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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now at a bar cleanup workers are finding fewer and fewer edles left by drug use is what they are saying instead is giving them an insight into the changing world of addiction. in the east bay, a memorial is growing at a taco bell parking lot where a teenager was shot to death. the shooting suspect still at large tonight. as southern california and struggle to recover from last week's big earthquakes rising concern here in the bay area over van rubble soft-story buildings. >>needles found between seats and people shooting up in
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station the hallways over the last year several bar writer videos and pictures have pushed bart leadership to make some changes in tonight. they say the environment at at least 2 stations is improving. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >>i'm pam moore bart says it has seen a dramatic drop in the number of needles left on trains but the officials also say this does not mean that the drug problem itself is getting solved. well for snow bellow is looking into this issue for our she joins us now live with the latest noel. >>all right ken and pam kind of a sticky situation of course the number of needles found specifically at the civic centtr and powell street bart station is still a problem but the board president that fda says that increased a syringe disposal areas as well as increased police patrols have definitely and dramatically lessened the number of needles being left on their trains, however he
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says this does not mean that drug use is actually down while it's not mayberry it's a lot better than it was last year last summer a series of videos showing a makeshift drug dead in the march civic center hallway pushed board president bevan dufty to act obviously got up holding table and chair and i started. >>sitting here at 5 30 in the morning and i think it really put some pressure out there and we saw a lot of response from bart pd and sfpd. >>and i think demonstrated that we can change that the trajectory of this station a year later the hallways cleared up and the trains are seeing less needles left behind. >>duffy says in july of 2018 custodial workers at bart picked up 4,197 needles from civic center and powell stations alone, in may 2019 that number fell to just 585. >>it's really dramatic. >>decreased he thinks the syringe kiosk placed outside
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the station is a big help and the san francisco department of public health says they're seeing an increase in proper syringe disposal across the city. but the drug problem is far from gone on tuesday just across from the safe disposal site a man could be seen preparing a pipe. duffy says it's a clear illustration of the shift in drug use is a way in which. >>the epidemic of drugs in our in our culture and our country and here in san francisco has shifted with the use of fentanyl. >>he says he plans to keep coming up with ideas to further fix the problem and i think we've learned a lot of civic pow it's not perfect. >>but it's gotten much better and i think we have a road map to get to where we want to be in a few years to again be a world class transit system. >>if he did use the term cautiously optimistic about all of this of course the drug use problem isn't just a bart issues, san francisco pd in act
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arrested 2 men last night for dealing fentanyl and other drugs so it's definitely still an issue drug use still prevalent across the city, however, the syringe kiosks to seem to be keeping more needles. inside the safe disposal area as opposed to out in the street where the public can come in contact with them live in san francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>well thank you tonight, a search is underway for liver war man, accused of gunning down a teenage boy, it's a crime police say is unusual for livermore the killing of a 6 year-old boy happened last night outside a taco bell off the stan lee boulevard and the pepper tree plaza shopping center. police are on the lookout for the man we're about show you 21 year-old jorge to laz monday night about 9.30 authorities say to less pulled out a gun and shot a 16 year-old to death in the parking lot behind a taco bell. police say the 2 knew each other. and it sounds like it started as just kind of a verbal altercation and during that verbal altercation the
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suspect pulled out a firearm and shot the. >>a victim in the stomach. it's that close range. >>friends of the victim pictured here identify him as a manual mose be a little more high school football player and an aspiring rapper memorial to most be is growing in the taco bell parking lot of friends came to say their goodbyes we have continuing coverage of this story on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock we'll have a live report from the vigil tonight at that taco bell. you can also hear from friends and family members on kron 4 dot com. and we first told you about the story through a push alert on our kron 4 app download it today to hear breaking news as it happens. >>police and firefighters rescued a man from the sassoon bay emergency crews responded just offshore of the mcavoy yacht harbor near pittsburgh. about 1 o'clock on monday afternoon the man's boat capsize in the delta. a california highway patrol helicopter arrived on scene to find that man floating in a life preserver the crews hoisted the victim out of the water and windy conditions and transported him back to shore
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where he was treated by contra costa county fire protection district person out. >>says says 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck near ridgecrest in kern county on thursday. there have been more than 5 1000 earthquakes, larger than a 2.0 and actually about an earthquake every minute of course there was friday 7.1 quake just to the north and west of ridgecrest. >>as nicole comstock reports tonight people living in that area of california are still very much on edge. >>customers in cook's bolted out of the front door christie's family restaurant in ridgecrest on friday evening, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the entire kitchen and everyone's nerves. low water, one doctor per person this is one of 3 breakfast places that stayed open after the earthquakes. they usually have 25 people working here and your point about one night manager cesar martinez says now they're stuck with a skeleton crew the courts. the deal for savers
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because the 2 back to back earthquake scared most of their employees out of town people they >>brandon i'll just brought his family back into town. they drove 100 miles away to escape the threat of another quake weird i don't think i think that's a bigger one. video taken from the back seat shows them walking around in their car look at the boat. brandon was concerned all that restoration crews began the colossal task of fixing clap ceilings and walls. president trump tweeteding with lawmakers to approve federal disaster funding for the area. >>my house got hit by the 6th grade 4. so it's pretty devastating. >>and rescue group almost eden is helping earthquake victims
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with injured or lost pets, little bella here had a sprained leg and very grateful. there was nicole comstock reporting the earthquake in the ridgecrest area. >>serve as a reminder as they always do that a major quake could happen at any time here in the bay area, hundreds of buildings and hayward alone are considered vulnerable to a major earthquake and experts say there's a 70 per to percent chance at a big one happening here in the bay area could happen in the next 10 years for us justine waltman has details on the new city ordinance in hayward. >>they will now keep tabs on so-called soft story buildings in the city and the deadline the building owners are now facing to get apartment comple considered a soft story building because it's built without a stable ground level. the city council estimates there are 930 buildings with 3 units or more, like this built before 19 79 in the city. they are most at risk to collapse in an earthquake. we're sitting on the hayward fault.
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>>and the more responsibility and awareness we have about that in a proactive but not panicked way. the better we can protect our residents. >>the new ordinance just passed what's to know exactly how many soft-story buildings there are and if they are safe. now building owners must fill out forms to tell the city details of its condition. city building official gary nortel tells me the form is pretty simple and we don't feel that this. >>the screening process is going to put any undue financial burden on owners of a you know multifamily buildings in the city is working on plans to help owners offset costs if retrofitting is needed. >>up with the financial plan. council member sarah lamb and hopes that owners will comply, you know, we tell people right have your your water have your emergency food, ready. well what do we as a city need to do we need to make sure that our properties our equally as
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prepared in earthquake situation. the forms will go in the mail in late october and depending on the size of the structure owners have between 1218 months. >>to complete it in hayward i'm justine waltman kron 4 news. >>live look outside this evening and there are delays reported at sfo are up over an hour and this is why look at that fall bank you can just see barely the tower in the buildings right around it yet busy night to one it's delayed like that scrambling to try to catch a flight all the people coming in right now at least trying to come in and now those delays yesterday had delays of an hour and a half today. >>plays an hour 19 minutes now it s f o you see the cloud that coming in and it's coming in pretty low right now we'll see some drizzle again overnight tonight around the bay area along the coastline inside the bay that certainly going cause some problems early on hey we've got a cold front unusual to see one coming in in the middle of summer like this but look at the pacific northwest are getting hit with some rain and that area seeing that rain up
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towards seattle in the portland even a couple lingering showers in a northern california see some of those showers popping up over the chest area over the northern sierra and well that has been the case in the afternoon. we'll see that again. i think for tomorrow to the system kind of slowly works its way further south. now we're going to see some fog and drizzle overnight around the bay area so maybe a little damp, especially along the coastline early on tomorrow morning. tomorrow, mostly sunny by the middle of the day all those lingering clouds and probably a little love tunnel fog sneaking inside the bay too. and then we're going to some sunshine 80's inland, 50's and 60's along the coastline to find some 70's in and around the bay so tomorrow, not going to a big warm up to temperatures slightly warmer least in many spots inland. lawrence homelessness increasing in san francisco. the new building city leaders are hoping will get people off the streets, how lift is trying to be more inclusive with its ride share options. >>and they're a comment uh testifies in his defense of the ghost ship warehouse trial.
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>>family members of goshen fire victims are speaking out after the second day of having derrick amanda the master tenet of the warehouse on the witness stand now men alike his co-defendant, max harris is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 lives lost the night of the fire back in 2016. today cross examination started and kron four's michelle kingston said it was difficult to watch.
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>>and he's fighting for his life and he's doing a good job in a dark green suit jacket and shirt derick almena return to the stand on tuesday completing direct examination in beginning cross examination prosecutor ah chee james who is quick and intimidating. >>james with ask questions about the zoning of the warehouse and whether or not he was telling the truth in previous testimony, and what appeared to be an attempt to catch in a in a lie. colleen dolan, the mother of one of the 36 victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire isn't believing a word now mina is saying. >>so do i trust him to i believe him. everything he says he says. >>indirectly a minute talked on tuesday about the king family, the owners of the or not testifying in this case, a man as attorney believes the ng family is more responsible than anyone else. but says they pled the 5th amendment when they were subpoenaed the landlord is a slum lord.
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>>in the landlord should be punished and a lot more walks away free and clear on the so-called 5th amendment privilege sarah's final question tell me that on tuesday was about his family. >>sarah put up a photo of el nino with his wife and 3 children and asked him if he would put them in danger, whatever subject them to the risk of fire amanda touched each one of his children's faces in the photo and said no wiping away a tear. >>he is such a poor or actor. the it doesn't know how. to take it very well. >>we're expecting a full day of cross examination on wednesday and possibly more on thursday in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news from the night of the fire today, one of the trial you can catch up on all our ghost ship covers on kron 4 dot com. >>you'll find what both defendants have said on the stand you can watch the defense attorneys reactions too the court developments and your emotional reaction from
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the victims the families, it's all at kron 4 dot com today the san francisco fire department. >>released the results of a study it conducted to examine whether or not firefighters who are sent a large fire such as the camp fire last summer or the tubbs fire 2 years ago may have been exposed to toxic chemicals. fire department tested a 149 firefighters who went to the tubbs fire and compared the results to firefighters who did not go to the fire those who are at the fire had elevated levels of toxic chemicals, including mercury, which can be a neurotoxin in the human body. the chief said today nationwide firefighters are dealing with high rates of cancer and something needs to be done. >>so we're trying to bring awareness to this ensure that change keeps on happening. because there are too many firefighters. they get sick and that shouldn't happen. >>the fire department says it hopes to conduct further testsr and share the results with other fire agencies.
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>>tonight the number of homeless people in san francisco is actually much higher than previously thought out forcefully chagall gives us a closer look at the numbers and shows us the new housing project that we'll eventually get more people off the streets. >>just off the embarcadero along broadway at davis street in san francisco shovels in the ground mean construction is underway on new affordable housing developments for seniors and families what makes this project you need is that even people without incomes are will be. >>37 apartments reserved for people who and literally and our street right now living on her street down. >>those people are among the city's growing meless population which in may since 2 >>what we now know that some air a look at how the homeless are now being reported by the city to the federal government. a broader look at the problem in a report released by the city department of homelessness and
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supportive services shows that the 2 year increase is closer to 30% when you count people in hospitals jails rehab facilities and other situations. mayor london breed says affordable housing projects like broadway in davis park. >>a prime example of why she wants the board of supervisors to put a million i measure on the ballot the fund up to 2800 affordable housing units in the next 4 years people are counting on us. >>to make good decisions and tonight. >>allow bureaucracy to get in the way. a much needed affordable housing it does make a difference, especially makes a difference. >>if all goes as planned future tenants of the broadway and davis project could start moving in as early as mid way through the year 2021 in san francisco fleet of all wrong for >>our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside the
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window here on the embarcadero and you can see some clouds out there our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us what's ahead for the rest of this weekend. okay, it's you know, there's a little person is actually storm off the coastline not going affect us so with rain but we are seeing a deeper. the marine learned that means. yes what more this outside right now the fog so even on short, it is thick out there tonight going likely see some drizzle again since about along the coastline already a more that on the way as the fog is going to kind of take over move well on shore moving inland tonight and filling most of the valley be prepared to see and there's that large talking about little swirl off the coastline bringing some rain up from 7 north rest, seattle and portland you're seeing some rain drops him some rain in the far northern california today, but the brunt of the storm system all the way up to the north here, but you see that rain had some plans to go up here enjoy some nice time a and summer here you go you got that seattle rain again all the way down into portla the scattered even in the california we had a few showers for today but nothing get here, but you got that the low pressure system
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approaching the coastline tends to deepen the marine learned that's what we're seeing again tonight and it's going to get a good run, it's going to help that move further and further on shore as the atmosphere is going loosen up just a bit sore going to see a fill in all the interior valleys overnight tonight. and now we'll see some clouds around tomorrow morning giving way to some partial clearing in the afternoon. and temperatures going to be down especially toward the coastline that late season from the kind of bounced up to the north by high pressure in the south. so we're not going to worry about rain but we will see some of that drizzle early on so maybe a little damp along the immediate coastline that rain will continue for tomorrow and maybe in wednesday 2 in the pacific northwest going watch high-pressure begin to build in over the next couple days and that should begin to warm the temperatures up and it's a little less fog as we head in toward the weekend guys back to you. thanks laura's. the dix school district is getting a new name back in april you may remember the dixie school district board in sandra fell voted to change its name tonight trustees will vote to change the name district to either low creek creekside are attending school district.
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they will also select a new name for the district only elementary school from dixie elementary to either big rock lucas valley or creekside the name change issue generated heated debate in sandra fell from months some people insisting that the dixie name is racially insensitive and sensitive linking the district of the confederacy into slavery. others complained that the change was political correctness run amok. coming up joe biden finally releasing his tax returns what made him the most money since leaving the white house over. >>option for those who hate taking their rideshare drivers.
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>>you know 15 rockets a in ready knows people into space. >>billionaire richard branson is launching his space tourism venture into a new frontier today announced plans to take virgin galactic public. the deal first reported by the wall street journal is part of a merger and will give new investors have 49% stake in the company. hundreds of people are already lined up to write a short high speed trip aboard a virgin galactic space plane agreed to pay up to $250,000 a seat going public will help virgin galactic raise money needed to compete against space race rivals, including jeff bezos blue origin and elon musk's space x branson says he hopes to be
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the first not remember to take the trip to space in quote, not many months time. >>lyft is now launching a wheelchair-accessible ride option. the san francisco bay's ride hailing app announced a pilot program today, lyft drivers in san francisco and los angeles county will be able to request. 2019 toyota sienna is operated by certified drivers when they enable the access mode in the app the new option will allow people in fixed frame not collapsible wheelchairs to request lift rise which accommodate their needs it said over driver who doesn't say a single word gets a 5 star rating from you you might like this uber now has an option to tell your driver in advance. >>you'd like a little less conversation today, the ride hailing giant launched comfort rides part of the perk is that writers to request more leg room in cars and can u e the app to tell drivers. they don't want to talk. but you do have to pay a little bit more comfort rides cost 20 to 40%
8:27 pm
more than standard uber rides, a member of president trump's cabinet under fire tonight after multimillionaire jeffrey epstein is indicted on sex-trafficking charges. why democrats are calling for the labor secretary to resign governor gavin newsome fighting to defend the affordable care act is health insurance for millions hangs in the balance. >>a california is poised to respond if obamacare goes away. >>the state bill on police deadly force on his way to the governor's desk. we hear from stefan clark's brother and the presiden of the sacramento police officers association, just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed.
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>>a bill on the governor's desk would set tougher rules for when members of law enforcement can fire their guns see aim is to try to reduce the number of police shootings across the state reporter jessica mensch talks about how a b 3.90 to pass the senate with bipartisan support after months of controversy. >>every day some stuff on clark was shot and killed by sacramento police officers. his brother stuff on tape hasn't stopped fighting now one day stopped, so it gets. the pressing a lot weighs me down but finally he seeing some results in the form of assembly bill 3.92, passing both the house and the senate with bipartisan support you know like i've always said slow progress is better than no progress will take whatever
8:31 pm
at this point kind of desperate if the governor signs the bill it will set some of the strongest use of force standards in the nation. it changes the standard for when officers can use deadly force from when it's reasonable to only when it's necessary. the bill initially faced opposition from law enforcement groups like the sacramento police officers association what it did is allowed officers to be monday morning quarterback. >>which meant that you could look at the entire call in if you can find even one small thing the officer could have done different that would have resulted and there not being a loss of life the officer to be charged with murder. and we thought that that was completely unreasonable they came to a compromise instead officers will be judged by their minds hit during the shooting and they're not required to trial nonlethal options before firing. >>the police association says more training is necessary for officers to follow this news for standard backing another bill s p to 30 to make it happen. we have better policies. our officers will be able to go and those with better training and hopefully we will reduce the number of
8:32 pm
lives that are lost car keys. grateful to see the 3.90 to pass. he doesn't think it would have saved his brother. i don't believe would hold officers accountable in the way the clark family like to see it. it's a watered down bill it's why clark says his fight for justice is far from over stephens legacies bringing people together its legacy is making sure something like this never happens again. >>that was jessica mensch reporting that bill is now on the governor's desk, awaiting his signature meantime sb 2.30 the bill requiring more training still faces more boat. >>a gun debate ended abruptly today in virginia lawmakers in the gop controlled legislature adjourned until november without taking any votes on proposed gun safety legislation. the big push follows that deadly shooting in virginia beach in may when a disgruntled employee shot and killed 12 people and injured several others. the republicans in the state are still not budging after accusing democratic governor ralph northam of being
8:33 pm
politically motivated in calling the special session. >>which the governor called the session. the parson the man's for floor votes, the road shed all demonstrate to me how the whole thing is just an election year spot. we all share the goal reducing gun violence in for jen people in virginia. >>we need to know that we're here to make virginia say from they need to know where these legislators say on these issues. >>the debate centered around a background checks. one handgun a month long assault weapons bans and other issues. the legislators, legislation the legislature's what i'm trying to say won't meet again until november 18th northam responded in a statement saying quote i expected lawmakers to take this seriously. it calls a lack of action, shameful and disappointed. >>i think that there's something absolutely critical try as hard as you can. and let the chips fall where they
8:34 pm
may and that's exactly what i'm doing. >>my name's tom sermanni for president. >>area, bay's billionaire tom stier is officially making a run for the democratic presidential nomination. tuesday's announcement is a turnaround you might remember back in january stier ruled out a run for the white house. >>he's arguably best known as a political financier and philanthropist the former hedge fund manager is worth an estimated billion stier has donated more than million to democratic candidates in the past 3 election cycles. lately he's then running his own self funded television commercials calling for congress to impeach president trump. he has also called for action on climate change and health care. >>presidential candidate joe ce en released his tax returns president earned more than $15 million in the first 2 years after he left office. it shows biden and his wife jill's adjusted gross income in 2016 was about $400,000 in 2017. it
8:35 pm
was about $11 million and they earned about million. last year 2018 the majority of the bidens post-presidential income came from book payments and paid speaking engagements. >>have a falling out with him a long time ago. i don't think i've spoken to him for 15 years. >>president trump once again called at one time rather called. jeffrey epstein, a great guide. now he says they haven't been friends for years epstein is charged with operating a sex-trafficking ring and sexually abusing dozens of underage girls kron four's vicki liviakis reports tonight. >>the president the secretary of labor former federal attorney alexander acosta is under fire for his handling of an earlier indictment involving of sting. >>he's been just an excellent secretary of labor has done a fish president trump standing by his secretary of labor alexander acosta as democrats call for his resignation, if
8:36 pm
he refuses to resign. should fire in 2008 a cost oversaw a plea deal that allowed epstein to work from home 6 days a week while serving 13 months in the palm beach county jail. why did he do it. >>that question has been answered. but it be great to have the answer why did he allow this guy to get away with what. >>it's just a horrible crime, it's not just democrats even the president's strongest supporter expressing doubt sounds like there's more misconduct so find out what's going on out for his part a cost a tweeted that he was pleased new york prosecutors are moving forward based on quote new evidence, the 66 year-old hedge fund manager was arrested this week on the basis of what agents say they found in his $85 million manhattan home. his rolodex of friends included britain's prince andrew, former president bill clinton and president donald trump who in 2002 told new york magazine.
8:37 pm
quote i've known jeff for 15 years, terrific guy he's a lot of fun to be with. it is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do. and many of them are on the younger side. but later apps teen was barred from trump's mar a lago after being accused of sexually assaulting an underage girl that the club be a long time ago i would say maybe 15 years. i was not a fan of his that i can tell you i was not a fan of his vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>time now for 4 zone forecast are going to show you a live picture of a very foggy golden gate bridge high chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the weather but also a look at the situation with the aftershocks in southern california boy it just really continues there will see more aftershocks a lot of these just small quakes that continue to happen as the ground continues to move in southern california but look at since friday night, hundreds of earthquakes in that area, the ones in red those was happening just the last hour alone and that's dozens of earthquakes during that time period, some of
8:38 pm
those as much as for so they continue to shake their certainly scary and everything damage there could use more damage when you see for even greater so if a watch that the next to avoid couple of weeks maybe couple months before things really begin to settle down there. all right we've got a cold approaching them 7 northwest bring some rain up there. it's going up to deepen our marine layer just a little bit in the next 24 hours so tomorrow, partly cloudy in the san francisco, you see those clouds out toward the beaches up for the zoo. you get toward the eastern half of san francisco. you see a little sunshine but still partly cloudy all day, 70 degrees mostly sunny in oakland 78 in san jose, plenty of sunshine as you make your way in the san jose. we'll see plenty of clouds overnight tonight thick enough, it's going to well on into the valley looks like even the central valley too that is going to break up some drizzle likely along the coastline as we get into thursday, maybe a little less cloud cover still plenty of fog along the coastline and into the bay but looks like tomorrow probably the greatest a of the week and then things will begin to change and that
8:39 pm
means we'll start to warm things up a little bit so tomorrow. a little bit below the average probably to start to warm up just a little bit. on thursday. i think more significant warming on friday at least in the interior valleys, a public in a pop in the 80's maybe couple low 90's by them as well still cool out along the coastline patchy fog new there right into the weekend with temperatures in the 50's and the 60's. thank you. a new push to limit those surprise out of pocket costs on trips to the emergency room in california and the opposition is facing. >>how friends and colleagues are remembering in oakland scie
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>>the body of a scientist from oakland has been found in greece 59 year-old suzanne evenings employer shared the news that greek police found her body last night she was last seen on the island of crete tuesday july second while attending a conference air. we say stun was an avid runner and believe she went on a run as oliver items were still in her room but her running shoes were gone. the cause of her death is under investigation. she was a molecular biologist with the max planck institute at dresden university at she was a scientist and a good friend to will be missed even leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. >>a new bail set to help prevent rent asking the against the cap and the
8:43 pm
changes san francisco assembly member david shumate to get the bill passed. >>is force major league baseball's all-star game is in the books marks has the highlights and we'll show you how the local players did
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8:45 pm
>>the hallway outside the state senate hearing room reflected the controversial nature of the bill which capsule rent increases at
8:46 pm
about 10% except in areas which already have rent control reporters. >>ronnie wong talks to those on both sides of the issue. people are on fixed income people that are working in a low income wages, can't afford the rising rents we've seen tenants get 200% rent increases. >>that go into effect in a month and so not just people onto the streets it also requires landlords to state in writing why they are evicting a tenant. >>if they report things in there the situation like that. >>rats mold etcetera, then a landlords evict them or they raise the rent, it's cool and more forces well they say they don't want to be heading to florida official s. >>what happened in my own case was we decide not to be landlords anymore. >>we sold a small four-unit building in a very moderate income neighborhood where we live to a developer who made it into condominiums. >>opponents also say the bill is the first step toward rent
8:47 pm
control within 20 is one landlord says 10% yearly increases is plenty for a landlord to remain profitable members are still going be able to make. >>i don't see any reason why a landlord would sell their property. just because of the scale. >>the bill's author accepted unwanted amendments to get the bill this fall assembly member david to raise the cap from 5% exempted some small property owners as well as recently built rentals and instead of sun setting after 10 years. the bill expires in just 3 years. he says the bill is still worthwhile it is not rent control. it's a policy designed to protect the most of our states 50 million tenants who do not have rent-control against agree just rent increases in into the ditch and protections are also added, although opponents fear that would make it harder for the low low as 2 of the criminals another bad tenants those fighting for tenants say even though the bill goes away after 3 years, it's a start. >>if a that will be able to add. the next 3 years and hopefully see this bill extended. or and property
8:48 pm
owners are also opposed to the bill saying that the real solution is more housing construction, not a cap on rents. the bill is still being heard even if it does pass the new version must get approval on the floor both the assembly and the state senate before going to the governor's desk, a proposal in california to limit emergency room medical bills for those with health insurance. >>faces a key committee vote the bill by assemblyman david chiu would make sure emergency room patients with health insurance never pay more than their co-payments or deductibles even if they are treated at a hospital outside of the network of their insurance company. the proposal has strong opposition from hospitals because it would cap how much hospitals can charge insurance companies. supporters say the caps are needed to control health care costs. the bill has cleared the assembly and it faces a key test in a senate committee tomorrow death. >>california one of several sa's defending the affordable
8:49 pm
care act in court today judge will decide if the act's requirement for americans to buy health insurance or pay a fee is constitutional or not governor newsome and some state lawmakers spent the day at a community health center in sacramento where 90% of the patients are on medicaid or medicare now a program that could see changes with the a c a if it is found unconstitutional possibly leaving millions of people without health insurance. >>of the country under the age of 65 is holding their breath. waiting for a decision of the 5th circuit a 133 million americans with preexisting conditions that's how consequential. today is but to the extent that we get impacted with millions of people lose coverage. i'm not here to say overnight that will be able to subsidize. those losses that would be misleading but we would begin to rebuild that framework.
8:50 pm
>>the state's new health plan is similar to the ac a requiring california pay a tax if they do not purchase health insurance. the state is amy for universal health care and soon expanding coverage to anyone under the age of 26 regardless of immigration status. >>and will open tonight with the true sign we are now at the official halfway point of the baseball season. the midsummer classic here's a look at the bay area contingent to reps for the a's liam hendriks in chapman giants closer to school smith spare for san francisco now for all the talk of the baseball's being juiced and a lot of strikeouts tonight picking up in the 5th inning american league a one zip shane bieber of the cleveland indians struck out the side gets ronald acuna junior looking to close the frame. he ended up being the mvp next inning to nothing american league hendricks making his appearance. taking out and charlie blackmon a solo shot
8:51 pm
to right-center makes it to one game. silver lining is hendricks ended up striking out the side now we go to the 7 feet 3, one american league will smith. it's a chance facing joey gallo gallo tease him up pulls a homer to right for one a lead. now the knife. the national league made it a one-run games overall this chairman to close it out but not before delay on native species of after you came out to the mound for a visit sisi the former cleveland and current yankee star chapman was a one to 3 innings and american league wins for 3 for a 7th straight victory. yet chapman initially the walk and scored a run. now to today's warriors headlines. bob myers continues to make sweeping changes to the roster. >>yesterday damian jones to atlanta today they parted ways with veteran guard shaun livingston, according to reports the warriors are weaving the 33 year-old for the last 5 seasons, he's been a crucial part of the team's run to the finals coming off the bench as a spot-up shooter. the early indication, is he wants to keep playing maybe signed by contending
8:52 pm
team, we'll see and as livingston leaves the younger guard joins a squad d'angelo russell now in golden state after being a part of the kevin duran signing trade from brooklyn the all-star guard had a career season last year a game. however there are questions on how will fit into the war your system and with that there's a possibility he could be traded for assets down the line the 23 year-old knows that's all part of how the league operations. >>it is what it is you put yourself in position to go somewhere for him. >>a long period of time in a may not be what it is a year later and and that's the business and i've come to realization of that and i understand that so whatever situation on the i know the business side of it so we'll just see the care i can't predict it. >>and now for the left his pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>that our lexus ultimate highlight comes to us from the all england club serena williams facing allison risky in the wimbledon quarter finals risky just coming off and upset over top seed alley
8:53 pm
bartee what a performance from williams they split the first 2 sets but the 24 time grand slam champion. triumph in the 3rd serena moving on to her 12th
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>>hashtag not my ariel has been trending on twitter about the woman who was the original voice of ariel says it does not matter what area looks like tony vincent addressed
8:56 pm
the issue saying quote we need to be storytellers no matter what we look like on the outside or my hair is whatever color they really need to tell the story on quote she says it is the spirit of a character that really matters. it seemed to some people are upset with disney for casting this young woman black singer halle bailey and the new live action little mermaid, a set of someone who looks like the cartoon white with red hair and blue eyes. shooting of the new film is expected to start sometime next year. >>to stand at the ready and t rex's o a it's dino. >>all right this is different race fans near seattle got a special jurassic treat over the weekend and world downs in auburn washington took a break from racing its usual thoroughbreds to let some dinosaurs take the track and people seem to love it. a lot of running t rex's are actually employees of local pest control company looks better in slow motion doesn't. it's one of the many family friendly promotions, the track and casino runs every year you
8:57 pm
see the t rex arms are very useful. but salt lake power here. and there's a bunch of t rex is gasping for air. at >>gosh that's pretty funny i so kron 4 news tonight at 8 her prime-time coverage just getting started on this tuesday night thinking of iraq is catherine heat in here with kron 4 news at night. thank you, pam and ken next up at 9. a vigil happening right now for a bay area. a man who was shot and killed following an argument tonight. we're learning more about a manual most be a football player. an aspiring rapper now police are on the hunt for the man they say gunned him down outside a taco bell in livermore we're live at the scene with the very latest. also new video of the aftermath of what started as a car burglary, this and it has a hit and run in san francisco. >>the victim seriously injured. the suspects are still on the loose. we have details of that also derek all men as testimony and the ghost ship warehouse trial for the mother of one of the victims
8:58 pm
is saying she doesn't believe a word. that's coming out of his mouth keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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9:00 pm
>>there are more police tonight on the lookout for this man 21 year-old jorge tell as they say tell us shot and killed a


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