrees for your high today, san jose and livermore each right 80 degrees for daytime highs while 70's continue in fremont hayward oakland and delay held novato as well as mill valley at 72 degrees for your daytime high. here's a look at your next 7 days a talk a little bit about that weekend how warm it's getting take a look at friday and saturday inland some low 90's if not upper 80's for some other areas. inland with bayside areas nearing the 80 degree mark if not hitting that mark towards
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sunday of the upcoming weekend in the meantime though we will continue and to enjoy some relatively mild conditions today tomorrow into thursday so get outside enjoy these mostly sunny skies. he's comfortable temperatures because the weekend ahead it is getting toastie again that's a look at your forecast we've got eric and again this morning for traffic in how's it looking out there good morning john well we are starting to see more cars. >>cars out on the road and taking a look at our bay bridge camera. we do see a line starting to form their and the cash lane if you're heading into san francisco, but overall still looking great it's a fast. 8 minute drive from the maze out to fremont street as for the golden gate bridge also looking excellent at this time, i'm a both directions really smooth. the one oh one in the north face looking great and down the peninsula and south bay. we don't have any issues and not picking up any hot spots right now. the dumb barton bridge. it's a quick 12 minute drive if
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ark also looking 88 to menlo uh good and most of the bay area in the green right now 14 minute drive if you're on the 4 from antioch to concord out in the east bay and checking you know other drive times around the bay area here a san jose to the one o one it's a fast 8 minute drive for 5.80 there from livermore out to dublin, quick 10 minute drive. james. >>so there's a plan in the works to drop one and a half tons of poison pellets on the farallon islands. it's a move aimed at eliminating a rodent invasion there. critics sounding off against the government proposal saying it puts many other species at risk like seagulls and seals even humans kron four's justine waldman has the story. >>for hundreds of years mice of called the farallon islands home and the invasive population of rodents there is now extreme at peak they're almost 60,000 of them there's
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so many mice you can see it looks like the ground is moving the farallon islands to 27 miles off the coast of san francisco is home to marine mammals seabirds and native plants. >>but the mice have caused ecological damage. according to scientists which now after a decades long abuse. >>fish and wildlife services wants to drop by helicopter. almost 3,000 pounds of a poison on the island to eradicate the mice saying it will help restore other native animal populations, there are ways to control. >>rodent problems that do not involve poisoned while care a nature center and wildlife hospital in sandra fell, does not disagree that the mice should go. it's how methods it recommends setting traps we're moving the rodents food source and relocating its main creditor t burrowing owl which while kirk called the real culprit because it's baby birds and eggs when they can't find nice problem is the owls that eat the mice. >>dumping one 0.5 metric tons
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of poison. on the islands to solve the problem from 6 to 8 burrowing owl seems excessive fish and wildlife services says the poison is the best approach because it's the most effective program after hundreds of the road or education. >>if put that aside. this plan is not a done deal. they're still hearing with the california coastal commission. >>coming up this wednesday. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>for your money this morning, another example of the extremely high cost of living in san francisco. you can read a bunk bed in a communal living space for $1200 a month. it's called podshare and it's located at post in high streets in the city's tenderloin neighborhood people pay to use one of the beds or pods as a living space. you get a bed and a locker plus access to wi fi in foods like cereal and rahman and basic
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toiletries the woman who founded podshare says she's trying to help make up for the shortage of affordable housing in cities like la and san francisco. in national news president trump is considering using an executive order to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census. the president says he has 4 or 5 ways to make sure the question gets added to the census the supreme court recently ruled against having that question on the upcoming census saying the administration had provided a strong enough reason to include it. critics say having it may scare noncitizens from filing a filling out that form which would then cause an inaccurate population count. >>this is keeping you know the make america knows hacked make america white again. they want to make sure that people certain people. our count it it's it's really disgraceful. >>well said the citizenship question hasn't been on the census since the 1950's. the census is taken once a decade and information from it will help set up everything from voting boundaries and funding
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for government programs. and that's why that population count is so critical. a 6 year-old boy from west oakland is becoming an internet star after videos of his sidewalk chalk art work went viral. his impressive freehand dueling is captivating thousands across the kron four's dan thorn now he had a chance to meet up with the young artist. >>they say a picture's worth a 1000 words that's certainly true for 6 year-old yvonne mostly junior. using the sidewalk as his canvas. this west oakland boy has garnered the teimpressive dueling. >>videos of his drawings have been viewed millions of times on twitter like hear word yvonne is shown easily sketching the video game character sonic the hedgehog. >>a lot of future with people reaching out from all over the world. it's something that we went in expecting it was just a random post. >>april littlefield is to
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vonn's grandmother. she says divides gift for art actually came as a surprise he. >>always given the pictures from other they. i didn't know that he was actually your and then i thought they weoe coming out a coloring book. >>his talents maybe wowing the web right now, but graham on family have enjoyed a front row seat >>also doesn't have that raised me being he doesn't have have a picture next to him. he does have his own image inside his of his hand. >>when the vase not playing with his favorite toys he spends his time drawing his favorite characters from black panther to captain america. the list doesn't stop there. and furtive on this all comes naturally never had any formal training. >>no one ever encouraged him no nothing new with ever taken out here and if they drive you. he looked at a picture he played with the toys and then he did drop them.
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>>so why does he do this. >>is down >>and ask his family. his story is only just beginning. >>i want the world to get ready for the van mostly junior, because he's coming. >>a great story are the time is now for 23. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, several days after 2 major quakes shake northern shakes southern california residents are still concerned about what might come next. we'll keep you updated on the story plus east bay congressman eric swalwell becomes the first democrat to drop out of the presidential race. here's a quick live look outside the golden gate bridge this morning we can actually see it
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>>and we are back here on the kron 00:04am morning news talking entertainment headlines. 2 oscar-winning actresses play powerful women in their latest movies, david daniel has a sneak peek. >>to raise this time. it's michelle ersus angelina jolie in the latest trailer for the levys and mistress of evil the fantasy sequel arrives in theaters october 18th.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>we're back with john talking about the forecast on this. tuesday's rick gearing up into the week now we're into the return of being back to work yet moment for all right day number 2 of last no more excuses area is now you know you see it again the fog was going to say the faa got a big initiative in the show you still see it out there little bit you can definitely see it but like you mentioned james, not as big of an issue as it was for yesterday which as you remember was quite a foggy start to the day couldn't see much of the same view yesterday i should you berkeley just a few minutes back. it's also looking a lot clearer than we were at the same time yesterday. so you know we worked our way in a good direction as far as visibility can is concerned we still do have some fog out there it's sitting for the most part aloft and sitting


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