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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 10, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>the battle between california lawmakers, a major employers like uber and lyft oh this is heating up the bill that could have a big impact on the gig economy and its workers is moving forward but not everyone is on board capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the ongoing debate. >>supporters of ab 5 crowded capitol hallways wednesday, dozens of uber and lyft drivers along with labor unions urging lawmakers to pass the measure that would redefine many independent contractors as employees i strongly support those backing the bill say companies misclassifying workers as independent contractors to get around minimum wage overtime and workers compensation laws, the bill's author in the running gonzales taking aim at the income inequality between good company ceos and their employees the lift owner bought a $70 million home.
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>>the day after story ran about how many of his workers are are sleeping in their cars where is the compromise and they can sit here and say they care about their workers and they love to preach provide benefits when it could provide them with a lot more money that we know and they have that and they won't unless we force them to several other groups affected by ab 5 including the trucking industry are against the measure opponents worry the bill could hurt small businesses start-ups and workers who enjoy having a flexible schedule i think it's going to be a blow to our economy. >>um i don't know how new businesses are going to get started and be able to come up one again most small businesses start. >>on a shoestring although the bill passed 4 to one in the senate labor committee lawmakers see a lot more discussion needs to happen, especially with companies like uber and lyft the idea that they will go quietly into the good night is i think delusional all of our parts i appreciate the conversations that are ongoing the bill now heads the senate
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appropriations committee before it can make it to the senate floor. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron more news. >>scientists are warning the dozens of areas around the country will experience higher than normal rates of sunny day flooding this year also known as title flooding. sunny day flooding happens during high tide events. a new study says that frequency of these events has doubled since 2000 due to rising sea levels an abnormal el nino weather system this year's expected to task exacerbated the problem, new data also shows that san francisco which experience 0 flood events last year could have anywhere between 6 to 25 annually by the year 2050. >>the gulf coast is bracing for a hurricane the national hurricane center is predicting tropical storm barry will form in the gulf tomorrow and then strengthen to a hurricane and make landfall this weekend that storm system is already causing problems on land as you see here. flash flooding has engulfed streets in new orleans. rescue crews. there
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have responded to more than 250 emergency calls water spouts out formed in the sky prompting a tornado warning. >>we all we have is an air mattress right now and we woke up and realizes that during lightning which was really cool until we look outside realize that our car it was way under water. >>louisiana's governor is warning they already saw the state could see 10 to 15 inches of rain within 24 hours from friday into saturday. wow that is tough going out. there come back home take a look at the weather around the bay area and i want you been watching the storm system there know that 6 to 9 inches today in orleans. well guess what they've got a long way to go here this storm system just starting to form now and the gulf of mexico and here we go actually called number 2 not a fully name storm just a tropical a system right now continue to rotate kind of getting organized with some of the thunderstorms here but here the very latest here
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sustained winds at the center of this low right now 30 miles per hour or so yeah, i'm not even quite tropical storm strength yet that's get 39 miles per hour. then it becomes a tropical storm likely to happen though as we head over the next 24 hours. you see kind of swings out over the gulf here and then we start to see it right about the thursday 11:00am possibly becoming a tropical storm and then it's going to intensify its our some very warm waters right now over the gulf, so it has got a rich moisture feel right now it's been running into some disturbances little wind shear that needs to change the wind direction with height and so that's been causing it to a key for my intensifying that will likely change though as we head into the next 48 hours and would you know what just right off the coastline here we go saturday 11:00am expecting the system to come on shore possibly with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour really that is anybody's guess just how strong this is going to be when it comes on shore. watch this system kind f slam it looks like into louisiana right now the track takes it to actually to the west of new orleans right now fca things work out things can change rapidly with the storm system, especially as they start to
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intensify and approached the coast. well we've got to another storm here along the west coast. this would kind of winding on down to see the showers continuing in the pacific northwest. bay area though looking good we are going to see more sunshine on the way 65 degrees in san francisco tomorrow we're pushing 80 in san jose 70's and oakland so really nice beautiful weather ahead, although here we go the fog low clouds going to return overnight tonight a move inside the bay, not going to all the way the interior valleys i for tonight. the next couple days probably a little less fog but not to get rid of it entirely right along the coastline, we're still going to see that patchy fog and they'll keep our temperatures cooler as much as 30 degrees cooler along the coastline while some of the valleys near to start to bake of the 80 siemens low 90's by tomorrow afternoon that will continue as we head in toward friday and saturday, maybe a little bit warmer that will cool things down next week. thank you lawrence. well the warriors have won a 3 of the last 5 nba championships guard shaun livingston was therefore ball of them. but today the warriors waived livingston,
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the latest offseason move to get a push going for younger and team and in better financial shape. >>jason dumas joins us now from orion every time he stepped in way you can count on me is mister reliable, everybody seemed to love the guy he's a great player in this case serves as a reminder that the nba is a business not much. >>high from the start joe with some of these teams so kind of sad but what all right these past 5 years have been for defamation so many memories championships brings and bp's parade records and most importantly a lifetime of memories but all good things must come to an end and that's where we are right now the warriors transitioning to a new era, gone are the likes of kevin duran andre iguodala shaun livingston quinn cook jordan bell, andrew bogut and demarcus cousins, the only players who remain from that 2015 nba championship team steph curry klay thompson and draymond green it will certainly take some getting used to for warriors fans. >>as they welcome the team into the brand-new chase
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center next year in fact there will be a new faces on the squad next season, most notably all-star guard d'angelo russell who is looking forward to being a part of a new era of warriors basketball. >>i'm excited with anything. a huge opportunity you know just to take another stat you a letter from a group of guys you know and and that marked their way in this in this in this league so super excited. >>another new face who looks to be a key contributor to the warriors next season and willie cauley-stein he comes over from the sacramento kings and he figures to be the starting center for the warriors so guys a lot of new faces next year and it will be interesting at all death would be a little weird to see the new look warriors next season yeah i heard he was out fishing didn't have cell phone coverage couldn't connect with the warriors to find out who's joining the team right steve kerr was like we only have 20 minutes because this is a fluid situation can you come here can you not.
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>>they got it they got in the comment. he'll team up with of the big men next year and should be pretty fun to watch all right. we can wait, thanks jason's. a historic ticker tape parade in new york city today for the us women's soccer team and while they've won the game. >>their battle is far from over going have the latest on the fight for equal pay for equal work. >>also california's putting a hold on the federal government plan to poison mice on the farallon islands. the questions officials say must be answered befo
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>>the east bay regional park district is planning to take over 2000 acres of the old concord naval weapons station and turn it into a community park that move would transfer ownership of the land from the navy to the park district. it will take about 6 months to complete the vote to approve the move that happened about a week ago. officials are planning a celebration at the naval weapons station starting at 10:00am saturday. the park is still several years away from opening others, no timetable yet on the development. >>the federal government's plan to drop water and a half tons of rat poison on the farallon islands is on hold for now today the california coastal commission held a meeting on the plan which would target an infestation of mice on the islands about 27 miles off the san francisco coast. the us fish and
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wildlife service says it plans to use a rodent side that is banned in california. commissioners say they still have questions about the effect on birds and other species and they asked federal officials to withdraw their plan until they can answer those questions. >>coming up next the government is using driver. it was a license to photos and facial recognition to catch criminals and illegal immigrants but is it a breach of privacy. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are uh-oh, looks like someone's
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>>for years the fbi and ice they've used a facial recognition technology to search through millions of drivers license photos to identify potential criminals and illegal immigrants. the recent revelation has sparked outrage and privacy concerns from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. washington correspondent recall martin reports. >>this is a horrific lawmakers say their outrage that's potentially a lawful recently revealed public records show that federal law enforcement and immigration agents are using facial recognition technology a cone to millions of drivers license photos to try and find criminals and undocumented immigrants using this technology to help ice target immigrants for deportation doesn't protect us from terrorism. it never rises hard working families at a wednesday hearing texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee grill department of homeland security leaders for what she says is illegal
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surveillance of private citizens is no statutory legislation or anything that's giving you that authority but department heads defended the practice arguing dozens of states have signed agreements allowing it or agreement allows us to. >>verify with them that that is a valid license in to retrieve the photo from that's john wagner with us customs and border patrol assured lawmakers the tools are being used carefully the department. >>also says that it's common practice for law enforcement to use facial recognition technology to catch criminals but more than 2 dozen civil rights organizations and data privacy groups say it's time to put an end to it. >>they say past studies show facial recognition technology does not always get it right, especially for women and people of color it is unlikely that we will ever achieve a point where every single demographic is identical in performance across the board. >>department of commerce technology chief charles remind told lawmakers that the technology is right 99.7% of the time and getting better.
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lawmakers say they're considering setting regulations to prevent potential abuse. in washington recall martin. a proposal to limit huge emergency room bills for patients with health insurance so that hit a roadblock. >>assemblyman david chiu is pulling the bill for now because of strong opposition from hospitals. the bill would have made sure that people but never be hit by huge surprise bills if they're treated in emergency rooms out of their networks. they would never pay more than the price of other co-payments or deductibles 2 says hospitals are putting profits over patients. the california hospital association argued the bill would where strict what they can charge insurance companies. chu says that negotiations on the bill will continue. he will try again next year. vice president mike pence and his wife karen arrived in california today, karen met with military spouses at naval air station with more. >>to talk about employment this afternoon. the vice
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president visited a farm in the more to talk about the us mexico, canada trade agreement before heading off to vandenberg air force base in santa barbara county around 5 o'clock tonight. he visited the combined space operation there and talk to air base personnel. >>another candidate does a closing up john sanjay ocasio-cortez the freshman congresswoman who has become a progressive media darling california senator kamala harris is joining see in introducing legislation aimed it helping people with criminal records to get housing has come lot reports a lot of democratic presidential candidates want sees progress of star power with maybe one notable exception. >>senator kamala harris teaming up with alexandria ocasio cortez harris and the freshman congresswoman introduced joint legislation aimed and helping people with criminal records fairly obtain housing, planting a flag on the left as harris ho highlight her progressive
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credits because of it's called the unofficial see primary 2020 democratic hopefuls vying to be seen as ocasio-cortez's ally and we're teaming up today, elizabeth warren has hailed her alliance with ocasio cortez from this video slamming treasury secretary steven present i was like to yes on to i've to a more light hearted conversation about gender portrayal of women in game of thrones. >>i am delighted to be here with congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. >>but ocasio cortez has also formed ties with bernie sanders. the team dot on legislation and stumped together progressive candidates in the 2018 midterms are calm. >>the fair is no middle ground. >>as sanders rallies progressives in his bid for 2020. ocasio cortez has echoed his very words. >>politicians who refused to
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act then i'm going to try to come back today and say we need a middle of the and the middle of the road approach to save our lives. >>that was an apparent reference to joe biden question whether ocasio-cortez's political brand has mass appeal. >>i think ocasio cortez is a brilliant bright woman, but she want to primary that in the general election fight who won. mainstream democrats who are very progressive on social issues and very strong on education health care in the crowded 2020 field, progressive democrats believe ocasio cortez's endorsement could help separate one hopeful of them from the rest are earlier this month because your court has signaled who's grabbing her eye. >>what i want would like to see in a presidential candidate has won that has a coherent. worldview and logic from which all these policy proposals are coming forward, i think senator sanders has that. i also think senator warren has that. that was come
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lot reporting the next round of debates for the democratic candidates as july 30th and 31th. >>this time in detroit. the us women's soccer team had a ticker tape parade down new york city's canyon of heroes today marking cable saiyou know from a area sports night. >>by talking about the world >>by talking about the world cup champions tha ♪ ♪ >>by talking about the world cup champions tha ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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>>the us women's national soccer team honored in new york city today with one of the signature new york ticker tape parades the first ticker tape parade in the city since 2015 when the us women not last won the world cup. the only other sports team to get back to back parades the new york yankees today while cheering on the team fans were also chanting for it equal pay. sunday's win marks the 4th title for the women's team won the men's team as 0 and yet the women earn significantly less than their male counterparts before the parade governor cuomo signed the equal pay legislation. >>what you then you have no business in the state of new york. it is now. >>yesterday democratic senator joe manchin he introduced legislation that would halt funding for that 2026 world cup until the women's team gets equal pay.
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>>the man who for one nothing are making 9, $400,000 each and women lot a lot more won 4 championships are making 90,000 is at the time, but this is apparently helping to wake people up man a lot to talk about in the sports world tonight, including that parade. >>absolutely i will be talking about team usa how they have advanced that conversation about equal pay and what a rotten this is bad kate, how would you sum up how the last 3 weeks have been for team usa just amazing i think it's been fun. i think it's been historic, i think it's been something that will never forget this team came in with really high. >>expect haitians and they managed to not only meet but surpassed. >>paul yeah, i really just incredible so we'll be hearing from the world champions on tonight's edition of bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on i'm also be having some nba top because the offseason news doesn't stop also some baseball again bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on a storm back
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>>all right we'll see in a few minutes. thank you guys all right time to take another look outside to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah guys hey we're get ready for some summer sunshine had a lot of that this afternoon but we're going to see plenty more coming our way out over alcatraz right now we're just beginning to see couple was just a couple passing clouds come by here in just a moment, we start to see some fog form along the coastline to see more of that as we head through the evening tonight, it'll start to feel inside the bay not to run all the way the interior valleys so tomorrow morning. we're waking up with just some patchy fog early on temperatures in the 50's and the 60's by noon. you know some warmer temperatures pushing 80 degrees. i think in some of the valley's already probably 60's a few 70's around the bay by noon and 50's and 60's along the coastline still some fog lingering along the coast. almost all day long you'll see a smidgen of sunshine out there and a lot of part of the day but that will see some 70 some 80's around the bay and we'll start to see a few hot 90 showing up in some of the interior valleys so temperatures going to start to warm up as we're going to return to some warmer weather least away from the immediate coastline of the difference in
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the temperatures almost 30 degrees difference between half moon bay and live more tomorrow 90 degrees in livermore 90 in cocker 91 an antioch about 80 in san jose 88 in santa rosa 65 degrees though san francisco. then you've got the fog and a half moon bay and about 62 degrees. next couple days we're going to see the hot temperatures well inland while keeping you cool by the coastline. a pattern going hold steady. i think right in the weekend, maybe just a little bit warmer into saturday by sunday. yes, i'm very nice weather outside middle monday things begin to change is ridge is going to break down. cool weather is going to return in most spots specially tuesday and west and that means more fall. >>sounds good to make lives. all right thanks for joining us, we'll see
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shocking claim against billionaire jeffrey epstein. >> she says she was recruited outside of her school when she was 14. >> what she says happened inside his mansion. >> he knew exactly what he was doing. then, party in the streets. >> this is for megan rapinoe. >> but what is all that stuff raining down on the city? >> what you have are predator's and bad guy's dream. then, i've fallen and can't get up. abbey miller furious after falling out of her wheelchair at the airport. >> you are sitting there and people ail


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