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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>on this friday, i'm darya full senate james fletcher we've got. look forward to i'm hoping. >>you're leading this energy into. if we think it is help thinking about a nice i'm thinking you know hot spot. >>but he wanted to say nice and smooth drive times you want them, you know low not to bat trying to shape so and it is going to be out this weekend the vibe is going to be very high. you are doing some yoga it's going to what do they call hot yoga. yeah that's the kind of you know you could be doing this weekend. we are looking outside at the golden gate bridge, not so hot this morning is just foggy it is cool. >>nice way to start the morning maybe and get your jog out of the way before we do eventually see later on san francisco and half moon bay, at least parts of both of these areas are looking at some visibility that has fallen below a mile this
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morning you'll see that at times for oakland in hayward before later this morning, fog clears out and once fog does clear out today, those temperatures they're going to rise pretty swiftly already by noon time some of our inland areas will be right up next to the 80 degree mark with a side in coastal areas still remaining cool as of this point but by the afternoon ahead, start to see those temp ratures rising to for the basin mid 70's, nothing wrong with that. but for inland spots on average daytime highs will hover just below that ninety-degree mark with some spots just above it and even warmer for saturday and sunday of the weekend ahead, i'm getting to just how hot weather is going to get where you're at still to come. robin. >>alright, traffic continues to pick up at the bay bridge toll plaza mostly for you cash payers you'll see it stacking up off and on in the cash lanes on the left and right side but a great trip, it's very quiet and we like that 10 minutes to make it off to fremont street. here is the golden gate in traffic has been smooth and trouble free throughout the morning fingers crossed it will stay that way.
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19 minutes novato to the pay gates richmond center fell white open here at the toll plaza, so west 5.80 looks really good at 8 minutes and then we have 92 busy lots of brake lights but no problems here just prepare for crowd west of the toll plaza on the 70 oh bridge right along the flat section but a pin over the high rise. you are good into foster city area. thanks a lot 5 oh 2 and today more protests across the bay area ahead ice raids on undocumented immigrants this week right immigration attorneys in the bay area say the raids have. >>actually already started we've got kron four's will tran live in san francisco to explain. well. >>i'm in front of the ice office and we do expect the protests to begin throughout the bay area and several hours from now they are preparing undocumented immigrants a possibly a raid happening at their location and they've been telling people for the past week. do not open your door. now ice would not confirm nor deny that they will do raise as many as 2000 across the country and this is
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part of president trump's plan 2 weeks ago that was postponed and because of the timeline again they would not confirm it because of the timeline many are fearful that he could happen as early as this weekend and daria you talked about it already happening in the bay area so right information is very tight lipped as far as the federal government, but protesters are out there making sure that people know they are absolutely against this saying it is unfair that the undocumented immigrants have not had their due process. their time in court to have the charges brought to them to let them know exactly what they're facing and possibly even having legal representation, and we did talk to protesters throughout the day yesterday. here's what they had to say about the possible upcoming raids. one here because >>government is building concentration camps and the whole network all across the country for these immigrants. they're torturing children and and adults for that matter and
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it's horrific in its own right we have push back in. >>we have to actually say that immigrants are at a very essential part of our social they contribute to our economy and they're a very important not only to our communities i largely a a. >>there are some lawmakers, however who are in support of the possible ice raids saying we are a nation of laws and you cannot choose which law you want to enforce back to you, thanks a lot we'll in kron 4 had a chance to speak with san francisco mayor london breed. >>about these ice raids and she says raids are going to be conducted without the city's help. >>our commitment as a sanctuary city regardless of what is happening with our federal government and we will do everything we can to support and protect our residents were not going to deviate from our because of what's happening in the white house.
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>>and we have continuing coverage of the impending ice raids on our website, a number of resources where you can learn your rights in the event that they come knocking on your door as well as statements from local leaders on how they plan to protect people who live in sanctuary cities. it's all on kron 4 dot com. >>national headlines president trump is dropping his controversial plan to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, instead, he outlined an executive order directing agencies to hand over citizenship information to the commerce department, he sees it as another way to get a tally of citizens and non-citizens in the united states. the supreme court blocked. the question being added to the census. critics say that adding that question would have discouraged minorities from participating and then could potentially lead to an undercount of the country's true population. >>story this morning, the weather is going to heat up and people may be heading for the beaches here in the bay
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area live in half moon bay, a great white shark. >>was spotted and that may make you think twice about getting into the water now for us to trade show is live there this morning with the shark warning high christina. >>well good morning, i'm actually here live in front of one of the fishermen tackle shops and we've actually got a local right there who's going to be chatting with us in a few minutes. but i let me tell you i've been out here for about 45 minutes, there's an entire there's an entire line of people fishermen right outside of this hot spot here and it was not deterring anyone from going out to the early morning sporting activities, but i want to go ahead and take a look at this picture that the san mateo county sheriff's office put out you can see the shark right there great white shark in much more shallow water of air water very close. it's an aerial view that they were able to catch. now this news a shark-like in mention not to turning a lot from going out their normal morning activities. but it was seen between the ritz carlton and pillar point harbor so the san mateo sheriff's county offices, asking if you're planning on going in the water or if you're traveling in from
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the east bay coming over here to cool off this weekend. please proceed with caution, this is something that they're not taking lightly light lightly for now reporting live here. in half moon bay christina teatro kron 4 news all right, thank you christina. >>another big story. morning a 2 year-old girl is recovering after being hit by a car. the driver left the scene will get the proper video in a second the driver left the scene but was later tracked down by police and arrested. police say that hector larios hit a 2 year-old girl as she ran into the street right near the cotton town center and range avenue. at this point police believe the person was in the crosswalk and that the driver, potentially had been drinking very of larry us was driving was involved in a hit and run in the same area last week. larry us has been arrested for felony hit and run. in the east bay police in livermore are looking for a witness to a shooting that killed a 16 year-old boy on monday that shooting happened outside a taco bell on east am lee boulevard officers released this picture of a white volkswagen. they say the car
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was in the drive-thru at the time of the shooting and people inside that car may have seen something. police are also still looking for the suspect 21 year-old jorge to last they say he should be considered armed and dangerous. >>a baby sitter and camp counselor is going to serve 30 years in prison for producing and conspiring to distribute child pornographer e a federal judge sentenced 21 year-old ryan spencer of aptos in santa cruz county to that dispenser targeted children that he took care of his a babysitter and as a camp counselor. he is they say also molested at least 2 of the children that he babysat including a boy under the age of 10. the fbi started investigating him after they found child-porn on the computer on the chess coach and tutor in the timber on area. on the peninsula police in palo alto have arrested a 38 year-old man he's accused of assaulting another man with his skateboard the victim told police he was walking on university avenue when started
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yelling at him and then punched him in the face and then hit with a skateboard and threw a rock at him and ran away. police found him in a nearby business and arrested him. >>new this morning a body found at the grand canyon is believed to be that of missing healdsburg man that's according to the national park service. peter schwab was last seen on june 28th on a river trip in the colorado river. search crews found the body on wednesday. ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, the defense rests in the go ship warehouse fire trial we're going to tell you with comes next as that case continues plus r and b singer r kelly has been arrested again we'll have details on the federal sex-crime charges that he's now facing and bart is stepping up efforts to stop fare. evaders we're going to show you the new fare gates being tested in the east bay. >>and the weekend insight now and we're looking at some clear skies later on today, get to some fog first, though i've got your forecast ahead
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got to get there a little fog and a little traffic to their checking the drive into san francisco, there's a weight mostly in the cash lanes is
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1850 coffee. ♪ ♪ inspired by the year the folger coffee company began. with a bold yet smooth taste. ♪ ♪ 1850 coffee. begin boldly. >>more great white sharks have been spotted in the waters off of monterey bay and now a fleet of whale watching charter boats are hunting them down so that people can the conclave just out for watching. yeah is why they just want caution. the sharks
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can be seen in a cove right now off of brighton sea cliffs and man dresses state park beaches. >>i got there like maybe 2 if we're lucky there's like that 10. >>and i think it's really funny is i've never seen a shark in real life before accepting an. >>aquarium we've had more people coming on the whale watch is asking specifically about the sharks wanting to see the sharks and it seemed like the right thing to do. >>i told you i want to go one step further and dangle off a little cage do shark cage why i don't think first thing to do that behind >>that's who i don't know if that's exciting are scary. there are enough sharks so often now that they can do these tours predictable, you know the one yeah, it's great unless you're in a surfer you're out there, but if you're protected and less as john pointed out you need a bigger boat to >>john this weekend because it's going to be hot. it's going to be hot. it's going to be sharkey whether apparently
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and to the weather already been hands words for this time of night i i'm not going in the water and it's sad to hear about your kids strike killed pictures, i'm pretty like scared. >>but anxious like excited, you know on the to do beginning august and why and i'll bring fact, one of the things i don't anticipate if you are down in the gulf coast obviously we're talking a different thing as you head out to the light that shine out. >>they said it's a real slow mover to very sad of course if they're exactly that's what we remember a couple years ago in houston when we had that very slow moving system moves over flooding and that was the flooding. it wasn't even a super pac powerful system is immersed in the just a slow one and that's what we're looking at with this one-year primary threat here is not necessarily the wind damage, although that is something that is of concern is really the slow-moving nature of this storm and how much rain is
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expected to come down. hurricane warnings now are officially issued even though i'm very is yet to be of hurricane status. it's still a tropical storm. it is expected to reach category one status come this evening. so as it makes its way eventually up into central louisiana, it is going to be dropping out quite a lot of rainfall maintaining tropical storm status really all the way through the state so it's going to be breezy. trump a storm surge is definitely an issue that people are worried about especially northeastern flank of the storm which does happen to be around the new orleans area which all you have to do is recall, flooding in years past and already some flooding that we're seeing out their new orleans to know how serious of an issue that is for that city. back here at home, it's just the opposite for us skies are going to clear out and we're going to be looking at a hot weekend ahead of us looking at the center tower here. eventually out the marin headlands in the distance you can see i'm above that bank of fog really clear a beautiful day ahead of us
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just have to get to the fog first of it. a san jose also going to be seeing a few clouds as the sun begins to rise and there's your clouds also from berkeley right here, not necessarily the clearest of use this morning taking a bit slower visibility in a few spots has fallen below a mile to kick off this friday morning. skies foggy now but we are looking at any persistent rainfall or really any coastal drizzle that's registering here on satellite radar which is good couple of spots you may find wet right along the coast though from some missed overnight. foggo hang out right along the coast today as we make our way into the afternoon you'll get a bit of sunshine out there towards the coast, but it's going to be more of a bit of sunshine. inland it's going to be a lot of it later on today all the way into the afternoon tonight. you're going to be sitting under the sunny skies which is going to help temperatures to rise noticeably as compared to where we have been high pressure is now built up and you're gonna notice, not necessarily along the peninsula. a big difference but elsewhere in the bay area
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on this 4 zone forecast are really going to start noticing it. redwood city 81 today saying carlos at 80 degrees in the south bay. now checking in with a few numbers in the upper 80's like morgan hill 88 degrees campbell in san jose only a few degrees down from that while livermore at 88 hayward union city o p today in the upper 70's, there's a couple of 90's now conquered being among the right at 90 degrees. well oakland, a good escape if you do need one at 74 going to be very nice there. sonoma vacaville pittsford just among a few other areas that will be in the 90's today. and although we are seeing a few 90's in your 4 zone forecast for this friday. there's going to be a lot more of them on it come saturday and sunday that's winner average inland daytime high will peak in the mid 90's. so some valley heat, some warm inland temperatures to expect into the weekend ahead of us. you know where to go to escape that he'd just go right along side the bay if you need some mid 70's. then if you want to be even cooler than that head out to the coast where your daytime highs for the most part will remain
5:18 am
in the 60's. robin. >>we're checking in on the morning commute which is getting busy and crowded on our bridges were checking on 92. the commute across the san mateo bridge leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula there it is and there's a heavy traffic. it is all already slow yes, but it's just right around the toll plaza getting on to the flat section. the high rise and the foster city 5 looks really good. so 12 minutes that's fairly quick. here at the bay bridge 80 west are getting some crowding in the cash lanes and some of the fast track lanes to but overall this is good nothing to worry about 10 minutes get on in here right now come on into san francisco. while we have this minor way because you know in the next 1520 minutes, it's going to be paxo you still have time to beat the rush which is on the way and be to any potential hot spots that may pop up to highway 4 looks fantastic for the westbound drive so to 6.80 south than nimitz wide open and then one oh one looking good 27 minutes, san jose to menlo park darya. >>thanks a lot and bar is
5:19 am
installing new fare gates said it's fruitvale bart station in oakland, the new gates are part of their ongoing effort to stop fare evaders covers taylor second takes a look. >>writers trying to skip out on paying bart fares really the last 2 days, someone, he did in front of me so like last 2 days in a row finding new ways to slip their new gates at the fruitvale enrichment stations would refinance. >>leave station because first of all they have the smallest a re a fare gates so there are fewer fare gates to modify and also because our front line. there's like our station identify the stations. >>well for bill has added pop of barriers richmond's modification are stacked gates. we have. >>gates stacked on top of their game to increase the height and the baby to the mix richmond station with the same ideas that is stop people. >>the writers say they haven't been too effective even with bart police watching 10 people
5:20 am
will go seen people baseball slide have been seen people up in over whole thing. it's crazy him while writer nolan purtell has seen a bunch of new moves. he thinks the gates are serving a purpose to stop some. but you can stop the brazen people might they killed us up to the roof, some will just that medal game it is this like figure land there will always be someone trying to tell others disagree not very effective. writers like charles johnson say our needs to work on a new concept on together maybe. >>taylor the sackey kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow muni service is going to be returning to the sales force transit center roots 5, 5 are 38 38 r and 7 we'll be rolling again ac transit's going to operate out of the temporary transbay terminal c you have to cross between the bus plaza and beale street to access the buses and greyhound an amtrak
5:21 am
the center recently reopen. but this is the first bus service since the cracks were discovered in the steel beams and had to close at last september shortly after the whole thing was it. >>voters in san francisco will get to decide if the city should ban the cigarette sales. the city elections division certified the measure for the november election. that measure is funded largely by san francisco based vaping manufactured ruled and it's in response to a new ban on vaping sales approved by supervisors last month. the measure supporters say that increased regulation will help reduce youth vaping while still allowing adults an alternative to cigarettes. in national headlines r and b singer r kelly has been arrested now on federal sex-crimes r kelly was taken into custody in chicago by the new york city police department and homeland security investigators. the 13 count indictment includes charges of child pornographer he and obstruction of justice. he's also charged with sex-trafficking in new york trying to influence a case in atlanta, georgia and child-pornography charges as well.
5:22 am
>>coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the reason that far. concerned about invasive type of. and some video from the us coast guard in action. they board a submarine with illegal drugs on high seas. and a live look here at the early early risers hitting the bay bridge and this is the bay bridge and this is the benefit here of a oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>welcome back 5.24. we are looking outside this morning they're procedure it's our right here i've been loving this few so far there is some foggy cloudy conditions down below and then lot of sunshine once you head above that layer now this is high pressure at play right here is going to be keeping things really nice and clear once this foggy layer burn-off temperatures they're going to rise like afrezza now back to triple digits today bakersfield sacramento, reading if you're heading out into the central valley possibly in route and cooler temperatures in the sierra you're going to be driving right through the midst of some of that heat and it's only going to get hotter as we work to saturday and sunday robin checking in on traffic which is only getting slower right at the bay bridge toll plaza drive in getting crowded for the cash for years. >>and the fast track or so come on and use it now before ie gets too bad. we're still trouble free. at 10 minutes off to fremont street were peaking at 5.80 livermore to
5:26 am
dublin what's looks great than nimitz trouble free and traveling to milpitas 6 minutes for your connection on to 37 west 8.80 out to one oh one we'll check more coming up james. thank you robin. >>all right check this out new video it shows members of the us coast guard, leaping onto us submarine which was carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine in the pacific ocean. they believe all valued at more than million officials say drugs are part of a seizure in international waters, the drugs were part of a seizure over international waters of the past 2 months so the coast guard intercepted 14 vessels apparently carrying drugs mostly from central and south america but not that often you see video of a coast guard members jumping onto a submarine and ripping open the hatch. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the bay area bracing for impending immigration raids but some immigration lawyers say the raids are.
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>>welcote back, it is 5.29 look at weather and traffic cam we get a peek over the bay bridge the early roller seem to be having assigned us they are a bit of fox will check in on the drive times, ok. >>and weather wise. i guess said the theme for the weekend ahead is hot. yes, that is really the best way to describe it. getting close okay, you know, i'm thinking
5:30 am
we might just barely dodged the triple valley, end up now. but yeah for us in the bay, it is going to be upper 90's for just a couple of spots like vacaville fairfield. >>possibly even on over to areas like novato are going to really toasty up there in the north bay. but i think we're going to stick with those upper 90's are going to close in a couple spots though looking outside of financial district you are seeing a some of the tops of the buildings picking up into the low lying clouds and fog that are streaming across the day visibility has improved over in the east bay for oakland hayward this is good. but for san francisco and half moon bay, you're still run into a few spots where visibility is below a mile so just take note of that maybe give yourself a few extra minutes to get into work this morning with that dense fog, 50's and 60's this morning for your temperatures already approaching any inland by noon and our average bay area d time high in land is still in the upper 80's tomorrow and sunday are actually going to be the hottest days the weekend ahead of us and i'll tell you how hot still to come. checking in
5:31 am
on the richmond center fell bridge. we want to take a look at 5.80 this is your drive here up to the toll plaza there is a minor weight and some of the cash lanes but not. >>so bad at 7 minutes across the span to one on one, of course, 80 west the bay bridge is a much heavier with traffic already stacked up beyond 8.80 over crossing, but it's still a good time to get on and if you can do it now 11 minutes to make that trip to fremont street. and we have traffic tracker showing you some more freeways and drive times and they look really good coming from the e sure 24 is a smooth commute wannacry through the caldecott you're smooth sailing on the macarthur and then mehmet so no big problems leaving san leandro and caster valley to downtown oakland. darya james thank you it's 05:31am and today more protests across the bay area raids that are expected this weekend. that's right so we've got. >>immigration attorneys in the bay area saying in fy some some of their sources these range of already started kron four's will tran alive in san francisco with more will.
5:32 am
>>but federal officials from ice they're not confirming nor denying that those rates have already taken place james or they will be up coming raids over that weekend possibly up to 2000 race, so they're very tight lipped about this but people are fearful, especially with president trump's timeline 2 weeks ago that he postponed that they would be upcoming ice raids throughout the country, including of course the bay area many people have been told do not open your doors you have have rights and then there are other lawyers across the country mobilizing offering free support in case. people are detained by those ice enforcement officers now i can tell you. the protests are going to take place throughout the bay area over the next several hours and they've been going on for the past week or so and this is good part of the effort to get the awareness out there to people who might possibly get a knock at the door as far as local law enforcement, san francisco, the oakland police
5:33 am
department they are not participating in this they say that the part of it. it's because of a sanctuary city laws that they're not going to help ice officers do their job. we'll just have to wait and see but we do expect the protesters to come and at this particular location possibly over the next several hours back to you. >>thanks a lot. we'll and we have continuing coverage of these impending raids on our website, a number of resources where you can learn about your rights and statements from local leaders on what they plan to do pack protect people who live in sanctuary cities. it's on kron 4 dot com. >>another big story this morning. the defense has opficially rested its case in the go ship warehouse fire trial in open at all of this comes weeks after testimony from both defendants. max harris and derrick elmen a the 2 men are both charged with involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who died in that fire back in 2016. yesterday prosecutors tried to point the blame on al for being the one responsible for the fire. man
5:34 am
has appeared at times frustrated and combative on the stand. we asked and his attorney about how his klein is feeling now cross examinations are over. and no. >>do i do good did they do bad blood and you're wrong. if you have too long and too he's asking all of those questions. >>and we want justice we want justice for everyone who is responsible. we want justice for the 36 people who die. >>the court will hear rebuttal evidence on monday and the closing arguments are set to begin on july 29th. >>the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward for help finding several stolen items including a semiautomatic rifle. the items were taken in oakland. here is the type of rifle, they're looking for it was taken along with the magazine.
5:35 am
and also a jacket with fbi markings on it. they were stolen from an fbi agent's car in a parking lot at the hague and burger shopping center. along the peninsula, the california department of food and agriculture is moving quickly top stop the fruit fly invasion that they're fearing is coming to the bay area of these flies do invade california. it could be a big problem because the eat 42 different types of fruits. including our favorites apples peaches avocados we talked with an agricultural commissioner in santa clara county who says this has happened before and that they have been able to stop the pass. it's quite a few that we're. >>that are notorious, we know of them they're all tropical. they have great reproductive potentials they eat a lot of the things that we love we don't have a winter here so they would all survive here, we have plenty of food for them here, it's a like that. >>the plan is for crews to drive around spraying tree
5:36 am
this weekend covering a 15 square mile area and then keep an eye on that for several months to make sure that the flies have been eliminated. >>well west nile is starting to show up in parts of northern california then experts say the hot weather could only make it worse. mosquitoes are big concern experts say the mosquitoes that transmit west nile are common in our own backyards possibly breeding in standing water. that's found in things like flower pots pet bowls container lids last year 211 people contracted west nile in california, 11 of them died. the centers for disease control provides information on its website regarding insect repellent including what types to use and which ones are safe for children. in the north bay to sonoma county sheriff's deputies were injured when an inmate attacked them in his cell at the county jail. it happened when those deputies were doing routine inspections. the deputies say 27 year-old shawn seaman lunged at them and tried to stab them with a toothbrush that had been filed down to make a weapon. the deputies were able to fight him off in the end the only suffered minor injuries. so
5:37 am
even though was already in jail in connection with an attack on a barista at a coffee shop in forestville last year. >>an 80 year-old woman from napa is in critical condition after being hit by a car she was in the crosswalk so tell school avenue sorry near palm a pear tree lane. and when she was hit by the car. she was not down suffered a head and facial injuries. the driver and a witness did remain on the scene police do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in that crash. 5.37 right now and still ahead california passes a bill to help utilities. >>pay for wildfires and not everybody is happy about it. plus the celebrity golf tournament. tees off today and like tom and steph curry is there. and the major storm barreling towards the gulf coast right now take a look at how they're preparing for the worst and what we're looking at here in the bay area is a cool and comfortable morning, some 50's and 60's not bad to get the day started.
5:38 am
>>but a hot weekend on tap, your forecast ahead. >>and a very busy commute around the bay area specially area specially at the bay bridge toll plaza ♪ ♪ area specially at the bay bridge toll plaza ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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>>welcome back 5.40 as we have all we keeping a close eye on sfo, especially now as we work our way towards the weekend. you do have some very foggy conditions and you do have a delay now 60 minutes for that delay. that's topping anything that we saw yesterday which
5:41 am
i'm max out at around 15 minutes. so yeah i do anticipate may be arriving to your destination just a little bit later it's not just sfo that's foggy but fog a streaming well inland this morning, a look at where we're sitting as far as humidity is concerned we're getting very close to dew points in areas like san francisco and then all the way inland to oakland and even livermore with very humid conditions and some foggy conditions having stretched out that direction by the time we move into the afternoon it's going to be just the opposite some very dry air takes hold in with these dry conditions temperatures are going to warm really quick expecting 90's and some of the same areas later on robin. >>we're checking in on the golden gate taking a look at one oh one and the traffic looks pretty good here. i don't see any problems into or out of san francisco. so if you use it now it will be a quick 19 minutes, rolling south from highway 37 in nevada to san francisco. here's the san mateo bridge 92 a little busy but not bad 13 minutes to cross the bay and
5:42 am
the bay bridge traffic 80 west, it's growing for sure it's beyond 8.80 and now it stretches all the way back to the west grand exit your slow from that point to the toll plaza.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
many of already evacuated the area. we've kristen holmes now with more on the storm. >>well the wind and rain is just now starting to pick up here and as the storm churns towards the gulf coast to the national hurricane center advises that barry could become a hurricane as early as tonight. >>we cannot pop our way out up the water levels in the water falls that are expected to hit the city of new orleans officials reiterating calls for gulf coast residents to be prepared. >>as tropical storm barry barrels toward land i am ready to jump on that last minute out like i was with katrina. >>well residents buy out store shelves stocking up on essentials like bread and water. the storm continues to intensify over the warm waters of the gulf. barry is expected to make landfall saturday as a hurricane. the national weather service is asking people not to focus on the storm's strength rather they want people to be vigilant about water levels.
5:46 am
>>the number one threat is going to be water is going to be the flooding and the heavy rainfall and residents seem to be taking those warnings to heart. >>never had the river this high. you know storm come in the levy says sacha rated all these different components are adding up to it just to be a unique circumstance. >>and officials say that some areas could get 10 to 25 inches of rain. reporting from new orleans and kristen holmes back to you. >>well back here in the bay area we're looking at a much nicer conditions it will on the warm to hot side this weekend. but obviously we're counting our blessings when you think about all those folks along the gulf coast top salute makes you appreciate it even though it is getting hot we can all be thankful that we're not going through similar situation which there fortunately saying down there when we do have our heat though after we haven't really been used to it so far this season has been mild for a lot of the year so far you do want
5:47 am
to take those precautions such as staying hydrated, especially if you plan on getting outside during those afternoon hours now this morning fog is blanketing the bay area once you head above the fog like at the suture tower really any of those spots as you can see out in the distance that are right about fog level you do have a beautiful clear view of the sun coming up over the horizon and some really clear skies in fact a dry air mass in place. this is going to result in temperatures one skies do clear out at the surface really rising fast today by noontime today, some inland areas will already be up into the low 80's just by noon and into the afternoon into the 90's for some of the same areas so fog up the coast and not a lot of it once you head further inland, although it is streaming into the tri valley this morning it is really intrusive having pushed on inland as we make our way into the afternoon guys inland just a few areas of fog hanging out right along the coastline, they'll make their way inland again tonight so do expect a foggy morning again tomorrow before it abundantly clear and even hotter one into tomorrow
5:48 am
afternoon as for today hotter than yesterday hotter than any time we've been at the earlier this week, 60's and 70's for your highs in san francisco with even solid 60's along the coastline despite the foggy conditions out there burlingame 76 degrees while south san francisco up to 70 saying carlos southward all in the 80's woodside mid-eighties today with some upper 80's down in morgan hill and san jose and campbell 86 degrees to 88 and morgan hill. daytime highs further to the east hayward union city hold on to the 70's while elsewhere all 80's and even a few 90's mixed in the east bay with concord our first spot in this map at least at 90 degrees are in debt 79. well a nice escape in oakland, if you can make the drive over only 74 out there's going to be beautiful. so no, but 93 for your daytime high share with vacaville in pittsburgh also both at 93 for your highs today with nevado
5:49 am
joining a right at 90 degrees, not a far drive over to stinson beach where your daytime high will be a 66 i had to have a feeling a lot of people this weekend are going to be making those drives from our inland areas out to the coast or at least the day to enjoy some 60's and 70's as opposed to those 90's which will be your average inland daytime high come saturday and sunday it's going to get hotter into those days. after that though we do have relief in the forecast next week daytime highs return average, falling back into the low 80's by the middle of next week. robin thank you busy commute across the san mateo bridge shot traffic leaving hayward it continues to fill in. >>every second to but it's not bad. 13 minutes and growing to make it from 80 across the span out a one on one, but it's a good time to go ahead and make that trip because you know it's going get heavier as we continue through the hour and the through the morning of course that's what's happening here at the bay bridge toll plaza every time i check it gets a little bit happier, your backup goes beyond west grand. you know shortly it's going to be to and through the maze car pulling will be fine
5:50 am
as usual those carpool lanes are wide open the cash for years and fast truckers have to wait at 12 minutes to make it to san francisco. here's a look at some more freeways and drive times and they look good highway for smooth 6.80 nice for a check on the danville the it's filling in and but it's still not bad 23 minutes from 2.38 to 37 and then one oh one from san jose continuing up the bayshore to menlo park, it's nice 31 minutes right on time chains all right, thank you very much robin. >>so a measure aimed to protect california till a tease from wildfire costs which now for the governor's signature at the center of the bill is a multibillion dollar wildfire liability fund made up of money from investor owned utility companies and attacks at the state is already collecting the money will help utilities pay for future wildfire. that they cause now the lawmakers are hoping it will protect ratepayers and credit ratings of utilities across the state. a handful of bipartisan has spoken out against this bill,
5:51 am
some taking issue with how it would restrict public utilities from expanding. >>5.50 right now and the big celebrity golf tournament tees off in south lake tahoe starring steph curry it's the 30th year of the event at the edgewood golf course and as always plenty of big celebs will be there steph was among the stars practicing yesterday before teeing off today. >>they get a promo down. >>pay attention to i want is i want to win and this is my 6th year. >>he always has such a great time to look you can see the other celebs that are there. jerry rice tony romo steve young and also actors of like ray romano. >>justin timberlake he's pretty good to know is that a little spice yeah they do and you know what i like is there was that like this i don't
5:52 am
want to hold it was put to little silly to a basketball hoop up offer they jail still shows a and it's really fun. if you've never ever get out there and traffic going up celek are coming up at 6 o'clock the latest on the investigation into a stolen plane. >>that was found after it crashed off the california coast it's going to steals
5:53 am
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>will an action comedy and a horror movie hit theaters. this weekend, we'll try to knock down the new spiderman movie from the top spot, we'll see how they do david daniel has a preview. driver kumail nanjiani picks up a fare to remember in stuber. >>they but he says the police detective who forces his driver to help him track down a drug lord estimates for the action comedies debut range from 7 to million well behind spiderman far from home which should easily repeat as weekend chant. >>the state of florida has issued a category 5, >>for moviegoers looking for something darker and wetter there's crawl very pepper and pious go to play a father and
5:56 am
daughter are battling a florida hurricane and a swarm of giant alligators will the horror flick sink or swim it's looking at a million debut in hollywood. i'm david daniel. coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, the bay area bracing for immigration raids that are supposed to happen this weekend as more protesters are set to hit the streets this afternoon. and a great white shark spotted off the bay area coast as people head to the beaches for a hot weekend. and bart is stepping up efforts to stop fare. evaders we're going to show you the new fare gates being tested right now in the east bay. here's a live look outside of the san mateo bridge work the traffic on 92 is moving you can see that in the foreground the volume is picking up we'll see if it truly is a friday like commute today, a look at the golden gate bridge and again another foggy start with the fog so thick, you can't even make up the towers and here at the bay bridge approach are looking at traffic that again is sloan up just a touch here at the toll plaza wow leave you with this gorgeous shot though from oar sutro tower camera looking out over the
5:57 am
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lowho knows the righthe powertool has no equal.right. as the leader in outdoor power equipment, we do it right, too. so, you can show your yard who's boss. >>morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday always a little easier when you know it's just the last day of the workweek i'm darya james to the finish line in view and we'll get you there whether traffic updates in
6:00 am
case you have to head out what it was looking like right notes are looking good friday live in some spots and then most of the time in friday's the commute to start a little bit later so they are coming it's a good time to just get on out there now. >>then that now i've already started the a c you window it's going to be a lot out of his way and going to be cranking it up today, some spots from the north bay east bay south a hole in the 90's guys. >>and though if you need to the coast. it's going to stay foggy during your mornings and even at some times during the afternoon so if you want a nice little escape. here's an example of a temper on starting a foggy and cool this morning are we're all kind of started off cool and foggy though even out to the tri valley we've been looking at conditions. i'm pretty foggy if you're a crossing on over from livermore to hayward you're going to be encountering some low clouds and fog as you do make that drive so slow it down hayward oakland, san francisco and half moon bay all experiencing some visibility issues at this point fog is goico


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