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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 12, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? tonight, an emotional "e.t." exclusive. dog the bounty hunter's first sitdown interview after losing the love of his life. >> i saw her die in my harms. >> he reveals his wife's final moments. >> no one knows this right now. then, behind the scenes of beyonce's top secret "line king" music video. then, our exclusive with soccer's golden gals. plus, under attack? the a break-in at buckingham palace? and why meghan is being mom shamed now. then, ever wonder how oprah
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spends her weekends? ♪ living my best live life >> whoo! this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome to an emotional show tonight. we have duane chapman's first sitdown interview since he lost his wife 15 days ago after a long battle with cancer. >> she was his wife, best friend, costaer, and confidant. our interview was therapeutic because he was able to release the pentup emotion about losing the love of his life. >> you know, you walk in this house, in a sense she is right here now with us. >> yeah, i hope so. yeah, yeah. >> what's in that pink box? >> well, i've never done ash inning my life, and that's what she wanted. there's chips in there. i'm like, what are these? teeth?
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oh, my god. >> what does she want you to do with those ashes? >> she said secretary some, leave some in the fireplace. i looked at them and i'm like, i'm not going to throw you away. throw you away and start over? i can't do that. i'm still putting the pillow where she was and covering it up like a jailhouse escape, right? morbid. like, you got really watch it. you lose it at times if you go over the edge. >> it's still raw as dog welcomes "e.t." into the family's remote colorado home. >> i can only imagine she loved this house. >> on saturday there will be a huge public memorial near her hometown of denver. the loz has taken a toll on him. >> i lost 15 pounds in two weeks. i got to force feed myself like a force fed her. >> to keep going. >> to keep going. >> do you remember her last
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words? >> all the time. all the time. i did not know this was going to happen that day. at all. no one know this is right now. the last few moments, she said come here right now. i was in the bathroom. she said, look at me, duane chapman. i did. she said, please let me go. before i could say all right, she couldn't breathe all of a sudden. i can't breathe. >> so she said to you, i can't breathe, and what do you do? >> i helped put her arms up above her head, and i saw her die in my arms. she was so tiny she fell back. i grabbed her hair and i pulled it up and i took one breath and breathed as hard as i could. and as i -- all of a sudden she went, and she went back. i thought, my god. >> you thought she was going to be better. you said, she's going make it.
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>> oh, yeah, and i carried her to the bed and called 911. here they come, baby. they finally got there, and we road in the ambulance. after i seen her, i said, lord i figured it out. i want to go. >> when the show comes back, how much of that final day with the battle will you show? you will hear that answer tomorrow. it may surprise you. and also everything beth endured in her final days it really is heartbreaking. we also get this shocking revelation. >> i would never commit suicide, but i am ready now to go. >> his grief is total, and we'll have that for you tomorrow. >> so raw. great job. right now, the u.s. soccer team goes to hollywood. happened last night when no less than an oscar winner handed them a well deserved trophy. >> all those in favor of equal
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pay, say aye. the women's national soccer team. >> it's a shocker. >> i feel lick -- i guess i'm still taking it in. >> there's still a lot to take in. "e.t." spoke to cocaptain alex morgan who also won best athlete. >> alex morgan! >> what time is it? i don't know what day it is. >> it's been awhirlwind since the team won their fourth world cup title sunday. >> there was a lot of yeah! yeah! i was losing my voice. i was so excited for them. >> it was deeply exciting to watch it, and then i began crying, and then my wife was like, are you crying? and then she cried. i was like, you're crying. >> you were crying? >> i was so happy. >> the ladies flew on a jet to l.a. and hopped on this bus to l.a. they still missed the red carpet and barely made it to their seat
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on time. >> running on fumes. but it's not hard when you have this. >> megan rapinoe suffered a major wardrobe malfunction. this is footage of megan and the team standing to accept their award. this is the footage that was broadcast to the east coast. producers were able to make use of the five-second delay. but fans are still talking about this winning moment, morgan's memorable tea sip. >> all night long we have been having people do the tea sip. can you give it to us one more time? >> it's bet we are champagne, but i'll do it with the espy. >> yes, pop, bottle. i love it. you'll see more of the world cup champs tonight. >> playing soccer with them would be amazing. let's move on to a scary moment for queen elizabeth with a scary break-in at buckingham
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palace. it was 2:00 wednesday morning. the 93-year-old queen was asleep when a 22-year-old man scaled the fence at the palace. what's really terrifying? the intruder reportedly roamed around for a few minutes before being arrested. he had no weapons and police don't think the scary incident was terrorist related. the palace had no comment. but was it a copycat break-in? in 2002 this man also climbed a gate and got into the bedroom with the queen in it. her majesty spoke to him for ten minutes before help finally arrived. the queen and her family are prepared for intruders. they get survival training from the british military. >> one of the most difficult things to plan against is, you know, people with mental health problems. that probably is the biggest single threat to any member of the royal family. another royal story making
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headlines. duchess megan is being mom shamed because some think she didn't have a firm grip on archie at yesterday's cricket match. megan is also being called out for archie's hatless head and no socks, but royal insiders tell us actually meghan is a good mom. >> i think she's been incredibly confident as a first time mother. i was told she's taken to it like a duck to water. another famous mom getting mom shamed again, pink. she took her kids to the zoo, but this post had one fan scolding r, saying, quote, i'm surprised you go to zoos. animals shouldn't be in captivity. her response? i believe in capturing a child's love for an animal before teaching them about captivity. i don't remember asking you for help in raising my child. >> i want to be the best mom in the world. it's just not good enough.
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♪ i think of what the world could be ♪ >> the mom to willow has gotten attacked so much in april, she made this announcement. >> i'm not posting pictures anymore. >> this week she changed her mind, but posted this picture. here's a picture of my child running in water. it wasn't even filters. what a waste of water. i hope she had sunscreen. plus, she added some not safe for work hashtags ♪ i want to start a fight >> i want my kids do see what it looks like to have a mom that's a boss. coming up -- >> hello, "e.t." i'm beyonce. >> we know. we have been part of queen bey's full circle. >> i am quite gangster. and mete garth brooks'
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daughter. move over,
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minutes away on "e.t." the "jersey shore" cast tells all -- kids, love living and the situation i
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last night, taylor swift headlined amazon's prime day concert in new york and gave fans a preview of her upcoming album, lover. it was her performance of "shake it off" that has everybody talking. this is how "shake it off" normally sounds. ♪ while you been getting down and out about the liars and dirty cheats in the world ♪ >> this is how she shang it last night -- >> while you have been getting down and out about the liars and dirty, dirty cheats of the world ♪ >> some fans think it was directed at scooter brawn. word they're going release "teardrops on my guitar" as a special edition vinyl. it's expected to sell outle. sales have been up since the feud began. let's move on to garth brooks. he shared a rare photo of his favorite rising star, his
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daughter, allie colleen. ♪ i'm a work in progress >> great player, great song writer, great singer. >> garth post was to celebrate her new single "work in progress." >> she always wanted to make at in the business, but made a deal she would wait until she finished college, last year. >> oddly enough, my famy and i, we don't talk about music. >> everything comes from hard work and doing what you love. >> allie doesn't want to use her famous last name to cash in. she only posted one photo of garth, this one from 2017. but allie always had garth and her stop mom's support. back in 20000 garth took a 14-year hiatus from the business to raise his daughters. >> they have no idea how much they taught me.
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>> and that involves learning from the best. we are so excited because we are going to be joining garth next week as he hits the stage with blake shelton. golden. so much fun. still ahead tonight ---how oprah really rolls, giving us a tour of her hawaiian estate. then, beyonce shuts down the grabbed canyon to shoot a music video. and before queen bey ruled the land. >> i was so scared. >> then the "jersey shore" cast, how their italian got saucy. closed captioning provided by --
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birthday girl jessica simpson rocked some sunglasses and a leopard print bikini to celebrate her 39th birthday poolside with 18 of her best girlfriends. they dined on barbecue. her hubby eric hosted and all three kids for present. we heard maxwell and ace stayed home from camp. if you're curious to know how lady o. spend her weekends get ready for saturdays with oprah. >> welcome to my garden. everything is in such full bloom. i want to give you a tour. >> we are going say it -- it is good to be oprah. whethers the picking flowers on
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her estate in hawaii -- >> remember in the wizard of oz and the wicked witch says, poppies, poppies! >> riding around in the atv ralph lauren gave her a gift or walk around one of her six estates -- you get to have meals prepared by your private chef. >> we have peaches because gail's here. >> i never invite cameras into my home. i don't even invite my own cameras. >> i was lucky enough to be at her home before, but now she's welcoming everyone else with her new series, saturdays with oprah so see how she spends per down time. >> i love the poppies. >> can we all be honest, we just want to be oprah. if oprah is 1rksa, then beyonce
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is 1b. she closed down the falls at the canyon. "e.t." learned she was at shooing a music video the "lion king". she is no doubt the queen. we fold her long before the coronation. >> i love to eat ice cream, pizza, all of that, but foxy has to be fit, so i have been eating salads and all that stuff i don't like. >> i'm foxy and i i'm a whole lot of woman! >> i had to give up popeyes. i had to give up chicken. >> her first on screen kiss was mikemmy myers. >> i think he was nervous, because he missed my mouth. >> she was still in destiny's child in 2002 and confided in us she was nervous.
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>> i was so scared. you're a singer and people, they don't want to respect you as an actress. everybody's looking like, why did she get the part? all right, all right, but i did it. >> but austin powers was only the beginning of her hollywood evolution. >> i'm bohn bonn on the set of "pink panther." >> action! ♪ >> there you go. >> by 2008, beyonce was a full-fledged actress, taking acting classes and physically transforms herself for roles like losing 20 pounds for her part in "dream girls." >> i wanted to lose all traces of myself so i can't recognize myself on screen. for six months i was really hungry. >> when we sat down with beyonce for "obsessed," it was clear to us sasha fierce was ready for her closeup. >> i'm cover in the bruises. i really did my own stunts.
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i'm a professional person so, i don't really get too gangster, but i am a businesswoman, and i am quite gangster, i should say. >> that young woman has grown into a bona fide boss. >> yes, she has. look at her now. she's the lion queen. >> the bey hive is buzzing like crazy with the release of her highly anticipated song with donald glover. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ ♪ the peace the evening brings >> so good. absolutely not. we are not singing right now. nothing butove for the cast of the "jersey shore family vacatio vacation". we join them for dinner where it's clear, despite the drama, this family is forever. ♪ >> how many plates have you had? >> two! >> it's hard to get all of us in the same room. we are missing a couple of soldiers. >> one of those sole judges,
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mike "the situation" sorrentino currently serving a eight-month sentence for tax evasion. >> i get the chills thinking about. >> we felt like we were at a funeral. >> it's sad. >> he'll be released in september, but his friends say he's making the most of it. >> mike's doing really swell. >> swell. goes to the gym twice a day. gets a haircut twice a week. eight hours of sleep. he looks refreshed. >> another thing we learned, jwoww's son, 3-year-old greyson diagnosed with autism is progressing by leaps and bounds. >> speaking about anything, especially like autism can break the stigma, so i want to make the world more sweet so when he goes to school, there will be less critics and more people that want to help. >> snooki just welcomed baby number three, anglo, in may, and like jwoww, the daughters are following in their footsteps.
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>> they're literally snooki and jwoww. >> they're them. it's crazy. >> we love this picture of snooki when she was her daughter's age. we love them playing never have i ever. >> kicked out of a bar. all of us. >> being walked in on by kids. >> mommy's wrestling. >> been drunk at work. >> that's our job. duh. >> never have you ever. "jersey shore family vacation" returns tonight on
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> let's raise the bar. >> we are behind the scenes with dwayne "the rock" johnson. tomorrow on "e.t." i have the most extraordinary partner in life. >> well, nicole kidman always gushes about her hubby, keith urban, but nicole revealed she just found a new love of her life. >> okay, relax. check out her new love. this adorable little puppy.
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