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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>suspected drug firearm and she's someone and that's what he did. >>he is considered armed and dangerous and tonight the search is underway for livermore man accused of gunning down a teenage boy. good evening, everyone, i'm vicki liviakis. >>and i'm catherine heenan in for grant lotus tonight. it is a crime that police say is unusual for livermore the murder of a 16 year-old boy it happened last night outside of taco bell off the stan lee boulevard and the pepper tree plaza, a shopping center. that's where we find kron four's dan kerman he joins us live with more on what led to this deadly encounter. dan.
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>>well catherine and vicki this a murder happened just about 20 feet from where i'm standing you can see right crawling memorial to the victim identified by friends. the 16 year-old emanuel mose be they say they don't know the circumstances around how he was shot, but police are telling us tonight that there were 3 people together and to him they somehow got into an altercation and then one of the people pulled out a gun and shot those beaded eyes. police are on the lookout for this man 21 year-old jorge tell is considering him armed and dangerous and he is wanted for homicide. >>monday night about 9.30 authorities say tell us pulled out a gun and shot a 16 year-old boy to death in the parking lot behind this taco bell sounds like it started as just kind of a verbal altercation and during that verbal altercation the suspect pulled out a firearm and shot the. >>a victim in the stomach. it's that close range. >>friends of the victim identify him as a manual mose be. livermore high football
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player and an aspiring rapper is a very good. vy is he one make his mom proud and is that smart that's all i wanted a memorial to most be is growing in the taco bell parking lot as friends come to say their goodbyes it just feels like it's. there's just no way it can be reelected just. i feel like he's going to tax me it's what are you doing are, let's say oh it's just i can't believe that he's actually gone to women it then to find themselves as most bees aunt and cousin were too distraught to talk, but said his murder is difficult to cope with. authorities say the suspect is had minor run-ins with police as well as an arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. the police say they have no indication that there is any conviction in that case again the suspect believed to be armed and dangerous they're asking the community anybody with information should give
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livermore police a call live in livermore dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and you're dan and developing news tonight darko manner was back on the witness stand today, stteifying in his own defense and the go ship trial in oakland. amanda and co defendant max harris, they're facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in a fire at the warehouse that was nearly 3 years ago. >>however says it met you was in court today and has a this is spending emotional for al mana was it. another emotional day for him. >>actually there were no tears on the witness stand from derick almena today. well, today's testimony was more about contrasts ting his version of events against the testimony previous testimony of oakland police and firefighters. >>day 2 of derek debate as direct examination covered a lot of ground here that goes trial in oakland defense
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attorney tony serra giving his client did upper to the to give his version of its its end of its previously testified by others during the bullied by that ended in the warehouse space next door his reason for not telling oakland police the truth about people living there. he told the jury the owner of the building advised him to deny that people live there we should be in and out. >>we wanted to put them off i wanted to grill i think there are more responsible than anyone regarding the stability of the stairs. he does divide that 100 government officials went up and down those stairs while he lived there told the court that he was never told by anyone that anything inside the go ship was a fire hazard although the prosecution put on witnesses from the oakland fire department who testified that. >>they never set foot inside the warehouse al-banna told the court that at least 13 individual firefighters visited the go ship on 5 separate occasions make no bones it we believe that the fire.
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>>jude himself when they said they never went to the >>my client has you know where law enforcement officials have warned the end. >>approximately 30 >>so they're as direct examination has now ended his defense attorney says he expects now that his client will undergo a very rigorous. cross examination by the district attorney that's the latest live from the courthouse in oakland as he quit you kron 4 news. >>thank you has a ken from the night of the fire today, one of the trial you can catch up on all our go ship coverage on kron 4 dot com you can hear what the defendants testified 2 on stand watch the defense attorneys reactions too cor development and here it emotional reaction from the victims families that's all on kron 4 dot com. >>the big story tonight, firefighters who responded to the north bay wild fires in 2017. they saw increased levels of chemicals in their systems after returning from
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the front lines kron four's charles clifford has details of a new report. >>well here in san francisco on tuesday the fire department released the results of a pilot study that conducted to examine whether or not firefighters who have been sent to large wild land fires like the campfire last summer the tubbs fire. 2 years ago may have been exposed to toxic chemicals. now in this study the fire department tested 149 firefighters who had been deployed to the tubbs fire in marine county santa rosa, and they compared test results from those firefighters. 2 firefighters who were not sent to the fire and what they found were elevated levels of toxins including a mercury which can be a neurotoxin in the human system. now they say that further testing is needed this was just a pilot test is not conclusive. they need to look further into this issue, but reveals that there could be a potential problem here and that changes need to be made to the way firefighters, a deal with wild land fires the fire chief also said today
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that nationwide firefighters are dealing with high rates of cancer and that they need to do something about it so we're trying to bring awareness to this. >>ensure that change keeps on happening. because there are too many firefighters. they get sick and that shouldn't happen. >>now the fire department hopes to conduct further testing look further into this issue they also plan on sharing the results of the testing to other fire agencies around the state. unfortunately they admit that headed into this fire season. despite these recent findings, the no major changes have been made to the way firefighters deal with wild land fires. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>the body of a scientist from oakland has been found in greece 59 year-old suzanne eaton sump lawyer shared the news that greek police found her body last night. she was last seen on in on an island tuesday july second she was attending a conference in greece police believe that she had gone for a run because everything was still in her
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room except for her running shoes. not clear yet how she died. eaton was a molecular biologist with the max planck institute at dresden university in germany, the institute is calling her an inspiring scientist and a good friend who will be missed she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. police say that a man is in custody after 3 people were randomly stabbed in downtown seattle near an order from a nordstrom store this happened today, a 75 year-old man was stabbed in the neck, a 77 year-old man stabbed in the back a 3rd victim was treated at the scene the suspect was found naked after throwing off his clothing while he was running away. police also found the knife which have package delivery truck. we're learning. of homeless people in san francisco is much higher than previously thought. >>our first leave your dog gives us a closer look at the numbers and shows us the new housing project that will eventually get more people off the streets.
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>>just off the embarcadero along broadway at davis street in san francisco shovels in the ground mean construction is underway on new affordable housing developments for seniors and families what makes this project you need is that even people without incomes are will be. >>37 apartments reserved for people who and literally and our street right now living on street down. >>those people are among the city's growing homeless population which in may we learned has increased 17% since 2017. >>what we now know that some air a look at how the homeless are now being reported by the city to the federal government. a broader look at the problem in a report released by the city department of homelessness and supportive services shows that the 2 year increase is closer to 30%. ople in hospitals jails rehab facilities and other situations. mayor london breed ays affordable housing projects like broadway and
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davis. >>a prime example of why she wants the board of supervisors to put a million i measure on the ballot the fund up to 2800 affordable housing units in the next 4 years people are counting on us. >>to make good decisions and to not. >>allow bureaucracy to get in the way. a much needed affordable housing it does make a difference, especially makes a difference. >>if all goes as planned future tenants of the broadway in davis project could start moving in as early as mid way through the year 2021 in san francisco fully to call for on for news. >>i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow that fall really kind of hanging around a look at this out of the bay right now looking toward alcatraz san francisco lost in the fog at this hour. that's where the story of the fall low clouds really thick in spots drizzly even in the afternoon along the coastline, a little damp out there so the fog is in place already it's going to move well on shore but look at
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that we've got a storm system that is rolling in toward the coast time and how about that bringing rain 7 northwest even northern california getting clipped by this just a see some rain up in that just north of redding there's more scattered showers popping up around the bay area that's going to be just enough not to bring us rain but deep in the marine layer and bring us more drizzle around the bay area for tonight. temperatures are cooler near the coastline of course get some patchy fog in san francisco 62 in a 68 right now in oakland, 73 and sunny, very nice weather in san jose 74 comfortable and a little more 76 in concord and 73 degrees right now in santa rosa, 7 out the door this evening or the pog all the way in fact it will be on the increase again tonight i think it's going to move further on shore tonight expect another round of some drizzle, especially near the coastline, but little drizzle inside the bay guys back to you all right lawrence coming. >>and who has made it his mission to try and impeach president trump. he's now taking a different approach is running against him, we'll tell you about the billionaire tom steyer's 2020 campaign
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with a foster mother says she is heartbroken after her transgender son is banned attending summer camp. one camp staffers say they don't have the proper training to house transgender kids multimillionaire jeffrey epstein facing sex-trafficking charges now a member of the president's cabinet is in the spotlight for it his connection to the accused abuser and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you're streaming us on kron on
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>>they had a falling out with them a long time ago. i don't think i've spoken to him for 15 years. >>president trump once called jeffrey epstein, a great guy now he says they haven't been friends for years as dean is charged with operating a sex-trafficking ring and sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, the president secretary of labor, former federal attorney alexander acosta is under fire for his handling of an earlier indictment. >>he's been just an excellent secretary of labor has done if it had president trump's standing by his secretary of labor alexander acosta as democrats call for his resignation, if he refuses to resign. should fire in 2008 a cost oversaw a plea deal that allowed epstein to work from home 6 days a week while serving 13 months in the palm beach county jail. do it. that question has been answered.
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but it be great to have the answer why did he allow this guy to get away with what. >>it's just a horrible crime, it's not just democrats even the president's strongest supporter expressing doubt sounds like there's more misconduct so find out what's going on out for his part cost a tweeted that he was pleased new york prosecutors are moving forward based on quote new evidence, the 66 year-old hedge fund manager was arrested this week on the basis of what agents say they found in his $85 million manhattan home. his rolodex of friends included britain's prince andrew, former president bill clinton and president donald trump who in 2002 told new york magazine. quote i've known jeff for 15 years, terrific guy he's a lot of fun to be with. it is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do. and many of them are on the younger side. but later apps teen was barred from trump's mar a lago after being accused of sexually assaulting an
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underage girl at the club be a long time ago i would say maybe 15 years. i was not a fan of his that i can tell you i was not a fan of his. >>the alleged victim was a towel girl at the trump residents. she's also said that she was assaulted by jeffrey epstein's lawyer alan dershowitz kefir san francisco billionaire tom stier is officially making a run for the democratic presidential nomination that announcement today. >>it's a turnaround after stier ruled out a run in january. he's best known as a political financier is a hedge fund manager worth roughly one 0.6 billion dollars stiers donated more than million to democratic candidates in the past 3 election cycles. likely he has been running his own self funded tv commercials, calling for congress to impeach president trump billionaire tycoon into time former presidential candidate ross perot has died best known for running, one of the most successful 3rd party
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presidential campaigns. in 1992, we got nearly 19% of the vote as an independent. he ran for president again in 1996 under his newly created reform party, he got only 8% of the vote that time perot became a billionaire in the 1980's after selling his data processing business too general motors ross perot was 89 years old. >>the news tonight, president trump is considering using an executive order to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. the president says he has 4 or 5 ways to make sure the question gets added to the census. the supreme court recently ruled against having the question on the upcoming census saying the administration had not provided a strong enough reason to include it. critics say having it may scare non citizens from filling out the form causing an inaccurate population count. that that keeping you know. >>make america knows hacked make america white again. they
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want to make sure that people certain people. our count it it's it's really disgraceful. >>a citizenship question has not been on the census since 1950 which is taken once a decade information from it helps set up voting boundaries and funding for government programs. >>taking a live look outside of san francisco's embarcadero and we see a plenty of fog. meteorologist laura's car has been warning about this but if we look way way down the line you should see some sunshine but that sunshine back again, but yeah it looks like it will see more fog again tonight low clouds fog and stream unsure, how the golden gate bridge boy, really cloudy out there right now some drizzle still continuing out near the coastline and probably across the golden gate if you're driving there too we're going to see more of that overnight tonight and it looks like it'll for at least another day or so teheran kind of broken you can see the clouds a close to the coastline. some high clouds up above we do have a cold front unusually strong
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system that's approaching the coastline. look at that that's impressive for this time of year see this kind of cold front coming in just think you planned your nice vacation a seattle and portland. well guess what now yeah all that rain coming in an unusually strong system coming on shore for this time of year bring a lot of rain across the syrian even driving all the way to south in the parts of northern california, some scattered showers up in the chest area, but the bay area dealing with low clouds and the fog already started to move inside the bay you can see some of that already sneaking inside the bay that is going to be on the way for tonight and probably moving further on shore so temperatures away from the coastline still nice to get 72 degrees in dublin 73 in san jose right now 73. in mount you also 71 the san mateo over the hill, 58 and cool 61 degrees in san francisco, and 64 degrees right now in petaluma tonight you can see more low cloud and fog even some more drizzle. the fog is going to move further on shore tonight. i think filling well into the valleys and the delta. a cloudy start tomorrow and then partial clearing in the afternoon again. but there's a look more sunshine coming our way as we head toward the weekend. high
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pressure and start to build in the temperatures going to start to warm up. high the building and now the desert southwest, such a strong enough to build most the system up to the north and that's going to keep us dry here for the most part of the exception i've seen that resemble the rain going to confine 7 northwest and far northern california. we are going to be dealing with more fog and low clouds guys back to you. thank you lord. >>and 18 t u-verse subscribers as of july second kron 4 has been removed from the direct tv an 18 to you versus lineup. atnt has refused to extend our existing distribution agreement to august 2nd. meaning you can no longer watch kron 4 and its programming. >>next our our parent company is negotiating with atnt and has offered to extend our current deal this week work to reach an agreement so if you want to continue watching kron 4 in shows like doctor phil inside edition and entertainment tonight call 805 3, 1 5,000 and tell direct tv an att universe bring back kron 4. and a warning about a
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popular toy from the new toy story movie. how it is a choking hazard for your kids. parents and law enforcement for more on that to the internet can be a very dangerous place for children they say big tech companies are not doing enough. >>to
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>>parents and consumer advocates and child protection
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organizations they're all warning lawmakers that the online world. >>is downright dangerous for children, yeah, it sure can be and that's even on sites that claim they are kid friendly. washington correspondent cal martin reports on a senate hearing today that was frightening if you're a parent. >>10's of thousands of children are being exploited online career federal law enforcement and child advocates say congress needs to better protect kids online. it's a problem that we really can't arrest our way out of the malone is just staggering. they say congress needs to lay down the law to stop big tech companies like facebook snapchat instagram and youtube from exposing kids to inappropriate content and dangerous predators. we need to simplify this process to help more parents protect their children. >>christopher mckenna a pillar in the founder of nonprofit protect young eyes says most apps are not warning parents about the risky content on their platforms. >>2 simple solutions could
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change everything he says congress should create an independent review process to get each app. >>and accurate age requirement and installed default on kids, phones and computers that would automatically block harmful material we need to set a national standard protect companies as to how they protect children. but lawmakers say one major policy stands in the way it's a provision in the communications decency act under its social media platforms aren't legally responsible for their users post. >>if we can sue snapchat or instagram or anybody for the cause and that's to hear that there's nothing. >>republican senator lindsey graham ended the hearing calling for best practice standards for big tech companies to meet. >>if you don't you're going to get sued seems to me that will do more good than anything else. in washington recall martin's. >>30 a desperate plea for answers after a woman dies while getting cosmetic surgery in the dominican republic, the red flags that were raised
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beforehand and the toddler fell to her death on a cruise ship after her grandfather center on alleged buyer window by the family is blaming the first company for tragedy they say was preventable. and after the break several states are defending the affordable care act as a court decides if it's unconstitutional. it's a decision that could leave millions of people wi just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape!
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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 california is one of several states defending the affordable care act in federal court today. judges will decide if the act's requirement for americans to buy health insurance or pay a fee is constitutional and kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains why governor newsome is concerned about this and how california could respond if the act is found unconstitutional. >>on the same day california defends the affordable care act in federal court governor gavin newsome and some state lawmakers spent time in a community health center in sacramento, 90% of the patients served here are on medicaid or the program that could see changes at the affordable care act is found unconstitutional possibly leaving millions of people without health insurance over half. >>of the country under the age of 65 is holding their breath. waiting for a decision of the 5th circuit that's the 133 million americans with


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