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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 9, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>there are more police tonight on the lookout for this man 21 year-old jorge tell as they say tell us shot and killed a 16 year-old boy
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in the parking lot of a taco bell just off east dan lee boulevard good evening, everybody on vicki liviakis i'm catherine keenan thanks for joining us. friends have identified the victim as the manual most be and they are now gathering for a vigil tonight. it's in the parking lot were he was killed kron first held the stock is live from has the details taylor. all this talk about parking lot is being transformed into a growing memorial in vigil here tonight. >>people have come by all day today dropping off flowers candles letters and more now friends and family of those be are very distraught and despair disturbed, especially since his suspected killer is still out there considered armed and dangerous. >>we're planning on making a couple albums cds. it is it's it's crazy because we were just talking yesterday. so it's it's it's really crazy really crazy. friends say. >>16 year-old emanuel most be was an aspiring rapper dedicated to his music we want
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to be the best. he is. and his dedication was. >>was higher than anybody else's i have a lot of clients he was that he was the most motivated one out of all for sure. >>bobby cancel and made music with those be unfortunately they won't make another song together after livermore police say 21 year-old jorge tell is shot and killed most be monday night in the back of this taco bell parking lot. police say the 2 knew each other sounds like it started as just kind of a verbal altercation. >>and during that verbal altercation the suspect pulled out a firearm and shot the a victim in the stomach. it's that close range. >>friends say most be was a livermore high school football player and played in other leagues to making me laugh and he's funny he's everything about him you couldn't you couldn't dislike him in my opinion right you couldn't. now a memorial for most be grows in this taco bell parking lot there. he was killed this so bad for his family, well a little more
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police have an arrest warrant out for tell as they also served as home with a search warrant. >>this morning, but they didn't find him or the murder weapon if you have any information contact police reporting live in livermore tiller sackey kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor, there is new video tonight shows the aftermath of a hit and run in san francisco, happened about 4 this afternoon near that legion of honor museum and police say that somebody called 911 they reported 2 people breaking into cars. we're told that one had a car broken into tried to take a photo of the suspects and their car. and that's when the suspect that person with the car police and then took off tonight, they're still on the loose. the victim rushed to the hospital at last check listed in stable condition. >>the peninsula. a man has pleaded not guilty to stabbing deaths along skyline boulevard in san mateo last month, 26 a
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leak to suu kyi is facing 2 murder charges for the murders that happened just one day apart. police say he lured a taxi driver to the area just north of read to road and then stabbed him with a large knife, then officers say the next day addis suu kyi called a tow truck driver, the very same area when they say he stabbed and killed him the motives for the 2 killings have not been released. family members of those the fire victims are speaking out after the second day of derek elmen a the master tenet of the warehouse taking the stand. >>how is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. that's for the 36 people who died in the warehouse fire in 2016 to date cross examination began. kron four's michelle kingston says it was difficult to watch. >>my my conscious strong human being you know he's withstood an awful lot of pain and suffering from all quarters in from all directions. and he's
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there and he's fighting for his life and he's doing a good job. it was tense and uncomfortable watching derick almena begin cross examination on tuesday. >>prosecutor ah chee james's quick intimidating any hit all may know what asked questions about the zoning of the warehouse and whether or not he was telling the truth in previous testimony, and what appeared to be an attempt to catch in a in a lie. colleen dolan, the mother of one of the 36 victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire isn't believing a word almena is saying. >>so do i trust him to i believe him. everything he says he says. >>indirectly a minute talked on tuesday about the king family, the owners of the or not testifying in this case, a man as attorney believes the ng family is more responsible than anyone else. but says they pled the 5th amendment when they were subpoenaed the landlord is a slum lord. >>and the landlord should be
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punished and a lot more walks away free and clear on the so-called 5th amendment privilege sarah's final question tell me that on tuesday was about his family. >>sarah put up a photo of el nino with his wife and 3 children and asked him if he would put them in danger, whatever subject them to the risk of fire amanda touched each one of his children's faces in the photo and said no wiping away a tear. >>he is such a poor or actor the doesn't know how. agent very well. >>we're expecting a full day of cross examination on wednesday and possibly more on thursday in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>and from the night of the fire today, one of the trial you can catch up on all our go ship coverage on kron 4 dot com you'll find what the defendants have been a saying in testimony watch the defense attorneys reactions to court developments and here the emotional reaction from the families of victims. all of
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that on kron 4 dot com. >>by taking a live look outside right now in our 4 zone forecast, this is a live shot of him. the golden gate bridge. sure i didn't fall. get said july but we're experiencing some june gloom out there, you know that is really socked in and leading to airport delays chief meteorologist lawrence karr knows here this is a pretty. >>yeah very thick out there right now i think tomorrow probably the greatest start the day week long as it looks like that fog really kind of settling in now we've got a a late season storm system actually off the coastline gets it right there mostly energy get ahead of them said the northwest. but it's helping the deep in the marine layer now, and that means we're going to see more low clouds and fog and it's good move further and further on shore certainly we're seeing that out toward the golden gate bridge. you see i think that fog is right now all the towers a really disappearing in that fog tonight, not only their sfo have some trouble they have plenty of problems yesterday again now delays to 75 minutes on arriving flights and that's because the low cloud deck, make it hard for the pilots coming there and
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land there tonight know as we reported in oakland or san jose right now, but the clouds said done their damage temperatures running below the average in san francisco today, 64 degrees 71 right on the average in oakland 75 below normal into san jose back in the 80's in livermore and car curb its a little bit below the average and 80 degrees for a high today in santa rosa. here's the slate systems is late season storm system rolling into the 7 northwest bringing some rain up in that direction of the seattle and portland a few showers even far northern california but the brought to the system headed north of us right now as high pressure begins to build in across california so can see the rain but we see that on shore breeze and we're going to see with it more of the low clouds and the fog and even some drizzle northern california few scattered showers in the afternoon things begin to taper off just a little bit there now and of course the fog is rolling back into the bay a few high clouds up above 2 but the marine layer me ask us we've well on shore for tonight. temperatures right now 67 degrees in mount to 63 in hayward right now a little
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breezy 65 in oakland clouds 58 degrees in pacifica 60 and cloudy skies now in san francisco 62 degrees. and you've got some clouds also moving into berkeley tonight going to see many of the clouds and even some drizzle along the inside the bay tomorrow, a cloudy start to the day and then by the afternoon only partial afternoon clearing and it looks like that fog and low cloud cover well that's going to stick around for at least another day, but the big age to the south that's finally going to begin to build in over the next couple of days that should mean a little less cloud cover a little more sunshine and warmer temperatures except that the coast it's going to be staying pretty great up toward the beaches guys. thank you. lawrence. >>we are learning that the number of homeless people in san francisco. it's a much higher than previously thought kron forcefully to go gives us a closer look at the numbers and shows us the new housing project that will eventually get more people off the streets. >>the city of san francisco receives $44 million a year from the federal government to address homelessness and those
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funds are based on the homeless count taken every 2 years federal homeless guidelines differ from the cities in that the city's definition of homeless is much more broad in may we learned based on the federal count. the city's homeless population has grown 17% in the past 2 years. we now know based on the city's expanded data that the 2 year homeless population growth is closer to 30% of that increase is. >>people who are not. street actually have i have stable housing. so we have to think holistically about the needs of homeless people about on the street also in shelters and in living arrangements that are not san francisco may office community development keith hartley says affordable housing projects are key to solving homelessness. >>on tuesday. the city broke ground on new developments for seniors and families broadway. >>and the street, the project
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includes 178 affordable housing units, 37 of them earmarked for people currently living on the streets and they will have wrap around support of services to help them. >>i remain stable and learn new moms that makes huge difference are homeless pounds. >>and it's not just san francisco and seattle and portland and los angeles and 2 new to rise, know that we have to work. much needed affordable. >>the mayor is also hoping a proposed million bond measure bound for the ballot will eventually add another 2800 affordable housing units to the city's pipeline within 4 years in san francisco fleet at all kron 4 news. >>supporters and critics of the red cap bill gathered outside the state capitol today bill caps rent increases at about 10% except in areas which already have rent control and it requires landlords to state in writing why they're evicting a tenant
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small landlords who opposed the bill say they don't want to be handcuffed by artificial red caps which they say hurt them financially. it happened in my own case was. >>we decide not to be landlords anymore. we sold a small four-unit building in a very moderate income neighborhood where we live to a developer who made it into condominiums. >>landlords of bigger properties who oppose this bill they argue the real solution is not more housing construction, not a cap or is more housing construction, not a cap on rents. if this is passed the new version has to be approved by both the house and the senate. >>livermore is now the first city in the tri valley area to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products and electronic smoking devices livermore passed a similar east cigarette ban is san francisco, but so the city council with a step further by also prohibiting the sale of all tobacco products within 1000 feet of youth populated areas like parks and schools.
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i don't think that our youth should exposed to that kind of stuff and um yeah i think a little more side. >>i'm doing the right thing. >>a recent survey here in california found that east cigarette usage reached a 30% among livermore 11th graders in the 2017 2018 school year. the survey also showed 72% of livermore 11th graders believe it's easy to obtain east 6 bag fees in san francisco stores could soon rise from $0.10 up to $0.25 a bag it's a move from the city's board of to get people to bring their own bags to reduce waste. the bill also includes a requirement. the stores provide composed double or recyclable pre available in produce in bulk sections and grocery stores. in the south they were on the picket lines today, they're calling attention they say the high. >>turnover rates at it is affecting patient care at good samaritan and regional medical center in san jose and
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they want investments and staffing so they can better recruit and keep experienced nurses around longer. >>the hospital needs to become competitive with the other hospitals. so we don't have nurses actually elsewhere you know the nurses were here and it's our hospital we want to make sure that we have competitive wages with other hospitals so become the hospital of choice. >>both hospitals had a turnover rate of 20% last year, the average in california has about 3 point. 2%. there are ongoing californi association california is one of several states and defending the affordable care act in federal court today. judges will decide if the act's requirement for americans to buy health insurance or pay a fee is constitutional kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains why governor newsome is concerned about this and how california could respond if the act is found unconstitutional.
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>>on the same day california defends the affordable care act in federal court governor gavin newsome and some state lawmakers spent time in a community health center in sacramento, 90% of the patients served here are on medicaid or program that could see changes at the affordable care act is found unconstitutional possibly leaving millions of people without health insurance over half. >>of the country under the age of 65 is holding their breath. waiting for a decision of the 5th circuit a 133 million. the americans with preexisting conditions that's how consequential. today is the governor celebrated the contrast between the white house and california. >>the state's new health plan is similar to the a c a requiring californians to pay a tax if they don't purchase health insurance. the state is aiming for universal health care and is soon expanding coverage to anyone under the age of 26 regardless of immigration status. we are the most and.
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>>trump state in america when it comes to health policy. >>and i'm proud of that anticipating more demand the state is sweetening the deal with loan repayment programs for doctors who promised to serve for patients like doctor, byron ruiz who just found out $300,000 of his debt is gone and i enjoy working with these patients and it is kind of lard. keeping up with those loan payments. >>but if the affordable care act is found unconstitutional that will present a new challenge to california's so-called health care for all plan, but to the extent that we get impacted with millions of people lose coverage. i'm not here to say overnight that will be able to subsidize those losses that would be misleading but we would begin to rebuild that framework in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>today the san francisco fire department released the results of a study that examined whether firefighters examined whether firefighters at big wildfires like th tubbs fire 2 years ago, we're
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exposed to toxic chemicals. 149 firefighters who went to the tubbs fire were tested. the results compared to those who did not go to that fire. those at the fire had elevated levels of toxic chemicals, including mercury. the chief said today that nationwide firefighters are dealing with high rates of cancer and something has to be done. >>so we're trying to bring awareness to this ensure that change keeps on happening. because there are too many firefighters. they get sick and that shouldn't happen. >>the fire department is hoping to do more testing and we'll share the results with other fire agencies. the earthquakes in the ridgecrest area recently they've served as yet another reminder. a major quake could happen any time here in the bay area, hundreds of buildings in hayward are considered vulnerable. kron four's justine waldman has details now on the new city ordinance
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there that would keep abs on soft-story buildings in that city and the deadline building owners are now under to get it done. >>a soft story building looks like this one without a stable ground level like this apartment building built over an open garage. the city council hayward estimates there are 930 buildings with 3 units are more like this built before 19 79 in the city saw story buildings are especially at risk for. collapsed during an earthquake. the new ordinance just passed what's to know exactly how many soft-story buildings there are and if they are safe. now building owners must fill out forms to tell the city details of its condition. city building official gary nortel tells me the form is pretty simple we want to establish a registry. >>we want to come up with a framework in guidelines for retrofitting. >>the city is working on it's to help voters offset costs if retrofitting is needed. to
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come up with a financial plan council member sarah lamb and does help to completing the formal help inspire building owners to secure their property because it's not a matter of if an earthquake will hit. but when we're sitting on the hayward fault and then more responsibility and awareness we have about that in a proactive. >>but not panicked way. the better we can protect our residents. >>the forms will go in the mail in late october and depending on the size of the structure owners have between 1218 months to complete it in hayward and justine waltman kron 4 news. >>in national news house majority leader steny hoyer announced on twitter today, the house will vote friday to extend the 9.11 victims fund, the current law which was last renewed in 2015 expires next year reportedly there's not enough money to pay out all the claims the new legislation would authorize more funding through 20 90 the bill is
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expected to easily clear the house it will then be sent to the senate. >>i had a falling out with them a long time ago i don't think i've spoken to him for 15 years. president trump. >>once called jeffrey epstein, a great guy a county says they have been friends for some 15 years abstain is charged with operating a sex-trafficking ring and sexually abusing. dozens of underage girls. i take a look at the president's secretary of labor former federal attorney alexander acosta who is under fire for his handling of an earlier and earlier indictment. >>he's been just an excellent secretary of labor has done if it had president trump's standing by his secretary of labor alexander acosta as democrats call for his resignation, if he refuses to resign. should fire in 2008 a cost oversaw a plea deal that allowed epstein to work from home 6 days a week while serving 13 months in the palm
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beach county jail. why did he do it. that question has been answered. >>but it be great to have the answer why did he allow this guy to get away with what. >>it's just a horrible crime, it's not just democrats even the president's strongest supporter expressing doubt sounds like there's more misconduct so find out what's going on out for his part cost a tweeted that he was pleased new york prosecutors are moving forward based on quote new evidence, the 66 year-old hedge fund manager was arrested this week on the basis of what agents say they found in his $85 million manhattan home. his rolodex of friends included britain's prince andrew, former president bill clinton and president donald trump who in 2002 told new york magazine. quote i've known jeff for 15 years, terrific guy he's a lot of fun to be with. it is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do. and many of them are on the younger side. but later apps teen was barred from trump's mar a lago after being accused
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of sexually assaulting an underage girl at the club be a long time ago i would say maybe 15 years. i was not a fan of his that i can tell you i was not a fan of his vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>the report says bart crews are picking up if you're needles on the transit system, the reason behind the decrease and the startling new findings also a toddler fell to her death on a cruise ship after her grandfather center on alleged by a window now the family is blaming the cruise company for a tragedy they say it was preventable and apple raising prices how much will now have to spend to get if your hands on the latest mac the book. and a heads up to direct tv an a t t u-verse subscribers as of july second kron 4 has been removed from the directv in att universe lineup. atnt has refused to extend our existing distribution agreement and that means you can no longer watch for and programming next
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our parent company is negotiating with atnt and has offered to extend our current deal as we work to reach an agreement so if you want to continue watching kron 4 in shows like doctor phil inside edition. entertainment tonight. and of course the news call 805 3, 1 5,000 intel direct tv an a t t u verse and bring back kron 4. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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tonight on. >>an apple mac book it is not cheap. yeah, in fact of the least expensive is the new mac book air at $1099 apple unveiling the new mac book air 13 inch macbook pro laptops today it appears the 999 mac book air and the 12 inch mac book have been removed from the apple store, the one exception as for college students who you can buy the new mac book air at a discount for $999 the price increases. the latest example of apple raising prices across its product lines including its signature. iphone next 79. parents and law enforcement warned. and they say that the internet can be a dangerous place for children. they also say big tech companies just aren't doing enough to protect my lawmakers insist that it's got to change. >>also barred crews picking up fewer needles on the transit system. the reason behind that dropping out. >>startling new producti
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>>needles of from between seats of people shooting up and station hauer's as you see here over the last year or so several bar writer videos and photos push part leadership to make some changes tonight. they say the environment and at least a couple of stations is improving about time bart says it has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of needles left on trains. but officials do say that doesn't. >>mean that the drug problem itself is getting solved
9:30 pm
conference while bella report. >>while it's not mayberry it's a lot better than it was last year last summer a series of videos showing a makeshift drug dead in the march civic center hallway pushed board president bevan dufty to act obviously got up holding table and chair and i started sitting here at 00:30am in the morning and. >>i think it really put some pressure out there and we saw a lot of response from bart pd and sfpd and i think demonstrated that we can change that trajectory of this station a year later the hallways cleared up and the trains are seeing less needles left behind. >>duffy says in july of 2018 custodial workers at bart picked up 4,197 needles from civic center and pow stations alone in may 2019 that number fell to just 585. >>it's really dramatic. >>decreased he thinks the syringe kiosk placed outside the station is a big help and
9:31 pm
the san francisco department of public health says they're seeing an increase in proper syringe disposal across the city. but the drug problem is far from gone on tuesday just across from the safe disposal site a man could be seen preparing a pipe. duffy says it's a clear illustration of the shift in drug use is a way in which. >>the epidemic of drugs in our in our culture and our country and here in san francisco has shifted with the use of fentanyl. >>he says he plans to keep coming up with ideas to further fix the problem and i think we've learned a lot of civic center and pow it's not perfect. >>but it's gotten much better and i think we have a road map to get to where we want to be in a few years to again be a world class transit system. he does say these new numbers are making him cautiously optimistic about all of this but it is not time to let up the gas on the fight against drug use both in the city. >>and in our transit systems in san francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>starting saturday muni
9:32 pm
service will be returning to the sales force transit center roots 5 5, 5, are 3838 are as well as 7 will be operational ac transit will still operate out of the temporary transbay terminal this for the time being people have to cross between the bus plaza and beale street to access those buses as well as greyhound and amtrak the center recently reopened but this will be the first bus service since cracks were discovered in the steel beams at the transit center. last september for bay area airports can receive millions of dollars in new funding from the f a a for some runway improvements and other repairs. the money is just part of a nationwide 3.2 billion dollar airport improvement program. sfo sinking and cracking runway that will get more than 14 and a half million dollars for reconstruction. oakland international that's going to receive around 3 and a half million for taxiway. a print and service road repairs but that's a little less than the
9:33 pm
3.8 billion concord's buchanan field airport will get for runway and lighting improvements. finally livermore municipal airport will get a little under $300,000 for taxiway reconstruction. police and firefighters rescued a man from the sassoon bay emergency crews responded to just stop sure that mcavoy yacht club. >>the muggy out harbor that's near pittsburgh. the man's boat had capsized in the delta happened about 1 o'clock monday afternoon. a chp helicopter arrived spotted him floating in a life preserver crews did manage to get him out of the water around despite windy conditions. he was taken back to shore and treated by first responders the body of a scientist from oakland has been found in greece 59 year-old suzanne eating some player share that news that greek police have found her body ast night she was last seen on the island of crete on tuesday. that was who was attending a conference
9:34 pm
police believe that she had gone for a run since everything was still in her room except for her running shows. it is not clear yet how she died. eaton was a molecular biologist with the max planck institute at dresden university in germany, the institute is calling her an inspiring scientist and a good friend who will be missed she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. >>a former university of southern california gynecologist had his bail lowered during a court appearance today. an la judge moved george tyndall's bail from just over million down to 1.6 million tindall is facing 29 felony counts, accused of sexually abusing 16 patients from 2009 to 2016 he pleaded not guilty during his arraignment. on july first now if you can cover mail. it will be placed on house arrest tunnel is due back in court on july 12th. police say a man is in custody after 3 people were randomly stabbed in downtown seattle near a nordstrom store
9:35 pm
today, a 75 year-old man was stabbed in the neck, a 77 year-old man was stabbed in the back a 3rd victim was treated at the scene the suspect was found naked after throwing off his clothing while running away. police also found the knife which had been thrown in the back of a package delivery truck. a toddler from indiana fell to her death from the deck of a royal caribbean cruise ship on sunday. it happened when the ship was docked in san puerto rico. at a news conference the family's attorney detailed what happened. alex brown has the story. >>he literally thought there was glass there any thought that she's going to be in the class that she wasn't again when she loved to do with her brother she goes to being the glass the next thing you know >>a family vacation in the caribbean turned tragedy. now in miami based attorney hired by the family clearing the air about what led to 18 month-old chloe weekend's death aboard royal caribbean's freedom of the seas terrible they're there and they're still in
9:36 pm
puerto rico, they wanted to get out of puerto rico over the weekend puerto rican authorities said the toddler had slipped through her grandfather's arms falling to her death from the 11th floor, the ship while docked in san juan. but the weekend's dispute those reports new we've all had that experience was a little walks into a glass sliding door thinking it's not there. >>this is the inverse of that that it was reasonable for us and the grandfather to think that this was all class because his perspective that was our last attorney michael winkleman says it's possible that chloe herself may have opened the window. >>but in the end this is a tragic accident that could have been prevented think when you put them in a kids area where passengers can open them. they were there in a wall of windows creates a hidden danger. >>if she how about a warning have have been something that was meant to be a memorable family vacation. >>now a nightmare this indiana family can't forget a lot to get home as quickly as possible and to grieve with their family. >>it's my understanding that cause, but i was going to be
9:37 pm
released today. they working with the authorities in puerto rico in was that salt i think they want to leave immediately. >>still ahead both parents and law enforcement more on that the internet can be a very dangerous place for children and they say big tech companies are not doing enough to protect them. lawmakers insist that will change. and in sports, the best in the majors gathered for tonight's baseball all-star game mark has your highlig
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>>starting tonight with the baseball tradition of the summer all-star game to celebrate the midway point of the season we go to cleveland. here's a look at the bay area contingent to reps for the a's liam hendriks and matt chapman giants closer will smith is there for san francisco now for all the talk of the baseball's being juiced lately got a lot of strikeouts tonight in the 5th inning american league up one nothing shane bieber from the cleveland indians struck out the side ronald junior looking to close the frame ends up being the mvp next inning to nothing american league. >>and rick's making his appearance taken out by charlie blackmon with a solo shot to right center to one game silver lining and rick's ended up striking out the side and i go to american league wil a chance facing the night, the national league
9:41 pm
made it one-run game will roll this chap is to close it out not before the label native cc fema for a mound visit sisi the former cleveland and current yankee star. chapman a one to 3 innings and if american league wins for 3 game had 16 strikeouts 7th straight victory for the ale that chapman finished with a walk. and schools are like this now to today's warriors headlines. bob myers continues to make sweeping changes to the roster. >>yesterday damian jones sent to atlanta today, they parted ways with veteran guard shaun livingston, according to reports the warriors are waiving the 33 year-old for the last 5 seasons. he's been a crucial part of the team's run to the finals. coming off the bench as a spot-up shooter. early indication is he wants to keep playing maybe signed. my contending teams will see. go to the all england tennis club serena williams facing alison riske in the wimbledon quarter nce fr williams they split the first 2 sets the 24 time grand slam champion. triumph scene of the
9:42 pm
3rd serena moving on to hurt. well. wimbledon semi of that is a look at sports more news just when you thought you were done painting...
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not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>parents and consumer advocates and child protection organizations, they are warning lawmakers that the online world is a dangerous for children and that's even on sites that claim that they are kid friendly. our first washington correspondent rick how martin reports on a senate hearing today that was frightening if you're a
9:45 pm
parent. >>10's of thousands of children are being exploited online career federal law enforcement and child advocates say congress needs to better protect kids online. it's a problem that we really can't arrest our way out of the malone is just staggering. they say congress needs to lay down the law to stop big tech companies like facebook snapchat instagram and youtube from exposing kids to inappropriate content and dangerous predators. we need to simplify this process to help more parents protect their children. >>christopher mckenna a pillar in the founder of nonprofit protect young eyes says most apps are not warning parents about the risky content on their platforms. >>2 simple solutions could change everything he says congress should create an independent review process to get each app. >>and accurate age requirement and install default on kids, phones and computers that would automatically block harmful material we need to set a national standard
9:46 pm
protect companies as to how they protect children. but lawmakers say one major policy stands in the way it's a provision in the communications decency act under its social media platforms aren't legally responsible for their users post. >>if we can sue snapchat or instagram or anybody for the cause it's fair that. >>republican senator lindsey graham ended the hearing calling for best practice standards for big tech companies to meet. >>if you don't you're going to get sued seems to me that will do more good than anything else. in washington recall martin's. >>time for another check on weather and what we're looking live. now that's a beautiful shot the embarcadero the bay bridge and pretty but it's been pretty foggy to has it ever joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow unusual. yeah pretty typical for this time of year what's unusual is a storm system that's off the coastline right now usually don't see this but we're seeing pretty significant storm. >>for this time of year there you go right off the coast bringing some rain up in the
9:47 pm
pacific northwest, not bringing the rain to the bay area but it will bring with it more clouds overnight, it's going help to deepen that marine land that means that fog is going to move further and further on shore tonight so filling in all the valleys and through the delta. i think tonight maybe all the way to the sacramento valley they can shoot pretty good idea of how strong that on shore push will be tonight so we're looking at more drizzle around the bay area early on tomorrow morning, but by the afternoon, partly cloudy skies in the san francisco out 63 degrees too in the afternoon you see some clouds lingering toward the coastline. the sunset or the zoo probably cloudy all day long that's good. by the ballpark. you'll see some sunshine and a couple of passing clouds oakland. we'll see some fog in the morning giving way to some sunshine about 72 degrees in the afternoon, san jose about 77 degrees, sunny and warm. after some patchy morning fog giving way to that sunshine. all right, here's the latest computer model you'll notice the storm system off the coastline. you see the trailing edge of the cold front here try to write a ridge of high pressure out ahead of most that energy can stay up to the north you can see that begins to approach the coastline but starts to
9:48 pm
fall apart just a bit again from maybe a few more showers in far northern california, not here but to see that deeper green lair you kind of get the sense the fog making its way all the way to the central valley by tomorrow morning now as we head through the day tomorrow slow to break up once again to the temperatures. it's a cooler than the average for this time of year but jim burn back at least and near the coast to by the middle of the day in the afternoon, maybe a little moisture told the fog kind of hanging out inside the bay after that though looks like we'll see some more clouds as we head into thurs ay morning but not as extensive, and it looks like some improving weather is high pressure start to build in overhead and we'll start to notice some warmer temperatures, especially away from the coast. numbers tomorrow though 63 degrees coolnin the san francisco 59 in the sunset with that fog 57 of pacifica about 61 degrees in half moon bay. inside the bay of find a partly cloudy bay of find a partly cloudy skies in the south sa francisco about 61 degrees 65. and sunny and burning game in the afternoon, 71, the san carlos 72 in woodside to see a lot of 70's in the south bay maybe degrees. morgan hill by
9:49 pm
tomorrow afternoon 2 more 80's going to show up in the east bay about 83 reason pleasanton 84 live more about 80 in dublin, 71 in fremont 71 also in hayward 67 castro valley about 68 degrees in berkeley 82. it won a creek about 85 degrees in concord the delta breeze well that's going to be blowing tomorrow, you can see that fog early on in the morning and then that will break away least some sunshine. still about 79 he's very comfortable in pittsford for this time of year 78 lael 78 also in the napa valley and about 74 degrees in sonoma. back along the coastline, the fog and a hug the coast, the better part of the day keeping those temperatures way down we may warm up just a little bit in the thursday, i think a much more warmer as see temperatures heating up at least inland with some 90's begin to pop up by friday, keep you cool on the coastline with highs there in the 50's and the 60's saying he lawrence for your help tonight working out they say can help you shed path. >>owns own up maybe even live longer. but apparently there's another hidden benefit as meredith wood report, it's not all about physical strength.
9:50 pm
it's also good for brain power. >>regular exercise is good for your physical health, but does it make you smarter too nero's to sit oregon health and science university studied mice and found that short bursts of exercise boosts the part of the brain associated with learning and memory. >>you know, it's true mice are not humans. we know that many of the basic elements that are involved in memory formation in mice are identical to those in humans and these have been studied down to the molecular levels westbrook a senior scientist who worked on the study says previous research focused on the benefits of regular exercise and overall health but neurologist one to know the brain specific benefits of working out. >>the study specifically measur d the brain's response a single bursts of exercise and otherwise sedentary mice the short-term burst of exercise in my switches compared to about 4,000 steps for humans was enough to prime the brain for learning is it was brooks says they're working to prove a direct link
9:51 pm
between the 2 the message is you know you don't have to be. >>going to the gym every day, although that's great if you do, but you know. >>even taking a long walk and have a positive effect. >>for today's health minute. i'm meredith wood. >>the cdc is telling doctors to be on the lookout for a polio-like illness that tends to peak in the late summer and early fall, so far this year there have been 11 confirmed cases in 8 states. it is a rare but serious condition that affects the nervous of the spinal cord called ea gray matter a new study finds air pollution does a lot more to damage our lungs than scientists previously realized the long function. more than 300,000 people who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution long term this between 2006 in 2010 was tested. researchers found exposure to particle pollution. it ages lungs faster than normal and puts people at higher risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or c o p d coming up
9:52 pm
casey, joining forces with the south bay campus company. how he plans on helping us to boost the brand name.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>jay z is getting into the legal cannabis industry and he's partnering with the san jose company you know the rapper announced today he is in a deal with khalifa as the chief brand strategist, his role will consist of driving creative direction, outreach
9:55 pm
efforts and marketing strategy for the brand, jay z says he also wants to help former inmates with job training in that industry cleve operates a farm also a store in san jose earlier this year nfl legend joe montana's venture capital firm took part in the $75 million investment in that company hashtag not my ariel has been trending on twitter but the woman who was the original voice of aerial says. >>it doesn't matter what area looks like jodi benson addressed the issue saying quote we need to be story tellers no matter what we look like on the outside she says it's the spirit of a character that really matters. it seems some people are upset with disney for casting black singer halle bailey in the new live action little mermaid instead of someone who looks like the cartoon white with red hair and blue eyes shooting of the new film is expected to start sometime next year. and look at them go these this is in washington state race fans getting a treat over the weekend.
9:56 pm
>>carmel downs took a break from racing the horses that's lead dinosaurs take the track. a video of this race has been shared on facebook more than 260,000 times kind of clumsy as runners front of people love this the running to rex us are actually employees of a local pest control company now you know why dinosaurs are extinct. i want to action as what they were at talk to. wraps up kron 4 news at night for prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore and can wait are here with kron 4 news at 10. >>they catherine thanks to you both next at 10 o'clock tonight. we are learning more about a manual mode to be he is the young football player and aspiring rapper who was shot and killed following an argument. now police are on the hunt for the man they say gunned him down outside a taco bell in livermore we're live at the scene with the very latest plus another viral video of a man calling police on a black man outside an apartment building this one in
9:57 pm
san francisco. >>now both sides are talking about what happened and how their experiences lead to this miss understanding, they're calling it it's a story that's new at 10 bar clear workers finding fewer and fewer needles left by drug users but what they are seeing instead is giving them an insight into the changing world of addiction don't go away our 3 and kron 4 news in primetime and kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. ♪ ♪ and kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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>>livermore police are now on the lookout for this man 21 year-old jorge to let as a stateless shot and killed a 16 year-old boy last night in the parking lot of a taco bell. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore friends identified the teen who was killed as a manual most be. >>they gather tonight for a vigil in that parking lot just off east the stan lee boulevard kron four's taylor sackey is live in livermore tonight with the latest taylor. >>mothers vigils now wrapping up and over the last hour and a half friends family and loved ones spend the time sharing good memories and good things about those be and throughout the day we've seen people drop off candles. letters cards photos and many more things at this vigil in the taco bell parking lot now i also just spoke to most


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