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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>nowadays what is for former entrepreneur or jay z have in common with joe montana and martha stewart to we can tell you it involves money and marijuana. frightening story of the tourists whose car was burglarized in san francisco and what happened when he tried to take a picture of the thief. residents of a tiny mojave valley town still struggling to recover from 2 strong earthquakes. well here in the bay area fire department takes a pioneering step in protecting the public.
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the south a cannabis company has reasons to celebrate this week not only has it been in business for 4 years and also announced a partnership with business and rap superstar jay-z e. >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, the rap mogul and san jose based company leave a announcing the jay z will be the company's new chief brand strategist but that partnership goes well beyond the but itself. well is live outside the store tonight with all the details noel. >>and ken and pam, you know the allure of the evolving candidates game was clearly calling jay z's name and it landed him here at cully va in san jose, some people know this but others might not the billionaire rapper has been for several years now working to help previously incarcerated people get of him find a way back into the workforce and he believes that cully va is a company that can help him into those social
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social justice reform efforts that he has to leave us as the phone call they received from jay z was a welcome shock and a customer's i spoke with were reacting the same way. >>i was like with the i'm kind of growers in a it stays these days. >>on wednesday to leave a customer's at the san jose shop were buzzing off the news of jay z's partnership with the brand on the light. >>do that ago it's cooler days he's getting involved i think he's picked a good a good company john the shah is a frequent customer and decade long cannabis activist. >>he feels the multi-year partnership is a win-win. >>get involved in trying to bring some awareness to all the social justice issues it is and on for many decades to me is awesome. >>not only will jay z be helping with creative decisions for the company. still specifically focus on improving the representation and participation of
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previously incarcerated people who are still being kept out of the legal weed business. the rapper said quote to leave his expertise and east coasts makes them the best partner for this endeavor. we want to create something amazing in the process do good and bring people along the way the end like a more ethical reason to come here. >>i think that her. going leave and not just because their selections really good but i feel it if you're involved with that sort of thing maybe. follow suit maybe can start a trend to leave a is a strong leader in the industry boasting a wide selection of products employer pay benefits and award-winning greens. >>seo dennis o'malley says they hope to use their platform to shape the conversation surrounding cannabis a statement that's music to customers years to come here because and important we support. >>exporting companies got the piano. so that the rest of the changes that still need to happen can happen.
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>>now no financial details have been released about this but to leave it does say they will plan to work with the communities that have been hardest hit by this war on drugs we won't be seeing any of those numbers or details of for in the next several months live in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news. thank you know well car break in's turning violent a tourist to run over with a car in san francisco and still is in the hospital in san francisco general tonight. >>with life threatening injuries. this all began with an auto burglary at the city's legion of honor parking lot kron four's dan kerman has the latest. >>the tourist visiting the legion of honor with his teenage son is suffering from life threatening injuries after he saw 2 men trying to break into his rental car in the museum's parking lot there were 2 males occupying. the silver possibly bmw were breaking into cars in the area.
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>>the victim was a victim of the car burglary was attempting to take photographs the suspect the suspect vehicle at which time the the suspect vehicle struck the victim causing severe injuries. the incident happened tuesday afternoon about 4. >>wednesday afternoon glass from the break in was still visible in the museum's parking lot sad this testing. some visiting the museum and heard about the incident but almost all were well aware of san francisco's car braking problem, i usually bring the big. >>the bag so i think everything that's valuable put it in a bag. >>there are signs in the parking lot reminding people not to leave anything visible in vehicles and most word hearing to that advice. >>we have on electronics he left nothing in the fall. and we always kind of just stay by that time and keep an eye on it. >>auto burglaries in san francisco are actually down 14% this year compared to this period last year, but it's still happening we believe that the vast majority of these auto burglaries are
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conducted by a small number of individuals to me act in teams. and act and commit these crimes in other jurisdictions. late wednesday police released this photo of the suspects vehicle. >>it's a four-door silver bmw, anyone who can identify it should contact police. san francisco police saying if you do see somebody breaking into your car don't put yourself in harm's way don't confront the person don't try and take pictures simply pick up your phone and call 911 from a safe distance in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the east bay police are on the lookout for a suspect in a shooting that happened tuesday night just after 9.20 police were called to the corner of staten avenue and giant road. this is just of richmond parkway in san pablo police found a 22 year-old man shot he died at the scene. the contra costa county coroner's office identified that man as real belted se from richmond,
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san pablo police say the victim appears to have been targeted in the shooting. so far no arrests have been made police are asking anyone with information to contact them a driver intentionally drove into an oakland police officers sending that officer to the hospital. >>officers are investigating a car crash into the grace baptist church on 98 avenue last night around 8.45 a separate car drove into the marked police suv with an officer inside the driver was apparently trying to make a get away from a hit and run just a few blocks away. police arrested that drivers say they found a stolen loaded firearm the officer inside the suv was taken to the hospital he has since he or she has since been released on the peninsula 2 suspects led police on a chase after police say they stole hundreds of dollars worth of supplies from home depot and san mateo police say 48 year-old edward davis, a 37 year-old antwon island are the suspects in the robbery about 7 on monday night police
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received a call from the home depot on test drive saying the 2 men stole merchandise from the store. the home depot employee described the suspects black suv and when police tried to stop them. they took off leading police on a chase, the suspect stopped the car at a called the set of south and flippe boulevard one of them jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run the police arrested them both edward an island were booked into the san mateo county jail. one officer did receive a minor injury during the chase but was treated at the scene after 2 major earthquakes in southern california questions are being asked tonight about how well the bay area is prepared for the next big quake. this afternoon the menlo park fire department demonstrated some new equipment, it's as well help them respond faster after a big quake in the event of a large quake, the station's alarms will sounds the doors will open allowing crews to move quickly. we talked with the fire chief who says in the event of a major quake time is of the essence having that early warning capability not
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just for the general public but for the firefighters allows a know that something's coming. >>so they can shelter in place as well and then right out the earthquake or say that could happen is we get a fire station that collapses or they can't get the doors open for one of the firefighters themselves gets hurt. they were taken that piece of equipment we've taken those personal out of service at a point where we need them. >>now the fire district also is showing off a new k 9 unit, some heavy rescue equipment that could be used after a quake and new drones it could be used for rescues or to survey damage. >>just because we're small. a plea today from much on a resident in san bernardino county where people are still suffering from the affection last friday, 7.1 earthquake. only miles from the ridgecrest epicenter of the earthquake people in the small town of trona are now temporarily without a post office. most are also without running water and electricity.
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>>people really psychologically heard it's a very traumatic thing to go through especially when you don't know others, hundreds of aftershocks, you don't know next ones could be an aftershock or foreshock of something even bigger. it's very difficult to deal with. >>that state assemblyman says his number one priority right now is making sure everyone has drinking water and that the people who do not have power. get it. all right chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk more about a the aftershocks that continue to rattle the area hundreds upon you know people in this map and thinking all this must have been right after the earthquake note. i mean we continue to see all these all those are red. those are the ones in this past hour look at how many can see they're just dozens of more earthquakes most these are just minor quakes about one to about 3 on the magnitude but so you can have an occasion one that's over 4. so it continues to shake is that landmass continuing to settle into its a new surroundings there after that rupture all along the lake fault on friday, a lot of
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quick that was all right outside right now lou that the fog sweeping on shore in the big apple alcatraz just disappearing behind that cloud big right now we're going to see a little more that fog filling in overnight tonigha into the bay not to run as far inland. i think about we are going to see a patchy fog get up tomorrow morning once again. storm clouds still of the pacific northwest bringing some rain up there we're talking about some of the patchy fog just to get in return tonight after really clearing out making for a beautiful day today. but now that fog in the set itself up just more patchy then it's been not in a deeply deeply penetrate the valleys i think overnight and on tomorrow we come some patchy fog early on inside the bay along the coastline, becoming mostly sunny by the middle of the day and up in the upper by noon and that means some pretty nice weather if you want to get outside and enjoy lunch, getting a little hot though a lot of part of the 80's and 90's inland. they got along the keeping it, nice and cool the sea breeze as much as 30 degrees cooler out toward the beaches. coming up police respond to a shooter at a northern california mom.
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>>well for the 3rd day in a row defended eric al maina is on the stand and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial today admitting to not having the proper permits to make the changes he did make it inside the building. jurors also went home early so the defense team could watch video from an oakland police officers body camera. >>showing interaction they had was how maine about a year before the fire. kron four's michelle kingston has more. >>his attorney says he's exhausted been able to sleep but derek domino return to the stand for the 3rd day in a row prosecutors appearing to do what they can to catch him in a lie. poke at his credibility on wednesday pointing to body camera footage and a police report about a wild party at the warehouse that amanda did not throw but where his son found a used condom. >>god, you know we've heard of my grabbed shouldn't catch you know. now we have to hear about condom i i you know are they in a week are they that
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do they feel their show far behind that they have to resort to that kind of sensationalism. it glaze and it shows 2 dash pret a man as attorney tony serra says the police report is not relevant that it was character assassination. >>the judge allowing it. >>my god, what what were we treated to today the biggest thing something to you know with his son. when i won't even go into and defamatory that was at times it's uncomfortable to watch the cross examination now made are not answering questions directly often leading to alameda county prosecutor ah chee james having to repeat questions over and over again a minute coming off as irritated and combative. >>some family members of the victims of the fire not believing a word he says. >>he won't take a credibility
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for anything that done and >>a man as attorney believes cross examination will wrap up on thursday morning. but we haven't even gotten to the night of the fire yet so we'll see what happens. in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>an armed robbery at an adult bookstore in modesto took a turn how lonnie wong tells us that all changed when the suspect opened fire on the clerk. >>the police arrived on the scene they found 38 year-old cinnamon aids on the floor behind the cash register bleeding from at least one gunshot wound. >>chance for it to a local hospital where she is. a detective's were initially stopped. >>the new a violent criminal was on the loose felt like that senate. >>we were not sure if it was some news noted addict and we know that the customer. and they didn't really change. this sense of urgency also >>big break in the case. the car the suspect was driving was apparently taken on a test drive from a used car lot by 20 year-old fabian ramirez a
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modesto police converged on the series address where he was suspected to be they spotted the car but ramirez fled when he spotted them we set up a preliminary agreement. the book store was closed for business today. but an employee told me workers were devastated by the murder. they said cinnamon aids was a former waitress at a bubbly personality and was a favorite of customers. she was the mother of 2 small boys in a grown daughter. >>an employee at the store says it will be closed at least a week out of respect for sentiment and her family and to mourn her loss in modesto. >>one e one. >>police shot and killed unarmed suspect in citrus heights just outside sacramento on tuesday night they got calls about a man with a gun in the sunrise mall parking lot that was about 7.30. according to officers when they approach the suspect the suspect opened fire shooting a canine in the face and just missing an officer. >>actually though the bullet went through his shirt and actually so the outside of his bulletproof vest but in the slack area of his uniform if
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you will that went through the uniform. >>this was a a scary event very dangerous event. this highlights and underscores the dangers that police officers face every day. >>the injured canine is expected to make a full recovery officers returned fire on the suspect who later diedat the scene names have not been released surrounding roads were closed. but the mall was not evacuated during the incident. >>the family of fallen sacramento, police officer tara o'sullivan has set up a memorial fund to help the department purchase new canines through fund raising efforts, family and friends have already raised more than $22,000 which they hope will be enough for at least one police dog. this afternoon, tara's father dennis o sullivan thank the community for their outpouring of support and generosity as he remembered his daughter. our did not go through life as a spectator. she was an active participant. >>my wife kelly my children krista and justin and my good
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friend gary. and i have embarked on a unique memorial to my daughter. >>tara's father said he could think of no better way to honor his daughter then combining her love of police work with her love of dogs, 26 year-old o'sullivan was shot and killed last month while helping a woman gather her belongings during a domestic violence call in north sacramento. now for 4 zone forecast as we take a look outside the sun going down over the bay bridge that's a lovely picture our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to give us a look at the 4 zone forecast remember yesterday that picture already filled with a lot of clouds out there but i think changing now the atmosphere. >>high pressure begins build in overhead look at that beautiful shot the sales force building reflecting the sunlight out there's the sun sets out the pacific and yet we are going to see looks like much brighter days ahead as high pressure begins to take over so temperatures actually moved up today quite a bit back to normal here in san francisco 67 degrees very
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comfortable temperature 75 degrees a little bit above the average in oakland 77 in san jose 82. in livermore 87 degrees right on the average in concord in 82 degrees. in santa rosa fog there. it is part of the coastline reforming right now starting to spread into the bay we're seeing some patches begin to form making his way inside the bay we'll see more that overnight tonight sea breeze of course kicking up to but not as strong as it's been not seen those 20 mile an hour. winds we saw yesterday in some of the interior valleys so kind of get the idea that we are going to see the breeze and that will carry with some patchy fog but not as extensive another the way inland as high pressure the kind of compress that marine air over the next few days still 70 degrees in mount to 69 in san jose 66 degrees in oakland that several the fog in the pacifica 65 degrees in berkeley 68 in san napa and 63 degrees in petaluma get a little bit of a sea breeze there. overnight tonight the patchy fog is going to make return tomorrow, mostly sunny though, and the temperatures be warmer in the afternoon, maybe a little bit on the hot side inland and that will be the trend over the next few
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days this front is going to move on through fact this kind of preaking down now going to run into this ridge and this high-pressure ridge going to strengthen as it builds in over the next few or see that hot dry desert air moving in the valleys here in california and with the coastline things going to get hot. we're talking about some 90's inland but out toward the beaches. temperatures they're going to cool the fog 50's and some 60's. thank you lawrence, the california proposal aimed at limiting high medical bills from emergency room visits. >>has stalled for the year. today democratic assemblyman david chiu said he's pulling his bill for now due to stiff opposition from hospitals. he says the bill faced pushback from hospitals which are trying to protect profits over patients, he said the bill would have kept to an emergency room patients pay with their copays and deductibles even if they got treatment at a hospital outside of their insurance network. 2 said he plans to try to renegotiate the bill next year. and the dangerous conditions as a severe storm. hummels new
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>>and the reason the hot dog or burger buzz in your kitchen
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>>well hamburger and hot the been brands have been recalled because of plastic a chum, plastic choking hazard. flowers foods, bakery items are sold at top retailers, including wal-mart and sam's club all of the and others. the company says small pieces of hard plastic maybe in some
8:26 pm
of their products and they could pose a choking risk, no illnesses or injuries have been reported so far the brand names involved include clover valley, great value laura lynn nature's own piggly wiggly. public's. depot sunbeam and wonder. >>we should agents are saying ice raids that were put on hold are absolutely going to happen and senator kamala harris teaming up with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez the reason the new representative is getting so much s
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>>another candidate for president getting cozy with alexandria ocasio-cortez the freshman congresswoman who has become a progressive phenomena. >>senator kamala harris is joining see as the congresswoman is often called in introducing legislation aimed at helping people with criminal records get housing as young long tells us many democratic presidential hopefuls want ailes sees progress of star power with perhaps one notable exception. >>senator kamala harris teaming up with alexandria ocasio cortez harris and the freshman congresswoman introduced joint legislation aimed helping people with criminal records fairly obtain housing, planting a flag on the left as harris hopes to highlight her progressive credits because of that. and the unofficial see primary
8:30 pm
2020 democratic hopefuls vying to be seen as ocasio-cortez's ally and we're teaming up today, elizabeth warren has hailed her alliance with ocasio cortez from this video slamming treasury secretary steven present i was like to on to i've to a more light hearted conversation about gender portrayal of women in game of thrones. >>i am delighted to be here with congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. >>but ocasio cortez has also formed ties with bernie sande%s. the team dot on legislation and stumped together progressive candidates in the 2018 mid con. >>there is no middle ground. >>as sanders rallies progressives in his bid for 2020. ocasio cortez has echoed his very words. >>politicians who refused to act then and i'm going to try to come back today and say we
8:31 pm
need a middle of in the middle of the road approach to save our lives. >>that was an apparent reference to joe biden he's question whether ocasio-cortez's political brand has mass appeal. >>i think ocasio cortez is a brilliant bright woman, but she want to primary that in the general election fight who won. mainstream democrats who are very progressive on social issues and very strong on education health care in the crowded 2020 field, progressive democrats believe ocasio-cortez's endorsement could help separate one hopeful of them from the rest are earlier this month because court has signaledlwho's grabbing her eye. >>what i want would like to see in a presidential candidate has won. that has a coherent. worldview and logic from which all these policy proposals are coming forward, i think senator sanders has that. i also think senator warren has that. >>acting us citizenship and
8:32 pm
immigration services director ken cuccinelli said today, immigration and customs enforcement raids are quote absolutely going to happen. this follows a delay by the president to see whether congress could work out a legislative solution on immigration. >>they're absolutely going to happen there's approximately a million people in this country with removal orders. >>course that isn't what ice will go after in this, but that's the pool of people who've been all the way through the due process change. >>i said plan to arrest and deport families with court ordered removals in 10 cities, including san francisco in late june you may remember that according to a senior immigration official the day before those rays were set to begin president trump delay them for 2 weeks a call from house speaker nancy pelosi contributed to that decision. a source familiar with the matter now says the ice operation is still being planned and is expected to be more targeted than the original operation but could still be nationwide. it is
8:33 pm
only july but the gulf coast is bracing for hurricane the national hurricane center predicts. >>tropical storm barry will form in the gulf tomorrow strengthen to a hurricane and make landfall this weekend. but as reporter mary moloney tells us the storm system is already causing problems on land. >>easy walloped by wet weather. >>letting our car. >>flooding in gulf streets transformed indoor stairs into waterfalls. during the flash flooding emergency rescue crews in new orleans responded to more than 250 emergency calls. >>i don't want to open it. find a way to get out the car to cut out the window with a little water spouts. >>want to show you a live picture now here's a live look. >>we all need to take this very very seriously. >>a tropical system is churning in the gulf of mexico. the national weather center predicts tropical storm
8:34 pm
barry will form by thursday and strengthen to a hurricane by saturday before making landfall. we know it's going to be a big storm. a significant rain and storm surge event louisiana's governor warns the already soggy state could see 10 to 15 inches of rain within 24 hours from friday into saturday that a short time period for such a intense rain as texas governor says the lone star state should brace for the slow moving storm. >>if you prepare. for the very worst you will be able to come out far better in >>i'm mary maloney reporting. >>from a new orleans of how it looks this is a very calm night right now that a big building on the left is a plaza towers 45 stories tall and it looks like things are pretty peaceful in new orleans after that wet weather they just had our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to give us a sense of how long they're going to do with traveling weather back
8:35 pm
that way yeah, you know these storms that intensifies the approaching the coastline, the really kind of hard to track and boys there so warm out there in. >>the gulf right now things can change quite rapidly in fact every forecast that we see with the storm system things begin to change so here we go the very latest on what is really just storm number 2 right now not officially named yet has to get a little bit stronger, but you can already see other circulation there some of the thunderstorms cern to organize around the center of this low, this appears to be wrong right about here off the coast line that's going to put itself together here in a very short time in fact, here's the very latest sustained wind right at the core that low only 30 miles per hour or so not even reached a tropical strength just yet but that will happen likely as we head out in the couple of days here and here we go by thursday afternoon started to strengthen by friday possibly sustained winds of 75 miles per hour that make us strong tropical storm system them to actually go hurricane and then as we get in right along the coastline possibly intensifying maybe to 8590 miles per hour sustained winds
8:36 pm
right around the core looks like right now. this could come on shore to the west of new orleans but a lot of weight c still you can see all those bans of heavy rainfall that will affect much of a louisiana's that comes on shore possibly on saturday morning then moving right up to the state but still early on in forecast in the system is going to change quite drastically over the next 24 hours. back out west. we go we've got a weak storm system beginning to fall apart now still some left or over showers in the pacific northwest tomorrow we've got some sunshine up some patchy fog 60's in the san francisco 70's in oakland and some low 80's into san jose next couple days could be a little toasty some 90's begin to pop up that will continue right through the weekend before cooling down. next week. coming up we're talking about ufc fighting we're going to show you a california can return to take on his competitors. >>on his home turf in sacramento and as the temperatures start to heat up we look at how to protec
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>>camping hiking hanging out at the beach out to write e of year, but they can pose a threat to your dog if you're taking them along for the ride reid binion tells us how to keep your dog healthy during the sweltering summer. when summer rolls around we take all sorts of precautions against the heat and blistering sun and it's important to do the same for our four-legged friends. >>something as simple as walking along the sidewalk can
8:40 pm
be potentially dangerous a good rule of thumb if you think the pavement is too hot to walk on barefoot it's also too hot for your dog. when it comes to getting sunburned our pets are no exception, just like humans dogs skin can turn red become sensitive and even blister or scap a simple solution to protect your dog from you the raise is to apply sunscreen for infants remembering to have water accessible sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes it's hard to tell if your dog is actually dehydrated. experts say one sure way to tell is to check your dogs gums if they feel driver sticky they are definitely in need of some water and as much as most dogs like to paddle in the pool, it's getting out of the pool that can cause them to panic if they can't find the steps they can wear themselves out or worse possibly drowned, i'm reading it. >>day we take an inside look at how nasa plans to build the next international space station is forced us women's soccer team treated to a ticker tape parade to manhattan's canyon of heroes today. mark has the highlights plus what the team's outspoken
8:41 pm
star megan rapinoe had to s
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8:43 pm
>>the international space station has been in orbit for 20 years now, but it will not be there for ever and instead of building another one nasa will turn to private companies in contracts correspondent rachel crane reports. >>what will the next % generation space station look like with designs on building the world's first commercial
8:44 pm
space station. if you sing base axiom space has some ideas. most of the employees had previous mass experience, including chief engineer michael thing. >>this was our calling the human space flight enterprise is is something that kind of lives within each of us that we have a vested interest in seeing a succeed and we really think this is the next step in that evolution. >>in the last 2 decades, nasa has learned a lot from the space station. an axiom intends to build upon those lessons and its version. well opening up a lower the little bit to a new set of participants. >>what actually will do is to help other private and to tease step up in some cases, they'll be large and well established organizations that will have additional opportunities to utilize our facilities in other cases where there are smaller really truly innovative startups a new entrance. we can give them the first shot i participating
8:45 pm
axioms plans are modular. >>they will bid to use a port on the current space station to begin constructing its own in >>our vehicles are complete spacecraft and so they can basically go for more they're dropped off to a navigate up to a space station or the international space station in this case are on the view and be able to be grappled by iss and burst to a vantand so we do this over and over to build up the capability. >>potential for this economy is the masses. i i don't think that anyone has gotten their arms around just how this will be. we will have difficulty looking back upon today as we sit here, speaking and imagining the world was like before we lest the shackles of gravity behind and moved on to truly and have a low earth
8:46 pm
orbit rachel crane report. >>nasa has found a way to gross plants in space the >>nasa has found a way to have a garden that includes lettuce cabbage and kale to keep the astronauts healthy and some decorative plants as well president sunlight space plans are given nutrients and exposed to la d's to grow. according to nasa, the plants are harvested after about a month. and they're analyzed %pand taste tested and there's no word on how that space kale takes. >>the august cover of harper's bazaar will feature serena willms without any photo editing the tennis superstar is the next celebrity deciding to stay away from the traditional mainstream standards of beauty, not only are the pictures wrong. williams also opens up in the interview about the body shaming and sexism she has experience. she talks about the controversy of the 2018 us open final when she engaged in a verbal dispute with an umpire williams was handed code violations back then which she feels are unfair.
8:47 pm
the 23 time grand slam winner says women are penalize for expressing their frustrations. williams is currently playing at wimbledon and going after her 24th grand slam victory fight fans in sacramento are excited about the return of the ufc this coming weekend for the first time in 2 and a half years the. >>ultimate fighting championship is bring in the octagon to the golden one center and with a strong northern california flavor on the fight kark reporter martin dempsey lays it out. >>the octagon will be back inside the golden one center for ufc fight night this ember of 27 to know the last time sacramento hosted a ufc event here. it was thought to be your eye a faber's last fight in the cage going out victorious in front of this home crowd. >>right after it adds and maybe i'll do so after i turned 40 like acting out. so
8:48 pm
this week, the california kid, it is officially. why did you think it's a kind of test myself as i mean are tired do it. the matches and world champions and i get japan with >>a hot dog seen him or a fight or you're not you know and when it's a new team and i don't know of. >>the fires ever retire, it may seem crazy to some to go 2 and a half years without fighting in the octagon at age 40 now and already a hall of fame inductee to get back into the fight game. i feel really enjoy the process. i would say the long haul. my long haul is not very long cage come saturday. the fighter with local time. of 6 local fighters, including as the lab who is from so actually headline the car and saturday night.
8:49 pm
>>period says i a lot of us are on this kind of heavy up to need it is great. >>stream 6 streamer nice saturday night should be a good one for local usc fan. >>that was mark demsky reporting case you're wondering energy. the rides, a favor is committed to 4 ufc fight starting with saturday night's bout has a golden one center in downtown sacramento. and starting tonight with the world champions, the us women's soccer team back in the states and today they were honored with a ticker tape parade. >>in new york city the world cup champs road through the canyon of heroes in lower manhattan with throngs of adoring fans cheering them on chanting usa and equal pay in reference to the team's legal fight to get paid as much as the american men's team, the team took their 4th world cup
8:50 pm
title last sunday in france with a win over the netherlands. at the post for a ceremony, golden boot and golden ball winner making the outspoken an unquestioned. >>team leader a message for the crown that went beyond just soccer. >>everybody's responsibility. do you have to do step outside yourself. the more the better the bigger than you ever been before this team. of what you can be when you do that. >>please take this as an example. >>and congrats to the chance now it's that day during the summer where there is no baseball going on. but a big transaction may be on the way the trade deadline is at the end of this month. we could be seeing the giants and dodgers transaction will smith has emerged as an excellent reliever this season. there's a chance he may be playing the 2nd half of the season. >>in los angeles as the dodgers have shown interest.
8:51 pm
dot com this year smith has been a gym out of the pan 23 saves in a sub to the r a now to the nba if you saw offseason has been wild with the free agency signings get ready to experience this all over again. >>in a couple of years, according to reports new los angeles clippers kawhi leonard has signed a 3 year $103 million deal with the team and he has the option to become a free agent after 2 seasons, this runs contrary to many expectations cd signing four-year contract in la sure his deal also coincides with his new teammate paul george that means in the summer of 2021. kawhi george and young as 10 to come fall, the reigning mvp could all have the choice to sign with new teams and finally today's highlights from wimbledon men's quarter finals novak djokovic's versus david goffin this may have been the point of the turning off and goes back a lot returns it between his legs back to the joker returns the trick going
8:52 pm
through his legs as well for griffin finally puts in a way to win the point now goffin. it's why the top-seeded joke of it 2 wins in straight sets a straight sets 6, 4, 6 nothing 60 to advance the semifinals against for heard about the stuff. roger federer won his one 100th match wimbledon to advance the other semi against rafa that's going to be fun has anybody done that before mean i've seen the between the late shot but back to backing one player to the other is a cool trick shot how about this home and then it's been an interesting their this goal and what a tournament, the entire tournament. so many storylines to a lot of fun and
8:53 pm
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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8:55 pm
>>today nintendo release the highly anticipated mobile game doctor mario world, the game features mario and his friends his doctor's name, a street viruses by matching capsules to form 3 of a kind. it's kind of being compared to trust the puzzle game is free to play but offers in-app purchases that's where they make their money from a $1.99 to 6999. it is available to download on ios and android supported devices check out this pastry chefs rather chicago putting together a 1000 pound. the plane and chocolate cheesecake
8:56 pm
it's to celebrate the 39th birthday of the lies cheesecake and the taste of chicago. the crews putting baseball-sized walls of cherries on the 6 foot tall high desert. it will be cut on saturday at the taste of chicago event or obese or for free might be worth going to chicago for that by the way ingredients include 450 pounds of cream cheese. 70 pounds of sugar and 25 pounds. graham crackers right to the have been this good. >>well that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 on our primetime coverage just getting started on this wednesday night vicki liviakis this year's kron 4 news at night. >>thank you, pam and ken next up at 9 a very family mourning the loss of a teenager. shot and killed on monday his killer still on the loose tonight. we are learning more about 15 year-old dave on han who is described as a leader in his community at a youth gun violence prevention program. we hear from loved ones who say that to his loss is hitting him really hard.
8:57 pm
the city of fremont has narrowed down where it wants to build a new homeless navigation is that are not everybody is happy about it. a live report coming up plus things are going to start heating up as we get closer to the weekend. good news here. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow as your 4 zone forecast keep it here. kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break. they wanted
8:58 pm
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to have in >>and what we do. new at 00:09pm tonight, we're. >>we're learning more about a 15 year-old shot and killed in the miss it mission district in san francisco on monday. thanks for joining us at 9, i'm ken wayne in for grant lotus vicki liviakis the shooting in your 24th in cap streets killed a 15 year-old avon hon, his friends say that the team was a leader in his community at a youth gun violence prevention program called united play s kron four's attack he spoke with friends there that he considered family she joins us live now from the san francisco police department which is still investigating this case taylor. >>while police are still looking for heinz killer who led police on a chase but eventually got away now friends and family are still disturbed in distraught saying that was the one who always put a smile on everyone else spaces. he never looked for trouble. he was always helping others.


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