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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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enforcement in alameda county. but we want to show was dan thorn is live at a protest underway in oakland. >>well can right now hundreds of people are out here for this vigil that started just a short while ago and they are standing up for. immigrant children they say that these detention camps that are going on at the border need to be closed up in that these families in to be korea need to be treated she mainly if you take a look behind me here there are hundreds of people that are out here at oakland city hall tonight, this a a an event that joining a number of other cities in what's being called lights for liberty which is a vigil to end human concentration camps. these organizations here say what's happening at the border needs to be stopped children are being held in cages and migrant families are being treated poorly at these detention centers, the asian pacific american labor alliance and city officials are putting on this vigil to show their stand against the trump administration, right now it's estimated 2000 people are going to be targeted in
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raids that are supposed to happen on sunday. these defenders of undocumented immigrants say the president is using these threats, a frightening families and rile up his base but organizers say this vigil is sending a clear message that openness and united. >>there children that are dying. more children that are going to be dying and it should not happen because all they're doing it's trying to get a better life. >>white house speakers are discussing right now some ways that people can i help out in the ice raids situations that are happening this weekend right now the goal here is to and to bring people ity based g ver the weekend here is wrong in their again this is an event that's happening across the country and many big cities and small towns event here in oakland is expected to wrap up in just a short while that's the latest here live in oakland dan
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thorn. kron 4 >>he is live in san francisco. dan. >>whoa are outside ice headquarters in san francisco, quiet right now but it has been busy all day long we have protest during the noon hour as well as protests that lasted for several hours in the afternoon. calling for the end of ice detention centers more than a 100 protesters. shutdown sansom street friday afternoon in front of ice is san francisco headquarters this is just a moment history we can't ignore it's like the japanese. a kansas like what happened to germany. i don't want to look back and think i miss those i didn't realize it was so big this is inhumane what's happened. demonstrators
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kept up the chance for several hours wanting to stop business as usual. i would like there order to >>imminent specially asylum saying training women >>demonstrators have also called for the end of ice raids that immigration attorneys say have already begun in the bay area. >>he's i straight to the battering ram of >>the trump administration has made no indication of changing its policies. demonstrators show little sign of letting up and plan to keep up the pressure and their people. back live here at ice headquarters in san francisco and more protests are planned another one in san francisco tonight and others this weekend. >>as that pressure we talked
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about continues, live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you and the south bay there is now a hotline for immigrants and undocumented immigrants kron four's charles clifford explains how it works. >>several community groups who have the support city of san jose also santa clara county that set up what's called the rapid response network. now the goal of the network is to provide legal advice and support to immigrant and undocumented immigrants who might be concerned about the coming ice or immigration customs enforcement actions which are scheduled to begin this weekend. the network is particularly concerned ice may inadvertently a rest or detain people who they are not initially looking for now isis said that they are trying detained people who have already been ordered to leave the country but the network is worried that the other in immigrant and undocumented immigrants might get swept up in that action. so they have created a hotline number which we'll get to in a moment that folks can call to get advice on how to deal with ice agents. now here is a member of the rapid response network
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talking about what their goal is. >>there are some folks who may be at the wrong place at the wrong time. however that's why the holland exist so that those folks can call the hotline right there have been cases in the county where there have been folks who were at the wrong time the wrong time have been collateral. they call the hotline so connected with her attorneys for immigration consultation emergency edition quotation and because of our attorneys. i'm because of community support they were released the same day. >>now the rapid response network in santa clara county has set up a hotline number it is 4, 0, 8, 2, 9, 0, 1, 1, 4, 4, anyone who is concerned about the ice actions which are planned for this weekend overseas ice agents in their neighborhood can give that number a call to i get legal advice in santa clara county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>we have more on the ice raids coming up at 6 15 in the meantime you can check kron 4 dot com there you can find more about the protests all across the nation hear what
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lawmakers are saying about the raise and find information for bay area families which might be affected by all of this can check it all at kron 4 dot com. >>there is developing news tonight out of the south bay where a homicide investigation is underway. it's happening on drive near makin would slain in san jose that's enough our neighborhood in the southeast foot hills. police say that crime scene investigators and detectives are there. police right now are not releasing any details we have a reporter who just arrived in that neighborhood and we'll bring you an update as soon as she's she or he starts gathering that information. >>a bay area man was rescued from drowning at lake tahoe, thanks to the efforts of 2 off-duty firefighters from california and a physician's assistant wa. the 3 good samaritans helped by administering cpr to the unconscious victim on scene tha firefighter was from cal fire's napa valley station this is video of the deputies
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and their civilian boat operator. this all took place lag of friday afternoon last friday afternoon at a small beach just north of thunderbird lodge lake tahoe is unusually full right now that's thanks to the largest snow melt. sheriff's praised the efforts of the good samaritan say that they were people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. >>authorities in kern county are preparing to clean up about 800,000 gallons of oil and water that leak from a chevron oil field today, a spokesperson says the leak which has been flowing on and off since may has stopped again this bill is about 35 miles west of bakersfield. it leaked into a canyon and authorities say it's not near any waterways. that's according to officials chevron says there have been no significant effects to wildlife as a result of that spill. >>today governor newsom signed a bill which well not only help pay wildfire victims but also help the utility companies. even when the utility companies are to blame
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for the very fires. advocates of the measure say for the individual wildfire victims. this bill does provide more definitive time lines to help them get their money back for their losses. but some critics say the bill moves the burden of wildfire liability costs away from the utilities, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on this new law. >>the governor's ink is dry on the new law that creates a wildfire liability fund for utilities to use winner equipment sparks a blaze is. >>it's not the end of the process, this is one. >>face it goes into effect immediately establishing a $21 billion fund with money from investor owned utilities and attacks californians already pay governor newsome emphasizing pg e has a lot to do before it has access to the money. the company first needs to get out of bankruptcy and pay off the 2017 2018 wildfire claims they got a lot of work to do. >>you know get to participate
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in this one in this they go through a series. steps most importantly they've got sit down and they can deal with these victims. and he's been 1400 days. some of these victims. compensate. >>the governor says to help prevent fire in the first place he sent a letter to a number of us senators requesting the federal government boost its forest management budget more than half of california, wild lands are on federal property. >>companies to participate in private individuals need 2 more home heartening they knew more defensible spaces obviously i used to do their part we continue our part. through cal fire to service. >>to work through this. the governor says when the legislature gets back from summer break they will begin focusing on insurance issues as well as fireproofing homes in the wake of these devastating wildfires, reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron for news.
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>>look outside on this friday evening just about any friday looks level a live look at the beautiful clouds low hanging clouds they're hanging over san francisco to be pouring rain could be a love it. >>and we would still be happy because it's it looks pretty good because it is friday and the weekend is upon us yeah that's right in a nice warming trend for at least the 1st half of the weekend is upon us and and no we're noticing that cloud cover along the coast. but as you make your way inland. clear dry and calm conditions out there right now, here's a aive shot from the south bay of san jose storm tracker 4 right now tracking that cloud cover hanging tight right along our coastline, starting to make its way inland and it's getting pushed. thanks to that cool sea breeze starting to see calmer conditions right now for downtown san francisco. you did see sustained winds near 30 miles per hour half an hour ago. now down to 20 in oakland, seeing a little bit dust year winds right now 20 mile per hour sustained winds. but everyone else light and breezy so cooler temperatures along the coast. still dealing with a relatively warm air mass as we
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head inland and there is a 30 degree difference right now between antioch and san francisco, 91 degrees still in antioch but mild 60 degrees in downtown san francisco, thanks to that cool sea breeze and marine layer. we're all going to notice a gradual warming trend with above average temperatures this weekend. so we finally cool down to near average a couple days from now we'll have that in my full forecast and i'm also tracking tropical storm barry out in the gulf of mexico, more coming up on that in just a few minutes ken pam back to memories of thank you. >>people in the south already dealing with flooding and the worst is yet to come the latest on the path of the storm of greece uh just to mention a tropical storm barry a low-speed chase and so the man being taser twice police say he chose to run from the law the mayor of san francisco speaking out today about the immigration raids in her city how
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>>we continue our coverage of this weekend's looming ice raids today, the mayor of san francisco address the situation in maryland and breed had advice on how to prepare and respond to what may happen. how forcefully to gaal reports from san francisco city hall. >>san francisco's rapid response network is already received hundreds of inquiries from a nervous public leading up to anticipated raids being this weekend by us immigration and customs enforcement agents. mayor london breed reminds
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undocumented immigrants concerned about possibly being arrested that they have rights the right to remain silent. and the right to an attorney here and potential targets of the raids also verify agents who approach are in possession of a genuine warrant, it's really sad. >>that we are in this state of affairs we have people in families and children in particular living in fear of. >>going to work going to school going about their daily life i've member david chu reminding the public that san francisco is not only a sanctuary city. >>but that california is a declared sanctuary state in addition to local law enforcement state law enforcement will not be cooperating with a nice but howard epstein with the san francisco republican party says those wanted by ice should cooperate to the point is. >>that we do have laws in this country. proper ways to immigrate into the united states just crossing the border. finding a place and
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say i'm here. in a working without permits, working without social security cards and alright >>teen says the targets of the raids are not random and that those approached by ice have active cases in court in san francisco felipe took all kron 4 news. a rare win for the trump administration's efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities was handed down in san francisco today. >>in a 2 to one decision the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled the justice department is legally allowed to give priority status for multimillion dollar grant to police departments that cooperate with immigration officials the decision overturns a previous injunction issued by a judge in los angeles. the city of la sued after it was denied a grant after declining to certify its participation with immigration activities in 2017. federal courts have blocked other attempts by the trump administration to hold back money from sanctuary
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cities. >>labor secretary alex acosta has resigned the president trump made the official announcement today though the president said he hates to see it happen. the move comes after backlash against the cost over his handling of the 2008 secret plea deal with wealthy financier jeffrey epstein, the epstein case and cost is quote sweetheart deal made headlines this week after the finance year was accused of operating a sex-trafficking ring sexually abusing dozens of underage girls. >>for me to but a case of 12 year-olds rather than and we have right now. the president. >>previously icaza has said he would not resign charges recently found against epstein by federal prosecutors in new york put a cost his role in that 2008 deal under renewed scrutiny, the gulf coast is preparing for tropical storm
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barry to unleash heavy rain flooding and >>and authorities in new abo slow-moving storm and the high levels of the mississippi river conner powell is in new orleans with the latest. >>if you have preparations that you need to complete. now is the time you do not have much more time at all before the impacts of air will be here. >>the louisiana officials telling residents do not underestimate berry this is good impact just a huge swath of of our state and we're taking it extremely seriously. the effects of tropical storm barry are already being felt. >>as wind and rain lashed the gulf coast. >>this is going to be a very very significant rain event across most of louisiana. >>barry is expected to become a category one hurricane before it makes landfall saturday. the biggest threat is expected to come from massive rainfall and the potential for extensive flooding. some people have evacuated but most residents
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in the communities around new orleans have been told to shelter in place. so they're received defined sandbags. >>sandbags, yes, sir and gather supplies to supplies. >>get your family ready if you're worried in them be words like israel. >>while authorities monitor the mississippi river which is expected to crest at 19 feet on saturday, just one foot below the height of the flood wall weather warnings from the sky, the river the gulf, the surge waters water and. >>we've got to fight all 3 of them here but we're ready for it. >>in orleans on conner powell kron 4 let's take a live look now. >>and along the gulf coast where tropical storm barry is moving to show this is along the coastline of the new orleans area and you can even see the camera there shaking as the winds are picking up in the area were not exactly clear where the shot is being taken, but that's the situation with new orleans because there's so much water. >>around it you got lake pontchartrain which is huge
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right next to new orleans you get the mississippi river right next orleans and you got the gulf coast. south of new orleans. so a free so there's a lot to be concerned about down there. yeah there really is especially new orleans which should get upwards of 25 inches of rain by the end of this weekend so flooding will be a concern long after tropical storm barry makes its way out of louisiana. >>here's a look right now at the current satellite and radar you could see those bands of rain impacting not only the state of louisiana, but even the texas panhandle as well, widespread light to moderate rain tornadoes will be an issue with this and a storm surge anywhere from 3 to 6 feet that's why tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings in effect for much of the north gulf coast line and in addition to that the mississippi river could actually crest upwards of 20 feet, something it hasn't done since in 1927. let's take a look at its current path right now sustained winds at 65 miles per hour as it inches closer to the state of louisiana. and right now it's
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expected to make landfall just west of new orleans, but it looks like it's still going to remain a tropical storm because in order for it to reach hurricane status. it needs to have wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour and by the time it makes landfall early saturday morning. it will have sustained wind speeds of 70 miles per hour but it could certainly strengthen into a category one hurricane. if conditions do improve unfortunately so it is something we're going to keep a close eye here from the kron 4 weather center. take a live look outside and take a look at our bay area forecast nothing to really complain about in our forecast just low clouds and fog along the coast, warm temperatures as you make your way inland. a it of that sea zy out there breeze influence, widespread 50's along the coast and 6070's 80's and even 90's as you make your way inland. so you need microclimate forecast out there right now overnight lows cooling down into the mid-fifties and we're going to
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see slightly warmer temperatures not just along the coast but even along the bay and interior valleys as well we're all going to be above average downtown san francisco warming up to 60 degrees 87 for san jose but livermore 91 degrees and santa rosa 93 degrees with oakland in the mid 70's and then cooling down to near average by early next week and not much change weather wise 7 days from now mostly sunny skies and dry conditions. pam and ken back to you. >>lawmakers and the government watchdog detail, the dirty and unsafe conditions in migrant detention centers. but president trump calls reports on those conditions phony. i'm alexander only known in washington, i'll have that story coming up. >>also coming up next our kelly back in jail tonight, details on the new charges, he is facing. there's no such thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy,
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is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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>>this police arrested a shirtless man after a slow speed chase in los angeles it happened today and it ended at venice beach. the driver. finally stopped got out sea but put his hands up but many started walking away. officers swarmed around them and as a crowd formed. police say the man was a suspect in an assault. he was eventually taste. he is also accused of making criminal threats against his mother. >>singer r kelly is back in custody on new charges of
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sex-crimes federal indictments in new york and illinois were made public after kelly's arrest in chicago last tonight. he made a court appearance earlier today, karen caifa has details. >>2 indictments released friday details federal charges against singer r kelly stemming from alleged incidents over 2 decades, 5 counts against kelly filed in the eastern district of new york alleged sexually exploitation of a child kidnapping and forced labor. and in the northern district of illinois a 13 count indictment alleges multiple charges related to child pornographer e kelly's attorney called the allegations an unprecedented assault by others for their own personal gain and said he will fight the charges is presumed innocent we believe is innocent. >>we're going to fight to prove his press conference in atlanta friday. kelly's publicist, daryl johnson was interrupted by the family of 23 year-old joycelyn savage one of kelly's girlfriend, so how am i going we're seeing after that point they say they haven't heard from her in 2 years and alleged kelly has
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cut her off from the outside we enough. at the time of his arrest kelly was out on bond from charges by the state of illinois. he's faced accusations of abuse of girls and young women for years and has denied any allegations, i'm karen caifa reporting. still ahead. >>americans take sound but are they all they're cracked up to be the supplements. a new study says don't anything to improve your house and the one supplement that might plus. >>how losing $5 billion in a new settlement actually sent facebook stock up today what kind of support will immigration officials get from local law enforcement this weekend well not much
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>>protesters gathering today in san francisco ahead of president trump's promise to deport thousands of undocumented immigrants this weekend. protests like this are taking place all over the bay area today continuing our coverage tonight at 6.30 ice agents conducting raids here in the bay area will not get help from bay area police least that is the message from the alameda county sheriff's office kron four's haaziq madyun has that part of the story. >>only with ice raids set to begin at any time across the state of ca


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